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  1. It's sad that she has been all but forgotten.
  2. Ooh, ooh! Did she call Aaryn on all her crap in a nice way?
  3. Well, evidently the production must have let those boos and cheers slip for a while last night just like they let the ... ehk uhmmm... cheating slip.
  4. I've had that happen before. She might have taken some Exedrin or prescription Topamax like I've had to in the past. There is nothing like a migraine. That's for sure. It always feels like elephants and dancing on my head when I get a full-blown one. Of course if it's a full-blown migraine like what she was describing there is no cure for that once you have one. You just have to get into a very dark room, and go to sleep, praying that it will pass once you wake up. So I donno. Maybe she's a drama queen wanting some attention and hoping that Jerkorrhea will sing her to sleep and the other hgs will feel sorry for her.
  5. Grazi! You crack me up, too! Yes, they need to just have a mirror attached to Regina and Jermorrhea at the hip since they love looking at themselves so much!
  6. Hopefully if it's Elissa or Helen, they'll put Aaryn's butt up on the block. She'll try to get back at them if she stays, but hey - she's already targeting them for no reason anyway. So what would they have to lose?
  7. Oh I think Grodner would happily bring back Brenchal (along with Elissa possibly) to put these little twits in their place. I don't think Elissa can handle those mean girls on her own. I probably couldn't either. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Rachel on the show for a couple of weeks to give Aaryn, the Princess Hag, a piece of her mind and win a few competitions just to stick it to Aaryn and Germy.
  8. I would love to see that! That would be hilarious!!!
  9. Of course you know Grodner would probably bring her right back, or she might even bring Rachel back to avenge the wrong that's been done to her little sister. I wouldn't be surprised. Be careful what you wish for...
  10. Awww! Sweet little babies... I know I can't pet them, but give them a tranquilizer, and I might. I love animals except for snakes and some lizards. (Although, anole lizards are really, really cute, and they take care of any bug problems. A big plus in the mosquito-infested South.) My favorites are probably wolves and dolphins. I think I like wolves because (1) they're beautiful creatures and I love pics of them howling at the moon, and (2) most likely because of my Native American heritage. Dolphins are like the dogs of the sea. They are very intelligent, affectionate, loving creatures who have been known to save human lives. They're also beautiful creatures that deserve respect but are being mistreated in some parts of the world from what I've heard.
  11. Can't believe CBS let them hear that. I wondered about whether the hgs could hear them or not. But I think they must have said something to them because by the time Kaitlin casted her vote for Elissa, the audience had stopped booing and cheering.
  12. I'm still rooting for Elissa. I've been the underdog before, and I know what that's like. She keeps reminding them that she has fans at home because that's the only thing comforting her right now in the snakepit she has to lie in. Been there. Done that. It's really human nature to want to defend yourself in that way, imo. Sure she hasn't done anything - yet, but it's still very early in the game. She doesn't want an even bigger target on her for winning something this early (if she is indeed a competitor like her sister).
  13. Aaryn? Really? She's been coming to Helen? I hope she's not trying to get information from her that she can use against her.
  14. I had trouble deciding between Howard (cuz he's so HOT), Elissa, Helen, and Candice, but I chose Candice cuz she found out about the moving company and because I just really like her. She strikes me as a strong, likable person who's not buying into the sea of b.s. swarming around her. I also had trouble deciding between Aaryn and Jeremy for least favorite. They're both about equally repulsive and delusional. But I picked Aaryn because I think she has control over some of the guys in the house (Remember the red wine incident?) in a way because they think she's so pretty. She's also dangerous because she's already caused a lot of division in the house, and it's only very early in the game. Jeremy's just disgusting, very immature, and bullyish. He'll be gone soon enough when he bullies the wrong person. I picked Aaryn because she's tries to hide her bullying behavior under passive aggression, and that's actually worse because it may carry her far in this game.
  15. We would be America's new sweethearts! Lol! What's that, Aaryn? Oh you want a bob? No, I think the buzz cut will bring out your natural chipmonk-like features!
  16. McCrae seems very smart, yes. Unfortunately he doesn't have a lot of Dan's charisma, though. I'm rooting for him to be in the final three or four, too, though.
  17. These girls are just jealous because they know that Helen is 100% smarter than all of them. Aaryn probably doesn't even know how to boil a pot of water. Dumbass. By the way, thank you for the video of Howard, Hawknose. It seems the hgs couldn't take their eyes off him, either. Very nice eye candy.
  18. I still don't like her one bit, but I like that idea! She needs a new look.
  19. Personally if I were Elissa I would take that as a compliment coming from him. You can take any kind of judgement from him as being the opposite in reality. His judgement is despicable. Probably because Jeremy is all about himself, and knowledge is power unless you give it away. That's probably what he's thinking anyway.
  20. Oh I think Jerkorrhea stirs it up pretty well, too. And Amanda has that talent too, it seems. Aaryn (Regina) just thinks that she's that cute that she can get away with whatever she's dishing out. It won't be too long before Amanda, Candice, and/or even Helen call her out on her snottiness. It would be great to see all three tell her off at the same time. That's how girls on this show should play. Get together and band against the mean girl(s). Aaryn would be reduced to tears whining about how unfair they were to her, but there's power in numbers, baby.
  21. True. BB is basically social chess. Can I be thrown over the fence, too! I just want to look at that body up close and personal!
  22. No, but there is a Dudd. Lol. Oh oops! That's what I meant. Yeah! Thanks, Van.
  23. :1307312653_free_icon___sun_vomi Jermorrhea! Now that's original. Me likes, Sparklet. Jermorrhea it is.
  24. Gah, boo. She knows as much about psychology as I know about fixing cars.

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