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Tuesday, May 5 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:06am BBT  In the HT Bobby and Godfrey are talking about how the girls only target the guys but the guys are targeting both.  They think Pili and Ash are playing both sides but which side are they loyal to in the end. 

12:11am BBT  In the BR Willow and Sarah are cuddling. Pili is braiding her hair and Ash is hanging out.  General chit chat.

12:22am BBT  Sarah is called to the DR.  Back at the HT Godfrey and Bobby are going over their theory of the girls always putting up the guys with Zach.  Bruno joins them. Zach isn’t sure if Ash would vote a girl out. 

12:27am BBT  The girls are in the SR dancing and twerking. 

12:40am BBT   The girls are laughing like crazy  in the SR.  They make taquitos.  Brittnee says goodnight. 

12:48am BBT  The girls decide the guys have been gone too long and go looking for them.  They are listening to them talk through the door.  They go through the door yelling busted!!! 

1:05am BBT  Ash and Brittnee are in the BR.  Ash says if she wins HOH she’s not putting a girl up at all. 

1:25am BBT  Ash heard Zach say that he had a good dig on her.  Ash thinks differently.  Godfrey comes into the BR to try to get Brittnee to join them in the BY. 

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1:20AM BBT: Ash, Sarah, Pili and Willow know the guys were planning something at the hot tub. They heard names and some talk before they busted into the room.

1:32 AM BBT: Bruno and Bobby are in the bathroom, Bruno is telling Bobby : We can make this shit work, we can make it work man" then there is a siren that gave 2 loud buzzes, Bruno says WTF? Booby gets told by production to put his mic on.

1:36 AM BBT: Lots of goodnights going around, but no one actually in bed except for Brit who just got up. Godfrey is talking to Kev, he's ratting out Zach, saying that he told Kev not to put Bobby up. Zach and Ash just snuggled into the hammock together

1:40 AM BBT: They are talking about what happened at the hot tub, Zach keeps asking what she heard. Ash keeps asking what they were talking about. Zach finally says that they were talking about saving Bobby. Ash says I'm not saving Bobby, Zach tells her I know, calm down I was just telling you what was being said. He's telling her he told them he would talk to her, that he couldn't say no...but I'm just telling you so you know what was said

1:44 AM BBT: Zach tells Ash that the guys were saying that the girls will never put up girls. Also that they said the guys are saying they're screwed if they take out Bobby. Zach keeps asking Ash what's wrong and she says nothing, she just wanted to know what was said. She says she's not flipping and Zach says that's okay. Ash says okay, that's part of what they heard. Ash tells Zach that they all looked like deer in headlights when the girls ran in the hot tub room. Zach just asked so would you think about keeping him, Ash says no. Zach asks where Sarah's head is with this all girl thing. Ash says we're not all working together, it's not actually a thing.

1:50AM BBT: Ash says next week she would put up Bruno, Zach is upset and says no, why would you do that. They are disagreeing on who to put up. Ash tells Zach to do what you got to do. Zach is worried Bee, Sarah and Willow will come after him. Zach is admitting he doesn't want Godfrey gone now, and Ash is frustrated.

1:53AM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 ore down, so all we have for entertainment is Ash and Zach still. They are still going over who will put up who. Ash wants to know why Bobby doesn't come and talk to her himself instead of asking Zach, she says does he think I'm controlled (this was something the girls said earlier after running in on the guys, Zach said he "has" Ash) Zach and Ash are still rehashing who overheard what. Zach said one of the guys (I'm not sure who) overheard Sarah say we got rid of the Chop Shop and there is a girls alliance. Ash says she doesn't remember, it was insignificant, she doesn't remember.

2:00AM BBT: Ash says there was never really a girls alliance, it was just that a girl would not put up a girl (sounds a little like an alliance to me) Zach says he wants to put up there immediate threat, Ash does not want to be left with a bunch of Dudes. They are trying to figure out if they are going to target guys or girls. Ash says you can't clump willow in with the girls. They are disagreeing on who Willow would put up now.

2:03AM BBT: Ash says there was never really a girls alliance, it was just that a girl would not put up a girl (sounds a little like an alliance to me) Zach says he wants to put up there immediate threat, Ash does not want to be left with a bunch of Dudes. They are trying to figure out if they are going to target guys or girls. Ash says you can't clump willow in with the girls. They are disagreeing on who Willow would put up now. Willow seems to have become a bone of contention with these two on which side she's really on.

2:10AM BBT: Ash says when Sarah and Willow ask her what they talked about what is she going to say, she knows they will think it was about the hot tub. Zach says they know we all talk game, and tell them what they talked about and that he told the guys he had to talk to Ash. The feeds are wonkey, We had a flash of Bobby in the Have not room, and then right back to the hammock, which are still the only feeds up. Ash says now the girls think there is a boy alliance and tells Zach to clear that up with the girls to protect himself. They guys were upset the girls spied, and Ash tells Zach they were just going to run in and scare them...until they heard their names being tossed around.

2:20AM BBT: We still only have the storeroom and 2 feeds outside on the hammock running. Zach and Ash are still saying that can it be more obvious that there is a couples alliance, so how can they think there's a girls alliance. Ash is still upset that Bobby hasn't spoken to her once about keeping him, but Bruno has. Zach asks what she would do if he did, she told him she would smile and nod, but that's it. Zach said Bobby will emphasize that he is never coming after Ash and Zach.

2:25AM BBT: Zach and Ash are still continuing with their mind numbing conversation.

2:34AM BBT: They agree (finally) that they should go after Godfrey next week and then one of the girls (after listening to them, you can see they don't fully trust each other) The feed just switched to Kevin and Pili in the HOH room sucking face and chatting. Pili is grilling Kevin on what was being said in the hot tub room. Pili wants to know what Godfrey said. Kevin is having a hard time answering. He said that the couples are going to go and that Kevin and Zach will be up next. Pili is mad she says no F'n way, I'm going to talk to him.

2:38AM BBT: They start talking about Willow being ripped and having an 8 pack. And we have more kissing. Pili and Kevin are still in sweet puppy love, the kissing sounds are so annoying. Pili tells Kevin he can go kiss the other girls and he says I'm only going to kiss you, because if I kissed them it would make you sad.

2:42AM BBT: Pili is worried that Kevin may feel she is controlling him, she wants him to do everything he wants. She doesn't want him to not do something because it would upset her. All the feeds are back up. In the have not room the HG are settled and the lights are slowly dimming. We now have video of the have not room, but sound from the HOH.

2:50AM BBT: Pili tells Kevin he can do what he wants, but she is attracted to him in a different manner than she is attracted to the other HG (I hope so after all the face sucking) Kev and Pili are expressing their undying "really, like, actually like, like you" for each other.

2:57AM BBT: The BB powers that be have taken mercy on us, we can see Pili is laying on top of Kevin (night cams are on) but we have no sound. There is a fair amount of movement under the duvet. And slow hip movement has now become body thrusts (I'm going to need to bleach my eyes) thank goodness there was no sound.

2:57AM BBT: Pili has removed herself off of Kevin and they are now snuggled, cuddling under the duvet. (There has got to be some proud family members out there) the socially acceptable amount of snuggle time is over and they turn away from each other and move to their own sides of the bed.

3:09AM BBT: In the Have not room, Zach seems to be the only person still awake, and he's staring at the camera from his bed. Everyone else in the house is asleep. Kevin's slowly drifting off. And we are too, unless something big happens, this will be the last update for tonight.

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 9:00 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are still off in the BB house and all the houseguests are still sleeping.

 9:20 am BBT There is no change, lights off with all houseguests still sleeping.

 9:25 am BBT The lights are now on in the BB house, but the houseguests are still sleeping.

 9:33 am BBT BB just announced Good Morning houseguests it is time to wake up, but not one houseguest is moving.

 9:43 am BBT Up in the HOH room Kevin got out of bed to get his music and climbed back into bed. He is sitting up in bed now listening to his music. Brittnee is in the main BR getting out of bed. All of the other houseguests are still in bed.

 9:45 am BBT Correction, Pilar is up In the main BR changing batteries in everyone’s mic’s.

 9:47 am BBT Godfrey is awake and he said he just has to do his morning prayer because he is grateful for being in the BB house.

 9:50 am BBT Pilar has made her way to the HN room to change their batteries.

 9:52 am BBT BB is getting serious now we can hear the alarm clock going off. Bobby crawls out of his HN bed and left the room.

 9:54 am BBT Bruno is up out of bed and getting dressed. Sarah is telling the houseguests in the main BR about a dream that she had.

 9:55 am BBT Ashleigh and Godfrey are now out of bed. Sarah was just called to the DR.

 9:58 am BBT Pilar is lying back in bed with Kevin while Kevin listens to his music.

 9:59 am BBT Brittnee just made her bed while talking to Willow about getting up and about being hungry.

 10:00 am BBT Sarah is now out of the DR and back in the main BR again talking about her dream that included Sindy with an S.

 10:02 am BBT Zach, Brittnee and Bruno are now in the KT talking about how cold it is in the house.

 10:03 am BBT Brittnee went into the SR which left Zach and Bruno in the KT together talking about the girls hearing their discussion last night and how Ashleigh seemed shook up.

 10:05 am BBT Brittnee went back into the KT and is fixing something to eat while Zach pored a cup of coffee for himself and Brittnee. Zach said the numbers are slowly flying it is 48. Bobby walked into the KT and asked Zach what he is going to eat. Bobby said it is not a nice day though Zach and then Zach responded with yea I know.

 10:09 am BBT Sarah and Willow are in the main BR talking about the average age in the BB house is 22. Willow asked Sarah if she thinks that she blew it. Sarah responded no but don’t be like yesterday. Sarah hopes that they get to have a date again and then she started talking about not having her period yet then she gave a shout out to Scott for him not to worry. Willow told Sarah to tell her what to do and she will do it. Sarah told her to get close to Godfrey. Sarah told Willow not to be so upset and when they cross paths don’t act so upset, just be more casual.

 10:14 am BBT Sarah said that Zach gets mad about everything and how she was talking about the time last night and Zach told her whatever and he don’t even care anymore. Sarah is telling Willow how everybody was fighting for the camera and she is not even going to get into it because it is so stupid. They are now discussing what they are going to do today.

 10:17 am BBT Sarah told Willow that Britt is probably wondering why Sarah is hanging out with Willow this morning and Willow said why are you people like that and Sarah responded that Britt is just jealous.

 10:18 am BBT Pilar is now in the KT putting away the clean dishes. Bobby thanked her for changing the batteries this morning and she said no problem. Brittnee is sitting at the counter eating her food and Zach is just sitting at the counter not saying a word.

 10:20 am BBT Willow and Sarah walked into the KT and asked how the weather is outside. Now Sarah is talking again about her dream about horses. She said that Godfrey told her when you dream about horses it is a bad sign.

 10:22 am BBT Willow is in the SR with her head lying on the freezer. Pilar walked in and Willow asked if Kevin ever got to finish his movie and Pilar responded she doesn’t know. Ashleigh walked into the SR and she is looking in the mirror fixing her hair talking about the lighting in there is horrible. The girls are wondering what to eat; Sarah walked in and said they did not get onions. Pilar and Ashleigh left the SR and Willow is talking about what she wants to eat.

 10:27 am BBT Bobby and Bruno are out in the BY talking about what Bobby should say while campaigning. Bruno said that it is down to the wire and he told Bobby to try anyway. Bruno said the girls won’t go after the girls. Bobby told Bruno that Ashleigh wants him gone and she does not trust him and he wonders if it is because she is with the girls now. Bobby thinks he can swing Willow. Bruno said it is going to be a tough one but they can do it.

 10:30 am BBT Bruno is talking about thinking about it the viewers are at home watching Britt on the block and never going home. Bobby asked Bruno if he thinks it will be a double. Bobby said that Zach needs to know that Sarah and Brittnee would put him up. Bruno said that Zach thinks they will put him up. Bruno said that everyone knows what is being said. Bruno said at this point it is not even game play, try and do what they can and don’t give up.

 10:33 am BBT Bruno said why would you get rid of a person that is not coming after you, it makes no sense and that Brittnee sucks up to Zach tons, lots, lots, lots. They could have a deal together. Bobby said that it should be obvious that Sarah will go after Zach. Bobby left as Bruno said do your thing.

 10:35 am BBT Bruno is lying in the hammock by himself. In the KT there is general conversation going on about movies.

 10:46 am BBT Zach, Bruno and Bobby are now out by the hammock. Bobby asked Zach if he talked to Ashleigh if he doesn’t mind Bobby asking. Zach said that Ashleigh heard Willows name someone else’s name and Bobby responded that is a little dodgy and if Ashleigh is still pushing for him to go there has to be an all girls thing. Zach said that Ashleigh said after they left Sarah said there has to be an all guys thing. Zach said that Willow opened the door and they could see them all crouched down. Zach said that Ashleigh wants Bobby to come to her because she has her own mind. Bobby said if Ashleigh wants to keep him to stay that would be lovely and how he would be a bigger target. Bobby said that even the votes make since. Bruno warned them that Willow is headed out by them.

 10:55 am BBT Bruno asked Willow how she slept and she said that she was cold in that room.

 10:56 am BBT Other houseguests are making their way out to the BY. Kevin said maybe they will get a task today. Bruno asked if they are going to have a morning game of Godball so now Bobby and Godfrey are playing ball. 

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11:06am BBT: Most Hg in the By just general talk going on .

11:12am BBT: Bruno and Willow laying on the hammock and Kevin in the chair and Zach, Ashleigh, Bobby, and Pilar are on the couch in the BY just talking general talk.

11:23am BBT: Brittnee is in the hoh rm listening to music and doing her nails. Willow comes out of the bathroom and Brittnee tells her she loves the music and the iPod. Willow says it is a great iPod. Willow tells her she is going to go get a tan and leaves the hoh rm.

11:25am BBT: All HG except brittnee is out in the BY just talking general talk about Zach and his girlfriend and going on test drives.

 11:36am BBT: Willow and Sarah  by the hot tub and Sarah asking why does bobby feel so comfortable and willow says i do not know why. Sarah says he feels safe cause people in this game is cowardly telling everyone they are safe until they go home.

 11:38am BBT: Sarah tells Willow they messed up and they should have played dumb and sucked up to Kevin. Willow says no shut up we are who we are and we play our game. Sarah says i want to slap Zach and say you made out with ashleigh. Willow says no just talk to people and they will tell things , they will slip up.

11:44am BBT: Willow goes to tell the other Hg that the sun is coming out now leaving  Sarah laying  by the hot tub alone.

11:49am BBT: sarah is complaining about being in the BB house and looking at all these peoples faces. Willow tells her to calm down and Sarah says i am in a bad mood i need my period and i need out of this house. Willow tells her to stop and gets her to play the Alphabet game.

 11:57am BBT: Godfrey talking to Sarah and Willow about  eviction and nominations. Sarah says if i win HOH i will ask  Zach and Kevin who wants to go up ? Do you want to use your girl friends? Godfrey laughs at her and she says i am cause they are going up. They go back to playing the alphabet game.

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 12:10pm BBT: Sarah, Willow and Godfrey are by the hot tub playing a game and the other Hg are in the BY talking General talk about friends and drinking.

12:15pm BBT: BB comes on and says  HG this is your 15 minute warning the Back yard will be off limits in 15 minutes.

12:23pm BBT: All HG are in the BY talking about states and waiting for Bb to make them go into the house for a lock down.

 12:26pm BBT: BB just told the Hg to all go to the HOh rm . Hg get excited and willow says maybe it will be a task.

12:30pm BBT: All Hg are in lockdown in the HOh rm and we get foth

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5:27:04 PM BBT: Pili , Zach and Ash are in the main bedroom, the girls are laughing because Zach is practicing shuffling and sliding across the floor, hoping that will be the comp. Pili leaves. Zach starts to commentate BB telling them it's a double eviction this week. Zach was trying to listen at the wall to what the guys were saying in the next room (they are loud) he leaves the room to find out, telling Ash to relax on his way out

5:39:04 PM BBT: Bruno, Godfrey and Bee are in the living room, but I have no sound on feed 4. Godfrey is telling bee, she is a free woman, she can do whatever she can. She just said you have told the live feeders I am promiscuous, Bobby joins them. They are talking about how long the Ginja Nija has been gone and what a great chef he was. They move on to JP and how he loved his food and didn't like anyone to touch it. They say JP said someone should grab a pre-prepared sandwich on their way out the door when they are evicted. And that he did it. Also they say they told him that he would be getting paid $10,000.00 while in Jury, you don't just sit there, you get paid.

5:44:09 PM BBT: They are joking about JP leaving and not hugging Sindy, that he knew it. They are moving around the living room acting out their reactions to the evictions and laughing so hard they are wiping tears from their eyes. They are laughing because Sindy asked if she could have his robe after she voted him out.

5:49:23 PM BBT: They are now talking about Godfey's and JP's speech before the vote and how funny Godfrey was, and JP and the sandwich. Brit goes upstairs. In the bathroom we have Pili, Willow, Kevin and I'm not sure who else. They her a smash from downstairs and say the guys broke a plate. They are on an indoor lockdown now (this may be until our triple eviction)

5:55:23 PM BBT: Willow is telling a story about going to someone's house to play Donkey Kong, she was tricked into going there to play the game when she was drunk, how the guy took her to his bedroom and tried to talk her into laying down. She ran out the door and her friends were making out. She was freaking out. The guy asked her if she didn't want to make out and she screamed at him "are you going to marry me?" She earned a reputation with her friends as a C-blocker.

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6:04:16 PM BBT: Zach is told naptime is over, he is in the bathroom too. Willow keeps sharing different stories. Feeds 2 and 4 still have no sound. Bruno is in the main bedroom with Godfrey. Bruno said if it is a double he is taking out Zach and then Sarah (I think he better win another HOH 1st) The feed changes to the bathroom, and the talk is boring.

6:12:16 PM BBT: Feeds went down, then came back.

Bobby, Bruno, Godfrey, Pili , willow are in the Bathroom. Talk is about drinking a other things, everyone is talking over each other, so you can't hear anything. I think Godfrey told his girl he was going to Cuba for a week and Willow is telling him he is now single. Zach and Brit are in the main bedroom. talking about how many weeks are left. Zach just wants to make it through tomorrow if i's a double. Brit is nervous on the block and Zach tells her not to be. Willow just came in the main bedroom. (I've been trying to stay in rooms without her) They say Godfrey told her he'd be in Cuba for 30 days now.

6:20:16 PM BBT: Again everyone is in the same room, the main bedroom is so loud and Willow keeps screaming instead of talking that you can't make out the conversations. Willow is upset and thinks they are saying she fat or big because she has curves. All 4 feeds are on the main bedroom (there's no where to run) I think Zach may be in the HOH listening to music, there was a 2 second feed flash. Back in the main bedroom they are still talking sizes and clothing. Godfrey is trying to make sure Willow understands he was not saying she was fat, that he thinks she is a small girl.

6:27:16 PM BBT: We still only have sound on 2 feeds. Willow is pouty because she is think they feel she blew everything out of proportion. Godfrey has been repeatedly apologizing, he's asking her to smile. Willow said she has bad self-esteem and now pili starts to explain and her voice starts getting louder and we get a commercial.

6:37:16 PM BBT: Pili says she is going to ask for Booze, they say it will help break the sexual tension. (I thought she took care of that last night) They said that Kevin is in the HOH. That must mean Zach and him are together, and we are not privy to that conversation. Willow is still playing the pity card about her self -esteem and feeling like a piece of sh*t. Now the HG are trying to bribe BB into giving them alcohol. Bobby said he will run through the house naked, just cupping his junk, the others are making offers to entertain more too. Sarah is really pushing for the booze.

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6:48:16 PM BBT: They are all on the main bedroom now except for Kevin. They are talking about hiding or scaring him. hey are talking about the attention Godfrey is getting now that he mentioned a girlfriend and became un-available. They are talking board games now. Sarah is explaining Risk. Britt says she is really good at battleship. Now they are explaining battleship shots with pizza boxes. Kevin just walked in and they all Cheer. He said he was watching Shomi. They told him that they were all called the main bedroom for a lockdown and he's in trouble, then tell him they're joking.

6:57:16 PM BBT: Godfrey is still cuddling Willow to make her feel better. (she is really milking this) BB calls out Bruno's name, he's laying with his eyes closed. Sarah gets told to fix her mic. One of the guys ask if anyone has had a catheter. They are talking about family members who have had to have them. Sarah asks what you are getting tested for when they swab your urethra.

Willow is still pouting off and on. Now everyone is stretched out relaxing and there is no talking.

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8:21 pm BBT: Bruno and Zach are in the HOH, Zac asks Bruno if he is seriously going after Sarah and Bruno says yes, Zach laughs. They are talking about who may have made deals with who. Zach says you'd be better off drawing your noms out of a hat. Now they are laughing about Bobby and his fake Veto, Bruno is laughing that he just threw it across the room.

8:30 pm BBT: Bruno and Zach say the HG really are all good people, they are a good crew. Zach tells Bruno that he thought Kevin would do what he wanted, and Bruno said he only kept Godfrey because he knows he will come after you. (these boys are spot on!) They are being refreshingly honest. Bruno says it may not be best for me if Sarah goes, but it's a good thing. They are saying that Ash will do good even if Zach goes, her and Bruno think she has a chance of winning it. They are saying they know they are going to get picked off. They say if it's a double tomorrow we will be down to 8, and the girls aren't putting each other up. They are trying to figure out what Willows deal is and what she would do.

8:32 pm BBT: SORRY I FORGOT TO UPDATE MY TIME ON THE LAST POST, SHOULD BE 8:30. They decide they are going to ask Willow who she would put up. But they don't get up to do it.

8:39 pm BBT: Now they are both saying if either of them win that Sarah is going up, they will tell her straight out they are sorry, but it's their only chance. Bruno and Zach seem to have come to an unspoken agreement that they know have to work together. Zach just wants to get wasted at the wrap party and put this behind him, Bruno agrees and they both say they have a few they want out 1st before they go themselves. They are really upset that the girls are so open that they are not putting up another girl, they hug and leave the HOH

8:43 pm BBT: Zach, Bruno and Ash are now fixing food, they are saying BBQ burgers are the best and homemade ones too, they like deer meat mixed in the hamburger. Pili & Bobby are sitting on the stools watching the kitchen crew at work. They are still speculating a double or instant eviction Ash says she is putting taco seasoning on the burgers and please don't judge me. Bobby is telling them how to make something, and he tells them to put /th of something in a black cup, and they all laugh at him because you can't see how full the cup is. Zach gets called to the DR

8:54 PM BBT: In the main bedroom brit, Sarah and Willow are talking. Willow is explaining how they formed an alliance earlier in the game. the said she named off people and then she was going to the washroom and was grabbed and said okay, we're the Chop Shop, but we have to bring Ash in because she is either going to bang Zach or Bobby. Willow said Bobby really wanted to hook up with Ash of the start and Zach just swooped in and took her. Godfrey walked in and the girls keep talking. Godfrey changes and leaves. The girls keep talking about what happened earlier in the game and compare notes.

9:02 PM BBT: in the kitchen area we have Pili, Bobby, Zach, Ash and Bruno, they are talking about in normal life you wouldn't just lie to people and then hang out with them, this is the best game ever. They tell Bobby he will always be remembered for the Sh*t he's done. They say the Cinibobs are complete. they keep saying "what a game" and laughing. They are saying when they get out they will have a hard time believing what people say and will wonder if they will walk in a room with a TV and wonder if they're allowed to be there. Pili asks if they think they will need to see a DR after, and she is told they are supposed to.

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9:00PM BBT Most HGs in the kitchen prepping for dinner. Sarah and Willow in the bedroom reviewing house history and who knew what when. Sarah detailing to Willow what she said to the others about the many alliances and side deals. She is telling Willow that she felt fucked over and did not know who to trust at that time. Godfrey enters and Sarah lies down on Willows arm. Willow regreting that she played the loyal mole and did not even speak to Naeha and Sarah the people that she loved. Godfrey tells them the burgers will be done any second now.  Sarah says she is dizzy and that it smells like gas in the room. Godfrey confirms that it smells like gasoline as he is busy raking his hair.  Willow tells him she feels better now thanks to the pomegranate. He replies that he got it all over his clothes and can't get it out even with the Oxiclean.  She tells him that it is going to be a double tomorrow and they start plotting what to do. Godfrey telling how Bruno is selling the all girl alliance. They hope it works out well tomorrow and he leaves to go eat.  She follows behind and says it smells so good as she reaches the stairs.


Everyone but Kevin around the counters now chatting about the meal. Ash and Pili are the chefs. 

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9:10PM BBT Ash getting compliments on the burgers as folks decide how many they are going to eat.  Lots of chatter and the sizzle of the frying pan. Britt saying that she thought that Bobby and Ash were going to fall in love the first few days.  BB tells the HGs to please stop singing. (They can isolate the mics, we could not hear anyone singing. - DRG) More general chatter and compliments for the food.  Britt is telling Godfrey that it is really hard to escape the friend zone with her, but he counters that he has a few tricks. They talk further about who she has dated and what the criteria has been for selection.  (I can forsee a restraining order in his future.- DRG) He tells her that he is changing for the better and she yells at him that just today he told her he has a girl friend and she has her back and he should stop trying to get out of the friend zone. She says she respects his friendship and that he is a good man, just not her man. Pili cleaning up and when asked she claims that she already ate and had a whole burger to herself. Godfrey again thanks Ash for the food. Britt gives him grief about the story about going to Cuba that he told his girlfriend before going in to the house and he says that some girls are more patient.  

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9:21PM BBT Zach asks what it is like eating after being a Have Not and he is told it is great and Bobby adds you just eat everything you can then go vomit and eat again. Others chime in about their experiences. Kevin has just joined the group and Ash tells him she made him two burgers in case he wanted two. Zach talking about throwing some wings in when he can eat again.  Bobby wishes the chocolate raisins were still around. Zach now figures he will have a pizza while waiting for the wings to cook. Kevin just wants one burger. BB tells them to stop talking about brand names while what I heard was humming. Bobby wishes they could save a burger when Ash says there is another one there. Kevin only wants the one and Godfrey is good with his two. Ash starts cleaning up and announces that she is glad that they found her shirt so much so that she will wear it every day.  Zach starts wandering around the living room as Bobby scrambles up the stairs. 


Sarah and Britt meet in the store room and they are joined by Willow. Before they can start really talking Zach wanders is and starts rummaging through the freezer to scope out what to save for tomorrow night when he can eat again. 


Kevin and Pili now on the sofa by the steps chatting and smooching briefly. Pili bounds in to the bathroom and announces there are two people in the shower at once (Bruno and Bobby). 


In the store room the ladies and Zach are talking about things they did earlier in the house. Willow is soring through storage containers and decides they are too busy to wash them out. BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production. Sarah asks if Willow wants a cookie and then they debate about which of them should have it.  Willow wants Sarah to drink lots of water as her face was really red earlier. Sarah replies that it was because there was no oxygen in that room. Willow wants to lie down but Sarah does not want to go in the bedroom again. They hope tonight passes without event. Willow remarks that it is a weird feeling to know that she will never eat slop. They return to the kitchen.


Bruno and Bobby still in the shower but there is no audio on those feeds.  


Ash is making her way through the dinner dishes with Pili and Sarah helping to clean up. She wonders what is clogging the sink right now. Willow says she ate too much and then falls down to her knees and pukes up her dinner. She stands up and smiles which shocks Ashleigh.  


Now that there is a commercial there is full volume on feed one (thanks for nothing BB - DRG) 


Willow decides to go brush her teeth since she just threw up. Sarah also heads to the bathroom and tells Bruno she feels dizzy and a little out of it. Willow comes in and grabs her tooth brush then belches again. She also says she does not feel good. 


BB tells the HGs to please stop singing and Bobby claims it was his error. Willow telling the bathroom crew that she only makes love she does not have sex. 


Ash and Pili still hard at work in the kitchen while Bobby and Zach seem to be eating some slop at the counter. 


Bruno Willow and Sarah chatting in the bathroom as Willow keeps belching and Sarah tells her to stop as that is making her sick. Bruno needs to leave the room but asks Sarah if she needs a towel for her head.

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9:41PM BBT Bruno says he is going to get Sarah a facecloth but she again turns him down. He asks if she wants more water and is again told that she is OK. 


Kevin and Pili back on the sofa under the steps. He tells her that tomorrow is eviction and she says perhaps double to which he replies perhaps triple. (Tell me again how the DR does not influence the game.  Never has anyone speculated about a triple eviction. DRG) He asks what she is going to do with her life career wise and she honestly does not know. She says the right thing to do would be going back to school in the fall. Britt passes by and tells them how cute they are.  She will finish school in the fall anywhere she can transfer her credits. She would go any where including living with Ashleigh if she can transfer her credits.  She will visit Kevin but she does not sleep with guys. Flirting insults about guys and gals attributes. Kevin did some math and figures he has 10K from the Brick and if he spends 1K a day he will have it for 10 days. 5K and day and he will have it for 2 days. Etc. 


Britt sitting with Willow and Sarah in the BR now.  Willow claims that King Kong and the sequel to Dennis the Menace are the two worst movies ever do not watch them and if you own them burn them. They think Queen B has a nice ring and Britt thinks stop putting me on the fucking block has a nice ring to it. 


Zach lopes into the room and they greet him. They start talking about JP's and Godfrey's veto speeches. 


Pili debating whether to get a part time job and full time school or full time job and part time school, Kevin wonders if she would go back to retail and just like all her answers she does not know. She wants to move away she loves her mom and family but has not lived at home for three years. He tells her she might have money and again she does not know what she would do with any amount he speculates. She says she is not good with money at all and claims to be a shopaholic. She has to leave her card at home or she would over spend.  She loves shopping. She claims she can save up but it depends. She says she has to wear clothes from her store for work even if she did not want them she gets 50% off but they have to wear the high end clothes to try and sell them.


In the bathroom Sarah is talking about what she might do after the show. Her friend has been a vegan for 10 years and she realizes he might be a good match for Britt. Zach wants to know what you eat as a vegan. 


Pili talking about how to handle customers and gently guide them to items that look better than what they may have picked out. Customers must leave your store happy. Her longest shift was 9 hours but her shortest one was only 3. She was living at her mom's friend's so she did not need much money only for gas as she stopped drinking as much. She used to go out a lot but it was bad for her. 


Sarah now talking about the same guy as before and how he likes to drink and other attributes about him.


Kevin and Pili talking about times when they had too much to drink and went to work hung over.

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9:10 PM BBT: Sarah gets called to the DR. Willow and Godfrey are in the main bedroom, they are planning who to take out, they are whispering about who and then they say Kevin is next after that because he's won too many comps. Then Godfrey leaves. Willow walks out after him and comments that it smells so good. (we have a commercial, I'm not updating it) the HG are sitting down at the counter to eat. They are talking about pickles and cheese and what else they need for the burgers. Ash gets complimented that the burgers are really good. Now they are telling Ash how many they will each eat and Ash said she will cook 4 more.

9:18 PM BBT: BB tells the HG to please stop singing. Godfrey asked where the lettuce came from, they tell him it's always been there. He comments that he really likes the leaf lettuce the best. They are talking about being friend-zoned. They are discussing if changing your looks and acting different can get you out of the friend zone. Lots of chatter about nothing worth reporting.

9:27 PM BBT: They are teasing Godfrey about telling his girlfriend that he was going to Cuba, he said he will find a way to explain it when he gets out. (does he not think she will see or someone will tell her where he is?) Sarah says she always eats today like she's going to be a have not tomorrow, Now they want to make a bumper sticker that says "eat today, like your a have not tomorrow" Godfrey is eating a pretty sweet looking burger. BB tells them HG, please stop talking about Mayonnaise or baronies, they were all talking when BB came on that it was hard to make out.

9:34 PM BBT: everyone thanks Ash and the other helpers and they leave the kitchen area. Kevin asks Pili if they want to go on a date tonight, talk about their feelings, and they're really going to get into it. Pili says yes, game, set match! and she goes into the washroom and joke that there are 2 people in the shower (each in their own stall) and she's never seen that before. Sarah and Willow are putting things away in the store room.

9:46 PM BBT: Bobby is done his shower, Bruno is still rinsing, there was talk, but no sound. Ash is doing dishes, bobby and Zach are making what looks like slop cookies. Pili is making coffee "HG, Please stop singing" Britt is sitting at the counter by Bobby and Zach, not really saying anything. In the Bathroom Sarah, Willow and Bruno are sitting and chatting. Willow burped and looked like she was going throw up, Bruno is freaked out. Sarah says she feels like she's going to pass out. They give her water and asks if she wants a cool cloth, she is laying on the bench in the bathroom. Bruno asks Sarah again if she's okay, she says she will be fine. Sarah tells Willow "you love Zach" they have a discussion and Sarah says it’s a good thing Britt comes in and they go back to how Sarah and willow are feeling.

9:55 PM BBT: Britt is trying to figure out her pre eviction speech. She doesn't want to be cocky, but she doesn't want it to be like her other ones. She does want to make a Chess reference in it though. Pili and Kevin are sitting and chatting on the love seat under the stairs. Pili is talking about her job, that she's thinking about school and a part-time job. Pili says that she is a shopaholic. she has to leave her debit card at home. Kevin says, so you are a spender. She is saying she works at a store that starts with an A, she had to wear their clothes when she worked. Kevin says I so love you, and Pili says me too.

10:01 PM BBT: Pili says they had to watch for shoplifters. they had ink plastic thing for security, but she said someone told her they just freeze them to get past it and open them without wrecking the clothes. Kevin tell her in Edmonton he bought a bunch of jerseys and they left one of those on one jersey. He said he never went back to have them take it off, he just wears it with it on, and his friends all asked him if he stole it.

10:14 PM BBT: Pili and Kevin are still chatting under the stairs, Pili laughed and snorted. Just changed to the bathroom feed 2 and Britt walks in with no shirt and a towel covering her breasts. she lays on her tummy and Bobby sits on her bum and starts massaging her back. Sarah and willow are talking, but Godfrey and Bruno are so loud I can't hear what's being said. the feed goes down so we switch back to Kevin and pili who are playing tonsil hockey again! In the HOH room Zach and Ash are talking strategy. Zach said he doesn't know if he can trust Godfrey, but he wants Sarah gone 1st, she's too dangerous. They are rehashing who needs to go and in what order.

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10:05PM BBT Same convos continuing. Bruno is working on Willow's nails. Britt asks Bobby if he is giving massages. He tells her he will have to straddle her then she wants to know if she should put on her bathing suit and he replies that sometimes side boob is an issue. (Nice looking out for your buds on the feeds dude! DRG) She takes down her top and he starts on her bare back with some lotion as he sits on her butt. She tells him he has stearn hands. Godfrey comes in.


Kevin and Pili talking about finances and he says he is pretty good with them but Pili is not. Pili says if she got the 10K prize she would buy stuff for her mom as she does not really have a place of her own.  He wonders if The Brick has a strobe light then says maybe he should get some speakers. 


Feed 3 freezing as commercial commences and Feeds 1 & 2 go to FOTH. 


Pili and Kevin talking about Emmet and Jillian and how many comps they won in a row. 


Now feed switches to Ash and Zach in the HOH on the white couches Zach is saying he does not know if he can trust Godfrey or not but he should just put Sarah up and get her out next. Ash does not think Sarah should go before Godfrey and wonders who is going after Bruno and Godfrey. She thinks that he is so smart and has talked himself off the block three times mow.  Zach would go after Sarah before Bruno as he could be brought in and would be loyal but Sarah is dangerous.  She says her main thing is to get rid of Godrey. He thinks they might get a bonus of getting Bruno close by not putting him on the block. Either way Sarah is gunning for him. He feels Ash trusts Sarah more than she should. Ash does not know why and he tells her she wants him out more than anyone else even Kevin.  She is telling Bruno and Godfrey to go after Zach and the couple when she talks with them.  He has no relationship with Sarah and is trying to get the guys to go after him. If Britt wins she is an emotional player and Sarah will get in her head.  


Kevin and Pili now sucking face again.  


Zach going on about how Bruno is so loyal and that is his fault in the game. Zach wants to pull him in and use him in the game. He says she had just blown him off and not talked to him for days. She says it is because he accused her of the whole girl alliance thing and she does not want be around him.

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10:20PM BBT Zach telling Ash about how he an Bruno both know they have been lying to each other and can laugh about it.  She says that as long as he is sure he won't do anything against the diaper alliance this week or next she is OK with keeping him.


Downstairs Bobby is waving smoke away frantically as he has burned the slop cookies he had been baking and the feeds go to FOTH when the smoke detector goes off.  Feeds come back to an intact kitchen and Zach now eating some of the slop cookies from the tray that was not burned.  Britt tells Bobby that he has good hands when he returns to the bathroom.  Willow teasing Bobby and Britt that they are just going to give them the bedroom. 


General chatter everywhere as Bobby is cleaning up in the kitchen. Kevin and Pili heading up to the BR, Ash and Zach have camped out again in the HOH where they are chatting with Bruno. He is telling them that he is there to be adopted into the alliance. Zach says he is not going on the block by them and he says that he would be fucked no matter who he would put up. Bruno saying he is loyal to a fault and now he has no one since Bobby is going home tomorrow.  Bruno very appreciative of overture from Zach and is glad they had a real talk a little while ago.  Bruno saying that no one is putting Pili up and they all would go after them first.  Bruno is there as a vote and if he has the power he will not nominate them.  Bruno says they need him as much as he needs them (Really?? DRG)  Bruno claims to have no loyalties to Kevin or Pili and has not talked to them for days.  When Bobby is gone he has nobody. 


Bathroom crew talking about the hot tub party night and who did what to whom.

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10:36PM BBT BR crew still talking about the wild night and Pili gets teased about kissing Ash. Sarah tells Godfrey that they kissed but they did not make out. He sitll claims no recall for the night at all. 


Bruno working to keep Godfrey as he is so loyal and they need him to take out some of the others.  He has not really played in any comps other than the A & B ones. They wonder why they are on LD when they are not building in the BY now.  They think it has to be a questions comp since there is no construction going on.  


BR still talking about kissing and who prefers bottom lips to top lips.


Bruno again saying how good it was they had an honest talk since everyone in the house is so fake.  He knows the couples are close and maybe this week or next week will be the time they strike at each other. Bruno has no loyalties to Kevin at all.  They now start talking about Sarah and how she acted all shocked after the last eviction then they found out she had known all along what was happening. Bruno repeats that she is poison and really gets in peoples ears.  Bruno would really like to get her out and he would have been happy to see her go over Johnny the week they were up together. 


Audio of commercials keeps breaking in for 10 seconds or so while video remains in the house.


Now the HOH disses Willow as she has never done anything and anyone could feel like they have her.  She has never even kicked one person out of a comp.  Bruno says she keeps telling  him that Zach is going after him. She also told him that Kevin trusts her and him more than anyone and Bruno had not talked to Kevin for days and knew she was lying to him.

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10:46PM BBT HOH crew back to dissing Sarah.


BR gang still talking about kissing.


Speculation in the HOH about who Sarah would nominate. Zach telling Ash she could tell Sarah that she is just a pawn if she noms her as Britt needs a break.  He tells her that Sarah would never put Ash up even with Zach. No matter what if they were up together Zach would go home.  The guys says they cannot sit on the block cause as soon as they do they will go home. Girls can sit on the block but the guys are always seen as a bigger threat and go home. They think that if none of them are HOH or nominated then the three of them control who goes home as 3 is the magic number for votes now. Bruno says that Godfrey knows that if a guy goes home then the remaining guys are screwed. Bruno will stay close to him and try to bring him along.  Zach says that the ones who make it to the end are lucky. The longer he is in the game the more he realizes how much luck is involved. 


BR now talking about how having sex is a very intimate affair and as a woman you are letting some one enter you. Willow says it is basically sharing a heartbeat with someone. She does not have sex she will only make love. It is only her opinion to which Sarah replies that she will make out with her bus driver but she agrees about sex. Bobby jokes that does not make him feel any more pressured then gets up to go get a nap.  He is asked if it is bed time and says not close it is just 9:30 but he will check for Willow.


Speculation in the HOH now about what the comp could be and how most HGs even Graig get cheers when they leave no matter what happened in the house. Bobby has joined the group and is just pacing about listening. 


BR crew more subdued now but still talking about kissing and other dating behavior. 

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10:31 PM BBT: Zac tell Ash that him and Bruno have stopped lying to each other, they know they are going to be put up. Godfrey is in the bathroom with Willow, Pili, Britt and a few other HG, he's telling them his girlfriend is Egyptian.

10:43 PM BBT: Bruno, Zach and Ash are in the HOH room. They are talking about working together BB: "Zach, fix your mic" They are saying that Sarah doesn't want to do anything, she wants to get others to do things for her. Bruno is going on again about the girls openly saying they are not putting girls up. Ash says so it's true? and the boys say yes. They have figured out that the competition tomorrow will not be physical, BB set it up to fast, BB: HG, please don't talk about production. Bruno says it feels good, that this is the first genuine conversation, Ash is agreeing with the boys. They keep reiterating that Sarah is poison.

10:54 PM BBT: while Bruno, Zach and Ash strategize in the HOH, in the bathroom Kevin, Pili, Britt, Bobby, Godfrey, Sarah and Willow are talking about relationships and making moves. Willow says she has gone on 11 dates with someone and never had any physical touch. Godfrey said the nicer the girl, the more nervous you are about making a move too soon or at the wrong time. Sarah tells willow that she should go to church to meet a guy, because willow wants a relationship, not casual sex. she says sex is like sharing a heartbeat. Kissing she said is another matter, she'd make out with her bus driver. The other HG tease her that he's a good kisser.

11:01 PM BBT: Sarah and Willow agree with each other about having to have a solid caring and respectful relationship before you have sex. And we get a commercial. Back in the HOH room we now have Ash, Zach, Bruno and Bobby. They are talking how they can lie and scheme, but still be around each other. They can't imagine being genuinely mad at someone and having to be in a lockdown with them. like has happened to people in previous seasons. Bobby says he can't wait to watch our season.

11:11 PM BBT: They are talking about Graig and Zach gets called to the DR, they shut the water off the tub just in case he takes a while. Pili comes into the HOH with Kevin, they go into the washroom area and start kissing. Kevin said he's so embarrassed, and pili asks why, he says because we were just talking and I let it slip. Pili said she doesn't remember. So he tells her he said I love who you are...and then though OH Sh*t the "L" word. Pili says there is nothing wrong with that. They decide that they will have to get to the bottom of this later. Bobby has sat very close to Ash. Pili went to shut the lamp off and Kevin yells nooo, that's my sexy lamp from the Brick. Kevin and Pili where behind a curtain and BB tells then to stop that.

11:17 PM BBT: Kev is looking at the globe, he is being told that when it was made they overlapped the map, so it's not right. Zach wants a bath. Bobby starts singing again and gets told again. Ash keeps asking BB to do it again, so BB says Bobby, this happens 3 times. In the main bedroom Bruno and Zach are saying it's too calm, BB is going to drop a bomb on them. They are talking about what would happen if Bobby stays. They say there is still shit going on. Back in the Hoh Bobby starts to tap his leg in a rhythm and says I want to get into sh*t, then the feed goes off.

11:26 PM BBT: In the bathroom we have Bruno, Zach, Kevin Godfrey, Britt, Sarah, Pili and Willow one of the girls missed her dentist appointment. Godfrey tells them he hasn't gone to the dentist in 6 years. Zach said he knows people who drink coffee through straws, which leads to a conversation of what is good drinking from a straw and what is not. They are now trying to figure out the percentage of people that drink 2% milk. One of the girls said I think it varies by province (I really don't think people factor that in) BB has told the HG to stop talking about production 3 times and then a very firm STOP THAT. Willow asks for KD and BB says HG Please stop talking about brand names.

11:40 PM BBT: Bobby tells Ash and Kev that Eminem is coming out soon. Pili has joined Bobby and Ash on the sofa in the HOH room. Bobby is doing some weird dance sitting down. In the bathroom, Zach is talking with Willow, Sarah, Britt and Pili. They are talking about what they eat with ketchup on and ranch on. Zach said he could eat a 24oz steak from the keg, the BB chastises him for talking about brand names. Zach just said twice baked potatoes are "the bee's knees" Britt and Pili are trying to figure out what time it is. and Britt starts singing 9-5. now they are asking for your favorite Julia Roberts movie. In the HOH bath Zach is saying that there is some big twist coming and he's freaking out. Kev says "oh Zachy" Zach says it could be a double eviction.

11:45 PM BBT: Pili comes into the HOH and announces herself. Zach says if Bruno wins tomorrow, he is going after Sarah. Zach is still having his bath while Ash, Kev. and Pili watch and talk strategy. He is explaining how frustrated Bruno is with the girls announcing they will never put a girl up, but if they put up Bruno tomorrow and he goes, so be it (they are really counting on a double tomorrow)

11:52 PM BBT: Ash is now warning Kev and Pili that they have to watch the girls, because they will end up taking out Kevin and Zach. They are saying that if willow goes up as a pawn she is coming after them full guns. Zach says it's hilarious the way the house communicates. Zach says the other girls should try to understand and look at things the way that they do. Zach also tells them that Bruno said that if he came after us that he would have no one left, which is true. Ash said their numbers control who will go now.

11:59 PM BBT: Zach said Ash and Pili are sitting good now, Ash says it's because they have uteruses. Sarah comes in and brings batteries for everyone to change. She comment that she's amazed that he has an audience while bathing. Sarah leaves and the kidlettes continue the strategizing.

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