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  1. Yep. They think they're Mike and Boogie all right.
  2. Country people are some funny folks!!!
  3. Yeah, that's right. Combine that word into one syllable. "Give me my mar!"
  4. Or Jerkemyra since I'm giving the mean boys girl names. I like that, though cuz he is a super jerk.
  5. I thought I was going to like her, but she is playing DUMB.
  6. I think that name suits him as well. What name can we give Jeremy?
  7. We know it, we saw it, and it's still molding up the building.
  8. I think Elissa said that because she's sick of the ill treatment everyone in the house is giving her for nothing. We haven't even had time to see whether she's a good player or not, and they're already making all these accusations and disrespecting her right and left. (P.S. I'd love to see what Elissa's husband has to say to Jeremy when Jeremy gets voted out. Jeremy won't be feeling like a man, then!)
  9. That's like me saying, "I can't tell Jimmy what to do and how to behave in my class. I can't help it if he did not finish his work!" Most people would be trying to stamp out the fire, but BB will just let it reflect poorly on them just for the ratings. Maybe a boycott would help them to realize how much people do not like the way some of the hg are behaving.
  10. What a jealous hag! Um, honey, Candice don't need nobody to buy her nothing. These guys in the house are just like some of these mean girls! I'm going to start calling them by girl names from now on.
  11. I was actually referring to his choice to be in the BB house overall. I think he knows he got stuck with a bunch of idiots and losers.
  12. This probably worked for him real well in high school, but this is the real world. He needs to have some respect for people because this is going to follow him through life if he doesn't.
  13. Go Helen and Candice!!! Yes. I knew ya'll were smarter than everybody else.
  14. I doubt Elissa did. She's just using the house's dislike of Elissa to take attention off herself for whatever reason. She probably thinks Aaryn will put her up because she's jealous of Kaitlin's and Jeremy's "relationship."
  15. Unfortunately they weren't disqualified immediately when they should have been for the racial and homophobic remarks. If CBS will tolerate that, then what else will they tolerate?
  16. Does BB ever hold these two accountable for their actions? Don't tell me that Grodner actually likes these two! Well, I guess we know who's going to nominated since they're racist.
  17. Jeremy better not win HOH! He's just another one of the catty girls, imo. He should change his name to Jessica.
  18. I can't believe that she was actually talking about the have-nots like they were being rude because the house had agreed to wait until midnight to drink wine together, and she was all about that, but then when the have-nots were giving her dirty looks she got so mad -whining about how it wasn't her fault and how unfair it was that she would have to wait. Then she makes that nasty comment in the DR about, "I will not rest until I get these rude people out of the Big Brother house." Really, Aaron? How about not playing the victim for once especially when YOU and JEREMY are the rude ones that talk behind everyone else's backs. I'm ashamed that she comes from the South (like I do) and has no manners.
  19. Poor thing... He just needs to find a nice girl outside the BB house.
  20. True. But she was like one of the only girls on the show who was trying to take down the guys' alliance. That's what I was trying to say.
  21. I agree, Sparks. She wouldn't be crying like that on a campaign, or she wouldn't have been hired into politics. She wants to stay as far away from her political image in the game as possible, and come across as a sweet angel so they won't think she's a threat until... I bet she's tough as nails in real life. I have a feeling.
  22. It would be hilarious if Elissa won and good justice for how the hg have been treating her.

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