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Monday, March 30 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:34pm bbt  In the backyard Godfrey, Graig, Bruno, Kevin and Ashleigh are tossing a ball at the slop bucket.  Kevin gets called to the DR.  In the living room is Sindy, Sarah and Brittnee.  They are discussing the comp and how long they took and the details involved.

11:45pm bbt   Willow, Jordan, Zach, Bobby, Johnny and Naeha are in the HT.  They are talking about who applied and who was recruited in the past seasons.

11:55pm bbt  The girls have moved to the KT and are trying to make the slop more tasty.  Nothing sounds good.   

12:09pm bbt  Brittnee is making condiment soup. The sound is out right now in feeds 1 and 2.  In the backyard the game continues, it looks like Kevin just won.  He’s given the oxi clean sign as his trophy. 

12:15pm bbt  Feeds 1 and 3 have changed to the HT but no sound still.  3 and 4 are the KT.  Sarah is soooo tired and wants to go to sleep. 

12:20pm bbt  In the WA Ashleigh, Sindy, Willow and Pilar are getting ready for bed.  Not sure if they are going to bed yet.  In the BY Bruno and Willow are tossing the ball back and forth even though I think they are aiming for the bucket. 

12:26pm bbt  In the BR Brittnee and Graig are talking about Sindy.  Suddenly there is screaming from downstairs.  Willow may have made a bucket.  She runs into the bedroom yelling I hit the money shot!!!

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12:31AM BBT:  Bruno, and Bobby are in the by throwing a ball into a slop bucket, that is sitting on a big OxiClean box.


Johnny, Graig, Sindy are all in the bedroom when Willow comes running

in saying I got it I made the shot. She was out in the backyard playing ball with the guys.


12:40AM BBT:  Bruno and Brittnee are in the kitchen with Godfrey, Bruno is looking for a cup Willow is there they are washing out coffee cups. Brittnee is now on the sofa saying that she just wants to sleep right there on the sofa, she is talking to Kevin and Willow. Who tells Brittnee that she can lay on her bed if she wants to.


12:50AM BBT:  Bobby, Graig, Sarah, Sindy, and Johnny are up in the bedroom listening to Sarah tell them a story about something that happened to her in her childhood. The rest of the HGs are in the wash room getting ready for Bed.


1:00AM BBT: actually Sindy is in the wash room not the bedroom with Ashleigh doing there nails, Godfrey is sitting on the red sofa, Bruno asked Johnny if he wants to wear his CA sweater they go to get it. Ashleigh singing it's bed time it's bed time.


1:10AM BBT:  Godfrey, Bruno, Johnny and Zach are in the living room  guessing about what the next competition maybe. Johnny says it will might be a booth one like true or false one we haven't had that yet. They are also talking about how many calories are in the slop. Zach asked Ashliegh if she wants to make him a sandwich she said no. Now Bruno and Ashliegh are doing shout out, and so is everyone else.


Johnny is called to the DR and he tells BB he's making slop can he go after the slops done?


1:15AM BBT:  Johnny and Kevin are sitting out by the pool, talking about Kevins veto speech. Kevin asked Johnny how his day was he said good no game talk though. Then he says the guys aren't what the gals are making them out to be. Now talking about folks putting Kevin up has a pawn every week, he now talking about Naeha and how they are fearful of the guys and that Naeha and the gal think the guys have the numbers and stuff. Johnny says you and I are good. And they are talking about Bobby making Pili cry and stuff.


1:25AM BBT:  not much going on the HGs are just winding down chatting getting ready for bedtime.


1:45AM BBT:  Bruno is called to the DR but it looks like the HGs are just about ready to call it a night, For theres really nothing new going on. Most are just chatting the downstairs crew are doing trivia.

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Caught a late night (or early Monday morning) chat:

2:51 AM BBT: Johnny and Naeha talking in WA: Johnny telling Naeha that Kevin was saying Naeha is Graig’s number one target

Naeha explains that she is good with Willow, JP and Zach, but the others she don’t know.

Johnny says “we have to win HOA”

Naeha responds for sure and then Graig’s going home. She would not put up GF and she would put up Bruno as a pawn.

Johnny tells her that they will have to work Zach and JP into the mix.

Naeha said that Willow won’t take super fans like her (Naeha) and Johnny to the end.

Johnny wants to know why Graig is out for them (Johnny and Naeha) and that Graig has said racist things about GF and Brittnee. He also thinks that Kevin is just there to have fun.

Naeha said Sindy is going home because of her big mouth.

Johnny hasn’t had time to connect with the guys, but he will pitch to Kevin about working with the girls.

Naeha thinks Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh are tight.

Johnny thinks a lot of people trust Zach and the next couple of weeks wont be easy.

Naeha wants to work with Graig and then backdoor him.

Johnny will talk to Kevin tomorrow.

Naeha wants certain people that don’t know the game to go for sure.

Naeha left the WA then immediately came back in to tell Johnny that Graig is up and she is going to talk to him.

Naeha leaves and asks Graig if they could talk.

Graig went to get his mic and will meet her in WA.

When they meet in WA Naeha explains that she felt the need to talk after everything went down with Sindy. Naeha feels that she is a strong player and so is Graig.

Graig asks Naeha who she is working with.

Naeha said she is close to Sarah and that she is not working with Johnny.

Graig don’t know who to trust because Kevin told him what others have said. He is pretty sure that Naeha and Johnny are working together.

Naeha insists that she is not working with Johnny.

Graig said that he is working with Bruno and it is no secret.

Naeha said before Sindy wanted to work with her, Zach and Graig, but now after what she is saying she needs to go home.

Graig just wants to figure out who is working with who and he thinks after the whole Sindy thing it has ruined Naeha’s game.

Naeha told Sindy if she won the veto, not to use it.

Graig said we are just playing week to week now.

Naeha told Graig that they need to talk more to try and figure it out and that she is close to Zach.

Graig asks Naeha if she won HOH who she would put up.

Naeha would go for the floaters because the strong players are not on her radar right now.

They both agree that GF is not on their radar, but they would put him up as a pawn.

Johnny walks in and inturrepts their conversation so talk goes to not being able to sleep and how the game is an emotional roller coaster.

Graig said he would not feel the way he does if Kevin had not heard others talking about him (Graig). He has not talked any of the guys about a guys alliance.

Naeha said after what Sindy has caused, she is going to vote how ever the house does.

Graig is totally staying out of it, but it hurt that Sindy threw his name under the bus.

They discuss the pros and cons of Keeping Sindy in the house, trying to guess future comps and discuss how excited they are to get to do their first voting for eviction.

Naeha said she will make her decision about voting after she sees what other people are saying.

They talk about how crazy the game is, how easy it looks from home, and how they don’t even know anybody’s last names.

Johnny said he is totally getting a BB tattoo after the game is over.

3:26 AM BBT: the three of them talk about the past two seasons of BB and how they tried out for the other seasons.

3:29 AM BBT: They are now talking about season 1 alliance.

Johnny doesn’t know if he has a chance with Kevin because he is straight.

Graig don’t know about that.

Johnny thinks he is too old for Kevin because Kevin is 4 years younger.

Graig wants to know who is working together and there is a lot of young players to get out, but even though Zach is 22 he carries himself like he is older. Willow is 27, but she acts like she is 20.

Graig thinks Pilar is a nice target.

Naeha is not going to object to that.

Graig thinks Ashley is the same thing.

Naeha agrees 100%.

Graig don’t think they have social skills and the same goes for JP., not that JP is a target but eventually down the road.

Naeha thinks it would be nice to get further now and not floaters.


Graig tells Johnny and Naeha “let’s stick w that going into next week.”

Naeha agrees and said this was a good talk for sure.

Johnny is going to wash towels.

They all hug and agree to talk some more tomorrow.

Johnny goes outside to throw towels in washer then heads back inside to bed.

All lights just went out in bedrooms and all hamsters are sleeping.

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12:00pm BBT: Most HG in the BY working out and talking about keeping their towels forever and when they leave they get a complimentary towel from BB. 

12:06pm BBT: Naeha and Kevin talking about  making their own alliance with Johnny but kevin needs to talk to Johnny They say they will talk later and head down stairs. 

12:12pm BBT: Bruno and Naeha in the KT making coffee. Bruno is teaching Naeha how to make coffee. She is excited now she can have coffee. Bruno runs back out to do yoga in the BY.

12:22pm BBT: most HG still in the BY doing yoga.Sarah is getting dressed in the Bedroom.

12:29pm BBT: Naeha is walking around the house filing her nails alone as most HG are still doing Yoga in the BY.

12:49pm Brittnee went inside to get water as Naeha is pacing in the KT.Everyone else still in BY doing Yoga.

12:51pm BBT: Naeha heads outside as Godfrey goes to the house and she tells him they are trying to lock us down. She tells them i don't think it will be long but  we are getting locked down.

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1:10pm BBT: Yoga class is over and Pilar is standing on Willows back. Graig, Godfrey, Bruno and Zack go to the hot tub.They start talking about the cameras zooming in on them as they was doing Yoga.

 1:13pm BBT: Godfrey ask them did you hear that the have nots can have tea and coffee now but no cream and no milk only sugar.

 1:19pm BBT: Pilar polished Naeha's nails for her.and Sindy is walking around the yard. 

1:28pm BBT: Johnny and Kevin are walking in the BY. Willow and Pilar are in the hot tub with they guys now and Sarah is sitting beside the hot tub. Just general talk going on.

 1:38pm BBT:AShleigh, Naeha and kevin talking by the pool about naheah being a nerd and reading alot. Johnny and Sindy on the other side of the pool as johnny talks about going to the dr.

1:43pm The lock down is now over and Hg are allowed back in the house.Most of them head to the KT to make food.

1:48pm BBT: Sarah and Zack in the bedroom laying on the bed whispering about Sindy and how she thinks she is going to stay. Bruno comes in with Jordan and BB calls  Jordan to the DR he says yeah time for my eye drops and hopefully i don't have pink eye.

 1:51pm BBT: Naeha comes in the BR and sarah tells her that Jordan might have pink eye then Sarah says i love that your parents named you Zack.

1:53pm BBT: Kevin is in the shower as Brittnee and Ashleigh put on make up and Jordan walks around the bathroom. Brittnee and Ashleigh talking about asking BB for things for Johnny's birthday.

1:57pm BBT: Pilar comes into the bathroom and starts telling brittnee how to say words in Spanish. Jordan  is getting ready to take a shower. Pilar leaves the bathroom.Brittnee is trying to figure out where she put her water bottle.
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 2:00pm BBT: Godftrey and Zack in the BY lifting weights.In the bedroom is Sarah and Ashleigh  about not trusting people in the comps. They need to trust each other then they hug.Jordan comes in as the girls say crap happens and Jordan says yeah wait till Wednesday and  see what happens.

 2:08pm BBT: Hg got the camera to take pictures there is alot of yelling going on and taking pictures.

2:25pm BBT: Most Hg are still taking pictures in the bathroom showers. Graig , Johnny,Zack, Kevin and Pilar are in the KT eating and talking about shopping. 

 2:35pm BBT: sindy is walking around taking pictures of everyone. Sarah is  in the pool splashing around.In the bedroom is Zack and Naeha and Johnny Just standing and laying around as Godfrey gets dressed and puts on deodorant. Ashleigh comes in and Naeha and zack leave and go to the stairs and talks about Bobby's loyalty.She says in my opinion and they get interrupted.

 2:41pm BBT: 2:45pm BBT: Sarah and willow in the pool talking. Sarah says i been dying to talk to you. She is campaigning just so you know.. then we lose sound in the pool.

 2:50pm BBT: Most HG are still taking pictures on the stairs. Just talking about how cute the pictures are.

2:57pm BBT: All HG are now going to the couch for the last group picture and Sindy says i am not in one picture i been taking them. She is now setting the timer so they can all be in the picture as their camera time is almost over.

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3:07pm BBT: Jordan in the bedroom talking to Sarah and says he cant wait till Wednesday to see what else is going to happen in this house. Everyone downstairs start yelling and they run out to see what is going on and they got a jump rope.

3:12pm BBT: Sarah tells Jordan they need to get together and compare notes soon and he agrees. He says he is making it like it is hard being on slop this week but it is really easy. He says he could do it the whole time.

3:14pm BBT: Jordan leaves the bedroom and says ok see you later Danielle to Sarah and she says see you later Jace. In the LVR there is jump roping going on and we get FOTH.

3:31pm BBT: Hg are walking around looking for all the coffee mugs since there is only one left in the KT and alot of them want coffee .Kevin and Graig are talking about needing to shave. In the BY Willow is working out and talking to Jordan about loving  they guys V neck shirts and Jordan says i don't have any V necks.

 3:32pm BBT: just general talk going on around the house.

3:39pm BBT: Sarah tells Pilar that if she wins hoh Wednesday night that she needs to get everyone up in her room and see who she gets vibes from and ask people who you they want put up there on the block and go with your vibes from that.She says we can use each other too if i will you can go around and see what people think. Pilar says i don't know and sarah says just go around saying i don't know where her head is at ya know stuff like that and Pilar says yeah yeah yeah.

3:35pm BBT: Bobby found a new button on the Hot tub and it sprays  you so now he is going to go get someone to come into the hot tub so he can spray them. Zack and Willow are now going to the hot tub. Bobby gets willow and zack to lean over and he sprays them. 

 3:54pm BBT: Graig and Willow in the BY talking about who might put who up on Wednesday. He tells her if Jordan wins HOH then we are gold. or if one of us win we are good.if we get put up then one of us comes down then we have the votes. BB calls willow to the DR.

3:558pm BBT: Most hg are in the KT drinking coffee and preparing food.Just general talk going on.

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4:05pm BBT: Kevin and Cindy sitting at the hot tub talking about passion and that someday they will find a passion. In the BY Bruno, Bobby and Graig are sitting on the couches then Johnny comes out. just general talk going on.

4:10pm BBT: Johnny, Graig, Bobby and Bruno are talking now about  the comps and how tired they are then BB comes on and says please stop talking about production.

 4:15pm BBT: Naeha and Brittnee have joined the guys outside and are talking about the comp they played for pov. they say Sarah was all over it. Brittnee says that Sarah didn't want to do the irritating one and it was funny, the guys start laughing.

 4:24pm BBT:  Pilar and Kevin still in the hot tub Ashleigh and Bobby sitting by the hot tub talking to them and Ashleigh says she needs to go in that her skin is hurting. Pilar says the chlorine makes my skin dry and itchy. Bobby ask Pilar if she wants her one time season massage tonight since everyone gets one and Johnny gets one extra for his birthday. pilar says yeah.

 4:333pm BBT: Naeha and Kevin in HOH rm talking about Graig has to go first then she has to go. (not sure who she is). Naeha says yeah but she is going to have to go she is fire. Zack tells Naeha that if she feels threatened than come talk top him and she says yeah i will.

 4:39pm BBT:Naeha is now  down in the bathroom talking to Willow who just got out of the shower.talk is about sindy being a photographer and then Naeha leaves the bathroom. Naeha then goes outside and joins the other Hg as they are talking about ball games and the National Anthem. 

 4:48pm BBT: Bobby by the hot tub telling Kevin and Pilar and Ashleigh that it is so weird that he and sarah know the same people. he says Sarah knows his best friend then ask how weird is that?

4:452pm BBT: Zack and Willow in the bathroom talking while Willow does her hair and zack picks at his teeth.She tells him his jokes are on today. He laughs at her.He ask her if Kevin and Pilar are in the showmance stage or the romance stage and Willow says i don't know.

4:55pm BBT: Willow and zack talking about Kevin and Pilar being mad about pictures of them  kissing and zack says i kissed Sindy and their are pictures so what is the big deal? Willow says i don't know.

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5:05pm BBT: General talk in the BY with Godfrey. Naeha,Sindy, Sarah talking about lying about your age  and asking people for their ID's. In the Hot tub is Kevin and Pilar as Ashleigh says she is going inside cause she is cold. She tells them they are probably warm but it is cold.

5:15pm BBT: Kevin and Pilar are kissing in the hot tub before they get out to head inside. Pilar gets out and goes to get Kevin's clothes that are on the other side of the hot tub.he gets out and they cover the hot tub.

 5:19pm BBT: naeha, sarah, Godfrey and sindy talking about what they are wearing for the live show Wednesday night.In the bathroom Jordan is putting eye drops in his eyes as kevin is in the shower.and Pilar is in the shower.Jordan leaves the bathroom.

5:32pm BBT: Pilar and Kevin are out of the shower. Naeha and Godfrey come in as Naeha tells Pilar that they are teaching Godfrey about the feeds and he says he had no idea that people could watch him live at all times so he is going to shave his head so they wont know who he is. He laughs and leaves the bathroom.

 5:35pm BBT: Jordan in the KT area telling Willow that he is going to take her on a date and she is the only one and he says he is more sophisticated than zack is cause he wears clothes and glasses.Most Hg are in the KT making food and just general talk going on.

5:43pm BBT: Kevin is polishing Ashleighs nails for her as Pilar is watching saying look at that. Ashleigh tells him he should start a business.

5:53pm BBT: Willow talking to Jordan about socks and Zack comes in and she says SO Jordan thought i was the hot girl when i cam in this house  so what did you think? He says your a babe . He then says i thought you was 27 when we came in now i think your 18. They all start laughing and zack gives her a hug.

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8:03pm BBT: Bobby is in the hoh br laughing. feeds switch Johnny pacing and in the KT Naeha is making slop cookies as Sarah watches her. Jordan thanks her for the food she made for the have nots.

8:07pm BBT: Bobby, Johnny and Graig are trying the slop cookies and say they are really good and keep snacking on them.

8:14pm BBT: Bruno, Zack and Bobby talking saying that Sindy is gone this week. Bruno said you made it clear in your speech so she is gone this week. Bruno says we are just going to let her enjoy her last week here.

8:20pm BBT: Bruno saying the next  hoh comp might be from first to last thing cause do you think there is to many for a question like true or false? Kevin says no. Bruno says we will see.

8:38pm BBT: some Hg are in the BY playing around the world and jump roping other are in the house just general talk going on. nothing game related at the moment.

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10:00PM BBT Sindy Zach and Willow in the kitchen talking about relationships they have had in the past. Most of the rest of the house outside in the conversation pit talking about TV show The Simpsons. Feed one again frozen on the empty bedroom. Sindy going on and on in a long confessional of what she did wrong in her first long term relationship. They dropped out of school and moved in together in Toronto. Zach being understanding of her past situation. JP is there at the counter as well . Sindy was wrong in that she physically cheated on him, but he had on line relationships with three different girls whom he talked to. They broke up and got back together, cheated on each other and others and on and on. By the end of the relaionship he owed her about $6,000.  Outside group cracking up about something much more light hearted. They seem to be a bit worn out on the whole. Sindy still going on but I had to mute her. Brief FOTH on all four feeds then one and two come back.

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10:10PM BBT Ashleigh and Britt have gone inside. Sarah telling a story about her past that is more serious and starts to turn political like how the constitution is fucked up and needs to be redone. Feeds come back on in the kitchen where Sindy is still going on. Ashleigh is getting some icecream and JP asks her if she has any crazy exes. She escapes and returns to the BY group. Zach now confronting Willow about a past relationship she had when she thought she was dating someone who turned out to be gay. She waited til 22 to lose her virginity. Foth again on those two feeds. Casual convos going on outside. The bedroom still has not tidied itself up. Now all feeds have gone to FOTH.

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10:17..  PM BBT Feeds back Outside group decreasing in numbers. Relationship discussion continues in the kitchen. Willow being teased about not knowing the Johnny was gay and she gets defensive and says she is sorry and is sorry she does not kiss for months.  They still do not believe that she did not realize the guy she thought she was dating was gay for two months. Willow is getting a bit emotional and Zach and Craig go to comfort her. Zach saying she was "out to lunch" was what got to her. He now will refine the comment to she was out to lunch for those two months. Sindy says she was engaged after three months, but then again she was only 16. More hugs for Willow as she cries again when they keep going on about how she did not know the guy was gay. Outside group now also talking about Willow and how she cut herself cleaning the blender yesterday and how they were talking inside about her Gadar being off. Zach rubbing Willows back and shoulders as about half of the outside group is now in the kitchen as well. 

10:26PM BBT Outside feed cuts to FOTH again. (Stop kicking the cable, Skippy!! DRG) Zach continues to try and console Willow. JP now telling an embarassing story about when he was 6. His mom told him there was going to be a Pokemon movie and he pooped his pants. Kitchen feed cutting in and out of FOTH as feed four goes to commercial then also cuts out. Pili drinking from a mug at the kitchen counter as Sindy is telling an embarassing story about spilling on herself. Johnny now telling embarrassing story about when he went to Nerdy club and we are spared by FOTH on all four feeds.

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10:33PM BBT All feeds back as JP is just finishing a story. Kevin tells a story about when he worked at a religious camp and a seven year old has crapped his pants and he just wrapped them in a garbage bag and put them in the corner of the cabin. When the parents came to pick him up and thank him for how good he was all week he handed them the garbage bag with two sets of poop filled pants inside.  Outside group talking about movies, Soul Surfer with the girl who lost her are that was just on The Amazing Race.  Kitchen feeds again serve us up some FOTH. They are describing movies and the others have to guess the Title. Someone mentions Six Degrees of Separation and Sarah says that is too hard and she cannot even play this game.  BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production. (Must be in the kitchen where the feeds are still FOTH. DRG) Kitchen feeds come back to life and just as quickly blink out again. Now Willow and Zach in the bathroom talking about how much she cries and how they have to have talks after every time. She is saying that she just got embarassed. He apologizes again for hurting her feelings and says he adores her and thinks she has a good heart. She is proud that she did not have her "break down cry." Now she starts talking game and says she thinks they can go far in the game. Zach is told to fix his microphone. 

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10:45PM BBT Zach says they need to keep doing there thing. He is scared of one of the girls who he thinks is super smart and so strong so he just keeps pulling her in. Its hard to make out what they are saying as they are being quiet and he keeps dragging the mic on the cushion so we get continual static. They are reviewing who will likely team up with whom and who is a threat and who is not. Zach Willow and Graig have now made there way into the bedroom, (but don't worry no one is cleaning up.DRG) Zach in the bathroom again and Sindy has jumped up on him. Now she is talking with JP about who she gave a peck to for the HOH pics earlier. Now they joke about him asking her on a date and he is Willow's back up plan and he is secretly in love with Naeha. He denies all and says Naeha just makes him good food. He takes his glasses off and they continue flirting on the bench. Pili comes in and comments about their flirting which they both deny. Zach has returned and someone else just entered the shower. Sindy and JP talk about making a Superman shirt tomorrow. Conversation outside that I can make out is about folks being tired and what is being shown on the broadcast tonight. The Veto and the rating task. They went 5 for 5 and think it was amazing. 

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11:00PM BBT Outside group has gotten more animated as they are playing Who Would You Rather Be then naming two celebrities. Production must be bored too as camara three goes through a series of jump cuts on Godfrey stretched out on the red couch all alone. Ashleigh Pili and Kevin in the bathroom where he is flossing. Outside now Sarah is ranting about the conflicts on The View while most of the others keep playing the game. Kevin and Pili alone in the bathroom as Ashleigh has gone out with the others. Willow and Sindy are out there now too. Pili goes into the bedroom then returns to the bathroom muttering that she is going to put her PJs on. Multiple convos going on outside. kevin remarks that he is like a raisin he is so dry and he asks Pili if she is drinking enough water. Now he is admiring his abs and says he could get them showing if he lost a little. He tells Pili that she looks good. Feed 3 goes to commercial then 3 and 4 FOTH out. Multiple stories going on outside still. 

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11:20PM BBT Sarah is called to the DR and she heads in. Kevin and Pili still talking in the bathroom when Zach joins them. As they enter the bedroom Kev says that she may have to cuddle with Johnny tonight since it is his birthday. She remarks that it is freezing in there. He slips under the covers to change and Pili leaves the room.  Godfrey and Bruno now on the red couches where Godfrey is complaining about the cameras zooming in and out on him when he was there alone so that he could not sleep and we get FOTH. Godfrey complains about them having lost the ball. Pili joins and starts teasing Bruno's "pet" Rocky. kevin is now changed and heads out of the bedroom. Bruno says what a trip this is and Godfrey agrees saying that you are always stressing in here. Now they talk about the next HOH and how Godfrey has to go for it for safety and to avoid the slop too. He is debating which is worse the slop or the Have Not room. He says it is really hard to bundle up in there as all they are allowed to use is a towel. Blankets will stay on but towels end up across the room. He goes on to complain that this is the first season they gave them just plain slop to eat without another food too. BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production. (Outside? DRG) Godfrey says he would eat anything else besides slop even things such as donkey dick. The only think he would not eat would be cockroaches, at least donkey dick is meat. JP walks in and starts laughing loudly. they tell him to sit down to explain the conversation to him. Graig joins too and they pose the choice between donkey dick and cock roaches to him as well. JP would take the roaches, but Godfrey still claims he would take the donkey dick.  Outside group is now having the same debate as JP carried it out to them. 

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11:40PM BBT JP is back with the guys on the red couches and asks Godfrey how he came up with these choices and he says something about Fear Factor and the weird things they were made to eat. JP is going to say something and tells production that they may want to cut the feeds so we get FOTH on 3 and 4 for a moment or so. Bruno again talking about how this came up and then says to Godfrey that if he was watching at home right now he would be his favorite. (Commercial on 3 again, how does Global know which feed I am drawing audio from every time????? DRG)  Outside group is talking about their biggest fears now. Outside group heading upstairs in mass and park in the HOH room. Godfrey asks what is wrong to "Willow and the guys head up to check. Kevin now telling Johnny that he is supposed to distract him so they can get ready to surprise him for his birthday so he should act surprised when they go up. Sindy comes in the bedroom and tells the guys that she just kissed Zach and she has a crush on him but he is so young. JP is asked if Sind is a good kisser and he replies he does not have much to go off of but she is OK. Sindy going on about flirting with Zach in the bathroom. (And another commercial on feed 3)  HOH gang rehearsing singing Happy Birthday.  Kevin Sindy and Johnny now talking about Willow again and how she has no Gaydar. Kev goes to check on the status then Sindy and Johnny follow. Sindy asks Zach to go console Willow about what he said earlier and they all head to the HOH for the big SURPRISE. They all shout Johnny and then Happy Happy Happy.  Bobbi is in white briefs and headphones only and gives Johnny a lap dance as the feeds cut to FOTH. they come back just in time to show Bobbi mooning the group from the HOH bathroom. Now they all take turns hugging Johnny. Kevin is now facing Johnny in the chair and strips his pants off sits on his lap and plants a big kiss on his lips. The groups cheers more more more in unison. Johnny is about as red as the furnishings in the HOH room. Godfrey now puts in an appearance and starts to strip while gyrating his hips. They all call out for Zach but he waves them off. 

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