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Tuesday, September 9 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:03am  Cody is waiting for Victoria to come back with baking soda, she says it will pull out blackheads. Frankie has returned to the HOHR  Caleb and Cody talking about Frankie's reaction to Caleb asking why his face was red.


12:09am Derrick and Victoria pass one another in the WA and talk for a brief moment about where everyone is. He says they'll go to the fire room in a few minutes.


12:16am Frankie tells Derrick that Victoria doesn’t think she has any votes at all and asked if she should campaign because she thinks she'll regret it if she doesn't he said he told her it can't hurt.


12:20am Victoria in the FR telling Derrick that Frankie told her if she did campaign the right way no one would lose respect for her. Derrick says their plan might be good because if there is a twist this will make them think that they aren't working together. Victoria is asking if she should bother talking to Caleb. Derrick tells her she has to do what is best for her but he doesn’t think her talking to him will change his vote.


12:29am Derrick comes back from the bathroom, he told Victoria he was going there to make sure they weren't listening at the door, and goes back to telling her she has to do what's best for her. He doesn't want to tell her not to campaign and her leave and regret not trying.


12:34am Derrick and Victoria talking about their "fight" and what they're going to say to the others and the final speech she should give before votes. He said to tell them that he told her he has to be loyal to the guys and that even though he does love her as a friend he can't give her his vote.


12:40am Derrick tells her that if she doesn’t think she can do it, don’t do it because he doesn’t want them to figure it out. However he thinks she can do it and is appreciative that she is. She says she thinks she cannot talk to him for 2 days and that if this works and he wins, he owes her. Frankie and Cody in the HOH talking about what if different people went home at different times. Caleb asleep in the ER


12:50am Derrick and Victoria are sitting in silence for the moment. Frankie and Cody are talking about past competitions and how it could have been different. Derrick breaks the silence and says you never know what the twist will be, they hug she says this is for you Jana and Tenley, he says lets see your acting skills turns out the lights and heads up to the HOH.


12:56am Derrick is up in the HOH telling them that the conversation didn’t go well and that she's downstairs crying with the lights off. He says she feels like there was a chance she could go home and feels betrayed now because he is sending her home.


1:02am Frankie and Cody telling Derrick they understand why  he had to talk to her alone but he shouldn’t have to shoulder the fault all himself that they should have a group talk with her.


1:08am They are watching Victoria on the screen saying she's ok she's getting a bowl of cereal. Frankie says he is in a place where every decision he makes will be made as if he was making the decision outside of the house that way he can stay true to himself and not be upset if it causes himself to walk out the door.


1:17am The guys are up in the HOH room talking about the Victoria conversation. Derrick says that he thinks she's genuinely a good person but he thinks Cody deserves to be there more. Victoria is in the KT eating.


1:25am Victoria goes back to the FR Cody asks what the time limit is before he can go to bed. Derrick says you can go now if you want because that’s where I'm going as soon as I change my bandaid and says goodnight to Frankie and Cody.


1:32am Cody says goodnight to Frankie and leaves the HOH room. He is in the kitchen making some food Frankie is upstairs reading.


1:41am Frankie turns the lights off in the HOHR and says goodnight everyone. My skin is peeling, I cannot find moisture in this house anywhere. Cody in the WA doing nightly ADLs


1:44am Cody staring at the button and timer in the old have not room before heading into the FR and climbing in bed


1:49am 3 of the 4 cameras on darkened rooms with sleeping or about to be sleeping houseguests, the 4th on the countdown timer. 

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 8:36am feeds are on FOTH as BB  could be waking the HG early today.


8:45am All lights are on in the BB house but  some Hg are still in bed sleeping. Victoria in the STR changing her batteries.


  8:46am Victoria goes back to bed then Cody gets up and  goes to change his batteries and derricks batteries then goes to the WC.


8:50am Cody goes back to bed and Victoria is called to the DR.

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9:01am Derrick is up and goes to the WC. Caleb and Frankie are still sleeping and feed one is on the front door to the BB house. 


 9:03am The door bells rings and the hG wake and run to the door. they are yelling door bell.  the door opens and a dog come into the house. Derrick says are you serious. Frankie says hi HG my name is izzy and your friends  on the live  feeds thought you might like an extra buddy  in the house for the day. you will find my dish and toys and food in the str. please keep my dish full of water.


 9:05am Frankie tells the Dog  it will have the most love today. Frankie says i was like how come 8:35 whats the point then says oh my goodness look at this look at your little face. Hi Izzy hi Izzy Frankie says. They all say how cute izzy is and Cody says want to go see the BY and they go outside.


9:08am Derrick asking if Izzy could be a rescue dog and  Frankie says i bet 100% and we get foth.


 9:09am derrick says dude that makes you think and Frankie says that they like us. They are all loving on Izzy

 9:14am :Hg in the BY saying hi to Izzy as Izzy runs through the BY.


 9:17am Derrick says Izzy has to be something with the  ASPCA or something like that.


  9:19am derrick is telling Izzy that this is the BB house and there is alot of cheating and backstabbing going on ok. Cody comes out and sits down on the ground then they start doing tricks with Izzy and telling her she is a good girl.


 9:21am Victoria is giving Izzy a treat and says she wants more then ask if she can give her one more and Frankie says yes you can.


9:23am Frankie calls izzy into the house and says look girl uncle Caleb has more treats. Caleb then tells izzy that she is being a good girl for Uncle Caleb.


9:25am Cody and Caleb take Izzy to the button rm and they tell her go ahead and pee on the button. Cody says she is still a little nervous then Caleb talks to her in a baby voice asking her if she is nervous.


 9:26am Izzy is following everyone around the house then jumps in Cody's  lap. Hg  ask if this is the first dog ever in the BB house and Frankie says they had a dog in the first season. Cody says oh yeah where did it pee and poop at and Frankie says in the BY.


9:30am Caleb in his baby voice is petting and talking to Izzy. He takes her to the KT for a drink of water. Frankie says hi Izzy and then says this is awesome and we get foth.


 9:32am Derrick says  take her but i already have 2 dogs and Cody says i would take her and derrick says i guarantee  she will be adopted. Frankie says she has the teeth and overbite like a bulldog and derrick says she has terrier in her. derrick says she looks like baxter.


9:34am Frankie pets Izzy and says you are the most precious thing i have ever seen. The Hg says they are watching Izzy like a hawk. Frankie says she is trained so she might be someones dog already cause she is a trained dog.


 9:38am  derrick is up and playing with Izzy and Caleb tells him to take off running so he does and izzy follows and runs too.


9:40am Frankie talking to izzy asking her if she catches mice. Everyone is just sitting around in the LVR watching  Izzy now.


9:42am Izzy goes to derrick who is laying on the couch and loves on him. Victoria is now petting her as Izzy is loving all the attention.attention. Izzy then runs back to the KT where Frankie is fixing to make pancakes for everyone. Caleb says izzy is eating the carpet and Frankie says i know i removed everything that would hurt her.


9:44am Derrick ask Izzy if she needs to go outside and Frankie  takes her out and walks around with her asking do you want to go for a walk and see the BY. Caleb comes out  yelling Izzy and shaking her treats then spills them , Frankie yells Caleb and Izzy runs to the treats.


  9:48am  Caleb in the BY getting Izzy to do tricks with her treats. Frankie still in the Kt making pancakes.


 9:50am Caleb in his baby voice tells Izzy there is a mouse in here izzy can you catch it. Frankie says yeah we have a mouse can you catch it?


 9:51am Derrick and Cody in the By and Izzy goes outside and goes to derrick and he says my wife is having a fit about right now about this dog.


 9:55am derrick goes to the STR and gets Izzy's stuff and Victoria is getting Bananas and butter for the pancakes. Caleb telling Izzy she is a good girl in his baby voice and then ask her if she wants a chocolate chip cookie .


9:57am Caleb ask derrick if  he talked to Victoria lastnight and derrick says yeah she was upset but figured that she was going home . Caleb says she cried and derrick says yeah. Caleb says did you cry and he says no i told her  the guys were tight and promised we would go to the end together at the beginning of this game. 

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#BB16 10:03AM BBT Caleb and Derrick talk in the BY. Derrick tells him that the feedsters requested the dog because they have been boring. He says he understands. Caleb wants to know if the feedsters make up a good portion of AFP. Derrick says maybe - maybe not.


#BB16 10:14PM BBT Frankie making pancakes for the HG. Cody playing with Izzy in the BY.


#BB16 10:22AM BBT Derrick and Izzy on the BY couch. Izzy is giving him lots of kisses on his face. He is laughing and playing with her.


#BB16 10:35AM BBT All HG sitting in BY. Izzy wandering the BY area.


#BB16 10:39AM BBT Victoria plays with Izzy in the house. Izzy is playing fetch with a toy.


#BB16 10:56AM BBT Just general chit chat. Caleb keeps singing so we keep getting FOTH.

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#BB16 11:07AM BBT Derrick and Cody talk in the BY about the twist and the show moving. Cody says that Frankie is getting irritated with Caleb.


#BB16 11:12AM BBT Frankie in the HOH WA. Complaining about his skin. Says he has a marble in his forehead. Very upset about his zits and the condition of his skin.


#BB16 11:16AM BBT Frankie talking to the camera telling the live feeds thank you (about 12 times in a row) for the dog. Saying how tomorrow is a live show and he can not wait to see what they pushed. That it will be a game changer.


#BB16 11:19AM BBT Frankie is wondering out loud if by pushing the button there are no more HOH. He wonders if it will not just be based on how you have done in competitions.


#BB16 11:22AM BBT Caleb and Cody yelling at BB to give their dog back. It appears Izzy has left the building. In the Fire room Derrick tells Victoria that Caleb will be talking to her soon. Tells her she is doing great.


#BB16 11:25AM BBT Cody saying they took Izzy to go potty. A helicopter goes over the house and Cody tries to wave it down.

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#BB16 11L33AM BBT Frankie says that he thinks they will give Izzy back in a while and then take her when he does his blog and then give her back when he gets the camera and on and on an hour at a time.


#BB16 11:36AM BBT Frankie tells Derrick he figured it out. There are no more HOH and now you have to play to either be safe or be nominated. Derrick things it isn't that big. They discuss it. they are sure that this Sunday is now the finale.


#BB16 11:39AM BBT Caleb and Frankie discuss lighting their farts on fire. Caleb says you can singe your butt hairs. Frankie says he is waxed so it wouldn't happen. Cody says that he has never done it. Caleb says he is lying. Cody tells him it isn't something all guys do.


#BB16 11:43AM BBT Frankie talks about directors and how James Cameron is the best but got robbed for not winning the Oscar for Avatar. Says that his ex wife won the award and it wasn't fair. Says that James Cameron created a camera that he used for the movie and they didn't see the amazement in that and give him the award. Derrick asks if he won for Titanic. Frankie says he doesn't know.

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 12:04pm frankie taking pictures in the old have not rm of the button and the Hg up against the red and black wall. Derrick and Cody in the By  playing with izzy 


 12:13pm Frankie inside the house playing with Izzy. Caleb, Cody and derrick laying on the By grass talking about Caleb training for the military.


 12:21pm Frankie tells izzy it is time to go back outside then gives her a treat and says good job. Caleb telling Cody and Frankie that they hit the button and next thing ya know their moms will be there.


 12:29pm Frankie taking a picture of Victoria and izzy.Everyone keeps yelling for izzy in the BY.


12:34pm Cody and Caleb do a back flip together into the pool as Frankie takes a picture and derrick watches them from the couches. They are now splashing around in the pool and BB tells them to stop that. Frankie says to late.Frankie says i really want to get naked naked cause i dont want my underwear wet Bb says no jumping in the pool and Frankie says i aint jumping i am just gonna fall as Cody takes his picture.


 12:47pm derrick going to sleep on the By couch. Frankie Caleb and Cody now out of the pool and laying in the sun. Victoria just sitting on the couches in the By .


12:52pm izzy and Cody are sitting on the BY couch then Izzy takes off to the backdoor and Cody gets up to let her in the house as Frankie yells give her some water. Frankie says she is such a good dog.


 12:56pm Cody and izzy are in the fire BR getting Cody some clothes. Izzy is checking out everything in the bedroom.

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1:02pm Frankie gets called to the Dr and Bb tells the HG to take Izzy to the STR. Caleb puts Izzy in the STR and leaves her in there.


  1:07pm derrick asleep on the BY couch. Cody and Caleb in KT making food. Victoria on LVR couch laying down. Frankie going to the DR now that he has finished in the bathroom.


 1:10pm Caleb is making food and checks the mouse trap they made and he yells that sucker took my dadgum cheese. Cody and Victoria say are you serious and caleb says yeah he took my cheese here comes trap number 2. he goes and wakes up derrick and tells him the mouse took the cheese. Frankie comes out of the Dr and Caleb tells him the mouse took the dadgum cheese and Frankie says no way are you serious?


 1:16pm Victoria is making tuna salad for lunch. Cody is eating a turkey wrap and Caleb is eating salmon as he sets up another mouse trap.


 1:23pm Caleb and Cody talking about how to make the new rat trap work and Victoria sitting there eating looking at them like they are crazy.


 1:30pm Caleb still working on the mousetrap he is trying to make from a colander. Cody is in the BY playing pool alone as derrick is sleeping on the BY couch.


  1:37pm Caleb still trying to figure out the mouse trap.No talking going on with anyone as they are all tired from getting up early this morning to meet Izzy.


 1:46pm Frankie out of the Dr telling what his questions were  that he got to video to and  one was about Izzy and then he talked about wanting to see his grandma Nona and his sister and mother and the third one was if he would keep his hair pink and he told them yeah with a Mohawk and oink i will stay with.


 1:49pm Caleb telling Victoria he cant wait to get back yo his life. The life of Caleb. Victoria is just sitting there not saying anything. Cody is called to the DR. Frankie is in the BY telling Derrick about his tweeting.


 1:54pm derrick talking to the cameras and thanking the feeders  and saying his is sitting in the BY today before they get locked down he has no idea what will happen tomorrow so if this is my last time in the By then i had fun but i am not sure what will happen tomorrow if i might leave but i have to make sure that i see this By again. 


1:56pm Caleb checking his mouse trap under the sink again as Victoria walks over to see it also. She then walks away . 

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#BB16 11:48AM BBT Izzy is back in the house. They immediately try and give her treats. She sits in one of the orange chairs next to Victoria.


#BB16 11:49AM BBT Frankie has been given the HOH camera.


#BB16 11:58AM BBT Caleb eats one of Izzy's treats and starts gagging. He heads to the WCA to brush his teeth. The rest of the HG take Izzy to push the button and take pictures.

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#BB16 2:0PM BBT Cody and Caleb discuss if they built the perfect mouse trap. BB calls for an IDLD and the guys grab their clean clothes and Izzy's toys and head inside.


#BB16 2:05 PM BBT Izzy has returned in the SR. They take her leash off and bring her back into the house.


#BB16 2:06PM BBT Caleb asks if Izzy is looking for Frankie. Derrick says no, dogs are smart. She is looking for treats.


#BB16 2:20PM BBT Izzy keeps trying to get into the SR door. Derrick says she knows that's the way to freedom.


#BB16 2:25PM BBT Izzy decides to take a nap on the LR floor. Caleb tells her that sleeping is only permitted in the BR.

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#BB16 2:30PM BBT Cody, Caleb and Victoria play "never have I ever". Cody says "peed in a trash can" Caleb says he isn't sure if he has or not. They laugh.


#BB16 2:33PM BBT Derrick and Izzy have curled up on Derrick's bed.


#BB16 2:35PM BBT Caleb says he has never eaten avocado. Victoria says that he ate guacamole and it's the same thing. Caleb says guacamole has other stuff in it. Victoria says that guacamole is only avocado and seasoning. There is nothing else in it.


#BB16 2:40PM BBT Victoria has gone to take a nap. Cody is now ironing something. Izzy is wandering the kitchen with Caleb.

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#BB16 2:45PM BBT Caleb and Cody tell Izzy she is on a TV show. Cody says they have been stuck in the house for 82 days.


#BB16 2:52PM BBT In the fire BR Derrick tells Victoria that when Frankie goes to talk to her. Tell him how she can't believe Derrick did what he did. They are planning their "fight".


#BB16 2:54PM BBT Caleb complaining that his shirt shrunk. He says that whoever washed it 0 stuck it straight in the dryer and he didn't want it dried.

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3:21pm Frankie is Food in the KT and Caleb telling Cody how to  twist and spin on the floor. Victoria is watching them and derrick is ironing.


3:30pm derrick is going to make some breaded chicken for dinner for himself. Izzy is following Caleb to the KT. Frankie says ok i have to go put the fish in the oven now.


3:37pm Derrick is eating cookies in the KT as Frankie is making coffee and Caleb is saying he cant wait to catch that mouse man. Frankie says right you are a beast and says i am glad i haven't seen it any more.Cody and Victoria on the LVR couches relaxing as izzy runs all over the house.


 3:39pm derrick and Frankie go to the HOh rm and are spraying for ants. Frankie says ok what is you thought with this Victoria thing today. derrick says has she talked to you today and Frankie says no.Frankie says she wants to talk to me later and derrick says ok i will be in the room with you but i am not part of it so if you want to say things then go for it i will agree with everything but i don't see kicking a girl down when she is already down.


 3:42pm Derrick says i told her that i am taking the strongest ones to the final 4 and we have been working together and i believe that Cody has won more and he deserves to be in the final 4.She hasn't talked to me all day so i know she is mad at me but i don't care.


 3:44pm Victoria in the Fire BR on the bed with Izzy saying hello doll. Frankie in the hoh rm says she will go grab Victoria soon and talk to her. Derrick says ok fine but i don't see why we have to have all of us there to talk tom her.Frankie says no me either.


  3:51pm Izzy is trying to get into her snacks and Caleb is eating dinner in the LVR telling izzy she cant have any.derrick is putting the ironing board away and Frankie is saying the coffee is done as he fills the water  dispenser.


  3:55pm Just general talk going on in the house as Victoria sleeps and derrick searches for a brush.

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3:55 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick discuss how Frankie cornered Derrick in the kitchen while she was sleeping and asked him what Victoria's problem with him was. Derrick tells Victoria, "I told him that I told you that I wasn't voting for you to stay. So when you have your talk with him just tell him that you can't believe I would stab you in the back like that and that you want nothing to do with me anymore." Victoria agrees. Derrick quickly leaves the room to find his brush.


4:01 PM BBT The houseguests are talking about what queso is. Cody tells Frankie queso just means melted cheese in Spanish. Frankie is making white fish for dinner. He is using the last of the avocado in his dish. Cody tells Caleb that guacamole has something to do with mashed up avocado. He tells the feed watchers to look up the actual definition of the word and tweet it at Caleb, because "this clown is so stupid."


4:03 PM BBTCaleb is arguing with everyone that guacamole is not made of avocado. He thinks it's made of guacamole. Caleb says mashing avacodo does not make it guacamole. Frankie, Cody , and Victoria say Caleb is so stupid. Cody says you eat burgers, not cow , right? Caleb says, "Right." Cody says, "You just proved my point." Caleb says he's going to argue with them all night that guacamole isn't avocado. Victoria is telling Caleb that he makes no sense. (BTW, guacamole literally means avocado sauce, so Caleb is just wrong).


4:10 PM BBT

Caleb is now saying that diced up tomatoes with sauce and peppers is not called salsa, it's called tomato chunks. Frankie tries to tell him that he'd go to a restaurant and ask for plain guacamole, and it's mashed up. Caleb says," I hate that it has a new name." Caleb is saying it's stupid and that he's right and he proved his point with the tomatoes. Victoria says he did not and that you don't called salsa diced up tomatoes. Caleb says there is no right or wrong answer and Victoria tells him he's wrong. Caleb tells Frankie and Victoria that salsa shouldn't have chunks. Victoria and Frankie say real salsa has lots of chunks. Caleb says you'll never convince me that you can call cut up tomatoes salsa. Victoria says the whole thing started when Caleb said he never eaten an avocado and has eaten guacamole. Caleb finally admits that he has eaten an avocado.


4:26 PM BBT

Feeds come back. The houseguests are saying goodbye to Izzy and thanking her for providing them with fun and affection today. Cody says, "I'm sorry that i have to evict you, Izzy. I'm in an alliance with these final five and I have stay loyal." They pretend to cry as she is removed by production. Cody yells, "No, come back!" Caleb says, "let's go watch her picture turn back." Cody says, "I don't even have to be awake anymore. I'm going to bed. I'm shunning all of her toys!"

4:30-5:00 PM BBT

Frankie and Victoria are up in the HoH room. Victoria says, "I'm fine. I just thought I didn't have to campaign to Derrick and that I would have you and Caleb. When I talked to Derrick before to ask about what to say when we had the blowout a few weeks ago, I was like someone has taken my heart and stabbed it. We had mended things and I thought we were fine and just basically he told me he wasn't voting to keep me and that he was loyal to the guys (She is fake crying through this all). 

She said even if I couldn't convince you guys, I just thought I had him and the fact that he's voting me out is super hurtful and that i got dragged I feel like and he only needed me for a vote and used me until, peace out. I feela lone and don't want to talk to him. He's not a loyal gameplayer and he doesn't get it. Loyalty is everything to me, you both know that. 

When I didn't go to him first with the Nicole thing he got mad at him that he loves me like a little sister and it's crap. Now when it matters he's not there for me. I feel extremely played and I can't look at him. He disgust me and I'm trying not to make the vibes weird here. I literally cried for an hour last night. It sucks, I'm not ready to leave. I'm just extremely, extremely hurt. It all felt like a lie, like being cheated on like if Caleb was going to stab you in the back. She says just be loyal to me if you said you will. She said my life depended on Derrick not Frankie, but now he's choosing to go against me. 

Frankie says that argument I'll say is this. I"m close to Derrick and have been working with him to get here, but I don't think he's cheating. His personal relationship isn't like the game. Victoria says, "personal and game are alike. We speak both personal and game talk." She sad he promised her his vote if she was on the block and she feels betrayed. Victoria says I don't respect him, like him, or want anything to do with him. She says he's good and has gotten this far, but I'm done for sure with him." She says, "it's embarrassing that I got played." 

Frankie says, "At this point in the game, without people turning on each other and hating each other, it's not big brother." Victoria says that makes no sense to her that Derrick was with the guys, she wishes Derrick would have told her in the beginning. Victoria thought she just had Derrick's voice, but now she has nothing. Frankie says why would say you didn't know about Derrick. Victoria says, Derrick and Cody are super close, so I had a suspicion that he would keep him. 

Frankie says at this point I've worked with everyone here, everyone has helped me get there. Victoria says, "yeah, but you have someone you trust completely and you can tell anything." Victoria says, "I feel betrayed and it sucks when I spoke highly of him and he didn't deserve it, because now I'm getting evicted 2-0 when it should have been 1-1 and you could decide. She said I don't respect him. I'm ignoring him. He no longer exists to me. Frankie says he wanted Victoria to leave happy and at peace with everyone and now you're leaving angry at your best friend in here. 

Victoria says, "I't embarrassing and it sucks!" (she is full on fake crying now). Frankie says if Caleb does turn on me, it would suck but I would leave with dignity. He says all the guys have worked tooth and nail to keep each other safe. Victoria wants to know why Derrick wouldn't tell me. Frankie says, "It wasn't Derricks spot to reveal his alliances. He would have been in trouble with us." Frankie says he understands why she's upset." Victoria says, "I'd rather he have told me I had his vote and then be surprised when I left." 

Victoria says she doesn't trust Derrick as a gameplayer. Frankie says, "I don't know what Derrick said to you. He says that Derrick probably has said bad stuff about him and the other boys too." Victoria says, "You and Derrick don't have the relationship we did." Victoria says, "Fine. Let all of this be a game to Derrick. Good luck with Cody." She says, "If you want to play dirty, I'll play dirtier." Frankie says, "Derrick has helped you get to where you are." Victoria says, " I don't care about the past. Your word is everything, now he's deciding my fate. She says he told her, "Don't worry I got you." 

Frankie says, "You've been on the block twice, and he never voted against you." Victoria says,"He even nominated me. Was that supposed to be a hint?" He says, "it certainly seems like you weren't his closest ally." Victoria says, "I don't want to be around him, don't care for him. Once I'm out of this game I don't have to deal with this tension. I prefer straight up." Frankie says, "You clearly don't want straight up in this situation." Victoria says, "Just lie to me then." Victoria says, "At the beginning he should have just told me that he wasn't loyal to me." 

Frankie says, "The way this game works is that you have people's backs until you can't anymore." Victoria says, " Why not me?" Frankie says, "Because he's loyal to the guys." Victoria says, "That's like Caleb choosing Derrick over you. You'd be shocked." Frankie says, "No way. Caleb would choose Derrick because Derrick will lose against any of us." 

Victoria says, "We're not even top two, I don't understand why Derrick is doing this now." Victoria says, "Once you've used and abused me, done." Victoria says Frankie doesn't get it. Frankie says, "I do get it, but Derrick kept you safe twice." Victoria says, "once, Frankie. He put me on the freaking block. That should have been my eye opener right there." Frankie says, "There was no way you were leaving over Christine." Victoria says, "Don't say that. Nothing is set in stone until you evict them. I could have gone home. So I wasn't safe." 

Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs." 
Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs." 

Frankie says Victoria you saved yourself more than Donny did. Frankie is now telling her that he stabbed Zach in the back. Zach was his best friend and he misses him on a personal level, but not as a game player. He says you were a victim once Zach left because other people got closer due to him leaving. He stirred the pot so much and kept people from interacting out of fear. He says you were just an innocent casualty of that. Frankie says he never thought his best friend in the house would be Caleb, but he is. He says he wishes he had never aligned with Zach, but because of the BOB and the twists, he had to. He says Derrick was closer to the boys than Victoria in the beginning. Victoria says no way, "We were close from day one." She says I wish I could've seen the bad in Derrick from day one. I'm too worried about everyone elses game. I even felt bad for Cody when I won that veto, because I didn't want him to get blood on his hands by having to renom someone." Frankie says, "I'm the same way too but at this point you have to think for yourself." 


Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs."


Frankie says Victoria you saved yourself more than Donny did. Frankie is now telling her that he stabbed Zach in the back. Zach was his best friend and he misses him on a personal level, but not as a game player. He says you were a victim once Zach left because other people got closer due to him leaving. He stirred the pot so much and kept people from interacting out of fear. He says you were just an innocent casualty of that. Frankie says he never thought his best friend in the house would be Caleb, but he is. He says he wishes he had never aligned with Zach, but because of the BOB and the twists, he had to. He says Derrick was closer to the boys than Victoria in the beginning. Victoria says no way, "We were close from day one." She says I wish I could've seen the bad in Derrick from day one. I'm too worried about everyone else." Frankie says, "I'm the same way too."


5:19 PM BBT Feeds are back after an extended time on fish. Derrick is making fried chicken. Cody asks Caleb if he wants to crush a pizza with him. Caleb says sure. Victoria and Frankie are playing jenga together on the kitchen counter. He's offering to make her some more white fish for dinner.


5:22 PM BBT Derrick asks Caleb and Cody if they want to try the chicken. Cody tries it and says he wishes he had some banging bbq sauce to dip those in and it would be amazing. Caleb says the chicken tastes really good. Frankie asks Cody to bring him some coffee. Frankie wants the dartboard back. We keep getting fish as Fraknkie is singing, calling out production for not giving them things they want, or is talking about production.

5:29 PM BBT Victoria leaves for the DR and Frankie tells the boys that Victoria is pissed. He tells Derrick that Victoria was the most hurt by him, but that she understands the boys are working together. Victoria quickly comes back from DR and says no one is in there.


5:40 PM BBT The house guests are talking about the dog mixes and breeds. They all think Izzie the dog was a mutt. Caleb says mutt is spelled mut (it is not) and claims that it means mix undetermined. (It also does not stand for that.) Frankie says it sounds believable. One of the flies in the house fish into the bowl of fish that Frankie is making for Victoria. She is grossed out by it. Caleb tells her that fish eat flies and that the fly was only crawling on a tiny portion of i


5:46 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody and Derrick he's off to "wash his nether regions because he has to go make a piss." Cody is disgusted by him. Cody makes the doorbell sound. Caleb says, "I guarantee tomorrow when that thing goes off, it won't be a four legged animal." Caleb wants the mouse trap to go off so bad and capture the mouse. Cody is tapping rhythms on the kitchen counter. Caleb tells him that's super annoying.

5:50 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick everything she said to Frankie and that Frankie bought it to the point that even cried. Derrick says, "perfect. I have to get out of here. Love you." Victoria smiles and lays down in the bed in the fire room, "Love you too."


5:53 PM BBT Frankie is telling Derrick everything Victoria said and that Nicole filled Victoria's head with crap and now Victoria has bought it. Frankie is breaking it to Derrick that Victoria hates him. Derrick says, "It doesn't matter, Donny wanted me out from day one, and he was close to Hayden and Nicole, so they all hate me now." Derrick says, "I'm over it. There are a few weeks left." Frankie says, " Not even a few weeks." Derrick says, "Well without a twist it would be 11 days."

5:58 PM BBT

They are discussing what the button is. They all hope it's a special hoh competition. Frankie says if it's a special hoh comp and I don't get to play, I'm going to just murder everyone. I think I should be allowed to play any comp with the button. Derrick says it won't be a hoh competition. It could be a luxury comp. Frankie says, "It's going to be a complete format change." Derrick says, "Well if we didn't push it, they would have an alternative. It won't be a format change."



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6:00 PM BBT All the guys are in the KT. Cody is washing dishes. Derrick and Caleb discuss what may go down tomorrow. Caleb says someone may even win a car, that they've done it before. Derrick says, he doesn't think there will be a wall. Caleb says, the entire BY could be mirrors, and Frankie says it could be a maze. Derrick says he hates mazes. They all leave the KT, and Victoria goes with them to the button room to look at the clock. Frankie is pushing the button, and Caleb says, there's no stopping it with 1 day left. Frankie says, what if they had to house swap with someone, and Caleb says he would win, and then says he will dress in pink, and dye his hair pink. There is 23:29:59 left on the countdown clock. Frankie says it may have something to do with infrared. Victoria goes to the WA, and is tweezing her eyebrows. Derrick goes in and whispers to her to start dropping hints.


6:05 PM BBT The guys are now in the  happening, they can't do that. Frankie says, they can do anything. All the guys are now sitting around the Dining Room table, and Derrick has the crown on his head. They are talking about drinking, and Frankie says, "So, am I going to become more gay when I drink?" Caleb says, "Maybe." Frankie says, he was not raised gay, but Caleb was raised to be southern. Frankie says, he wasn't raised homosexual, so when he drinks he becomes a flaming homosexual. They are talk about maybe going to BB Canada, and Caleb said he will be there. Caleb says maybe his chopper will be finished when he gets home, and that his doctor friend implied that it may get done. Frankie says, he hopes someone gets you a new one. Derrick says he is going to get his daughter a sick Power Wheel when he gets home. He tells the guys how he went looking for them before, and had to get her a bike one, with a button on it, because she didn't have enough power to push the pedal.


6:12 PM BBT Caleb says they all need to speculate what's going to happen tomorrow, and the person closest, no furthest away, has to buy the first round of Pitrone shots, when we leave the house. Derrick says, he will buy them, because no matter who is the furthest away, Caleb will spin it, and will say no they are not. They all agree, and gang up on him about other stuff he's said, and spun it out of control.


6:14 PM BBT Cody tells Caleb, just because he rides horses, doesn't mean he doesn't know anything. Derrick and Cody talk about decks, and Derrick says, he would love to have a deck at home. They talk about there be other options for decks, other than wood. Derrick says, they get really hot though, and Cody says, they have an awning. Derrick gets up from the table to show the guys how big his slab is that comes off the back of the house. Frankie asks if it's fenced in, and he says his entire yard is fenced in. Derrick says it's small, and once you put the table, chairs and grill there, it's filled up. He tells how some people have moved there chair to fair, and went over the side of the slab. He says, his wife told him he needs to build the deck himself on the weekends. He jokes, and says, why don't I just build a new house while I'm at it.


6:19 PM BBT Derrick tells the guys how the houses are prefabricated houses, and they all look the same. He says, they are really close together, and if he builds, they will definitely hear him. The guys say, they are definitely building out there. Derrick says, it's probably not going to be a comp, maybe more like a roast, about what they've done this season. He says, like a critique of their games, and go out there, and get destroyed. He says you could get pointers, or get bashed. Caleb says, everyone plays a different game, and he doesn't think they would demoralize them on National TV. Frankie says, they already make them look bad on TV. Caleb says, he thinks they are all way off. Derrick says, the building could be just the HOH comp. Frankie says, there is a live show tomorrow, and there could be a twist revealed on tomorrow night's show. Cody says, he knows one thing, there is a live show tomorrow, the button countdown will be revealed, and there is building going on. He says with the evictions usually being at 20 minutes after the hour, he thinks that it will be revealed after the evicted HG leaves tomorrow.


6:24 PM BBT Frankie says it could be a format change, and he says with the diamond Power of Veto, that person could put the person up, with no HOH. Derrick says there has to be an HOH, in case of a tie. Cody thinks that there is going to be another comp on Thursday. Derrick says they are forgetting about America, and they could be involved somehow. Caleb says, that America could have voted for the final HOH to make it to the F3. Frankie says, they wouldn't give them that much control. Derrick says that would hurt that person also. They think there may have been some type of A, B or C choice for America. Caleb says, he thinks with a luxury, there's going to be a penalty. Caleb says, someone may win a car, because they've done it before, but they may have to go on the block. They keep running through scenarios from Frankie of no HOH, or no Veto.


6:28 PM BBT Derrick says there has to be something positive out of it, in case they didn't press the button. Maybe it's the Diamond Power of Veto, or maybe they missed out on something for pushing the button. Frankie says, there was no way the button wasn't getting pressed, short of them drugging them and tying them up. Victoria is sitting at the Dining Room table with the guys now, and is listening to everything they are saying.


6:30 PM BBT Derrick says that Frankie can't guarantee with 100% certainty that the button would have been pushed. Caleb says, Mike Boogie would not have pushed it. Cody says, Boogie was in a great spot. Caleb says that 99.9% it would have been pushed. Derrick says it's like the Guac and Avocado thing, you can't know for certain what every person would do. Cody says, the button got pushed in 20 seconds. Derrick gets a holla. Frankie says, they have psychological questionnaire 700 questions long, and he guarantees one of those questions...We see FoTH. Live feeds come back. Frankie says, there ain't no way that Mother F*cking button wasn't getting pushed, ain't no way. He talks about the question again, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Frankie saying he Tweeted to BB super fans about there not be any way he wasn't going to push that button.


6:36 PM BBT Cody says if you put a button in the BB house, and it will only take 1 person to push, that it would 100% be pushed. Derrick says if they entice them somehow, he believes that it would only be about 99% of the time. He says they are a tight house, and they can't get into their heads, and tell them what to think. Cody says, "Or could they," and we see FoTH. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back, and Frankie says, if Jeff Schroeder came in and asked why they hadn't pushed it yet, he would most certainly have pushed it. Cody says, he loves big brother and got excited when he saw Jeff. We see FoTH for a brief moment. Caleb is looking for a bigger name, like the Country Music Singer that was there. Caleb is the ONLY person left in the BB house that knows who Brett Eldredge is. Frankie says, no one else have ever even heard of him. Caleb names a song they played upstairs by him, and we see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back with Caleb having a fit that Brett Eldredge is bigger than Jeff is. Cody says, they just proved that he was the only one who knew who the guy was.


6:42 PM BBT Derrick talks about the Country Fest, and Caleb says, the CMA Fest. Caleb says, if Jeff walks around Nashville that no one would probably know who Jeff is, but they would know Brett. Cody says, they sure as shit would. Caleb says, in this world Jeff is huge. Cody says, "so in what world is Brett huge, because I'm pretty sure we're all in the same world, we are on earth." Caleb says, "You would be that douche bag to even say something like that." Cody says, "Again you use douche bag, were you not taught manners? You heard it here first America, country boy doesn't have manners." Caleb starts acting like an idiot, and making weird noises, and faces to the camera. Cody asks him if he wants more coffee, and he says, let's do it. He threw one of the decorative items from the BY at Cody. Frankie says you have to Tweet a lot in order to get followers and get your Twitter account up there. He says, one-liners get ReTweeted more. Derrick says, would they really? Would 100% of the people ReTweet it?


6:46 PM BBT They ask Cody what he would Tweet to Christine right now, and Caleb says, 6th man in the house, and Frankie laughs. Caleb starts talking about a guy being drunk, and told a story, about having an App that you can put your phone in water, and get the water temperature. He says the guy put his phone in the water, and burnt the phone clean up. He calls him an idiot. Frankie says he doesn't think that anyone he knows would do that. He says he's thrown his phone into toilets when he's drunk, and he's done it twice. He says he didn't have a Life Proof Case of anything on it. Frankie says, what if it's a cell phone chucking contest, and they win an iPhone 6, and can't use it until they are out of the house. Derrick says, it could be darts, with luxury prizes. Caleb says, speculations are running wild, and they have no idea. He says they have an HOH, and a Veto to win, and that's all they known. Caleb asks about one of the production people, and they say she only does BB, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back, and Caleb says, he does Survivor also. Victoria says, doesn't Robin do The Bachelor also? We see FoTH again.


6:52 PM BBT Live feeds come back with them talking about fitting parts for other shows. Caleb talks about his friend in California, and is trying to put his Instagram name out there, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Derick having his head on the table. Victoria says, he does very big people, Miley Cirus and Drake. Frankie says, they will see her concert regardless. (Ariana) Victoria says, that will be so cool. They ask Frankie if he travels a lot with her? He says, he does sometimes. Caleb says he's going to New York from his birthday until Halloween. Caleb asks when it gets cold? Frankie says, November. Caleb says, he may go at the beginning of November. He says, Frankie needs to set things up at The Box. Frankie says, The Box is there every day. Caleb says, he needs to reserve it for him, because he doesn't want anyone stepping on his gator skin boots. Frankie says, Caleb is worse than any woman he's ever known. Cody tells him not to wear nice shoes. Frankie says not to wear his python skin boots that's for sure. Caleb says his alligator skin are more expensive then those. Frankie says, there's no way. Derrick says, "Oh, PITA is going to get you."


6:57 PM BBT Caleb talks about stingray boots. Cody says he has a twitch, and calls Frankie out for noticing it. Caleb says there are rattlesnake boots also. Frankie says, he's a fashionista, and checks all the prices out. Caleb talks about Ostrich skin boots being very expensive. Frankie says some of the stuff is ridiculous. Caleb says, if he wins, he's going to take $10K and buy a new wardrobe. He says, he'll get crock boots, and ostrich boots. He says, if he comes in first, or second, or even wins America's Favorite Player. Frankie talks about FRYE boots, and how he loves them. Caleb says, he would ride his Harley in those type of boots, with a chain on them. Derrick is looking for his suitcase. Frankie says, he's starting to pack, he's losing his mind. Victoria goes to the fire room, and lies down. Frankie thinks that only 1,500 people are watching the Live feeds at one time. Caleb asks what a live chat is? He says there are even more people that watch TVGN. Frankie says, he only gets 300 - 400 people watching his live chats at a given second. Derrick says he went to DR, and they are putting in his request. Caleb says, he wishes they would give him all of his clothes.


7:04 PM BBT Derrick says there are 4 camera angles and a chat bar, with people crushing them. He says it goes all day long, and he doesn't use the chat bar. Frankie thinks there may not be more than 2,000 people watching at one time. Frankie says, "Haters, back off," and winks. Caleb tells Derrick and Frankie about some woman who sent out his picture with her, and calling him a Little League Football player. He says, they are a bunch of older guys, and they were telling her he looks like a youngin, why don't you get an older man. they were calling him a little boy, and using a little league football to cover his junk. Cody is laughing, and saying he wonders where this is going. He says, that the girl crushed all the guys buy saying no one is as good looking as him, and she will post pictures after they do a photo shoot. Frankie says, that's nothing, and people were telling him to kill himself, and to die of AIDS. He says it was coming from 7 and 14 year olds. He tells Caleb, that's not even the tip of the iceburg. Derrick is in the fire room, holding his daughters blanket, and gets told not to obstruct him microphone.


7:09 PM BBT Frankie says, he already has haters, and after this, he knows he'll have even more. Caleb asks about how many followers he, Cody and Frankie will have when they get out of there? Frankie says maybe 30K. Frankie tells Caleb he doesn't have a Twitter though, so he has to start one when he leaves the show. Cody says his Twitter is not private but his Instagram is private. Frankie tells him he's f*cked for his Instragram, but not his Twitter. Derrick goes back to the Dining Room table, and tells the guys that Victoria doesn't want him to talk to her. Caleb says, he thinks his brother's started him a Twitter. Cody says his brother has his passwords, and hopes he made his sh*t not private. Caleb says, his brothers probably made him one. He says he doesn't even know how Twitter works, and asks if you even type their name in. Caleb says that Judd made his when he went home. Frankie says, the longer you stay on the show you get more followers. Frankie says, maybe people that followed Zach or Hayden could be now following Caleb.


7:14 PM BBT Frankie says you have to be a clever poster. Frankie talks about the popular page. He says there was a formula, and it's been redone. He tells Caleb you can post MEME's and funny stuff. Caleb says he's going to take a picture of them together and post it, and says that Frankie may not care. Frankie says he talks many hours a day, and truly cares about his followers. He says he truly cares about all of his followers. Caleb says on Instagram people are rude about shout-outs. Victoria is going around the house, packing her stuff up, getting ready for tomorrow night.


7:17 PM BBT Frankie says, he will Re-Tweet anything he's asked to. Derrick and Victoria are in the WA, and Derrick is clipping his nails, while Victoria is looking through the baskets under the sink. Frankie says he asked for someone to put his face in the Ellen Oscar, and he lost 350 followers because he was Re-Tweeting funny pictures. He says people got pi$$ed. He says, maybe he should have just favorited them. Caleb asks if you see when they are favorited. Caleb says he can't wait to look at his phone, and see everything that has gone on, and he says, they may have a new President for all they know. Frankie says, they hinted at that on their trip. Cody says he wants to shower in the HoHR bathroom, and Frankie says, no, I want more. Caleb says, I want to watch you. Cody gives him a weird face, and Caleb says, that is Frankie's thought. Caleb says, "I wouldn't even watch you play soccer." Cody wonders if his dad is watching the Live feeds. Frankie says his mom is watching all the time. Caleb says, he wouldn't be surprised if his brothers are watching it or not. He says they didn't watch it, and never knew of it or heard of it before. Cody says, his family said they were going to get the Live feeds when they showed up at his house.


7:23 PM BBT Frankie says someone in his family is watching 24/7, that when one is watching, someone else may not be. He gives shout-outs. Caleb's activity tracker goes off. Victoria is back at the Dining Room table with the 3 of them, while Derrick is still in the WA. Caleb says they all need to go and get a tattoo in remembrance of each of them. He wants them to get "Heard dat". Frankie says, he's NEVER heard him say it in the house the entire time. Caleb asks Derrick if he's heard him say it, and he says, all the time, but was joking. Caleb says he doesn't care about anyone in the house anyway. He says he knows that Derrick has hear him say it numerous times. He tells them they all suck.


7:29 PM BBT They got booze in the SR. Victoria got a small bottle of wine. Caleb tells Derrick he needs to back him up. Frankie tells Caleb he will get Beast Mode tattooed on his a$$. Frankie is laughing at Caleb in the WA, and Derrick tells him his phrase is, "At the end of the day." Cody walks in the WA, and Victoria follows. Caleb says he doesn't know what a picture of a douche looks like, and that's what he's getting for Cody. Cody asks Caleb to help him get his pants off, and Caleb says, you ask to talk to the king, and is acting like he's in charge. He keeps threatening to punch them in the chest.


7:32 PM BBT Frankie says he's only head him say that phrase maybe twice. Frankie and Cody say he says, Check this out, all the time. Caleb says, "The thought of you (Cody) being in front of me, disgusts me." Now Caleb starts to say, "Heard dat," after everything. Caleb asks him to get his eyes tattooed in a way he makes them. Caleb is acting like a billy bad boy. Cody goes upstairs, and is screaming for Caleb, and says, "Heard dat, right." He goes in the HoHR, after Frankie responds. Caleb says, something back to him, that he didn't even here. Caleb says, arrogantly, he's going to a BMC with diamonds on a necklace, and if someone doesn't know what it means, he will tell them to get out of here, that they aren't even worthy of being on the same floor as him, skedaddle. Derrick gets a holla. Caleb and Frankie get called out for talking about their DR questions when they were HOH.


7:40 PM BBT Cody is in the HoHR shower, and Caleb goes upstairs to listen to music, and is chowing down on some of Frankie's HOH snacks. Frankie is in the HoHR bathroom also. Victoria is in the shower in the WA, while Derrick is still cutting his finger nails. Frankie tells Cody, "As you were," and talks about him being in the jackshack. Frankie and Caleb start dancing in the HoHR, while Caleb is still listening to music.


7:46 PM BBT Victoria gets out of the shower and starts whispering to Derrick, about her getting tipsy, and not to trust Caleb. Frankie and Caleb are still dancing, and Caleb is making faces, like he's struggling, as they dance. Victoria and Derrick talk about who Caleb will take to the F2. She says, if she gets tipsy it will make sense, because she gets extra emotional Derrick says he already told them she wouldn't talk him earlier. She's going to the WC, and he says, they have to really be careful, and says, hopefully he's in the F2, and can tell them, f*ck all of you. Derrick says he needs to win the comps, but if he doesn't, he wants Frankie to think he wouldn't have any jury votes, and take him to the F2. She finally goes in WC, and Derrick puts towels in the hallway, outside the WA. He grabs his hat, and walks out of the WA.


7:56 PM BBT We see FoTH while Frankie and Caleb are dancing and singing. Live feeds come back, and it's more of the same, so we see FoTH again. Live feeds come back and Cody is out of the shower, and is sitting on the couch upstairs with Derrick. Derrick gets a holla, and Cody is chomping and smacking his lips, on whatever he's eating. Victoria goes back in the WC. She comes out and has her black outfit on, and puts her black robe on. You can hear the music coming from the head phones that Caleb is listening to, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Caleb still acting stupid, while he dances, and Cody is still smacking his lips, eating candy upstairs. We see FoTH.


8:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick chomping on candy now, and Frankie also. Cody is REALLY smacking and chomping, and is not chewing with his mouth closed. Derrick says how Donny had an M and M with his name on it. They look at the TV screen, and say that she (Victoria) will be coming up there. Victoria is in the KT getting herself a drink. Caleb says, "Who says, heard that, I know who says, heard dat, but you guys can be douche bags, that's o.k." Frankie says, it's an inside joke, that's why they gave him so many bags of Skittles. He says they are all going to get booed. Victoria goes up to HoHR, and Cody says, "Now it's a party." Caleb says, "O.K., then I'll get booed to." Derrick says they all were involved with Christine. Cody says, maybe she reacted a way to get the boos worse. Caleb says maybe, it could be, have you ever watched Jerry Springer? She could of made them boo more. Derrick says that Caleb will probably get booed also.


8:04 PM BBT HG's start to say that Christine might be a millionaire, and not even need the mother. Cody says, "Christine's brother's wife if a millionaire." Frankie says, who is, and Cody repeats himself. We see FoTH.


8:10 PM BBT HG's continue to wonder about the booing, and Frankie says, he talks about it in his blog. He says, it's traumatizing, and he has survived it, but now everyone is worried a out it. Frankie says, they still don't know what she did or said. Frankie says, "Please don't boo me." Caleb says, then you have the person on the side that tells everyone to keep booing. Cody says he will probably not have a good look on his face. He says, Julie will ask, how he felt about that reaction, and he will say, he doesn't know, and doesn't know what he did. Frankie says, he will tell her he expected it 100%, because he knows the game he played, and he will compliment Julie a lot. We see FoTH for a moment, and then Frankie dancing, and FoTH again, and more Frankie dancing, and saying, "Goodnight on Broadway." Caleb says, what if Christine won, and then gets booed. Then he says, what if the winner gets booed, they probably won't let them do that. Frankie says, no, they can't tell you that you can't boo someone.


8:16 PM BBT Cody says, he doesn't think that will ever happen, even Evel Dick didn't get booed. Frankie says, Nicole says she had to walk a very far distance to the right, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back, with Cody saying, we'll find out soon enough. Caleb says, a week and a half. Frankie says, OMG, I have to poop. They talk about their reactions again. Caleb says, haters gonna hate.


8:19 PM BBT Caleb says that he always wore a shirt that says, "Haters make you famous." Caleb says someone told him it was dumb, and he said thank you. Derrick says, Christine getting booed in the natural consensus of America. Frankie says, there is no bad press, look Aaryn. Victoria says her agency dropped her from modeling, and CBS doesn't invite her to any Charity events or anything. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back and they are still talking about Aaryn. Victoria says, that has to hurt her to know that her HG's are all getting invited, but she's not. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back and they are still talking about Aaryn. Victoria says that she went through bad depression for a long time, and she got bad hatred from Texas, and threw them under the bus. She says, she didn't apologize. Caleb says, she threw him under the bus, and he's from Texas, and wouldn't talk like that at all.

8:23 PM BBT They talk about getting booed, and that Aaryn barely got booed, compared to Christine. Victoria says it didn't have a lot to do with game, it has to be more personal. Derrick says, she may have gotten the little bit, but maybe she acted negatively, and that's why it got bad. He says she either reacted or walked off. Cody says that Aaryn probably got what Christine got, and talks about her sitting down, and talking to her. We see FoTH.


8:25 PM BBT Victoria talks about Amanda and other HG's DR's. Cody says, he was asked something her, and we see FoTH again. Frankie comes back saying how people were stupid in the game, and didn't know what they were doing, like Joey. Frankie says, he only said something about Jocasta talking in tongues. That would be the closest thing to talking personal in the DR. Frankie says, he said that Christine hates him, and asked her in the face if she did, and if she wanted to talk about it. He tells them about what they talked about with the HN, and Nicole having already been one twice before, and he was only once. Caleb burps, and doesn't excuse himself.


8:29 PM BBT Frankie says, the whole thing with Zach was awful. They talk about Brittany's 2,400 goals, and how she was trying to be the mean girl, but the cool girl in school. Derrick says, what Christine said in the DR could be different than how she was in the house. Derrick says, he doesn't think she was to nice to the people that work there either. Frankie says, Wow, I'm really nervous it was about me, because then it's all been aired. Victoria says, everyone. Cody asks, personal? Frankie says, yes, she can be bashing everyone, and it only takes one person to say it, for America to believe it. Frankie says, he knew he was going to get attacked, and his family is going to have issues. Cody says, personally attacked by people on the outside, he understands. Frankie says, "Do you not what the show?" He says, they show all the people inside the house attacking each other though. Cody says, that was the first time he saw that. Victoria says Britney did it to Rachel, but more innocently. Victoria says, Christine must have said hateful things towards a lot of people. She says, that's what you get I guess. She says she doesn't want to know what she said. Cody says he wants to know what she said, because she was probably murking him.


8:34 PM BBT Victoria tells then how Christine was laughing at the camera's about Cody, and telling Tim she loves him. Cody says, she told Nicole she wanted him out bad, and now he's believing it. They replay the way Christine was playing with his hair. Frankie says, she could be doing Voodoo with his hair. He says, she could have been making faces and things, while she was playing with his hair. He says, no one would get booed for that. Frankie says, it could be the way she walked out. They talk about Aaryn again.


8:36 PM BBT Caleb says, "Racism is nothing to joke about, look at Paula Dean." He asks Cody if he knows who she is, "Older lady with white afro." Frankie tells Cody she said something about servants. Caleb says, she basically threw out the word slavery. Cody says, someone did a voice over, and made it worse.


8:39 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie said it was an accidental slip about what she may have thought. Caleb says it could be like the Clippers basketball owner. He says, he's basically dating a mixed woman. She claims they were not dating. He says, he said something racial, when he has one white guy on his team? Cody says, he said it straight out. Victoria says, it was his mistress. Frankie says, if it's said without the intent to offend, and not maliciously, it's not correct, but it's very different from someone who knows they are saying to be hurtful. He says, a lot of people are raised to be ignorant. Frankie says, he doesn't think that Aaryn will ever say it again. Caleb says, on her defense, not because she's from Texas. Frankie says, that was the problem. Caleb says, he may have said something bad about somebody, but it wasn't on video.


8:43 PM BBT Victoria says that she should have been more prepared for what she was going to do, and have not said it. Frankie says, he may have said something, and didn't mean to offend them, and will apologize. Victoria says, when Amanda confronted her about it, she laughed in her face, and didn't care. Frankie says, he's pretty careful, and he doesn't think he's higher than holy, and held to a different standard. He says, things are changing constantly. He says, maybe he shouldn't be saying damn anymore, and things could be even more offensive. He says, he talks the Lord's name in vein, and he shouldn't. Victoria says, none of them have been questioned, so they haven't made that huge of a mistake.


8:46 PM BBT Cody asks if Christine was a topic, and Frankie says, apparently she was hated. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Frankie saying that Brittany said the same nail speech, and was saying the R word all the time. They continue to talk about what they say outside the house, and try not to say things in the house. Caleb says he hasn't said the R word in a long time (But he said it not to long ago actually).


8:48 PM BBT We see FoTH for a moment, and Live feeds come back and the HG's are talking about reverse racism and Pow Pow. Cody asks if one of her songs was in a movie? Frankie says, yes, and we see FoTH again. Live feeds come back, and Derrick leaves the HoHR.


8:49 PM BBT Derrick goes to the fire room. Caleb says he can say that all that Pow Pow did was sit back and eat rice and chicken. He says everyone will say it's offensive. Cody says, no they won't, it's not racial. Cody says, go eat pasta Guido. Caleb talks about what Aaryn said about Helen. Frankie says, he teaching them that the word Gay is not negative. Derrick goes to the WC.


8:54 PM BBT Cody says, he got traumatized with the word retarded, because someone he knows has an Autistic son, and it grinds his gears. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back, and Caleb says he still tries not to say the Gay word. Frankie says that 75% of people still use it negatively, they just need to learn.


8:58 PM BBT Frankie says that Rue Paul helps him to be positive, and nothing is going to actually hurt him. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Victoria saying that if you say one wrong thing you can lose your job, and everything. Frankie says, you are playing the game, and you don't want to make enemies. Victoria says, if it's offensive then you do say something, otherwise you are part of it. Frankie and Cody say they didn't say anything to Brittany, so they weren't part of it.

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9:00 pm BBT Cody says there were some things Britany said where he didn't know what to do. She did say the "R" word and he told her to cut it out. But Frankie said that in the beginning of the game people did and said things and he didn't want to be a whistle blower and to blow his game up early on. Derrick comes and and says it's 9:01 pm. Everyone says hello to TVGN.


9:05 pm BBT They start talking about music. They talk about Icona Pop, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera. --and Frankie talks about Ariana's debut at the AMAs. The HG are told to stop singing. Cody says he remembers Rihanna going crazy when she performed and now he's here with her brother. Frankie says he was there. Victoria wants to know where they do the free shows in the morning in NYC and they all say the Today Show. She says she likes the old Today Show crew better.


9:11 pm BBT  They are all singing. And singing. And singing. Cody tells TVGN that they had a puppy today named Izzy. Caleb tells them that tomorrow is a Live Show and that they don't know if anyone is getting evicted because they pressed the Golden Button. He says maybe more people will be joining them, they don't know. Make sure they join them because it's going to be epic. You will never forget it. Vic says she wants to go to bed soon. Caleb says they got up at 8:30 today, so he will crash within an hour and a half. Victoria tells Cody he should wear green more often because he looks good in it. Caleb says it's because Cody's eyes are green.


9:16 pm BBT  Caleb says he guarantees there is someone at home eating some Cheetos drinking a Diet Coke with their dog at their side --Derrick startles awake -- he thought Caleb was saying someone was at their door. Caleb tells him no, he was just saying that he thinks someone is at home watching them eating their Cheetos. Frankie asks if someone wants to help him feed the fish. He apologizes for naming the big fat one John Eric. Caleb says he is going to bed soon. Frankie asks him if he's serious and Caleb says Yes. Frankie is standing on the side of the bathtub feeding the fish and Caleb is standing there with him. Victoria is standing on the side. Frankie is telling them how to feed the fish so that John Eric doesn't get all the food [maybe in anticipation of getting evicted since he is the only one who feeds them. --Morty] Victoria is told to stop singing. Frankie tells John Eric that he knows how to spell his name but that it was stressful getting his blog done in time. He says that usually John Eric gets all the food before anyone else gets any but they've thwarted his plans.


9:20 pm BBT  Caleb says the first thing he's going to do when he sees Julie is to apologize for anything that hurt anyone's feelings or offended anyone this season, that's not his character. Frankie says he concurs and calls out to the live feeders that he apologizes for anything he said. Caleb says he's going downstairs if anyone wants to join him. Frankie asks if he's going to bed. Caleb says not this second but soon. Frankie says to get a good sleep because they need to be beastly tomorrow. Frankie lays down on Cody and asks if Caleb just asked them to join him. Frankie said it was fun hanging out up there. He says if he can't compete in the next HOH then it was his last time in this room because for the final 3 HOHs you don't get the HOHR.


9:26 pm BBT  Victoria is listening to Ariana's album and dancing. She is mouthing the words to one of the songs. Frankie says it's a sick song. He proceeds to name the songs on the album and says he thinks she will have 8 singles on the album...that it's unheard of. That Katy Perry has the record for the number of singles off an album. Caleb is downstairs looking under the sink to see if the mouse has taken the cheese. Frankie calls out to TVGN that the mousetrap worked...then he says, well...it didn't work, but the mouse took the food. Caleb is on his way back up the stairs to the HOHR. They ask him if the mouse is caught yet. He says if the mouse gets near it he ain't going nowhere.


9:30 pm BBT  Derrick is sleeping in the HOH bed while the HG are talking about catching the mouse. Vic asks Caleb what time it is. He says it's 9:30 and they say "That's it?" Frankie says he will be crushing the CD while they are on lockdown tomorrow. Caleb says they will be on lockdown early tomorrow because everything is an hour earlier. He says it's a huge day tomorrow like last week was a DE. Frankie wonders who will get a question this week. Cody says there are only 3 people because he doesn't think people on the block get questions. Frankie says maybe he will get a questions because he has only gotten 2 questions this who season. He says "Everybody hates me." They say she might ask us about the button. Frankie says she will ask us if one of us has guessed correctly.


9:38 pm BBT  Frankie says he's not going to lie that it will be hard watching them compete for an HOH that guarantees them a free ride to the final 3. Caleb says that's why they make that veto so hard. Frankie agrees. They go through what some of the comps might be coming up. Frankie is called to the DR. Caleb says he doesn't think the last HOH was that hard. He says they were all neck and neck. Frankie seems a little put off by that. Frankie leaves for the DR and mumbles under his breath on the way down the stairs. Caleb tells Cody that Frankie gets bent out of shape when he says that he doesn't think a comp was that hard. Cody says he doesn't think any of their comps have been that hard. If Christine was able to fly through the lube comp it couldn't have been that hard. Caleb says that his knee hurt during the comp, but it wasn't that hard. Cody and Caleb go downstairs. Victoria wakes Derrick up and tells him that Caleb goes wherever Cody goes.


9:45 pm BBT Caleb tells Cody that if he doesn't go home with Brittany's number he's crazy. Cody says he lives in New Jersey. Caleb says that doesn't matter. Cody is cleaning the KT while Caleb does nothing. Derrick and Vic are talking in the HOHR about getting to the end. Derrick says if he doesn't get there it could be Caleb and Frankie in the end. Derrick says he thinks Frankie thinks he could beat Caleb easier because in a Final 2 speech Derrick could crush him. Vic says she wants to mention Derrick in her speech tomorrow so that it seems like she is angry at Derrick but she doesn't want to get booed. Derrick says he is mentioning it in his goodbye speech. They hug each other and he tells her to be ready for tomorrow. He says he will see her in a few and she tells him she loves him.


9:50 pm BBT Caleb tells Cody that when they first got there Devin was inlove with Joey until he found out she had a boyfriend. Cody says "Joey?" Cody says he remembers her like she was there yesterday. Caleb says he feels like Devin and them were there for a week. Caleb says it feels like Amber has been gone for a long time. Derrick is upstairs just staring off into space. Cody, Caleb, and Vic are preparing to eat something in the KT.


10:00 pm BBT Caleb and Cody are eating at the KT table and Victoria is eating at the KT island. Caleb repeats to Cody about how funny it was that Frankie got mad when he said he didn't think the last HOH comp was that hard. He asks Vic if she thought the last comp was hard. She says her balls kept falling, but she didn't think it was that physically hard. She says she thought the lube one was hard. He says he thought that one just had a lot of different things going on at the same time.


10:05 pm BBT Caleb says there have been more mentally challenging comps than physical challenging ones. Cody comes from the SR and says that someone went back there, left a fart, and took off. He wonders who was in there last. Victoria says it was her, but she didn't do it. Caleb asks if she left a child there. They tease her for a minute about leaving a stinker behind. Then Cody goes to brush his teeth. While brushing his teeth, he goes into the WC with his toothbrush in this mouth. He comes out and finished brushing. Caleb goes in the WC. Derrick is upstairs talking to himself (reviewing?). Caleb is saying the he is still cut, but not as shredded as he was when he was on slop. Cody comes down the hallway with his shirt pulled up looking in the mirror. They continue to look at themselves while flexing as they walk to the LR.


10:10 pm BBT Cody and Caleb are throwing something back and forth to one another in the space between the KT and the LR. They are pretending to be a pitcher and a catcher, sending one another catcher signals. Cody says he thinks he threw out his shoulder. They are having a blast. Frankie is still in the DR. Derrick is still in the HOHR. Victoria has just finished eating in the KT and has headed to the WA.


10:15 pm BBT Frankie comes out of the DR and Cody and Caleb tell him they are "smokin' it" (their throws). He asks them what they are smoking. They ask him if he wants to join them. He says he has to pee. Victoria walks by and Cody asks her if he looks like a pitcher. She tells him he looks like a pitcher. He pulls his hat down on his head and makes a pitcher on the mound pose. She says he looks like a very sexy pitcher. Derrick gets a "Derrick... HOLLA!" call out. Frankie comes from the WA and tells Caleb he will show them how to pitch. Caleb tells him it wasn't bad... a little high, but not bad. Derrick has gotten out of bed and is fixing his hair in the HOH WA.


10:20 pm BBT Now Caleb is pitching, Cody is catching, and Frankie is the batter. Derrick has come downstairs and tells them he would have F'in smoked that. Victoria has gotten in bed in the Fire BR and Derrick has gone into the DR or the SR (can't see which room he has entered from the feeds). Now Cody is batting and Frankie is catching. 


10:30 pm BBT  Cody, Caleb, and Frankie continue their game of BB Baseball. They are really having a great time, laughing and making up rules. Cody passes gas and Frankie says it smells up the entire downstairs. He runs around and tries to get the smell away from him. Cody throws the 'ball' and turns the light off. Cody says that's what he was supposed to do.  Frankie goes upstairs and they start to throw the ball to him upstairs. [This is the most fun they have had in the house in awhile, and they are not talking about the Golden Button, why Christine got booed, or who will get America's Favorite Player --Morty]. BB says, "Frankie...stop that." They want them to stop throwing the ball to Frankie upstairs. Frankie goes into the HOHR and starts to fill the bathtub with water.


10:40 pm BBT  Frankie is upstairs talking to himself, he isn't wearing his microphone. He is reviewing.  Cody is called to the DR. Derrick has returns and fixes himself something to eat. There is a series of about 6 or 7 "Hollas" for Derrick. Caleb is talking to Derrick about how he didn't think the last HOH was that hard, how he said so to Frankie, and how it offended Frankie. Caleb thought that was pretty funny. He says the lube was the hardest they've done so far. They talk about what the next HOH could be. Derrick thinks it could be a mental challenge that involves physicality, too. It could be the wall, too. Caleb says the first and second person who fall off could get money. Derrick says that Caleb is in the same boat as him, they aren't rich, 5K or 10K is a lot of money. 5K is a lot of money... Caleb says he could finish his chopper with that amount of money. Derrick is told to go exchange his microphone. Frankie is still upstairs reviewing.


10:48 pm BBT  Derrick says that if you take the 10K you have to secure the veto to get your spot in the final 3. Caleb says he won't jump off. Derrick says that if Frankie doesn't jump off he will stay up there as long as he can, but him at his max, he knows they all still have about half a game to go. He says that if he makes it all the way, he's kind of boned because he knows he ain't winning. Victoria is pissed and she's tight with Nicole. But $50,000 is life changing for him. Derrick says that he doesn't think that Frankie will take him anyway. He says that if he wins the veto, Caleb is going to the final 3. If Cody wins the veto, he's going to the final 3. They have a real friendship. Frankie is done reviewing upstairs. Derrick says there is nothing Frankie can say to get him to flip. Derrick tells Caleb if it's an endurance comp, just don't come off the wall.


10:55 pm BBT  Frankie climbs into the bathtub covering himself. He gasps and says "hot, hot." Runs some cold water.  Derrick says that if it's something like the lube, he has a brain in his head and knows that he can come up with a strategy. He and Caleb start reviewing and BB reminds him to exchange his microphone. He goes to do it. Caleb tells him last year for the final 4 they had to climb up and get the rocks rub them off and put the HOHs in order. Then he rethinks and says he thinks it was a POV because they did it at different times. They start guessing about the Golden Button again and Caleb says whatever it is, they will find out tomorrow. Derrick says that this has been the worst part. He will go to bed tonight and finally know tomorrow. He thinks it will be something that has never been done before. Hopefully it won't hurt anything too bad. Maybe like a Pandora's Box. They throw out more ideas.


10:59 pm BBT  Derrick says that maybe tomorrow is a 2 hour episode since there was one less episode this week. Caleb says unless they aired something tonight or last night. Cody comes out of the DR and says that he realized that could be his last DR. --just call him Amber. Victoria is called to the DR. She is asleep, so Cody goes to wake her up. He quietly wakes her and then screams at her that she needs to go or Caleb will take her spot. Caleb and Derrick say to Cody wouldn't it be horrible if you went into the DR and found them all talking about you? All the feeds switch to Frankie reviewing in the HOHR.

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