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  1. (if you are on, Kekila, I will head out for a bit)
  2. 11:45 BBT Making fun of Elena and how she talked. Talking about fans, and what they will say after the show. Josh got cold, went and got a hoodie. Now talking about Raven, and how whatever they were talking about, she always chimed in and was an expert. Titanic... Now making fun of her having an inverted spine, is that really a thing? They don't think so. Then her knee issue, and her being an olympic athlete, but didn't know anything about it. Now says she couldn't eat beef, but she ate jerky and burgers. Paul said only the burgers someone else made. Said she started making candied bacon, and messed that up. Paul said she only started making it after someone else did first.
  3. 11:43 BBT Josh and Paul discussing possible questions. Josh said he wasn't looking for a showmance. He said he is a player, he is goofy and funny, but not looking for a showmance. They call him out on it. Paul said, who, Elena? They ask if she said she was interested, he would have turned her down? He said yes, he wasn't going to bone or kiss her on national TV.. Paul said if she jumped on him naked, Josh would be filming a porno right there in the house.
  4. 11:35 BBT Josh complaining that Paul never cleans. Paul said it is because he cooks his food. Paul claims he only has one bowl and one cup. Josh calls him out on that. Christmas is washing up some dishes while Josh and Paul sit at the counter, chatting. Paul and Josh eating bananas, using the F word, Paul flips off Josh, they are just joking around. Saying Josh will be gone 98 days, not 100 days. Christmas said she got picked up late. Josh said he was picked up on Tuesday, early in the morning. He is trying to justify 100 days. Josh asks what is he making for breakfast, can he make an egg white omelet. Christmas said it is an egg white scramble, as there is nothing in the house for an omelet. Paul said a little later, since they just had a banana. Paul complaining about being bored while they compete today. Paul said it will be one by one, Josh wants everyone out there together. He said it will take too long. (There are only 2) Paul wants to go to the DR, sort of singing what he wants to discuss. Josh is chiming in.
  5. 11:32 BBT Christmas is making coffee, Josh comes in and gives her a hug and asks how she slept. She said fine. Paul comes into the KT, says 3 days and a wake up, then asks if there is any old coffee left. Then he said, oh, down the drain. Josh gets called out for singing again. Paul heads to SR while Christmas continues to make fresh coffee.
  6. 11:29 BBT Christmas is brushing her teeth in the WA, Josh finally gets up. He makes a face at the camera as it moves on him and asks why. Paul comes into the RBR and asks if he is ready. Josh leaves as Paul puts on a hoodie and starts hand grooming his beard. Christmas done brushing her teeth, heads into the KT.
  7. 11:22 BBT "wakey wakey house guest" "Please turn the lights on in the bedroom" Christmas says okay, turns it on, goes back to bed. "There are fresh batteries in the storage room" "What do you not understand about please? WAKE UP" Christmas and Paul get up. Christmas leaves the room, BB says JOSH....Josh... He says, yeah, yeah. Please stop singing. Paul said he needs to be called to the DR (not sure if Paul wants to go, or if that will get Josh out of bed). Christmas looks at the memory wall while on her way to the WA/WC. Paul is up looking for something to wear. Josh still in bed, says Paul is horny. BB "Josh, rise and shine". Josh said good morning Big Brother. Paul goes to get fresh battery. Josh is still laying down, looks like he is reading a small new testament. Paul sees Christmas on his way to the WC, asks what time it is, she tells him 11:30. BB" Josh, there are fresh batteries in the SR" BB "Josh, please change your batteries" Josh says okay, but doesn't get up.
  8. 11:16 BBT "Good morning house guests, it is time to get up for the day." "Wakey Wakey houseguests." " Good morning house guests, it is time to get up for the day. " "Please turn the lights on in the bedrooms." (All in succession) No one moved. A couple of people rolled over, but that is the most movement, no one got up.
  9. 10:55 BBT House guests are still in bed with the lights off. (They got up yesterday a little before 2:00PM, and when I went back at 8:30 they were all in bed! BBAD had them all in bed, and at 10:30 Paul turned off the lights. So much for the lights must be on and house guests not napping between 10AM and 10PM. )
  10. 2:01 BBt Christmas is asking for Swiffer pads so she can mop the floor. She said this is not how she was expecting the day to start off like. Josh is doing dishes, Christmas is mopping hte floor with towels, Paul said he couldn't find the Swiffer pads. (gotta run thanks for jumping on Kitten_200)
  11. 1:55 BBT Paul comes out of WC, washes his hands then goes into the KT where Christmas and Josh are. Paul asks what time it really is. Josh said he was right, it is 1:55. Paul said he doesn't care what he eats, he is going to get fat. Wants to eat a bowl of cereal. Christmas tries to talk him out of it, saying he will be bloated all day and feel terrible. She wants them to clean the kt before they start cooking. Josh tells Paul to come help clean. Paul goes to RBR, Christmas makes coffee. General chit chat in the KT while they clean and cook eggs. Christmas still trying to talk Paul out of it. Christmas spilled the milk. Josh said now the house will smell like spoiled milk. She said she is trying to save Paul's diet (so he can't have cereal). Lots of bad food they are throwing away. Paul asks what Josh is throwing away, he says everything. Paul upset he can't have a small bowl of cereal. Christmas is using towels to clean up the milk. Josh still complaining it will stink. Christmas says no, she is cleaning it up, not like Matt and Raven.
  12. 1:48. Paul is getting up, but the lights are still off. Josh discussing what will happen when he gets out, and how strange it will be. Josh said he will text people every morning...good morning sunshine. He said they better answer him. Discussing what time they usually get up, and daily routines. Lights are now on! Christmas was looking for things, but some are still packed. She said her glasses were in the bathroom, that is a world away. Josh offers her his bandana. Complaining about how bright the lights are. 1:51 BBT Paul changed out his batteries, Christmas and Josh come in to change theirs and Josh is looking for food. Christmas tangles her mic, has Josh fix it for her. Paul to WC. Josh and Christmas hug.
  13. 1:41 BBT Josh is back, said he requested the champagne. Christmas asked if it is really still that late. Paul said the day is almost over, he gets to go to bed in 8 hours. Josh complaining it is cold in the house. BB says to rise and shine house guests, the bedroom lights much stay on during the day, and there are fresh batteries in the SR. Josh says he was up for 40 minutes last night. (first comp). They said no way. He said that is what they told him (DR). BB tells Josh to not discuss his DR sessions with other HGs. He says there are only 3 left so.... BB said thanks. Christmas asks what they are going to do today. Silence. She said nobody watched Pinky and the Brain? Christmas suggests they go to Asheville, NC when they get out. It is really neat. They agree they need to go. Paul asks if it is really cold in the house. Josh said yes.
  14. 1:37 BBT Though lights are still off, Christmas is talking about a dream she had. She said she was in a coffee shop right after the show, and someone asked for her number. She said she didn't even have her phone yet! Josh said he is hungry, they need breakfast. He said it is around 2:00. Christmas said no, it can't be. She thinks it is about 11:00. Josh wants Champagne, going to DR to see if he can hae them get them some. As Josh leaves, Paul said he is such an interesting Cuban. Paul and Christmas still in bed, lights off. FoTH
  15. 1:33 BBT Feeds are back, BR is still dark and everyone in bed.