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  1. What a time for JC to win HOH ... when feeds are down! The good thing is that he'll only have a 48 hr. reign-of-terror = the bad thing is that live feeders won't get to see it! We all know that what we see tomorrow night won't show what's really going on in the house with JC being HOH.
  2. Do you think it really matters who hosts the show? The game isn't about the host, it's about the house guests and what's going on in the BB house. I think the show would be just fine without her and she doesn't do enough that IMO, they could toss anyone in to host.
  3. I agree! I had so much hope for him winning it all, but he's taken his eye off the prize ... unless, of course, he thinks Angela is the prize. I don't see this going well for him.
  4. Thanks Morty! I had no idea that it wasn't her ... just assumed. And thank you too, BBLurkerPlus!
  5. I have no idea about that. I know that she says (on Twitter) that she talks to production.
  6. Rachel was on BB a few years ago. She won the 2nd season she was on. Her BB "showmance" turned into a marriage and they were both on Amazing Race. For the life of me I can't remember her last name.
  7. LOL Not sure why that gave me a chuckle. I had to look up the age range of millennials. I'm a Baby Boomer myself ... born 1947. My husband and I both enjoy BB. I like to know what is going on day-by-day and he just wants to watch the TV version of the show. I'm not allowed to let him know what goes on between the 3 weekly shows.
  8. No, I am assuming that no one noticed. But if BB tried to fix it = as BBwatchr suggested = the other houseguests would know what happened. And again, I don't think that Tyler cheated, it was just a BB mistake at not catching it. But ... that's not to say the Jury and people not in his alliance would see it that way if they found out.
  9. I doubt that Tyler knew he broke the rule. My guess is just an honest mistake . Then again ... I'm a bit naive about a lot of what goes on with BB production! No idea if they caught this and then did a cover-up or just screwed up. The problem with declaring Haleigh the winner is no one can predict what would have happened if Tyler had been called out and dropped 2nd. Would the others in his alliance fight harder? IMO, the only FAIR way to settle this would be a re-set of this week. The problem with that is it would throw off the # in the house. Two double evictions? A TRIPLE eviction? They would have to do something to make the HG #s come out right at the end of the show. Hopefully they will come up with something to make this right. I don't agree with making Haleigh HOH automatically (for my reasons above) but I do agree with your last sentence about both of their games being negatively affected. Whoever goes to Jury next will let everyone know that Tyler "cheated" and that will hurt any jury votes. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with this screw-up, how CBS handles it. Coughing up the $$ to both of them is an excellent idea!
  10. I read this in the Live Feed update = can someone tell me what her "life story" is that was so emotional? Or point me in the right direction? I seem to have missed it somewhere along the way. I don't have the live feeds - tried it a couple of seasons and it just didn't work for me. Pretty much all I know is what I read here and see on TV. Thanks!
  11. Same here ... or Faysal. Faysal doesn't deserve to come back in the house (assuming he is evicted tonight).
  12. I'm glad that Fessy got to see that Haleigh was right about everything. Too bad she was playing Fessie's game instead of her own.
  13. I never did get the "don't wanna get blood on my hands" thing. Get in there and play, take out players that aren't in your alliance. That's the game.
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