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Saturday, April 25 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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11:30PM BBT:  The feeds finally came back on! The PoV contest was a "Yankee Trade" and Godfrey won the PoV. Willow is dressed as a ketchup bottle which she has to wear for 24 hours. The house guests got KFC for dinner. Sarah and Zach won't stop talking brand names and feeds get cut again.


11:40PM BBT: Sarah tells Sindy to be honest to everyone about the JP vote and say that she was scared about would happen if she didn't try and say. Sarah says she thinks the house is against Bobby. She knows Zach and Ashleigh doesn't like them. Willow breaks up their game talk and shows them her punishment outfit from the veto competition.


Sarah says if she goes up, she doesn't think she's leaving.


11:49PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are in the the HoH room bathtub and discuss that Godfrey won the PoV and they are happy for him. Pilar says it was an overwhelming day for her and she's ready for bed. Kevin asks Pilar about her periods and if they hurt her. She discusses her cramps and what it's like for girls. She says the bath is helping her relax.


11:54PM BBT: Bruno and Zach are discussing how Sindy needs to leave, but they both hate Sarah and think she's poison and says crap about her. Zach tells Bruno he never talks game to her and that Sarah will lie about anything. Bruno says he will never talk to Sarah and loves catching her in lies. Zach says that he'll never talk to her on a game level again, because he can't stand her. Zach and Bruno say she's poison and she's good at making up stories. 


Zach and Bruno say Willow and Sarah hate each other, and that's great. They also think Sarah thinks she's smarter than she actually is because no one believes anything she says and she'll never be able to sway the actual smart people in the house. Bruno says he's not sitting by and letting the girls float to the end and he can't stand people like that. Zach, Kevin, Bobby, and Bruno have a pact to put up Brittnee and Sarah when the win the next HoH.

12:03AM BBT: Sarah tells Brittnee in the Have-Not room that she told Sindy to push for Bobby or Bruno to go up and not another weak pawn. 


Brittnee tells Sarah that Zach and Bruno went into the pantry to talk game right in front of her and she's nervous about it. Sarah says they are worried about going up as a replacement nominee. Sarah says she told Sindy to tell Pilar/Kevin that by getting rid of a huge player, they could get an alliance in Sindy, Brittnee or Sarah on their side. Brittnee says she doesn't have much hope of that happening. Brittnee says this week will be a double eviction and she thinks it will be two of them going back to back. 


Sarah says we have to try and save us if we can. Brittnee says that by making too many waves they're going to be on their radars. Sarah says they're already on everyone's radar for voting with Bruno/Bobby last week. She says dropping truth every now and then messes with people's head and makes people think they are actually legit.

12:20AM BBT: In the main bedroom Zach is giving Ashleigh a massage and Sarah is doing the same for Willow. Bobby and Sarah are talking about The Simpsons and their favourite episodes.

12:40AM BBT: Feeds were been down for about 20 minutes. When feeds come back Sarah is still rubbing Willow's back, Zach and Ashleigh are cuddling, and Bobby is massaging Willow. 


Bruno was napping and wakes up when Sarah and Ashleigh talk about the free the nipple campaign. Bruno says the number one way to wake him up is to talk about breasts. Sarah says one of her audition statements was she wanted to start "Tits out Tuesdays" in the house. Bruno and Bobby fully support that idea for the girls.


12:53PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are discussing her replacement nominee and he tells her to put up Brittnee, because she'll stay over Sindy, but Sarah has a better chance of winning HoH than Brittnee next week. 


Kevin wants to pull Willow, Bobby, Bruno, Zach, and Ashleigh in to talk about putting Brittnee up against Sindy. Kevin says it feels gross knowing they are breaking someone's heart this week. Pilar says at this point they all have to go and it shouldn't be emotional. She's worried if she puts up Brittnee, Ashleigh and Zach would flip the house to get rid of her. Kevin says they aren't that stupid and Pilar agrees.
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 8:22 am BBT Wow! We had over six hours of FoTH yesterday in the BB house and we wake up to the same thing this morning.

 8:30 am BBT we are still on FoTH in the BB house. Does anybody want to guess who the replacement nominee will be after Godfrey takes himself off the block with the PoV he won yesterday?

 8:45 am BBT FoTH is still on all the feeds. The PoV comp yesterday was something to do with elimination and picking a box. I heard Sarah apologize to Sindy for having to take a box away from her. Sindy told her that it was okay she understood.

 8:49 am BBT The feeds up and the houseguests are too! We see Bruno, Bobby, Zach and Britt in the hot tub talking about what a beautiful day it is.

 8:52 am BBT Feeds one and two are still on FoTH. We have the fan feed up with Pilar and Kevin playing kissy face.

 8:56 am BBT The HT group is talking about ice fishing and Zach catches six pounders.

 8:58 am BBT Feeds one and two are now on the HOH room. Sarah Willow in her Ketchup costume has joined them in their bed.

 9:00 am BBT HOH trio were talking about the rooster crow this morning and BB told them to stop talking about production

 9:03 am BBT HT group are talking about watching BB.

 9:05 am BBT Willow left the HOH room. Ashleigh is in the HOH WA doing her makeup. Kevin and Pilar playing kissy face again.

 9:06 am BBT Willow walked in the BR where Sindy is sitting on her bed. Willow asked Sindy to join her and they walk out of the BR with their bags and head out to the BY to do laundry.

 9:09 am BBT Willow is giving a shout out for Oxy clean if you have ketchup in your clothes. She also said that she is blushing because she saw the salad dressing.

 9:10 am BBT Sindy is going to shower while Willow heads into the SR then feeds switch to HOH room again with Pilar and Kevin kissing.

 9:13 am BBT Bobby is out of the HT and Sarah has joined them. Britt said that she is happy for Godfrey that he won $5,000 yesterday.

 9:14 am BBT Britt can’t believe they got chicken last night. Bruno is going to eat breakfast and then come out to tan. Godfrey walked out and Bruno told him it is tanning day today.

 9:15 am BBT Kevin and Pilar are finally getting out of bed. Ashleigh still in HOH WA doing her makeup.

 9:16 am BBT Pilar headed to the HOH WA by Ashleigh while Kevin left the HOH room.

 9:17 am BBT Ashleigh and Pilar are finished and headed downstairs.

 9:22 am BBT Sindy is taking a shower in the HOH room. Not much going on in the BB house this morning.

  9:25 am BBT most of the houseguests out by the HT with general chatter going on.

 9:38 am BBT All four feeds are on the HT with general conversation going on.

 9:39 am BBT Godfrey just went up to the HOH room to talk to Sindy. Godfrey thinks the best way possible is to tell Pilar to put up Ashleigh. Sindy said that she would never put up Ashleigh. Godfrey said that he should say to put up someone that hasn’t been a pawn since Sindy is going home anyway. Sindy said again that Pilar will never put up Ashleigh or Zach. She had the opportunity to put up Bruno or Bobby, but she didn’t have the balls to do that. Sindy don’t want Godfrey to suggest Bobby or Bruno because Zach talks to them.

 9:46 am BBT Sindy said that Bobby won’t vote for her because he wants her out. She would rather have Bobby on the block than have him for a vote. Godfrey asked if Sindy thinks she could beat Bobby on the block and Sindy said yes. Others walked into the HOH room and interrupted their conversation so Sindy just told Godfrey thanks for checking up on her.

 9:49 am BBT Now we have FoTH again.

 9:53 am BBT Feeds are back with Ashleigh in the HOH room putting on make up again.

 9:54 am BBT Godfrey is sitting on the HOH couch listening to music and eating.

 9:55 am BBT Pilar is in the SR getting herself something to eat.

 10:00 am BBT Sarah, Pilar, Ashleigh and Willow in KT fixing food and talking about Sandra Bullock then we get FotH again.

 10:01 am BBT Feeds are back with Godfrey still in HOH room listening to music. Sindy has finished her shower and is now in WA to dry her hair.

 10:03 am BBT Ashleigh, Sarah, Willow and Pilar still in Kt area talking about movies. They are talking about the movie the Proposal.

 10:07 am BBT Now the KT group is talking about trending on twitter, the live feeders and bloggers. They are speculating when the live feeds are on and when they are not.  

 10:08 am BBT Sarah can’t wait to read the blogs minute by minute.

 10:09 am BBT Ashleigh can’t believe that people write out everything they do on the live feeds.

  10:12 am BBT The KT group is talking about heading out in the BY and they all scatter except for Ashleigh and Pilar. Ashleigh fixed herself something to drink while Pilar finishes up eating.

 10:15 am BBT Zach called to the DR.

 10:16 am BBT The HT is covered up. Bruno, Ashleigh, Kevin and Pilar are out laying and sitting by it in the sun with no conversation going on.

 10:18 am BBT Sindy and Britt in the KT. Britt is cleaning while Sindy is sitting at the counter eating a banana talking about how exhausted. Britt said still no word on who they are putting up. Britt doesn’t want to talk game with Pilar every time that she sees her. She just wants to chill out and what will be will be. Sindy said that Bruno hasn’t even talked to her.

 10:21 am BBT Sindy thinks that Bruno is mad at her. Britt can’t wait until Pilar is not HOH because she basically gave it to Ashleigh and Zach. Sindy said when she suggested putting up Bobby or Willow, Pilar said no they are so nice and it’s so early in the game. Sindy is going to try and talk to Ashleigh and Zach.

 10:24 am BBT Willow walked into the KT and Sindy asked if it is too hard to throw away a core when you are done eating an apple. Willow picked up her apple core and said that she is not done eating it yet.

 10:26 am BBT Willow leaves the KT and Sindy told Britt that she don’t want to go outside because it is too cold out there and she don’t want to talk to anybody.

 10:27 am BBT Britt and Sarah now in the HOH room. Britt left and Sarah is going to listen to some music.

 10:35 am BBT Sindy walked in the HOH room where Sarah was listening to music. Sindy proceeded to tell Sarah about what Godfrey told her to do and Sarah said not to do that because it won’t work. Then BB calls Sindy out by telling her to fix her mic. Sarah said that she can’t tell Sindy who but she found out info today and she would just leave it. Sindy said that she is so loyal with Sarah and Britt, but Bruno has been avoiding her.

 10:39 am BBT Sarah told Sindy that she thinks they are going to put up one of their own to throw the others off. Sindy don’t want to risk Sarah or Britt going up. Sarah thinks that they will feel so comfortable and told Sindy just leave it. Sindy is talking about the secret PoV that Bobby is saying he has and if he will be able to use it. Sarah told Sindy to just play it cool and don’t push anything.

 10:43 am BBT Sarah carried the dishes down from the HOH room where Zach is and he offered to help by loading the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. BB told Sarah now to fix her mic.

 10:44 am BBT Sarah just told Zach that he don’t have to say too much, but if he wants her he still has her. Zach said right now he kinda don’t know where he is at either and if he wins next week and don’t put her up that is the only thing that he can do. Zach knows that Sarah don’t feel like she has anyone in this game. Sarah told Zach that they are going to need people.  Bobby walked through the KT and conversation stopped between Zach and Sarah.  

 10:47 am BBT Bobby went into the DR and Sarah told Zach that there has got to be people that scare him more than she does. Zach said exactly then Sindy walked in the KT and conversation switched to the chicken that they had last night.

 10:49 am BBT there is no PoV ceremony today on the LR screen.

 10:52 am BBT Sindy called to the DR.

 10:55 am BBT Sarah told Zach that just because she was comforting Sindy when she was crying they now Bobby is saying that Sarah is working with Sindy. Zach told Sarah that he knows that Bobby don’t have a secret veto because that is something that you don’t tell people. Sarah said that if they send her or Britt home she don’t know what they would do. Zach said they would be *ucked. Sarah said to go with the most obvious thing. Zach told Sarah not to count him as someone that would throw her on the block. Sindy walked in and conversation changed to sneezing.

 10:59 am BBT Sindy in HOH listening to music now and other houseguests out laying in the sun. no conversation going on. 

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 3:26 pm BBT Kevin and Bruno are in the BY throwing football in laundry baskets. Sindy is just lying on the couch in the HOH room and Ashleigh is in the HOH room putting on her makeup again. Pilar is in the WA telling Britt that she is putting her up as a pawn because it is the easiest week to be a pawn because everyone wants Sindy gone. If she puts Sarah up, the same people that voted JP out could vote her out. Britt said she don’t want to be a pawn and if the others are so sure that Sindy is going home then put one of them up.

 3:31 pm BBT Britt is telling Pilar this is not making her any better. Pilar don’t want to make her mad or her be upset and the last thing that she wants is her going home. Pilar knows it makes Britt upset and she wouldn’t be putting her up as a pawn, but she just has to look pretty. Pilar said whoever voted for JP won’t vote for her. Britt said that it is not guaranteed that she won’t go home.

 3:36 pm BBT Britt said that it is not okay. Pilar knows that she is upset and she is not happy and it sucks. Pilar would put herself up if she could. Britt said that you could really put anybody up if you are that sure she (Sindy) is going home. Britt said that nothing is a sure thing in this house. Pilar said that she wishes in a million years that she did not have to make this decision. (funny thing is Sindy is in the HOH room listening to this conversation on the spy screen).

 3:39 pm BBT Britt reminded Pilar that she is not here with really good friends because they are here to win the money. Britt told Pilar to make sure it is what is best for her game. Britt said that Bobby has not been on the block one time and if all these people are willing to trust her then why don’t they go on the block as a pawn.

 3:41 pm BBT Britt told Pilar that it is a hard decision and she gets it, but she has to think long term and who is going to truly get her there or try and take it from her. She knows how people operate and how people turn. Pilar hopes that Britt won’t hold it against her and she loves her to death. Britt is saying as her friend to make sure it is the best for her game. Britt told Pilar that she is hesitating putting others up as a pawn but does she think they would hesitate putting her up. Britt just knows that people are playing off of emotions and her eyes have really been opened up, but no matter what Britt loves Pilar. Pilar said that she cant say that she guarantees because nothing is one hundred percent.

 3:46 pm BBT Pilar leaves the WA and Britt continues her shower.  

 3:48 pm BBT Zach and Godfrey in the KT sitting at the counter saying next week is a double eviction. Godfrey told Zach that they will talk and see what the smartest thing to do is. Zach said for sure. Godfrey told Zach that the girls are going to be taking them out and Zach responded that is why we can start taking them out now. Godfrey told Zach that Bobby does have a secret PoV. Bruno walked in the KT and Godfrey told him that next Wednesday is going to be wild and they have to chat about next week. Zach said yes us four boys are going to have a chat so they can set something up for the double. Bruno said alright he is down with that.

 3:52 pm BBT Zach don’t want the coasters to sit and watch them take each other out so it is time to take them out. More discussion in the KT about a double eviction coming up.

 3:53 pm BBT Godfrey said that they have to be careful who Pilar puts next to Sindy because they can’t be sure. Zach asked if Bruno talked to Pilar and Bruno said no but he should go and talk to her. Bruno has only seen Zach and Godfrey all day. Bruno is going to see if he can find Pilar and talk to her.

 3:56 pm BBT Bruno decided he will talk to Pilar in a bit and let her do her thing right now because she was stressing all day yesterday.

 3:57 pm BBT Britt and Sindy in the BR and Britt told Sindy that Pilar came to her and said she is going on the block. Britt is mocking Sindy saying “hey babe I don’t want you to be mad” Britt said it is a joke and she told Sindy that she said if Pilar is so sure Sindy is going home then why isn’t someone else going up. She also told Pilar that she needs to be smart about it and play her own game.

 4:01 pm BBT Britt is telling Sindy all the other stuff that she told Pilar and that it is not okay. Britt told Sindy that she can’t even be mad because she loves this game but it is frustrating being here with people that don’t know how to play this game. Sindy said that she read PIlars letter and in the second paragraph it tells her not to play with her emotions.

 4:03 pm BBT Britt told Sindy that Ashleigh’s only game in here is that she has a pretty face. They both agree that if they were a viewer at home they would be so mad at Pilar. Britt is just going to smile and be fake and then she follows that with she is just going to be herself.

 4:05 pm BBT Sindy asked Britt if she told Sarah and Britt said not yet. Sindy said it has not happened yet and she will try and say something to Pilar. Britt wanted to say to Pilar that she can put her up as a pawn next week since she is being used as a pawn this week. Britt left the BR to check the WA and see if anyone was in there then she went back into the BR. Sindy was going to talk to Kevin, Zach and Ashleigh today and say if Bobby has a secret PoV then this is a chance to see if he does.

 4:08 pm BBT Britt asked Sindy if she is going to talk to Pilar and Sindy said that she is not talking to Pilar anymore, she has to talk to Kevin and Zach.

 4:10 pm BBT Godfrey walked into the BR and Britt told him it didn’t work because Pilar came and told her that she is going up. Britt is reviewing her conversation with Godfrey now.

 4:11 pm BBT Sindy told Godfrey that she is going to talk to Zach and Ashleigh to see if Pilar would put up Bobby. Godfrey is thinking that they are the ones who told Pilar to put Britt up. Sindy said if Bobby goes up then she can probably beat him. Godfrey told Sindy to make sure she tells Zach and Ashleigh that about the secret veto and the sequester stuff and she just may convince them.

 4:14 pm BBT Godfrey is giving Sindy some tips on what to tell Zach and Ashleigh. Sindy is going to grab her laundry and see if they are around.

 4:15 pm BBT Godfrey told Sindy to tell them to put up Bobby just to flush the veto out if he really has it.

 4:17 pm BBT Sindy went to the BY to do her laundry. Kevin is on the hammock and Ashleigh is on the BY couch. Sindy thinks Willow might have taken some of her (Sindy’s) underwear out of the dryer.  The three of them head in the house.

 4:20 pm BBT Sindy went into the BR where Bruno and Godfrey were talking. Bruno went to Sindy and gave her a hug. Bruno told Sindy don’t ever give up because there has been twist after twist. Godfrey and Bruno are telling Sindy different scenario’s about what else could happen. Bruno said Sindy just please don’t give up. Sindy is telling them that she hates Bobby. She had nothing against him and then she went to the sequester house and everything she was told about Bobby, she seen it to the point.

 4:24 pm BBT We had a commercial interruption then when feeds came back, Ashleigh was in the BR also. Sindy is just telling them how she cried so much. Godfrey is talking about the PoV game and Sindy said it was a game of chance.

 4:26 pm BBT Discussion in the BR is now about packing and unpacking their bags.

 4:28 pm BBT Down by the HT we have Britt, Sarah, Bobby, Zach and Willow talking about twists in the game. Bobby said if it does he is going to use that cool new thing that he has because he is not going to let it die.

 4:30 pm BBT The HT group are now talking about the ten thousand that could have been taken from pushing the button and if it had been twenty thousand it might have been different. Zach said it is funny that Sindy did not take that money and now she is leaving five days later.

 4:33 pm BBT Feeds one and two are on FotH, Feed three just went black so we switch to fan feed and see Pilar and Kevin in the HOH bed making out.

 4:35 pm BBT Back on feed three by the HT the houseguests are talking about previous BB games.

 4:39 pm BBT Now by the HT we just have Willow and Zach talking about Sarah and Willow said why would she tell Sarah that she is in an alliance. Zach said that she came to him and said that she don’t have anyone. Willow said maybe she is looking for someone. Willow has not talk to Kevin yet but she thinks he is good. Zach don’t get how the couples alliance thing is and he asked Willow how many times she has seen him and Kevin talk. Zach said that Bobby and Bruno are a couple. Willow said that she don’t have one. Zach said until the final six it doesn’t matter. Willow said that it is her time soon to win.

 4:43 pm BBT Back up in the HOH room we have Kevin and Pilar still in bed.

 4:45 pm BBT feeds one and two back with Sarah and Britt in the HN room talking about if Britt does go home then Sarah better take these people down. Sarah said that she is not going home and Britt said that you never know. Britt told Sarah that Sindy is going to try and talk to Zach and Ashleigh again. Britt said if Pilar was smart she would not put her up and she would align with her then back to FotH.

 4:50 pm BBT Zach and Willow still by the HT and Zach would be amazed if it wasn’t a double coming up next week. Willow feels like they are going to wake up on an instant eviction. Both of them are heading in the house to make dinner.

 4:52 pm BBT Sindy and Ashleigh in the BR talking something Sindy told her but she was not focused on it. Sindy told Ashleigh that she don’t like Bobby and trust him at all. Sindy appreciated Ashleigh and Zach comforting her yesterday; obviously it sucks because she knows that she is going home so she wants to help the people that she can help before she leaves.

 4:54 pm BBT After commercial interruption we are back to the BR with Sindy and Ashleigh. Sindy is telling Ashleigh all of the stuff that she heard in sequester. Ashleigh said it is so weird because it was Bobby pulling people in and making them part of the chop shop. Sindy telling Ashleigh all of the stuff that Graig told her in sequester and it was all meant to go after Bobby. Sindy told Ashleigh that she really needs to be cautious with Bobby. Ashleigh feels like Bobby having a secret veto is a lie. Sindy said that everyone asked if they seen the goodbye messages because she heard that they were all about the chop shop.

 4:59 pm BBT Sindy told Ashleigh that it was not hard for her to get Bobby and Bruno to go against Zach. Sindy said that Graig told her that Bobby hates Zach and she knows that they have an idea of who to put up as a replacement because no matter what she is going home, but at least if he has a secret power then he will have to use it and then they will not be able to get him in the weeks ahead. Sindy has nothing to lose because she is going home.

 5:02 pm BBT Sindy told Ashleigh that Bobby’s biggest target is Zach and then Ashleigh will be on the block next to him. Sindy is explaining to Ashleigh how Bobby supposedly found the secret veto. Sindy said that she knows that she is going home, but if Bobby isn’t lying then he will have to use it if he is put up. Sindy is making the pitch to at least put up Bobby to flush the secret veto out if he does have it. Ashleigh said it is so true. Pilar walked in the BR while Ashleigh said it is a really good point.

 5:10 pm BBT Then Zach walked in and Sindy is thanking them for comforting her and she knows that she is going home so the least that she can do is give them the info to help with their game. She is telling the BR group about all the stuff that she heard and everyone’s target in sequester is Bobby. Sindy is reviewing again about the stuff that she heard from Graig and Johnny about Bobby, it is down to the t with what they were saying. She has nothing to lose and Bobby is going after Zach no matter what. Sindy is talking about the secret power that Bobby claims to have and how they should put Bobby up so they can flush it out if he does have it.

 5:13 pm BBT Sindy told Zach that he was Bobby’s target before she came back in the house. Zach asked what Naeha said and Sindy responded that Naeha loves him and she understands and even though she knew about Zach’s stuff, she was still wanting to go after Bobby.

 5:15 pm BBT Sindy is telling Ashleigh, Zach and Pilar to think about their game in the long run if Bobby really does have a secret power and he is going after Zach. Sindy told them this is their chance to find out if he really does have it because no matter what Sindy is going home and no matter what he is going after them if they put him up or not.

 5:20 pm BBT All feeds went to FotH

 5:22 pm BBT before the FotH it really sounded like Sindy convinced Pilar, Ashleigh and Zach to put up Bobby as a replacement nominee, but we will see.

 5:41 pm BBT No more game talk going on right now.  

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9:15PM BBT All HGs in the HOH room discussing their social media accounts.  They are on a LD awaiting the reward from the POV comp yesterday. They are speculating about what the reward will be and whether or not they will get alcohol tonight.  Consensus is that since tomorrow is just the POV Ceremony they could be hung over for that. Willow thinks BB will give them food. Sarah says that she posts pics of her food all the time on her Instagram. She does not post pics from her work. At one point she thought she could run for Prime Minister but that is blown now. (One might even say it has gone up in smoke. - DRG) Feeds have gone to FOTH as they were talking about the Mayor of Toronto and other politicians.

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9:24PM BBT  Feeds back with all still in the HOH talking about pics that Sarah likes to take and Master Chef. Willow is pacing around in her Ketchup outfit then lies down on the bed between Ash and Bruno. Talk turns to pics they have with former BBCA HGs. After some debate the decide that John and Arlie are about the same height. Ash can't believe that John was in their house. Mumsy was the sixth person out last season and then jury started according to Willow and Sarah. They wonder where Sindy is. Willow jokes that she is getting a bomb Veto and that there are certain numbers around the house for a reason. Willow reads out the numbers on her battery pack and BB tells them to please wake up that nap time is over.  Ashleigh gets up to go pee. Talk returns to what the reward will be and whether it will be food or not. Sarah thinks not as they just had food yesterday. Godfrey says the best would be chicken but he would take some roast beef or steak. Sarah remarks that it will be nice when they are back in the real world and can eat whatever they want. Willow is sad that it is half over and wants to keep going forever. (BB is likely preparing a half-way party for them and the Have Nots will get to eat while us live feeders will likely be starved. - DRG) Feeds again go to FOTH.

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9:34PM BBT Feeds back with them all in the kitchen stuffing their faces with Sushi, chicken wings, tempura and other goodies. They also have a salad. They all thank Bruno for winning. General chatter around the table about the food. Pilar is called to the DR. Several folks shout out thank you to BB and happy halfway. Zach says it is a pretty good week to be Have Nots, back to back nights of food. They notice that the clock has been set back to like 2:30. Britt says she really loves arts and crafts alot and others ask if she is really done eating. For whatever reason Feed 3 has remained locked on the empty HOH room since the meal began. Britt is up looking through a basket of craft materials with one hand while still eating with the other. They realize that they should save some food for Pili. Godfrey is going to let his food digest before he goes for round two. Bobby asks if the house has ever failed a challenge and not gotten the reward on TV. Attention turns to the art supplies that are also spread out on the table mainly by Britt and Ashleigh. Conversation drifts to who speaks a language besides Pili speaking Spanish and Bruno says he took French and Sarah talks about how she lost interest in French when she moved and the new class was way behind where the former one had been.  Britt and Ash now picking out some craft supplies and wandering off to work on them. Pili still in the DR. 

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9:38pm  BBT The HGs are eating a feast including the have nots.  Looks like Chinese and Sushi.  Some yells out Thank you Big Brother.  I also hear ‘happy half way’. 

9:42pm BBT  Brittnee is excited about the arts and crafts BB has given to them. 

9:51pm BBT  Sindy is saying she doesn’t use her real name and only her and her family know it.  She’s thinking of changing her name legally to Sindy. 

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9:50PM BBT Another rounds of thank you BB. Sarah calls out asking for a Cola. Bruno wonders where the sugar is at. Willow thinks the salad is to die for. Zach says that Sushi makes him feel good about himself but others say that it is not really that good for you, Soy Sauce is especially bad for you. Britt and Ash are in the center of the living room on the floor working on their projects. Willow wonders if there will be a masquerade party tonight or not. Sarah again shouts out asking if they can have a pop or no. Zach remarks that Pili eats the equivalent of a field mouse and also yearns for some cola about now. Bruno looking over the craft materials now. Bobby talks about what he can and can't see without his glasses on and he has to wear them for driving, legally. Bruno now joining Ash and Britt on the floor and Willow wanders over too. Pili is back now and Bruno is called to the DR. Zach tells her there are three wings there and she is very appreciative. Bobby now pawing through the materials on the table. Pili sits down to eat with just Sarah and Sindy and Zach still at the table. Godfrey making his selections from the materials before heading over the the living room to join the other crafters. In case you're wondering the HOH is still on feed 3 and is still empty. Pili wonders what the others are making and Sarah starts carting all the supplies over to the living room floor.

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10:00PM BBT Everyone now getting to work on the living room floor and chatting about the supplies. They are working on decorating masks with paint, glitter and feathers. Britt says she loves loves loves this stuff and being creative. Bobby again speculates that they might even get a party where they get to wear the masks. Zach again calls out the BB, "How about that cola?" General chatter about the activity and there is general agreement that the glue is not good. Willow is called to the DR and someone thinks maybe she will be released from her ketchup outfit. Sarah yells out for her to ask them for pop. Sindy is now called to the DR.


10:10PN BBT Masks still under construction, and yes, the HOH is still empty and on feed 3. (Maybe I could bedazzle my keyboard during the lulls???? - DRG) Willow was not squeezed out of her Ketchup bottle. Conversation has digressed to discussing the fart that someone just let loose. 


10:21 Willow is called to the DR once again and gets very excited about seeing a spider as she gets up. She wants to keep it and name it Theodore. Ash has finished her mask and has it on as the announces she needs water and scurries off to get some. Zach is now called to the DR. 


10:30PM BBT Godfrey wishes there were crayons and the ladies talk about some women who make their lipstick out of crayons. Bobby is now done and they all think that he looks like some kind of villain then they say his mask looks like a penis. Ash is complimented on her mask. Sarah is complimented on how good her eyes look since she folded the covering into the eye holes.  Speculation about what they will do with the masks recurs and they talk about what the HGs did last season with the sock puppets. Now Willow explains to someone who asked when Rachelle found out about the First Five alliance last season. Now they imitate scenes from White Chicks.  

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10:40PM BBT Discussion centers on Iggy Azalia. Sarah is called to the DR. Talk turns to when they got their invitations to be on the show. Ash tries on Bobby's mask and while it is still terrifying it does not look so much like a penis now according to Ash. Kevin is called the the DR. Willow says that each of the masks represents their personalities and Bobby replies that he hopes not. Harry Potter World is brought up.  More folks are finishing up and wandering around the kitchen area then returning to sit around the red couches.


10:50PM BBT Willow is now done and thinks she forgot her hat in the DR then finds it behind her. Ash wonders if they are supposed to wear the masks now or not. Speculation returns to the topic of alcohol and whether they will get any tonight. Willow also wants bubble tea. 


11:00PM BBT Willow Zach Ash and Pili in the bathroom now and Pili says their task was to do crafts and the debate when the actual half way point in the season was and decide is was somewhere between yesterday and today. They wonder if last year was 92 days then decide that it was the US show that ran that long. Willow says BB loves stuff at midnight and BB tells the HGs to stop singing (don't know who the offender was as I was fed a commercial. DRG) Zach is going to go take a shower in the HOH. Bobby in the bathroom now teases Ash whe in turn goes and sits on Pili who starts laughing hysterically. She talks about how she started laughing in the nominations ceremony and how Bobby had the giggles then too. Ash decides she will take a could shower in the bathroom to get rid of the hot. (Don't know about you all, but Ash in a cold shower sounds hot to me. - DRG)

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11:08PM BBT Pili complains about her belly and being so gassy. Bobby suggest Ash use the other shower. In the living room Britt is saying they she thinks she will get some questions about her rant today to Sindy. Godfrey is starting to clean up the craft supplies. 


Back in the bathroom Pili wants to know how she will know when her music is done charging and she is told to go ask for it in the DR. Ash is showering and gives Pili the finger which gets Bobby and Pili up to give her some kind of response. NEWS FLASH Pili now in the HOH room on cam 3 for all of about 20 seconds. Ash now plotting with Pili to pour water on Zach when he is in the shower in the HOH. They fill a water bottle then scamper across the hall to do the deed. Pili wants to know who has clothes in the dryer now as she has clothes she wants to put in there. 


Downstairs Godfrey is back on the topic of getting chicken two days in a row and Sarah is looking for her water bottle. Godfrey says he his his mask and then they say that Sarah's and Britts masks are professional grade.  Ash wanders to the BY where Bruno and Willow are throwing the ball back and forth. Talk turns to going to the hot tub and they wonder what time it is. Sindy remains sprawled out on the red couches motionless. Bruno and Ash go in asking others if they want bathing suits as they are going to hit the tub.


Feeds one and two switch to Kevin and Pili in the hammock. Cam 3 still frozen on the HOH (where Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead. - DRG)  and 4 shows Godfrey and Britt in the bathroom. Bruno and Willow meet in the bedroom where they decide to go play.  Godfrey Ash and Britt in the kitchen where he is still talking to BB about some chicken.  Willow has made her way to the HOH bathroom and is asking Zach if he is joining them in the hot tub. Ashleigh is called to the DR. Sarah is doing the dishes and Britt tells her not to but Sarah says she can't just leave them. 


Willow talking game with Zach in the HOH bathroom where he is telling her they need to stay the course for now. She whispers and is hard to hear over the background noise. They are talking about the last vote and how their side was left out to look stupid. He thinks the ones they are not working with are the ones they need to keep close.  


Kevin and Pili still flirting in the hammock outside.  


Zach is sure he will be going up next week if one of the other side wins and decides he just needs to fight hard for the HOH. They head downstairs and Willow says she will help clean up and was like a child before and did not clean up her mess. (Feeds all reloading.) 


Bobby and Bruno are in the hot tub already as Sarah complains to Willow about everyone leaving all the dishes because they are going to the hot tub. Bobby still talking about the Chop Shop while Bruno says that Bobby is the only one he talks game to. Godfrey joins them as Bruno is giving Bobby a pep talk to keep trying. Feed four is a long shot of the hammock where Pili and Kevin are Jedi training with him quizzing her and her asking for reassurance from him.

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11:33PM BBT Godfrey joins Bruno and Bobby in the hot tub where they are talking about who might go if they were put up against Sindy and Godfrey talks about what he would do if he got a diamond veto. (Two guesses who he would put up and the first three don't count. - DRG) Ash joins them and says she is not tubbing tonight since she already had a shower. 


In the BY Jedi training has given way to snogging.


Willow and Sarah now in the hot tub area too with Willow shouting and prancing around about still being a Ketchup bottle. The guys have a major discussion about temperatures as Willow runs around and around the tub. Britt and Sarah and Zach are sitting in the chairs. Godfrey thinks he might have to do a workout after this. Sarah is called to the DR and Willow takes her seat when she leaves. Willow dances on the edge of the tub while singing a song about Midnight Ketchup. Kevin is now joining them in the tub and is warned about how hot it is. Willow still carrying on like a hyperactive 5 year old. 


11:45PM BBT Willow is asked how many bones she has broken in her life. She prances around some more then latches onto Godfrey asking him if he loves ketchup. Godfrey tells Ashleigh to take Willow to bed as she has had a long day. More frantic jumping about from Willow. 

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11:50PM BBT General chatter in the hot tub where Pili has joined the folks on the chairs. 


Pili and Ash have now entered the kitchen where they are snacking at the counter. Ash complains about getting a sunburn today. Pili is eating some fruit and Ash tells her she is not supposed to eat the stickers. She is thirsty. 


Guys outside talking about boxing or mixed martial arts. 


Ladies in the kitchen speculating about if BB is putting alcohol in the store room or not. Ash wants to go lock themselves in there and just drink it if there is any. They go into the store room and find batteries but no booze. Ash wonders if they have found her bracelet yet. They head out to the hot tub with the batteries stopping at the hammock where Sarah is complaining about having eaten too much. They switch out her batteries and continue on to the hot tub for more of the same. 

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11:46 PM BBT
Willow is dancing around the deck still and almost falls in a few times. Bobby asks who gave her caffeine and Britt says she had pop with her dinner. Zach laughs and says that explains a lot. (Earlier in the hot tub Bruno tells Bobby what Sarah told him about the Purple Cobras and he wants to make the move on Zach/Ashleigh next week. Bobby agreed).


12:09 AM BBT
Ashleigh and Pilar say they hope Kevin or Zach win HoH so they don't get put on slop. Pilar says that she hopes whoever wins doesn't put Sarah on slop again, because it's not right. Ashleigh says anyone else wins they are for sure going on slop.


12:14 AM BBT
Ashleigh tells Pilar not to put up Bobby as a replacement nom since it would only piss him off and he wouldn't be going home anyway. Pilar says fine. Ashleigh says next week on the double eviction they can put up Godfrey and Bobby and get one of them then.


12:19 AM BBT
Willow is giving Bobby a back massage and tells him he carries his stress in his shoulders. He says he knows but Sarah gave him some great pills that are helping him relax. Willow jumps off the bed and runs to her things and pops a pill. She says she keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. Bobby laughs at her as she jumps back on him and continues the massage. Sarah says she has to go to the have not room so she can sleep because she'll get a punishment if she falls asleep in the bedroom.


12:26 AM BBT
Willow says that the UK and Australia version of BB is very different from Canada and United States. Sarah says that Canada twists are very similar to the UKs. Bobby wants to know how they eliminate people in games that aren't like the US and Canada. Willow then talks about all the versions of Big Brother that she watches and then says that Shameless and the Simpsons are her other favorites.


12:28 AM BBT
In the hoh room Ashleigh tells Pilar and Britt that the fact that they almost let Sindy talk them into putting up Bobby terrifies them and she has to go. Pilar says she doesn't trust anything Sindy says.


12:35 AM BBT
Pilar and Ashleigh tells Britt their plan to put up Bobby to flesh out the veto he claims he has. Britt wants to know why that isn't still an option and Pilar says they don't want to make him mad. Britt says he for sure has the numbers this week over Sindy and it's a good idea to get rid of that veto now.


12:39 AM BBT
Bobby tells Bruno in the kitchen that Sarah telling them about everything makes them trust her way more than ever. Bruno says that before Wednesday they need to pull Willow, Godfrey, and Sarah in and put for their plan to get rid of Zach and Ashleigh. Bruno is wondering if it is a diamond POV if they could convince him to put Zach up this week and to keep Sindy for a number later.


12:42 AM BBT
Zach and Kevin talk in the hot tub about not jumping the gun too early, because Godfrey would go after anyone who got rid of Bobby. Zach says we have to win the double eviction hohs and get rid of Godfrey and Bobby. Zach would like to see B or Sarah go home too.


12:46 AM BBT
Willow tells Britt and Sarah in the have not room that Ashleigh said she'd put up Bobby next week as a nom because she's tired of him.


12:51 AM BBT
Sarah, Britt, and Willow talk about how Sindy told them Canada hates Bobby and Zach and Sarah wonders if they love her. They make fun of Zach being hated since everyone calls him QB1 and King Zach ironically.


12:52 AM BBT
Godfrey and Bruno meet up and discuss Zach and Ashleigh. Godfrey says he's been telling him all along that Sarah could be trusted over Zach. They agree that in next week's hoh that they need to make sure Zach, Kevin, and Ashleigh do not win HoH. Godfrey says once Ashleigh is gone, Pilar won't care about Zach at all and they'll just need to get rid of Zach and Kevin to alienate her.


12:58 AM BBT
Bobby tells Willow the Couples Alliance is out at the hot tub right now so she can go out and break it up. She says perfect and she can't wait to pull a Willow and interrupt game talk.

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