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  1. Liz is in the final two for sure. I hope Steve wins and kicks his mom out. That would be a huge move and the jury will love it. Think BB wants a Vanessa/Liz Final 2. They get a women winner and a twin in the Final 2.
  2. They are just jealous that he's a fan favorite. Do they think removing him makes them a fan favorite??? Keep dream girls and the creepy guy. Nice saying his losing it so the fans will turn on him. Nice try Vanessa.
  3. I hope she goes out on the DE. If she stays I hope they have what would you do punishment veto. I loved to see her locked in a room for 24hrs.
  4. At the time James didn't know that Becky was telling Shelli/Clay information. James pulled the same move that pissed him off during his HOH reign. If he didn't like it he could have stopped it by talking to Becky. None of this had to happen. Not sure why the group wants to work with Vanessa and company when they screwed them over. Guess it makes good TV.
  5. I'm disappointed in James. He could have said something when Becky said her plan was to backdoor Vanessa. He could have been honest and told her that if Shelli is on the block I'm voting her out. If he voiced his opinion Meg/ Jackie would have backed him up. Becky would have known that she didn't have the votes. Yes it will make good TV but he mess up a lot of peoples games to that. Not sure why James/ Meg/ Jackie trust Vanessa/ Austin. I hope they stay safe but I don't trust Vanessa and company.
  6. It's hard to pick. Shelli would be good because she can win HOH and take people out. It would be fun to reading her posts about her Clay and a girl talking to hm. She'll read more into the conversation and believe the HG is after her man. Clay staying could be interesting too. I'd like to see what he does once Shelli gone. Rachel and Jordan both played different and won their seasons.
  7. She should have never told Austin about the backdoor plan. It just like Aubrey week where she refused to put her up. Than she wanted Shelli to put her on the block. I can see this happening when the next HOH is crowned. Is she not worried about Austin or Liz winning HOH? The HG need to shut up and letting the information leak. Right now I'm not very happy with Vanessa.
  8. Loved him on last night show and hope he gets to be HOH. He made me laugh and his HOH could cause some drama.
  9. Frankie was surprised when one of the houseguest told him that 12 years were watching the feeds. Bet he was worried about losing his fans. Voted 20 for Donny.
  10. Frankie mom is working to get her son the award. Better not happen. No way was he AFP.
  11. CBS must of paid for the ring. Wedding next year when the season starts to suck again?
  12. Why did Jeff and Jordan do it in front of this group of HGs? Not people I would want to share a special moment with. The jury house would have been better. Or better yet the HG could have watched from inside. Congrats to Jeff and Jordan. It's about time.
  13. I'd love for Donny to stay and make it to the end. But I don't see it happening. Let him go to the jury and have some peace with good friends. On the finale I would love to see Donny win AFP and propose to his girlfriend. It would be the best thing that happened on this season.
  14. Donny or Zach. The polls show that Donny is a favorite. So it would just be BB rigging for Frankie if he wins.
  15. I'm going to miss Donny. Hope he gets some peace and rest in the jury house. Than gets voted back in. Think I'm tired of abunch of men that are acting like 13 year children.

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