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Tuesday, April 21 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:10am BBT  Bruno is saying he trusts Brittnee and Bobby.  Pili joins them and takes away glasses.  Brittnee says she trusts Bobby. Zach and JP she keeps close to her but she doesn’t trust them totally.  Godfrey  joins them.

12:23am BBT  In the BY Brittnee, Godfrey and Bruno are talking movies.  Sarah and Willow are throwing the football and also talking movies.

12:33am BBT  Pili, Kevin and Ashleigh are in the BR. Zach comes in and announces that closed curtain showers are now not allowed.  Kevin leaves. In the BY they are still talking actors and sport players.

12:47am BBT  In the BR Zach and Ashleigh are talking about who needs to go.  Do they take people they can beat in comps or people that won’t vote them out.

12:58am BBT They need to keep Sindy from making a wild card play.  Zach thinks the next HOH will be physical.  In the BY someone gets a basket and Pili and Willow run into each other.  Willow seems to be injured on her knee.  It’s swollen. She thinks she’s okay.

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1:00AM BBT: Ashleigh and Zach are talking about the maze competition and how she was in there for 40 minutes out in the backyard they Willow fell she has hurt her knee.


1:05AM BBT:  Zach says it weird not having Bobby in the house, Ashleigh says most of the people in here are nice people. Zach says that wait until we start getting fewer people in here then they won't be so nice. Feeds go to the FotH.


1:10PM BBT: JP and Kevin are talking about Willow in the Blue room JP says that Willow drives him nuts. Now Kevin is talking about Brittnee JP says he hasn't talked to Brittnee today.Kevin says Brittnee told him that she wants to throw up Sindy has a pawn Ashleigh comes in. Now she is talking about Bruno and how Sarah says he's a nice guy and all. Kevin Ashleigh this why you are part of our team. Ashleigh says I can be total *ucken you over. Kevin I know you aren't

*ucken Zach.


1:25PM BBT: Pili, JP, Kevin and Ashleigh are talking in the Blue room, about what the plan would be if it's a instant eviction. Their target would be Bobby. The longer he stays around the harder he will be to get out. Says Kevin. Now talking about Zach Ashleigh says it's so easy to get into his head it's sick. Kevin says we need to get out Sarah.


1:31PM BBT: the group in the blue room are going on with their talk. Zach says they need to get Sindy out Now JP is talking about Bobby and how lovable he is. Next week one of us wins take out Sindy, Zach one of yall take out one of those guys (Bobby or Bruno) next week then get the rest. Zach is saying the Brittnee may work with Bruno but she's weak. Bobby getting close to Brittnee is a smart move yeah. OK guys I'm going to take a shower JP walks out.


1:40PM BBT: Bruno and Godfrey are out in the By talking Bruno OK Willow now has a bad knee, that's the problem no one has the balls to make a move. So who does Zach has Pili JP Ashleigh. Who has Pili, so just start knocking them off. *uck I need you here. We need to break them up. Ashleigh is in love with Zach says Godfrey. Oh 100% says Bruno. that's why I haven't gone to her she will go right to Zach. Willow is a player, she's the one running around telling people everything. she's a player man she's a player. Says Bruno


1:45AM BBT:  Zach walks out to the BY talk turns to sports movies. In the the HoH room is Ashleigh who was Dancing Kevin runs out someone is in the shower.


1:50AM BBT:  Bruno and Godfrey are now back to talking Bruno asked him if he has talked to Sarah. Yes but she wants to talk to you. Bruno I didn't know she was waiting on me. But the thing is She is so close to JP man.


They are talking about how Bruno caught Sarah and JP coming out of the pantry. The dangerous part for me man is that I don't talk game to her. She is probably waiting for me to go after JP. doesn't matter I have to go after them now.


1:50AM BBT:  they are just going on and on about Sarah, Godfrey says that she is a snake. Bruno says that if she wins HoH she will put me up she is going to come after me, Godfrey of couse we can't trust these people. Bruno says no. Willow is all over the place man. And on and on.

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2:04am BBT:Bruno and zach in KT eating talking generakl talk and ashleigh just sitting listening as she drinks her  coffee.

2:15am BBT: Jordan joins them in the KTY and Ashleigh says i am going to go pee and go to bed and they all says they are going too.

2:23am BBT: Ashleigh walking around the HOh rm with Zack, They talk about their friends seeing him win the POV on the show tonight. They get in the bed and and they talk  about hating mornings and Zach feels tired in the mornings.

2:35am BBT:Ashleigh andf zack are going over happenings in the house so they can study for  an HOH Comp.

2:49am BBT: Feeds are on Bobby and Sindy asleep in the Vault with the clock on 7:09:13 but we hear Ashleigh and zack sydying. All other Hg are in bed with Lights out.

3:00am BBT: all Hg sleeping and lights out except the Vault lights.

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 8:41 am BBT We see Sindy and Bobby on feed four in the vault sleeping. The clock timer reads 1:19 and then FOTH. Right before bed last night we heard Zach review for the live feeders that BB wanted two volunteers to complete a task. Bobby and Sindy volunteered and they went in the vault and Zach said they haven’t been seen or heard from since.

 8:54 am BBT All lights are still out in the BB house and Bruno just got up and left the HN room, but the camera did not follow him. All other feeds are on sleeping houseguests.

 8:58 am BBT Houseguests still sleeping, but BB just turned the lights on. Wake up time should be coming soon!

 9:12 am BBT No wakeup call yet. Fan feed shows Zach and Ashleigh sleeping in the HOH room. Feeds one and two show the main BR with Brittnee getting up out of bed and feeds three and four are on FOTH.

 9:15 am BBT Feeds one and two just switched to the HN room showing GF sleeping.

 9:19 am BBT In the HN room Bruno is back in bed and Sarah is no longer in the room.

 9:22 am BBT BB just called Britt to the DR twice. Zach and Ashleigh are still in bed in the HOH room. They are whispering, but they do not have their mic’s on so we can’t hear what is being said. Sarah just walked into the HOH room to give Zach and Ashleigh new batteries for their mic’s.  

 9:25 am BBT Now we see Sarah walk in the HN room to give them new batteries. JP is up and out of bed and leaves the room after he gets new batteries. Sarah put new batteries in GF’s mic and gives Bruno his new batteries and then she left the HN room.

 9:29 am BBT Zach and Ashleigh still in bed in the HOH room. They are talking, but still do not have their mic’s on so we don’t know what they are saying. Feeds one and two are in the HN room with Bruno and GF sleeping. Feeds three and four are on FOTH. Willow was just called to the DR.

 9:31 am BBT Britt and Sarah in the KT whispering. Sarah is dumping out old slop and hears someone talking. She asked who is talking, but no one answered. Willow passes through and Sarah asks where she is going. Willow said she was going to the store. Sarah asked how her knee was and Willow responded it was fine, thanks for asking. Sarah is washing out the slop bucket while Britt is waiting for coffee. Pilar walked into the KT and said she smells coffee.

 9:37 am BBT Britt is cooking the last two eggs and the last of the cheese. Sarah is excited that she only has one more day on slop.

 9:43 am BBT Pilar just gave a shout out to Sindy and told her she loves her and misses her and can’t wait until she is back.

 9:45 am BBT Feeds three and four are still on FOTH. The clock in the vault should read less than 15 minutes now.

 9:47 am BBT Britt told Sarah that she could only see good from Bobby and Sindy being in there for 24 hours.

 9:48 am BBT Sarah is going outside because she can’t stand the smell of melted cheese. She passed Bruno as she was going and said it is a beautiful day out then we get FOTH on all four feeds.

 10:00 am BBT All the feeds are still showing FOTH. The timer in the vault should be about done counting down. Bobby and Sindy should be out by the time the feeds come back up.

 10:15 am BBT All feeds are still on FOTH.

 10:30 am BBT The anticipation is building as the feeds are still on FOTH. What will Sindy and Bobby be able to tell the other houseguests and will we find out what would of happened if they had pushed the button?

 10:50 am BBT All feeds are still on FOTH.

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3:33pm BBT: Hg are  in the KT yelling to Bobby that it is dinner time. Sindy says thank you very much guys for the best bitrthday.

3:34pm BBT: Hg are eating  and have nots are sitting and watching except Godfrey and he is having slop chips.

 3:36pm BBT: Sindy says after dinner she will have a pageant and will teach them all how to walk and will ask them one question. She then says when you are in a pageant you put Vaseline on your teeth cause it taste bad and you keep smiling that way.

 3:40pm BBT: Hg are talking about when they first came in the house and tomorrow will be a month. Godfrey goes to get himself and Bruno water . 

 3:44pm BBT: The have nots are sitting and just watching the other HG eat and talking among themselves about the slop chips. Pilar is called to the DR.

 3:48pm BBT: Ashleigh is up and cleaning the table off as they are finishing their  Dinner.Just general talk going on about pageants and food.

 3:52pm BBT: Zach says everyone's Birthday has happened the day after their Birthdays. Then they talk about Johnny's birthday and how his got messed up cause the camera was broke.

3:55pm BBT: Sindy says i am going to go to the bathroom then class will commend.She walks off and says everyone looks so good as they are all dressed up.

The have nots are talking about having a feast Wednesday.

3:57pm BBT: The HG are all gathering in the LVR  for  their pageant class with Sindy.

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5:00 pm BBT - 5:15 pm BBT The pageant just ended as Sarah walked out by the HT and met up with Bobby. Sarah told Bobby that she knows JP has been hiding things from her. She loves the guy and it is gonna suck to vote anybody out. If she saves Godfrey and shows Bobby her trust and if Sindy can’t vote (Godfrey walked out and interrupted the conversation) Sarah told Godfrey that Sindy might not have a vote. Godfrey said at least you all will have my back. Godfrey said if she can’t vote it’s a tie and Zach will send me home. Bobby asked Sarah if she is sure they have Britt and Sarah responded yes. Godfrey said he is on this side and Zach is going around telling people that Godfrey wanted to put up Bruno, Sarah, Britt and everyone.

 6:05 pm BBT Sarah and Pilar are in the KT are talking about a comp they were in. Pilar and Sarah agree that this season is intense.

 6:07 pm BBT The BY group is talking about the lockdown with Sindy and Bobby when BB tells houseguests to please stop talking about production.

 6:13 pm BBT Sarah and Pilar in the KT talking and Sarah told Pilar that someone has to make a move. Pilar said something about not wanting to win HOH because you have to get blood on your hands. Pilar said they have to get rid of their feelings and disconnect to play.

 6:15 pm BBT Sarah said we can help each other be emotionally distant. Pilar ran up the stairs to use the restroom.

 6:17 pm BBT Sarah sitting at the counter when Bobby walked in and offered to make some more slop. Sarah said she is trying to build up trust and Bobby is willing to go with it. Bobby said every minute’s things change and said to approach him when it is a sure thing. Sarah feels like she is not going to be able to get Sindy alone. Pilar and Ashley entered the KT and interrupted their conversation.

 6:20 pm BBT Godfrey and Kevin in the HOH room and Godfrey just told Kevin to picture himself sitting next to him at the final two or sitting next to Zach. Godfrey is telling Kevin that Zach is telling everyone that Godfrey is throwing them under the bus. Kevin said that is a lot to think about and Godfrey told Kevin to tell Pilar too. Godfrey said that no one wants to say they are going against Zach. Godfrey is giving Kevin some tips to be careful. Godfrey told Kevin that he would never throw him under the bus.

 6:24 pm BBT Bobby, Bruno and Zach in the BY talking. Zach said that Britt and Sarah will be happy if they can make a big play. Zach said that Sarah for sure has to go because she scares the shit out of him. Bobby said they are probably trying to utilize Sindy as we speak. Bobby asked Zach if JP is still on board with getting rid of Sindy next week and Zach said absolutely.

 6:27 pm BBT Bobby just told Bruno and Zach that the volt was the best thing that happened to him and he wondered if it was anybody else in there if they would have found it (?not sure what it is) Bobby said if he can get closer to Britt he can find out where the girls are at. Zach said Britt would go after Ashley in a heartbeat.

 6:30 pm BBT In the BY Willow interrupted the conversation, she is doing laps around the yard.

 6:31 pm BBT Camera moves into the LR with Britt, Sarah and Sindy just general chatting about naptime. Britt just whispered that Zach, Bruno and Bobby are all sitting outside. Sarah asked if she wanted to go out there and Britt said yes. Britt has something to do first. JP walked in the LR and Sarah asked him if he feels good and he said yes. BB told Sarah not to obstruct her mic. JP was inspecting under Sindy’s bed. Bruno walked through the room and talk is about food.

 6:35 pm BBT Ashley and Pilar are going outside to work out.

 6:36 pm BBT Godfrey in the WA putting lotion on then getting dressed. Bruno just finished using the restroom. Godfrey is telling Bruno all that he said to Kevin. Bruno said Bobby is in and were good then they leave the WA.

 6:39 pm BBT Sarah, JP and Sindy in LR. Sarah is speculating that this week is Canada’s HOH because they have not shut down the BY and started building anything yet. Sarah thinks it would  be good to see who Canada likes.

 6:41 pm BBT Sarah said it is so cool we are on Big Brother.

 6:42 pm BBT Sarah go up and is going in the BY and she is waiting for the announcement that nap time has started. Sarah came back in the LR because they are having a workout in the BY and she does not want to join them. JP told Sarah that he carried Sindy up the stairs. Sindy didn’t think he could do it, but he almost died. Sindy was so impressed.

 6:44 pm BBT On the BY couch Britt is laying by Bruno and they are talking about getting through the weeks and going to the gym. Bruno misses the shakes because he was on a specific one and it was so good, but expensive. Britt’s was cheap in the US and almost doubled in Canada around 50 bucks.

 6:48 pm BBT Now Britt and Bruno are talking about a possible double eviction. Britt said Sarah got a nap time is over from BB. Bruno said they awoke the giant.

 6:50 pm BBT Britt told Bruno that she knows Bobby and she likes what he is about. She doesn’t know him very well. Bruno said he is a good guy and he knows what she means. Bruno said his abs are hurting watching the other houseguests working out. They are talking about the comps they were in so far.

 6:52 pm BBT Britt has to go blow her nose because it is so stuffed up.

 6:54 pm BBT Sarah told Britt that she was getting up to go out to the BY but she seen everyone working out so she went back to the LR. Britt walked out to the BY and laid back down by Bruno and told the houseguests that they did so good in the workout.

 6:55 pm BBT Britt asked Bruno if he ever gets the moments where he is overwhelmed and feels antsy where he can’t do anything. Bruno said oh yea sometimes.

 6:57 pm BBT Bobby joined Bruno and Britt on the BY couch. Bobby is eating something while watching the other houseguests work out.

 7:01 pm BBT Back in the LR on the couch we have Sindy, Sarah, JP and Britt just joined them. Sarah is talking about going to a party in the past.

 7:02 pm BBT Sarah is talking about Trombone Shorty who is amazing. She is talking about different kinds of bands and music.  

 7:05 pm Bobby, Zach, Ashleigh, Bruno, Godfrey, Pilar and Kevin just in the BY goofing around.  Pilar stood up on Kevin’s shoulders. Now Pilar is getting up to stand on Zach’s hands. Kevin is in front of Zach and Bobby was in back making sure if she fell they would catch her.

 7:11 pm BBT Back in the LR we have JP talking about his different birthday’s and what he did. Britt’s 19th birthday wasn’t good. Britt’s was especially bad because her best friend was planning this other chic’s birthday that was on the same day as hers. The drama started and it was just stupid kids shit.

 7:15 pm BBT JP described the drama on his 19th birthday with his friends.

 7:19 pm BBT JP got a stop that by BB for saying the names of his friends while he is telling the story.

 7:24 pm BBT BY group still goofing around and LR group still listening to JP’s birthday stories. No game talk going on right now.

 7:30 pm BBT LR group now listening to stories from Willow about birthdays that she had.

 7:35 pm BBT in the BY Ashleigh is teaching Sarah and Bobby a dance.

 7:40 pm BBT Sarah and Willow in the KT. Sarah asked Willow how her knee was doing and she said it is alright. Willow told Bobby he had some good moves out in the BY.

 7:42 pm BBT Willow asked Kevin if he was going for a run as he walked through the KT. He said that is a good idea. Willow said she just has pushups left to do and she is done. Sarah thinks about cleaning out the slop bucket and asks if it would be okay in the fridge. Zach, Bobby and Ashleigh walk into the KT and just discuss food to eat.

 7:50 pm BBT Sarah, Sindy Godfrey and Bruno on the BY couch. Sindy is not sure that she can vote. Bruno said they have to make sure they have the numbers. Sindy told Bruno that Britt is down with it. Sindy said that she has to pretend to be mad for a few days after they vote JP out. Godfrey said they will all start to get paranoid about each other. Britt joined them and discussion is about the other side is going to know because of the votes. Bruno is going to try talking to Kevin tonight.  

 7:54 pm BBT Zach joined the BY group and discussion turned to being able to tell the difference when you do a taste test on different kind of cola’s.

 7:56 pm BBT The BY group is still talking about different kinds of soda’s using the first initial of each so they are not breaking the rules saying the full name.

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8:04 pm BBT Kevin in the SR by himself doing a study out loud of the days in the BB house and all that has happened.

8:11 pm BBT We now have Zach and JP in the BY on the cushions doing their study of the days in the house and all that has happened.  JP is wondering if Sindy will be able to vote. 

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10:00PM BBT Zach alone in the HOH listening to his music. Most of the rest of the house in the kitchen talking about Canadian politics and history. JP tells a story about an aging professor he had in criminology that took advantage of the class by making them by his textbook and not ordering enough to start the class. Talk turns to the latest veto comp that they were shown on the big screen earlier this afternoon and JP talking about not remembering saying "Bingo Bango" when he found the hidden discs.


Fee 3 shows Sindy in the bedroom with her tiara on as she pulls out a pair of socks.


Kitchen talk now about Vegemite and how gross it is. (I hate when the dump all four feeds in one room and I have to scramble to mute all but one to not feel like I'm in Grand Central Station. DRG)


Ash not outside with Kevin who is running in circles carrying a couch cushion. 


Kitchen crew now revisiting seeing Bruno in the Gear comp. 


Kevin now playing laundry basket target game by himself and running from one basket to the other after he tosses the football. Pili joins Ashleigh as his audience.


Inside Sarah talking about having an ant farm as a kid.


Ash and Pili wonder if Sindy or Bobby got any kind of a secret anything while they were in the vault. Ash thinks that BB would want for there to be an outcome if something big like that went down. Ash says she could not have done the task at all since she is so claustrophobic. Ash now talking about needing to get Sindy out of the house sooner rather than later since she keeps talking about the couples even though she says she wants to work with them.


General chatter still in the kitchen.


Ash telling Pili how Bobby trusts her and Zach so much and he tells them everything and he will not be putting any of their group up next week.  Ash wants to go back to slipping under the radar even though everyone assumes they are working together at this point. Willow joins them and talk turns to how things will be different once Godfrey is gone.  


Bobby and Bruno now talking in the bedroom about how nothing protects them from being ganged up on once Godfrey is gone. They think that Zach is just using the Chop Shop to keep them from going after him. Godfrey joins them and Bruno assures him that they are going to work it out (for Godfrey to stay). 


Kitchen group has broken up with some folks going outside and Britt and Sindy going to the bedroom. Upon entering Sindy announces that it has been confirmed that she can vote tomorrow night. Britt says they can trust her but she is not sure who she can trust yet. They all agree no one trusts Zach and JP is sketchy and even Godfrey is an unknown.  Sindy Godfrey and Sarah are the ones pushing to keep Godfrey. Now they talk about how Sindy started the rumor about there being a guys alliance. 


Outside Sindy talking about Naeha. Willow says that everyone that has left has called her a floater.  


Upstairs Britt saying she does not get the rationale for keeping Godfrey and JP on the block. Bobby says that Godfrey was a no blood move.  Bruno says that getting rid of JP makes more sense and balances things out more in the house. They think that Willow is everywhere but she is definitely loyal to Zach. Britt confirms that Zach was 100 percent trying to backdoor Bobby and that solidifies his decision to vote out JP this week (for the next 10 minutes at least - DRG)

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10:25PM BBT  Britt continues on about how Zach is so well liked that no one thinks about going against him, but if they keep Godfrey this weekt then he will definitely go after Zach. When asked how reliable her source is Britt says that Zach himself told her.  They confirm that they will all vote out JP now and that Sindy will and so will Sarah.  Once this happens they are out in the open and their decision has been made. If they don't do it they will all get picked off one by one.  Sarah now enters the bedroom and confirms what Britt has been saying about what Zach said about the backdoor plan before Sindy returned.


Outside Sindy and Willow and Pilar are reviewing how she got evicted. 


Bruno Britt and Bobby reconfirming the plan to vote out JP and that Sarah and Sindy are as scared of JP and Zach as they are.  Bobby reiterates that knowing he was a backdoor target seals his choice to keep Godfrey this week.  Bruno leaves and Britt and Bobby follow shortly behind. 


Gals on the couches now talking about Graig and what he said about apologizing to Sindy but he never really did. Bruno has joined them and talk of Graig continues as to who hugged him when he left or not. Bruno is called to the DR. Gals talk about how Graig played to hard to early and out in the open.


Sarah and Britt prepping for excursion out to the hot tub (I smell a cigarette in their future. DRG)


Gals in the BY now discussing Graig's cover story of working at Costco. 


Sarah and Britt feeling excited about making their big move this week flipping the house to evict JP. They like JP as a person but you have to think about the game and those guys are responsible for sending out Johnny and Sindy and Naeha. (Feeds are running very rough tonight with random loading and/or stopping. DRG) 

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10:40PM BBT Britt is told to fix her mic and bizarro feedback noice comes through my headphones just before feeds 1 through 3 fade to FOTH. 


BY group of gals still talking about past events in the house and when they were aired for the public. Ash announces that her family thinks she is a disgrace (based on her poor performance in the Ant POV.) Sindy is recounting her task to earn safety when she was locked in the vault prior to reentering the game. 


Feeds 1 and 2 back on Sarah and Britt in the hot tub. Sarah scampers to the door to see if anyone is sneaking up on them to eavesdrop. they are talking about how they have given the other HGs so many chances to be honest with them and it has not happened. Sarah is really excited but Britt says they have to wait til tomorrow before they get excited as they leave the hot tub and return to the BY. Sarah describes sneaking into the HOH to retrieve something and details what Zach looked like on the bed listening to his music.


Outside talk turns to outfits for tomorrow then the gals want to talk about their dance routine. Bruno ducks in and out of the HOH to replace his batteries. Sindy now relating about her getting canker sores before her period every month and someone wonders if JP is aware. She claims it is not herpes so it is not contageous. 


Ash shouts out to the ball players that they are killing it. 


Feeds 1 and 2 back in the hot tub wher Godfrey is sitting in solitary. 


Willow wants to go to bed. (I'll second that emotion. DRG) Sarah now talking about Larry David and group starts talking about Seinfeld. 


Bobby goes in and out of the hot tub area saying only that he was checking out the hot tub situation.


BY gals now chanting out B E Aggressive. Ladies love it when a guy is the aggressor.  Sindy talking bout JP and their first kiss.  She never would have expected him to be that guy.  Kevin jumps in and says the girl needs to be aggressive too. Britt apparently wants Bobby to be more aggressive. Sindy declares that she would like to see Britt and Bobby kiss and Britt shuts her down telling her that her birthday is now officially over.  Willow doing beat boxing. Britt starts to rap about Willow's Beats. And BB has seen enough as three of the feeds fade to FOTH. 

11:00PM BBT  They start in on Everybody Dance Now and the one remaining feed is also cut off.

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11:11PM BBT Feeds return with Bruno and Britt and Sindy JP and Kevin in the BY while Sarah and Willow are in the kitchen talking about Sindy's return and the week of safety she got. Then speculating about when there will be another double and what will happen next. Zach is at the counter with them too as they continue to speculate about what Canada would want or would do and what would be fair or not. 


Godfrey playing the ball game and is being teased about never having one a game yet even though he plays every day. 


Kitchen continuing to talk about how Canada loves an underdog. Sarah asks if any one else is on board with her theory that they may have a final 3 this season. Friday will be the half-way point according to Sarah and Zach. 


Outside Godfrey is asked if he has his eviction speech ready yet and then is complimented over and over about his speech at the Veto Ceremony. Talk turns to songs now and BB tells them to stop singing even though JP was just reciting lyrics. Bruno hopes the comp tomorrow is quick and he crushes it. 


Inside Willow is talking about what the Have Nots will eat tomorrow and when and Zach asks what the comp will be tomorrow. They are sure it won't be a quick mental one since they just did that. Willow talking in baby talk again saying she is going to bed as tomorrow is a big day. 


Outside group also talking about possible comps and reviewing comps from past seasons. As much as they all keep talking about going to bed early it is clear the anxiety level is climbing. 


Willow remarks that it is the last night in the Have Not room for Sarah. 


Outside Britt is saying that she feels good this week and she is eating. She is teased about whether there is any sexual tension between herself and Godfrey and potention showmance names are tossed around. 


In the kitchen Bobby asks if they ever had two weeks in a row when the Have Nots were choosen by the HOH. Zach and Willow think it will be a comp and it will be a long one since they have not had one of those in a while. She again announces that she is going to brush her teeth and go to bed but is distracted when someone tells her that a good story is being told outside.


BY group all but Zach and Bobby talking about who has been staring at whom in the house in a good natured teasing manner.  Everyone is now there and the conversation continues in the same vein. 

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11:31PM BBT Godfrey talking about when he entered the bedroom when Sindy and JP were under the covers "enjoying" themselves. JP and Sindy now putting there own spin on the story but Godfrey keeps them straight.  Sindy wants to claim it was just that there was a tickle monster under the covers. 


Conversation about flirting continues. Willow now relating how she now knows what the "signs" are that one person gives another to let them know they are interested. Now they talk about whether there is ever "accidental" touch or not and what kind of touch represents flirting. Godfrey starts demonstrating on Willow. They get teased about being "WilFrey".  Someone mentions that Sindy will grab guys balls if they try and touch her in a club. Sarah and Pili talk about times when they were touched inappropriately in clubs and how they responded. Sindy now running up to the DR. Outside talk turns to various clubs and once again three feeds FOTH out.

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11:44PM BBT Feeds return showing Sindy slowly waking back from the DR to the store room where she claims a tray of nachos and beer. She tells them about her secret mission to put on a pageant task and now the whole house will get to partake of the food and drink reward. As they are thanking her and starting to open the beers three feeds again blank out. Fourth feed showing an empty BY as they have all stormed the kitchen to chow down. Now feeds 1 and 2 active but 3 and 4 dead. HGs have returned to the BY with their goodies. BB announces the final warning that the house is now off limits. Blankets spread out on the ground now and most are leaving the nachos for the Have Nots to eat. They all congratulate themselves again for completing the task and call out thank yous to BB. 


Willow is now eating as she says has been stuffing her face all day. She would like to see the have nots get wasted. Talk turns to Sarah and her pound of marijuanna. They say this is almost as good as a pound of marijuanna then they count the beers. Willow remarks that sometimes she just likes to have the taste of a beer and not to get drunk. Others don't see the point in that. (Ah... to be young and foolish again. . . DRG)

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11:53PM BBT The group cheers Sindy and world peace before staring to talk about how to get more beer from BB. Sarah talks about being asked to take a shirt to the store room and asking upon arrival if it was because of her nipples and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Sindy talks about waiting and wondering all night when the reward was going to appear. Someone remarks that they always seem to get rewards at midnight.  Sindy is asked about Marsha the Moose. She starts telling the story of how the task came to be and once again they are told to stop talking about production. (How quickly can this group turn a reward into a punishment??? - DRG)  Sindy pops the cork on her birthday champagne and the bottle is passed for folks to chug from as they have no more glasses.

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