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Friday, August 23, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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1:03AM BBT Another pie in the face punishment.

Just before this almost all guests were in room outside CBR/TBR talking about the hide and go veto comp.

They are having to pie their own faces in slow-mo.

Christie rigged up an area with plastic bags/sheets on the floor where they are now doing the pie smashing.


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Holly talking to Christie

Tommy said someone told him that Cliff said that Cliff is in an alliance with Christie, Holly, Michie and Jess.  [Talk about Christie fishing! - rms]

Holly says that when Sis was dressed, she asked what Christie said/did to make you do this.  Well, I already know you guys made a 5 person alliance.  

Christie said Sis asked what she told Michie, too.  (To get him to keep her).

More rehashing of Sis talks.


They did get into some game talk but nothing definitive.  Holly is worried about what the prank is.

None of them think they will take too much of her power.  [Yee, of little FAITH!  Have they forgotten who RUNS the game?  NOT HGs, BoB RUNS IT! - rms]

2:04AM BBT Cliff brought up hearing Christie mention pawn.  

Michie says, if I recall correctly, she sat here and told us "Use me, I will be a pawn.  I will go after Nick.  I will take shots,..."

Cliff points out that sitting there they have 3 voting as a block so they decide who is a pawn or not.

They are all wondering how it came to this where 3 people can decide the vote.  [DUH, That's why last week was so critical to eliminate a THREAT! - rms]


2:12AM BBTCliff says with Tommy and Nick both down there, I will try to keep an eye on things and keep it honest.

Holly put the mock up of Michie's male part in Christie's bed, under the sheets.

Nick asked if Cliff may go up or where he may lie in all this.  Cliff was surprised Nick could thought he could go up.


They also point out that in the HoH is half the house.


2:24AM BBT Holly talking to Michie.  Holly said Christie was shocked with the idea of them putting her up as a pawn.  Holly claims now she had such a nervous feeling keeping her.  Christie apparently said I didn't expect to go up so soon.  Michie says she asked for just one more week and we got her one more week.

Holly says that she needs a reality check.

Holly: "Uhng, I was afraid of this."   [I didn't hear this but was not on feeds for a bit after BBAD.  It may be worth checking back in their talk. - rms]

Holly is telling Michie that she wants to appear stressed and weak minded, but JUST SO YOU KNOW, I am handling it better than I show and am not weak minded.  [Wow, trying to impress your showmance or keeping him from thinking less of you? - rms]

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They keep repeating that they don't get why Christie thinks she wouldn't be up on the block.  

Holly says she doesn't want to shoot blanks again at Nick.  She wants to be sure he goes home.

They talk about possibly backdooring Nick. Putting Jess and Christie up and then backdoor Nick.  

Holly doesn't want to tell Jess but has too, because she runs her mouth just to show she got info whenever she does.

Michie: If they both stay up and one goes home, no loss.

2:43AM BBT Holly tells Michie in the HoHr she really hopes Christie isn't running her mouth.  She gave me her word. Her word, urrgghhh, man I tell you.  I like how her whole spiel is like, all I have in this game is my word and my authentic self. And I was like, Christie, you've proven to people in this house time and time again that your word means SH*T! Why is that your campaign speech.  You've betrayed most of the people sitting in this room, aarrghhhh.


Michie says, Holly, I am not gonna lie.  I was hearing what was coming out of Christie's mouth and I was shocked.  Are we in the Twilight Zone? Is this part of prank week? Is Ashton Kucher gonna pop out of the closet and say we are being Punked?

Holly says she was also shocked.  [They always say to be careful when you make a deal with the devil! - rms]

Michie says he is sick of the words grateful and deal.

schmoozing and cuddling... everyone is in bed.

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9:45 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tommy is talking with Holly in the HOH room while everyone else is downstairs in the LR discussing the prankster nominations.  Christie said if someone is put up by the prankster and wins the veto, then the prankster puts up someone else, and that person can't play in the veto.  Jess said, wait, what?  Christie says again (whenever someone comes down, the replacement can't play for another veto). 

Tommy and Holly in HOH room, Holly is concerned what the prankster will do to her nominations.  Tommy explained when Sis was having her meltdown, she was sewing about Jackson and Holly need to leave.  Tommy wanted her to know he did not agree with that, he just let her vent.  Holly said Tommy is safe in her eyes, but that she doesn't know what will happen with the twist.  Tommy said everything went well with the lat twist, maybe this will be the same.  Tommy gets up to leave, wants to know if he should send someone else up to talk.  She said if anyone wants to talk, she is waiting for Jackson to bring her coffee.

Nick comes in next.  He assumes he is going up, Holly said don't assume.  They discuss what the prankster might do.  Nick didn't think it would have to do with noms, Holly said she did.  She was up all night wondering what to do.  They discuss who would go up, what Nick would do with the veto.  He said he will take himself down, but if Michie is up, he will take him down unless he is up next to him.  Nick would put up Jess or Christie, after his talk with Christie last night, he said he wouldn't put her up except as a replacement.  Michie comes in and brings coffee, then goes to take a shower.  Nick assures Holly he isn't coming after her or Jackson.  Michie yells from the shower that he dropped his mic in the toilet.  Holly asked if he was pranking, he said no, he took it out.  Nick continues to campaign about Christie blowing up his game, making him answer questions in front of everyone.  He is honest, she (Christie) was gunning for them. 

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10:05 AM BBT  Nick said he won't throw her or Michie under the bus, that isn't the way he plays, he will take down anyone she wants if he wins the veto.  He leaves and yells, "Next!"

Jess comes in next.  Talking about having to throw a pie in someones face in the middle of the night.  She said she isn't mean, she feels so bad.  Holly shares her coffee with Jess.  Jess said this sucks, Holly said she didn't want to put two people up, she has one in mind.  There aren't many people left.  Holly is worried about the person she wants up comes down, she has to put someone else up.  Jess and Holly agree that they have a similar strategy, Jess thinks Holly knows who she wants up.  Jess doesn't mention names.  Jess mentions going forward with them, then Holly says they are playing it separately, because one of her close allies went home on his HOH.  Jess mentions that she understands Holly wouldn't want Jackson to go home on her HOH. Holly does a lot of yeah, yeah, right.  Jess talking, like, talking, like  .... nothing new, Jess pleading her case, honest, hasn't lied, jokes about throwing the comp to Holly since she scored a 3.  They laugh.  Jess back to campaigning, doesn't make deals, goes with the flow, a lone ranger, etc.  Friendships but not alliances.

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10:22AM BBT Nick asked how it feels.

Cliff came out making goofy clown like sounds. 

They talked about how different evicted HG would’ve handled a pie in the face. 

Cliff said Kat licking cream from her face. [Keep it clean, Cliff! - rms]

Now they are speculating as to how they can figure out who it is. 

Everyone is being rotated through the DR. 

Presumably to tell the prankster they won. Gotta wonder how long they have to figure out their nom. 

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Flashback to 2:11AM. Tommy and Christie had a pretty major conversation about "the incident" with the speaker in the backyard exposing Tommy and Christie knowing each other. It SOUNDS like it DID blow their cover with the other houseguests, but production talked to everyone to have them not talk about it on the feeds or on-air, and it DID change at least Tommy's game.  But Tommy ends the conversation with "it's over...we made it (with a shrug)".



CHRISTIE:...(talking about duos in the house)...somehow we've managed to still not...and they fuckin' literally said it over a loudspeaker. (Tommy holds her hand sympathetically) I can't imagine (something). I can't...IMAGINE. I'm sorry, I gotta be honest...like I need to make sure that's not gonna happen again...like I said "security there needs to be measures taken."

TOMMY: (Nods)


2:12AM BBT

CHRISTIE: (about Security) "We took care of it. It's not gonna happen again." But like (something) fans. It's nuts. (unintelligible). That'd be great, that'd be fun, but...not true. (tapping mic, unintelligible) ...that's scary.

TOMMY: (Nods)

CHRISTIE: And you know what's crazy, our own family doesn't even know that that happened.

TOMMY: And I was so upset because they wanted to "clip the combo" of me promising my vote (to Christie) at the beginning of the week and then they were like...and then I was like, panicking because of "that thing" (the speaker incident). I didn't want to make it like I was promising you my vote no matter what

CHRISTIE: Because then...

TOMMY: ...then it would show what we do (motioning between him and Christie). So I was panicking about that, and they were like, "so now you might not vote for her, but you promised?" and I'm like...they were like, "well change it." the incident...changed everything, actually.  You're not gonna show that so don't fuckin' make me look like I'm someone that goes back on my word (on the broadcast show). I'm not someone that goes back on my word.



CHRISTIE: Well, I'm glad that that didn't hafta...

TOMMY: (nodding) Right...me, too.

CHRISTIE: I wonder if they would have showed it, anyway. They can't promise anything (unintelligible).

TOMMY: I was like, "is this definitely gonna air? Can I just ask that it doesn't because the only reason why I'm even considering not..."

CHRISTIE:..and that's not fair. [About as fair as a secret all-season pre-house two person alliance. - BBLurkerPlus]

TOMMY: Right.

CHRISTIE: That would be compromising you.

TOMMY: Yeah...it was rough. (shrugs). 

CHRISTIE: I'm sorry....

TOMMY: It's okay, it's over...it's over. We made it.

CHRISTIE: (Sighs) Whew...


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10:30 AM BBT  Jess and Holly still talking in HOH room.  Holly is saying she targeted one person in her last HOH, and she fired blanks, there is only one person she really wants gone.  (Nick).  She tells Jess that she was surprised that Nick told her that he made a deal with Christie yesterday to not put her up.  She was surprised at that deal, even though it was just for nominations, not replacements.  There are two sides to the story, they don't know who to believe, but Holly wanted Jess to have it on the back burner.  Holly doesn't know who would use the veto on Nick, Jess asked if anyone would?  She thinks maybe Tommy, but she isn't sure.  She didn't ask too much since she didn't want to let on who she was considering.  She again reiterates that she is telling Jess a lot more than she is telling anyone else, because hey are in a similar position.  With the Nick/Christie deal, Holly and Jess would have been on the block together.  Holly hopes the prankster wants Nick gone, as well. 

FoTH.  Feeds down for a few minutes, then back to Jess still campaigning.  She doesn't want to say alliance, but considers Holly an ally.  Jess said she is no good at hanging on a vine or anything physical, but she can do mental comps.  Jess tells Holly that everyone in the house has made deals that excluded both Holly and Jess, so no matter who is up, she shouldn't feel too bad about it.  Holly said everyone has betrayed her except Jess.  Jess mentions that  she spoke with Sis, and she has apologized about that.  Holly jokes that everyone has betrayed her. 

Back to serious talk, Holly is afraid Nick might be the prankster. 

10:48 AM BBT  Jess is finally finished with Holly, BoB announced that Cliff, Nicole and Jess have to take a pie to the face.   Jess suggests that Christie goes next.  Jess, Cliff and Nicole meet in the KT/near the memory wall.  Nicole and Jess taking off sweatshirts, tops, etc.  Jess jokes that they will be in bathing suits before long.  Jess complains that they are going to do DR's, so she put on her make up, now she will be a mess.  Someone asked if it was at each other or themselves, they said  themselves.  Cliff said the slow mo is the best.  Cliff tells BB that he is putting down a plastic bag unless told otherwise, we get FoTH. 

10:52 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Downstairs, Tommy is helping Cliff, Jess and Nicole clean the floor.  Upstairs, Christie is in he HOH talking with Holly. 


(I am out for now, can't listen to Christie spew)

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10:55AM BBT Holly talking to Christie in HoHR about noms.

Holly claims if the Prankster came up to her, that would be awesome and she would keep it completely under wraps. [Has anything except Tommy/Christie relationship been kept quiet in this blabbing house? - rms]

10:57AM BBT Holly says that they are still a target for being a showmance. Christie says, are people still saying that?  I guess my mind is too analytical.  [She is the one who said she wouldn’t go to end with a showmance! - rms]

Now Christie is trying to justify how going to the end with a showmance can be a positive. 

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11:40AM BBT In the living room Nicole, Nick, Tommy are singing the "morning poop" song.


11:42AM BBT CAM1  In the WA, Nick thanks America for the prank power. [NICK? Really?? - BBLurkerPlus]


NICK: I love you, America. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I love you. I love you, thank you so much. Thank you, I needed that power. I needed that. I needed that so bad. Thank you, I love you guys. Let's fuckin' go! (Opens door to toilet area) Now it's time to take a shit!


12:36PM BBT There's an announcement to go to HoH and houseguests are parroting the "Please report to lockdown in the HoH room" announcement, so HoH lockdown is imminent.  Someone said it might be a prank to get them locked in HoH, but most think it's to install the new table.

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Some speculation this could just be to move in smaller KT



More speculation out there on the audio that may have been played outside the house:

from hamsterwatch: ”only Tommy, Cliff, Nicole heard it - Tommy freaked tf out but isn't going to discuss it with anyone except Christie obviously - Cliff said he'll ignore it (a fib imo) and he probably told Nicole to do the same”


1:32PM BBT Flying kitty attack, choke hold and smackdown. 

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2:10PM BBT Feed is back, and the kitchen does indeed have the smaller table.  The houseguests are trying it out.


[It's interesting that the way they chose to sit at the table reveals their pairing in the game - Nick/Jess, Cliff/Nicole, Holly/Jackson - only Tommy and Christie are making a concerted effort to stay apart, even at the table - BBLurkerPlus]


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3:40 PM BBT

Michie and Holly told Christie that Nick said she told him she (Christie) was willing to throw the comp to him.

Christie- bring him up here right now. He's a fucking liar....get him up here

Michie- that's what I said

Christie- bring him in here....What....I'm in jury right now....bring him up here


3:51 PM BBT

Nick and Nicole are talking in the RV Bedroom

Nicole- why would they give us a warning. That's so weird

Nick- maybe so they can call them back to nominate

Nick- I really thought I was going to fucking get it

Nicole- did you really not get it?

Nick- no, I swear... and I really thought I would. Everyone else had regular DR sessions.

Nicole- I wonder who got it. Tommy?

Nick- I hope him or Cliff because maybe they would give me a chance


4:00 PM BBT

Nick and Christie in HoH Room bickering.... going back and forth about what they have said and done in the game. It's getting heated.


Cliff tells Tommy that he heard Christie and Nick fighting in the HoH Room. 

Tommy- Oh no! Do you want to go play backgammon

Cliff- yeah, maybe we can hear


4:18 PM BBT

Nick apologizes to Holly for making her think (Holly interrupts him)

Holly tells Nick that she had to get all the facts because she values his game more than to just put him up because he is the easy route.

Holly to Christie and Nick- no worries and no hard feelings to either of y'all

Nick- I know you have to do what's best for your game. I'm not trying to be mad at that. I'm trying to be honest

Holly- It's Gucci. I'd rather things be clear so I have an honest decision

Nick leaves and heads to the kitchen, "why is it that everything I say gets twisted"

Nick approaches Nicole, "I can't win"

He then tells her about the feud with Christie


4:23 PM BBT  

Holly was just called to the Diary Room downstairs then the feeds cut to Rancho Coastal for the nomination ceremony

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