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  1. 7:41PM BBT Josh setting up Jenga game with only two blocks on each level, then shocked when he pulls one out and it all falls over.
  2. What kind of things have you all seen made with slop and/or slop ingredients? Slop cookies, slop pancakes and fried slop I've seen, but I'm wondering if they could just use the dry ingredients to make granola instead of having to mix it with liquid into mushy slop?
  3. I'm also wondering if have-nots can make granola out of the oatmeal instead of turning it into the slop? Oats, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon toasted in the oven and eat it like crunchy cereal with milk.
  4. If they aren't going to give houseguests a cutting knife for cooking, the very least they could provide is a mandolin. Watching all this chopping with butter knives is driving me crazy! And I'm sure they all have to thank the knife threatening dude from seasons way back for this "no knives" in the house Rule.
  5. Jess will win AFP because of her looks or Alex will win because people who don't watch the feeds don't know what a cruel, vicious horrible witch she is. I would have thought Jason would win, but too many people probably heard about his "joke" about tying Kevin's daughters up and making them watch him rape their mother. AFP usually goes with sheer likability I think.
  6. Christmas is going to feel incredibly betrayed when Paul takes Josh to final 2.
  7. I still can't believe Meatball is the only person who figured Paul out. Too bad he ain't doing squat about it. The moment Christmas admitted to Josh she won't take him to final two a giant lightbulb should have went off in Josh's head. I think Josh is more excited about having them all as friends after the show than he is about playing the game. It's sad, reminds me of a kid paying other kids on the playground to be friends with him. The other day watching the feeds, Christmas was in Josh's HOH room with him and kept telling him about how they are going to travel all over the world together after the show and Josh is all excited about it, meanwhile Christmas keeps glancing over her shoulder at the monitor keeping an eye on Paul swindling Alex in the wave room. I hope they at least hang out with Josh a couple times after the show. It's really the least they could do for the guy after he practically handed them half a million.
  8. Just this morning Alex told everyone about the breakfast Paul made "I'm going to go eat alll the food so Kevin doesn't get any." She is a horrible person. I started off liking her, too until I started watching the feed.
  9. Why do they leave the water running when they do the dishes? Aren't they in California, isn't there a water shortage? Can't they just fill the sink with soapy water like normal people ?
  10. I feel sorry for Kevin in the house, he's ostracized, abused, humiliated, and constantly alone. He's never been anything but kind to these beasty brats. Even comforting Big Baby Josh as if he was his own son. I see him trying to reach out to these people and it's so sad the way they ignore him.
  11. I've been wishing Josh out since he took the golden apple. I actually liked Alex until I started watching the feeds and seeing what a truly vicious and mean person she is. The way she had everyone do a Coke toast in front of Kevin after he was made a have not for 3rd week in a row. Why? She's cruel. And mysogonist Jason, just awful. And Christmas who thinks she's so awesome and smart, ugh. And Raven's constant pointless lying/tall tales. I haven't disliked a group this much since Amanda and MaCrae. Can't wait until it's over.
  12. I'm certain Production will be helping him out the door in every way possible because of the rape comments.
  13. I close my eyes or turn my head when he's in frame and mute when he speaks more than 5 seconds. He is small screen poison. Really no one to like this season. And no one to love to hate either, especially not blubber baby Joshie barf.
  14. There is not a chance in Hell Jessica actually got enough votes to win. Not. A. Chance.
  15. Theory - Alex knows Paul is Production's pick to win. She wasn't saying Paul is her only friend to the feeds, she was saying it to Production. Production is the most powerful player in the house. You have to play the game with Production, too.
  16. Halting Hex been voting for Alex as well. Den of Temptation's main purpose is Production Manipulation. And so cheesy, omg the cheese.
  17. We call Kevin "Sky Grandpa" from Bobs Burgers Boyz 4 Now episode https://m.imgur.com/r/BobsBurgers/ojbsOV1 "Uh oh, here comes Sky Grandpa"
  18. She's meh. No stand out women this year. Seems like they're all just looking for a showmance. Not Day, but she was not really fun to watch except for the #shade101 moments. Where are the strong, smart women? I'm over the weepers and the creepers. We need a hero! A Wonder Woman!
  19. Sometimes he seems bright and strong, others he seems to just plain not give a shit about the game. Something about his eyes is off, can't put my finger on it. Like, sorta blank. However I thought the pep talk he gave Bawling Paulie was very human and even sincere.
  20. Victor's background reel at start of season made me puke. But his comp performances and dual house returns make him an undeniably good candidate for winning it all. I haven't been watching feeds, but considering his background reel's references to mysoginy he doesn't seem to treat the women of the house disrespectfully. His DR sessions are pretty normal/human. He also seems to be cleaning up the house quite a bit. Perhaps under the machismo shell hides a man with at least some character? He's even been relatively likable which was a huge surprise to me!
  21. I was so convinced Vanessa would win. I'm glad I was wrong. I forgot the final comp is always "predict what they said". Vanessa didn't get to know people as well as Steve did, she was too busy plotting, kissing butt to potential jurors and bullying. And she voted like a bitter kins. Predictable, hah! Her "big confession" moment was kinda funny, no one gave a crap. Steve was overjoyed at the win. His answers to jury questions were very good, while Liz's were garbage "I'm a twin, vote for Meeeee!!" I was happy for Steve (and his Mom, lol) in the end. Happy for James too.
  22. I would pay actual money to see the expression on an evicted Vanessa's face!
  23. I am having the exact same issue on my laptop and on my iPad. I could vote when it first opened, but not since then. I've logged out and back in, restarted, cleared cache, everything.

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