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  1. 11:44 am BBT Feeds are back. All feeds on Scottie stirring a protein shake. Tyler gives him a hug, Scottie said he tried. Angela in the KT looking for something. Kaycee and Haleigh come in. Scottie asks Kaycee if he told her last night he was putting her up, she said no. Looks like Brett came down and Kaycee went up.
  2. 10:44 am BBT Feeds are now showing reruns. Must be time for the Veto ceremony!
  3. 10:29 am BBT Kaycee is done getting dressed, and Haleigh again says she needs to get dressed. Haleigh says her 7 shorts don't fit anymore, and she only has one other pair. Haleigh goes to get dressed, as Brett is called to the DR (Veto ceremony?) He and Scottie get up, they had been sleeping. Brett gets some clothes to wear, while Haleigh is trying to find clothes before the ceremony. Kaycee goes to the WA, Tyler is in there. Tyler asks if it is game time, Kaycee said probably. Sings It is game time! Scottie comes in, goes into the WC. Brett comes in, asks if anyone is in there, Tyler sys yes. Tyler asks if he got called in, he said yes. Brett wants to know what he has to do, Tyler explaining about putting the Veto on, staring at the memory wall.... Tyler isn't sure what they do since Brett is on the block. All 4 feeds switch to Haleigh getting ready in the PBR. Angela asks where her coffee is, and she leaves. Scottie comes in to find something to wear. He asks Haleigh if she wants some tea. They talk about going to the "shade" room. Scottie gets dressed without removing his mic, so we get a lot of noise. Haleigh asks if he thinks "it" will work, can't hear his response. Haleigh says it looks like they are going to the beach. Tyler getting dressed in the BBR. Haleigh goes into the LR, says hi to Scottie, and he gives her a hug. She asks what his speech is, he mouths the words, can't hear. Scottie then goes into the BBR and asks Tyler if he has the votes if Sam goes up. Tyler deflects, and said she told him she is ready to play the game. Scottie whispers about his speech, and what he has had to say. Brett comes in, asks if JC is up,no one knows for sure where he is. Brett gets called to the DR again. Sam said she hasn't even brushed her teeth, and they will be locked down. Scottie gets called out to put on his mic.
  4. 10:18 am BBT Tyler is talking about sleeping in the big saucer. He said every time JC moved it woke him up because he groans. He said if JC got up, he would wake him, especially to get batteries. Haleigh comments about Angela gaining weight in her booty, she said that isn't a bad thing. Angela said if she has to gain weight, it is ok that it is in her ass. She goes inside and says good morning to her angels. Fessy is in the HOH room watching the TV (not socializing...another case of HOHitits). He is eating a banana. Angela and Kaycee go to the BBR to find clothes to wear. Haleigh joins them and climbs in bed. Kaycee said should she be a peanut orwear her unitard today. Angela still trying to decide what to wear. Haleigh said she hopes Angela knows she meant that as a compliment (her butt gaining weight). Can't hear the response. Kaycee still trying to decide what to wear, and which bandana. Angela gets into bed to change underwear, then gets up to put on some shorts. Haleigh asks what brand are they, Angela says cheap. Kaycee laughs at that. Angela complains about how tight they are, and does her butt hang out. Kaycee asks if her butt is showing (her shorts are to her knees). They said almost, but that is just the right amount. Angela puts a shirt around her waist, and tells the girls they have to be on nip patrol today. She is upset her clothes don't fit anymore. Angela asks for a bandana. Haleigh wants to know what to wear. While Angela and Kaycee discuss bandanas, Haleigh again says she needs to find something to wear.
  5. 10:10 am BBT Tyler is in the BY, trying to get something, (a bug?) with a towel. They are cheering him on. Kaycee says it is August 20, time has really flown. They are trying to decide if it is day 62 or 63. They settle on 62. Sam went inside to make more coffee. Tyler is over with Kaycee at the pool table. Kaycee keeps singing Monday Monday by the Mamas and Papas, but doesn't get called out for it. They comment when the sun pops out. Haleigh is talking to Angela about the "gremlin" took her comforter. She said Brett covered her up. Angela offered for Haleigh to sleep with her if she wants to. BB asked for the awnings to be put up, since the sun came out. As Tyler and Kaycee put up the awnings on one side, they talk in code about the noms. They say if Sam goes up, she will probably stop playing again. They don't know if Hand F will do that. They say they need a plan in case there is a DE. Kaycee swings her cue stick at a large beetle, and we can hear it smack it. She feels bad because she hit it, but didn't kill it. She didn't want it hurt. They say it is a good thing Sam wasn't out there.
  6. 10:02 am BBT Sam says she is in the "slop slump". Angela offered to make slop cookies after the ceremony. Sam thanks her. Sam said she might attempt the granola bar thing. JC and Tyler comes to the door. They think it might rain today. JC is talking, but doesn's have his mic on. BB tells him twice to put it on. Sam complains about the handful of vitamins she has to take, calling them big o horse pills. All 4 feeds switch to Tyler in the KT. As JC comes in, Fessy up in HOH is talking to them over the video screen. He is telling them to exercise. He plays some of his music. Feeds cut to Angela and Sam talking about hoping it will rain. Haleigh has joined them. Angela loves a good thunderstorm, they discuss the smell right before it rains. Sam is talking about how going to the beach is a rare vacation, whereas Angela lives there. Feeds go to Fessy in the KT telling Tyler he slept all night with the lights on. He got up, turned them off, and as soon as he crawled back in bed, the wake up music started.
  7. 9:57 am BBT Angela asks how Sam slept in the Have Not room (Sam, Tyler and JC are Have-nots this week). Sam said she was comfortable in her saucer. She hopes JC was ok, she made his as comfortable as possible. Tyler slept in the big saucer. Angela tells of a dream that she was skydiving. Sam said she had a nightmare, but she doesn't remember it, which is probably just as well. Sam asks what happens today, the Veto ceremony? She said is that today or tomorrow. Angela said it should be today (after 2 month she should know IMHO)
  8. 9:54 am BBT Angela and Haleigh are in the WA doing ADLs As Haleigh goes into the WC, Angela goes to the KT. She heads outside, feeds go PBR and sleeping HG's. Angela and Sam just chatting. Sam asks if they get a fall her, Angela said no, it gets cold in the winter (in the 50's) She said it is cold, you can't wear a dress. Sam talks about summers in western Virginia.
  9. 9:50 am BBT Kaycee is up and in the BY. She has her cup of coffee. She talks out loud, that she is probably going up on the block today. She says she might as well start off her day with a game of pool. Sam comes out, can't hear her. Kaycee said she likes the different type of weather. It appears cloudy. Kaycee is giving a running commentary on her pool game, as Sam sits on the couches and has her coffee and cigarette.
  10. 9:30 am BBT We have WBRB, maybe wake up music?
  11. 7:52 am BBT All feeds on sleeping HG's. In HOHR, Fessy is alone in his bed, lights are on, and the picture of his family is on the bed. He is sleeping.
  12. 12:05 pm BBT Still on old reruns. Since Julie said it is Zingbot this week, maybe he is there zinging them!
  13. 1:48 pm BBT All feeds are on the BBR. JC can be heard off camera. Sam is doing something to her bed, Earlier she told Brett she was going to decorate it. Tyler is in the next bed, still face down, and Anglea is in the next bed , covered by the neon green blanket. Scottie was talking to himself, and got called to the DR (Guess not time for noms yet).