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Angelo Joe

7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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9:21 AM BBT: Joe, Wil, Dan and Janelle are in the kitchen chit chatting about nothing in particular. Joe is telling stories about his coaching his daughter.

9:28 AM BBT: Joe has just determined that the pineapple that Kara(?) was eating has gone bad. Janelle said that it was fine as did Frank. Conversation has kinda been talking about Jodi. They are saying that it was really classy taht she came back the next day for the photo shoot. Chit chat then moves to Ashley still not feeling better. FOTH.

9:31 AM BBT: Switched feeds to Willie, Britney and Janelle in the HOH waking up and laughing. Willie woke up early because he was called into the DR. They are talking about the Have Not Room. Willie is saying that Shane's back is messed up as well as Ashley's. They are saying that Ian would be down for Chinese WAter Torture if BB said so. Willie is asking about previous Have Not beds. Janelle feels bad about putting Ashley as a Have Not, but she volunteered and now her back is messed up. Britney is recapping what she was talking to Ashely about last night about her not wanting to disappoint Janelle.

9:35 AM BBT: Willie, Janie and Brit are talking about being up too early. They start discussing the POV. They say Wil won't use it, Danielle might take Kara off and that they need to offer Dan a deal. Willie questions if he would honor it. Janie says that week 1, he will, but week 5, no. They are talking about having to get rid of Ian early because he is smart. They are saying that he needs to be out before week 5 because thats when mental challenges start. Brit says Dan is getting to them. Janie agrees.

9:40 AM BBT: Brit is saying that Ian, Kara and Frank need to leave first three weeks then they can send a coach home. They are discussing which coach to send home first. Willie and Brit are saying that Dan is better, but Janie hates losing to Boogie. Talk turns to how big of a competitor WIllie is [inflated ego much??? - Sheldon] Brit makes a funny remark to Willie about him getting face wash. "Have you ever even washed your face? That's a no." Willie is saying that Joe isn't a chef. He is just a good cook. Janelle and Britney are talking about how good his slop creations are. Willie comments that he burned macaroni.

9:46 AM BBT: Willie, Janie and Brit are talking about how stupid Dan was on the first night with his picks. There is a general agreement on this fact. Talk turns to offering a deal to Danielle and Dan before POV. Talk once again turns to an Ashley pity party. They are saying its a good thing that she wasn't picked for POV. They are now talking about her back injury. Talk turns to Girls Night. Brit says it was a mistake because JoJo was pissing everyone off. Janelle was pissed off Iam last night. She doesn't seem to care. They are talking about Ian coming up to the HOH on Boogie's orders so that they cannot talk game. Brit says that when Jen is sent up to HOH by Boogie that it annoys her more then when Ian is sent because its so obvious when she does it.

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9:53 AM BBT: Janie, Brit and Willie are Boogie Bashing. They are saying that he has shamed Chill Town this week and that Dr. Will would never had made that decision. Brit says that no matter what happens that they have to keep Dan and Boogie divided. Willie says that Dan is out of this game. Janie says that Dan knows that Boogie tried to knock him out of the last game. Will says he wants to get the other teams out so they can have a half time in the game. Talk moves back to POV. Janie says that this POV is going to be an amazing set. Willie just wants the door open so that he can smoke (I guess they have been on indoor LD since feeds came on last night)

9:57 AM BBT: Janie and Willie are talking about going back to bed. Janie said that she was lying about getting good sleep. Brit couldn't sleep last night so she was asking Janie stupid questions last night til about 5:45 AM. Janie is talking about beating Frank and someone else at chess, but that she isn't that good at it. The three in the HOH are talking about needing to do more around the house. Brit and Janie are talking about not making coffee. The three just figured out that it is Friday the 13th. Willie is called to the DR. Brit jokes with Janie and says that this is the time to take a nap. Janie is saying that she is done drinking in the house and that its such a waste of time. Talk turns to JoJo and how she was pissing everyone off last night. She was saying that she gets very defensive.

10:03 AM BBT: Janie in Brit in HOH talking about POV. They are saying that they need to stop talking about it until someone wins it. Now they are talking about needing to go to bed earlier, especially if BB wakes them up early. Janie says Frank has stopped talking to her as much after he was nominated. She says that Boogie is probably telling him that she got him nominated. Brit says that Willie doesn't trust Kara or Dan. Janie is saying that she would rather had Dan then Boogie. Brit wishes that Boogie would have lost a player the first night. Janie is saying that Boogie hates them. They don't know why Dan made a stupid decision on the first night. Brit says that Wil is Janelle is her strongest, but Joe and Ashley are a toss up for weakest.

10:06 AM BBT: Janie and Brit are talking about taking out Boogie or Dan and what their odds are. Janie is saying that if they are thinking long term, getting rid of Danielle and Kara is like getting rid of 3 people. Brit and Janie are Boogie Bashing again. They are talking about how Janie was telling everyone that Boogie was after them. They started a smear campaign and turned the whole house against him. They are saying Dan is a nice guy, but he made terrible draft picks and they cannot understand why. Janie feels bad for him. Brit thinks that he decided to pick one person to win and two pawns. Brit says that he picked people who couldnt win competitions. The Boogie Bashing continues, Janie is talking about Boogie being butt hurt about him nominating him in AS.

10:17 AM BBT: Wil and Joe come into the HOH. Ashely is gone. They called her into the DR and she never came out. Janie quickly defuses the situation saying she probably just went to the doctors. Janie says that she didnt quit. She will just need to recover. They talk about Dick leaving last season. Brit says that she will definitely be back. Willie comes in the HOH and says that he had a convo with Kara and that it went well. Willie says he doesn't dislike either Frank or Kara. They are talking about Ashley leaving again. We get FOTH. It was quick. They are talking about Coaches getting a chance to trade players. Brit leaves for coffee and then Wil whispers something to Janie. The talk turns to the POV and lack of sleep.

10:25 AM BBT: FOTH

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10:27 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Brit, Willie, Wil, Janelle and Joe are still in HOH. They are discussing someone (Kara?). Wil is saying that Willie is safe for next week. Brit says that she doesn't know why they are having this convo before POV. She says that the only protection the coaches provide is in the Coaches Comp and getting rid of Dan gives them better chances. Willie is saying that Frank said that he feels he doesn't have to play with his own coach and that he can play for himself and that Frank wants to come onto 'our team.'

10:30 AM BBT: FOTH

10:31: All the same people in the HOH. They are discussing the Coaches Comp and getting rid of Dan.

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10:29 AM BBT: Britney, Janelle, Shane, Wil, and Willie talking about who to keep in HOH. Britney brings up the point that she and Janelle have the coaches challenge (?) to save someone each week and if all of Dan's players are gone, that gives them a 2 out of 3 chance to save one of them. Willie agrees and says that is a point he wanted to make to them yesterday.

10:30 AM BBT: Willie says that Frank basically told him that he would "leave" Mike Boogie and work with Willie if he is saved.

10:30 AM BBT: WBRB

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10:58 AM BBT: There has been nothing to report over the past half hour except there was a group in the living room talking about past seasons and that Ian is a huge superfan for knowing conversations off the live feeds that never aired on the show. Everyone now is stretching for the POV. Willie is jogging a little in the kitchen, Wil is stretching and Frank is stretching in the arcade room. Ashely is back in the house laying down talking to Kara.

11:03 AM BBT: Both feeds are incredibly boring. Ian talking about rolling up to the bars on his bicycle. [i think Boogie is being mean to him, but it is subtle...]

11:10 AM BBT: JoJo (who is hosting POV) is out of the DR and Janie is going in, so the POV is not about to start. Just random chit chat in the living room with Boogie, Ian, Dan, Frank and JoJo.

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9:01am most hg sitting around dinning room table talking about joes kids and how early they have to get up and go to school

9:10am mike and joe talking about kids selling drugs and smoking in school restrooms and joes daughter wont go to the restoom because of that

9:14am willie and brit talking in hoh willie says she needs to vote kara out brit thinks it will be better to vote out frank

9:16am Brit telling Willie he needs to decide whats more important one week of protection from Frank or whatever

9:20am Brit telling Willie to go ahead and get everyone to vote out Frank it isnt gonna work she says Brit says Boogie called her before the show started wanting to make an aliance

9:23am Willie says he is not spazzing out as him and Brit talk about who needs to go and who is making deals. Willie says he told joe he wants protection Brit says of course

9:27am Willie is talking about getting rid of Wil Brit asking why she doesnt understand why Wil Willie says because Will is playing the game

9:29am Janelle,Brit and Willie talkign about the pov should be soon

9:36am Janelle and Willie talking about Ashley and her back hurting Janelle said she was so sweet to agree to be put on slop

9:39am : Brittney asking Jani if her team wins hoh next week who would we get rid of Jani says Frank if he is still here

9:41am Brit asking Jani and Willie when are we gonna start knocking off these losers Willie says soon

9:46am Frank,Shane,Joe,Wil,Ian, and Jenn sitting atr kitchen table general chat going on Jojo and Kara in wc doing makeup Dan brushing teeth Ashley in dr

9:49am Jani,Brit and Willie in hoh talking about how bad a cook Joe is said he burned mac and cheese yesterday

9:57am Brit ,Jani and Willie sitting in hoh talking about other hg Brit doesnt like boogies clothes Willie says they need to watch the other coaches and if Kara goes home dan is out of this game

10:05am Brit and Jani talking about the pov comp while waiting to play Jani says they need to start getting some sleep or taking a nap Willie in dr all other hg in kt just general chat

10:07am : Jani saying she rather have Dan in this house than Boogie Brit says it would have been so much better if Boogie had lost a person than Dan but we cant help it that dan picked them girls and was stupid

10:12am Kara and Willie in have not room talking Kara says if we can make a deal and you can keep me safe this week i will make a deal with you Willie says yeah yeah we will

10:16am willie says you make me nervouse to Kara because of the relationship she has with other people in the house and not with him

10:20am Dan and Willie have ben called to dr but ashley isnt in the house or in dr Jani says maybe she is at the doctors

10:27am Will in hoh asking Willie if he is nervouse about the pov comp he says yeah i am worried they dont let me sleep around here

10:35am :Willie Joe Wil Jani and Brit all in hoh talking about eliminating dans team next week to get Dan out of the house

10:37am Boogie in lr telling about Kayar shaving his head Willie called to dr

10:46am hg just sitting around some in hoh room some in lvr just general chat going on waiting for pov comp to begin

10:57am ashley is in a bed in the shoe room talking to kara about bb calling willie to the dr this morning and scaring her it was so loud jojo called to dr frank fixing his hair in wc

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11:22am BBT General chat. What movies they like, did Ian ever have to memorize the periodic table, complaining about the HN beds. All still waiting for POV to start.

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11:30 AM BBT: Willie and Danielle are talking game in the bathroom. They are discussing Dan and Boogie. Danielle is Boogie Bashing a little bit, basically saying that Boogie is trying to turn each team against each other. Willie is complaining about the indoor LD to someone (I don't know who). Willie and Danielle are now talking about the decoration around the bathroom. Willie was told in the DR that he is not allowed to shave.

11:40 AM BBT: Frank, Janelle and Wil playing Chess. They are discussing the rapidly depleting store of food in the house. They are hoping to get more tomorrow. Britney joins the group and they start talking about a wedding show and about a fight on the show. Janelle and Frank are teaching Wil to play chess. Talk turns to queens because they had just explained how the queen moves on the chess board.

11:48 AM BBT: Talk turns back to food. A lot of the food is expiring or has expired. The chess club is talking about when they will get more. Janelle is talking to Frank about chess briefly. Wil then starts talking to Britney about her honeymoon in Paris. Janelle is now in check. Britney is saying that Frank's queen is vicious. Wil and Britney both don't know how to play chess. JoJo was just called to the DR.

11:54 AM BBT: Talk turns to Ke$ha. Wil said she released a snip of her new single and it was terrible. Britney says that she is excited to see Britney Spears on the X Factor. Janelle agrees. Britney leaves to curl her hair, but before she does she tells the chess club that if they keep this up, on a regular week, they will never get to go outside. Frank then leaves to use the bathroom.

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11:33am BBT Kara and Wil stretching, Willie and Dani chatting in WR, Frank joins them. Others in livingroom just chatting.

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Jani, Frank, Brit and Wil go upstairs to the chess board. (its huge! would take two hands to play LOL) they arent playing chess tho they are talking funny weddings.

Kara and Dani talking in HN room. Kara is afraid of going home if Frank comes down and anyone else goes up.

11:52am BBT Jojo called to DR again. Kara and Dani says this is probably it. Dan comes in hugs them both and tells them to concentrate on what they gotta do.

Dani tells Dan that Willie came up to her and said he hopes she isnt planing on throwing it. Also says that they all think that if one of them comes off the block she (Dani) will go up.

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12:05 PM BBT: FOTH

12:15 PM BBT: FOTH still. POV has either started or Ashley is being taken from the house... [The former is probably whats happening--Sheldon]

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11:50am BBT Brit and Willie talking in HOH WR. Brit says if you make it obvious that he throws the POV to Frank he is done. Willie says if its a puzzle they might as well say Willie is out.

Joe tells Kara she is the only one in the house he hasn't had a chance to talk to, to get to know. Dan pulls Kara aside and tells her to not show emotions, to put her tongue behind her teeth and push.

Brit tells Willie she is going to hang out with Shane more so that if they go after anyone its him not Wiliie.


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12:26 PM BBT: Feeds are back and the POV hasn't started. There is a group in the living room chit chatting about food. KAra is hungry but doesn't want to eat. Danielle Kara, Shane and Dan are the ones in the LR. They are talking about what colors they are wearing in the competition and what colors they look good in. I switched feeds to see Janelle and Frank playing chess (it's more interesting...) Janelle feels like Frank has her beat, but Frank sees a way out for her. They decide to put the game on pause because JoJO is in DR and POV is about to start.

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Feeds are back. Willie, Britney and Wil are in HOH room talking.

Down in the Living room, Daniele, Shane, Ian, Joe and Kara are small talking.

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12:33 BBT

Shane is talking about how he graduated in 2008, which was the worst time to graduate. He has to pay over $600 a month in student loan bills.

He doesn't even use his degree in his job.

Kara says that once she graduated HS she went straight to Disney where started working as cinderella. She later went on to start modeling.

Shane "Do you know how much $600 a month is in bills, when you only make $2,000 a month? I still have to pay for my mortgage"

[sorry I thought i was going to be able to update for a while! I will be back tonight around 12BBT to update! Have a great day updaters!]

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12:20BBT guess it wasnt POV comp. Feeds back and HG talking about eating or drinking foods and rainbow colors.

Brit asks Willie for fashion advice then says nm she will go ask Janelle. Brit changes her sandals. Shane spits out this big long word for a muscle and then has to explain it. Sternocleidomastoid-its in the neck.(yes I looked it up)

General chat, Jojo is still in DR.

12:38 BBT we have Trivia.

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1:11 PM BBT

Still WBRB Trivia [i'm assuming it's Veto Comp Time]

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1:37 PM BBT -- Nothing new - still Trivia.

2:00 PM BBT -- Trivia

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2:37BBT stil trivia

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2:42 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Shane is holding the POV. Willie, Britney and JoJo are in the HOH. Britney is saying that Janelle's team is going to try and get rid of Kara. Britney seems to want to get rid of Kara. Britney said that at the end of the day, Team Britney has the HOH and the POV. Brit says to give it a couple of days until they go to Frank. Janelle comes into the HOH and says that Boogie is pissed. He didnt say congratulations at all. Britney is saying that it was something about putting coins in a slot or something. They are rehashing the comp. Apparently Kara and Danielle were working together during the competition under Dan's coaching.

2:51 PM BBT: Joe comes into the HOH. Continuing to rehashing the competition and talking about how Team Boogie and Team Dan are working together. Janelle figures out that Ian was going in between Boogie and Dan's group sharing the strategies.

2:56 PM BBT: There is some Boogie Bashing going on in the HOH. Britney said that she cant believe that 'they' (Dan and Boogie) had 3 people against them in the POV. Willie said that they have done what they have to do, now they need to worry about the next HOH. Brit says that skill games are not Frank's thing. Janelle says it isn't Kara's either.

3:02 PM BBT: They are just rehashing the same stuff in the HOH.

Switching Feeds to Dan in the kitchen with Frank. Seems to be a somber mood, and then we get a brief FOTH. When we get back. Frank is fixing food and someone is doing dishes. No one is speaking. Dan and Frank start to speak about the competition a little. Apparently Frank got a face full of dish soap. Frank tells a passing Janelle that the SR has been restocked. Frank wishes that he didn't miss so many times.

[i'm going to take a few hours off. Have fun updaters!!]

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2:41 PM BBT - Feeds are back.

Brittany and Willie are talking to JoJo and Shane in the HOH room - wanting to make a deal with Frank but worried that Boogie will hold that against them. They don't want Janelle's team to know that they're wanting to keep Frank.

Brittany: Janelle's team is going to want us to get rid of Kara. For the next few days… we gotta act very wishy-washy, like it's a hard decision… We gotta be neutral. If we work on them, we can get 'em to evict Kara this week. We have HOH and Veto on this team and if that's what you guys want, then that's what needs to happen. We need to give it a couple days before we talk to Frank… it's almost a week, if we start talking our moves too quickly [it won't work]. We want to be in his [Frank's] ear right at the end.

2:45 PM BBT - Janelle comes into the HOH.

Brittany: no matter what - the veto can not be used.

Janelle: Boogie was so pissed

Meanwhile in the Bathroom, Frank is cleaning up, drying his hair, etc. Kara is taking a shower.

2:48 PM BBT - Brittany's team and Janelle are still talking about POV comp in the HOH room. Joe just came into the HOH room also. Conversation continues about POV.

2:52 PM BBT - It looks like Shane won POV. Brittany's plan is to not use it and vote out Kara.

Meanwhile in the Kitchen, Dan, Ashley, Frank and Wil are cooking / eating. Not much conversation. Jenn is sitting at the table.

2:55 PM BBT - Dan and Frank start discussing the veto and are confused about what happened. Boogie walks in - he said it seems like Frank won but then it turned out that Shane did.

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2:57 PM BBT - Janelle and Brittany's teams are still in HOH talking about POV.

Brittany: I don't think that skill is going to Frank's thing. He couldn't get that thing in the slot to save his life… literally… to save his Big Brother life.

Willie and Shane think that Kara was pretty competitive in the competition.

Brittany thinks Danielle must be an idiot b/c she let Dan talk her into not playing much in the competition.

Willie: Dan told me Danielle is his horse.

Brittany is mimicking Dan telling Danielle to give the POV to Kara or Frank so that they can come off and she can go up [This was said very sarcastically].

3:03 PM BBT - Willie tells JoJo that she did very well in the competition. Brittany and Janelle are still talking about Dan brainwashing Danielle.

Brittany: Here's what I don't understand… She [Danielle] was fueling people would WOULD use the veto. What an idiot Danielle is.

JoJo: She probably thinks whoever wins the veto puts up the replacement or something.

Brittany: Why would she do that?

Janelle left the room. [i think they want to see what the people downstairs are talking about.]

Brittany tells Shane to just tell the other side that he was wanting to save himself [by winning POV].

Joe: Yeah, cuz we have a long week ahead of us… that way they're calmer during the week.

Just Brittany's team is left in the HOH and they start talking real strategy again.

Brittany: Dan… Eagle Ears… is listening to everything we say… we can't be talking so loud.

Joe leaves to check on things downstairs.

Willie: they want Kara to stay because Kara does good in competitions… Frank knows that it is over… But Kara is not going to work for us… Frank is going to work for us.

Brittany: I think the strongest argument that we have for Kara going home is that it would kill Dan.

3:08 PM BBT - Jenn walks into the HOH and they ask if she can leave.

Brittany: She is soooo annoying.

Shane: I hope Frank didn't screw us and go along w/ what Boogie says.

Willie says that Janelle wants Kara to stay in and they can use that to tell Frank so that he stays loyal to them. Willie is going to tell Frank that he wanted to put Ian up and Boogie convinced him to put Frank up.

Brittany reminds them that they need to lay low for a few days and just act like Kara's going home.

3:10 PM BBT - Dan and Kara are whispering in the Blue Room. Kara's bummed that she didn't win but Dan assures her that she did well and almost won, so it's okay.

Dan: Clearly they had an advantage [because they're a man down] but you could've won it… it's just dumb luck.

Kara thinks Frank threw it.

Dan's trying to think of someone they can sway from the other side to give them numbers.

3:13 PM - BBT - Boogie, Jenn, and Frank are in the living room talking about POV.

Boogie seems annoyed that they lost, but he's telling Frank and Jenn to stay calm for the sake of the game. Boogie knows that Brittany and Janelle's teams are up in the HOH talking game and that seems to worry him that they're together.

Boogie: It's hard this first week… Willie needs to do what's best for him.

Boogie is going to tell Brittany that Dan'll have no chance if they get rid of one of his. [Kara].

Frank is frustrated that he lost the competition. Boogie says he thought Frank did pretty well actually.

3:17 PM BBT - Jenn calls Ian over.

Jenn: Who's in the game room?

Ian: I don't know. Should I find out?

Jenn: No

Frank: Who's in the bathroom?

Ian: I don't know.

Frank: Go check our room and see who's back there?

Jenn goes down the hallway to check the bedrooms. She comes back and whispers, "Kara".

Frank and Boogie are trying to figure out who's left and therefore up in the HOH. Jenn's trying to remember who she saw up there. Boogie is hoping that it's just Brittany's team.

Willie is called to DR. Boogie gets up to check around and see where everyone is.

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Feeds had Trivia from about 12:30 BBT to 2:45 BBT. When feeds came back on , Willie ,Brittany, Janelle ,Joe ,JoJo and Shane celebrate Shane's POV win in HOH. The rest of the house cleans up from comp and eats . Boogie,Dan ,Frank & Jenn are down and agree that Danielle could have done better in comp. The comp had something to do with coins and gewwy stuff. The storage was also restocked while POV was being played.

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3:20 PM BBT - Willie walks by the living room on the way to the DR. Jenn and Frank and Willie mention the storage room being restocked.

Jenn and Frank continue talking about the POV.

Meanwhile in the Blue Room - Dan and Kara are still whispering.

Kara says she feels like Janelle is against her. She feels a negative vibe coming from her.

The conversation switches more to future strategy.

Kara: So if I stay… next HOH competition… I really don't want to throw it.

Dan: right cuz we don't really have any power

Dan wants to put someone up from the other side as a pawn and then "accidentally" vote them out.

Kara thinks everyone would be stupid to get rid of Frank but that everyone wants him out so he'll probably go. Kara says she can't wait to compete in HOH.

Dan says Janelle's team really bothers him b/c they're trying to win everything.

3:25 PM BBT - Boogie is back in the living room with Jenn. Frank left. Someone is talking from the kitchen - Danielle and someone?

Jenn says she requested a vacuum yesterday but they don't have one yet. Boogie says you'd think they'd want them to clean - makes less work for the crew after the finale. Shane is walking around with a broom, cleaning up. Frank comes back to sit by Boogie. Not much strategy talk b/c people keep walking by. [The house seems to be on Indoor LD].

3:28 PM BBT - Ian joins his team in the living room briefly and then leaves again.

Boogie (about Wilie): He's kind of a leader. He's the David Karesh character right now.

Boogie keeps trying to talk strategy and Frank keeps bringing it back to him loosing the POV comp. Jenn isn't saying much.

Frank: If I get sent home… you gotta tell him what Willie promised me.

Boogie: Oh! Yeah! I got so much to say… probably at the POV [ceremony].

They realize that if it's a tie 4-4, Willie will break it. Frank gets up to talk to Joe [about his vote?].

Jenn tells Boogie that she tried to get good w/ the girls last night at Ladies' Night. Boogie tells her to be careful and not over-play it.

Jenn: Yeah yeah… I got the girl's liking me.

Frank came back - didn't get to talk to Joe apparently.

Boogie tells him to chill and remember that they have a whole week to work people for votes.

3:32 PM BBT - Willie comes into the LR and sits down. Conversation moves to general POV competition talk.

Meanwhile in the Blue Room - Dan and Kara are still whispering - nothing new to report, except that they seem a little worried about Danielle [Danielle's also on their team - not sure why they're worried - I missed that part].

Dan tells Kara not to be afraid to remind people that Frank's a threat and almost won the game. Kara feels like everyone's gunning for her.

Dan: Nah… I think Ian's next.

Dan thinks Willie and Shane are in an alliance. Kara agrees and says that Shane is smart. Dan thinks the other teams are being too obvious that they're working together.

3:37 PM BBT - Joe comes in and assures Kara that he's not gunning for her. He says he's heard rumors to that extent so wanted to reassure her. Joe says he's very loyal to Kara. Kara says she felt like Joe didn't like her so she's glad to know he's on her side.

Joe: Just found out from Brittany that he [boogie] demanded that I be put up.

Kara: Why does he want you up?

Joe: I don't know… We just talked… Wil and I… I think it would be a pivotal mistake to leave Frank in at this point.

Dan: Do you think other people think like you?

Joe: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. The only thing is… it's going to be a long week. You [Kara] need to stay social.

Kara: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe is upset that Boogie seems to be gunning for him. He trusts Willie because Willie did what he said [i think Joe's referring to who got nominated].

3:40 PM BBT - Shane walked in and hugged Kara. Joe continues reassuring Kara that he's on her side. Shane just sits down and listens.

3:41 PM BBT - Joe leaves. Shane asks Kara about what happened in the POV comp.

Meanwhile in the Lounge room - Janelle, Brittany, and Ashley are talking about someone hating someone. They leave as soon as I switch to that feed. Janelle talks about wanting a nap.

Joe and Danielle are in the kitchen. Janelle walks by and complains about being tired. Joe mentions wanting to be ready for the live feeds [do they not realize they're already on??]

3:43 PM BBT - Camera cuts to Storage Room - Brittany and Willie are in there talking strategy - they leave pretty quickly.

Camera cuts to Living Room -- Ian, Jen, Boogie, Frank, Brittany are sitting there. Still talking about POV comp.

Meanwhile in Blue Room - Dan, Kara, and Shane are talking about competition also. No strategy talk. Everyone is getting hungry.

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