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Wednesday, September 10 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:02 PM BBT  Frankie Jedi training for upcoming comps on all 4 feeds.  Frankie says to the live viewers that he gets naked all the time.  And are we over his a$$ yet?  [i can say yes for all of us]  He thinks the reflection in the "Button Room" means to reflect on his game, not that next week will be a mirror image of this one. 


11:14 PM BBT  Derrick is saying goodnight to Frankie and telling him how angry Victoria is with him.  [this is their little game on the HGs]  Derrick says its not good for his game, but, what can you do.  Frankie says he was surprise at how upset she really is.  Cody and Caleb talk about the game ending this week.  Derrick walks through to the Fire room and Caleb and Cody try to cover their conversation.


11:25 PM BBT  Caleb and Cody climb into the same bed in the fire room doing more comp training.  Derrick sits in the living room chair doing exactly the same thing. 


11:29 PM BBT  Derrick goes to the WA for ADLs.  Caleb and Cody still working out comp questions.  Cody tells Caleb he only memorizes people that have left the house because they never ask about people that are still here.  Frankie comes down to the WA and talks to Derrick about his hair.  Cody gets called out about not having his mic on.  Victoria is still in the DR. 


11:33 PM BBT  Frankie talks about his DR sessions with Derrick.  He says he was asked "did you really need to win this POV?"  Frankie says he told them "yes!"  Especially since it was a POV where he couldn't see what other HG's were doing.  Victoria comes out of DR and Derrick gets called in even though he just got out.  Frankie is popping zits in the mirror and says he is "just going to cover himself in makeup tomorrow"  Vic says now that BB woke her up she is not tired any more.  Frankie kisses Cody and Caleb goodnight in the Fire room, then stops to look at himself in the mirror in the LR.


11:41 PM BBT  Frankie and Victoria, at the KT bar talk about how sweet Caleb is.  Vic asks if Frankie thinks Amber is going to want him during the finally.  Frankie says "No".  Victoria says "even if he wins $500k?"  Frankie say "No".  Victoria says "he is a changed man."  Frankie says "He is better without her".  Frankie says "I don't think they were a good match".  Frankie talks about his hair again.  Frankie kisses Vic goodnight.  Caleb goes to the WC and goes to bed in the Rock room.  Cody is sound asleep in the Fire room with the lights on. 


 11:48 PM BBT  Victoria smacks down some food in WA.  Frankie goes up to the HOH room and does ADLs.  He is says "TVGN I am doing my morning energy work out, he may even meditate after this"  Victoria is now doing ADLs in the downstairs WA.  Derrick walks to the WA past Victoria, she comes back in and sits down to talk.


11:55 PM BBT  Frankie is talking to the cameras from the HOH bed.  He is really proud of winning the HOH but wants to compete in the next HOH.  He says maybe the button will help him.  Victoria tells Derrick in WA how much she doesn't like Cody.  She calls him a "douche" for waking her up for DR.  When she got out of DR and Cody was sleeping in the Fire room, she walked in and said "Cody are you awake?"  [LOL]  He asked her to turn off the lights.  Derrick goes to the Fire room and crawls in bed.  Frankie is doing a meditation in bed in the HOH room with the lights on.


12:01 AM BBT  Victoria lays on the couch in the WA picking hair off her face, and Frankie continues his meditation in the HOH.  All other HG's are dreaming away.  This must the earliest they have gone to sleep all summer.  Let's just see if they stay there!


12:05 AM BBT  Victoria crawls into bed in the Fire room, Frankie uses the WC in the HOH one last time, and turns off the lights.  Baring anything exciting/silly from BB all HG's are tucked in for the night.  Maybe we will get some early morning activity for the first time tomorrow.



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12:32am Victoria is up and back in the bathroom. She is laying on the benches plucking her eyebrows/face


12:39am Derrick in the WA with Victoria now. They are talking about why it was so loud while she was sleeping. She rehashes the convo with Frankie from earlier and says she told him it is what it is. Derrick asks if Frankie is believing her she says she thinks so does he. He tells her not to be to obvious and she says he thinks I's so stupid. Derrick tells her to finish her eyebrows and go to bed theres a comp tomorrow. She better be in bed soon, that’s an order.


12:53am  Frankie goes to the KT to get some ice water sees Victoria sitting there and says goodnight heading back upstairs.

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1:04 AM BBT Feeds showing Caleb in the ER and Frankie in HOHR asleep, Victoria is in the KT by herself eating cereal.


1:13 AM BBT Victoria has gone to bed. Feeds showing Cody asleep. Frankie has gotten up to use the bathroom and then went back to bed. All HG currently in bed/asleep.


1:25 AM BBT Derrick has gotten out of bed and went to the WA. He sat in there for a couple minutes before using the toilet. Afterwards he started to wander around the house back to the FR in near darkness. Derrick, Cody, and Victoria are all in bed in the FR.

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#BB16 10:45AM BBT We are back. Frankie in the HOH bed taking a nap after being woken up and Victoria in the WCA doing ADLs.


#BB16 10:46AM BBT Caleb in the Fire BR telling one of the HG that they have to be upstairs in HOH in 10 minutes. We get FOTH.


#BB16 10:52AM BBT We have gone to Jeff's reels. HOH LD has begun.

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1:00pm Victoria in the Wa doing her hair. Cody at the sink in the WA wetting his hair and all other Hg in the KT cleaning.


1:01pm Frankie says he might not shave today and stay scruffy.  derrick tells Caleb here is the deal if yo wash dishes i will make you a breakfast sandwich. Caleb says not gonna happen then ask derrick what he is making and derrick says eggs whites and Caleb says alright.


1:07pm Caleb is vacuuming and Frankie in the kt saying he is excited about the party tonight and Julie will be there and so will Janelle. derrick says there is definitely  an hoh comp tonight as he listens outside.


1:15pm Frankie asking who all wants coffee and Cody says i do. Caleb is still cleaning. Victoria still doing her hair in the Wa.


1:22pm Frankie and derrick are washing dishes as Cody sits at the table eating and Caleb is cleaning the floors. Victoria is still doing her hair  in the WA.


1:24pm Victoria finished her hair and goes to the fire BR to go to bed  as the guys are eating and cleaning.


 1:32pm Caleb finishes eating and says  he will put the dishes away  then says or do you want me sweeping. derrick says it needs it bad. All 4 guys are now doing dishes.


1:40pm All 4 guys still doing dishes as Victoria is  in the KT now making  herself some coffee and wiping the counter some.


1:45pm Dishes are finished and Cody wants to vacuum the bathroom. Caleb goes to the bathroom area and starts singing and we get foth.


 1:49pm Caleb is telling Frankie that when  he cuts his hair then he will run the vacuum through his hair to  get all the lose hair so it wont hit the floor since they have cleaned already.

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6:36 PM BBT Live feeds are back and Caleb is new HOH.


6:37 PM BBT Caleb is by the picture boards, and says, that the Morph competition will probably be changed with the faces. Frankie looks sad, as he sits at the Dining Room table. Cody has dinosaur costume on, and is eating with Derrick and Frankie at the Dining Room table. Victoria was in the WA looking at herself in the mirror, and putting on more make-up. Caleb has a drink in the KT, and is picking food out of his teeth with his finger.


6:41 PM BBT Caleb says they did the HOH Competition faster this time, because they knew what to do, and they had more balls, seeds. Caleb says he wants a football picture. Then, he says that his mom cried, so she probably won't send it. Caleb says, he's going to the DR to ask for a picture with his BFF, and he hopes his letter is from him also. Victoria asks him to request Lemon or Lime for the SR.


6:42 PM BBT Frankie asks what day the Veto was last week? He says, so they have to wait until Saturday with nothing to do, no. We see Highlight Reel's for a moment. Live feeds come back with Victoria sitting near the Dining Room table, with Derrick, Cody and Frankie. Cody is picking his teeth at the table, with his finger. Camera 4 shows Victoria's black BB bag with her name tag on it, on the yellow bench in the hallway. It does another close-up on it, and then does a close-up on her. Then we see Derrick enjoying his sandwich. Frankie says, it's so cool to have the blue light on the board, reflecting in the back.


6:46 PM BBT Derrick says, everyone's times (for the comp) will be drastically reduced. Frankie says, yes, it could only be seconds to do the comp. Victoria is picking her feet sitting in the chair, in between the Dining Room table, and the yellow bench. Frankie says he was a beast when he pushed the gold button, and he was cute when he saw the mouse. Caleb comes out of the DR, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Veto? Caleb says, no, and starts singing, as he goes to the SR. We see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back with Caleb looking through the cabinets in the SR, and singing again.


6:49 PM BBT Caleb leaves the SR, eating more food. He says, y'all are studying hard, aren't you? Cody and Frankie say they are staring in the direction, not really studying. Caleb says, you really can't study for it, and they are going to change it so much. He says, Devin's head was white in the last picture. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with the HG's saying how they morph it so much, and change the directions of the faces, so studying them there doesn't really help. We see FoTH again.


6:53 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Caleb singing. Cody says things are going to be different. Caleb says, they're not going to be the same, or it would be over in a second. We see a close-up of Cody, and then some other HG's on Cam 1. Victoria warms something up in the microwave to eat, as Caleb still talks about ways the pictures can change.


6:55 PM BBT Caleb says, Victoria and Brittany's face look similar, and he was looking for a mole on the chin, to tell them apart. Caleb says, he's glad the button wasn't something else. He says, they all thought it would be a reward, and they we so far off. He says, it was sick seeing his Judi chop in the rewind.


6:57 PM BBT Caleb acts like an idiot telling Cody he wouldn't be looking at him, if he was trying to remember something about Donny. Caleb asks Cody if they fixed his dinosaur hat? He says, "No, they gave me a whole new one." Caleb says he asked for a black hat, and wants to see if he gets his music that he asked for, and he wants to know about what pictures he gets. Frankie says, it's weird how they did the live Veto comp, and now they are replaying this week. Frankie says, there has to be another week. Caleb says, there's not another week, there will be a DE. Frankie says, it's just weird that all 5 of them have to be there for the next week. Frankie asks, if Jeff and Jordyn are getting engaged again? Caleb says, someone else could come in to get engaged. Caleb asks whose double-sided tape is all over the table, and moves it by Frankie.


7:01 PM BBT Derrick and Cody say they are not washing anyone else's dishes anymore. Frankie says, o.k. Caleb got called out for leaving his dishes in the sink, so he went and washed them. He and Cody argue about who is leaving what around the house. Caleb grabs onto Cody, and hugs him walking around. Frankie says, he's the messiest HG, and he loves being messy, as he's wearing the onesie that Caleb wore for a lot of the season. Derrick is in the fire room, and says, "He ain't beating me twice, no way. He beat me once, he's not beating me again." He leaves the fire room, and Victoria goes in the fire room. He comes back in and tells her to stay close with Caleb and Frankie. Derrick says, he just tried to talk to them, and they called him out. He says, trust him, they just f*cking have to win the Veto. Victoria walks out of the fire room. Derrick is still in there fixing his suit on the hanger.


7:05 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie say that was hilarious. Victoria says, that was the quickest she's ever had to change, and she had to put a bra on and everything. Caleb says, she did have to change really quick. Caleb goes in the fire room, and Derrick tells him, he can kiss him right now, he really could. Caleb says, don't you think we should keep him off the block? Because if we put him up, it's going to give him fire to win the Veto. Derrick says, the question is, when I feel safe I do well, if Frankie's not on the block, then he will do better. Caleb says, he needs to look out for his game as well. He says, if he puts him on the block, he wins, comes off, and wins the next HOH. Derrick tells him, he will go next week anyway, because of his win, and how he looks now, and how he's well more liked than him. Derrick says, he has the compliment, but he's a beast now, and he's a threat. Caleb says, he needs to look out for his own game, and try to keep them safe.


7:08 PM BBT Caleb says he wants to talk to Cody, and see what they think. He says he can possibly put up Victoria and Derrick, and if Frankie wins the Veto, that wouldn't be good. But, if he doesn't win, then he can put him up, and then tell him he's been a huge threat. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie has already gone up to him asking if the nominations are going to stay the same, and move on to the next week. Frankie walks in the fire room, and they change the subject. Derrick tells Caleb that one of them need to stay on Victoria this week, and not let her study. He says, she's not going to win, but if she studies long than all of them, she could win. Caleb says, just like the first time you can't really study for that Veto. Derrick says, she knows she's going on the block again, and if she studies 3 days for that comp, she can win. Derrick says, he can't talk to her. Frankie says they can beat her. Derrick says, stranger things have happened. Caleb says he has to put two people next to each other that are friends of his is hard. He says he may have to, but he has a heart, and doesn't want to. Derrick says, as long as she doesn't win the POV, it's o.k. If she does, a lot of things can go wrong.


7:11 PM BBT They all think it's going to be a DE, and Caleb says, they can't extend the season, because that would be breaking the contract. Frankie says, he was told through the 26th, and Derrick says he was told something verbatim, and we see FoTH twice. Live feeds come back and Caleb walks out of the fire room. Victoria comes back in the fire room, and Derrick tells Frankie says there will be a DE for sure, or what Frankie says about something on Sunday. Frankie says, he hopes she (Victoria) will calm down. Derrick asks, if he thinks she heard him or not? Frankie says, who cares. He says, people expected it. Cody is looking at the picture boards, and Caleb goes up to him. Frankie tells Derrick he wants Caleb to keep the nom's the same, but he doesn't think so, because he's obsessed with Cody.


7:15 PM BBT Caleb tells Cody he is worried about his game because he could go home next week on the DE, if he puts him up. Caleb says there has to be a DE, or they would extend the game an extra week, and break the contract. Cody says, really? He says, unless they shorten things this week. They throw out different scenarios. Caleb says, he wants to put Derrick on the block, for one, because he's never been put up. Victoria walks through the KT. Caleb says, the plan could go smoothly. Caleb says, if he throws Derrick up there, and he pulls himself off, he could be screwed. But, he wants him to feel how they feel, being on the block on Thursday. Cody, says, he (Frankie) doesn't think he tried 100% to win that HOH comp. Caleb says, he really didn't try hard enough, because you can't throw that type of comp. He says you don't throw a comp this late in the game. Cody says, he was upset because he wouldn't get to compete next week. Caleb says, if you don't go up, and you don't win the Veto, you might not be here next week to compete. (Talking about Frankie).


7:19 PM BBT Derrick leaves the fire room, and Victoria goes in to lay in bed. Frankie tells her he's so exhausted, and Victoria says she is also. Derrick goes to the KT. He tells Caleb and Cody that he should put up Frankie so he's not safe. Caleb says, he was safe last week and beat them. Derrick walks away, and says the tie goes to him. Frankie goes into the KT, and asks what's going on? Caleb tells him, he's starving, so he's making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We see FoTH.


7:22 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb and Cody are talking by the picture boards when the Live feeds come back about how they just practiced a live Veto ceremony. He thinks they will have a Veto and eviction on Sunday. We see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back with them finishing that convo, and Derrick lying on a couch in the LR. Caleb starts singing, and we see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with Caleb saying hopefully he gets a letter from Birdman, and if so, it will be sick. We says they were supposed to get bath robes with Birdman and Weezie put in them. He says his hat is filthy, and he slide and it went all over him. He belches really loudly, and doesn't excuse himself. Frankie is in WA using tweezers, and the goes to LR. Cody says they can do it all in one day, and he doesn't think they will drag it all out. Frankie says, a third DE? What are they going to fill the week with? Cody says, they just filled the house with stuff last week, and says he doesn't think that they will drag this week out again. Cody asks Caleb to request pumpkin seeds for his basket. He says he did, both kinds, and goes in DR.


7:27 PM BBT Cody talks about production and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Cody saying he can't believe he's in the F5 again. Caleb comes out of the DR, and talks about production. We see FoTH again. Caleb comes back talking about his letter again. Cody is looking at the picture boards.


7:29 PM BBT We hear someone fart, and Caleb is laughing. No one excused themselves. Caleb says, he wonders if they will get another button. Frankie says, they would already know that. Cody says, he can't believe he's back in the Dino costume. Caleb says, Pandora's Box could be a button. Caleb says, this is the 2nd time they have the same amount of people for the 2nd time. He says it feels like nothing has happened, and they only have a week and a half left. We hear, "Frankie, the HOH..." and then we hear, "Frankie, please go to the DR." Caleb says, we'll be up all night, doing DR's and getting the room, we'll be up all night. Frankie goes to the WA, and gets his make-up bag. Victoria puts coffee in the microwave. We see FoTH.


7:32 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Frankie having his HOH basket on the Dining Room table. Caleb tells him he requested flavored pumpkin seeds for them, and shouldn't have. We see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with Caleb saying, "O.K. I got it, I will stop singing, but when I get that Brett Eldredge though, I will be getting in trouble." Victoria tells Caleb that heat doesn't affect her anymore, while they are in the KT. Derrick is still lying on the couch. Caleb says, if it's a DE, someone will get crushed. Cody says, if does goes until next Thursday, it may by something weird with the Veto comp. Caleb talks about Brett Eldredge's album. He says, he asked for Thomas Rhett first, but then decided not to, because he only has 3 hits out. He says he could of gotten David Nail, and asks if they know that song, Let it rain? Derrick sings, "Let it rain, let it pour," and we see FoTH.


7:37 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie talk about a song, and Frankie says, he doesn't remember because it's been 85 days. We see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with Cody folding his clothes, and putting them back in his dresser. Frankie says there will be a difference in the morph comp, either by adding another one, or changing them. Caleb says, the HOH comp had 4 more seeds, and Frankie says, it only had 2 more heavy seeds. Derrick goes in the fire room and tells Cody, he thinks that Caleb has a F2 deal with Frankie, and he won't put him up, because that will ruin his game. He says, he thinks Frankie's going to take him to the end, but may not. Cody says, o.k., then they get Frankie out this week, and we don't take him to the end. Derrick says, Caleb told him he has to look out for his game, and they are the votes.


7:41 PM BBT Cody says he told Caleb that he doesn't want to go on the block again, because he's been on the block a lot already. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb said he wants to put him on the block. Derrick says, if he puts him on the block, and he wins HOH next week, he will put him on the block, and send him home. He says we'll take Victoria to the F3, and she will then leave. Derrick says, how Frankie is happy he gets to play next week. Derrick says, if he goes on the block, one of them have to win Veto. Cody says, if Derrick's on the block, he will use it, and will not keep the nom's the same. Derrick tells Cody how to do the comps, with Joey's one eyebrow being different, and how to look for the mole. Cody asks if they eyeliner will still be on the girls, and Derrick says, yes, that's how he knew Brittany's face.


7:45 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are saying that if Frankie is not on the block he can take Victoria off, and then one of them has to go up. Cody says, if he's not on the block this week, he doesn't have to be loyal. Derrick thinks that Frankie may try to send one of them home. They are saying they need to talk Caleb about how Frankie needs to leave.


7:47 PM BBT Cody says, he was working Caleb, and he should have stayed on course. He says, what it comes down to, is this Veto. He says, he's tired of this f*cking kid in this house. Derrick says, Caleb won't do it because, he's not going to say he's a pu$$y, but he's not doing anything. Cody tells Derrick how he told Caleb that Frankie threw that comp, and Caleb doesn't believe him, and says that no one throws comps that late in the game. They both talk about Frankie going up to them about keeping the nom's the same, and we see FoTH.


7:48 PM BBT Cody says that Frankie says, he's the one that expects to go on the block. Cody says, "Caleb's as soft as baby sh*t." Cody says, Caleb could go home in F3. Derrick says, not if he's on the block, but one of them will go home. Derrick tells Cody that Victoria is going to vote against him. Caleb, Frankie and Victoria are sitting in the LR, talking about the HOH comp.


7:50 PM BBT Caleb says he literally slide like Pete Rose through the dirt for them to put the key on his neck, but they wanted to do it the other way. We see FoTH.


7:51 PM BBT Victoria goes back to the fire room, and asks Cody is he's organizing his stuff? He says, he's leaving the stuff he doesn't wear in his suitcase, and only putting what he wears back in the drawers, because they were way to full before. Victoria says, she's exhausted. Frankie says, that's awesome Caleb. Caleb says, he wants to win a Veto, and Frankie tells him he has a chance. Caleb says, he and Derrick bear him like 2 minutes, and that's a lot of time in a comp like that. Frankie gets told to readjust his transmitter. Caleb tells him where he put it, when he wore the onesie. Caleb says, his shoes have gotten less pink in them. He says, they fell like they shrunk in the dryer, and they feel like they've shrunk, so he needs to ask for another pair. Frankie tells him he should. Caleb says that the water was colder in the comp, and Frankie says, it was way colder this time, and it didn't stop at all. He says it was water was on the whole time. Cody goes to the LR, and Caleb tells him he asked for beer.


7:56 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria, that he thinks they both are going up on the block. She tells Derrick that she got her period today, and hasn't had it in 3 months. She says, she feels so sick, like she's going to throw up, and has a virus. Derrick told her to rest. Caleb gets on his soap box, saying that he guessed the game would either speed up or slow down, so he was right. Caleb says, there's no way they have to replay the week, and stay there another whole week. Cody says, he doesn't think it will be another full week. They throw out some more scenarios. Cody says a Sunday and Thursday evict. They tell him they won't be on Thursday anymore because of NFL. Cody says, maybe NFL won't be on every week, and they talk about the commercial. Victoria gets called to the DR, and Derrick goes back to the LR. Cody asks about the other shows that were on Thursdays, if they get kicked to a different night? Frankie says yes, and he thinks the Finale is next Wednesday.


7:59 PM BBT The HG's talk about a DE, and Derrick is in the KT. Cody says you can't do anything good for a comp in such a small area. Caleb says the duck Veto is a good one. Cody says, you aren't going to the F3 doing a duck comp. Caleb says it has to be a quick Veto for a DE. Cody says, he doesn't care if things are tightened up, and not have down time. Caleb says, Julie says, they are replaying the entire week. They talk about the comps being the same days as well. Caleb says, that sucks, because they won't get the BY. Frankie says, the BY will not take a lot of time to break down, so if they don't get the BY tonight, the noms are tomorrow. Caleb belches and doesn't say excuse me. He says, he's going to hate being sequestered again, not sequestered, but...We see FoTH.


8:02 PM BBT Live feeds come with the HG's talking about what rooms they were in after the Veto comp last week. Derrick is hounding down a bowl of cereal, as he walks to the LR. We see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with Cody saying they were pretty close to everyone almost seeing the whole comp this time. Cody says, he had 25 when his fell out. He says when he tried to speed up, is when his fell. Caleb says, he was running full speed when that happened. Caleb says he slowed down then. He says that he and Cody were very close.


8:05 PM BBT Cody says he just wanted to focus on himself, and looked over, and dropped his ball. The guys are all in the LR, and talk about how heavy one of the seeds was. Cody says he had so much room in the back, and didn't have to pile on his balls. Someone farts, and no one excuses themselves. Caleb tells about how he placed his balls on his shovel.


8:08 PM Caleb says he almost fell when he had two balls left, and said he was going to be slow as molasses, like Frankie was last time. He says he looked around to see what everyone had left. Cody says, this time was a lot better than last time. Frankie says, they aren't even going to be able to make that suspenseful for Sunday. Frankie wonders if they are going to get another guest in the house. Cody says they have 5 people left and are on day what? They tell him, Day 83. Cody says, then they have 1 week left? He asks if the contract says 90 days? Derrick tells him, it doesn't say days, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Frankie talking about media obligations, and we see FoTH. Frankie comes back saying about the Friday, and having the weekend to get your stuff in order. We see FoTH again. They come back saying the Finale would be on Sept. 16. They try to figure out when evictions would be. They say it could be Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday evictions. Derrick says, there's not going to be an eviction on Sunday, because there's only a skeleton crew there. We see FoTH.


8:13 PM BBT HG's come back talking about how the audience has already seen them on TV, and Caleb doesn't understand how. Frankie says, they've moved the days of BB to Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, because of how they locked the episodes. He says, he asked them if they locked the episode, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with the HG's talking about how much they are cursing.


8:16 PM BBT Caleb says, they probably only put a bleep on his mouth when he says dag gom, and they don't understand what he's saying. Caleb talks about what he said to Julie about the diesel truck and money, and how he should of gone all on it. Frankie asks why he wants a diesel truck, and Caleb says diesels are much more powerful than gas trucks. Derrick says, a new Hemi would crush a diesel truck. Caleb says, the Viper engines might be able to, but that's a little bit different. Derrick says, diesel fuel is usually cheaper in Rhode Island. Caleb says, shoot no, diesel is over $2.00 a gallon more. Caleb keeps burping and not excusing himself, while he's talking about FLA/GA Line's truck in their video. He says they sell them stock now, and that they are between $35K and $40K, and diesel trucks like that are $60K to $65K. He says, his brother that's a pilot just bought one and got almost $9,000 off of it. He says where he's from, everything is a lot more expensive, and the trucks he's talking about would pull the house they are in, right off it's frame.


8:22 PM BBT Caleb says, you can fit a Smart Car inside a diesel exhaust. He says, if the truck is sitting there idling, it sounds like a Semi. Frankie says, he likes the double-exhaust. Caleb says, a lot of the Ford diesel trucks sound like a whistle. Cody says, he wanted the Ford truck that looked like an Explorer on the front, and a truck on the back. He says it a 4 door truck with a look of the Explorer. Caleb says, it could be a Chevy Avalanche. Cody says it was a Ford. Caleb says, probably and Excursion with a bed on it, and Cody says it was not huge, it was sleek, with a bed that wasn't that big, and it was sick. Frankie goes to the WC, and Derrick goes in the KT, and is looking out the sliding glass doors to the BY, and we see FoTH. Live fees come back with Caleb says, there are probably newbees in there trying to figure out what they are doing. We see FoTH again. Caleb comes back saying he only buys cars with cash, he won't do payments. He says if he wins, he will go up and buy a newer 2007 or 2008 truck, before he would buy a newer one. But, he says, he would get almost $10,000 off a new vehicle, because his grandpa retired from GM, and the warranty would be awesome.


8:28 PM BBT Derrick is in the Dining Room chomping and smacking on some Skittles, while he uses his hands to cover parts of the HG's faces on the picture board. Caleb obsesses about his BFF, being Cawcaw. He says his nickname is Weezie, and that's Lil Wayne's step-son. Cody says, that's strange. Caleb ask if he's ever seen birdman kissing him on the lips, and Cody says no. Caleb says, he raised him, that's his step-son. We see FoTH.


8:31 PM BBT Caleb comes back talking about Lil Wayne's first song, and he signed Birdman's record label. Caleb tries to explain who he is, and we see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with both Derrick and Cody studying faces now. Caleb goes to get his straw cowboy hat in the rock room, and we see FoTH again. He comes back telling Caleb he can't mess up the eyes in the pictures. Victoria goes to the WC. Cody and Caleb talk about the faces on the picture board. Victoria comes out of WC, washes and dries her hands in WA, and goes to the KT. Caleb burps and doesn't excuse himself. Caleb says, they added wrinkles to Christine's face under her glasses. Caleb says, it's going to be 10 times easier this time. Cody says, 10 times easier, but there aren't just going to hand it to them, so study. Derrick says, he on Brittany.


8:39 PM BBT Victoria sits down at the Dining Room table to study, and Derrick gets up, and goes to lay down in the fire room. Caleb is looking at the picture board as well, while Cody is still there.


8:40 PM BBT Caleb tries to tell Victoria stuff on the picture, and Victoria says the shape and eyebrows are different. Cody and Caleb are blocking Victoria's view of the picture board, while they are studying. Victoria goes closer to the board to see. They are discussing how it may be changed this time. They keep discussing the HG's faces on the wall.


8:43 PM BBT Victoria goes in the fire room to lay down, and is eating something in bed. Derrick goes to the Dining Room to study the board some more. Caleb asks Cody and Derrick if they want to talk now since Frankie's in the DR. They go to the WA, and Caleb stands by the WC door. Cody and Derrick are sitting on the couch. Caleb says, he wants to be in the finale with all 3 of them, so how it plays out it doesn't matter. Caleb says, putting Frankie on the block scares him for his game, if he wins, and comes off. Caleb tells them how Frankie wants to keep the nom's the same. Cody says, how Frankie keeps saying to put him on the block, scares him. He tells Caleb he doesn't like that. Caleb says, he said he's going to keep the nom's the same, right? Caleb says, either way the week is going to go the same right? We put Victoria on the block, but if he wins, and Derrick interjects, and tells Caleb that he can send one of them home, if he's not on the block, and he wins, he will send one of them home, because he will tell them he has to send one of them home. Derrick says if you put him up, and Caleb says, he will have to pull himself off the block.


8:48 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb he'll go up if he wants him to, but then Frankie can pull Victoria off the block, and then Cody will have to go up next to him, and he's worried about it. Derrick says, if you put him on the block, he's going to win that Veto, because he will live at that wall. He says, he will be there at least 4 or 5 hours tonight, and if you put them up with him, he will beat him. He says, he only lost to Frankie by less than a minute, and that was without him even looking at the wall. Caleb says, he's probably in the DR saying he didn't even try, and Derrick says, he through it, and he can play next week. Cody says, he thinks he did. Caleb says, he wants to do whatever to get to the F3 with the 2 of them. They talk about their DR's, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with them talking about Frankie talking Victoria.


8:53 PM BBT They continue to talk game in the WA, about who to put up. Derrick says, if anyone got boned in this rewind is him, because he hasn't gotten to play in the last 2 HOH's. We see FoTH. Caleb comes back talking about how much he loves both of them, and how Frankie sat up there with his butt puckered up. Derrick goes out of the WA, in case Frankie comes out of DR. Derrick goes to fire room and talks to Victoria. He's telling her everything. She says, he body is literally shaking.

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9:03 pm BBT  We start the nine o’clock hour with Caleb and Cody O’saurus reviewing the memory wall. They want to do well in the upcoming veto competition. Derrick and Victoria are whispering in the Fire BR. Victoria says she knows she’s going. Derrick says it sucks he didn’t get to play in the HOH. Derrick tells Victoria that he told Caleb if he keeps Frankie off the block he could take Victoria off and then he would have to put Cody up and you would have to send him or Cody home. Derrick says he is best friends with Cody and Caleb doesn’t want to send Cody home. He tells her to keep selling that they are mad at each other and she needs to keep spending time with the other guys. They agree they have to do well in the upcoming veto comp because it’s huge. Derrick leaves the room.


9:11 pm BBT  Derrick goes out and joins Caleb and Cody at the memory wall. They are blocking out parts of each HG faces so they can study facial features of each HG. They discuss the HG noses. They discuss whether it will be the same exact comp or whether BB will change it up a little. Derrick says he is going to fly through this competition this time by acing this wall. They study each of the HG eye colors. Victoria comes out of the fire BR and goes to the WA. Cody says he can't believe he is in the dinosaur outfit again.Derrick says their families are flying out for the finale. He has to win the veto so all 3 of their families will be there on the night of the finale. Caleb says he's going to beat him. Derrick says he wants him to, but to do it in half the time he does it. Caleb says he hopes they make Cody do it in his dino suit.


9:16 pm BBT  Derrick said that the last time he studied the memory wall last time, but he didn't break down everyone's faces. He's going to be living in front of the wall now. He backs up and says he doesn't like looking at it that close because everyone looks different close up. They sit at the KT table. Vic is doing her hair in the WA. They say that Frankie was on a lucky streak, but it has come to an end. Caleb says this is how the pictures looked on the screen to him, although the pictures are bigger on the screen.


9:22 pm BBT  Frankie has joined them and is reviewing with them. Caleb is called to the DR. Derrick says not to get his lips confused with Devin's...that they both have big, luscious lips. Caleb comes right back out of the DR and the other HG are disappointed that it's not time for his HOH room reveal. Derrick is called to the DR. All the HG are facing the memory wall, studying the pictures. Caleb says that the pictures won't look like they did last week. Frankie says he wouldn't be surprised if they mixed in more pictures. Frankie said that in the competition they had tonight they added in different balls and that the wind and the rain was colder and heavier. Caleb said he didn't think it was colder but he thought it was hotter outside so it felt like it was colder. It reminded him of the old infantry days. Frankie said that might be why he killed it. The other HG disagree. They think the water was harder. Frankie said it was different...he was told it was. --and we get FotH.


9:26 pm BBT  Frankie says last time the water was a dribble and it was mostly down at one end. Caleb says it was just down at the end where the balls was and this time it was everywhere. Caleb says he thinks they will morph everyone differently and give them different names. Cody says they may just say instead of 6, there's 8 faces. They didn't change the rules for the HOH comp, so they probably won't change the rules for the veto. They think they will just change the comp up a little bit. Caleb says just imagine if they didn't press the button. They say that Julie said they know their HG. Victoria has left the KT and they deride themselves for pressing the button. Frankie says they just have to hope Victoria doesn't win the veto because they were almost final 4.


9:29 pm BBT  They are looking at all the HG pictures and discussing who actually looks like their pictures. Caleb says that Frankie looks nothing like his picture. Frankie says that Caleb doesn't look like his, either. They say Cody does look like his and Derrick looks like his only thinner. Nicole, exactly like hers. Jocasta, Amber, Devin...exactly like theirs. Donny looks like his. Victoria looks like hers. Zach looks conniving and evil, which is what he wanted. They say Christine's is an unfortunate picture, but she's not the belle of the ball. Pao Pao, Hayden and Joey's pictures... nailed it. Caleb says Joey is a beautiful girl...Frankie says she is stunning. Caleb says she has a "donk" that is out of this world. Frankie says he was busting balls and says that they wanted to freeze his fingers off with the cold water. Although he took the right amount of medication so it didn't affect him. If he hadn't it wouldn't have worked out well for him.


9:36 pm BBT  Victoria tells them she feels sick and tells them she got her period. She tells Frankie she requested Midol. He tells her it will probably start coming like a tidal wave now. She says especially since she hasn't gotten it in 3 months. They figure out that it's 9:30 and TVGN is on. Cody and Caleb have moved to the LR. Caleb tells Frankie about how he slip stomach first through the wet dirt to get Derrick to put the key on his neck. He looked like "Pete Rose." They say they all got good questions on the show tonight and then talk about watching the clip of the mouse in the house. Caleb makes fun of 3 grown men running over the mouse. Frankie screaming, Cody running to the WA, and Derrick running the other direction.


9:42 pm BBT  Caleb says he imagines how goofy he looks on the teeter totter. Cody says he loves that challenge. Frankie says that Caleb said earlier that this challenge wasn't hard, but Frankie thinks it was. Caleb says that hard to him was the lube challenge. Frankie says he understands... the lube challenge was physically hard. Caleb says different challenges will be hard for different people. Like a physical challenge would be hard for someone like Chris Farley. Frankie says the eye comp was one of the hardest comps of the season for him. Caleb says that the lube one was hard for him. Frankie says he does well at puzzles, but not with words. Caleb says he thinks he would have done well on that particular one. Frankie says, "Zach..." and they laugh about how he just guessed. Frankie says it's good to have had such a positive, positive Live show after such a negative one last week. He says that he just feels that everyone loves them. There was laughter after every answer, Julie was smiling. Everyone got good questions. It was just an all around good feeling.


9:48 pm BBT  Caleb said that he always comes up with a better answer after she asks him one, but he thinks his answer about thinking he was going to get a big ole diesel truck was pretty good. Frankie tells him it was brilliant. Caleb says he's been saying it all week. Cody says it would have been funny if he had said he though the Gold Button would rewind the game to where they would have to play the shovel HOH again and then do the morph veto again. Caleb says he can't wait for the show to end to find out who hid all their stuff. He says if it's not Zach he is going to be so shocked. Frankie says, "It was Zach." Cody says that if it wasn't Zach he will immediately text Victoria and say, "You scoundrel." Then he says that they never really pursued finding out who did it after they found their stuff. Cody thinks they will speed up the week. Frankie says they will have to because it would be boring, especially if they are doing the same comps and because they aren't giving them any drama in the house.


9:56 pm BBT  Victoria thinks there will be a live show on Sunday. They say there would be another HOH that night if that's the case. Caleb says that the funny thing is that with all the thousands of speculations about the button, they didn't exactly hit on it, but they got close. Frankie said he said it would let him play and it did. Now Caleb is talking about some of the things they did discuss and how some of the ramifications they would have had. He says that what they did is nowhere near as bad as it could have been. He says he didn't think they would be playing the same comps again. He doesn't think that's ever been done before. He wonders if that would be boring to the viewers. Victoria says it already has a different outcome, so they will watch. --and they will wonder if it will change things. Cody says it's such an exciting show. Victoria says, "expect the unexpected."


10:01 pm BBT  Caleb says that they have had a lot of celebrities this year. "The comedian" (Kathy Griffin), Brett Eldredge, Jeff and Jordan and he thinks they will probably get someone else this week. He says who knows, maybe someone will just stop by... Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber. Frankie says that they couldn't afford Justin Bieber. Derrick comes out of the DR and they talk about the fact that Derrick couldn't compete in the HOH comp again. They agree that it was nice that he could watch the entire comp this time. He says that he was the one with the biggest detriment with pressing the button (not getting to play in the HOH again), but it could have been a lot worse. He talks about some of the things he thought Julie was going to say when she first started to talk about the rewind. [As an aside, Frankie is eating in the LR and he is smacking and smacking and smacking].


10:04 pm BBT  Victoria is talking about her cycle again. She says it amazes her that she gets it on the day she was supposed to leave. Frankie says maybe it's because she is the only girl in the house so her cycle is finally able to regulate itself. Frankie gets up and goes to the KT. He says that everyone has to clean up after themselves and if someone leaves something out they need to call people out on it. Derrick agrees, he says it doesn't need to be done in a negative way. Just say to pick up your stuff. Frankie says that everyone got a question in tonight's show. Derrick says that everyone did get a question. Frankie says that they were all fun, happy, good questions, too. Frankie says that he half thought they were going to get a question about Christine. Derrick thought that would have been good. Frankie says he thought this was a very healing week. Derrick wonders if she blew up on the crowd when she went out there. Frankie thinks they are trying to let them know that everyone loves them. 


10:07 pm BBT  Derrick says that he thinks the higher ups probably had a meeting to discuss the HG and that they are torn and losing it. Frankie says that when he's in the DR he says that he doesn't know if he should say certain things. Derrick says he wonders if things are perceived as funny or not. Cody says he asks if something came off as bad or not. [Christine being booed has them all very, very thrown for a loop. --Morty]. Frankie, Derrick, and Caleb have made their way back to the memory wall. Cody has gone to the BR and Victoria is going through her suitcase.


10:15 pm BBT  Caleb is talking about Amber. He says he doesn't know why she couldn't win America's Next Top Model. Frankie says he thinks they should go on together. Caleb looks under the sink for the mouse. He says he is going to catch that sucker. Then they all talk about the clip they say tonight of the mouse in the house. They are all laughing hysterically. Derrick is imitating Cody. Derrick says that he was listening to the crowd reactions to everything tonight and there were great reactions to everything. Frankie says it means they are not hated.


10:19 pm BBT  Victoria has put on a sweatshirt, so she has to do her hair again. Caleb asks them what they would do if he went in there and requested his own CD. Frankie asks him what his stage name is. He says it's Caleb Cole. But what would they do if he had them listen to his CD and he told them it's Thomas Writ. They listen and they say the CD is "fire". He tells them he has 200-300,000 followers, he played at the CMA fest last year, since he's upcoming he played outside of it. He's trying to become huge--where Frankie's sister is. That he will have copies of his CD when they get out of the house. Frankie says he wouldn't be surprised to find out that was true. Caleb says it's kind of true. He doesn't have that many followers, but he does have a CD and he is trying to make it. Frankie says he takes it back... he would be surprised because he would be surprised that he waited this long to tell them about it. Derrick says they know everything about him!!


10:26 pm BBT  Frankie's shoes are under the table and Caleb asks him if it's a shoe rack. Frankie laughs. He says that if he says anything like that he's not trying to be condescending. Caleb talks about how Victoria called Frankie and him the biggest slobs on the Live show, then Cody makes a sandwich and leaves everything out on the island. He calls him out on it and Cody got upset. He got really loud. Derrick says Cody does that. Derrick says that Julie commented on the show about how their house is one of the dirtiest in BB history. Vic says it's embarrassing. They talk about when Jeff and Jordan came to the house and Jeff commented on how dirty the house was. Derrick wonders if they planned it so that they would clean the house.


10:35 pm BBT  Caleb and Victoria are going back and forth in the KT. She says "You love me." He says "I like you." They go back and forth, back and forth. He makes absolutely no sense. I rewind and cannot make sense of it for you. He says that love is a big word for him. He says he spent 430 days naked in a foxhole with guys...that's love. Victoria says they have been together for 80+ days, they have grown to love each other. Caleb says that he will give Frankie a hug and say he loves him. Does he mean it? No. Frankie heads toward him and says "judy, judy, judy" and does some of their judy moves. Victoria says she's never seen Frankie do any of those moves. He says he doesn't like to expend that energy before comps.


10:44 pm BBT  Caleb is holding the pizza cutter to his face and Victoria tells him to stop. She is worried he is going to cut his face. She tells him he almost gave her a heart attack. He asks her if she even has a heart to attack. She says she has a heart of gold. He says to certain people she might. Derrick tells Frankie that he just noticed he's got some ears, man. Frankie says he wants plastic surgery...he looks like a bat. Derrick says more like an elf. Frankie says they have echo locating services. They talk about wanting the BY and Vic says they won't get it if tomorrow is the POV. --Frankie says or if it's a luxury comp. They are just driving themselves crazy trying to figure out if it's a fast forward week or a regular week.


10:50 pm BBT  Frankie says he thinks his answer was good about attending Jeff and Jordan's proposal. Derrick asks if he was crying. Frankie yells "Sobbing! Tears rolling off of my face!!" They are all sitting down to eat pizza. Derrick says he knows he won't live down what happened with the mouse for years back home. He knows Cody won't either. He knows people will say "Look a mouse!" when he comes into a room.


10:57 pm BBT  Everyone is sitting at the KT table eating their pizza and studying the memory wall. Caleb says that when it comes time for the POV there will be a 4 way tie and they will say, "You guys didn't study didya?" Everyone sits in silence for awhile and then Caleb talks about whether he needs to revise the mousetrap he has concocted. He's not sure if he needs to change it a little to be sure to catch him. No one says anything in response and Caleb heads to the WA. Frankie goes in there and tells Caleb his hair is getting long. Victoria and Derrick are in the KT. She says now that she is on her period, this [pretending to be mad at him] won't be hard. He said that earlier he said he was a stud, and she was like (he rolls his eyes). She laughs. Derrick goes into the WA with Caleb and Frankie. Cody comes out of the DR. Derrick and Caleb come out of the WA.

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[This is Caleb's HOH letter... I transcribed it for Justin while he was doing his TFU]


11:10 pm BBT Caleb's letter is from his dad and stepmom. It reads:


Hello Beast Mode Cowboy,


If you are reading this, Congratulations Beast Mode! We are so proud of you and all you are accomplishing. Oh, little brother has shown the rest of them you know what’s going on. I love that you are doing a great job. We all know that you always put others first. This is just like your service in Iraq in that we are very proud to call you son.  Everyone misses you and your amazing smile. Love you son.


Love always,

Beast Mode Dad and Beast Mode S. Mom

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11:00 PM BBT Cody comes back out of the DR and joins the HG in the KT. Caleb asks Cody if a cup with Gatorade in it was his, Caleb said he dumped it out, Cody said it was his. As Cody takes a bite of pizza, Derrick fills in Cody about the new house thing where a fellow HG that sees someone eating something, they will facetiously ask the them how their food is, as an indirect way to make sure they clean up after them self. Still in the KT, the HGs reminisce about watching the clips of the "rat" in the house.


11:08 PM BBT Caleb is called to the DR and gets his HOH key. All HG go upstairs. They see pictures of Caleb in his military uniform, him at age 7/8, and as a baby. Caleb's music is Brett Eldredge. Caleb also got a new hat, Cody/"Dino" asks if he can get some of the pumpkin seeds that Caleb got in his basket.


***Caleb's letter posted by brotayjax at 11:10 PM BBT***


11:15 PM BBT In the HOHR, the HG are talking about Caleb's picture of him when he went home from basic training and he was wearing his army uniform. They picture is dated 2007, the HG ask about his brother's army rank and how high it is. Caleb starts to call out all the food he got in his basket and mini fridge.


11:23 PM BBT Frankie says its time to fed the fish and gets up to do that. Caleb is listening to his music and calls Cody to listen as well, Victoria keeps asking Caleb if the song Brett Eldredge played for Jeff and Jordan is on the CD. Derrick is laying down with his eyes closed and gets a couple hollas which get him to open his eyes.


11:28 PM BBT Victoria is taking her turn listening to music. Caleb, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick all say its cool how Caleb's dad calls himself Beast Mode Dad. Caleb was hoping for a picture of his dad but it wasn't included with his letter. Caleb tells them his next DR session he will ask BB for a picture, after that BB calls him into the DR. Frankie has gone downstairs to wash his cup. Derrick is still laying on the couch and Cody is on the HOH bed with Victoria getting an arm massage. Brief production audio leak of Caleb in DR, we hear him say "Hey...I'm doing good", before the audio cuts out.


11:32 PM BBT Frankie announces from the KT that the indoor lock down is over, Caleb is already out of the DR and heads outside with Frankie and Victoria. Derrick and Cody are left in the HOHR, they both say that if they win this Veto competition it makes final 2 much closer with a plan to get rid of Frankie this week and in the final HOH both Victoria and Caleb can be beaten in certain parts of the final HOH comp. Victoria wants to eat more chips and heads back upstairs and stops Derrick and Cody's conversation.


11:38 PM BBT Cody goes to the BY to play pool. Derrick tells Victoria in the HOHR about him telling Cody not to stir anything with Victoria by talking with her about anger towards Derrick. Derrick tells Victoria that Cody thinks she crushed him in her eviction speech. In the BY, Frankie tells Cody that his HOH was a waste because of the BBRewind.


11:45 PM BBT Victoria is alone in the HOHR eating chips. Derrick is in the BY watching Cody and Frankie playing pool. Derrick tells them that he was left alone in the HOHR not knowing they all came outside. Derrick tells them that he head an "Ooohhh" from the crowd during her eviction speech, Cody said he did the same thing. Derrick says that it is a good thing she is still in the house because if she was in the jury house, she would be campaigning against Derrick. Frankie asks Cody and Derrick to let him know if Caleb is going to try to backdoor him again.


11:56 PM BBT Cody goes inside to wash a water bottle to spit seeds into. Frankie is playing pool with Derrick and asks him if he thinks Cody will be fine this week. Derrick says he will but they still need to win the Veto comp. Cody and Victoria have joined Derrick and Frankie in the BY, all game talk has ceased. Caleb is still in the DR. Victoria says once Caleb gets out she will say good night and go to sleep. Cody and Victoria are talking about the reveal of the BBRewind, they say BB dressed up Frankie in his outfit and they didn't let Victoria know to dress in athletic gear. BB tells him to not talk about production.

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