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7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO Jenn, etc.) please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:01 BBT

Live Feeds don't seem to be up yet.

10:03 BBT

And we're live! Everyone seems to be in the kitchen.

[a girl i can't see] says: I was conceived in a trailer and they're hippies.

10:06 BBT: FOTH because Dan and someone else started talking about the producers.

Dan: I don't know… normally they give us a heads up.

And we're back. Seems like they're asking the producers for beer.

10:07 BBT: FOTH

10:08 BBT: We're back.

[Darn it] they started talking about DR. FOTH again.

10:09 BBT: We're back.

Janelle and Boogie are sitting to the side. Newbies are talking about wine and joking around.


Ian: kara and frank were nominated… ashley and danielle are have-nots

Ian left and Wil, JoJo, and Janelle came in.

JoJo: So what's going on guys?

Jan: I feel so bad about what's happening b/c Kara is so nice… I think she has a true anxiety about what's happening tomorrow.

Wil: the odds are in her favor.

Jan: You're going for the POV… Shane's going for the POV…. the only thing that can't happen is Frank winning the POV. That'd be worst case.

Wil: Don't you think that Frank is a bigger threat to us?

Jan: JoJo and I walked in on all of them… talking game… and like no one was talking… [not sure who "they" is]. I was talking to Dan and he was like… after the nomination ceremony… Boogie told them they have to come after our side of the house.

JoJo: Kara hasn't said anything to me… the only thing she is is a physical threat.

10:14 BBT

Kara comes into the Zebra Room.

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Janelle, Kara, JoJo, and Wil are talking about chocolate chip cookies.

Wil is explaining to them what carob is (a chocolate substitute).

Kara has to go to the DR.

JoJo: if you just eat gummy bears and nothing else… you will lose weight… for real!

Jan: I miss the old bird room…

Ashley is in there too - I didn't see her come in so not sure how long she's been in there.

10:18 BBT - HOH ROOM

Boogie, Willie, and Brittney

Brit: I guess I'm going to leave you two at it.

Boogie: Give us 10 minutes…. no secrets here…

Willie: See you soon.

Brittany leaves.

W: let's say… Frank stays in the game… what would you be wanting to do? what's your situation?

B: you mean next week? if one of them win HOH?

W: if your people win, which direction would you want to go?

B: If Jeff is still here… I'd go with him? Or maybe… another one there… to ensure that he went. I like him… I like everybody…

W: I'm not going to say anything that you tell me… it's going to benefit me if I can trust you…

B: Absolutely.

W: I wouldn't try to get Frank out before Ian… Frank's your horse.

B: As soon as he sits on the block, he's going to vote himself out. That's whey I didn't pick him. All those chef's are temperamental. He woke me up last night to complain that his key was last in the box…

Boogie's plan seems to be to make a move and then chill for awhile. Willie agrees. B wants Frank and Jenn to go far. A female voice comes to the door and Willie asks if she can come back later.

B: Obvsiously I'm known as a… liar… why would I burn that bridge w/ you?

W: Yes, that's my point…

B: Cuz you'er going to be here for awhile…

W: I don't want it to get to where… I'm the brunt of a joke.

W: I know who your horse is in this race. I'm telling you… I'm going to do everything in my power to keep him safe.

B: How would you feel w/ the power of veto… are you motivated to win? What if it's you, him, and Kara, you know what I mean?

W: the only way I'd drop out if it was me and him at the end… also… I just put his ass up. [i think they're still talking about Frank].

10:26 BBT: FOTH

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[Hi guys and gals - I just spoke with Morty and his internet is down. They expect it to be back up by 5 am his time (EST). He will update the main BB Update page as soon as he is able to and says he greatly appreciates all of you who can provide updates between now and then. He is unable to view feeds or write any updates until his internet is restored, so he's counting on the LFU's 100% right now. Thanks so much!!!]

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10:27 BBT

Kara, Janelle, and Brittany are in the BLUE ROOM. They're talking about wine and seeing the producers walking between the walls.

Brittany left. JoJo is there now - asking Janelle about Boogie and Will. [i think she means Dr. Will]

Jan: I wish you would've watched it before [talking about BB All Stars]

Frank walks in asking for oatmeal cookies. Someone gets called to DR.

Jan says Ashley is on pain killers for back spasms.

Brittany: I brought some! [back meds]


Wil is playing some sort of throwing game with Danielle. Frank runs and gets the ball for them.

Dan is in the living room trying to catch the balls Wil and Danielle throw

Shane and Jo are watching


Boogie talking to Frank about morale

F: Shane came and talked to me today that 1 - he wants to work w/ me and 2 - if he wins, he's heavily contemplating taking me off

B: I think they're going to try to win…

Frank thinks they're trying to psych him out so he won't try hard in the POV challenge.

10:35 BBT - FOTH


Boogie complained about someone waking him up last night - still talking to Frank.

F: I was shocked about the Shane conversation.

B: I said: I assume shane will do whatever you want and he said "Kara"

Frank wonders if later on, the coaches might be able to trade players. Or at least that's what he told Shane. Boogie seems excited by Frank working Shane like this.

Brittany pokes her head in and Boogie says they're just scheming but they'll leave in 1 minute so "something can happen" [probably talking about wine arriving].

F: Shane knows that if I'm out, he's the next biggest target.

B: Yes. Work that! Just keep doing what you're doing… I feel good about this…

B&F leave the STORAGE ROOM

Throwing game is done in the kitchen. Frank asks Boogie if he wants to play. B says he doesn't know how. B leaves to go to the bathroom.


JoJo standing and watching. Someone is complaining about the hard bed.

JoJo: I thought this was going to be the have-not room.

JoJo and Janelle and Kara are in the BLUE ROOM - they're talking about a girl they don't like. [not sure who yet].

Willie called to the DR.

JoJo: We'll find out what happens tomorrow.

Janelle is telling them about things that happened to her on BB All Stars.

10:44 BBT - LOUNGE

Ian and Dan playing chess. Boogie watching

10:45 BBT - ZEBRA RM

Ashley and Brittany are talking about how weird it is in the BB house. Ashley starts talking about her mom and we get FOTH for a second. Frank comes in. Everyone is talking about once.

Joe was in the corner - he and Frank left and Brit called them snoops.

Joe popped in and told them about wine.

Brit is comforting Ashley who seems very homesick. Ian comes in and asks if A is doing all right. They all decide to leave and go hang out with everyone.


Everyone is downing beer. Janelle is counting off people [for a game?]. Kara suggests that Wil could be a girl and be on their side. Janelle asks him which side he wants to be on. He said "Guys".

Oh I think the girls are talking the guys into giving them their drinks tonight and they'll give them theirs tomorrow.

10:52 BBT

Wil is heading upstairs. The girls are following him w/ their wine and beer. Wil doesn't want to drink w/ them but they are ganging up on him. Too many girl voices and the camera isn't following…

Janelle, Kara, Ashley, and JoJo came into the room. Brittany was already in there. They're wondering why Wil doesn't want to join them. Jenn walks in.

JoJo: He doesn't want to be the only guy up here drinking w/ us.

Jenn: I think he feels bad about something… I think he's just in a little bit of a funk today.

Kara: I think Danielle feels left out too.

Jenn: She's on her period.


Wil: I love alcohol, I just don't want to be around when they're drinking.

Ian, Shane, Wil, Boogie, Frank, and a teddy bear are sitting at the kitchen table talking about not drinking and how weird it is to not be drinking when other people around you are. Wil keeps flipping his hair.

The girls scream from upstairs. Wil yells at them to shut up.

W: Can it, Queens! You can do anything you want, but don't f--- with my alcohol!

Shane: Wil's going to be the first one to snap! Live feed!

They all start talking about what types of beer they hope the producers give them tomorrow and we get FOTH briefly.

Wil to Dan: You're good… you go spy on them [the girls].

Dan: I'm not good!

Someone is daring someone to run naked upstairs through the girl's room. All the guys are laughing and sitting around the table generally chit-chatting about beers and girls.

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11:03 BBT - HOH ROOM

Brittany talking about someone being a grandpa b/c their daughter is having a baby. We get FOTH.


Too many voices. Camera is on Boogie. Looks like Danielle joined the guys.

11:04 BBT - HOH ROOM

JoJo: A 34-year-old grandfather!!? He should really try for the guiness book of records!

Brit: You should hear Willie tell the story. He's freakin' hilarious.

[i'm still not sure who they're talking about] It seems to be someone who JoJo kind of wants to have a showman with

Jan and Brit in the HOH Bathroom - wondering why Wil is so upset. They go back into the HOH Room and JoJo is talking about showman's.

Brit: I could never go toe-to-toe w/ Janelle on this alcohol thing.

They're all talking about their weight. Brittany weighs 99 pounds.

Janelle starts explaining the rules to the game "Never Have I Ever" drinking game.

Ian comes in but they keep playing.

Janelle: Never have I ever had sex on the first date.

Kara: My family's watching! I'm just not ever going to drink.

Ian's a virgin. Jenn comes out as a lesbian. She talks about when she came out to her parents. They all toast her and cheer.

Ian: Should I really be here for this?

Jenn: Hey you walked in on ladies night!

Ian leaves and the game continues. Kara and Ashley are talking and it's hard to hear the game.

11:13 BBT - Willie walks in and everyone cheers and greets him.

JoJo: I said if I had to pick… I think Willie would be the only one who could handle me… that's it…

[i think he must've been who they were talking about earlier - does that mean Willie is a grandpa??]

Janelle mentions Sequester and we get FOTH.

11:16 BBT - HOH ROOM

Brit and Willie talking

B: dan says we're going to work together

W: Bullsh--

B: so tell me what you want to do - this is your HOH - all i want to do is get you further in the game

W: yeah.

B: So what was the conversation [with boogie]

W: he said he has no reason to gun for me next week

B: does Boogie realize you don't have a vote next week? you can't protect Frank. i think Boogie is really dangerous - he's pitting everyone in the house against each other.

W: Frank said he is not concerned about Boogie

B: that's a problem. We want him to be concerned about Boogie - he's been doing his dirty work all day… You gotta think long term… I'm trying to get you to see both sides… whoever wins the veto - the other one goes home.

W: Why would he get rid of me who could protect his best guy [Frank]?

B: Because he has no loyalty to you - you're forgetting that you put him [Frank] up. I'm with you 100%. I'm just trying to help you see both sides.

Willie mentions getting out Wil. Brittany says it'll have to be in a few weeks but that Wil could potentially win the game so they do need to get him out pretty soon.

B: Frank is totally brainwashed by Boogie. If you sat in the final two with Frank… who do you think would win?

Brittany keeps telling him not to trust Frank b/c he's just doing Boogie's dirty work.


Danielle and Dan are talking about exorcisms and the Catholic faith. She says her dad was possessed - he would drink a lot and get really mean and make her drink when she was four. She said his eyes would change color. She would sing "Jesus Loves Me" and cry in her room.

She said her dad got really scary but that she wasn't scared because she knew someone was with her. One day her dad woke up when Danielle was about 12 and said they're going to church and instantly he's been changed. Now Danielle doesn't drink hardly at all because of living through that for years.

Kara came in and is listening to Danielle tell her story, too.

11:28 BBT - FOTH really briefly

11:31 BBT - Danielle still talking about her dad and how he's been mean to her recently. She says she loves her dad but gets really angry easily.

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11:53 BBT

Wil, Janni, Brit are in Storage talking.

Jani: I love Frank, but he has to go.

B: I know, He is not on our side, so he has to go


Britney realizes how much food they have already been through, and discussion turns to how they will probably starve this week.

Wil: I would like to save Daniele as long as I can because If i have to go up on the block against her, I'm going to stay

General consensus of the house is that IAN and Daniele are all annoying everybody in the house.

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Jani "We may not all get along with each other at times, But we have to all stick together!"

Brit" Ian has been annoying everybody all week, but now that the feeds are on, he is acting like an average joe and trying to make everybody get along with him."


Wil and Brit are telling Kara that she has to try for that veto.

Wil and Kara talking now

K: I have to go up against Frank! If I go up against Jenn I am going home.

Wil: I dont think he would ever put up joe

K: I can't let him(willie) talk to Frank. Im scared that if frank wins he will pull himself off.

Wil: Never leave willie's side. Stay next to him all day long.

**Frank and Kara are the two nominees. Veto comp seems to be going on tomorrow.**


Wil:I dont think anybody can beat him in a physical competetion. He is a threat against everybody.

K: I worry about Willie. He seems like he just would flip flop alot. I can't trust him

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1:00 BBT

Jani, Wil, and Joe in SR discussing their strategy for getting Frank out and keeping Kara.

Jani is livid at Boogie for spending the last two days in the HOH room in Willie's ear about saving Frank.

Jani tells Wil he has to win POV tomorrow, in order to keep the nominations the same so that Frank goes home.

She then tells Joe and Wil to keep quiet and to themselves and she'll work on Willie to get him to stop trying to save Frank, because it's a terrible idea to send Kara home.

SHe promises Wil and Joe she will undo the work Boogie has done and get Frank out of there.

Britney joins them ten minutes later and they discuss how they will get Willie alone to discuss strategy before the veto competition.

1:08 BBT

Danielle goes up to talk to Willie after Jani/Britney/Wil/Joe go up and they turn the light off and hide while he goes to get rid of her, but she doesn't take the hint. She goes in the room and Ashley, who is laid up in the hoh bed because of back pain wakes up. They try to help her up, but she can barely move so they put her back in the bed, which is followed by WBRB.

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4:04AM BBT

Janelle and Britney talking.

Britney: We can't help that Dan picked the worst draft ever. I would love to sit down and talk with Dan after this all is over and find out what he was thinking. If he was thinking like a normal person with a brain he would have taken some of our picks and then we wouldn't have them.

Britney is saying that Danielle is really really emotional and she's not even on the block.

Janelle: What was Dan thinking picking her second?

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4:26AM BBT

Britney and Janelle in HOH bed, just turned off the lights. General chit chat about working out, about what their husbands are doing, their wedding dresses.

Everyone else is sleeping.

Edited to add: Maybe it's not the HOH bed... Not sure where they are.

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7:14 AM BBT

WBRB - Maybe wake up music, because when feeds come back some of the HG are tossing and turning. Willie gets up out of bed.

7:25 AM BBT

Definitely not wake up music, everyone is still snoozing away. Except Willie, he's in the storage room getting something out of the fridge. Back up to to HOH he goes. Looks like he got an ice pack for Ashley, who was sleeping in his bed. He climbs back in bed. Asks Ashley how her back is and she responds that it's better.

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7:20 AM BBT

Willie up and in SR.

One of the blondes (I think it's Ashley) is rubbing ointment on her behind and back.

Ian asleep in his cocoon.

Janelle and Britney snug as bugs together with Wil all cozied up.

(I don't think there's been a wake up call yet)

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7:28 AM BBT

"Somebody in America just got pissed on" laughs Willie

He asks Ashely how her back is, she says it's better and rubs her butt. Willie has to compete today he says as he snuggles back in. (He's climbed back in bed in the HOH).

We can now see Jenn sleeping still as well.

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7:49 AM BBT

JoJo doing dishes after her Frosted Flakes. She lets us know that she gets about 3 hours of sleep a night and that's it. Willie comes down the stairs and is talking to her. He can't get any sleep but it doesn't matter because "I can't do anything right anyways." He's now in SR with Shane. General morning chat.

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7:53 AM BBT

"This sucks, I feel like I'm fricking 50." Shane says as he hobbles along. JoJo painting her nails at the Kitchen counter. General chatter about how they didn't sleep well, who stayed up late (Britney and Wil). Some story Boogie (?) told was gross and caused JoJo to look at him totally different. "It's like he's a fake - just smile to his face" "It's part of the game" says Shane.

[Danielle must mean "she who whispers" in some language or another]

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8:01 AM BBT

Shane surmises that the POV comp will be played early and that they won't get outside much today. He and JoJo talk about how he just has to win the comp and what the challenge might be - perhaps the pinjatas etc. JoJo is hosting the POV.

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8:03 AM BBT

Boogie and Jenn up now as well in KT. Boogie heads into blue room (make up/getting ready area) to adjust mic and smirk into the mirror as he waits for the WC. Jenn comes out wearing her sunglasses and a hat "Shout to Brooklyn!" she tells us and heads into the KT. "Only you." says JJ when she sees her get up. Jenn heads back into room, takes off glasses and heads back to bed.

Shane and JoJo whispering can't hear them something about rolling your back on it.

8:08 AM BBT

They are on IDL and JoJo tells Boogie not to talk about the yard, it will make her want a cigarette. She loves the idea of going outside in the yard in the morning and how pretty it will be. Boogie makes coffee.

[i'll be back later this afternoon! Missed you all!]

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7:50am Willie is up, goes to SR where Shane is changing batteries. JoJo tells Shane she is creeped out sleeping next to Boggie. She just wants to slap him.

JoJo will be hosting the POV comp today. She and Shane say it will be about noon. Shane is all sore and stiff from sleeping on the HN bed.

8:05am Other HG starting to move around. Boogie and Jenn use WC, Jenn heads back to bed. Boogie makes coffee.

8:15 Boogie wants to paint Ted #1 on the back of Teds (his bear from the HOH comp) shirt. JoJo offers liquid eye liner. They talk about what to use and what else could be put on it.

WBRB hmmm wake up call? yup feeds back and HG doing ADL. Some asks if Ashley ever made it downstairs and we get FOTH

8:35am Ashley makes her way downstairs, she is still groogy. She wants to talk to DR, she is worried she will be evicted for sleeping upstairs. HG tell her 'they' said it was ok. Fabio lends his arm to help her walk. HG comment on how Ashleys pic looks like Ashley Olson. Compare a few other pics to stars.

This am we find out that Shane has a knot in the muscle of his leg, Jojo has star tats on the back of her arms. Jenn is a blanket hog and HG have colored aluminum drinking bottles.

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