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  1. Damn ... just trying to take a little nap! :D

  2. Hi Marty! :waves:

  3. Hi All! Just popped in to say HI to some of the old-timers and Newbs as well! Looking forward to a great Summer of BB! I'll echo so many of the other posters with my hope for more drama and less sheep! Voting with the group is not a valid strategy ... well, at least it's not fun for us viewers anyways! Slainte
  4. I'm sure her friends and family will help her cope. She did express, on more than one occasion, her desire to get home and into the new home she and Nick were going to be sharing. The tragedy of a house fire is mitigated by the fact that only possessions were lost. Brit was never one of my favorite HG's, but I am grateful that neither Nick nor the pups were injured.
  5. sonoerin

    Finale Live Show

    DITTO!!!! Pinkie
  6. sonoerin

    Enzo - Week 10

    And of course I don't think Jordan ever once bragged about how she was gonna kick a$$ in every competition. She could also construct a sentence without f**k in it at least three times
  7. sonoerin

    Enzo - Week 10

    What did you think was bad Ginger?
  8. You're being a naughty duck again Shipp
  9. sonoerin

    Enzo - Week 10

    The pity party is tiresome
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    Live Feed and BB After Dark 9/7 & 9/8

    Hi Pokey! You mean we should actually be surprised? LOLOL
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    Rachel - Week 3

    So Glad I stopped by and caught this one! Miss You Pinkie!
  12. sonoerin

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    You of course are referring to her "RAIN"? She's just horrible. I couldn't read past the 3rd paragraph of her blog, and the photos were totally annoying. I'm not sure I can take much more of her
  13. sonoerin

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    She keeps asking Why? I'm only wondering why she just can't STFU
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    I can't help but feel it's Matt!
  15. Sanctuary premieres tonight on SciFi! Here's some back story information! Courtesy of: SciFi Channel 12:00 AM, 03-OCTOBER-08 Sanctuary's Tapping Does It All Amanda Tapping, star and executive producer of SCI FI Channel's new series Sanctuary, told reporters that she also directs when called upon. "God, man! Are you insane? Shoot me now!" Tapping said in a group interview at SCI FI's digital press weekend in Estes Park, Colo., last weekend. "I'm actually the go-to director, so I have directed Sanctuary. Not an episode. [Director and executive producer] Martin [Wood] had to do a talk at the Vancouver Television Festival, and so I was directing that day." Tapping fills in if the principal director calls in sick or if something happens, and she will also step in to helm a second unit or for insert shots. When not behind the camera, Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus, an enigmatic 157-year-old scientist out to protect mankind from monsters of all kinds, including the monsters within. "I'll tell you a funny story," Tapping added. "Here I am, my first day directing on Sanctuary--not like I don
  16. sonoerin

    Marisa Calihan

    Once again . . all the nice ta-ta's are being voted off first Positively discouraging I tell ya!
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    I am in awe that this topic was buried back on page 2. What a great start to season 2. I love this show!
  18. sonoerin

    Actor Patrick Swayze

    Horrific form of Cancer. So glad he's at peace now. RIP Patrick
  19. sonoerin

    Jaison Robinson

    Between this guy and Jeff, I'm going to have to go get Reaper to help with the mop ups here in Survivor
  20. sonoerin

    Shannon "Shambo" Waters

    She's not the kind of person, or personality that I would want to be around much. I do believe however, she's going to make a real impression in her tribe, and a good one at that. She seems to have crazy puzzle skills. That'll suit her well in Survivor. Hate the hair! Hate the nickname! Love the overall attitude
  21. sonoerin

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    BB & Jeff still fresh in your mind CeCi?
  22. sonoerin

    Jeff Probst - Host

    Pinkie is absolutely right! I'm sure that if Jeff would have erred and really dropped a big spoiler, that blog would have been down so fast our heads would be spinning. Though Jeff is an incredibly valuable part of the show, I think production has him on a pretty short leash when it comes to what he says and who he says it to.
  23. sonoerin

    Jeff Probst - Host

    That's a great clip! Jeff is hilarious!