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Friday, August 23, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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5: 34 PM BBT Christie and Nick have been nominated! Christie says she survived last week and she’ll survive again. Holly is telling Nick she loves him and he says he loves her too. Christie tells Holly she did great.


5:35 PM BBT Michie picks Holly up for a kiss. Nick goes to get his drink bottle. The house is mostly quiet. Jess sits to wait for the WC, but Tommy came right back out. Nick says he has a chance. Nick tells Cliff and Nicole in the camper that he knew he was going up after what happened in the HOH. Cliff says he heard about the argument and Nick says it wasn’t an argument. Nick says he just needs help from the veto gods. Holly is telling Tommy in the KT that it was the only smart option. Holly nominated Nick and the Prankster nominated Christie. Holly was going to say if he were standing in the HOH spot it would be her face and she forgot. Cliff heads out leaving Nick and Nicole alone. Nick says he has to win this veto. Christie comes in and Nicole asks if she’s ok and she says it is what it is. Nick says sorry Christie has to sit next to him. Michie and Holly are in the HOH. Holly is going to eat some sushi. Michie and Holly think Nicole is the prankster. Holly says Nicole never came up to talk to her at all and Cliff would have told her. Michie says Nicole doesn’t have a very good poker face. They say they are happy for her because she needed to make a move. Michie says if he plays in veto he’s keeping noms the same.


5:40 PM BBT Holly is kicking herself that she told Christie she would use her as a pawn. Christie, Nick, and Nicole are in the camper and Christie said she would have been on the block regardless. Nick hopes it’s not hide and go veto because it doesn’t give them a fair chance to win. Michie says this is fantastic because Christie is on the block and they didn’t do it. Holly hopes Nick goes home. Michie asks Holly who she’ll pick for vet if she gets HG choice and she says you! Tommy joins Michie and Holly. Tommy wants to know what happened earlier? Holly says it was just a game of he said she said. They recap the previous conversation before nominations. Jess has joined the camper and they are still discussing what comps this could be. Christie says they will both gun for it and if one of them goes, then that’s the way it goes. Nick says it’s a game and Christie says she’s not a sore loser at all. Nick says being a threat sucks, but he appreciates people think he’s playing a good game. Nick says Cliff has won a 1000 comps and Tommy has won back to back, everyone is impressive. Everyone is a threat. Jess says she would hope so with 8 people left.


5:45 PM BBT Nick says Nicole hasn’t won HOH’s, but she’s done well in all of them. Nick says it’s insane that Nicole has only played in one veto. Holly is telling Tommy that Nick is a fierce player and everyone is afraid to take a shot. Nick says he ha’s played in five. He counts again and says he’s played in 6 of the 9 vetos. Holly asks Tommy who he thinks the prankster was and he says he thought it was Christie until she went up. Tommy says it wasn’t him. Nick says David would have been a shot taker in the game. Holly is terrified of prank week. Nick says he felt really good about the bird comp and he was pissed off. Nick says he can’t believe feeders complain about ??? He says they try and keep the house clean and we get FotH.


5:50 PM BBT Tommy thinks he has to win this veto to keep himself safe. Jess says Christie smells good. She says she probably needs to shower, but she’s going to wait. Michie is talking smack and teasing Holly and she says he talks like that after nominations are over. Holly tells Tommy the fact that it’s Christie, the prankster could be anyone.


5:55 PM BBT Nick and Jess are talking about when the veto first appeared. Jess says when vetoes used to be played, the nominees would name the person they wanted. Nick thinks HOH should be able to be a repeat option. Maybe sit out after two in a row. Jess would assume they had a lot of repeat HOH’s and maybe they stopped doing that. Tommy says he’s here to play a game and Holly is the HOH and they’ll figure it out as they go. Holly would like noms to stay the same and Tommy agrees for his own safety. Holly really doesn’t want Christie to come down and she desperately doesn’t want Nick to come down. She says it would be signing her death wish. Tommy wants to know if he should tell them he won’t use veto, but he’s afraid he won’t get picked to play and maybe save himself. Cliff joins the HOH room. Nick is speculating Holly could get pranked and not play in the veto or not get to pick someone to play with them. Nicole says maybe this whole week is a prank and there will be no jury battle back and we’ll find out at the end of the week no one is going home.

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Flashback to 2:19PM BBT where this important bit was missed. Jess and Nick are at the table and Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole are in the kitchen when they admit that in the DR they are coached to say things they don't feel or didn't even think of:


NICOLE: I'm so gullible, Tommy.

TOMMY: Yeah, I know, me, too. That's why we talk about potentially being directed in a certain way, certain place.

NICOLE: Mmm hmm.

TOMMY: I'm definitely gonna be the one to be...to just say yes. (Laughing)

CLIFF: Yeah, Tommy, me, too. (Shrugs)(as if in the DR) "Yeah, okay, whatever..."

TOMMY: (as if in the DR) "Oh, sure!"

NICOLE: (as if in the DR) "Okay!"

(production asks Tommy to fix his mic)

TOMMY: (talking quieter since the mic works better now) Yeah, sometimes I'm like, "To be honest I don't feel that way, but I wanna give you what you want, so...okay!" - that's literally what I do (chuckling).




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7:00 PM BBT

M ichie is chasing a fly around the kitchen

Michie is swinging around toward the cameras and microphones

Production- Stop that!

He swings hard with handkerchief and breaks a piece of plastic off something on the counter

Tommy (screams) YES

Michie- oh my gosh! I broke that but didn't get the fly

The fly is now hiding out of sight

Michie- Sorry Don!

7:20 PM BBT

Nicole prepares to feed the fish. "but Big Brother, we need gloves. The last time I feed them without, my hands smelled"

SInce they are out of gloves, Jess suggest she use baggies.

Nicole- oh, yeah

Tommy, Jess, Nicole, and Cliff are in the treehouse asking if the cameras are taking their picture.

Michie tells them the camera is watching now. The HGs ask the feedsters to grab screenshots. 


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They hold up 2 fingers are their right hand and 1 on the left for "21"

Cliff- yeah Big Brother 21

The houseguests say "they love us"

Cliff- they don't love us...we are just the only thing going on    ["MamaLong loves y'all"  These are my top 4 this season.]


7:36 PM BBT

Time to pie some faces

Nicole will pie Michie

Cliff will pie Holly

and Jess will pie Tommy


Big Brother won't let them put plastic bags to prevent mess anymore, so they are cleaning up the floor now.


pie mess.png

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Snackson getting his pie to the face...





And in slow-motion...there's some velocity to that whipped cream!


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9:00PM BBT Holly, Michie, Tommy, Christie in the WA talking about the pie smell.

Michie says Holly has an alter ego Keylie.  When she gets her key, he turns into a diva.  

She says the sass is only directed towards him.  He said something about she is borrowing his bed.  She told him, do you mean the bed I was leaning you in between times I had it.

They discuss BB20.  What Foutte stood for.  They said it was initials of a slogan.  Christie said an abbreviation of a saying.  Something something til the end. [It is an acronym for “five of us ‘til the end.” - rms]


9:08PM BBT Christie makes a strange noise in the shower and they all laugh.  Michie asks if she is ok?  She says it is the shower bottle.  Then she worries they might clip that and not the context.


They speculate about playing the Veto comp.  Michie jokes that a prank may be to make them repick.


9:15PM BBT They all try to figure out who is the Prankster.  Naming off who people would have put up whom.  Tommy said Cliff had him convinced it isn't him.  Michie agrees that he doesn't lie.  Michie says it could be Nick for entertainment value.  Christie thinks it could be Nicole because she came out of the DR crying the second time.  She said she can't believe she got emotional about our little table.  BoB calls them out for talking about production.  Christie says no one else was asked about the table.  Holly says she noticed that, too.  Christie then claims that if it was an emotional moment then,... (implying she would have been too, and she wasn't.)  Eventually, Michie says, Wait, I was asked about the table.  Bob repeats, you are not allowed to talk about Production.  [BoB should've immediately sent the pie punishment after them! - rms]

Prankster talks continue.


They start talking about going to bed early at one point.

[PoPTV code: JACK - rms]


9:30PM BBT

Christie is hoping they all just honor Holly's target.  

More accusations about what Nick said etc,... 


9:36PM BBT  Did Holly really sing "Push from the Vag?!"  Then they leave singing that and Michie even states the words as a BB Original. Bob says please stop singing. [BoB, please select more mature HGs next time!  At least ones who matured past junior high puberty obsessions! - rms]


9:42PM BBT Nick seems to be asking Cliff about who he should choose to play Veto if he gets a HG choice.  Cliff says he probably wouldn't take him down unless the house was OK with it.  

Nick is possessed by the spirit of MicFridgie as he is filling up his water bottle form jug in fridge and it runs out.  He leaves the fridge open as he goes and fills the jug up.  UGH!


9:47PM BBT Michie says, Nothing, it was just really snug. I had to stretch it out.   Sounded like Holly may have tried to relate that comment to pants.


9:48PM BBT More Christie (fake?) crying to Jess in WA.  Sniffling etc...

More So sick of Nick lying.  Publicly calling him out.  More accusations.


10:00PM BBT A zit popping festival begins in the TBR.  Over the next 15 mins or more Michie begins popping Nick's sits, then Tommy gets involved and Christie comes into play.

[These people are SICK!  What in the world do they find so fascinating in this?  Why do they do this any where and every where?  GROSS! - rms]



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10:18PM BBT Nick talking with Tommy in TBR.  You scared me earlier today.  You said it would be dumb if someone put Jackson up.  Are you working with Jackson?

Tommy said he feels like there is a group forming.

Nick: With or without you?

Tommy: I feel like I am on the outskirts but that's ok.

Nick: Who do you think I have a chance against if she comes down?

Tommy: (I believe he points to Cliff)

Nick: I don't think Nicole would vote him out.

Tommy: It's a toss up.

Nick: or Jackson?  I think I can beat him.  I don't want to go up against you.

Tommy: America's prankster, it's not me and it's not Jess.

Nick:  Wait, why not you?  

Tommy: Because I wouldn't have put up Christie.

Nick: I probably would have put up her or Jess.



10:22PM BBT  Cliff comes in and says Christie put the Michie replica man parts in his bed.  He hid under her blanket and put a condom on it and put it under her pillow.  He hid under the blanket because he wanted to keep it family friendly.  He didn't think his wife would appreciate him putting a condom on a replica of another man's c*ck.


Cliff says good night to his family, Sharron, Kelly, Daniel and SKD143.  [Their initials and I love you. - rms]


10:31PM BBT Holly comes into the HoHR and Michie scares her.  She repeats several times, You're SO MEAN!


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10:37PM BBT Michie and Holly in bed in HoHR. 

Michie says Tommy said a few things that made me think a few things.  He was very presumptuous with the veto. Saying that he was gonna use it to take her off.

Holly: Yeah.  (pause, then whisper.)  I'd rather he didn't.

Michie: Yeah, which was kind of like.  Didn't he say he was gonna consult you first.  Also, that kind of tells me that it is us four working together (Michie, Holly, Tommy, Christie).  Also, he has no idea about us and Cliff and Nicole.  Which is great.

Holly: at same time, Yeah, which is great, fantastic.  Which also sucks, though. I love Tommy.

Michie: You know what you have to remind yourself

Holly: $500,000.00

Michie: Yeah, and we were on our own.  We have had to scrap.

Holly: I know.  I know he didn't want that.

Michie: I don't ever but regardless, it still happened.

Holly: I just looovveeee Tommy soooo much. I want to be loyal to him.  We have to be careful of our words.  If he is under the assumption that us four are working together, we can't say anything to further that.

Michie: And we can't say anything about us knowing where Cliff and Nicole stand.  

Holly: NO, NOOOOO, Heck No!

Michie: We have to be left in the dark. (Holly saying yep, yeah, and yeah fer sure, intermittently through all this.  She does that a lot but I have been ignoring it.)

And that's why I was saying I'm a likely target to go up even though I think Nicole has it and I don't think I will go up.

Holly: (winds down her yeah, yeah fer sures) I am also not gonna pressure or ask Nicole because this might be a power that they have all week and keeping the anonymity is important, I think.  

Yeah, I feel bad lying to Tommy.

Michie: I said Anon-o-minity earlier.  It's definitely anonymity but I completely misspoke.

10:40PM BBT

Holly: That's ok, at least you're not ugly.  [WOW, Way to violate current social norms and feminist positions everywhere by making it about sex and beauty! - rms]

Michie: Gee, thanks.



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10:41PM BBT  (As Cliff snores in the TBR, occasional Tommy knuckle cracks) Nick tells Tommy about the fight earlier when Jackson grabbed Tommy and Christie.  He claims he never said Christie would throw the comp to him.  He said like 4 times she wouldn't throw it but she did say if it came down to me and her, she wouldn't be made if I (? am guessing was something about him winning).  This continues a while.

More Tommy grooming Nick.  [Hey, I figured it out, it's like a band of Gorillas in this house because they groom each other just like that. From a-z-animals.com: "The gorilla is a very sociable animal inhabiting the African wilderness if groups from around 5 to 30 gorillas. The gorilla spends most of its time eating, sleeping and grooming the other gorillas." - rms]


11:22PM BBT HG asleep, except for some continued Fun and games in HoH.  In the area outside of the CBR and TBR, Orwell is looking a bit ominous in night vision as he stands guard over the sleeping HG.


11:30PM BBT Tommy bathroom run.  [Exciting next 30 minutes I bet - rms]

11:31PM BBT Nicole is called by BoB to make a foul pie and smash it in her own face.  Jess gets up, Nick, Cliff, Tommy all head to SR.

Wow, giant stacks of pie crusts! Probably 70.  Stacks of 20, 13,12(?), 5, 2 and another stack barely visible in back of about 8-10.  Likely 1-2 more stacks in the back behind the 5 and 12(?) stacks.  There is a Swiffer wet jet box in there as well.


Christy shows up.  Nick says that you guys should just leave it all night and clean it up in the morning.  

11:34PM BBT Nicole slowly leans into it and gets some on her face.  She asks if that is good enough.

Cliff gets called in.  As he come out you see Nicole smash her face into it harder.  Michie is talking down from the balcony and they show Holly as well.  So they are all there.


11:36PM BBT Cliff just presses it up into his face and smashes it around.  Michie then imitates BoB's pie punishment voice really well pretending to call Jessica.  Jess says that is why Michie was in the DR for so long the other day.  He is doing voice over work for BoB.

Jess hasn't been called, yet.  Holly and Michie get called out to go put on their microphones.

Christie says they will troll her until she is back in bed before they call her.


11:37PM BBT Jess sees Tommy eating some Boar's head (brand) meat and her and Christie head over to eat some.  As Jess pulls the bag of meat over towards her, Tommy asks them if they would wash their hand before putting it the bag!  He offers to just give them one if they want it, too.  [WHAT?!!! Sanitary! Wow, what has happened to this house?! Next they will CLOSE THE FRIDGE!  Call me an ambulance when that happens!- rms]

Jess is now gonna make an egg.  Cliff and Christie are eating Froot Loops.

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Holly, Michie and Nicole went to sleep.


Tommy pretends to be Zingbot and says, Tommy, Nick's not gay, get over it.

Then, Tommy, you're not a top.

Then Christie, Tommy, you may have won an HoH and a Veto but you will never win Nick's heart.

Jess holds the pan with her 2 eggs in it and says, the captive snow owl.


PoPTV offers this up:  Sis says, "I'm super athletic so I honestly think I am gonna kill it in competitions."  Orwell responds, "Oh, Really?  Let's see how fast you can run home, you're booted!"



The HG talk she about Glee and the downfall of some of the actors from it.  Puck and Finn apparently died.  One from a drug overdoes, another from suicide.

Glee talk winds down my time here.  [Thank you Orwell! - rms]

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