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Thursday, December 1, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Finale!


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5:00 PM BBT We have a final recap of the final 4 and see the competition between Justin and Morgan and Justin being sent home. Now, after a season of fun, cheers, tears, and confrontations, it all comes down to this. Only one will win the quarter of a million dollars. Who did America choose to win, Jason, Kryssie, or Morgan? Find out right now on Big Brother: Over the Top.


5:06 PM BBT Good evening! I’m Julie Chen! Welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother: Over the Top. 65 days ago we embarked on a historic journey launching a completely new version of Big Brother, and it has definitely been over the top, giving you America more access and more opportunities to influence the game. America’s Care Package, America’s nominee, and America’s eviction vote allowed you to impact the game and forced the houseguests to play like never before. But your biggest move has yet to be made. For more than 24 hours you at home have been voting on who you want to win BBOTT. So, who do you think is worthy of the grand prize? We’ll find out soon enough. But first, Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan, three very different houseguests, played three very different games.


5:07 PM BBT First up, Jason. He beat out Jozea in a viewer vote to get a second shot at playing this game. Now, just Kryssie and Morgan stand in his way of winning it all. Jason says his journey in this house has been a very steep mountain. He was voted in by America and he was the only veteran in the house making him an immediate target for the first HOH, Monte. But he won the first veto competition securing his safety. Quickly, the house became very divided and he found himself with Kryssie, Shane, Danielle, Neeley, and Justin and they called themselves the Late Night Jamboree. In week 2, his girl Kryssie won the care package, and she does the smart thing and saves me. The house was totally divided, and me and Shelby were majorly divided. And guess what, I was not afraid to tell her. Week by week, every side started to dwindle in numbers and when Shelby won HOH, I knew she was going to do one of two things and target me or target someone in my alliance. But America’s Care Package came to the rescue again. And as co-HOH, I got out one of Shelby’s closest allies, Alex.


5:10 PM BBT At the final six, I was nominated with my girl Danielle. But I got Kryssie and Justin on board to cut her loose. This final veto was so important, one of the sides was going to lose a number, and I did what I had to do and won that veto. So when I won the veto, it gave us the power to vote out my archnemesis, Shelby. With everything on the line I won the final HOH and I decided to bring Kryssie into the final three with me. She’s been pretty loyal but when it comes down to it, I think I can beat her. Here I am, a superfan who lives in their mom’s basement, but I could potentially be the first winner of BBOTT.


5:11 PM BBT Next up, Kryssie. She stayed true to her alliance all season long, and her closest ally Jason rewarded her with a spot in the final three. When I first walked into the Big Brother house the only thing on my mind was 250 g’s. I definitely didn’t think I’d walk into such a kick ass group of friends. But, just like high school if you pal around with all the weird kids, the popular kids don’t know what to make of you. And lo and behold, I’m on the block the first three weeks of the game. But I survived and after three weeks in a row of sitting on the nomination couch, I was over it. I was ready to take that HOH key. I was ready to smash whatever the next competition was. My alliance was definitely out for Alex’s blood that week, but she was safe with a safety servant care package. So the professional waitress had a servant all week. Thanks Alex. With Alex off the table, it came with a green light to go after Alex’s right hand Scott, with Morgan as a pawn. But America must have seen something that I didn’t and they nominated Neeley, one of my trusted allies, and she went home on my HOH. Thankfully, the tides changed for the Jamboree and we stayed in power and kept me off the block week after week. But as the game progressed, numbers dwindled and I had to make a deal with the other side of the house, even if that meant jumping into an alliance with a really stupid name. Obviously, the Jambalaya gang was as dumb as I thought it was because Morgan won HOH and put me on the block. After a crazy week full of surprises Shelby ended up next to me on the block. But I knew my fellas wouldn’t send me home. I may not have won that final HOH, but Jason did and he chose me to go to the final three with him. So, here it is America. The girl who thought she was going home week one is sitting her at the end of the first BBOTT. I really hope that’s enough to earn me to 250 g’s.


5:14 PM BBT And finally, Morgan. She played the game with her sister Alex, but now she stands alone as the only one left from the other side of the house. When I first walked in to the BB house, I had no idea how I was going to play this game. Then things got even more complicated when a familiar face walked in the door and, surprise, my sister Alex is in the house playing the game with me. Things really started off on the right foot when my friend Monte won the first HOH. And then my sister Alex was the next HOH, and then Scott. Even though my friends were in power, America nominated my allies, and they went home. And then I formed the ball smashers and it was us versus them. We set our sights on taking out the other side of the house starting with Shane and Neeley. But then things started to go downhill a little bit. I was nominated week 4 and had to win the veto to pull myself off. Then we started to notice our alliance member Whitney started to get a little too close with some of the people on the other side of the house. All of these events led to Alex walking out the door at the beginning of the double eviction. I felt hopeless going into this double eviction, but America awarded with me a care package. I was awarded the veto and was ultimately able to keep me and Shelby safe that night and Whitney went packing. That’s what she gets for jumping ship. When it was only me and Shelby left in the house, we formed an alliance with the other side of the house called the Jambalaya gang, but in the end they weren’t loyal and it just fell through. But even when my last alliance member, Shelby, won HOH that week, America threw me a curve ball and I was America’s nominee. But then Shelby came through and pulled me off the block. I think the biggest turning point for me in the game, honestly was winning HOH. I wanted so bad to return the favor and help Shelby out. But then Jason won the veto and I had no other choice but to nominate Shelby. I knew I was truly alone in this game when I had to watch Shelby, my best friend, walk out that door. With my back against the wall, me and Justin went head to head and I came out the big winner. This money would be huge, winning would mean the world to me.


5:19 PM BBT So, Kryssie, Jason, or Morgan. One of them will leave the house tonight as the first winner of BBOTT. But all three had to beat out some formidable opponents to make it to finale night. Please welcome back, Cornbread, Monte, Shane, Neeley, Scott, Alex, Whitney, Danielle, Shelby, and the most recent evictee Justin. Welcome back, hello everyone. Well, you ten were evicted and your dream of being the first winner of BBOTT was cut short. However, Kryssie, Jason, and Morgan are still in the game and before we do anything we need to reunite the ten of you with the three of them. Hello final three! Now I am here with all of the evicted HG and as you know everything played out live for our viewers at home and that means all the evicted HG are caught up on what went down inside the house, so I’m sure they have a lot to say. Are you three ready? They answer yes. Julie asks if you ten can hear them and they respond yes.


5:21 PM BBT Let’s get started. Neeley, you were the fourth person evicted from the BB house, I’m curious, if after watching from home if your opinion of anyone changed? Neeley responds, Absolutely. Being in the mix, of course I was aligned with one side of the house, but going forward after my eviction, I was very impressed with Danielle’s game play. Like, she just really kicked it into high gear and I was impressed with her and how she was playing the game.


5:22 PM BBT Scott, I want to turn to you because after you were evicted I told you that two members of your alliance were sisters, Alex and Morgan, and you were shocked. Dumbfounded. Was that the most shocking thing to you this season? That was really surprising Julie, but I got to say I think Shelby’s secret caught me for a little bit more of a surprise. I mean, to know that she’s a lawyer, that’s so impressive finishing a year early. I was impressed with all the ladies in my alliance and how well they kept their secrets. Julie says she told everyone she was a waitress and you believed her and Scott says of course.


5:22 PM BBT Well someone who didn’t believe that the two sisters were sisters was you Kryssie. I want to turn to you, you were in denial. Read my lips, Alex and Morgan are full blooded sisters. They show a picture of Alex and Morgan to the HG. We’re not pulling your leg, this is not a twist, why didn’t you believe Morgan when she told you, Kryssie? Kryssie says you know, this whole experience was designed to make you not trust anyone, ever. So when it came to Morgan, she had already kind of lied to my face before, and I made peace with the fact that Morgan was never going to tell me the truth again. Even after she told the house, I was like there’s no way. She’s lying, there’s no way they are sisters and the more she talked about it I was like oh, I’m dumb. I believe it now. Julie says so you’re with us now? Kryssie says yes.


5:23 PM BBT Monte, I want to turn to you because you were close with Morgan in the house and she didn’t reveal the secret to you. Is there anything you would like to say to Morgan? Monte says First of all that was a good twist, I had no idea, that’s hilarious. Just overall, congratulations, I’m very proud of you. I’m happy you were number one alliance and you’re in the final three, good choice. You got great family and friends all supporting you no matter what. You got a great character, a good person, everyone loves you. Best of luck! Julie says very nice.


5:24 PM BBT Julie says well there was another secret in the house. Whitney, were you surprised to find out that your alliance member, Shelby, was a law school graduate and not a waitress? Whitney says I definitely did not see that coming. But I always thought that Shelby was so smart, a lot smarter than she led people to believe and so it really didn’t shock me that much that she just graduated law school. But she hid it very well. Julie says and for the record, clearly there are so many brilliant waiters and waitresses out there. Kryssie’s sitting in the final three, she’s a waitress also a singer so let’s put that out there.


5:25 PM BBT There was another twist this season when a previous HG came back this season to play with all you newbies, of course that person is sitting in the final three, Jason. Jason, why do you think you made it so much farther this season than you did the last time you played this game? Jason says I don’t know Julie, that’s a good question. I am such a fan of this show, I was sort of blinded last time I was here by the glittering lights of being in here and making friends, but this season I was just totally more serious and unfortunately to some of the people you’re sitting with, I do love them as friends, but I was like it’s time for you to go, I’m here for some money. Julie says that’s the name of the game I guess.


5:25 PM BBT Julie turns to Alex. You are a gamer, you love this game, you love all games, you talked early on we got to get this guy Jason out, he knows the game, he has a following, but yet, your housemates chose to keep him so far he made it to the final three. Why do you think that was? Alex says you look at week one when Monte targeted Jason and then he was nominated by America and sent home. My alliance and me were scared to touch Jason. We were uncomfortable targeting him and we didn’t want to go home because of that so it was let’s wait until America’s power ends and get him out then, but it was too late to do that. Julie says so you feel like if we target him, America will hate us. Alex says yeah I feel like he was protected by America.


5:26 PM BBT Julie turns to Morgan. We all you know you played the game with your sister, Alex. Do you think having her in the house helped you get to the end? Morgan says well I am sitting her at the end, so I’m going to say yes it did help me some. We came into the game and we thought we were going to be in separate alliances, I don’t want to work with her, let’s divide and conquer. But it just happened we clicked with the same people, like hey Shelby, hey Whitney, we just connected with them. Honestly, I think having Alex here did help me because she was the only one I could fully trust, and you know I learned a lot from her and she’s a super hard gamer. I picked up some things from her that I probably wouldn’t have if she wasn’t in the house with me so hey Alex, I miss you. Julie asks Alex if she’s proud of how Morgan did. Alex says I am so proud of her, she’s really impressed me with how well she’s composed herself this season and she made the final three, so props to her.


5:27 PM BBT Julie asks Alex if as a result of BB, the two of them were not close when they moved in, do you think you will be close now? Alex says oh absolutely, we have stuff to talk about for a lifetime now. So I can’t wait to hang out with Morgan outside the house and reminisce over all this great stuff. Julie asks Morgan what she has to say. Morgan definitely thinks they are going to be way closer after this. You know, we lived in a house for like 43 days together and we didn’t like kill each other and we really didn’t argue that much, I think I put her in a headlock once in the storage room. But that was it! It was such a good experience, we really bonded, it made a great experience even better by having her here with me.


5:28 PM BBT Julie turns to Shelby and says a unique element of this season was that everyone had a chance to address America directly in the diary room, the diary room sessions. Do you think this helped your game, or hurt your game? Shelby thinks it helped her game, she had a lot of fun in those DR sessions and I also think they helped eliminate revisionist history, you have to reveal your plan to America before whatever competition happens so you couldn’t go back in the DR and say well I meant for that to happen. It made everyone a lot more honest and they were a lot of fun.


5:28 PM BBT Well, the DR was the place to get away from the rest of the HG and have some alone time, if you will, with America. And it was pretty funny to watch. We thought it would be fun to share some of those DR highlights. Let’s all take a look.


5:31 PM BBT Julie says now some of you have very dirty mouths. Potty mouth, potty mouth, that would never make it on the broadcast version, but that’s the beauty of the internet. You can say what you want, then she says sh*t. Parents, I am sorry, Kids, that was a joke. Cursing is bad, let’s move on.


5:32 PM BBT Julie turns to Justin and says you’ve had your own very unique moments, for example we saw your pizza song and dance. Well, here’s another one that shows your love of salsa dancing. We see the clip of him dancing. Julie asks was that strategy to win over America or is that really just who you are? Or both? Justin says honestly, it wasn’t to win over America. I just zoned out and was in my own little world most of the time in the house. It was just me being me. That’s me 24/7. Julie says ok.


5:34 PM BBT Julie turns to Shane and says when you were evicted you were sitting on the block side by side with Danielle, your girlfriend in the house, and it looked like you sacrificed your game for Danielle who you had just met a few weeks earlier. Looking back, any regrets? Shane says no, everything I did I would do it again. I came into the house to have fun, he had a strategy but when he met Danielle it went out the door. Julie says by the way your hair looks great. Julie says to Danielle I want to know what you think. When Shane came out of the house he professed his love for you, so what is the status of your relationship now? Danielle says well he finally made it official. I said it was just a showmance because he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend but he did and we came home. We are in a relationship. When I came out of the house I was worried he wasn’t going to like me anymore, but when I watched his interview and he said he fell in love with me I was really excited to tell him those exact same things before he left the house, but I kind of chickened out. So yeah, I definitely fell in love with him in the house and we’re doing good! I’m definitely making a trip to North Carolina soon.


5:35 PM BBT Final question is to you Cornbread. Between Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan who are you most surprised to see sitting in the final three? Cornbread says Kryssie. He gave her a pep talk in the first week and didn’t think she’d make it another couple of days, but look at her now. He’s just blown away. Kryssie says me too. Cornbread says then I went out the door two days later, so thank you. Julie says now are you like blown away impressed or blown away like why are you there? Cornbread says I’m not negatively blown away, I’m happy for her. They all three deserve to be up there, they worked hard, and it is what it is.


5:36 PM BBT Julie says as we know America has been voting, and since they’ve been home they got to vote too. By a show of hands, who voted for Jason? Whitney, Shane, Danielle, and Neeley all raise their hands. No one raised their hands for Kryssie. Julie says raise your hand if you voted for Morgan to win? Alex, Shelby, Scott, Monte, and Cornbread all raise their hands. Julie says Justin you didn’t vote? Julie says we didn’t even let you sign in to anything to vote? Justin says he didn’t even have an opportunity to. Julie says if you could vote, who would you vote for? Justin says all three of them! Julie says it will be interesting to see who America agreed with.


5:37 PM BBT Julie replays the pleas from the final three. You can check it out here:  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/108799-wednesday-november-30-2016-big-brother-ott-live-feed-updates/#comment-870225.


5:46 PM BBT Julie says the votes are closed and have been tallied. Julie says the winner will get a quarter of a million dollars, second place will get $25,000, and the third place person will be evicted and walk out empty handed. Julie reads the third place person is…Kryssie.


5:47 PM BBT Julie asks Kryssie if she wants the envelope that says her name and she says yeah! Julie says you said when I said your name that you saw that coming. Why did you say that? Kryssie says she elected to throw comps and she was embarrassed to admit it and she flew under the radar. Julie asks how she feels and Kryssie says she’s stoked, she’s so happy. Julie asks why she thinks Jason and Morgan got more votes? Kryssie says she won exactly one competition and they pulled out win after win when they needed to and she never really had to win and she was more interested in the social aspect. Julie asks who she thinks should win and Kryssie says Jason. Julie says because he deserves it or because he was her ride or die? Kryssie says a little bit of both and he’s been fighting since week one too. He says Big Brother means the world to him. Kryssie says she never thought of turning on Jason. Julie says early in the game it looked like she wanted to throw in the towel. Kryssie says she was super homesick and she’s not good at change and she has anxiety. Kryssie says the longer she was there the more she realized it meant to her, but mostly she was homesick. Julie says so you’re happy you did it? Kryssie says oh yeah. Julie talks about the fight between Justin and Kryssie and her saying he was only in the final 4 because of her. Kryssie says it was true because on D/E Danielle and Jason were ready to cut him and she cried. Julie asks if she will be friends with anyone in the house. Kryssie says Whitney and Danielle and Neeley, and obviously Jason. Kryssie tells Justin she loves him to bits but she was mad at him on Thanksgiving and you too Shane. Julie tells her it’s time for her to join the other evictees.


5:54 PM BBT Jason and Morgan, it’s down to you two. Morgan representing the ball smashers and Jason representing the Late Night Jamboree. Julie says they survived the game and all the twists and turns and it’s not time to find out who America chose as the winner. In a game that was so divided, it seems the fans were divided as well. It has been one of the closest votes in the history of the game and less than 20,000 votes separated them. The first winner of Big Brother Over the Top is…congratulations Morgan, you are the winner of BBOTT.


5:56 PM BBT Julie congratulates both Morgan and Jason. Julie asks Morgan how it feels to be the first winner of BBOTT? Morgan says her mind is blown. Julie asks if she thought Jason one and Morgan says yes, 100%. She looked at him and said Jason I didn’t win and Jason said yes you did. Julie said wait! Jason, you thought she won and not you? Jason said he was hoping he won, but Julie said her name not his. Julie congratulates Jason and everyone. Julie wants to thank all the viewers and wants to remind everyone the regular season will return for its 19th season this summer.


5:57PM BBT From outside the Big Brother OTT house, I'm JC.  Good night.

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