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  1. Agree! I was just shaking my head when I heard her speech last night. And does she not know that everyone knows what she and Jackson are doing when the lights are off? ... or shower is on? Good Grief!! Who does she think she's kidding?
  2. I wonder what would happen if Cliff or Nicole were to whisper to someone about the connection? What would BB do? Kick them out? I'm surprised that they haven't used it to their advantage ... but I guess they all have to fall in line behind the HOH (sigh) ... do they not know that they are in this to WIN the game, not just play follow-the-leader? I agree, it's unfair to have silenced them and Tommy & Christiey are taking advantage. How fair is that?
  3. With any luck at all, the prankster HOH will put Jackson on the block or try to backdoor him. This is what he deserves after keeping Christie. Even Jess had more balls than him for getting Jack out. She never backed down.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that Christie ..(or anyone else plotting with Jackson to keep Christie).. will put up Jackson. If these people really want Christie to stay then they all need to vote Sis out and bypass playing footsies with Jackson. Not sure why anyone thinks, at this point in the game, that they need to go along with HOH choices. I never did understand that concept.
  5. I couldn't agree more! Just reading what happened yesterday and beating my head against the wall. What's wrong with those people? Did someone put stupid juice in their kool-aide?
  6. Of course America loves her! That's why they sent her on the Field Trip! These two women on the block crack me up! Do they forget the live feed people that see all?
  7. I totally agree with that! No idea why they've kept him this long.
  8. I thought it was odd that Kemi didn't just laugh in his face and put her water bottle back, too! But I can understand if she felt threatened. Jack's a big guy and was pretty much running the house at that time. Oh well, I'm just glad that he's gone. He needed to leave.
  9. I think that CBS was trying to appease the viewers after all the complaints. They should have showed the water bottle rant Jack went on about Kemi's bottle in the fridge. I thought they let him off pretty easy. I was wondering if he knew what was coming as he had a smooth answer for everything. And what happened to his blow up peoples games in his eviction speech? Didn't happen ...
  10. I just wanted to say Thank You to those who do the Live Feed coverage. I don't know how you all keep up with it! I don't know how anyone can watch just the CBS 3 shows per week and get anything from those. Morty's site and all of you Live Feed updaters are what makes it fun ... or aggravating ... or a little of both! I tried subscribing to the Live Feed several years ago - 2 years in a row - and it was a total waste of money for me. I just didn't have time to watch and couldn't keep up with any of it when I did have the time. Must just be an "old age" thing for me. I do give Morty $$ each year to show my thanks for this site. I've spent all morning reading the updates from yesterday. EXCELLENT!! Sometimes I just skim thru but yesterday was a GREAT day with Jack trying his best to play Cliff, Jess, Nicole and Kat for their votes to keep him in the game. I loved every word of it! Thank you all!
  11. I was wondering about this also, trying to figure out how this is going to work. They don't announce the winners/losers until the 11th (Sunday) and by then there is already a HOH and nominations. I know that the person that loses and goes on the block is a 3rd nomination, not a replacement. What if the person is HOH or already on the block? I guess it's all a part of the expect the unexpected ...
  12. Same here! I didn't want to vote for anyone on the block this week and would soooooo like to see Tommy, Christie or Analise on the block.
  13. Thanks for the reply. And I'm not surprised if that's the reason for no slop this week. Jackson has put a whole new spin on Big Brother this season ... and not a good one.
  14. Who are the Have Nots this week? I've seen no mention of it ... or how they were chosen.
  15. Thanks for the replies. And I agree with CrazyBBFan that anyone NOT in the Gr8ful + Sam alliance would be have nots all the time. BBLurkerPlus = I was also wondering about that, if Have Nots would start when Camp Comeback ended. I always enjoyed the competitions to see who the Have Nots would be instead of letting HoH do the picking. Too much power for HoH, especially this year. Would LOVE to see Jackson have to eat slop!!
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