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  1. It doesn't hurt me a bit to see them go. I agree with Marty about Linda not having all her marbles. Btw, Hi Marty
  2. Luke isn't the first contestent to get frustrated during a challenge. Like he said...deaf people are just like everyone else. He's allowed to have emotions and he doens't have to be Mr. Perfect just because he's hearing impaired. I'll be rooting for him until the end. Go Luke!! Hi King.
  3. I've been out for a while but Luke brought me back to Mortys. I know ASL and NO it is NOT universal. Ever country has there own unique sign language. The ASL alphabit is almost identical to the French sign language. But since a lot of communication has to do with facial expressions and body language there shouldn't be too much of a disadvantage for Luke. King...love ya but look up Audism. The hearing impaired face much more prejudices than you realize.
  4. Hey guys. I've been away for a long long while. Hopefully I can jump back in...shouldn't be too hard considering it's the off season.
  5. I love this show!! Can't tell ya why though. Does anyone else think that Brooke looks like a long lost Spears sister? I have always liked her and I do think she has the best fit with Matt.
  6. Finally. Winners I am satisfied with.
  7. I just saw the preview for the new season on VH1. It looks really interesting with the idea of a baby making.
  8. ITA that Gene Simmons got fired on purpose and I'm glad he's gone. I may be in the minority here but I find Omarosa almost likeable this season.
  9. I guess I'm the only one still watching this that feels it's worth commenting on. Nonetheless, I was very happy to see Beauty is Skin Deep go out the way they did last night. It showed how low class they really are.
  10. This team was one of my early favorites but I just don't like them all that much anymore. Still, I won't be devestated if they win.
  11. Notice last night when Ron said "We're one" and Christina took that as he and her are one when he really meant that they were in first place. I love her for having to put up with him and I let his behavior slide because it's hard to be a perfect man/father.
  12. I loved Dr. Drew on Loveline. That takes me back.
  13. So did I. I talked to the tv when he didn't win.

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