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  1. I'm very disappointed. Doesn't Helen realize that Amanda would turn her over in a second? Helen needs to stay true to Elissa and Candice. They're the ones who would help her get to final two, three, or four. Amanda is super shady, in my opinion.
  2. Yeah. What aggravated me the most is that Howie was obviously trying to think of what to say and how to say it. He and Spencer were standing there silently for the longest time. Then he finally starts talking, explaining himself and Spencer, and trying to hopefully bury the hatchet. To me, that would have been the biggest red flag. If you're being honest, why do you have to think of what to say and how to say it. You should be able to explain yourself with no problems. I do think that he regrets making an alliance with Germy and having to be around Aaryn and GM. So I know who he would RATHER be in an alliance with. I just don't trust everything he, Spencer, Amanda, or McCrae say.
  3. She already thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Just wait till she gets out of the BB house, though...
  4. Yeah. To get all mad when Elissa goes against her suggestion is proof enough! I'm starting to see your point. Really? She's going to use Aaryn's name to influence anyone in that house? Oh Amanda's getting desperate and pulling at straws then.
  5. Course you know who has been reported to have lost their jobs. Surely Aaryn's modeling agency didn't think she was going to do this on tv. No. Please do not leave, Slim. I remember you when I first got on Morty's board a few years back.
  6. Ooh! I'm so happy she didn't put up Howard. I knew Amanda had an alterior motive. Who did they put up?
  7. I know! And I thought someone had said before how she had said that Howard was coming onto her everyday! My opinion of her keeps changing - much like the way she flip flops in the BB house.
  8. Yep. And she and Aaryn got OWNED by Amanda last night. It was so funny! She thought her hyena laugh would intimidate Jessie. Fail.
  9. Can't they see that Germy is the real threat? The guy is nuts, and he's a pro in physical comps. If Howard is a threat, he can be dealt with later, in my opinion. I find it funny also how Howard and Amanda have a mutual distrust of each other. They both think the other talks out of one side of their mouth and then the other. Frankly I think Amanda sees Howard as a threat, and Howard sees Amanda as a threat because they're both very smart and can sway people. I'm pretty sure I saw that Amanda had a separate alliance with just McCrae and Spencer tonight. I have a feeling that Amanda has her own agenda, and it's to throw the big targets/ competitors toward the others side. That way she can call the shots from the background and never be the biggest threat.
  10. Of course we knew from the first night that GM did not store bulbs when they burn out. Wonder what shade her hair is. Every time I see it, I just go, "Ehh. Go wash that crap out." Doesn't she know blond washes her out?
  11. I'm just wondering: would CBS want to put themselves on the line to create a totally racist/homophobic/sexist atmosphere? I doubt they want to be sued. Just saying. I'm not saying they are or aren't because it might be hard to prove if so, but Julie did look pretty mad the other night when she made the dig at Aaryn. All I'm saying is what would be the point of putting themselves at such risk? You may say ratings. Well, apparently from what I've read, BB15 has the lowest ratings and lowest number of viewers of all seasons. Is it because of this? It could very well be.
  12. Aaryn, time to practice ducking. You've already mastered limbo. Ziiiiiinnnng!
  13. Oh I would love that. Let Julie tell them, too!
  14. They're not? Helen, what in the world?
  15. I know. They seem to be playing both sides with Spencer only they don't seem to really be on Spencer's side, either because they threw him and Howard under the bus to put up for MVP nomination. I wonder if Amanda doesn't want Germy and Aaryn to stay for a little while so they can keep the target off of her back. Of course she did talk about backdooring Germy, but that's IF Howard wins veto.
  16. He's defending Candice? Good for him! I wouldn't worry if I were him. Aaryn's got a whole house of enemies if she ever makes HOH again.
  17. I don't have TVGN, though for whatever reason. I'm going to get those feeds, though. I'm gonna get them, yes, ma'm. And I will watch Amanda calling Aaryn out. I can't wait to see that.
  18. I don't think she'll have any. No network wants to be sued over her comments. That's part of what she'll have to worry about, too. What can she possibly do so she can pay her bills?
  19. Thanks for the update, Snuggs! Wow. This is ridiculous. BB do SOMEthing please. This isn't right! My blood pressure's rising...
  20. I agree with you, Vault that she has that "Mirror, mirror on the wall type personality." (Huh. Lol! My boss actually has that personality as well.) Clearly she needs to be humbled, tthough, and this will be a potentially lifelong humbling experience for her. I have a feeling that bit by bit it will break her down into a former shell of herself.
  21. I think cuz they're not all lovey-dovey with each other all the time, and they both have their own separate identity. She controls him and likes that, but I think she actually likes him as a person, too. I can see them building a relationship outside the house...
  22. True, but she won't be able to evade the criticisms, etc., when she gets out of the house. It'll be constant, and who knows what may happen? She has a looooonnnngggg road ahead. She may not be able to afford the Adderall, and then where will she be 300 pounds later?

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