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  1. 7:58 AM BBT Ari finishes whatever she fixed, and is washing up her pan . Now we get FoTH (Maybe wake up call?) Feeds are back, Ari takes her food upstairs to HOH BR, Lights are still off, even in HOH. Brandi is in the HOH bed, says good morning to Ari, asked what time it was, then rolled over to sleep some more. Ari goes in the HOH bathroom. Looks like she is going to get ready for the day.
  2. 7:40 AM BBT Feeds are back, still showing dark BR's Mark is slowly up, putting on his robe and slippers. moving things around on a shelf and taking off his sleep mask. He put his jacket on over his robe, and is gathering and moving things. 7:43 AM BBt Mark is finally ready, and leaves the BR and is in the WA.Goes to WC. No one else is up yet.Mark is out of the WC, rubs is eyes, takes off his jacket, rubs his eyes again, gets a hand towel, and turns on the water for it to warm up. He splashes water on his face, then turns off the water (still hasn't washed his hands). He runs his hands through his hair, returns the towel, gets another towel, and brushes his teeth. Ari is up and in the KT Mark is finally done with his hair, and walks through the KT. Ari says good morning, and asks if they woke him up. He doesn't have on his mic, not sure his response. Feeds are on Ari cooking something in the KT, the others on sleeping HG
  3. 7:33 AM BBT All four feeds on sleeping HG's WBRB music is on. Waking them up early?
  4. 1:36 PM BBT James and Ross are talking in the bedroom while Metta, Omarosa and Mark are eating in the KT. James said that when they get to final 5 in their group, he will be the first one out. Ross said things change, so not necessarily. Talking about someone lying, and it messes up your game before you even know what happened. James and Ross go into the KT, everyone getting something to eat.
  5. 1:31 PM BBT Feeds are back. Ross and Marissa are talking They said Shannon is upset, and will be doing nothing but dropping bombs on their games. They plan on voting Shannon nout. They go to talk with Brandi and Ari. Ari said James can't vote, they said yes, he can now (must have pulled himself down). Ross said she (Shannon) was ragging on Metta because he offered to go up, and go home. Not sure who went up in James place. Ross is hugging Ari and telling her to be strong. He is there for her. Counting votes, and Shannon is going home. Ari is offering her snacks, celery, carrots, blueberries, fresh apples and strawberries.
  6. 12:46PM BBT Feeds are on the adoption animals, so it must be a long break.
  7. 2:18 PM BBT Update Not much going on FoTH a lot. The HG's got the vacuum and are cleaning, Brandi is dyeing her roots, Ari was helping Omarosa with her makeup, and Omarosa packed. James still complaining about Brandi, he finished working out. Mark finished working out and took a shower, Metta was going to the gym for a while. Metta is eating clean for he day. No one knows what the comps will be, not sure what to wear. Marissa was explaining the rules, as someone (Omarosa maybe) thought the audience voted. Now more FoTH
  8. Keeps going to FoTH. Marissa was trying to explain Fast Forward but sounded more like double eviction. (gotta go for now)
  9. 12:58 PM BBT People talking over people. Hard to tell who is talking. They are trying to decide what the POV might be, as well as the next HOH. Mark said something about taking one for the team. Ross said they thought they would have time to talk after the POV, but he doesn't think so, so they need to decide what they are going to do. Mark said something about taking one for the team, but not sure how. Now stating that Keisha will try to split the vote to mix things up. Current decision is : if both stay up, they will send home Keisha. If one comes down, Mark will go up, and they will vote out the other. (I think) FoTH again
  10. 12:53PM BBT Feeds are back Omrosa is working on her hair. Large group in BR talking. Marissa, James, Shannon, Mark and Brandi, maybe more. They are discussing who to get out, why, and the issues going on. Same stuff, new hour. Ross is explaining that people that vote what is best for them (pointed to James and Shannon) and not his target, they will not get his vote in the end. James mentioned a threat, Ross corrected and said he was just stating a fact. He is speaking very calmly. FoTH
  11. 12:45 PM BBT Marissa takes Mark into the bedroom to show him that Omarosa unpacked everything. They don't know why she thinks she is safe. Mark said so long as one goes this time, and the other one next time, he doesn't care how goes first. Ari was in there too. Marrisa said she and Ross are targets because they play together. Mark said he will go up, Marisssa said no, they will break up pairs and he is a solo. Mark says that Keisha is very smart, and will break people up, then no one will know what is going on. They all leave the BR as FoTH come back.
  12. 12:37 PM BBT Shannon said she cant even talk to Omarosa, people get so paranoid. Shannon said she was in the WA and Omarosa was talking about traveling. Shannon was saying in her head that she can't talk!!! Marissa said something about Omarosa coming after Ross. FoTH