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    I welcome newbies. No need to ask permission, just post your update as a reply to the last post. Let us know what's going on it the BB house, and if it's juicy, let us know where and when you heard it, that way we can go back and watch it on the feeds!
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Big Brother "Over The Top" Archive

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  1. Big Brother OTT Update Page on Morty's TV   (1,324 visits to this link)

    Click Here for the Big Brother OTT Update Page.

  2. Big Brother "Over The Top" Discussion

    forums_bbott.jpgHere is where you can talk about your favorite houseguests and everything that is going on inside the Big Brother house. Big Brother Over the Top is On! 

  3. BBOTT Live Feed Updates

    forumlivefeed.jpgCatch up or report on the daily events in the Big Brother House. Please do not post comments in this forum, they will be deleted. Comments are welcome in the Discussion forum. (We reserve the right to use your post on our site without crediting you as the source.)

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