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  1. I have to be honest and say I didn't want to see Jeff or Dani to leave the game last night, but now the newbies are finally playing. Shelly made a bold move and I hope she doesn't win. I don't like her gameplay but that is just my thoughts. I'd like to see Adam win now but don't think he has a chance.....the girls will pick him off and I can't wait to see them have to play against each other. IMHO
  2. Love and miss you! <3

  3. Reapy wanted me to tell you he said "Hi"! and he misses you.

    And hi from me too!

  4. TCS

    Hello Echo and I love stalking my reality stars lol!

  5. Now that is wrong in so many levels.....now I have to go find my barf bag......
  6. Yes, they do make a nice couple and they seem like they really care for each other.
  7. Yes they were very nice, Brendon was more outgoing, Rachel was almost shy. All 4 of my pets are rescues...Nikki....they are the best!
  8. Thanks Nikki....I got to work a breast cancer charity and 110 reality stars were there.... Brendon and Rachel were there...and was very nice. Makes me understand how stressful BB has to be and how it can make people say and do things....
  9. He was pretty hot when I was snuggled up next to him....lol
  10. TCS

    Hi Echo

    Still stalking.....

    Merry Christmas!

  11. It came on last night? I knew that.....just forgot. lol I've been on a long vacation and I'll catch up when I get home. So its old against young.....
  12. I'm not gonna waste my time on voting...... None of these people deserve it! jmho! Ok.....if I did vote I might vote for Brendon because he fought the hardest to stay in the house and got pretty far considering he was doomed from the beginning when he hooked up with the "Big Old Fake Redheaded Ho-Bag"! jmho!
  13. Yep! and how he talked about the girls he dated on the live feeds made me sick too. Worst season ever! Season 12 will be one of the forgettable seasons..... I've watch every season and couldn't tell you who was on Season 6. jmho!
  14. I picked Season 9 for the worst like several others have already stated why....a trashy group of HGs. I think this season is plain old BORING! I haven't watched the last 3 or 4 episodes and have come on here to see what happened. I'm tired of twists and the same old line-up. I'm tired of AG. I could care less who wins this season......I'd like to see the F-3 step it up and fight for the $500k...but it won't happen. jmho!
  15. I agree too Marty.....in fact been busy on vacation and haven't watched the last 3 episodes. I come here and read an update or two and lurk in the forums. Thanks for the update Snancy! Btw....I got picked for tickets to the Sept 9th show! Too bad I'm on vacation! NOT!!!!
  16. I think she has played a better game than the remaining GHs....the others are floaters! Ragan has won some challenges too but I see his hinie going out the door this Thursday! btw Chief....I laugh every time I see your name and avatar!
  17. As stupid as these HGs are....it still looks like Ragan will be shown the door on Thursday and will be with his BFF Mattie! But you never know....I agree with you srevea11....... "All of them, every single one of them have no balls. No guts. No brains. No initiative. Nothing, nadda , zip".
  18. I agree Marty! This is one sad season of idiots!
  19. The editing on tonight's show made me feel that Ragan has finally been shot down a few pegs....learning his BFF threw him under the bus........ I haven't liked Ragan's behavior, and I'm sure he's not as bad outside the house.....but dang Ragan you're on the feeds almost 24/7 and you have made a complete fool out of yourself. jmho!
  20. Looks like he's gonna play the "sick-wife" card to the very end! He mentioned it on tonight's show......said something like I'm doing this for my wife! Wonder if he'll finally come clean in the Jury-House? jmho!
  21. TCS

    Hi Reapy!

    Hows it hanging?

  22. OMG! Britt got totally ripped off! Thats got to be the worst one yet! AG should go ahead and marry "Pin-head" since it is obvious that she's in love with him! jmho!
  23. I'm happy she's put Matt up too! She's moved up several pegs on my like meter. If she helps get rid of Ragan she'll go even higher! jmho!
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