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  1. Hi! just stopped by to say hi and take a look! I love Vegas!

  2. Friends- The "I know that he knows but he doesn't know that I know that he knows" one Seinfield- The one where Elaine says "Maybe the Dingo ayte your bayby....the dingo ayte your bayby." haha I'm still laughing.
  3. Seinfield and I loved Who's Line is it Anyway?
  4. uvp giving you a 5 star. if you lose it dont blame me

  5. Hi Stacey! wubs ya!

  6. Thanx Reality.. I miss you too, one of these days it should slow down and I will be back more!

  7. Hi Blackcat! You are greatly missed.

  8. Thanks for the message Katy. Kittens are just too cute.

  9. Thank you for my star :)

  10. Realityfan


    Just saw this thread and wanted to add that I'm a huge fan of RENT. I saw the musical twice on stage and own the movie on DVD. I also own the both the soundtrack from the play and the movie. I know all the songs by heart. The reason why I'm a big fan...We did a show in my high school show chior based on the play. So I can actually sing and dance to the soundtrack. lol.

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