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  1. Well when I click the topic I thought it was about Marcellas and Housecalls which is about Big Brother, but when I started to read it I realized it was not, so I stopped reading and posted what I posted.
  2. It's not confusing me, I just think it's in the wrong forum. I want to read about Big Brother not your views on homosexuality or anybody elses for that matter. One more thing, Shock you are not right, and I will leave it at that.
  3. I thought Morty's Big Brother board was a place to discuss Big Brother and not spout political views or debates on Homosexuality and gays with childern. I very disappointed that this discussion is allowed to continue in the Big Brother Forum, Mods you could move it to an appropriate Forum.
  4. Actually when Kaysar was walking out of the HOH he told Eric I swear on my life, (I like Kaysar but he did say it), doesn't matter to me that he said that, this BB you have lie and give false promises sometimes, it's the nature of the game.
  5. Since Kaysar is a man of his word, and will keep his deal with Eric in tact, I think he needs to put up James and Maggie, and if one them should come off the block because of veto, then put Ivette up there. Now that's what my head thinks, my emotions want him to put Ivette and April...LOL
  6. I think Michael is ready to go and I don't Michael in there anymore. It's not fun to watch those people blame Michael for everything and ignore him. Michael seems like a good guy and he will do better leaving then staying.
  7. I for one thought the comments on both sides were unnecessary, but it was Eric who first made a comment to Michael asking him "You got a F''king problem" Michael wasn't even talking to Eric or standing near him, Michael was talking to James
  8. Still doesn't excuse what Eric did, he could have just gotten into a verbal confrontation with him. Eric just made the wrong choice. Alot of people are to blame, Michael Ivette Janelle and a few others for fanning the flames, and BB producers for giving them beer when they knew this house was ready to explode but utlimately(sp) it's boils down to Eric because he's the one who tried to physically get to Mike, had Howie and Kaysar not been there he would have succeed.
  9. I don't think it's against the rules to stirred the pot, I still kind of iffy on whether Eric should go or not, he actually didn't hit anybody but he did charge Michael so I'm just not sure, glad I'm not the one making the decision
  10. Two other BB6 sites I visited are down, I'm assuming their servers are overloaded but just wanted to give a shout out to Morty's for still being up.
  11. I was just asking how everybody felt. Because all Michael was doing was talking and Eric was the one charging but he didn't actually hit anybody so that's one of the reason I put neither up there
  12. If you were the producers who would you kick out or would you kick out anybody
  13. I have a feeling the feeds will not be back up for a long time.
  14. Oh I remember well can't stand them, I just wish the Michael haven't lower himself to their level, he was doing so well not doing that even though he is an outcast. Plus I don't mind trash talking I don't like the racial comments that Ivette, Janelle, Ashlea and now Michael are making.
  15. I don't like that kind of talk from anybody, I'm sad that Michael has decided to lower himself to Ivette's level.



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