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  1. I have to be honest and say I didn't want to see Jeff or Dani to leave the game last night, but now the newbies are finally playing. Shelly made a bold move and I hope she doesn't win. I don't like her gameplay but that is just my thoughts. I'd like to see Adam win now but don't think he has a chance.....the girls will pick him off and I can't wait to see them have to play against each other. IMHO
  2. I also heard there was an 5.3 earthquake on the Colorado / New Mexico boarder this morning too. Living in S. Cali earthquakes are a fact of life....it has to be scary for those who are not use to them. Hope everyone's nerves are settling.
  3. TCS

    Picture Thread

    Wow! They are growing! You have two beautiful kids there Scuba.
  4. Hi ya Reapy! Nice to see ya!
  5. Congrats on the new puppy Gizz I love Peeks! I love puppy breath!!! Happy Anniversary Snancy! Hope you have a great time! Hi ya Echo!
  6. Love and miss you! <3

  7. Reapy wanted me to tell you he said "Hi"! and he misses you.

    And hi from me too!

  8. TCS

    Hello Echo and I love stalking my reality stars lol!

  9. Now that is wrong in so many levels.....now I have to go find my barf bag......
  10. TCS

    Picture Thread

    I may get to go to the BB wrap party....been invited to LA for it.....then more pictures!
  11. Congrats on your new job Erin. Happy birthday Joe...... Playing with my new iPad......Mortys work perfect on it! Yay!
  12. Yes, they do make a nice couple and they seem like they really care for each other.
  13. TCS

    Picture Thread

    This photo is for Marty and Joy....lol This one is not so blurry.... This one is very blurry...
  14. Yes they were very nice, Brendon was more outgoing, Rachel was almost shy. All 4 of my pets are rescues...Nikki....they are the best!
  15. Thanks Nikki....I got to work a breast cancer charity and 110 reality stars were there.... Brendon and Rachel were there...and was very nice. Makes me understand how stressful BB has to be and how it can make people say and do things....
  16. He was pretty hot when I was snuggled up next to him....lol
  17. Hang in there and God Bless....I have faith with your attitude that you will be chasing the girls again soon!
  18. Just been busy! I think I'll be slowing down for the next few weeks ( I hope ). I haven't read any of the threads.....will have to read a few of them and yes....I'll try really hard to miss stepping on the landmines...LOL! Miss you!
  19. Hi Everyone Sorry I haven't been around in a while but have been keeping super busy! I miss all of you too! BB is pretty good this season, well at least so far lol! ~hugs~
  20. Thanks Slowpoke! It was so much fun! I can't wait for next year!
  21. Here is Kevin Campbell from BB11 doing a video of the Rally! :
  22. Hi Everyone! Sorry I have not been around....been busy! I involved myself in a Breast Cancer charity. I'm volunteering for Michelle's Place a resource center for Breast Cancer and this last weekend we had our first Reality Rally! We had over 110 Reality Stars and most were from Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race! My job was a VIP Hostess (handler)and I had to make sure 48 reality stars were picked up at the air port and made sure they made it to several events. It was a blast and I've been asked to please come back next year! Everyone on of the stars were very nice and some of the ones I though would be yuck were wonderful.....but all of us know that these shows are all heavily edit for DRAMA and taken out of content. I got to go to all the events and the parties too! I took lots of pictures! I'll have to work on them...and post some here. Here is the link: and you can click on the Stars list and see who was there....we only had about 3-4 no-shows. http://www.realityrally.com/stars http://www.realityrally.com/temeculavalley Miss all of you and will try and post more when the dust settles!
  23. Prayer is strong medicine! So happy to here the good news!
  24. TCS

    Hi Echo

    Still stalking.....

    Merry Christmas!

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