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Saturday September 20 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:01pm Derrick and Cody are in the kitchen talking about who they think would vote for who in the final 2. Derrick thinks that if Victoria were to go to final 2 there are people in the jury that would vote for her just out of spite.


11:08pm Victoria comes out of the DR and heads towards the FR but changes her mind and heads to the bathroom not speaking to Derrick on either attempt he made. Derrick looks to the camera after she goes back to the DR and asks Megan to make up some tshirts that say hitmen


11:17pm Everyone sitting in the living room in silence till Victoria gets up and goes to the FR  to lay on the bed. Conversation in the LR turns to talking about what they would do with the money


11:27pm Derrick and Cody in the LR talking about the first time they were approached about the bomb squad. Victoria is in the  FR crying on the bed


11:37pm Victoria has moved to the bathroom and  is doing her hair, she was blow drying it. Cody and Derrick are in the living room talking about where they think that the final hoh will be. They said they can all just relax for the next 4 days now.


11:50pm  Derrick and Cody still laying on couches in the living room. They are talking about past house guests and how excited they are now that they know they are going to be there for sure. Cody is curious about what is going on with his brother and sister.  Victoria has her face buried in the pillow on  her bed in the FR


11:56p Cody is talking about how he started substituting and how he considered teaching for a living after he started doing it.  Says that he liked the idea of helping and summers off were nice. Victoria is in the kitchen eating a banana.


12:07am Derrick and Cody are talking about their family, where they live what they do, general chit chat. Victoria is in the bathroom taking a shower. Cody tells Derrick he's never jet skied and Derrick seemed surprised saying he could rent them.


12:16am Derrick and Cody telling stories about where they live and lived. Derrick says where him and Jana used to live he wouldn’t let her go to CVS alone because of shady people. That she is naive and thinks she will be fine but he gets paranoid about it. Cody says it was like that in Philly too  that he understands, it's all about numbers even if it was just a guy they are less likely to approach when there is more than one person there.


12:28am Victoria asks Derrick if she can talk to him and he says sure thing.  She goes back to the FR to wait


12:34am Derrick walks into the FR and says he feels bad because she is the one person he didn’t want to compete against. He says he wonders why he wasn’t called into the DR after her and when she starts to explain, we get fish We come back  to Derrick telling her it was a hard comp and she did well. Shes crying that it wasn’t that she didn’t know it, she just wasn’t fast enough


12:36am She's telling him that she's happy for him. That shes done there is nothing else she can do to save herself. She is upset that she knew the answers and had them all right on the first try, she just wasn’t fast enough. That’s what bothers her. Derrick says they were super high, higher then they thought. He says it was the craziest and best comp of the year.


12:39am She says she thought she did so good. He says she did and she disagrees because if she had done good, she would have won. He tells her that he's 6ft and faster than her, they both knew the answers he was just taller and faster.  Cody is in the kitchen making food


12:42am Derrick hugs Victoria while she is crying . She says that it just sucks. He tells her that had he tripped up just once she would have won, she did good.


12:52am Derrick tells Victoria that she had a great time. She was close to him time wise and hes almost a foot taller than her. She says she's only upset because she didn’t mess up and still lost, had she messed up,  she would understand.


12:57am Derrick brings out a bottle of champagne and they all agree to pop the cork and toast the final comp. Victoria dries up her tears goes to the bathroom to pluck her face and reapply makeup. Cody yells at Derrick for how he was going to open the champagne asking if he was crazy you don’t use a butter knife on it. Tells Derrick to do the dishes he was doing and he will open the bottle.


1:06am Derrick lifting his shirt says his chest hurts from where the harness was. Cody says its bruised you can see it. Victoria and Derrick explain how the harness was  and where it fell on their bodies. They all cheers the game and the final competition and drink their mimosas


1:17am Cody and Victoria in the kitchen talking about the competition. Cody is telling her she did good and she should be proud of herself because she did her best. She says that still wasn’t enough to win. He tells her that Derrick is a lot bigger than her so the time it took him to get up the wall is probably a lot less then it took her because the length of his arms. He asks if she would do anything different, she said no, so he tells her then there's no reason for her to be upset she should be happy she did her best. She can't beat herself up for trying her hardest, all she could do is try her best and if she did then she shouldn’t be upset with herself.


1:26am Cody tells Victoria that if she wants to cheer herself up no matter what just go over to that memory wall and look at all the faces that are black and white. None of those people even have a thought in their head that they could win anything at this point and she still could.


1:34am They do a cheers that Cody was iffy about finishing because he said it was inappropriate, Victoria says she wont take offense to it. They finish the cheers and Victoria, flat out asks if he ever had an STD and he nearly screams no. They cheers to good things come in small packages after talking about how short she is.


1:38am Cody tells Victoria that he thinks that Frankie or her was the one that took all their stuff. She says it wasn’t her, he says he thinks for sure it was Frankie because he was sketching him out that day. Then he says he really thinks it was her because she was the only one that had two things missing. But Frankie was really bugging him out.


1:50am Victoria and Cody are talking about Ultra and what years they went and where it was. She keeps saying that there was more grass one year and remembers going once and  it was nothing but dirt


1:58am Cody says hes going to take a shower. Hugs Victoria and tells her no crying in the Rutgers sweatshirt, it makes them look bad and laughs. She laugh as he walks away to get a towel.


2:11am Derrick and Victoria are in the kitchen talking about what kind of computers they have.  Derrick says he has a desktop but wants to get a 15 inch imac pro because he wants to do a big brother website. Cody is in the FR dressing after his shower


2:21am Cody joins Victoria and Derrick in the kitchen. Victoria is insisting that he needs to get the extended warranty because that is the o nly reason she got a new one when hers kept breaking. Cody says he is really tired. Derrick says he can tell. He is going to eat, shower and catch some z's.


2:29am Victoria and Cody are eating some hummus. Victoria tells that when she was really little she was so scared of heights that she wouldn’t go near the rock climb wall. Derrick laughs and says I can assure you that the wall today was much higher than the rock climb walls.


2:42am Derrick is drinking his mimosa and laughing as he yells looking at the mirror scaring Victoria. Derrick telling Cody and Victoria that the only thing that pushing the button got Frankie was an eviction. Cody is showing Derrick what Frankie looked like in the last Veto competition that he played in.


2:55am Victoria, Cody and Derrick in the kitchen talking about who that was there understood the game and who had potential to go farther if things were different. Derrick says it feels like just yesterday they were introducing themselves to each other. He said he feels like he knows who everyone on the wall is except Donny. Then says well Brittany too.


3:05am Victoria and Cody in the kitchen going through each of the past houseguests naming good qualities and nice things about them. They agree that Donny was sincere and kind, Caleb had a nice smile and Nicole was a firecracker


3:15am Everyone in the bathroom now while Derrick showers. Cody and Derrick were talking about the competition until Victoria came in with a bowl of cereal.


3:25am Derrick is still in the shower trying to explain to Victoria why the competition was fair even though they are different sizes. He tells her that they told them from the start that the comps were all down on paper and predetermined so there could be no bias and if there was a comp where there was a hole they had to go through she might have been faster because he's larger.


3:33am Derrick and Victoria talking in the bathroom she asks about  final 2 and he says he was told he wasn’t allowed to talk about it at all because it will be a live reveal. BB comes over the speakers saying you are not allowed to talk about production. Derrick says it’s the same reason they couldn’t talk about Caleb leaving before he did, they weren't allowed to tell him.


3:42am Derrick and Victoria talking about the scars he has on his arms before changing the topic to why shes still there. He says they talked about why Cody kept her and not Caleb. He tells her, her being upset with the result of the competition puts him in an awkward spot because he was the one that played against her. She just keeps saying that it just su*ks that this was her last comp.


3:47am Derrick is telling Victoria that he fears not getting to do any of the plans they talk about because of the game result. He says the idea of his little sister or brother not wanting to ever speak to him again over his decision would crush him. Shes crying saying she just never thought he would be torn between the two of them


351am Derrick tells her she's not being fair to him right now. He never said that he wasn’t taking her but he said that he sees Cody as a brother the same way as he sees her as a sister and the decision would be hard. She says she just never heard him say he was torn. She said she sounds stupid now because of the whole hitmen thing and how she had been saying he sees her as a final 2.


3:55am He tells he she is being silly to rush to a conclusion and judge him before he says anything. She says she just feels defeated with the game, the comp, just everything that the whole situation just s**ks


4:02am Cody is in the LR playing with cards as Victoria walks through to go to bed. Derrick comes out and relays the conversation to Cody. He says he has to tell her soon because he can't go through this every day but he wants to wait till she doesn’t have any drinks in her. He wants to tell her in a nice way but he just has to figure out how to do it because he doesn’t think that she can mentally handle it. He does have a soft spot for her because he genuinely likes her but it doesn’t change his mind in the slightest point.


4:11am Victoria is in bed again after taking a brief pit stop to the bathroom. Derrick is in the living room talking to Cody about the competition and how the harness worked, said it was just like the movies and he landed on his butt. They commented about it too. Said he feels bad he is going to bed and Cody is up . Cody is laying on the couch as Derrick heads to bed


4:20am Derrick and Victoria are in the beds trying to find their way to dream land. Cody is in the bathroom shaving


4:30am Derrick is back up  and laying in the living room with Cody. Victoria gets up and walks through the room Derrick shakes his head a bit. They were talking about carving hitmen into the bathroom door. Now they are talking about how he has to get rid of the fat as soon as he leaves.


4:36am Victoria went back to bed. Derrick and Cody are talking about the jury in the living room. Cody says he is kind of glad that Caleb will tell them about the hitmen in the jury because it will give them descent questions rather then trying to crush them.


4:45am Cody is laughing that Donny is a cute old man. Says that hes 42 hes not old. They joke that he will have to go immediately and teach a class at Harvard. They talk about the jurors holla's. Derrick asks about the Comic book covers and if they will ever get them. Cody thinks so.


5:05 am Conversation in the living room has turned back to the competition and what they needed to do.  Derrick is explaining how he did the competition


5:15am Cody says he just wants to get tired. They start talking about coronas and whether or not they have been to Chili's


5:24am Victoria has taken her contacts out and is now sitting on the floor at the end of one of the couches. They are talking about the food delivery they got and if they got another when it would be. Victoria looking at the games they got. Cody asks if she knows how to play this game showing her Chinese checkers, her and Derrick both say no but she says she knows how to play the game on the back.


5:36am Houseguests head towards the FR and each climb into their respectable beds.


5:42am Lights are out in the Big Brother house, Derrick, Cody, and Victoria all quiet in their beds. They appear to be calling it a night.

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#BB16 12:00PM We get WBRB on feeds. (must be wake up call)


#BB16 12:19PM Feeds come back with the HG in the FR. Derrick is up gathering all of the activity trackers and mics. He leaves the room, turns on the light and makes his way to the SR to turn in the activity trackers and changes batteries in the mics. Cody and Victoria still in bed.


#BB16 12:22PM Derrick leaves SR and goes back into the FR to put Cody's mic next to his bed, Victoria's mic next to her bed, and then his mic next to his bed. He then leaves his room and goes to the WC.


#BB16 12:25PM Derrick comes out of WC, washes his hands, goes back to the WC to blow his nose, and he goes to KT to pour himself something to drink. 


#BB16 12:28PM  Derrick takes the drink and heads to the SR and gets on the scale. He moves the scale from the middle of the floor and then takes some medicine.


#BB16 12:29PM He finishes his drink, heads back to KT, washes it out, and then hits the button to goto DR but it appears they won't let him in. He walks away and heads to FR. 


#BB16 12:31PM BB calls Victoria into the DR. Derrick then leaves the FR and heads back to WA putting on his mic and brushing his teeth. Victoria now in DR. Cody still laying in bed. 


#BB16 12:33PM Victoria is out of DR and heads back to FR and gets right back into bed. Derrick is still in WA brushing his teeth and Cody still sleeping.


#BB16 12:37PM Derrick finished brushing his teeth, got another kleenex from WC to blow his nose, and makes his way to the LR to sit on the couch. 


#BB16 12:38PM  Derrick gets up, goes back to the WA, and washes a stain on his shirt.


#BB16 12:39PM Derrick finishes and goes to the DR as they let him in this time.


#BB16 12:40PM Derrick comes out of DR, goes to KT and says "What do i want to eat for breakfast."


#BB16 12:42PM Derrick says to the camera, "What's up guys, feedsters, jokers, hamsterwatch, it seems like yesterday we just started this little journey, and were on day 93, wow" as he gets some bread.


#BB16 12:49PM Derrick is cooking something in the KT. Victoria and Cody still under blankets in their beds. 


#BB16 12:54PM Victoria gets out of bed, grabs her mic, and makes her way to WA. 


#BB16 12:56PM Derrick takes his breakfast he just made and sits down on the KT table. VIctoria in WA brushing her teeth. Cody still in bed.


#BB16 1:01PM Victoria leaves WA and sits down next to Derrick at the KT table. Derrick asks her if she did her DR and she shakes her head no and Derrick says "Why did you get up then" and we get WBRB.


#BB16 1:02PM Derrick tells Victoria that they let them sleep in today. BB then tells Victoria to put on her microphone.


#BB16 1:04PM Derrick is now washing his dishes that he used to cook his food. Victoria sitting at the KT. Cody still in bed.


#BB16 1:07PM Derrick goes back to the WA to brush his teeth and then goes to the WC. Victoria is eating out of a small baggie in the KT and then washes a butter knife.


#BB16 1:10PM Victoria now in SR. She grabs bananas and an apple and heads back to KT. Derrick still in WC.


#BB16 1:12PM Derrick out of the WC, washes his hands, and goes to SR as BB just said "Please retrieve your activity trackers from the SR."


#BB16 1:13PM  Derrick gives Victoria her activity tracker and she puts it on it her wrist. Derrick does same thing while hanging out at the small island KT table. 


#BB16 1:15PM  We get WBRB on feeds for a second and when it came back. Victoria is going to FR to get something from her bed.  Derrick sitting at the small KT table looking like he's in deep thought. Cody still sound asleep.


#BB16 1:24PM Talk is now between Derrick and Victoria about the same thing that's said in the past about how Derrick thinks of VIctoria. Derrick tells Victoria things like he don't care if Zach votes for him or not, or for how he stood up for Victoria. 

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1:30pm Victoria asking derrick about his loyalty yo Cody. Derrick tells her he protected her in the game cause he liked her . She then tells derrick that if she had won the part 2 hoh comp then he would have had Her and Cody both taking him to the final 2.


1:45pm Victoria says i wish i would have known about you and Cody and how close you were and derrick ask her what would you have done and she says nothing i just would have prepared myself.Cody gets out of bed and walks in on them talking and Victoria says Bb is buying lunch again today.BB announces the BY is now open.


2:00pm In the By  they think the washer is broken. They all talk about getting Greek Food for lunch and we get foth.


 2:15pm Derrick and Cody on the LVR talking about their families getting ready to come see them on finale night. they talk about BB filming at their homes and how Codys dad would love that  cause he is a big  brother fan.


2:18pm Cody and derrick talking about past Hg and who they knew and who they didn't know.


 2:24pm In the By derrick and Cody are talking about hanging out with Boogie and Jeff . Cody just hopes Jeff doesn't hate him  cause  it would crush him.


  2:50pm Derrick in the by alone telling the cameras One more step  and i dont know how it is going to go but i am going to give it my best shot.


 3:00pm Cody in BY running and derrick comes out of the WC washes his hands then goes to look at the memory wall.


 3:05pm Cody has finished his run and sitting on BY couch pouring water on his head and derrick says dude i think right after the interviews i think we are going right to the hotels and Cody says what hotels and we get foth.


  3:10pm Derrick and Cody talking about new kids on the block they start singing and we get foth.


  3:15pm Derrick and Cody still sitting in the BY talking about actors and new kids on the block.


  3:20pm Derrick telling Cody that he sit in the DR lastnight forever and  worried cause he knew he did good but wondered how  Victoria  was doing.He says it was very intense.

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3:35pm Derrick and Cody playing pool and talking about the photo shoot before they came in the house.


 3:36pm Derrick and Cody now in the  KT eating their food while Victoria is in the DR.


3:41pm derrick and cody still eating and derrick says this is good what kind of meat is this and Cody says lamb they slow cook it and it is so good.


  3:45pm derrick and Cody talking about how Victoria doesn't understand how close they are even after Cody said on national tv they they had a final 2 deal.


 3:48pm Victoria comes out of the DR and gets in her suitcase. Cody tells her that her food is here and he looks at her food. derrick goes to floss his teeth and then back to the table and we get foth.


 3:54pm Victoria now sitting alone at the table eating.

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#BB16 4:06PM BBT Victoria and Cody have a conversation about kosher meat. Victoria says that pigs can never be kosher. Chickens can be.


#BB16 4:19PM BBT Derrick and Cody play pool in the BY. Victoria is going in and out of the WC.


#BB16 4:20PM BBT Victoria has changed into her little black dress. She is now pulling things out of her suitcase and dumping them on the ground. She finds the a sweater to put on and another item of clothing that she takes out to the washer.


#BB16 4:39PM BBT Derrick is sitting in the BY waiting for Cody to get out of the KT. Victoria still working on getting her laundry done.


#BB16 4:41PM BBT Victoria says quietly into her mic "Can I have my medicine please?" She then gets up and says she wants clean clothes so bad. She says all of her clothes are dirty.


#BB16 4:54PM BBT Victoria tells Cody that if he wins, she gets ladies choice. She is referring to her picking the F2 of the HOH. She then goes inside. Derrick and Cody talking. Derrick says on everything he loves, he will take Cody. He asks Cody if that is good enough and Cody laughs and says no. Derrick says he promises, he won't do it to him.

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 5:00pm Derrick and Cody say they like the hit men better after Victoria asked why that name? Cody ask why you don't like that name? She says no cause i am not in. We are going to go on The Talk and they will introduce us as the hit men and Victoria. derrick says if they do that then i will have to go backstage for a few minutes. She says but i don't understand why i wasn't included. Derrick says we made this before we got close. She says i hate you Derrick and he says that hurts my feeling when you say that and she says but i don't understand. Cody says you like me though right and she says yes Cody.


 5:03pm Victoria says i don't understand why i wasn't included in the name. Cody says cause three would have to turn on each other and two don't. She says i still don't understand. She tells them do you not think i didn't know you and derrick were not working together and i could have gone to Frankie and told him that and he would have gone after you both. I just want to know why was i not included in the name. derrick says is this what this is all about a name? She says yeah cause i wanted a name.


5:08pm Victoria says but now the final 3 is the hit men and Victoria and Cody says can i say something? A couple years ago it was the brigade and Brittany and Victoria says yeah but she knew and Cody says no she didn't know they all took her up stairs and told her that they had an alliance the brigade and she got upset.


  5:12pm Victoria still explaining why she wanted a name with her and derrick  like Derrick and Cody had the hit men. Derrick says i understand that and you are a very intelligent woman and you and Cody are the only ones i will hang with after this game is over. Derrick then tells her that her and Cody never talked much it was very short conversations unlike us and we talked for hours on the hammock.


 5:15pm All talk has stopped and Cody and Derrick are playing their pool game and Victoria standing there watching ad Bb starts the Holla's again.


5:20pm Victoria is folding the guys clothes and the pool game  is finished as they go to start another game Bb tells them to raise the outside awnings. Cody says she folded our clothes we will do the awnings.


 5:32pm The pool game is still going on and Victoria starts humming a song and Cody ask did they play that song today? she says yeah they played like 4 songs trying to get us up today. Cody says he can not wait to get home and play country music.Victoria talks about wanting to work out and then says  she don't know cause putting on a bra makes her hurt as she has a bruise on her chest  from the comp yesterday.


 5:42pm derrick and Cody still playing pool and Victoria watching as they talk about getting out of the house in 4 days and Victoria hopes her brother comes with  her  Ema (mom in Hebrew)


  5:47pm Cody and derrick joking around saying they don't like each other and Cody says dude i don't like you i am taking her with me to the final 2 and derrick says do it up she has my vote. derrick says it is good we can joke about  taking her with us to each other. Victoria comes out and they talk about  losing the pool games and Cody goes to work out.


  5:50pm Victoria and derrick on the BY couch talking about the cameras and asking if some of them are even used right now. Victoria ask do you think there is more cameras used or more Mirrors used to tape the show and derrick says i think it is a combination of both.


5:52pm derrick asking Victoria why she is so paranoid and she says cause i don't know and he says you have been this way for 2 weeks now and she tells him well it is because i am the last girl standing.


  5:56pm derrick is laying on the By couch with his face in a pillow and Victoria ask him what he is thinking about and he says you. she says me and he says yeah. Bb yells " Derrick where my holla at" and we get foth. 

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6:04pm derrick and Victoria still talking about going home and finale night.


6:08pm derrick tells Victoria that there is a difference between personal and game play and Victoria says i know but you told me when i asked you before if you would take Cody over me and you said no and derrick says i do not remember saying that at all.


6:10pm Victoria says you only told me things after you won yesterday and derrick says that is your perception Victoria.


 6:11pm derrick says i care about you Victoria more than i do him but game wise  it is the same you are equal. Derrick says game wise Cody and i have talked  and i have never gone to him talking bad about you. But game wise that  is the truth and i thought you knew like everyone else knew that you and i were closest in the house and i have never done anything to hurt your game and Victoria says i know.


6:19pm Derrick and Victoria talking about her being a have not this season and when Cody put her on have nots and derrick says but that has nothing to do with me and i do not believe it was strategy but you weren't actually winning comps.Derrick says that is a conversation you will have to have with him not me.


 6:22pm derrick says ok here is this if i wanted to i could have said ok Cody lets take her along and i will convince her to throw it but did i do that? NO. I could have done that but i didn't. Dan did that to Danielle but i didn't do that to you.


 6:24pm Derrick still going over the game plays and telling Victoria that he didn't bring Cody to final 3 he won his way there and the same with you you get yourself here i didn't bring you here. I literally jeopardized my game to give you that chance to get here and would i do it again yes i would.


 6:32pm derrick and Victoria still talking and derrick repeating himself.Cody is playing pool all alone.derrick now tells Victoria he doesn't even care if she votes for him or not as long as she is cool with him after this game is over. SDo you understand that? She says yeah and  then starts going on again about him sitting next to someone who might win over him and he says i dont see it like that cause you could passably win it too cause several people have said that if you made it to the final 2 they would vote for you just ask Cody he was there when they said it. 


  6:39pm Victoria about to cry saying she doesn't think she is going to make it to final 2. derrick says you can not base your game on what you have done here and you have won 5k and every girl outside this game is gonna  hate you. 


  6:43pm derrick says if you had won that comp and for some reason you decided to take him to final 2 with you i would not hold it against you do you  understand what i am saying and she says i hear you. But personally i like you. Derrick says if i went home today personally it would suck.Derrick says i felt horrible yesterday cause i won that comp. How do you think it will feel for me in final 2 and Victoria says you will be happy and he says no but yes cause i won for my 2 girls but then in the end we can say we played this whole game together. Derrick then says there is nothing i can  say to convince you of that but i do hope you understand.


  6:50pm derrick and Victoria still going on with their talk about going to final 2 and Victoria is crying. Derrick now saying  they their families will be there Wednesday night and all 3 of them families will be there so how do you think Caleb feels since his family wont be there and that's all he wanted so how would you have felt if i hadn't taken you this far? Victoria says but you told me you would take me and derrick says i do not remember saying that.

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 7:00pm Derrick says can we  finish this and not have this conversation again i would like to enjoy the last 4 days and i don't want this i want to have fun.I don't want either one of us to regret this but i know i will if this keeps up.


7:04pm Derrtick comes out of the WC and then went to the DR and comes out and tells cody he just asked to speak to one of the. and we get foth.


 7:05pm derrick telling Cody everything that Victoria just told him and he says i can not do this for 4 days it is awkward cause this is a celebrating time for me and i cant even do it.


 7:07pm derrick says i am not going to keep sucking up to her for 4 days for a vote i ant do this. Cody says no you cant.


  7:11pm Victoria comes out to the hammock and Derrick and Cody start talking about the hammock being off some that is why it hangs so low. Derrick says he is going to go ask for goggles for the pool tomorrow after they clean it cause Cody says it is so nasty right now.


7:13pm derrick walking and looking at the pool while Cody and Victoria is on the hammock and Bb playing hollas one right after the other again.


 7:17pm Cody telling Victoria that he is going to relax cause the game is essentially over then it is back to reality. Derrick walking around the Kt eating and getting a drink.


7:19pm Cody ask Victoria what she wants to do the last 2 days in the house and she says to cheer up cause she needs to cheer up. Cody says we can do tye dye oh its gone. they could give us  something. We could work out that always helps me cheer up. Derrick in the house saying i am just walking around here dammit.


7:25pm derrick was called to the dr and is fixing his hair then goes in to the DR. Victoria  doing laundry and Cody laying on the hammock saying he thinks he got bit by something.


  7:28pm Cody now racking the balls up for a pool game alone. Victoria in the house going through her suit case again.


 7:43pm Derrick getting in the shower. Cody and Victoria playing pool in the BY.


 7:47pm Cody wins the pool game and tells Victoria you rack and i crack and she says i dont know how to rack and he tells her she needs to learn she says  but i dont know how and he says then we are done and she says ok i will rack where is that triangle thing.


7:54pm Derrick still in the shower and Victoria and Cody still playing pool and laughing.

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9:20 pm BBT

Boys are playing pool.

Victoria sitting on outdoor couch with a small mirror plucking hairs from her face.

Seems like she's calmed down since Derrick's last talk.


(she is not crying... or saying " But, it suuucks.... or,  I don't understaaand.... or, I'm sooo frusssstrated)


(I'm off to bed on the east coast)

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8:00 PM BBT The pool game between Victoria and Cody is over and Cody is now taking the pool balls out of the pockets and trying to roll them in the pockets. He is now trying to get the 8 ball in and keeps missing. Victoria has joined Derrick in the bathroom. They talk about dinner. Victoria asks Cody what he wants for dinner and he says he has no idea. Victoria says she wants cereal and Derrick tells Cody he wants to do laundry tonight.


8:04 PM BBT Cody starts a holla war with BB. He keeps yelling holla and BB keeps playing Hollas back. He tells Zach to shut up when his comes on. Victoria and Cody are back outside walking around the yard. Derrick joins them to put laundry in and realizes that the load that's going in is too big already. Victoria says she'll do another load later and to add his stuff to her pile. She offers to make dinner for Cody, but he says he's not super hungry.


8:06 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are talking about Cody in the fire room. Cody went to Derrick to make sure Victoria is okay. Victoria says, "What did Cody say about me?" Derrick says, "Cody never said anything bad about you, but he knows you don't like him. He's trying to give you space because he knows we're close and didn't want to hurt your feelings since you lost the comp." Victoria says, "Don't you dare pity him. He doesn't deserve it. Don't even talk to him about me." Derrick says, "I get it." Victoria says, "I'm close to you only, I don't want anything to do with Cody." Victoria says, "I want to go to Final 2 together and walk out together." Victoria wants him to take her to F2 if he wins and tells Derrick to promise her. He says, "I can promise that you and I will be close no matter what happens after this house." She says, "No. That's not the deal I want. I want you to take me to F2." Derrick says, "I'm in the worst spot right now in this game." Victoria says, "I don't care, Derrick." Derrick says, "I'm done with this. I'm not doing this anymore, Victoria." Victoria says, "How do you think I feel? I'm in the F3 with an alliance. I have no shot. I had no idea." Derrick says, "Victoria, you told me you knew that Cody and I had an alliance." Victoria says, "I said I knew you two were working together. I didn't know the name." Derrick says, "I'm sorry, but my head and heart are saying two different things." Victoria says, "Why would you want to take Cody if you think he can beat anyone." Victoria says, "I won't win against either of you. If you're the one deciding, why would you take Cody? That makes no sense." Derrick says, "My mind is not made up. I am still taking things into consideration. But even if I did know what I was going to do, I can't tell you." Victoria says, "But we both know you are leaning towards taking Cody." Victoria says, "You two have a final two deal. Dan and Danielle in S14 had a final two deal. You can say that." Derrick says, "I get that, but we cannot say for sure who we are going to take." Victoria says, " I don't care. It's F3." They are still arguing over the rule as Victoria believes Derrick should be able to tell her that he's not taking her. The feeds cut to fish. Feeds come back and said what he already told her is what he can say and no more. He says he's not getting into trouble for her. Victoria says she understands and understands that the F2 deal and alliance talk is coming from Cody and that Derrick can't tell her if he's going to take Cody or her, but she knows for a fact that Cody is taking him.


8:14 PM BBT Victoria is now saying that Derrick lied to her the whole game for telling her he'd have her back until the end. Derrick said, "I said a lot of stuff to help get you to where you are now in the game." Victoria says, "Whatever, Derrick. You got me here and I lost, so I'm going to jury on Wednesday. Fine, I lost." She storms out of the fire room. Cody comes in and Derrick rolls his eyes. Hes says, "Dude, she is relentless. I was told to shut it down by "them." Feeds cut out since he is talking about production. When feeds come back Victoria is making herself some cereal. Victoria goes back to the DR and invites him to play a game after she's done with her dinner. He says only if you promise to not yell at me anymore. She agrees.


8:26 PM BBT Derrick is sitting outside on the backyard couches. Victoria runs outside after she finishes her cereal and asks Derrick why he's so serious. She doesn't get why he's upset. He says, "I'm just bored. I don't like being in this situation at all." She says, "Derrick just so you know. I want you to win this game, 100%. I hope you know that." Derrick says, "Victoria, no matter what happens, I just want to believe that you and I will be okay and remain friends. One thing I've learned in this life is that your friends and family are more important than anything else. I highly doubt that if I win this game that I'd ever play this game again. I can't justify leaving my daughter again for another three months. I've already missed so much." Victoria says, "Yeah, but if you win, it will be so huge." Derrick says, "If I win the half million, I will have permanently changed all of our lives. I will be so happy and I will leave this house with great memories and a bond with the other people who played."


8:30 PM BBT Derrick says that a lot of people came on the show to be famous and to get their name out in the public. Victoria gets offended and says, "I am very thankful to be here. I'm not here to get fans or to be famous." Derrick says, "Victoria, you do want to be famous. You have said stuff before about having fans and wondering how many people would recognize you." Victoria says, "I came here for the experience, not to be famous. I do think it's cool to have fans and have people be able to relate to your life." Victoria says her mom told her to enjoy her BB experience and not to worry only about winning the money. Victoria says, "I enjoyed it up until this week now that I know that I won't win, especially when I lost both parts a comp that was my life n the game."


8:36 PM BBT Derrick is now telling Victoria that she needs to watch the DR sessions when she gets out and realize how much he had her back up until this point. Victoria says she believes him and doesn't actually feel betrayed by him. She's just upset that she didn't have a F2 with him like Cody did. Victoria says she was 100% only loyal to Derrick. Derrick says he believes her. Victoria says, "I highly doubt that. I remembered when you were mad at me for believing Nicole and Zach over you." Victoria says, "Well I was right about one thing. It was bros over the girls." Derrick said, "No way. There was no way I was taking Caleb over you to F3. Wasn't happening. I was tight with him to, because he kept me off the block when Amber was HoH." Victoria says, "You and Caleb weren't that close." Derrick says, "I actually was." Victoria says, "I still think you and I are closer than you and Caleb." Derrick says, "I was. But just so you know if Caleb won the final HoH and he would have taken me. I cut him to be loyal to you. It didn't matter what I did, I stayed loyal and Caleb probably hates me now." Victoria says, "Probably not. Everyone loves you and says great things about you." Derrick said, "Well, Cody blew up our alliance to him and now the whole jury house knows about the Hitmen. If I win 50k, that's great, but it's not what I want."


8:41 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick she knows that everyone in the jury will give him the money because he played a great social game, but his game was subtle and he is the most deserving. Victoria says you didn't burn anyone in the game, you didn't burn Jacosta, because you told her before she left. Cody sent Caleb home, not you. The person that you are throughout the whole game, I think they are saying that you deserve it the most. I don't know about Cody, however, the way he explained it to me, the whole Hitmen thing sounds very good. I think people can be influenced by it." Derrick says, "I am also in the Hitmen, I started it. I can definitely take credit for it." Victoria says, "It might come down to personal preference." Derrick says, "I know Cody's entire game. I can say anything I want about him." Victoria says, "It will come down to who the jury wants to give the money to. I think you have a stronger shot than him."


8:49 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick if he'd mad if she voted Cody over him. Derrick says, "I mean I want to win, but if you voted Cody I'd be like, whatever. I would still talk to you." Victoria says, "I just want you to think about it and I'd hope you take me if you win F2. But I know where the money is going with you and I want you to win." Derrick says, "Victoria even if you decided not to vote for me. I'd still be your friend and would come visit you in Florida. But if you say "Eff you and refuse to talk to me, then that's that." Victoria says, "I would never do that, Derrick." Derrick says, "I know, you're not that type of person."


8:52 PM BBT Victoria says, "I don't get why you are even considering taking Cody? I would not beat you." Derrick says, "Victoria, trust me, you have not been in the conversations I have this year." Victoria says, "I don't care. Why did I get here? You chose to bring me here." Derrick says, "But you had to get through a lot to get where you are." Victoria says, "It makes more sense to bring me don't you think?" Derricks says, "There are pros and cons to both." Victoria says, "Whatever, nothing I say is going to change your mind obviously." Derrick says, "None of this will matter if Cody beats me in the Final Hoh." Cody chooses to walk outside to check the laundry. Derrick asks Cody if he wants to grill some tuna steaks for them.


9:16 PM BBT For the last twenty or so minutes all three houseguests have been laying on the backyard couches. No one is saying anything as they lay around. Derrick finally breaks the tension by asking Cody to play pool. Cody leaps up and says, "Let's do it." Victoria rolls over and lays on her stomach and watches them across the yard. Derrick racks the balls and Cody says he's going to be break them. Cody asks Victoria what time it is. She says 9:16. Cody shouts out to TVGN. Victoria goes inside to the restroom.


9:29 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are trashing talking in their pool game. Cody says there is no way Derrick is winning the game. Meanwhile, Victoria is picking her face in the bathroom.


9:44 PM BBT Derrick and Cody have started their final pool game before they make dinner. Cody tries to break and completely misses all the balls. Derrick laughs at him and says, "Okay, Happy, just tap it in." (In reference to the Adam Sandler movie, "Happy Gilmore", in which he is a terrible golfer.) Cody accuses Derrick of cheating by moving the cue ball. Victoria is back in the bathroom still working on her face.


9:45 PM BBT Derrick and Cody say they are so bored and can't believe there are only three people in the house. Derrick said, "Can you imagine it being just us for a week?" Cody says, "That's weird." Derrick says, "In Season 10, Dan and Memphis were in F2 by themselves for 3 days and they were both bored by the finale."

9:47 PM BBT Cody asks Derrick if he thinks TVGN producers has someone just on them to edit out any cursing. Derrick says, "Nah. They have a five second delay, so it wouldn't be too hard to catch it." Cody laughs and immediately curses again when he misses his shot.
9:52 PM BBT Derrick wins the game and Cody says, "How in the world are we so evenly matched in every comp we have? We literally tie in like comps in BB and every game of pool we play." Cody and Derrick head into the house to get food. Cody says he's going to crush some tuna. Cody is now doing all the holla voices to Derrick. Victoria rolls her eyes as Cody keeps saying holla to Derrick.
9:57 PM BBT Victoria shouts out to TVGN. Cody says, "Oh, a shout out by the princess of the BB house." Victoria says, "Duh, Cody." Victoria calls out to her best friend and says she needs her at the finale. Derrick says, "Cody needs a good girl like her." Cody says, "Yeah, I am a good guy and you're a good girl. I can't wait to meet you." Victoria looks horrified through his shout out. He says, "What's the matter, Victoria? You're not going to hook that up for me and her? I see how it is. You really want her for Derrick, huh?" Derrick laughs and says, "Sorry, dude, I'm married." Victoria shouts out to her sister and brother in law. Cody is still saying he can't believe Victoria would do him like that. Victoria says, "You have to come and rub it in Cody's face that he can't have you." Derrick says, "Damn, Victoria. What happens if she comes and wants to get with him?" Victoria says, "No way, ever. I know her type. She has a boyfriend." Cody says, "Man, Victoria, that's harsh." Derrick says, "Maybe once she sees Cody she'll change her mind." Victoria says, "She dates long term and her relationships aren't short." Cody says, "Victoria you told me last week that she goes from guy to guy." She says, "Only when she's dating, but when she gets a boyfriend, she is in a long term relationship."
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10:14 PM BBT Cody is washing his glass. Derrick tells him to move over so he can grab a trash bag. Cody says, "Woah dude. Stop putting your hand down there. What is wrong with you? Are you trying to grab my nuts? Men have been killed for less in other countries!" Derrick is laughing. Victoria tells Cody he's being ridiculous. Cody asks Victoria about her photography and about her fashion photo shoots. She says she loves doing them. She says she's so out of it and will be lost with the current fall fashion when she leaves. Cody is making random baby noises while she is talking and Victoria is talking louder and louder to talk over him to Derrick. Derrick is flossing in the bathroom and Cody is making fun of Victoria. He tells Victoria to wear what she's wearing now. She looks freaking hot. Victoria says, "I'm not wearing this on The Talk. I'll look ridiculous." Cody says, "Fine, Whatever, Victoria. I'm done giving you compliments" Victoria says, "No, Cody, thank you for the compliment." Cody says, "Whatever, Victoria." Victoria asks Cody to play a card game with her. He says, "Yes, absolutely." He starts trash talking her and saying he's going to crush her. Victoria is getting upset at Cody for changing the rules to the card game. They are now yelling at each other. He is telling her she's dealing the cards wrong. He has his hand waiting to play "Slap." She says, "Your hand raised like that is making me nervous." Cody says, "You dealt wrong, Victoria. You gave yourself more cards." Victoria says it was because he made her nervous. He says, "That's such bull, Victoria." Victoria counts her cards and they have the same number. She says, "See, Cody? I don't cheat!" Victoria keeps saying, "It's the hitmen versus the princess every time." Derrick says, "Victoria it was never you against us. Just stop." Victoria tells Cody to come back to the game. He sits down and they start playing. Victoria immediately slaps the cards without Cody even playing. He is yelling at her that she's cheating. They are now both yelling at each other.

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10:26 PM BBT Cody tells Victoria, "Oh My God, Victoria. Stop freaking screaming like that. You sound like you're getting murdered!" She says, "I am, Cody, by you!" She screams again and Cody tells her, "Seriously, Victoria stop screaming, you're terrible." She laughs and says, "You're the terrible one, Cody!" Cody says whatever, princess, just play. She says, "Just so you remember, I crushed you yesterday at this game." Cody says, "Okay, so we're living in the past now? That's sweet." Victoria is shuffling the cards and Cody tells her to hurry up. Victoria slapped early again so Cody took all of her cards. She says, "Cody, no!" He says, "We made the rule that if you slap early we get each other's game!" Victoria is yelling at the live feeders, "Cody is such a cheater! He just makes rules up and if he loses he changes the cards. I don't want to play anymore." Cody says, "Whatever, Victoria. You're such a baby. I'm crushing you." She says, "Fine, I'm getting crushed by a cheater!" Cody says, "Victoria I'm starting the next round, you better be ready." Victoria cheats again by slapping early and Cody says, "woah, woah woah, again you cheat? I'm done playing with you!" He gets up and walks away. She says, "I'm going to go get Derrick!" He says, "Fine, go get Derrick. Derrick, Derrick, Derrick. You made up the rule and now you're crying when you break it. Whatever, I'll just go around screaming, Derrick, Derrick, Derrick again. It's like playing with a child, God She's unbelievable." Victoria says, "You're unbelievable. You're the cheater." Cody says, "Are you freaking kidding me? You cheat and then call me the cheater? i have a freaking headache now because you were screaming at the top of your lungs." Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to play chinese checkers. He says absolutely. Derrick asks Cody why he's sweating. Cody says, "Because of this freaking girl."

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10:36 PM BBT
Victoria and Derrick are playing checkers. Victoria can't make a move and Derrick wins. Cody says, "You guys suck at this game." He whispers to Derrick to crush her in the next game. She rolls her eyes and tells Derrick to start a new game. She mirrors Derrick's strategy. Cody says, "This is why you guys go to a stalemate. She can't come up with her own moves."


10:38 PM BBT Cody points out to Derrick that he has a double jump on Victoria. Derrick says, "We're not doing double jumps. I don't want to annihilate her." Victoria says, "I'd rather have all the plays in the game." He says, "Okay, if you're sure, we'll start it next game." Cody says, "Yeah, then it will be a real game."


10:52 PM BBT Derrick crushes Victoria at checkers. Cody asks her what the heck she was doing in the game. Victoria wants to know what time it is. Derrick says it's getting close to eleven.


10:56 PM BBT Cody and Derrick say it's so weird being in the Big Brother house and how much it feels like home. Derrick says, "It's going to be weird going home. It's going to feel like a new house." Cody says, "So many people have been in here!" Derrick hides under the table and wants to scare Victoria when she comes back. Cody laughs and says, "Dude, she will see you!" Cody tries to tell Victoria that Derrick is in the fire room waiting for her. She says, "Umm, Derrick is right there. I saw him from a mile away." Cody says, "Dude I told you she'd see you." Victoria says, "now when you were on the stairs last night being a creeper I didn't see you." Cody laughs and says, "Dude, you really were a creeper last night."


10:59 PM BBT Derrick says he feels like he lost his mind. Victoria says she'll help him find it. Derrick says, "I think it's under this table somewhere." Victoria says, "Derrick you look so creepy under the table with your pale skin." Cody says, "Victoria that is messed up."Cody asks Victoria what her problem is because she keeps making fun of Derrick. Victoria says, "leave me alone, Cody, gosh!" Derrick is stuck under the table and can't get out. He asks for help.

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