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  1. Good for them! They figured out who the secret alliance is, and they're not buying anything Spencer is selling, either.
  2. Whaaat? Howard, no! Not the time to be a wild card. You know how McHaggy feels about you, Elissa, Candice, and Helen. Don't be delusional. She will not help you so don't rat out your alliance or you'll be the one standing alone!
  3. Well, they're under a great deal of stress in that house, and I know from experience that I get VERY sick under stress. That's my guess, anyway. Plus they're all very young. They're probably not used to a lot of stress. Unless there is some kind of epidemic going around. Throwing up blood?! That would be enough for me to take a trip to the ER to be on the safe side.
  4. After watching her in her HOH room tonight, I was wondering what she uses that creepy a** clown for.
  5. And don't forget his plastic tiara (headdress) he got from the dollar store! I have Cherokee and Choctaw blood in me, too, and I am proud of my Native American heritage also, but c'mon. Most Americans are a mixture of something. My family literally traveled just about everywhere back in the day so I would not be surprised if I have a little bit of everything in me. The bottom line is, who cares? We are who we are because that's who we choose to be by our actions.
  6. I like Elissa, but c'mon, girl! It's time to fight tooth and nail for your life in this game!
  7. Wait! Put Grodner in the house with the hgs with no communication with her production team. That would be hilarious! That would be a great twist! Let her see first-hand what a pack of dildos and bullies she's put in there with some of those underdogs.
  8. I know. Plus I think he has a thing for McHaggy.
  9. I wish she would have, too. You can tell she's got that in her if he ever cornered her. She might actually make herself a target, though by doing that. She knows who's controlling that house now. Not that I would vote for Amanda for MVP, either, but I actually like her better now than I used to. It's probably mainly because of her aversion to Aaryn. Cute emoticon, btw. I love it!
  10. I liked how Howard carried himself tonight. He was a total gentleman. If it had been me, I would have told McHag off right then and there about how she was putting herself at major risk outside the house saying the crap she's saying. Oh, is that a camera?
  11. I would love to see Evel Dick on that show with Aaryn and Germy. He would probably call them out in front of the house on their racism and bullying and make an alliance on the other side of the house with Elissa, Helen, Candice, Amanda, McCrae, and he would probably pull in Judd, Spencer, and Howard from the moving company if he could.
  12. Let's make a toast to a better BB summer! I can be the designated driver!
  13. At least Brit was funny, though (Remember her DR sessions?) and was just petty toward Rachel. She would say stuff or make fun of Rachel, but she didn't go overboard, and I don't think she wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. Aaryn seems to actually enjoy how she's making Elissa feel, and she is NOT funny. She's just mean and seems to have a sadistic streak.
  14. She'll get evicted eventually, although she will make it to jury, I'm sure. The hgs ignore her and see her as expendable, imo.
  15. She better be smart, and put McNasty Germy on the block.
  16. What the frick?! Not him... Not again... This reminds me of the time when Jessie, Natalie, and Chima all thought they controlled the house until Jeff's coup'd'etat. Then Chima threw a big hissy fit because Jeff overthrew her nominations, and... It was pretty funny actually. Good times. BB needs to do something like that again one week just to stir it up. This week would be a good one to do it since some of the hgs are already overally dramatic, McHag is HOH, and that would be the perfect thing to piss her off and put her in her place.
  17. ROTFLMAO! Ya'll are too funny! Hey, now. Can we negotiate, Sparkles? You can have him during the week, and I can have him on the weekend so I can show him off?
  18. Let's name that soap opera. Maybe Coarses of Life?
  19. Thank you. I see you puckering up on the last one, Howard.
  20. I don't think GM is actually a racist, no. But Aaryn? I'm not so sure. She seems to have a cruel heart. Ooh, uh uh. Get off my man!! Prontissimo!!
  21. So much for Helen's heart-to-heart with McHag.
  22. Surprise shock. Now MVP do your job and nominate Germy.
  23. I need a trip over there, too. It's prime time for that.

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