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Sunday September 21 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:04pm Derrick is still laying under the coffee table in the living room. Says he's still totally in control though, says he can't eat anything right now the Chinese is kicking his a** when Victoria asks if he wants some zucchini


11:11pm Victoria sitting at the coffee table  eating an orange. Derrick has moved to the couch Cody laying on the other. They are talking about when they will get to pack their bags. Cody is trying to figure out where the time went.


11:20pm They are sitting in silence for the most part.  Cody sits up and fluffs a couch cushion Victoria asking if hes good. They go back and forth for a moment. Then put their feet against each other and act as if they are riding a bike.


11:32pm Cody says he's tired. Victoria says she's going to change into her pj's. Derrick heads out back and lays on the patio couch. He says he is bored. Cody finished changing in the FR and is headed to the bathroom


11:40pm Derrick holds the sliding door shut on the inside while Victoria opens the door on the outside. When she comes in she says to him I thought blood was thicker than water. He says it is. But this is not real life. She wants him to just tell her if he'll take her or not.


11:47pm Victoria is in the kitchen looking for food. Looks like she's settled on some kind of pita as she's stuffing one with something.  Cody says he is going to make coffee because he wants to stay up till sunrise. Derrick is in the bathroom again. 


11:55pm Victoria and Derrick in the kitchen and Victoria says so Derrick, blood is thicker than water. I think that should apply to all situations don’t you think. Derrick says it’s a cute saying but it doesn’t apply to this game at all. Victoria says she doesn’t get it. He asks what she says the situation. He looks at her and says I've explained it 100 times what don’t you get. She says how she didn't see it coming.


12:04am Victoria and Derrick in the kitchen talking about the conversation he had with the guys about her and if she got to the final 2.  Cody is outside mumbling to himself about how Derrick should just tell her how it is this dangling it in front of her face is ridiculous. Let her cope and starts playing pool


12:10am  Derrick asks Victoria from the game aspect alone tell me why you should go to final 2 over him. She says because we have been talking this whole game about sitting next to each other.  He says no I mean as if I'm a hole in the wall, why do you deserve to go over him. She says because they made a deal, that if Cody doesn’t take her it would be different because they didn't have a relationship.


12:19am Cody is out at the hammock and rocking it. Derrick and Victoria still in the kitchen talking, he says that no one has had her back like him, that he stuck his neck out for her and she has to agree that had he not had her back she would have been out a lot earlier. She says no I don’t think so, he says ok then.


12:27am Derrick telling her that he has done things for her that could have hurt his game and may have. He stuck his neck out for her when this isn't a team game and in his eyes he's a big portion of the reason she still there. So he's going to be selfish now and ask her to not bring it up  constantly for the next four days


12:31am Cody in the backyard practicing what he is going to say to the jury. Inside Derrick is telling Victoria that whatever decision he makes, hes going to make it based on what he thinks is the best choice for him. He has to do what he thinks is best.


12:37am Victoria says that if he takes Cody and he loses she will be very angry with him. That if he takes Cody then he better f**ken win or else she's going to be very angry with him.


12:44am Derrick says that he would still talk to her even if  she won over him 5-4 and she says it would never happen. He tells her that this cannot keep going for four days because it's not fair to Cody that they are secluding him. Cody is playing pool


12:52am Derrick and Victoria still talking in the kitchen. He is telling her that no matter what he knows he would have her vote if she left not because she promised it but because of the friendship they have. But he would never hold it against her if she didn’t vote for him. He says she gave him the chance to play him the other day when she asked about what they should do with the part two comp. As a player he should have convinced her to throw it, but as a friend he wanted her to play her best and warned that if she won 2 she better win 3 because it was her best chance.


1:00am Derrick is saying how he is ready to be out of the house he cannot wait for the next 4 days to be over. He is telling her she will financially benefit from being on the show even if she doesn’t win because hes sure that there will be people who book her to take pictures just because she was on big brother. That she is getting free publicity every day she is on the show. Cody in the BY hanging out on the couch.


1:05am They head outside. Victoria was in the hammock but is taking stuff out of the dryer folding the laundry now. Derric is sitting across from Cody on the patio couches


1:13am All the HG are in the BY sitting in silence


1:22am Cody is telling Derrick that he cant do the whole coddling thing. If she asks him about it hes not going to be nice about it at all he is just going to let her know.  She is by the pool with her compact plucking her eyebrows. Derrick keeps telling Cody that he isnt trying to give her false hop at all  he is just trying to tell her a gentle way. He does say he told her that he doesn’t want to talk about this over the next 4 days he wants to enjoy it


1:34am Derrick and Cody talking in the BY Victoria in the bathroom. Derrick says let's make a pact right now, we both know were going to be final 2 let's make a pact to do whatever we can to make sure that we enjoy ourselves.


1:41am  Victoria is back in the backyard. They are all talking about the finale night.  Victoria is eating an apple they are hoping that they will get to do the talk on Friday instead of Thursday so that they can enjoy the night Wednesday


1:54am Cody, Victoria, and Derrick are all in the back yard talking about which past house guest they are most excited to see. Cody says Zach in the Jury and Amber not in the jury but he won't be able to get near amber because Caleb will chop him at the knees if he tries


2:03am They are now talking about Christine and her boos wondering why she got them and what they said to Julie when they went to evict Frankie


2:12am They are all talking about the HOH before and after competition. Derrick and Cody are showing how they made their mom. Cody watches Derrick and says no you did not I would have punched you in the face. Derrick laughs and says ya that me punch in the face guy


2:19am Victoria says she is freezing and is  going to try and go to sleep. The boys decide they are going to try and play some pool they are going to play 6 games to make it to 20 and then they will hit the hay


2:32am Derrick and Cody talking about Cody's family and knowing what time it was when they found out Derrick won part 2. Cody figures they probably got a call


2:42am Derrick and Cody still playing pool, they are talking about shots because Derrick hit Cody's ball in. Derrick says he is surprised Victoria went to bed without them. Cody sinks the 8ball so Derrick re-racks


2:52am  Game marathon continues they are talking about how they have so many clean towels


3:15am Cody and Derrick now in the kitchen  making food. Appears that quesadillas are on the menu tonight. Derrick brings up a conversation he had in the DR and we get fish


3:21am Conversation in the kitchen has turned to competitions and how none of them were really anything they could study for except the second face morph. That was a true example of people at their best because they knew what was coming and what they needed to study to get it done.


3:30am Cody and Derrick are talking about cops that Cody knows. His uncle is a state trooper, his best friend is a cop, his cousins fiance is a cop. Apparently, Cody's cousin and her fiance live in Rhode Island not far from Newport. Derrick says cops where he lives get paid well in some places and crap in others and wonders what department his cousin is in.


3:40am Cody says that he is going to brush his teeth and go to bed. He is going to sleep  so well. Derrick and Cody both head towards the bathroom and start brushing their teeth


3:50am Derrick and Cody head to the FR to go to bed

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#BB16 11:30AM The HG are still sleeping


#BB16 11:45AM It appears that BB is letting them sleep in today as they are still sleeping and the room's light is still off.


#BB16 12:01PM HG still sleeping. Oh, wait a second.....We got WBRB on feeds. (must be wake up call)


#BB16 12:11PM Feeds are back! Cody is in the WA combing his hair. Victoria is shown still in bed. Can't tell if Derrick is in bed or not. Cody starts humming and we get WBRB


#BB16 12:13PM Feed come back. Cody now in SR and says "OK Fat As$, let's see what you weigh today" and gets on scale. He yells "YES", grabs carton of eggs and heads to KT. He then says "Open the BY, what is this, it's a prison" 


#BB16 12:14PM Cody making funny noises entertaining himself as he leaves the SR heading back to KT. BY opens up and he pretends like he's hitting a baseball as he says "YES".  


#BB16 12:16PM Cody heads to BY and brings down the yawnings for BB (without being told to either)


#BB16 12:17PM  BB says "Cody, Thank You!"


#BB16 12:18PM  Cody in BY bringing down the yawnings. Victoria appears to be awake in bed as she lays there with her eyes open but not getting up. Derrick moved in his bed so he appears to be still be sleeping.


#BB16 12:21PM  Cody heads back in and washes his hands in the KT sink. Looks like he is going to make breakfast. He opens a package of bacon and says "It's a nice piece of bacon."


#BB16 12:25PM BB says "Victoria, please go to the Diary Room." Cody says being funny, "Victoria" in a weird funny voice. Victoria gets up and makes her way to the DR.


#BB16 12:27PM Victoria comes out of DR and goes back to the FR and climbs back in bed. Derrick still sleeping. Cody still cooking.


#BB16 12:28PM BB announces, "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Victoria gets up and turns on the lights in the FR. 


#BB16 12:35PM Cody returns to the SR to return the egg carton in the fridge. He leaves SR and heads back to KT.


#BB16 12:39PM Cody takes his breakfast outside and laughs saying "The new Donny." Gets a drink out of the small fridge outside and sits down and eats. Victoria and Derrick still in bed.


#BB16 12:41PM  Victoria gets out of bed, heads out of FR. We then get WBRB on feeds for a second and return. Victoria is now in the WA looking at her face in mirror.


#BB16 12:43PM Cody is done eating and now relaxing on the BY couch talking to himself (well and us). Cody says "If you're watching, Dadd-io, wat up." and he talks about what his family is doing and talking about football. Victoria is in WA doing ADL.


#BB16 12:47PM Cody says "They played two songs today, two songs" (to the normal three) and we get WBRB for a quick second. 


#BB16 12:49PM Cody being funny imitating BB as he says "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day" and then saying "What we got today.JetBlue, nice" as a plane flies by. Derrick is awake and goes to the WC. Victoria in WA putting make up on.


#BB16 12:50PM Derrick comes out of WC and asks Victoria what time it is. Victoria tells him. Derrick leaves WA and is no longer on feeds. Feeds only show Cody in BY and Victoria in WA.


#BB16 12:53PM Cody now talking out loud about the workout he wants to do. Derrick comes out to BY and Cody tells him he's outside talking to himself. Derrick says "To feedsters" and Cody says, not really. Cody tells Derrick that BB played two songs today and we get WBRB.


#BB16 12:56PM Cody says he's wearing the same thing two days in a row in the BB. Cody is losing it. Derrick says, day 94. Cody says his mind is gone and there is no decisions, what to do, and wondering how bad the people rip us. 


#BB16 12:58PM  Talk is about the jury. Cody says the only person will be disrespectful would be Frankie. Derrick says he hopes everyone is respectful. 


#BB16 12:59PM  Cody thinks his dad would like Nicole a lot. He thinks Nicole would be one of his dad's favorite players. Cody says Zach would be Billy's (his friend) favorite.


#BB16 1:01PM  Cody says "We had a good cast" and that they did a really good job at it.


#BB16 1:04PM  BB says "Cody, please go to to the DR.". Cody joking around says "I don't want to." Derrick is chilling in the BY couch. Victoria heads outside to BY. 


#BB16 1:05PM Cody comes out of DR and heads back to the BY to join Derrick and Victoria. Cody says "They are getting us lunch again."  


#BB16 1:10PM After going over a couple places they could do for food, they choose Panera Bread. Cody all happy because he loves it and excited they are OK with it.


#BB16 1:11PM We get WBRB on feeds 


#BB16 1:18PM Feeds return with the F3 still in BY talking about food. Victoria says she hasn't have Panera in a long time. She asked the other two if they had smoothies. 

#BB16 1:20PM Derrick and Cody goofing around saying that Cody has the hots for Derrick. Derrick says "its a blessing and a curse because i'm hot". Victoria now in KT washing a glass.


#BB16 1:21PM Victoria sings and BB yells at her saying "Victoria, please stop singing." Derrick and Cody in BY playing a game of pool.


#BB16 1:24PM Derrick says "Guys, im not a big twitter guy but hit me up on twitter, I'll be on twitter in the next couple days while I hang out in the hotel room." BB gives Derrick some hollars.


#BB16 1:27PM Victoria is in the LR picking up the games from the table. Looks like Derrick beat Cody in pool because Cody yells "F***, F***, F***, how does that even happen." Derrick says lets play another one and Cody first says no then he says OK. 


#BB16 1:31PM Victoria is jumping between rooms in the house. Was in LR, went to WA, KT to take a drink, WA to grab some cups, and now back to KT to wash some cups out. Derrick and Cody playing another game of pool.


#BB16 1:33PM Victoria starts singing as she makes her way to the WA again and she tells herself to stop singing and stops. 

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1:35 PM BBT
Derrick and Cody talk about how their current tournament of pool is tied 12 games a piece. Cody says, "I think you and me have had more playing time on this table than anyone else this season." Derrick says, "The only other person who might have played close to us is Caleb." Victoria goes outside and Derrick and Victoria give her a what up. Victoria says she'd rather be outside because it's too cold in the house. She is building up Derrick's pool game and cheering him on. Cody is getting mad. Victoria said, "I was only saying good job to him."


2:08 PM BBT Victoria is telling Derrick and Cody that it's one of the best days in the BB house. It's day 94 and they are being super spoiled. Derrick says, "Because we got Panera Bread?" Victoria says yes! She's so excited for her food. She says "I"m going freaking crazy." Derricks says, "I can tell."


2:10 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick he's so smart for suggesting Panera Bread. He says we can get this again on Tuesday if you'd like. She says she wants to try new things every day. She says, "Big Brother, you are so nice, I want to cry." Derrick says, "It's a damn sandwich, Victoria. Calm down." Victoria says, "I'm excited. Clearly you aren't." Derrick says, "I am excited. This food is great. I like having real food again." Victoria says, "I'm so excited that I don't have to go to jury at all. I literally don't care what anyone did or said in there and I don't want to talk about it in finale either." She yells, "I survived 94 days in the Big Brother House!"


2:10 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick he's so smart for suggesting Panera Bread. He says we can get this again on Tuesday if you'd like. She says she wants to try new things every day. She says, "Big Brother, you are so nice, I want to cry." Derrick says, "It's a damn sandwich, Victoria. Calm down." Victoria says, "I'm excited. Clearly you aren't." Derrick says, "I am excited. This food is great. I like having real food again." Victoria says, "I'm so excited that I don't have to go to jury at all. I literally don't care what anyone did or said in there and I don't want to talk about it in finale either." She yells, "I survived 94 days in the Big Brother House!"


2:14 PM BBT
Victoria asks Derrick and Cody who they thought would make it far if they were in the house. They all agree Hayden would have made it super far. He was super nice, had the potential to win comps, and was likeable. They all agree Frankie was losing no matter what. He annoyed too many people and he was too good at comps. Derrick is now telling Cody how excited Victoria got for her Panera Bread. "Oh My God, Derrick, Freshness! I am so excited, Oh My God." Derrick mimics her high pitched screaming voice. Cody is laughing at him. Derrick tells Victoria he thought Nicole had the potential to go really far. They all agree they thought Caleb, Devin, and Frankie would lose early on. Derrick said he thought he'd go out early too. They say Donny should have gone earlier and Zach too based on him getting nominated week 2. Cody says, "No way. Zach was the only one to stand up to Devin, he was golden that week. The whole house flipped on the person who put Zach up. He was untouchable for a few weeks."


2:18 PM BBT Victoria asked Derrick when he and Cody turned on Donny. Derrick said honestly, he never trusted Donny, but the day he went to Cody and Derrick and said his number 4 target was Cody to Derrick and then the number 4 target was Derrick to Cody. They realized Donny was lying to their face and they were done trying to save him versus Nicole. Derrick said, "If Donny had actually just said, "Derrick is my real target", I would have had more respect for him, but he lied to my face. They start talking about how bad Paola was in the game. She had no skill in any comps. Derrick said, "Even Joey would have been better, because Joey would have owned up to being terrible and made a joke about it, but Paola didn't until she was leaving."


2:26 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria talk about gate communities in Rhode Island and Florida. Derrick says, "Only the multi-millionaires in Rhode Island live in gated communities. They aren't around everywhere like they are in Florida." Victoria say, "Oh my God, Derrick. If you don't live in a gated community in Florida, you are poor." She says, "Everyone lives in gated communities and have pools." Derrick says, "In Rhode Island, you can only use a pool a few months out of the year. It's not worth it. I would invest in a hot tub though, because you can use that year round, even in winter." Victoria says, "I've always wanted my parents to build a pool."


2:29 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick if he's going to head out to the pool to hang with Cody. He says probably. He goes to brush his teeth. Victoria says she's going to get her hair and makeup ready for the photobooth coming up.


2:32 PM BBT Victoria says, "Are you going to go back outside and talk game to Cody?" Derrick says, "What the heck kind of game can any of us talk anymore? There's no reason to at this point. You already know that we had a F2 deal, there's no more for Cody and me to talk about game related. Victoria says, "Well you could still be talking about how you're not taking me." Derrick says, "Cody is the one who is saying F2 with me. If he wins he can take whoever he wants. You have to stop saying that I'm the one doing it."


2:37 PM BBT Cody is in the pool cleaning it. Every so often he pretends he is being sucked down a drain and yells out for help. He sees all the debris being cleaned up and says "It's unbelievable how disgusting the pool can get in a few days."


2:40 PM BBT Victoria finishes her hair and makeup and goes outside. She asks Cody how the pool cleaning is going. He says, "Good." She puts her feet in and says, "Wow, that is cold." Cody says, "It's always cold." Victoria sits on one of the lounges. She says, "We made it to day 94, Cody!" He says he feels like all he's doing is pushing the dirt around with the vacuum. He wants to know when BB will give them the photo booth. Victoria says she's going to go get dressed. He says, "As opposed to you not being dressed now?" She says, "I have a sweatshirt on. I want to dress up." Cody says, "You are already dressed, Victoria." Victoria says she's freezing. Cody laughs at her and says, "It's like in the 70s, Victoria." She says, "This is cold for me, Cody."


2:45 PM BBT Victoria goes back into the kitchen where Derrick was cleaning up their food from earlier. She says, "So, in your DRs, were you ever mean to anyone?" Derrick says, "Me? No. I always talked about the game and how people played it." He then starts describing his DR sessions for Victoria and we go to fish, because they are talking about production.


2:49 PM BBT When feeds come back Victoria is saying her DR sessions were filled with a lot of crying. She said when she lost the 2nd part she went into the DR and said, "I just want to self evict! I am so over this!" He laughs and says, "What would have been the point?" Victoria says, "Derrick, I literally care about you so much, I don't even think you know." Derrick says, "When you get out of this house, you might hate me and realize I really am boring." Victoria says, "I think you are lying about your job. I think you have a different job outside of this house. Based on the job you claim you have, there is no way you would have been chosen for this house." Derrick says "I am a very laid back person. If I didn't tell you I was married with a kid, you wouldn't think it." Victoria says, "Yeah, true. Brittany looked nothing like a mother. I get it." Derrick said, "Helen last year was a stereotypical mother. You could tell she was a mother. I think honestly after last year they switched up who they got to be in the house. All of us are relatively good looking." Victoria said, "What? Relatively good looking? No. Extremely good looking." Derrick said, "Okay, good looking then." They are talking about first impressions about house guests. No one thought Christine was married and that Donny was for sure. Victoria is convinced that Derrick is really a surgeon and got off from a great hospital. She said, "If you're a doctor..." He said, "What would you do?" She said, "Nothing, but take me to F2." He said, "I'm not a doctor trust me." She said, "Remember when I asked you outside if it came down to me and Cody and you said, me." Derrick said, "I don't remember telling you that. I mean I'm sure you did say that, but honestly, I don't remember telling you that I'd take you over Cody." She said, "It happened it a few days ago." Derrick says, "I remember the last two days well. You have been paranoid the last two weeks and I've kept you from tipping over the edge. I've had your back the whole game." She says, "I know, let's not talk about it anymore."


2:56 PM BBT Victoria told Derrick that when she and Caleb was on the block, she asked him if it came down to them who he would take. Derrick says, "I don't remember that conversation." Cody opens the door and Victoria says, "Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's go play pool." Derrick asks Cody how the pool was. Cody says it's clean now. Derrick tells Cody that Victoria has been completely different today. She walks out and Cody calls out to her that she has the chance to win a new car.

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 3:04pm Derrick and Cody are in the  Pool with the new goggles that BB got them. Victoria sitting  near the pool watching them.


 3:07pm Derrick telling what can happen if you dive to far down in the ocean and that you have to use different tanks for different depths you dive.


3:11pm Cody ask Victoria how many laps do you think i can do without coming up for air and Victoria says 500. Cody yells 500 are you crazy. Cody starts off underwater to do 5 laps and Victoria says he will come up on 3 and he came up on 3 and said his shorts were falling off. Victoria says i called it.


 3:20pm Derrick still in the pool, Cody laying in the sun now and Victoria laying on a lounger plucking her eyebrows again.


 3:30pm Victoria telling Cody and derrick that they need to get an app for a dollar so they can send pictures and keep in touch with each other.



3:37pm derrick now out of the pool, Rinses off in the outdoor shower and then lays on the hammock to warm up and dry a little. Cody is sleeping  on a lounger and Victoria taking derrick his stuff he ask you still have my rind right? she says no i gave it back to you and he says just hold on to it a little bit . She goes inside and goes to the WC.


 3:40pm derrick ask Cody what the first thing  he is going to do if he wins the half million? Cody says pay off school loans.He then says pay off my brothers loans and his wife's loans too. derrick says you will still have 1k left then so that's not bad.


  3:47pm Cody and derrick still talking about student loans and how long it takes to pay them off.


 3:54pm derrick and Cody talking about how they will spend their money wisely and how they made good relationships in the house and how they lied to a couple of people and feel bad about it but Derrick says it is a game you have to lie sometimes.


 3:58pm Derrick and Cody talking about how many time Caleb volunteered to go on the block to save amber.

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 4:03pm Bb announces it is Photo Booth time.


 4:08pm Hg taking pictures then cody goes to get food.


 4:18pm derrick, Cody and Victoria going to take pictures with their keys then going to take a group picture with keys for final 3.


 4:26pm Cody in the BY  doing laundry. derrick and Victoria now at the KT table eating dinner.


 4:28pm Cody now in the shower and starts singing then stops. derrick and Victoria eating  and general talk.


 4:30pm derrick tells Victoria when they jury comes in here i have no idea who they are going to vote for. Victoria says me either.


4:39pm Cody out of the shower and dressed. Derrick and Victoria  still at the KT table just general talk going on .


  4:46pm derrick and Victoria taking pictures together in the photo booth. Cody in the Wa doing his hair then puts a hat on.


 4:56pm HG still taking pictures.  

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5:03pm Derrick and Cody playing pool in the by talking about Victoria and talking about being in the final 2 and Cody says i want to talk more but i don't want to rub it in Victoria's face.


5:06pm Victoria now in the BY watching Cody and derrick play pool.Victoria says i just wish i would have been able to break up the hit men and Cody laughs and says if you had made it to the final 2 you would have won this game just so you know. Victoria says that would have been epic but i couldn't do it but i am the last girl standing. 


 5:09pm Victoria says do you think anyone is disappointed in me and derrick says no way. Derrick says you played good but if you had won one of these 2 part hoh and beat one of us in part three you would have won the money.


 5:16pm HG talking about finale night and how they vote and what they can say.


  5:19pm BB calls Victoria to the DR. Derrick and Cody start laughing as soon as she goes in and Cody says i wanted to tell her she can dream. Derrick says let me ask you a question ok? He says are you going to take me and Cody says yeah. Derrick says ok cause i am giving the girl no hope. Cody says the only way and we get foth.


 5:22pm Feeds come back and Victoria is sitting outside again. Cody is asking about  her meds and she says she has been taking them for a couple of years now and we get foth again.


5:30pm Derrick and Cody talking about Victoria and Cody says she knows that i am not taking her to final 2 but with you. Derrick says i know she thinks she has a glimmer of hope.


 5:32pm Victoria comes back out and sits watching them play pool and says i cant believe they only played 2 songs this morning and Cody says yeah i know they suck.


 5:40pm Derrick and Cody still playing pool as Victoria watches. Victoria says i am gonna be very upset if  for the BY interviews i am wearing that dress and it is this cold.


 5:42pm  Victoria tells the guys lets do a workout  tonight and  Cody ask are you kidding me? Derrick and Cody continue their pool game as Victoria lays on the lounger.


5:44pm The pool game is finished and derrick goes to sit on the  couches Victoria goes over  playing with a pillow in front of derrick, Cody comes over and ask what she is doing and laughs. Cody and Victoria start singing " Put your hands on my hip and do a dippy dippy dip" and we get foth.


  5:46pm Cody saying he is going to eat light the next couple of days and Victoria says Wednesday is going to be so long and boring cause they  will have to have the house spotless for the live show and we will be in hoh rm alot that day.


 5:52pm Victoria pleading  to the camera for her brother to come to finale. She ask derrick do you  think they provide the tickets and derrick says i am pretty sure they do at least 2 for mom and dad and for me my wife and daughter then we get foth.
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6:00 PM BBT All 3 HG's are in the BY chilling. Victoria is lying on a couch with a blue blanket over her. Cody is sitting on the other end of the same couch with his eyes closes, holding a small pillow. Derrick is stretched out on the opposite couch with his arm crossed, and looking around.


6:08 PM BBT We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, sleepin gis only permitted in the bedrooms." Victoria opens her eyes, but Cody still has his closed. Victoria asks Derrick if she should ask for her suitcase, and Derrick tells her, to wait until tomorrow. She covers her eyes with her left hand for a few moments, and then takes it over, and is looking around.


6:13 PM BBT We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." Victoria gets up to go to the WC. Cody wakes up, and starts talking to Derrick about sleeping. He says it was perfect staying up late last night, and sleeping until 12 p.m. today. Derrick says, he was going to try to stay up to watch the sunrise, but he says he's not going to do it with Wednesday being the last day.


6:16 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody they have a comp on Wednesday, and gives him a wink. Victoria comes back to the BY. Cody gets up and asks where the moon is? Derrick says, "Why, it's not there?" Cody says, "No." While Cody is going inside, Derrick asks him if he's going to sleep? Cody says, No. Cody throws a lime, trying to make it in the bucket in the KT, and then goes to the fire room. He goes to the WA. Victoria asks Derrick what would happen if he broke up the Hitmen?  She says, "Wouldn't that be epic?" He says, "It depends who you ask." She tells him she wants to go to the F2 with him, and she's desperate.


6:19 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that she's walking away with nothing. He tells her, "At this point, no one is walking away with nothing, that's a bullsh*t statement." She laugh's and tells him she's desperate. She tells him she's glad she's taking it once a day now, instead of 3 times a day. Derrick asks her if it's working better, and we see FoTH.


6:23 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick asking Victoria if she got blisters. She says she did, and only one popped, and the rest healed. Cody says, "F*ck," and gets up from the couch. He goes by the washer and dryer. Victoria says she so excited to go snowboarding, and asks what the other one is. Derrick tells him she'll go skiing and not snowboarding. She asks him what the difference is, and he tells her. He tells her how bad people get hurt on the snowboards. She tells Derrick that she can roller skate, and ice skate. He tells her he will show her how to ski. He tells her he snowboards though. She talks about skiing on a lake also. Cody sits back down on the couch in the BY. Derrick tells Cody and Victoria that they check the depth of ice for people to ski on lakes. He says he won't do it, and if you fall through, you're done, and that's a sh*tty way to go. Derrick gets a holla. Victoria says she can't wait to go to Rhode Island to visit. She asks how much it costs to fly. Derrick says it's about $89.00 one way.


6:28 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that Providence is very artsy, and she will like it. Victoria asks Derrick if January is good for her to visit? He says that will be perfect, because he will get vacation time with the new year. He says he's already used all of his vacation days for this year, and that sucks, because he usually takes time off for the holidays. They talk about the birth of Derrick's daughter. Victoria asks if his wife had an easy birth, and he said no. Victoria asks, if he was in the room, and he says yes, and says that his wife struggled with the birth. Derrick says how he took his wife to the hospital, and it was a false alarm. He says he had to go back to work, and how there is footage on his apartment security cam footage with how bad the snow was, and how he got the call that his wife's water was scrambling to leave to get to the hospital. He says how she got an epidural, and had to get the stuff that starts with a "P" (Pitocin), but he couldn't remember the name of it.


6:30 PM BBT Derrick talks about the airplane that is overhead, and how low the UPS plane was, when  it was extremely low. He says that would have gotten annoying after a while, if they were all that low. Cody gets up, and it still looking for the moon in the sky. He kicks something in the BY, and then climbs up on a square by the pool. He goes to the pool table and take s the balls out of the pockets. Victoria is talking to Derrick about wanting to go to Greece, and how she won't travel with her sister. She says she's a day person, and her sister is a night person, that they are very different. Derrick says he has to pee, and Victoria asks him if he is going to play pool, and he says, no, going go pee. Victoria goes in the house to get tea, and asks both of them if they want some, they both say no. Derrick gets up off the couch, and looks at what Cody is cleaning off the pool table. Derrick says, it's disgusting. Derrick goes in the house.


6:40 PM BBT Victoria is scraping the bottom of the KT sink, trying to get whatever is stuck on it, off. Cody is using a plastic lime like a Hacky Sack in the BY. Victoria washes a glass in the KT, fills it with water, and puts it in the microwave. Derrick goes to the BY, and he and Cody start playing pool. Cody sinks a striped ball right away. Victoria goes to the WC. Derrick says, today went kind of fast today, and sleeping until 12:30 p.m. doesn't hurt either. Victoria comes out of the WC, with her long-sleeve cover almost all the way off. She looks at herself in the mirror, puts the cover back on, and washes her hands in the WA sink. She goes back to the KT, takes her glass out of the microwave. We see a close-up of the clock on the microwave that says 6:44 PM. She walks back to the WA to look in the mirror, and goes back in the WC to get toilet paper. She blows her nose, throws away the tissue, and washes her hands again, but doesn't use soap.


6:46 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody, his cousins play pool, and they've been to Vegas a couple times. He says they have a backpack with their pools stinks taken apart. He says they both went to Bryant University on scholarships, and the top Division 1 High School. Victoria finishes her tea, and goes to the BY. We see FoTH.


6:49 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria tweezing her eyebrows and popping her zits in the BY. Cody and Derrick are still playing pool, they finish their game, and rack balls, to start another game. Cody asks what they are going to eat for dinner, and Derrick tells him maybe he'll just have a sandwich. They start their next game of pool.


6:53 PM BBT Cody tells Derrick the pool balls are a cluster f*ck. Derrick takes a shot, and yells that it would have been perfect if the ball wasn't there. Derrick says that they whole pool table could be f*cked up. They continue their pool game.


7:08 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are still playing their pool game, and Derrick gets a holla. Victoria is now lying on her stomach on a couch in the BY tweezing her facial hair.


7:08 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are still playing their pool game, and Derrick gets a holla. Victoria is now lying on her stomach on a couch in the BY tweezing her facial hair.


7:18 PM BBT Cody bounces his pool stick on the orange bean bag chair in the BY. Derrick says he got turnt up, as he and Cody finish their pool game. Derrick asks Victoria if she can tell him what time it is, and Victoria tells him it's 7:18 PM.


7:19 PM BBT Cody goes to the hammock, and is swinging in it. Derrick tells him that the lights in the BY are on timers, and they usually come on at 7 PM.


7:21 PM BBT Victoria goes to the BY, and Derrick asks her if it's really 7:18 PM, and she tells him it's 7:21 PM now. He says, the lights in the BY have been on a while, and they are on timers. She says, it could be Daylight Savings Time, and Derrick says they may be set for 6 PM now, instead of 7 PM, since it's getting darker earlier.


7:24 PM BBT Victoria says they have strawberries and says she's going to make strawberry shortcake. She goes in the house, and to the SR. We see FoTH on cams 3 and 4, and then all 4 cams. Cams 1 and 2 come back with Derrick and Cody still in the BY. When live feeds come back on cams 3 and 4, Victoria is still in the SR, looking in the refrigerator.


7:27 PM BBT Victoria goes to the BY, and tells Derrick there's not enough strawberries, and gives him other options for that she can use to make the dessert. Derrick tells Cody what she's making, and he doesn't know what it is. Cody says he's missing Sunday football. Derrick says, they may miss it next week to. Cody asks him if he really thinks so? Derrick says, if she's right, and we see FoTH.


7:30 PM BBT Live fees come back and Cody asks Derrick what they will do all day? Derrick asks when? He says, all day and all night, when we're not on lockdown. We see FoTH again.


7:31 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Cody makes a noise, while he's swinging on the hammock. Victoria is in the KT cutting strawberries with a butter knife on a cutting board.


7:33 PM BBT Cody makes another noise in the BY, on the hammock. Victoria is reading the back of a Bisquick box, for what she is making for dessert. She cuts up a banana now, with a butter knife.


7:42 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick what kind of milk he wants her to use, and she goes to continue making the dessert in the KT. Derrick is lying down on one of the big chairs in the BY, with his feet and legs propped up on the other. Cody is still lying in the hammock.


7:49 PM BBT Victoria is mixing ingredients together in a glass bowl, following the directions on the back of the Biquick box. Derrick and Cody are still in the BY chilling.


7:53 PM BBT Cody tells Derrick it's dragging. Derrick says, yes it is. Cody says he feels like passing out, and Derrick tells him not to. Cody says, he's not going to. Derrick says, he's going to see what they have for steak. Cody says, they definitely have good steak. Derrick turns on the gas grill in the BY, and goes in the house. Victoria says he scared her, and then he tells her he's making steak, and she reacts happily. He asks her if she wants some, and she says, she can't, but she 's definitely down for some dinner. Cody goes in the house, and Victoria asks him if they are having steak. He says, he's not. Derrick is in the SR getting steak. He comes out, and Victoria asks if he can get her zucchini, and he said he got it. Cody goes in the fire room. He put some medicine on his hand, gets a band aid, and looks into the camera by the door. He goes out, and goes back in the fire room. Then he goes to the KT, and puts on the band aid.


8:00 PM BBT All 3 HG's are in the KT getting things ready for dinner and dessert. Victoria runs to the WC, and we can see her start to pull her pants down, when the door closes. We see FoTH for a few moments. Live feeds come back, and Victoria comes out of the WC, washes her hands in the sink in the WA, without using soap, and runs back in the KT. She closes the Bisquick box, and puts it away. We see FoTH again.


8:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick putting his steak on the grill. He uses tongues to carry the plastic bag back to the KT, and throws it away. Victoria asks Derrick if he's going back outside, and he asks why? She tells him no one can surprise him, and he always looks. He says, he's going back out, and she will surprise him, because he's never tasted it before. Derrick goes to the BY. He opens the lid, checks his food, and closes the lid on the grill. He sits down on one of the lounge chairs. Victoria is talking to Cody in the KT about the dessert.


8:07 PM BBT Derrick gets a holla from Donny, and he says, "Hey, what's up, Donny?" Victoria is using a muffin pan for her Bisquick mixture. Cody goes to the BY 2 minutes later, and tells Derrick the things that Victoria are making are sick, and Derrick says he knows, while he is checking his food on the grill. We see FoTH for a moment. Cody tells Derrick what she's putting in them, and Victoria opens the sliding door to ask Derrick if he wants to wait to eat them after dinner. She closes the sliding door, and Derrick says, she will make a great housewife one day. Derrick tells Cody that she really wants to get married, and she'll find someone after this show for sure. Cody is eating his turkey sandwich in the BY, while talking to Derrick. Derrick says the days are going slow. He says, it was Wednesday when they found out about the last week, and it's already Monday tomorrow.


8:13 PM BBT Derrick goes back by the grill to check on his food. Victoria is still making the dessert in the KT. Derrick opens the sliding door, and Victoria starts to freak out. He asks him for a knife, and she gives it to him. He tells her, he was not peeking. Derrick goes by the grill again, and tells Cody that they are on a freaking reality show and she thinks they are on a sitcom. Cody laughs, and says, she hasn't been playing the same game as them all season. Victoria is adding whipped cream to the desserts in the KT.


8:18 PM BBT Cody asks Derrick if they are supposed to water the grass? Derrick says, the only thing he knows is that the grass is fake, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back and Derrick says that Brittany was always baking in the BY, because she liked being out there. Cody says, "Ah, only 2 more days." Cody says, it's like the anticipation before Christmas. Victoria asks Derrick to tell her when the zucchini is ready. He says it already is, and asks her if she wants it? She says, no, she'll eat it with him inside. She closes the sliding glass door, and puts the 3 desserts on the small round table. Derrick talks to Cody in the BY, and tells him that he thinks they really pushed Twitter this year.


8:21 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk about how many followers previous HG's have on Twitter. Cody and Derrick go in the KT, and start goofing off.


8:24 PM BBT We see FoTH for a moment, Live feeds come back with Cody whistling a little, and then he sits down at the small round table. Derrick wants to try the muffins that Victoria made. He wants to try a top, and she starts to freak out. Derrick says they are awesome, and they are going to get housed. He tells her not to get to tired, because she's going to have to make more. She says she doesn't mind making them. He has Cody try them, and asks why they haven't made them before? Victoria tells him, she asked him several times if he wanted her to make them, and he kept telling her no. She sits down at the table with Cody and Derrick. Cody tries the dessert, and says, Wow. Derrick asks if it's good, and he's says it's unbelievable. Cody says, "It's amazing."


8:31 PM BBT Derrick gets another muffin, and has to cut it. Victoria thought she had cut them all. He says, he loves biscuits. Cody got himself something to drink, and say back down at the table. Victoria was washing something at the KT sink, and goes to the SR. She grabs a bag off the counter in the SR, and goes back to the KT. Derrick tells Cody that he likes to cook chicken and steak on the grill. He says he doesn't eat a lot of steak, because red meat it hard on your intestines. Victoria makes some more dessert, now with the bananas. Cody leaves the KT, and lays down on the couch in the LR.


8:37 PM BBT Derrick tries the dessert that Victoria made, and he says it's unbelievable. She puts honey on another one of the desserts that she makes.


8:41 PM BBT Derrick tries the banana dessert, and he tells Victoria that he likes the strawberry better. He said it was a good call with the the walnuts in the banana one though, and maybe she should add some powdered sugar to them. Victoria goes to make some more of the deserts.


8:45 PM BBT Derrick says he's so full, and makes a shout-out for Victoria's future man, and says that they will be checked out thoroughly by the former BB HG's. They joke about what she does, and says she'll even put a mint on their pillow. She says, he has to be a good guy, and he says, they shouldn't even hit you up if their not a good guy. He says you can't measure how good a guy is until you date them. Cody cough's and is liking his lip, while still on the couch in the LR. Derrick says, don't hit her up for a booty call, or one-nighters.


8:48 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria the guys can hit her up on Twitter, and then she can forward their information via text, and he do the checks on them. He says, he will probably do a Skype call with them, and then let her know if they are good enough for her. We see a close-up on the other deserts that Victoria made. Derrick is washing dishes in the KT.


8:50 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria joke about him being nervous. Victoria starts to sing, and we see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back, and Derrick is cleaning up, and tells Victoria that he has eaten 4 biscuits. Victoria washes some of the dishes, and then says, she'll have her salad now. She asks him if she should have it now for dinner? He says, if she's hungry, absolutely. She says she's only eaten the zucchini. She is cleaning up the KT table, and putting dishes on the counter for Derrick to wash, as he is finishing washing the dishes.


8:53 PM BBT We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms." Cody says, "I wasn't sleeping," keeping his eyes closed. Derrick asks Cody if he's good with his glass, and he says, yes, thank you. Derrick takes it to the sink to wash it. Derrick gets the cleaner to clean off the small round Dining Room table.


8:56 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that they should clean the house on Tuesday, so they don't have to worry about it on Wednesday. Derrick agrees, and says that Wednesday is going to go by fast. She says, it's going to be stressful. Victoria asks Cody if she can throw away the bread, and he says yes. Victoria gets told to move her hair away from her microphone. She goes into the LR, and sits on the couch across from Cody. She sits down, and starts eating a salad out of a box, and is chomping as she eats it. She asks Cody if he thinks they clean things when they do a lock down? He says, this Wednesday is going to be different. She says, "There is so much dust everywhere." She tells Cody that she is going to be rooting for them for part 3, and tells him where she will be. Cody tells her he's going to sleep in the rock room tonight. She says she heard him tossing and turning the whole night, and she got up at 7 a.m. to pee. He tells her he can't sleep in there at all, and he doesn't know why.


9:01 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody that he's comfortable in the rock room. She asks Cody what Chick-Fil-A is, and he explains it to her.


9:03 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody that she rarely eats out, and she is health conscious, so when she does, she doesn't feel well. She says her house is super super clean, and she loves sushi. Cody says they have to be so boring to watch. Victoria tells Cody they have champagne, and he says, it's apple cider.

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9:20PM BBT: Derrick is outside in the backyard by himself, laying on the couch. Victoria and Cody are in the living room on the couches. Victoria says it's going to be hard to get back to east coast time, and Cody agrees. Cody says he'll use Benedryl or Advil pm to help him get his sleep schedule back on track.


9:30PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick are sitting on the floor on either side of the coffee table and get out the board games. Cody is sitting on the couch beside Derrick. Victoria starts telling a story about her sister coming to visit her for 3 months out of the year, and feeds cut briefly to WBRB.

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9:50 pm BBT  Cody asks Vic if she wants to play the game 52. Vic tells them she knows the game. She tells them about her uncle teaching her 52 card pickup when she first came from Israel to Brooklyn. Derrick is laying on the floor next to the coffee table and Vic climbs down to the floor and lays on the other side of the coffee table.


9:53 pm BBT  Vic says if Derrick wins we have to go to Greece. He says and if you win? She says take her to the final 2 and she could. He says she already did because she made it to the final 3 with him and Cody. They talk about the finale and he says he will be in his room by midnight sleeping. Vic then tells Cody she will do anything... "Alliance." Whoever takes her is guaranteed a win. "Help! Help! I'll do anything!!"

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10:03 pm BBT  Victoria says she is so upset with herself and tells Derrick she is so upset with him. Cody calls Derrick a dick and Victoria tell Cody he's one, too. Derrick says she has to choose one of them. She tells Cody that he could win with her next to him. She tells them both that they are probably loving this. They both say they aren't. Derrick says he thinks her mom isn't going to like what she's doing right now. She says "What? Begging?" He says, "You said it. Not me." She tells him she doesn't feel she has a choice.


10:06 pm BBT  She tells Cody to take her. He says he legit would never. He says why would he cross Derrick. He can't think of a good reason. She says "Whatever. This sucks." Cody says they both don't like it but they played a hard game to get to this point. She says it doesn't matter who wins part 3 because they are both taking each other. She says they are 90% guaranteed final 2. Derrick says she had 2 opportunities to help get herself get to final 2. She didn't just get f*cked over. She says she nailed her performance, so it sucked. Derrick says he did tell her he was going to try to beat her.


10:09 pm BBT  Derrick tells her they can't say which way they are going. They ahve already been warned about it. If they don't know about it, go look in the rule book in the SR. He says they are in their last days in the BB house, and he doesn't want to pity her. She says she was just kidding. He says not really. He says he just wants to enjoy their time there. For most of them, they will never be back in the house. She says they will never be back in this house because it will be redecorated. She is quiet for a second and then says he should have told her about the Hitmen earlier. Derrick says he didn't tell her about the Bomb Squad either because that's not BB. Cody says, "So, that dessert was legit."


10:14 pm BBT  Vic asks whether they think she should be disappointed in herself. Derrick says absolutely not. She says she fought hard in the last 2 comps. Never dropped one. Cody says there's nothing she could be mad at for herself. Derrick talks about a mistake he made and that if she had beat him by 30 seconds he would have been livid. Vic said it was so gorgeous. Derrick says BEST COMP EVER. She wonders if they drew everything with Sharpies. Derrick says it was Photoshopped. Cody says, "Get me out of here!" Vic says her dress for Wednesday isn't as open as she thought it was. Derrick tells her to put it on and she says no because she doesn't want to get makeup on it.


10:32 pm BBT  The HG have moved to the KT. Vic is eating an apple. No game talk has gone on since before Victoria went to get her dress.


10:45 pm BBT  Cody and Derrick go outside to play pool. They talk about how Vic is right about there being no suspense for them. They do know that they are going to the final 2 with each other. The only suspense is who will win it... Derrick or Cody.


10:51 pm BBT  Derrick says he just wants to tell Vic that he just can't consider taking her...that no one would vote for him if he did. He says that Frankie would love nothing more than to vote for her. Derrick says he would say something like "You guys f*cked me and now I'm f*cking you." Derrick does a shout out to Frank Eudy. He says if he could come out to Cali he'd love to meet him. He says that Frank is for him was Jeff is for Cody. Derrick thinks there will be a lot of HG there [at the finale party].


10:55 pm BBT  Cody says he wouldn't mind meeting Aaryn or Kaitlin from BB15. Derrick does a shout out to both of them to come see them at the after parties. They discuss that they think Aaryn has a boyfriend and how old they think they both are. Cody says the days are too long and he doesn't want to be there anymore. Derrick says that it's cool being in the final 3, but having nobody there is tough. Cody says they've played 33 games of pool in the last few days.


10:58 pm BBT  Derrick says he can't wait to do so many things... drive a car, see a billboard. Cody says he can't wait to see a random person. Vic comes out of the DR. She says she called him useless [talking about the comp]. BB tells her she is not allowed to talk about her DR session with other HG. They discuss which strategy might have been the best one to use.

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11:05 PM BBT Cody and Derrick still playing pool in the BY, Victoria goes inside to change clothes. Derrick tells Cody that he knows who he and Cody will get a jury question from. He tells Cody, Victoria will ask Derrick a question and Christine will act Cody a question. Derrick and Cody are talking about what might factor the voting and if people are mad about certain alliances. Derrick says people like Hayden shouldn’t be mad because he wasn’t in the BB house long enough to be mad about anything.


11:15 PM BBT Cody and Derrick both agree that by the time the jury asks them questions, they most likely have already decided who they are voting for to win. Victoria comes back outside, talk between all three has moved to how much a pool table costs. Derrick says that when they leave the house they probably won't want to play pool at all.


11:20 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are still playing pool. Victoria is telling the guys when she thinks BB will clear the BY for the finale interviews, she says 5 AM BBT Wednesday morning. Cody and Derrick both say that they have gotten a lot better at playing pool in the house. Victoria says she can't wait for Halloween and then says "what up?" to both Derrick and Cody. They all say they are bored and want to go to sleep by midnight.


11:30 PM BBT Cody and Derrick start another game of pool, Victoria is laying down on one of the BY chairs. Cody and Derrick start talking about which of their grandparents are alive. Victoria goes into the KT to make something to eat.


11:35 PM BBT Victoria is still in the KT, Derrick tells Cody outside that he can tell Victoria is dying to go to sleep but won't. Cody asks why she does that because he has noticed she has done this all summer. Derrick says its a level or paranoia that him and Cody did not feel and that Victoria feels like she would be missing something important. Derrick and Cody finish another game of pool and say they will play one more for the night to make it 40 games played in 2 days.


11:40 PM BBT Victoria comes back outside. Cody and Derrick continue their pool game, no more game talk with Victoria present. Cody and Derrick finish their pool game and Cody says he is going to go to sleep and heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to lay down in the hammock he says he will in a few minutes.


11:52 PM BBT Derrick goes to the WA to wash his hands. Cody tells Derrick, "another day in the books,". They both hug and Derrick heads back outside and Cody goes to the ER to get into bed. Cody is talking to the cameras asking "whats up" to the live feeders, he says odds of him going to sleep right now is 6 to 1, after tossing and turning for a couple hours. Derrick and Victoria go lay down on the hammock. Derrick says that he is sad that there are no more competitions in the BY anymore. Cody has started hashtaging in bed, "#bb16 ‪#‎final3‬ ‪#‎summersalmostover‬‪#‎seasoncomingtoanend‬ ‪#‎wecrushedit‬ ‪#‎hitmen‬ ‪#‎hitmenallday‬ ‪#‎calzone‬‪#‎imtalkingtoacamera‬ ‪#‎whatup‬ ‪#‎ihopeicangotosleep‬ ‪#‎summernights‬‪#‎notsummeranymore‬ ‪#‎itsfall‬ ‪#‎mineissoccerseason‬‪#‎fallseasonisthebestseason‬". Derrick asks Victoria who might and might not vote for him in the final.


11:59 PM BBT Cody has fallen silent in the ER. Derrick and Victoria are talking about what things they miss doing in the outside world. Derrick says he didn't expect to meet someone like Victoria and be friends with her inside and outside of the house. Victoria and Derrick start talking about Victoria's dating life and her finding someone to marry.

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