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Sunday August 24 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:17am Derrick and Victoria in the living room, he's trying to fix the toy/candy dispenser that Victoria broke. Nicole Christine and Cody are in the BY talking about how they have become a family


12:24am Frankie and Caleb in the KT and Derrick in the LR and the 3 are yelling across the house about how much they miss Zach, calling him their little f*** up. In the BY the conversation turns to the way comps have happened this season, whether they were mental or physical and if they will stay like that.


12:29am Derrick and Frankie talk about potential TA missions alone in the living room. They want to see if the DR will go for playing some game where they have to pretend to be evicted house guests for 3 hours without breaking characters or maybe flipping the votes.


12:37am Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Victoria are gathered around the island eating some fresh baked cookies. Christine says she shouldn't of done that almost instantly. Derrick is still trying to fix the toy in the living room.


12:48am Donny and Derrick talking in the FR about the TA mission. He's asking what he's done that makes it so Derrick doesn’t trust him. He gives an example about Jocosta. Derrick says he just doesn't know what to do.


12:51am Derrick is telling Donny people  are just scared of him. He has so much heart and cares about everyone. They know that if they go to the Final 2 with him, he would win. Victoria Comes in and asks if it’s a private conversation, Derrick says eh ya sort of and she leaves. Frankie comes in.


12:56am Caleb and Cody in the BY playing pool. Derrick, Frankie and Donny still talking about the mission. Donny proposed Operation revolving door, meaning Nicole walked in and walks right back out.

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12:45 am BBT Derrick in Fire BR alone holding dog tags in a pensive state. Donny comes in and asks him what he thinks of the play. He says the idea is they all act like one of the evicted HG during TVGN and not break character. Derrick says he doesn't know. He says other than that, how do you feel? Donny says that last week you told me you would keep me posted and I hadn't heard from you this week. Derrick said its because it isn't looking good. Donny said that America put us together for a reason. Derrick said that there's no doubt that there's something he does or something in his past that makes America love him. Derrick brings up something about Jocasta that is hard to follow. He says only 2 people are going to win money. He doesn't know the road map and he doesn't know what to do.

12:50 am BBT Donny says he won HOH once. He out up Caleb because he put him up. He put up Vic because everyone else had and he rooted for her. He coached Vic, she didn't cry like she usually does, he told the good luck. He says he didn't mind being dethroned because everyone else had a different agenda. Donny says he helped get Devin out, he sleeps, he goes outside by himself, he shakes his foot and people are paranoid and it just must sound to good to be true because he hasn't done anything to anyone. He said that Christine is so scared of him and he hasn't done anything to her. Derrick says everyone is scared of him. Donny asks how so. Derrick says because he's an intelligent man and he has more heart than anyone in the house, and if he's in the final 2 with anyone, the jury will give the money to him because he deserves it more than anyone in the house. He says no one has said that to him, that's his perception. He says as a fan of the show, he's the Frank of this season.

12:52 am BBT Vic comes into the room and asks if she's interrupting. She leaves.Derrick says he doesn't really care if people know if they are talking. Then Frankie comes in. Derrick tells him he just told him about the Broadway idea. Derrick says they want to see us sabotage or do something to people's games. Frankie says he thinks they want to see us win. Donny says we've already sabotaged everything. Frankie says he thinks to save him, they would have to take active parts. With Donny's permission, Derrick fills Frankie in on everything he just told Donny. Donny said that America chose for us to be together. But for you to have a hand in getting me out.

12:57 am BBT Donny says have you ever heard of Operation Revolving Door (Someone comes into the house, they go back out)? Frankie says that can't be accomplished by the veto meeting and this needs to be done by the veto meeting. Donny says that he asked them. We get FotH. Comes back and Donny says "different scenario now." We get FotH again. Then it's Donny saying it would be a quick $5000. But Frankie says it would be weird to start campaigning before the veto meeting. Donny asks when we would do the play and Frankie says during TVGN. Derrick says that he really wants the 5K. Donny says he does too because it might be the last he gets. Derrick says if they've done things right, it will be $25,000. Derrick says no matter what, it's not s done deal that Donny is going home because Nicole can always step in her dick over the course of the week. She did it last time.

1:02 am BBT The 3 of them turn to the camera and say "BB Broadway." Frankie hugs Donny and leaves. Donny tells Derrick he appreciate their convo. Derrick says he knows he's someone he will talk to outside this game. He knows he's a good guys and he's here for the right reasons and he's an intelligent guy. Derrick says that Donny knows that sometimes you do things not because you want to but because you need to and we get FotH. When we return they are talking about getting to the end. Donny asks why he can't get there with him instead if. Beast Mode Cowboy. Derrick says he a can't with Beast Mode. He says he doesn't know he he will because he doesn't win a lot. Donny says "couldn't I help you?" Derrick says it would be tough because they haven't talked much prior to this and Donny says for him to do something out of character would throw him off with the whole bunch.

1:07 am BBT He says that people have told him he has said things about him, and for him to stand up for him would lookout of character. He says he's not sold on sending him home because he has to decide what's good for his game and what's good for his conscience. Derrick says he doesn't think he's going after him because he doesn't have anyone else. Donny says there's no one else he can trust more, either. Derrick says they need to try to get that money tomorrow because they both need it. Frankie doesn't need it as much. After they get it, then they can work on him staying. He says he knows he's friends with Nicole, but she's not his friend this week.

1:12 am BBT They are talking about campaigning. Derrick tells him he wouldn't tell another grown man what to do. He knows it's not in his nature to campaign, but if he doesn't the someone might say he didn't even talk to me. Donny sees his point. Donny tells Derrick he appreciates their talk and that he does always feel better after talking to him. Donny says he knows that he gets bad vibes from him, but it's because he's always thinking. Derrick says Donny sees the game he is playing, whether it's game or who he really is...they are analyzing each other. Derrick says they are in a F-ing cage and they are all competing for the same piece of cheese. On top of that, he hears things and it makes him think. Has he lied in this game? Yes. Has he told complete lies? No. Has he embellished. Yes. When he watches the show back, he'll see.

1:16 am BBT Derrick says that his top goals have been 1) completing the TA missions and 2) getting the money associated with it, because there are 8 people in the house right now and 6 of them will walk out with less money than him. Donny says that if she (Nic) can go home, like she was already--and it's not a DE--to kiss and make out with Hayden, they might get another $5000 next week. Derrick says if you make it 2 more weeks, that would be $35,000 plus the $13,000... that's like 2nd place. He says no matter what, he wants to be sure he gives it his all. Donny says that's why he came to talk to him because he doesn't want to go down without a fight.

1:19 am BBT Derrick says he can't wait for people to watch the show. He's played the show like Donny has. He's been true to himself and he can hold his head high. Derrick asks Donny for a hug. They are both crying. Derrick says he hasn't cried this much in his whole life. Donny says you have to go with what you think because your families will love you no matter what and they will like each other no matter what. They hug again and as he's walking out the door he tells Derrick, "You're a good guy." Derrick says, " You are, too." Derrick is crying. Vic comes in and incredulously says, "You're crying?!" He tells her that he had a long talk with Donny where he told him he doesn't have a chance. He tells her that Donny is a good guy outside of this game.

1:22 am BBT Vic tells him not to have a soft spot for Donny. He's just good with his words. Caleb comes in and Derrick tells him that he had a talk with Donny. He tells Caleb that he told Donny he knew he probably wasn't telling the truth about who he is outside the game, but he knows he's a good guy. Caleb agrees that he is a good dude. Derrick says it's a game, but you do become close to people. He says everyone here is here for the right reasons. He tells Caleb and Vic that he told Donny about how much heart he has and what a competitor he is and that someone has to go home. He says that Donny got it. That he wasn't trying to manipulate humor anything. That's what made it hard. He says that Donny said he wasn't getting the reassurance from him. Derrick says it is what it is. Caleb says to remember that if Donny had won HOH it would have been Derrick.

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1:07 AM BBT Derrick, Frankie, and Donny in the FR finish talking and give a shout out to BBAD and TVGN about BB Brodway, Derrick comments that it might not work. Frankie leaves the FR and Derrick and Donny are talking about making it to the end. Donny is trying to sell to Derrick about taking him father in the game. Derrick says he wants to get to the end as much as Donny but they both have to play the game to make it there.


1:15 AM BBT Frankie has gone outside and is playing pool with Caleb. Christine is the only person out there watching. In the FR Derrick is telling Donny what kind of situation he is in that he has no one in the house that he can trust. Derrick told Donny that Nicole is his friend but this week she is against him because she is beside them on the block. Cody briefly enters the FR and interrupts their conversation, he doesn't stay long and Donny and Derrick go back to saying how Nicole won the buy back competition and is leaving again.


1:23 AM BBT Derrick points out to Donny that the majority of the remaining house will leave having made less money than the Team America alliance. Derrick says that as soon as he became part of TA his goals of the game have been to complete the TA missions and instead of playing the game to make it to the end, he would play the game surviving week to week to make the money by completing missions. Donny and Derrick end their conversation they both tell each other they are good people and Derrick is crying a little.


1:30 AM BBT Frankie is pitching the idea of BB Broadway to Cody and Christine in the BY. Frankie tells Christine to be Paola in the play. Caleb goes into the FR with Derrick and Victoria, Derrick is retelling his conversation with Donny. Back in the BY, Cody says that Donny is talking to Derrick in the FR. Christine comments about Donny making new alliances with everyone.


1:38 AM BBT All HG are in the BY, except Nicole and Donny. Derrick is again telling everyone about his talk with Donny. They all agree that he would probably win BB because he has proven to be able to win competitions and he is very likable. Derrick says that when Donny came out of the DR earlier that he can tell Donny was crying. Derrick tells the group he feels bad for Donny because he is sad about most likely going home this week and his game talk and campaigning to stay is a little too late to do in the game.


1:46 AM BBT In the BY, Victoria asks where Nicole is and they tell her the DR, the conversation then moves to their diary sessions tonight. They note that Donny was in the DR for over an hour, Nicole has been in there for a while, and Caleb had a long session earlier. After a brief FOTH, talk outside is now about this Veto competition. Derrick says there was a big lapse of judgment when too many people folded during one of the rounds. Frankie says his strategy was to Stay every round, which he did until he was knocked out.


1:54 AM BBT Frankie brings up doing BB Broadway and is assigning the HG which evicted HG they will play. Derrick will be Hayden, Cody will be Zach, Frankie is going to be Amber. Frankie tells Victoria that she should be Jocasta but she wants to act like Joey. Christine comes back outside and the guys tell her that she is to be Paola. Caleb has changed to being Brittany in the play so Derrick is now going to be Devin. and Nicole is volunteered to be Hayden. They have also volunteered Donny to be Jocasta. Derrick and Caleb have started to play pool. Frankie says he is going inside to take a shower.




1:54 AM BBT Frankie brings up doing BB Broadway and is assigning the HG which evicted HG they will play. Derrick will be Hayden, Cody will be Zach, Frankie is going to be Amber. Frankie tells Victoria that she should be Jocasta but she wants to act like Joey. Christine comes back outside and the guys tell her that she is to be Paola. Caleb has changed to being Brittany in the play so Derrick is now going to be Devin. and Nicole is volunteered to be Hayden. They have also volunteered Donny to be Jocasta. Derrick and Caleb have started to play pool. Frankie says he is going inside to take a shower.

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2:02 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb finish their pool game and head inside. Derrick says he wants to take a shower. Frankie joins them in the KT and they all 3 talk about the situation of evicting Donny this week, they all feel terrible about doing it but unfortunately in this game it has to be done. Victoria heads inside to the KT leaving Cody and Christine on the BY couches with Cody's head on Christine's lap and she is massaging his hair. Caleb and Frankie are asking each other hypothetical questions for the possible Before and After competition.


2:10 AM BBT Nicole has come out of the DR and heads to the BY. Cody and Christine tell Nicole how she is going to be Hayden in the BB Broadway play. Derrick asks Caleb a couple Before and After questions before he heads to the HoH to take a shower. Caleb goes back outside. Victoria sitting in the KT by herself eating. Frankie is doing laps in the BY. Christine, Cody, Caleb, and Nicole are talking about what is going on in the Jury house and then they move onto movies. Caleb is now shouting at BB to call him into the DR and Cody tells the HG to now call him Beast Mode Calzone.


2:18 AM BBT Frankie finished running and asks the HG how many laps around the perimeter is a full mile. Someone says 19. Frankie says it is 440 laps in the swimming pool is a full mile as well. Victoria has joined the HG in the BY, the conversation outside has moved on to IQ tests. Cody says the highest IQ to be tested for now is 200. Nicole and Caleb briefly debate the lowest score possible on an ACT test. Cody has been called to the DR.


2:26 AM BBT In the BY, Christine, Frankie, Nicole, Victoria, and Caleb are talking about the Veto competition again. Christine says Derrick said, "Groundskeeper, my a**," when Donny was within 30 during one of the rounds. Talk has now moved on to what is the average size of testicles and how guys act during sex.


2:38 AM BBT Caleb tell the HG that he would never have sex with a virgin because they would fall in love with him afterwards. Christine asks him if he would if he had previously fallen in love with a girl and Caleb says he would. Caleb says he is a born again virgin and hasn't had sex in over a year, the people in his hometown ask and wonder if he is gay because he turns down girls for sex. Frankie talks about some Tony award winners. Derrick comes out to the BY and Caleb gives a shout out to follow him on his social media. Caleb says he is a Kentucky Bachelor and is looking for love and to send a girl to him or have her write to him on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.


2:47 AM BBT Talk about love in the BY with Frankie, Nicole, Caleb, and Victoria. Frankie, Vic, and Caleb say they all fall in love too easy and don't play hard to get. Nicole says being too easy isn't fun and its safer to play hard to get. Caleb and Victoria talk about dating new people that seem perfect for them but those relationships always end. Christine and Derrick are in the KT, Derrick tells Christine that today was a good day and he is glad he had that talk with Donny. They are both wondering too who Nicole would nominate if she won HoH next week. Derrick tells Christine that Nicole doesn't trust him but she might not nominate him because he hasn't done anything to her.


2:57 AM BBT Derrick says to Christine that he is close to Victoria and she may or may not ever vote to evict Derrick but he would vote to evict her when the time comes for it. He says that Victoria hasn't played BB as hard as Derrick and Christine. Their conversation about Victoria is interrupted when Victoria comes into the KT. Their conversation quickly changed to Derrick not being able to eat cheese because of his minor lactose intolerance. Derrick and Victoria are talking about her face being swollen. In the BY, Caleb, Frankie, and Nicole are mentioning about this is a crazy house but not it has calmed down a lot.

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3:18am Derrick Christine, Victoria and Frankie talking  about BB Broadway tomorrow night. Derrick says curtain starts at 9pm TVGN be ready.  Caleb in the BY talking to Nicole  about an ex-girlfriend he had before the army


3:27am Derrick and Frankie in the FR talking about the conversation with Donny. Derrick says he made him cry because he was bawling and Frankie did a good job validating what he had just told him. Derrick says that he's waiting for them to call him into the DR so he can tell them about BB Broadway to see what they say.


3:36am All feeds on the FR Frankie went to do ADLs before bed Derrick and Victoria are talking about Christine and Derrick while he refolds his laundry to put it away. Victoria asks how Donny caught Derrick and made him cry.


3:42am Victoria and Derrick are talking about talking about when she passed out so we keep getting intermittent fish. Cody and Nicole are in the WA talking about the antics of the Saboteur last week and how everyone reacted when they realized things were missing. Victoria tells Derrick that she doesn’t know why they gave her oxygen but it scared her, she'd never had it before.


3:52am Victoria and Derrick talking about where their clothes are  in case of a double eviction and how they want to visit one another after the show. He says he would prefer that she come up to him then him to her because it's easier for her to travel alone or with a friend then him to travel with a family. Talk in the WA has changed to Donny calling Cody stupid all the time.


3:59am Cody and Nicole talk about the competition in the WA. Caleb and Frankie are talking about Caleb visiting Frankie in New York after the  show. Everyone heads inside to the bathroom.


4:03am everyone in the bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Frankie curls up on Cody's lap and Nicole looks at Victoria in amazement when she sees the sock bun holder Victoria made out of a sock. Says she had never seen anyone actually use a sock just the ones

 you buy in stores. Derrick to DR


4:18am Frankie, Cody and Christine in the BY the guys are playing a game of pool and Christine is watching. On the other feeds, Victoria is sifting through clothes in the dressers and appears to be reorganizing/refolding everything.


4:25am In the BY talk is about Caleb and his new Amber who attitude. Cody is being silly when it isn't his turn to shoot, he tells Christine that he just gets bored.  Victoria appears to be listening to what Derrick said and is gathering all her belongings to one area in case of a double eviction the people in the house can find all of it.


4:32am Frankie in the FR asking Victoria about what the medics said. She's hard to hear buried under blankets and we keep getting fish. Christine and Cody are laughing in the Kitchen, Derrick is in the DR and everyone else is in bed.


4:37am Frankie telling Victoria that he wants to get a parafin wax machine, and some mittens for the winter. Not gloves, they separate the fingers so they get cold faster and mittens cup the fingers together so they stay warm. He looks to the camera and says… " If anyone wants to get me a gift, mittens in winter" Christine and Cody head up to the HOH room after messing with the saw in the LR


4:44am Christine and Cody  in HOH talking about how mean Donny is to them. Cody says Donny never does anything to Christine, she says he does when they are alone, that he is mean to her. Frankie and Victoria are in the FR talking about how Zach didn’t care about the money or the exposure, he just wanted to go back home, play golf, hang out with his brother, and work in the restaurant.


4:51am Frankie and Victoria  in the FR saying goodnight in shout outs. In the HoH Christine and Cody are laughing about who and what they hate and talking about the answers they gave in the competition, everyone else except Derrick is in bed, he's in the DR.


5:01am Christine and Cody talking about the Bomb Squad and Caleb thinking he's in charge of it. They say all he did was start it everyone else decides everything. They joke that there's probably 3 people rooting them on.


5:07am Caleb comes into the HOH room and says he cannot sleep. They are talking about how much feedsters in the day must hate them because all they see for hours every day is Donny and that the East coast is getting ripped off  because they are asleep when they are trying to watch.


5:11am Derrick is out of the DR  Cody and Christine screaming at him from the HoH then pretend to sleep when he comes in. He asks why everyone is still up and they ask why his DR was so long. They start talking about members of production by name so we keep getting fish.


5:16am Derrick swears he hears something in the other HoH room moving around and jokes about Pandora's box. Cody starts harassing Derrick and Christine warns that he is making Derrick angry. Derrick laughs saying hes going to get selfd evicted for kicking him in the face in a minute.


5:21am Hoh gang is very convinced that this week is going to be a double eviction. Christine and Caleb go back and forth about who is going to win the short HOH and get to send Nicole home. Christine hopes its her that gets to send Nicole home again. Christine and Cody now explaining the final PoV to Caleb.


5:29 Conversation changes to who would do better at the Roller Skate comp from last season. Derrick and Caleb talking about roller hockey and the Mr. Sticky wheels they used to have.


5:36am Fighting and guns are topic of conversations now. Caleb says he wouldn’t point a gun at someone unless he was going to pull the trigger. Then Derrick tells us a story about a guy he knew that got charged with felony assault after another kid pointed a gun at him and they struggled, the gun misfired and the guy beat the kid within an inch of his life. Says the kid got off called it self-defense and the guy he knew did 5 years.


5:44am They are talking about fights that Caleb saw while he was working in the prison. And the topic changes to movies. About some guy in prison who finds out both his sons are there too and he stops them from killing each other.


5:53am they are now talking about a Bruce Willis movie. Christine appears to have fallen asleep in the bed. They are trying to remember the name of the more heavyset guy in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

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9:03 AM BBT  All the HG's sound asleep in their beds.  No wakeup call yet, all is dark.


9:20 AM BBT  Frankie wakes up in the Fire room, uses the WC, brushes his teeth, and climbs back into bed.  It looks like Cody got to sleep alone in the HOH room.  Frankie, Derrick and Victoria in Fire room, Caleb and Christine in Earth room, and Donny and Nicole in Have Not Ice room. 


9:47 AM BBT  All HG's still sound asleep.  No wakeup call yet. 


10:12 AM BBT  Still no wakeup call for our HG's.  Everyone is dreaming away and lights are off.


10:16 AM BBT  We have fish!!  Must finally be the wakeup call.  Time for the sleeping HG's to cover their eyes as the lights come on and stay on.


10:27 AM BBT  We are still on FotH.  Waiting to see which HG's wake up and which ones go back to sleep.


10:31 AM BBT Donny is in the WA humming to himself quietly, and putting in his contacts.  Frankie gets up, goes to the SR and back into the Fire room.  He adjusts his pink bandana to cover his eyes and crawls into bed.


10:34 AM BBT  Christine get up, drops off her activity tracker in the SR, exchanges "Good Mornings with Donny" and goes into the WC.  Donny gets a cup of chocolate milk, and regular milk for his bowel of breakfast slop.  Christine washes her hands, blows her nose, and goes back to bed.


10:41 AM BBT  Donny now outside on patio couch, eating his microwaved breakfast slop.  No other HG's moving around.


10:45 AM BBT  Donny finishes his breakfast, washes his dishes and gets told to change his mic for one in the SR.  BB also tells the HG's that the lights must remain on during the day. 


10:51 AM BBT  Victoria gets called to the DR, she gets up from under the blankets and reports as requested.  Donny uses the WC and puts his orange visor on the door knob to warn HG's he is in there.  Vic comes into the WA, sees the hat on the door knob and waits for Donny to come out.


10:58 AM BBT  Victoria drops off her activity tracker in the storage room, and goes back to sleep.  Donny takes off his camouflage pants very quietly in the Fire room and has his shorts on underneath.  He picks up his pile of dirty clothes and heads out to the BY to do laundry. 


11:06 AM BBT  Donny removes the clothes from the dryer and folds everything up, picks up some trash in the BY, and gets on the elliptical for a ride.  We can see his activity tracker still on this morning.

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11:17 AM BBT  Donny still working out on the elliptical. No one else is stirring.  


11:23 AM BBT  Donny finishes his workout, gets some cold water out of the BY 'frig and sits on the couch in the shade.  Kate Anstey Smith on FB reminds us that "sadly this probably ending on Friday".


11:36 AM BBT  Donny changes the laundry and folds another load that was left in overnight.  He hums quietly and happily to himself the whole time.


11:43 AM BBT  Donny walks some laps in the BY, then comes in to the KT to make an electrolyte drink (a blue one!), then goes back out to the BY and has a seat on the couch.  All other HG's are still sound asleep.


11:56 AM BBT  Donny sits outside alone with the dryer quietly keeping him company.  He watches the planes go by in the sky and we wonder if he wishes he was on one.

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12:09 pm  Donny wiggles his leg back and forth while twisting a plastic mushroom in his fingers. Derrick and Frankie toss and turn in their sleep. (They are making my job so easy right now.)


12:18 pm Dryer shuts off and Donny fold a blue towel, 4 shirts, 2 pair of shorts, 2 pair of underwear and 2 pair of socks. He goes inside, all cams change to the fire room where Vic, Frankie and Derrick are tucked into their respective beds.


12:22 pm Donny gives up and goes back to bed. All HG sleeping.

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12:18 PM: Donny is folding towels. As he walks in, it sounds like he whispers, "The Fourhorsemen" under his breath. And continues into the kitchen humming as all four feeds switch to Fire Room.


12:26 PM: Feeds 1 and 2 on Fire Room and Feeds 3 and 4 on Have Not Room. Heavy Breathing and Light Snoring.


12:30PM: All four cams on sleeping houseguests and then we get WBRB [Maybe a second wake-up call--don't understand why they weren't following Donny, he has to be doing something more interesting.]

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12:30 pm WBRB (the music made me jump).


12:40pm Still WBRB.


12: 47pm HG are up, they are yelling for one more song. Nic in the shower outside (she has her swimsuit on). Chris in the shower inside while Cody brushes his teeth and wets his hair down at the sink down stairs.


12:50 pm Nic asks Chris if she has ever used the shower outside. Chris says no she would be to embarrassed. Nic said it was cold at first but then warmed up nicely. Nic is getting big zits, she says her face was clear in the jury house. Chris says something is in the water, they are all breaking out.


12:53 pm Cody goes to HOH, Vic gets out of bed. HG that are up are doing ADL's. Cody goes outside, sees the clothes Donny folded, grabs a towel and lays out by the pool. 


12:58 pm Nic joins Cody out by the pool, she is putting on her make up, they are just chatting. Cody gets called to DR...he says, "son of a bee sting!" Vic gets told to put on her mic, Cody tells her its day 65 get with the program.


1:06 pm Vic and Chris make a bet on when Derrick will get up. Vic says 3, Chris says 3:30. Nic is laying out on the big lounge. 

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1:13 pm BB says "HG remember to enjoy yourself, these are the good ol days." Cody joins Nic outside, Donny uses WC, Caleb is also awake. 


1:20 pm Nic and Cody talk about Scorpion, Cody says he would rather be a genius and socially awkward. Nic describes the Jury house BY. Vic says she cant use the WC with coffee, isn't that weird. She didn't go for 2 days.


1:25 pm Frankie comes outside and collapses between Nic and Cody. He says he has to go to DR but hasn't gone yet. Nic is already pink, she is getting out of sun. HG are moving around doing ADL's and waking up.


1:30 pm Cody wants tanning oil and some music, this quiet is nuts. BB: "you have got to be kidding me" HG LOL what was that. Cody asks if they were talking to him, he can make his own music and starts to sing...WBRB. Cody says he will do a front flip into the pool. He will do it before they can stop him. BB "stop that!" 


1:34 pm Cody takes his mic off, runs across the yard and does a front flip into the pool. BB "I said Stop That!!"


1:38 pm Cody and Chris yelling nonsense stuff across the BY to each other. (HG are getting punchy)


1:46 pm General chat, Frankie says VMA tonight Good Luck Arianna. Nic and Chris talk about how many HG are left and how many weeks are left. Cody tells Chris to take over for Zach, she opens the slider and yells "Hey you froot loop dingus!!"


 1:53 pm Frankie trying to recite Zach's exit speech. Frankie asks Donny if he had heard the show they are going to put on tonight. He says they will each play an evicted HG. Donny gets to play Jocasta, Chris is Poa, Vic will be Joey....no she should be Jocasta. Donny says Vic could do the other side of Zach. 

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12:52 PM: Feeds are back. Nicole and Christine in bathroom talking about Nicole's face breaking out. Christine claims she gets star constellations on her face. Nicole claims that Donny is 42 and is breaking out. Christine things something is going on if all of them are breaking out.


12:53 PM: Victoria enters the bathroom all sleepy eyed. Christine is in the shower. Nicole is doing ADLs. Nicole is asking where Brittany's brush is. She's searching through the dirty towels. Victoria brushes her teeth.


12:54 PM: Cody is up in the HOH room. He's folding his towel. And heads downstairs and goes outside looking for the laundry Donny already folded. "What is that about?" he exclaims. He grabs a towel, and immediately heads to the pool to lay out by the pool on one of the chairs getting all situated.


12:57 PM: Christine gets out of the shower in the bathroom and the girls quietly do their ADLs. Nicole heads outside and joins Cody.


12:58 PM: Victoria says, "They literally hate us on Sundays." And Christine starts talking about how last Sunday they kept on telling them to get up. Apparently one of the songs this morning was a remix.


12:59 PM: Cody tells Nicole that he came outside and was shocked that Donny wasn't in the corner. Cody asks how Nicole slept. She had a bad dream about her brother. She says she kept on waking up and praying to go back home. Cody asks Nicole about her last name and how it's spelt. Nicole has her compact out putting make-up on her face. Nicole claims her sleeping isn't as bad as it used to be. Cody says that the sleeping isn't the worst part but it's the eating. Nicole agrees and says that she's only had slop this week and how she won't eat the Tofu. Wishes it was in a dish. Cody says that people eat tofu just by itself. He wonders how people make it fried. Nicole says that Frankie could maybe do something with it on the grill. Nicole then claims that her hair is the worst and that she finally got to condition it today. Cody is called to the Diary Room. "Are you kidding me? Son of a bee sting."


1:02 PM: Meanwhile back in the bathroom, Christine and Victoria talk about how they could have their curling irons and hair straighteners. Cody yells to Victoria  as he walks through the kitchen that today is Day 65 and that she needs to get with the program. Victoria giggles. [inside joke? I'm missing something.]


1:04 PM: Nicole is still alone by the pool doing her make-up while Victoria continues doing her own make up quietly. Christine comes out of the WC changed into her clothes.


1:06 PM: Nicole gets up and goes to lay on the lounge chair in the middle of the backyard. She skirts over to the laundry machines to retreive a towel and get's all situated. Back in the bathroom, Nicole and Victoria are blabbering about wanting scissors and how they'll get some on Thursday.


1:09 PM: Christine telling Victoria about how she's been bad at the past four competitions. Big Brother tells Christine to put on her microphone. Christine, "Okay."


1:11 PM: Christine and Victoria talk about how it must be that they're all sharing each others sheets and pillowcases. Victoria says that she wants to wash her sheets today.


1:12 PM: Nicole in the backyard tanning. Running her fingers through her hair. She stops and looks like she's in deep meditation.


1:13 PM: Christine exclaims in the bathroom, "Previously on Big Brother!" Victoria says that it's weird hearing her name called all day. Big Brother comes on to tell them to have a good day and that these are the good old days. Christine mimics along with Big Brother.


1:15 PM: Christine tells Victoria that she should wash these before the day starts indicating her glasses. Victoria whispers, "Did he say perv?" Donny enters the bathroom.


1:16 PM: Cody is out of the diary room and joins Nicole in the backyward bringing his towel over to Nicole. Nicole asks if the Veto meeting is today or tomorrow. Cody thinks tomorrow. Cody wishes that they had tanning oil but they only have sunblock. He claims they had it in the early days. Nicole and Cody talking about Cody's intelligence. Donny is called to the Diary Room.


1:18 PM: Caleb enters the bathroom with Christine and Victoria. They're talking about the Diary Room sessions and how Big Brother wakes them up early after keeping them up all night to do more diary room sessions. Caleb and Christine leave and Victoria goes into the WC where the camera does a close up.


1:20 PM: Christine is in the kitchen where Victoria comes to join her after not washing her hands and she begins to make coffee. Christine starts singing "Droppin Like It's Hot" and Victoria says that she and her friends used to think they were so hot dancing to it. Victoria searches for the coffee. Victoria claims that she can't go to the bathroom without coffee. She hasn't gone for two days and says because of her "thing." Christine sings, "It'll be there for you," in reference to coffee. Victoria is talking about her curls and how they're cute she guesses. She needs hairspray.


1:23 PM: All four feeds on Cody and Nicole in the backyward. Nicole claims she's freaking hot. "Where did that breeze go?" Nicole asks. Cody responds, "I know, right?"

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 3:05 pm You havent missed anything but general talk, who will play what evicted HG and what they will do. They just got the photo booth so that will keep them occupied for the next while.

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3:48 PM BBT
The houseguests are doing the photobooth right now. Caleb shouts out to production and says, "Hey production, Beastmode Cowboy would like to do a DR in case you forgot that I am still here." Cody and Victoria are taking sexy pictures in the photobooth. Christine tells them their pictures are getting too steamy for her.


3:57 PM BBT

Nicole asks Cody and Christine if Caleb is cooking because the kitchen smells awful. Nicole goes into kitchen and asks Caleb if he's trying to burn the house down. Caleb shows off his handy work and it is definitely burnt. Frankie is telling Cody, Christine, and Nicole how the play will work and how they will start off the play by doing monologues in the diary room as other people.


4:08 PM BBT Frankie and Cody are in the backyard running. Nicole and Christine are watching the boys run. Nicole tells Frankie his "sex lines" on his stomach and waist look good. Donny and Victoria join Nicole and Christine on the couches in the backyard. Frankie tells Nicole he's going to have a session with each person once they dress up and feed them some lines to say while in the DR. Derrick is sleeping in the fire room.


4:10 PM BBT Christine and Victoria are talking about how mad Zach was at Victoria taking the pink hat and how Victoria just smiled at him and egged him on. Victoria laughs as she tells Nicole that Zach told her in the last week how much he hated her and he was being sincere. Victoria says she doesn't get Zach because one minute he was super nice to her and they would have great conversations and then in three hours he would say something awful to her.


4:14 PM BBT

Christine says that Zach was a disgusting person and her family hates his guts for screaming in her face and calling her an effing liar. Frankie comes over and asks who they are talking about. Nicole says Zach. Frankie wonders how Zach was portrayed on tv. Nicole says as a villain, but as a viewer she would have loved him. Christine says, I hated Evel Dick and Zach was like him, so I would still hate him as a viewer. Victoria says Zach was so mean to everyone when they were going home and when they were have nots. Nicole said I got him back with that wedgie. Christine says, "Yeah. That was so humiliating for him. He covered his face with his pink hat because he was so embarrassed."


4:17 PM BBT Cody is swimming in the pool and cooling off after his run. Frankie sees him get in the pool and immediately runs over to join him. He stares at Cody who has water dripping off him as he plays with his hair. Cody asks him if he's going to jump in or keep staring at him. Frankie nods his head and then dives in.


4:21 PM BBT

Zach and Frankie take quick showers in the backyard shower. Frankie takes off his shorts and rinses them off and puts them in the dryer for Nicole who will wear them later for when she plays her boyfriend, Hayden. Frankie walks around the backyard in his underwear and starts talking like Frank. He goes up to Nicole and welcomes her back to the house and tells her she's looking good. Nicole and Christine are laughing at Frankie's voice. Cody is laying on one of the chairs and watching the whole thing. Victoria comes out and tells Nicole that she ate an apple for natural sugar. Nicole tells Victoria she should drink grape juice once a day and eat a little bit of peanut butter and she'll be okay with her sugar level.


4:36 PM BBT Derrick is finally awake. He's been sleeping since 6 a.m. Derrick says he feels much better. Derrick asks Victoria how she's feeling. She says she feels way better. Caleb and Derrick tell her she looks better today. Victoria wonders why they give her the ibuprofen in the bag yesterday instead of the bottle.


 4:45 PM BBT

Frankie, Cody, Donny, Nicole, and Victoria are in the backyard practicing what they are going to say for everyone in the play.


 4:51 PM BBT

Nicole is complaining to Christine that BB took more of her clothes this time around and Zach stole one of her sweatshirts and the other one is too big and she has no lounging clothes anymore. Christine says it's weird how BB takes clothes away. Nicole, Frankie, Christine, and Cody are talking about how often Brittany would get in trouble with production for not putting her microphone on. Derrick gets called out again by BB to get a fresh battery and Cody and Nicole can't believe that Derrick still hasn't gotten up. Nicole is trying to do a British accent and Cody is making fun of how awful it is. Nicole keeps trying and Cody and Christine are laughing hysterically at her. Cody is playing Zach and is saying how he's the Saboteur and how much all the houseguests are losers.


4:57 PM BBT Christine and Cody are talking about how gross Caleb is and saying all the really inappropriate and offensive sexual things he has said in the house. Cody says Caleb pretends to be clean and pure and he's not at all. Cody says the way Caleb has said he's talked to girls he's dating is seriously disturbing. Caleb comes out just then and they pretend they are still talking about the play tonight. Frankie is going over the play again and telling Cody, Caleb, and Donny what they are supposed to do.


5:01 PM BBT

Frankie is saying that Brittany's only play this season was to flirt with Cody and Devin. Donny says to talk about how she stole Jocasta's stories. Caleb asks if they are being too mean? Frankie and Donny say they are roasting the houseguests. Donny says, "Caleb is still sitting over here wondering what the heck monologues means and thinks it's the kissing disease." Everyone but Caleb laughs at the joke.


5:11 PM BBT

They are still sitting around the backyard bashing Brittany being ridiculous and how she targeted Nicole for not wanting to sleep with Victoria and for taking the POV and how dumb Brittany was. Frankie is coming up with stuff for Nicole to say while in the DR when they do their monologue.


5:25 PM BBT

Cody gets called to the DR and tells them he's not feeling it. He'd rather sit outside and do what he wants. Caleb and Christine laughs at him. He gets up and goes to the house. Cody asks Donny how his DR was. Donny says, "IF I told you that, I'd have to kill you." Donny says it's really cool outside and is very pleasant.


 5:38 PM BBT
Cody and Caleb are playing pool while the rest of the house guests except Derrick are watching the game. Frankie is commenting on how good Cody looks shooting the balls.


5:47 PM BBT

Nicole and Christine go into the bathroom to get ready for their DR monologues. Derrick is now outside talking to Caleb and Cody as they continue to play pool.


5:54 PM BBT

Nicole decides she's going to run laps in the backyard. She goes outside and Cody asks her what she's up to. She says you inspired me to run after I saw you and Frankie. Donny tells Caleb he better play him well in their play tonight. Caleb says he slept too long and isn't feeling the play. Caleb says he doesn't feel like playing along.

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6:00 PM BBT Nicole and Christine are running in the BY. Nicole tells her she definitely likes running with a girl better. Christine has to stop and get some water, because she threw up in her mouth. She says her acid reflux is terrible when she runs. Caleb and Cody are playing pool, with Donny watching them. Caleb is swinging his pool stick around, acting like a ninja, and it gets really close to Nicole.


6:03 PM BBT Cody takes a break, while Caleb takes his shot, and runs with the girls, trying to encourage and push them a little. He was joking around with them, and then goes back to take his next turn. Nicole says she can hear the water jiggling, while they are running back and forth.


6:06 PM BBT Nicole tells Christine that she can only do 100 back and forth laps. Christine says she will probably doing more walking when they are done. Two minutes later they finish number 60.


6:11 PM BBT Victoria asks Christine and Nicole if they are doing 100, and they say yes. Victoria asks what they are on, and they say 88. Donny says, 88, goodness. Cody tells Caleb, last game, this is for all the marbles. Caleb says, all the pool balls or marbles. Victoria asks what the score is, and Cody tells her 4 - 2. Caleb is using his pool stick as a shot gun, and pretends to pull the trigger, when an airplane is overhead.


6:14 PM BBT Nicole finishes running and goes over by the couches, as she continues to walk around a little. Derrick, Christine and Donny are all lounging in the couch area. Nicole goes inside. Victoria says, "Damn Christine, damn," as she looks like she is struggling, while she is continuing to run in the BY.


6:17 PM BBT Nicole is looking for a shaker to use to drink out of, and only sees Zach's in the KT. Victoria tells her to boil it in water to wash it. Caleb walks in the house. Nicole gives shout outs to her mom and Jesse. Christine is still walking in the BY. We see FoTH. Cody is swinging on hammock. Victoria asks Nicole how the KT gets so dirty. Frankie and Caleb are sitting in the LR. The coffee table is covered in candy, and Caleb is hogging it down. Frankie goes to the fire room. Caleb walks to KT. He asks Victoria where Derrick is, and she tells him, outside. She asks him to take things out to the recycling, and asks why is this house is so disgusting?


6:23 PM BBT Donny is telling Derrick some of the trees that are good for oxygen, and ones that are not. Caleb and Cody are lying on the hammock. Caleb is telling Cody about a dream he had where people are recognizing him, and acting like he's a movie star. Donny is now talking to Derrick about hybrid plants. Derrick tells him that he's full of useful information.


6:27 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick about a job he had for 14 years that he left. He says he worked 6 days a week, and there was no insurance. He says that he applied to get in the schools, and was called when he had surgery, and asked them to keep his application on file. He says he got called 1 1/2 years later, and got the job. Caleb and Cody are talking about Victoria floating by with them. Cody says she knows that they've kept her. Caleb says he thinks that if Nicole wins HOH, she'll throw them under the bus. Cody says, he thinks she already did before she left the last time. He says, it was because Christine has told her to much. Caleb says, he scared of the top 4.


6:30 PM BBT Christine goes by the hammock, and Caleb and Cody stop talking game. Donny tells Derrick about having a greenhouse. We see FoTH. Derrick tells Donny that he usually works up to the day of Christmas, and now he won't be able to get any time off. We see FoTH again. Donny tells Derrick he gets stuff done while the kids are on Christmas Break from school. Caleb, Cody and Christine are talking about the comps they've been given. Cody says they haven't given them comps like in past seasons. Christine says, they have 15 seasons of comps they can give them, but haven't. Donny tells Derrick that his girlfriend is an Administrative Assistant at their job.


6:35 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick that his girlfriend was to fancy for him, and yet she wanted to be with him. Nicole is now sitting out by the couches with them. Donny says he should miss his family more, because he's known them the longest. He says, he does miss his family and his brother a lot. He says, he just misses her the most, because they are always together. Derrick asks if she is looking for houses now. Victoria comes to the BY by the couches, and we hear. "HG's, this is a lock down, please go inside and close the screen doors."


6:37 PM BBT Cody goes to HoHR, and says he left his clothes outside. Caleb goes upstairs with him. Frankie and Victoria are talking in the KT. Frankie is telling Victoria what to say when she acts like Amber later for her monologue. Cody is in the HoHR bathroom, we see FoTH.


6:40 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Victoria is talking in a baby voice. Derrick and Christine are in the LR. Derrick and Caleb go in the fire room, and Caleb tells Derrick that someone outside yelled, "Frankie is the saboteur." He says that he and Cody heard the same thing. Derrick says, he thought it was a cop.


6:50 PM BBT We've been on FoTH for about 10 minutes now. Still waiting on Live Feeds to return.


6:55 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb listening to music in the HoHR, pretending to play the drums. Cody is lying in the nest bed. Christine, Frankie and Derrick are sitting on the couch. Donny and Nicole are have general convo in the LR.


6:58 PM BBT Caleb tells everyone in the HoHR that he's a drummer for his church, after Frankie asks him, so you're a drummer now to? He restarts the song on the CD, and starts pretending to drum again, and singing. We see FoTH 2 more times. Derrick was downstairs in between the FoTH, walking in the hallway.


7:01 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb acting all erratic, pretending to play the drums. Everyone in the HoHR are laughing at him. Cody says he would have already broken the drumsticks, and Frankie says he would have broken the drums. Once he takes off the headphones, Frankie is clapping, and telling him he did a good job. He asks what church songs would require drums, and Christine says that a lot of church songs have drums. Frankie says, Roman Catholic churches don't use instruments. Christine says, I know, and I'm not a fan. Caleb says, we play good music. Derrick is sitting in the LR with Donny and Nicole. Christine says they play music so loud at their church, that they have ear plugs in the back of the church for those who want them.


7:04 PM BBT 7:04 PM BBT Caleb says his church plays Hill Song music, and that they have a singer that sings like Kari Jobe. Cody asks if the people on Live Feed or TVGN can hear them if they are whispering? Christine says, no, they can't hear us. We see FoTH.


7:09 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, Frankie is not in the HoHR, and Christine says that last week when they lost things, was that when she said that maybe America chooses for people to do things, he said he would be offended. Derrick says, that would be interesting. We see FoTH. Caleb comes back saying he questions it because of something sitting out for 2 days, that's not sitting there anymore. We see FoTH again.


7:14 PM BBT Cody, Caleb and Christine are in the HoHR. Cody says that Cody needs to go to the DR, and tell them to lock the sh*t down. Christine says, do you think this happened last year, and we didn't hear it? Cody says, he thinks it happens more towards the end. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Both the LR and the HoHR think it was the other room's convo. We see FoTH.


7:16 PM BBT Live Feeds are back with Donny, Derrick and Nicole in the KT. Caleb says he will get asked to be in an acting school. Cody says he can go to any label, tell the how many followers he has, and get a modeling job. Caleb says, they will literally be the topic of discussion for a whole year, until the next BB season starts. He says, he can't wait to see this season to see how they were portrayed. He wants to know what everyone thought of him, and said about him. He wants to see if Amber really likes him or not. They all play possum when Derrick comes up to tell them food will be ready in 4 minutes. Caleb says, see ya, Donny's going home. Christine and Cody hug each other, and they all go downstairs.


7:20 PM BBT Cody and Christine were singing, and Cody says Nicole looked like she was going to vomit. She says, she didn't even hear them. Nicole starts to sing, Turn around, and we see FoTH.


7:21 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Donny making his bed in the ice room, and Nicole cleaning off Dining Room table. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back again. Derrick, Cody and Caleb are sitting at the Dining Room table, and Nicole is still cleaning it off. Donny is finishing up making his bed in the ice room. Frankie strains and dumps the pasta. Caleb asks Nicole if her boyfriend’s take their hats off at the table. Victoria is in the WA, adjusting her hair extensions. Christine was blowing her nose in the WC, she comes out and washes her hands and dries them, still blowing her nose out, without a tissue. Victoria wen in the WC and came right back out. She is flat ironing her hair at the sink in the WA. Christine goes to the KT, gets a drink, and goes to the Dining Room table.


7:25 PM BBT Frankie says how hungry he is, and acts as though he is starving. Donny goes in the WA, and tells Victoria that he doesn't go barefoot as much as she does, so his feet are tender. He is setting things up to take a shower in the COLD shower. He asks Victoria what she is looking for, her tiara? She is putting in a metal headband. Nicole asks Victoria, from the table, if she's going to eat with them, and she says yes. She finishes looking at herself in all the mirrors, and goes to the KT, to take a drink of her blue drink. She goes to the dresser in the hallway, by the rock room, puts on some deodorant, and then goes in the fire room. HG's at the table all thank Nicole for cleaning off the table. Victoria goes back to KT to get her drink, and then sits down at the Dining Room table.


7:29 PM BBT Nicole says they've locked them down for a long time. Frankie tells Derrick there is more fish in the oven, and he can turn it off because they like it rare. Frankie checks the fish, and says he burnt himself. Nicole asks him how long he cooks it for, and he says usually 20 minutes, but he cooked it for 30 minutes this time because it was frozen. Christine is making soft tacos, and is using hot sauce. Donny is finishing up in the COLD shower.


7:32 PM BBT We hear, "HG's, the lock down is now over, you are free to move about the house." Frankie asks what time it is, and Derrick tells him 7:28 PM.


7:33 PM BBT Donny is out of the shower, and getting dressed in the WA. Frankie is putting fish on Victoria's plate, and she says, it's cold Frankie. He says, we can't eat it then. He tries to find a warm part. He is going to put it back in the oven to cook the rest of it. Derrick passes Donny in the hallway, on his way to the WC. He tells Donny, the lock down is over at least.


7:35 PM BBT Caleb says that Beast Mode Ninja will come out and kill them all. Frankie says, please don't kill us. Caleb is pretending to throw a fork and have it stink in someone's head. Then, he pretends to chop Frankie in the neck. He says that they may have found their person outside. We see FoTH. Frankie comes back from fish, and is using the F word a lot. Nicole says, they were told not to swear on the live show. Derrick comes out of the WC, and washes his hands in the WA. Caleb goes in the WA, and tells Derrick, "That made so much sense to me." We see FoTH again.


7:38 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb walking out of WA. Derrick is drying his hands, and putting his microphone back on. Cody, Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Frankie are at the Dining Room table. Different convos are going on. Cody was moving his eyebrows up and down at Nicole. Christine is shoving her face with her soft taco. Donny sat on a couch in the LR. He went into the KT, and asks if he looks tacky with a Hawaiian type shirt on with his camo pants. Frankie asks if he's giving his Devin impression. They say they are going to do this at 9 PM. Donny says, thank you for the compliments, looks in the mirror, and we see FoTH again.


7:41 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are in the BY playing pool. Caleb belches, and doesn't excuse himself. He is swinging his pool stick around again. Donny, Nicole, Frankie and Victoria are sitting at the Dining Room table. Donny says he's going to lift some bar bells. Frankie asks, if it's for his Devin impression. We see FoTH.


7:43 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Cody yelling.Derrick goes to the sliding door, and asks for them to let him know when the water is boiling, so he can put soap in it. Christine asks what is that for, and he says, dishes. Nicole in at the Dining Room table, and wonders the same thing, but doesn't hear what he said in the BY. Frankie starts to put up the dishes that are in the dish strainer. Nicole heads to the BY. Cody asks Christine who's winning the pool game, and she says, Derrick by 2 balls. Cody and Donny are lifting bar bells in the BY. Derrick tells Cody, "Let’s go Calzone." Caleb picks up a lawn chair, and swings it around, pretending to throw it towards Derrick at the pool table.


7:46 PM BBT Caleb goes to the weight bench, lays down, and is showing Donny the different ways to lift weights that way. Nicole and Christine are watching Derrick and Cody play pool. Christine tells Cody, he is good at impressions, why is he just starting now. Donny takes a turn lifting weights on the weight bench. He gets up, and says he chest is weak. Caleb told Donny he can bench 355 lbs. Donny says, holy moly. Caleb tells him what he will do to finish his workout, with inclines, mids, and declines.


7:50 PM BBT Cody retrieves a pool ball that went off the table. Christine tells him that if that would of went in the pool, she would of made him go and get it. She asks why he has socks on with flip-flops. He says he didn't feel like taking his socks off. Christine tells him, she hates that, and won't talk to her store manager if he does that. Cody takes his socks off to make a pool shot. Christine tells him, thank you. He tells her to pipe down. She says she's not going to dress up like Pow. She says she didn't wear a bra half of the time, and that she wore clothes that showed her butt sticking out, and crop tops. Caleb tells Donny that he's going to go back and visit his hometown again. Nicole says that Pow Pow has a made at home. Cody was surprised. Nicole says that Jocasta told her that in jury. Christine says that Pow Pow told her that she has a laundry service, so she's never done her own laundry, and she eats out every day.


7:53 PM BBT Cody says he's never heard of her agency or her. Donny asks if he knows the places she works at, and he says they are near him. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back, and Donny tells Cody that maybe Pow Pow will let him use her board to make the scratching sounds, and he sounds them out. Donny asks Cody how they do their shows as a D.J., and if they take requests? Cody says, good D.J.'s don't usually take requests, and they plan their entire show out before hand. He says, the type of D.J. that she is, people can't usually get to her to ask for requests. Cody is lifting 30 lb. weights with each arm. Christine says, "I wonder why my tongue is shedding?" Cody goes over to sit by Christine and Nicole. He says, Just because you and Hayden are dating, doesn't mean you have to be weird Nicole. She says, we aren't dating. Cody asks Christine if she thinks that Jocasta married them, and she says, yes. Cody starts talking like Mr. Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents.


7:58 PM BBT Christine tells the HG's about a time she put make-up on her husband after a status got 200 likes. Frankie is putting on cover-up in the BY, using a mirror out there. Caleb and Derrick are still playing pool.


7:59 PM BBT Cody and Donny talk about the show, Scorpions, that they saw last night. Cody jumps up, and acts all crazy like. He says it was from a moth. Donny says, it was huge. Caleb kills it. Victoria comes outside with an ice coffee, and stand by the table near the pool table. Caleb moves clothes from the washer to the dryer with Derrick. Donny is sitting in a lawn chair, watching the pool game. Christine screamed from the KT, and then came out to the BY.


8:03 PM BBT Christine has a bowl of ice cream, sits down by the pool table, and is sucking on it, and chewing it to eat it. Victoria and Nicole go in the KT. Victoria is telling Nicole about how amazing the doctors are. , She tells Nicole that she called her the superhero the nurse, and that if she wouldn't of found her, she would of been dead by now. Nicole goes to the BY. Victoria goes by the dressers in the hallway by the rook room. She shuts a drawer, and then goes to the fire room. She is looking through a drawer in a dresser in there, and then goes to another, and back to the second drawer. Then, she goes to the third drawer down, back to the second, then the first. She leaves the 2nd, 3rd and 4th drawers open, and walks out of the fire room with nothing in her hands. She looks through two dressers in the hallway, and then takes a pair of shorts from a black BB bag in the hallway, and tries them on. She takes them off. Cody walks by her, and asks why she is scared? She says, she's not.


8:08 PM BBT Victoria walks to the KT, looking at herself in the mirrors along the way. She takes a drink of her ice coffee, and goes to the BY. Cody goes in the ice room, shuts the closet, goes through the LR. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Cody says, "I'm sorry." Everyone in the BY say, Cody. He goes to the WA, washes his hands, and puts lotion on his arms, and chest. Christine is trying to figure out what to wear to portray Pow Pow. Nicole is sitting in a lawn chair, next to Donny in the BY, watching the pool game. Frankie and Derrick are playing now. Cody washes his hands again, dries them, gets hand lotion out of a basket to put on, and then goes out to the BY. Christine tells Nicole, she looks exhausted, and she says she is. Donny goes in KT, and come to BY with some chocolate ice cream that he made.


8:12 PM BBT Christine tells Victoria that she thinks the Finale will be on a Sunday, because the F3 are never in the house for a full week. She starts to sing, and we hear, "Please, stop singing." She says, Darn I only said two words. Victoria says, I know, right. Victoria is going inside to get her make-up. She starts singing, as she heads to the dresser. We hear, "Please, stop singing." She says, I said like 5 words. She picks up a hat off the yellow bench in the hallway, and says that Christine can wear this hat, because Pow used to wear her black hat. She tells Christine. Victoria is going in the WA to do Frankie's make-up. He says, he can't believe they haven't done this all summer. She says, I know. We hear the washer or dryer buzzers going off. Caleb says that Derrick isn't using his words properly. Christine is rubbing Cody's back, while sitting in the BY.


8:17 PM BBT Frankie asks Victoria is she has an eyebrow pencil, because he needs to shape his eyebrows. Victoria is applying make-up on Frankie. Caleb sneezes in the BY. Nicole says, bless you to him, and he says, thank you. Cody starts talking like a baby, and Christine follows suit. She is laughing up a storm, and acting all giddy.


8:19 PM BBT Nicole and Christine really don't want to do this show tonight. Christine says she watch everyone else do it, and Nicole says, she wants to watch Frankie do everyone. Christine is still laughing up a storm. She is being dramatic, and raising her voice, and says, oh crap, Derrick. Donny asks Nicole what time she went to bed last night, and she says not that late, maybe about 2 a.m. She says she had to wait for her DR session. Victoria is putting eye shadow on Frankie in the WA.


8:21 PM BBT Derrick goes in the house, and Frankie yells to him. He asks if he's ready to get his make-up done as Jocasta. Cody and Caleb are getting ready to play a game of pool. Victoria and Frankie are trying to talk to Derrick, and he's not responding to them. She yells, and asks if everything is o.k. He says something that is inaudible, and they say, Nooo, at the same time. Derrick is in the KT by the sink.


8:24 PM BBT Donny and Nicole are talking about what HG's would be good on The Amazing Race. Then he starts talking about Survivor, and it being on twice a year, and it's on once a week. Derrick tells Frankie and Victoria that no one wants to do the show now, or dress up. Victoria says that Christine only has to wear suspenders. She says, they've been planning this all day, what are they going to do. Derrick says he wishes he had a wig, and they will get it done. Caleb acts like a fool as he and Cody finish a pool game, and Christine was yelling also. Caleb and Cody go by the weights, and Caleb tells Cody they need to do, Get Yolked. Nicole asks Donny is he watched Survivor when Hayden Moss was on there. He says, he did.


8:30 PM BBT Derrick goes out to the BY, and he tells of a girl named Kat, who dated Hayden, and he got on that way, with their significant other. They kept talking about the things that happened on that season. Frankie is checking out his make-up in the mirror by the couch in the WA. Victoria goes in the WC. Derrick gets called to the DR.


8:33 PM BBT Nicole, Donny and Derrick were talking about how the Survivor show goes, and having to wait almost 1 year, before finding out if they won. Frankie puts more concealer on his face, under his eyes, above his eyes, and down his nose.


8:36 PM BBT Donny tells Cody that he ran like a 6-year-old girl when that moth was by him. Cody is trying to do the worm backwards. He starts to sing, The Final Countdown, and asks if gravity is not working tonight. Frankie drops something on the ground, and he and Victoria say the same thing at the same time. He says, jinx.


8:38 PM BBT Caleb is talking about Criss Angel stuff. Caleb is taking his clothes out of the dryer, and Christine is commenting about how nice his underwear are, and how good they look. Frankie is putting on mascara, and says he'll do bronzer also. Victoria is applying blush to his face now.


8:40 PM BBT Frankie calls for Derrick, as he's putting on red lipstick. Derrick goes in the WA, and says, what up? Frankie is putting his make-up on like Joey. He is rubbing his lips together.  Derrick whispers to Frankie that all they have to do is get the vote, and he acts like Joey for Nicole, when she walks in the WA. Nicole says she can't wait to watch everybody. Victoria says she is doing it. Nicole says everyone will get into it, once it starts. Derrick is in the BY, and tries to do the backwards worm also, and falls on his back. Then, Caleb gets on the ground, to show him how it's done. Cody tires again, and falls also. Donny is laughing, and says that Cody will break his tail bone.


8:43 PM BBT Nicole puts eyeliner on Frankie. Frankie uses a Q-tip to fix it. Nicole applies the eye-liner to Frankie's right eye now. Frankie uses the Q-Tip on that side to make it pointy as well. He says he's drag Joey.


8:47 PM BBT Nicole tells Frankie his eyes are intense, and they look so good. Caleb is acting out, doing stunts in the BY.


8:48 PM BBT Donny tells Caleb to roll backwards and do the tricks now. Frankie is curling his eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Donny goes in the WA and looks at Frankie's make-up, and says he looks so different. Nicole goes to the BY, and tells HG's out there how intense his make-up looks, and that he has a very nice face structure. Christine is rubbing Cody's back. Victoria goes to the BY. Frankie says, he doesn't want anyone to see him yet. He walks to the ice room, and gets something out of the closet. He stops at the dresser in the hallway, and walks to the rock room.


8:52 PM BBT Frankie picks up a rock pillow, and drops it back on the bed. He goes to the ice room again. He gets a bra out of a drawer in the hallway, and goes back to the rock room. He goes through a clear bag of clothes, and picks up towels on an ice bed. He picks up some black pants to put them on. He straps on some silver and black high heels. HG's get told there is a lock down, and to go inside, and close the sliding glass doors. Frankie is putting on the black and white bra, or bikini top. Christine says, she has a feeling this is what the next 4 weeks is going to be like. Victoria spills her coffee on the couch.


8:58 PM BBT Frankie asks Victoria for her top, and Nicole tells him to tuck his butt in his pants a little more. He gets the yellow top from Victoria, and decides not to wear heels.

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9:06 pm BBT  Frankie is dressed in drag as "Joey." Christine tells him he looks like a prostitute. He says he looks like a beautiful princess. He is standing in front of all the HG in the LR, getting ready to be the master of ceremonies. They are getting ready to do their BB Broadway show for TVGN and livefeeders.


9:10 pm BBT Frankie explains that this will be them acting as though the first HG weren't evicted, but rather them living in the house. They will be giving DR sessions and answering questions in the DR. The first HG in the DR is Joey.  I'm not gonna lie. I have no idea how I'm still here. I mean I was pretty sure I was going to be the first one evicted. I had a pretty rough start to my game. I tried to start an all girls alliance, but then I told all the boys I was going to do it and they were all my targets. I'm a makeup artist and I've never seen the show. Thank goodness I wasn't the first one evicted. So I did form an all girls alliance called the Scissor Sisters. We've been controlling the whole game. We got all the guys out. It's all the girls in the house... I've had sex with Devin, Zach, and Hayden. But let's say that more than one backdoor has been used in the BB house. I can say that, can't I?


9:12 pm BBT My strategy moving forward in this game is to stick with the girls. But Jocasta and Christine have to go because they are married. Victoria will have to go because she doesn't do that. Nicole will have to go because I'll have to date her too long and that will take too long. But me and Britt have a Clueless Alliance. I may as well stick with someone who hasn't seen the show, because I could pair with someone who has seen the show, but I probably wouldn't be here if I did that. Frankie does a great job imitating Joey. No one wants to follow his act, but Donny agrees (as Devin) as long as Frankie agrees to ask him the questions.


9:15 pm BBT Donny takes the seat wearing a beanie like the ones Devin used to wear.  He's talking in a low voice and walking the way Devin used to walk. How do you think you made it to the final 8? I'm a competition monster. I'm toting everyone else on my back. That's pretty much how I got here. What's your relationship with the other HG? Well, I'm having a little bit of a showmance with Brittany and Joey. I think I've even invited Pao up a time or two. Donny is showing his guns off the entire time. What is your strategy moving forward in the game? My strategy is to keep on being a competition monster, and tote all these jamokes to the end, and try to get at least 6 votes. Donny makes one of Devin's famous faces. Donny does a GREAT job. Cody says it was SCARY good. 


9:18 pm BBT Nicole takes the chair as Brittany. She is lotioning her legs and has her chest stuffed. I think I made it to the top 8 because I complete all my punishments that I get, I kicked 2400 goals, and at some point in this game I will be rewarded. Also, I was a have not for 2 weeks straight so I'm expecting a have not pass. People have been talking about Pandora's box, so I'm expecting a Golden Double Times Triple Power of Veto. I've never seen the show, so I don't know. I have a showmance with Devin. I have an alliance with Amber. It's called the Housekeeper's Alliance. My strategy is to keep completing my punishments because I'm going to keep getting rewarded. When she's done, Cody says, "Yo, Brittany." --and winks at her.


9:20 pm BBT Christine takes the chair, walking up like Pao Pao. She pretends to fart. I made it to the top 8 because I'm the reason everyone is gone. I sat against Frankie, I sat against Caleb, I sat against Donny and Cody. I tried to get in all their pants. I tried to get in Devin's pants, Zach's pants. They see me as one of the bros. I just do things with Joey now. I'm part of the Scissor Sisters. My strategy moving forward is to keep pleasing Joey. Devin doesn't want anything to do with me, none of his personalities do...none of the 5. I'm gonna make it to the end cause I'm gonna sit on the block 12 times total and the last time I'm gonna win it. Everyone laughs through her entire imitation of Pao Pao. She does a great job capturing Pao's voice and mannerisms.


9:24 pm BBT  It's Cody's turn to take the chair as Zach. He leans back in the chair. "So... Zach Attack. How did I get to this point? Everyone in this house is pretty much a Fruit Loop. They all suck at this game. I just sleep all day. I just beat Hayden in pool Amber wants me. I just scream at Pao Pao all day, and she still takes me to the Jack Shack. She's a waste. She's the worst. I had to send Cody back to Hoboken. Caleb couldn't beat me in pool, so I had to send him packin. I got a showmance going with Pao Pao. Amber and Britt want me. Me and Devin have a Final 2 Alliance, no one knows. Hayden thinks we have a final 2, but I talk shit about him behind his back. I don't have a strategy. I pretty much just yell at people. I'm just Zach Attack. I have a girlfriend outside of the house, but if I'm gonna cheat, I cheat up all the time. I pretty much suck at comps, but Devin is a monster. I just sleep all day. I think they skip me in noms because I'm sleeping through 'em. I'm going to eat cookies, not work out, and just Gator clap.


9:27 pm BBT  Vic takes the chair as Amber. Hey y'all!! Obviously I made it to the Top 8 cause I like to wear lingerie. I love Devin and Zach he's kinda cute. But my lingerie and my boobies. Me and Britt have an alliance called the Housekeepers Alliance. We cook and clean all the time. My plan to get to the end of the game is to wear lingerie, hookup with Devin, show my butt a lot.  -- The entire time Vic is acting as Amber she is showing off her cleavage, her butt and her boobs. Everyone is laughing hysterically. Camera 3 is focused on Caleb (although this is a little weird, because this is Victoria acting as Amber, and it's not Amber).


9:30 pm BBT  Caleb's turn as Hayden. He takes the character... You know like... a frickin' pedicab driver bro...Nicole. I was with her at the house for a week. I kissed her. I miss her. (Caleb is having a hard time doing this). My strategy is kind of tubular. If they could switch all the competitions from running on balance beams to running on our hands, I'd be like one or two (somehow he's talking like a British accent now) and he takes a big pause.... I'm gonna hop in my pedicab and take it to the end dude.


9:34 pm BBT  Now Derrick takes us to the close... He is wearing a bow ties and carrying a bible. He walks to the chair. He drags up a table and has ice packs. He says "Girl, girl. I'm getting too old for this. Where's Donny when you need him." I made it here because of Donny and he's gone now. Hi Connor, Hi Dylan, Hi Chris. Thank you Jesus. I want to give all the Glory to G-d!! As far as al lthe people in the house, I'm glad they are gone because they are going to hell. They are all fornicating. I like Amber because she reads the bible, although she can never find it. Pao Pao and Joey are going to hell. Brittany stole my story. Piggy bank... she's going to hell. My knee is swelling... we have to hurry. My strategy is to try to get hurt in every BotB so that they keep me to the end and with the power of G-d I will win this game.


9:38 pm BBT  Frankie says that this concludes BB Broadway Presents, House Swap. Nicole asks him if he will put on a show for them. Caleb says they should each do their own characters now. Donny says those who want to do so. Frankie is going to do his character Consuela. He puts a bandana on his his head and a pair of sunglasses on and says "Olah." He says that his hair is important to him, but that Freedom is important too... Now he goes into an infomercial about hair products.


9:41 pm BBT  Now it's a Q and A session with Consuela. Donny asks where she is from... Columbia. He asks if she has any children. No, no, no. Cody asks what she does with her down time. --Heck if I have any idea what the answer was!! Derrick asks what she looks for in a man. She says she looks for a very big... very big... heart. And everything should be grande. Now Caleb is going to play the part of his character.


9:47 pm BBT  My name is Rico. Since I was a kid, I ain't had no playground. I was pumpin up kids, punching kids in the face, been in the penitentiary, drink lots of beers. Carried a 9 mm every day. Kids took my lunch money. I skipped school. One day I got home and my mama, this dude was touching my mama in places I didn't like, so I stabbed the dude, 2-3 times. (All the HG are stunned to the point of not knowing what to do). So I went to the penitentiary. A white boy. That's why I've got tatts. Cats were shankin' me. I ain't got no phone calls home. A sucky life in the pen. Ain't nothin to gain in life. I'm out of the pen for 2-3 years and got introduced to cocaine. That's why I can't breathe through my nose. (All the HG are talking about how none of this is on TVGN and how TVGN is canceled). He says he is the Little Brother that could. He says he and his friend D used to do the Fun Dip, Skittles, and hang out on the side of the fence. So... and he changes characters...


9:54 pm BBT  Caleb is now a new character, Cletus. This character is a bean shooter whose brother drowns. He talks of his sisters, drinking moonshine. Frankie asks lots of questions, but it is a rather uncomfortable passage of time. Victoria leaves the LR, then Christine leaves the room. Donny suggests that they switch the channel to the Ninja show. Frankie gives him a hug and tells him it was funny. Donny says he wants to see Victoria do another skit and Derrick says he bets he does. 


9:59 pm BBT  The HG think the lockdown is over and try to go outside. They are told by BB that the are still on an IDL. Vic and Derrick are changing clothes and Vic asks Derrick if Caleb was talking game with him and changed the subject when she came in the room. He says NO, that Caleb had been asking if Nicole had been campaigning to him yet. He asks her if this is her getting paranoid again.


10:04 pm BBT  Cody, Caleb, Christine, and Frankie are in the HOH room. They say they can't believe how great Donny did. Cody says he can't wait to see how offbase they are about him. Frankie says it was entertaining to see Vic do a character, and Cody says but it wasn't Amber. Caleb says that Amber never talked about her butt and her boobs. Christine says she did to the girls. They say that Christine's Pao Pao was great, Cody's Zach was spot on, Nicole's Brittany was great. They compliment Caleb's Hayden. Then they tell Caleb he's in an awkward mood. He says he slept too much or something.


10:08 pm BBT  Derrick asks Vic "What's your problem?" He says she is acting different. Vic says she doesn't have a problem. Upstairs in the HOHR Cody, Frankie, and Christine are talking about Caleb's mood. They say that they thought that the BB Broadway thing would have been right up his alley. Christine says when he got up there it was so awkward. She thanks him for entertaining it. Frankie says sometimes he thinks that if it was someone else's idea he doesn't like it. Cody says that's how he is about everything. Cody says that today Donny said, "I really do like you Cody." and Cody thanked him. He said when he looked up, Donny was crying. He said he had to go run because he felt bad. Derrick is downstairs and he says to Vic, Donny's imitation of Devin was great!


10:11 pm BBT  Frankie says he would like to have another week like this one where everyone is on the same page, but that he would rather the DE be this week. Cody says that every single one of them would be the people competing in the veto to keep the nominations the same. Vic and Nicole would be on the block playing all of them. Donny is in the KT telling Nicole that they are all winners. Cody, Frankie, and Christine are in the HOH bed. Donny and Nicole are in the KT. Victoria and Derrick are in the Fire BR.


10:22 pm BBT  Frankie, Christine, and Cody are reviewing the order HG won comps, are evicted, etc. Christine is called to the DR. Caleb comes back to the HOHR. Donny and Nicole are at the KT table talking. Nic is scraping with her spoon and the sound is VERY annoying. Christine comes out of the DR and goes back to the HOHR. Derrick is called to the DR.


10:27 pm BBT  Nicole says she eats a lot outside of the house. Donny tells her she will have to be careful...it catches up with you when you hit 27/28. She says she only gained 5 lbs in college. Donny says he would like to go to college and become something. She says he should become a professor...she would love to have him as a professor. Camera switches to Vic and Derrick in Fire BR. She wants to know what people say about her. He says they don't think she's the master manipulator of the house or that she's dumb. They think she's cares a lot about her looks. That she's always dressing up and doing her makeup. She asks if they think she's a dumb girl. He says they don't talk about her like they talk about Donny. They think she's just a regular game player.


10:32 pm BBT  The HOH crew is watching Nicole and Donny and Caleb says "Of course them 2 would be together." Frankie says that they don't really have a choice. Christine says that she just loves him. She also says it's just hard to look at him after how hard he tried to manipulate all of them. Caleb says he wonders if he will bring up his military background. Frankie says "Do you think he will?" Caleb says he doesn't know. Cody is downstairs and they are watching him. Derrick is telling Victoria that they got their Zing for the Zingbot from her because she is always talking about her own game. That she talks about it to him and she probably talks about it in the DR. She needs to stop it. She asks him to tell her if people are talking about sending her home, will he tell her. He says he will. He says that only 1 person will win the money.


10:43 pm BBT  Derrick tells Vic to concentrate on the things she can change, not on the things she can't. Upstairs in the HOHR, Frankie has gotten out of the HOH bed and Christine has is tickling Cody's arm. Donny and Nicole make their way up to the HOHR and Nicole gets in the HOH bed with Cody and Christine. Donny puts on the black glasses with no lenses in them and sits in the chair. They all talk about Halloween in their respective parts of the country.


10:45 pm BBT  Victoria asks Derrick what his degree is in. He says it's a 2 year degree in business. She asks what his dream job is in. He says he's doing it. He says he's in the top position he can be in and he's been doing it for 8 years. He got there when he was 22 years old. She asks if modeling agencies asks Tenley (his daughter) to model, would he let her. He said yes, but he would still have to work. He says if he wins he probably won't be at the parties for very long because his wife and kid will be here. She says that after the DE there's a 50/50 chance that he will win. He says that it's not even close. 


10:53 pm BBT  Derrick and Vic leave the Fire BR. Vic heads up to the HOHR. Derrick stays downstairs and builds with the Jenga blocks. All the HG are looking for who is boiling water because there has been water boiling on the stove and no one says they are the one boiling it (Donny and Nic noticed it earlier, asked the HOHR HG about it and none of them knew about it, Vic and Derrick just found it and they didn't know about it). Caleb comes downstairs and is talking about it with Derrick.


10:58 pm BBT  Upstairs in the HOHR Nicole is playing with Cody's hair. Christine gets involved. Donny is watching the TV in the HOHR. Victoria comes out of the WA downstairs and they all talk about her. 

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10:17 PM BBT: Christine, Cody, and Frankie are in the HOH bed and Caleb is on the couch. They are going over the weeks saying who was HOH, who they nominated, who one veto and who was evicted. They are also counting everyone's competition wins. Donny and Nicole are sitting at the kitchen table having a little chit chat, nothing big. Cody is called to the DR.


10:25 PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick are in the fire room. Victoria asks Derrick what the other houseguests say about her. Derrick says they don't think she's a master manipulator and they don't think you're the genius of the house. He also says that they say you're girly, you like to look in the mirror and look nice. Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and Christine are in HOH watching Nicole and Donny on the screen.


10:31 PM BBT: Victoria asks Derrick if he would tell her if the others wanted to send her home. He says yes and tell her he doesn't want to make her look stupid.


10:39 PM BBT: The crew in the HOH room is still watching them in the kitchen. Cody does an impression of Donny while Christine is rubbing his arm. Donny and Nicole come into the HOH. Donny put on glasses with lenses popped out. Everyone laughs and Christine says he looks like a astronaut professor. [???]


10:50 PM BBT: Victoria comes into the HOH room. Derrick is sitting at the table downstairs. Everyone is talking about Christmas and Halloween. Donny says the dentist in his town buys the candy off of the kids so their teeth won't rot. Caleb tells them he's exhausted and goes downstairs. Caleb says to Derrick that it's funny because he's asked everyone in the house and they all said they didn't boil the water, even though there's water boiling on the stove. Frankie is now downstairs in the kitchen with Caleb and Derrick. Victoria comes out of the HOH room and the Social Media Mogul tells her she did good on his makeup. Caleb says he has a black eye and Frankie says it's not that bad,just yellow. 
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11:08 PM BBT In the KT, Frankie is washing the dishes, talking like Consuela. Caleb is drying the dishes and Derrick is putting them away. Donny, Cody, Nicole and Christine are in the HoH room talking about watching the HG on the TV. Donny was going to make a remark about the TV but didn't want to because he thinks its about production. Nicole says Donny is very good at following the rules, Cody tries to get Donny to hand him his mic but Donny didn't fall for it.


11:15 PM BBT Victoria has joined the Clean-up crew in the KT, she has got a disinfectant wipe and was cleaning the kitchen table. Derrick is now sweeping the floor. The HG in the HOHR are amazed about how much Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, and Victoria are cleaning the KT. Cody asks if anyone feels bad that they aren't down there helping.


11:20 PM BBT Nicole and Cody in the HOHR are taking turns playing with each other's hair. The HGs in the KT are still cleaning. Donny, Cody, Nicole, and Christine in the HOHR are now talking about dirty dishes and glasses that are left behind by other HGs. Cody and Donny took a bet at what time it was. Donny guessed 11:12 and Donny guessed 10:52. It was 11:17 PM.


11:27 PM BBT Derrick, Caleb, and Victoria are finished cleaning. Frankie is still washing dishes. Cody, Nicole, Donny, and Christine are still watching the downstairs HGs on the TV. They are watching Victoria wander around, saying that's all she does. Victoria sits at the KT table and Donny says she will be there for 2 minutes. Cody times her and she gets up at 40 seconds. Donny said that Amber was the same way she would go into every room wandering around. Cody says it was because she was paranoid.


11:32 PM BBT Caleb is now eating in the KT, Derrick and Victoria are drying and putting away dishes. HGs in the HOHR watch as Victoria leave the KT towards the LR and comes back to the KT within a few seconds. Christine is telling about how Victoria slapped Derrick in a flirty way previously. More talk about Victoria in the HoHR about her dating an older man.


11:38 PM BBT Cody, Nicole, Donny, and Christine in the HOHR are watching Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, and Victoria making/eating food in the KT. Donny leaves and tells the HG to watch him for his wave on the TV. Cody and Nicole are playing thumb wars, Christine says she sucks at that game, but she plays Cody anyway. Derrick is talking about his daughter Tenley, her nickname is T Rose because her middle name is Rose. If she would have been a boy the name would have been Nolan, Derrick says in a way after Nolan Ryan. Caleb then asks Derrick who he thinks is the best pitcher in the MLB.


11:45 PM BBT Nicole and Christine in the HOHR are trying to tickle Cody's feet, he is making the girls try to smell them. As Donny passes by the cameras they all yell good night to him. They are watching Derrick, Frankie, and Caleb were eating cereal in the KT. Christine says that its annoying how Frankie drinks a glass of milk out of a new glass every time. In the KT, Caleb is giving Frankie a nutritional instruction about what to eat before bed, he says cereal is a good choice to eat because it is a complex carbohydrate and will break down better.


11:52 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are talking in the LR about Cody being popular with the girls of the house. Currently Christine, Nicole, and Victoria are all upstairs with Cody. Donny has gone to bed and Frankie is not shown on feeds. Derrick says he doesn't act like Cody because he is married and Caleb is because he is a southern gentleman. Derrick is telling Caleb about how this may affect the jury vote. He wonders if the vote will be a popularity contest or best game play. Derrick hasn't watched the seasons with Dr. Will but he says Dan was the best player in BB history.


11:58 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are talking about Dan from BB14's game play. Retelling about how Dan convinced Danielle to use the veto on Dan to take him off and replace him with Shane, whom she was head over heels with. Derrick says if Dan was in the BB house, he would not be in a room with him because Dan would be cable to convince him to give him the money because of Dan's mist. Talk with Derrick and Caleb have moved to Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Nicole, Cody, Victoria, and Christine are watching Derrick and Caleb on the HOHR TV talking, briefly wondering what their conversation is about.

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