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Thursday, July 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT The round robin conversation is still going on in the hive room. Jocasta talks to Caleb in the KT and makes sure they are on more correct terms. She advises him to think more and not just lead with his tongue. Zach, Christine, and Frank are in the SR talking about the fact that Zach has planted the seed that everyone thinks Amber is working with Devin and Caleb. (Apparently operation flip Amber and Caleb on each other is working). Zach is now telling Christine about Caleb walking around the house saying he is not working with Amber but is protecting her to everyone. Zach feels responsible for it and says its amazing. Frank swears up and down that the twist is 8 people have never seen the show and 8 people are super fans.

12:15 AM BBT Feeds switched to fish and then come back to all four feeds on Caleb, Hayden, and Pao with Caleb saying that he hates that Amber is upset over something he did and he doesn't want a target on her because of him. Back in the SR Frank, Zach, and Christine are going over conversations they have had with Brit, Nicole, and Amber. They are just sharing info. Amber and Nicole are in the fire room talking about Amber feeling left out all day because of the Caleb and Devin issue.

12:25 AM BBT Frank, Zach, and Christine are now talking about a final six deal with Hayden, Cody, and Derrick. Frankie says he is so over Caleb because Caleb says he is bringing everyone to the jury then changing his mind. Frank walks out as Devin walks in and awkwardly grabs a pizza. Christine moves into the fire room where Caleb and Amber are talking about Caleb going from room to room telling everyone he is not aligned with Amber. They move onto hating Devin and that they think Brit is working with Devin. Caleb thinks Devin is working with Victoria too but the girls are not sure.

12:35 AM BBT Caleb and Amber are alone now in the Fire room. Amber tells him that she threw the first comp that Frank won. He laughs and impressed. Amber says she has a relationship with Donny and Jocasta and she doesn't want to ruin those friendships. She says Devin is ruining it. In the hive room Derrick seems to finally be done talking. He makes sure Devin is not around before leaving the room. He finds out Devin is not around but stays in the hive room anyway. Back in the fire room Caleb is still hunting for praise from Amber for taking the heat about not having an alliance.

12:45 AM BBT Cody and Derrick move to the HN room to rehash the very long conversation they just had with Brit. Frank comes into the room and they go over the conversation with him. They tell Frank to continue to plead ignorance about the alliance because the girls do not know as much as they think they know. Caleb joins Jocasta in the WA and apologizes to her again. Brit exits the bathroom stall and Caleb apologizes to her.

12:55 AM BBT Caleb and Zach walk into the hive room and talk about the last couple of days. They speculate about HOH. Zach says they just have to all communicate. Caleb says that he hates people are making his girl cry. Zach is just hyping him up and telling him that he still has all these soldiers that have his back. Feeds switch to Brit and Frank in the rock room going over the Amber situation. Hayden and Derrick are in the HN room talking about how to back door Devin and what possible backup plans exist. They are happy with Devin, Brit, or Jocasta going.

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#BB16 8:55AM BBT All HG asleep. Dreaming of winning HOH tonight,

#BB16 9:25AM BBT All HG still sleeping.

#BB16 9:33AM BBT We have FOTH - may be time to wake up!

#BB16 9:34AM BBT False alarm. We are back and lights are all still out. Derrick is up and using the facilities.

#BB16 9:48AM BBT We have FOTH.

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11:00am Hg complaining they don't want to go to hoh lock down today and deciding what to wear for the live show tonight.

11:06am General talk as HG wait to go to HOH lock down
11:11am Jacosta tells Donny that she doesn't want her girl Paola to go.
11:26am We are on FOTH now.
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1:47pm Christine is washing dishes as Caleb is telling stories as Hayden listens. Frankie and Devin doing each others hair cuts.

1:50pm Donny sweeping the floors Girls are getting hair and make up done.Just general chat going on.
1:55pm Frankie and Caleb in the fire rm Caleb says they said they didn't know how that got in the house and we have to take it then we get foth.
1:57pm Hayden, Christine and Donny are cleaning the house before the live show tonight as Other HG are doing hair and make up or taking a nap.
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2:00pm Donny tells Paola no crying tonight or you will mess your makeup up. She says the only people who have made me cry in this house Donny are you and Jacosta.

2:17pm Devin talking to derrick and Frankie he tells derrick that he apologizes for everything and at the end of this show he hopes everything will be good.Derrick says at the end of the day we will be good friends outside this house.
2:19pm Derrick tells Devin dude it is all done and I don't take it personal. Devin says what upset me is that you have a little daughter and I have a little daughter and I am not making up excuses and I blew it up after all was said and I just want to apologize and derrick says well we will just have to win now it is all in Gods hands now.
2:28pm Everyone still getting ready and dressing for tonight live show just general talk going on now.
2:29pm Caleb asking Donny if he is upset about Paola and he ask what the ratio is and Caleb says i think you are safe doing it the way we talked about the other day ok? Donny nods yes.
2:32pm Caleb telling Zach in bee hive rm about what Devin said that he was sorry for blowing the alliance up and how he wants to be friends outside the house.
2:35pm Jacosta says the Kitchen is closed as they finish cleaning it for tonight.Just general talk going on all over the house as they are getting dressed.And we now have FOTH again.
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2:40pm Most Hg in the WA getting ready talking about their poop habits.Donny,Caleb and Nicole talking about the HOH comp tonight and how you can never hit the ball the same as you did before.

2:50pm Devin and Derrick going over the same conversation again with Devin Apologizing.Hg still getting ready and Donny keeps humming.
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7:07 PM BBT Feeds return. Caleb and Derrick are in the beehive. They are confirming that Devin is the target. They are going to tell Nicole that he is going to nominate someone like Caleb so that she doesn’t.

7:11 PM BBT Derrick can't wait until Midnight so he can eat. He is looking forward to some time away from slop and to see his pictures. They assume Devin will be put on slop this week by Caleb or Nicole. They don't think anyone will want to volunteer for slop this week because no one will want to sleep in the same room as him.

7:14 PM BBT Between the conversations between Derrick and Caleb in the beehive room and Frankie and Cody in the Have-Not room, it appears the consensus is that Devin will not be nominated with the intent to backdoor him. There are no feeds on Nicole to confirm or deny her participation in this strategy. Derrick says the only way Devin doesn't go home is if he gets lucky and gets picked to play in the POV and then to win it. No one in the house would care if the POV was used to send Devin home.

7:20 PM BBT The strategy talk has temporarily stopped as many of the HGs are discussing their strategies in the HoH comp. Amber, Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Cody, Victoria, Brittany, Amber, and Donny are hanging out in the LR talking about Derrick getting his letter and pictures. Nicole, Caleb, and Christine are in the KT making a snack.

7:29 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch over to Jocasta and Cody in mid conversation. I think Jocasta is a bit concerned that she was one of only two votes for Paola. Cody is reassuring her how many people in the house adore her so she shouldn't worry. Amber comes up to her and hugs her. She explains that she spoke with Paola before the vote to explain to her why she couldn't give her a vote. Jocasta told her it was fine as long as she feels good about her vote. Amber says that since she spoke to Paola before, she can feel good about it. If she voted that way behind her back, she wouldn't.

7:33 PM BBT Jocasta and Amber are now in the beehive room. Jocasta tells her that she feels like she doesn't have anyone to talk to. She said Frankie was kind of paranoid around her the past two days. She explains that she has been keeping to herself because she really doesn't feel good.

7:41 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Zach are in the WA. The plan (pending Nicole's cooperation) is to nominate four people, none of them being Devin. They are going to tell the nominees that the goal is to backdoor Devin without giving him a chance to play in the veto. In the beehive Jocasta feels like she is out of the loop. Amber tells her that she simply didn't want to talk game to people. Amber is telling her that she is playing the game alone now because there are only three people in the entire house that she trusts.

7:49 PM BBT Donny and Devin are in the LR. Donny is telling him that Devin's apology made everything all right between them. Devin tells him that if he makes it to jury he wants to do it while carrying Donny on his back. Devin says the past few days have hurt a lot. He realizes that most of the others don't like him and it was lonely.

7:54 PM BBT Hayden is teasing Nicole in the KT. He tells her that it is really ironic that she won HoH today but it just happens to also be the day that he planned to propose to her. In the beehive Jocasta and Amber are talking about the post POV ceremony fireworks.

8:00 PM BBT Donny and Nicole are in the WA. She tells him she is nervous. He tells her not worry about it. She is going to make the right decision. Donny looks straight at the camera and speaks to us "This girl is going to make the right decision." Jocasta walks up and asks her the obvious question: Does she know what she is going to do? Nicole "Absolutely not" She hopes she gets a day to think about it. Donny reminds her that this is her HoH. It isn't a joint one. Nicole says that whatever she does, it will be a game move and not a personal one. She is here to play the game.

8:04 PM BBT Hayden has made a ring out of aluminum foil. When Nicole comes into the KT he gets on one knee and proposes to her. She laughs about it for a second and then tells him that he is only asking because she is HoH. She throws the ring back at him and he falls to the ground as if she had shot him straight through the heart. Frankie tells Hayden to ask him. Hayden does and Frankie quickly accepts and runs around the counter saying he is married. Amber walks up to him with an angry face. He is reminded that he is already engaged to her.

8:08 PM BBT Hayden and Nicole go into the WA so she can use the straightener on his hair. She jokes that she was thinking about nominating him. He tells her that in all honesty, she might want to consider nominating Amber. Nicole tells him that his family should be pretty happy for him because he is safe. He feels bad she is in the position but she will be fine and it could be worse.

8:12 PM BBT Devin and Zach are in the LR. Devin tells him that sometimes in the house you have to be someone you are not. He tells Zach that he is really a nice person outside of the house. He understands that Zach did what he had to do to survive this week and that there is no hard feelings. Caleb joins them and Devin tells him the same thing. "You have to be someone you aren't in this house." Devin says if he is on the block he just wants to enjoy his last week. He wishes them both the best. Nicole is finished with Hayden's hair and Frankie says he looks like Fabio.

8:21 PM BBT Brittany and Nicole are in the beehive room. Nicole says everyone is asking her what she is going to do but she doesn't know yet. Brittany tells her they are all just sh*tting themselves. Nicole says "Those that were with me yesterday will be with me tomorrow." Brittany is telling her not to talk to Christine. She says that she, Jocasta, and Christine were talking about the Devin situation. She tells Nicole that Christine went straight to the guys about it. Then they discuss how Amber is not trustworthy. Nicole "Amber is sh*tting her pants right now and she should be." Nicole admits to her that she did NOT want to win that competition.

8:27 PM BBT Nicole tells Brittany that she probably isn't down with the idea of leaving Devin off the block. She says that she can put Devin up and if he ends up coming down she can put up Caleb. "This is my game. I have to do what is best for me. I will make a big move." Brittany tells her not to let them scare her. Nicole is making it clear to Brittany that the guys are not going to intimidate her into leaving Devin off the block (so he can be backdoored) if that isn't the best for her own game. Brittany says that no one would expect a big move out of her because she is so tiny.

8:32 PM BBT Brittany and Nicole are still in the beehive. Nicole's targets are Caleb and Amber. Brittany agrees that a week ago, she would have been gung ho to get rid of Devin. Lately, Caleb scares her more. Nicole says she was nominated by someone who referred to her as a best friend (Amber) simply because she wasn't in the bomb squad.

8:37 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are in the LR. Caleb is talking about Amber. He says he has some one liners that makes girls toes curl up. He gives Zach an example: He tells girls his name is pistol, because he is a son of a gun. Brittany and Nicole are still in the beehive. Brittany is revealing her POV promise to Devin. While talking about Frankie pops in. He apologizes and leaves after a moment. Brittany "He always does that. Anytime I talk to anyone he does that." Brittany and Nicole only trust Hayden and Donny. Brittany tells her to talk to Derrick before she decides on anything.

8:46 PM BBT Amber and Caleb are in the LR. Caleb is telling Amber that she is completely safe. She need not worry at all. He plans to tell both the HoHs that if either of them plan on putting her up that they had better put him up too. He is going to promise to go after anyone who nominates her. He tells Amber that the only way she is at risk is if someone comes down because of the POV.

8:50 PM BBT Devin and Derrick are in the beehive now. Derrick tells him that he is not wanting to talk game tonight. He wants to enjoy the night with his pictures and tomorrow he will hit the game hard. He tells Devin that he isn't going to make any decisions until he has had a chance to talk to Nicole. He understands that all the members of the Bomb Squad are huge targets. They are lucky it wasn't Nicole and someone like Brittany winning the other HoH because they could have ended up putting four of the Bomb Squad.

8:55 PM BBT Devin is now repeating his "you have to be someone you aren't in the game" speech with Brittany in the beehive room. He tells her that he is ready to go home because he misses his daughter. She tells him not to give up yet. "That was my game, and my game didn't go well. There is nothing I can do to get that back." He says that he is playing the odds and the odds aren't good.

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This is Gwen's update:

9:10PM BBT: Derrick and Cody talk about how their good with each other. Cody said he's laying low and is going to make it seem like they aren't working together. Derrick says he doesn't want to piss anyone off and has to figure out who they are going to put up. Cody tells Derrick to talk to Nicole before anyone else, so that they're on the same page. Derrick tells Cody that Nicole told him she wanted to talk to him in the HoH room before anyone else talks to them. Derrick tells Cody he needs to figure out what Donny is doing. Derrick says that Jocasta has been talking crap in the house about people. Derrick says the same thing about Brittany. She's honest, which is great, because she'll be a target, but they need to reel her back in. They complain about Brittany trying to flip the house against them. Derrick said she went immediately to Nicole after she won HoH instead of him, because Brittany thinks Cody is mad at her.
9:15PM BBT: Derrick tells Caleb and Cody that they need to dial it back and stop being so loud and open, because Frankie has been running his mouth lately. Cody is upset with Frankie, because Frankie apparently told Jocasta stuff while the feeds were off this afternoon. Derrick says that they just need to get rid of Devin. The whole house will be fine with it and that ensures them all another week. Derrick tells the boys that Devin begged him to get put on the block and they all say, "No way is that happening." Derrick told him to his face that he'd let him know, but he's not doing anything for Devin.
9:18PM BBT: Cody and Caleb tell Derrick that he needs to convince Nicole to put one person from their side so that they can win and Derrick can convince whoever he nominates to throw the competition. Caleb offers to do it, because anyone but Devin would totally use the PoV to pull someone off to put Devin up. Derrick says play dumb the whole week and say nothing to anyone, because Devin still has people on side. Derek says he doesn't know what Nicole will do and she might try to backdoor someone else. They run scenarios to ensure that Devin stays in power so that Nicole can't do anything crazy.
9:26PM BBT: Zach and Brittany joke around in the storage room. They both laugh about how honest they are and it both almost cost them the game. Brittany says, "I like honest people and I knew I liked you the day you told me you weren't going to pray for me to stay in the house."
9:28PM BBT: Derrick and Zach talk. Zach says Amber deserves to go home before jury. Derrick tells Zach just relax this week, because you're golden. "Swim, hang out, play pool..." Derrick says he told Frankie the same thing, because Frankie has been talking too much. Derrick says that he heard that someone was trying to flip the house. Zach and Derrick wonder if it was Jocasta or Brittany. Derrick says he's going to find out for sure what Brittany is up to.
9:31PM BBT: Brittany goes and whines to Donny about being a target. She hates it. Donny says you got into a clique and it was hard to get out of it. Brittany says I'm strong minded and I don't know any other way and I'm not easily manipulated. [Hilarious, considering Derrick manipulated her a ton. ] Donny says, "You hide yourself well when you break down." Brittany says, "That's probably what gets me in trouble."
9:40PM BBT: Donny, Nicole, and Hayden talk about Nicole's HoH. They ask her if she's going to cry when she reads her letter. She says no and that she's emotionally strong in the house. Donny tells them he was emotional at the beginning, but he could shoot a dog now and not be bothered by it. They laugh about it. Hayden starts flirting with Nicole and Donny provides commentary.
9:43PM BBT: Cody and Hayden join Nicole. She tells Cody that she was aiming for the 25 and couldn't believe it went into 29.
The feed switches to Devin and Frankie talking about the HoH competition. They both wish it would've gone to a second round. Derrick, Amber, Christine, and Victoria sit at the table and have general chit-chat about the days and events.
9:48PM BBT: Everyone gets up from the table and leave Devin sitting alone brooding. Zach is making food for people. Brittany and Zach are making guacamole for the house.
9:50PM BBT: Hayden and Cody talk about the nominations. Cody thinks Nicole should nominate Amber and Caleb and that they'd win and then Derrick could nominate Jocasta and Brittany and when they lose, Derrick wouldn't get his hands dirty by backdooring Devin.
9:52PM BBT: Nicole and Derrick come out and ask who wants to see their HoH room!
Everyone gets excited as they head towards the HoH room. Cody makes fun of Nicole's pictures. Nicole gets Funyons and fruit gushers in her basket and they think it's hilarious.
Derrick sits down and reads his letter. They tell Derrick his daughter is beautiful. Frankie loves Nicole's dream catcher. Devin and Amber sit awkwardly on the couch. Hayden makes fun of Derrick for asking for water in his basket. Nicole reads her letter. They call her their little cocoa bear. Her family is proud of her and that she's strong and smart and beautiful. Her dogs love listening to her voice on TV. Her mom reminds her to eat healthy and to breathe and to enjoy every minute. It's Derek's turn. His wife calls him babe. She and their daughter is proud of him. She says, "I'll see you in September when they announce you the winner of BB 16!"
10:04PM BBT: Hayden and Cody tell Nicole her dreamcatcher is going to keep the ghosts away. Nicole says that she's excited about it.
10:08PM BBT: Everyone is still in the HoH room except for Brittany and Zach who are making guacamole and Devin who is stalking around downstairs.
Caleb explains to Cody how the nominations work. There are two eggs, with a #1 and #2. Both will pick an egg and whoever gets the #1 gets to pick the first nominations. Frankie tells Nicole, "You just won the HoH in your favorite TV show ever!" Nicole celebrates and joins Frankie on the bed.
10:16PM BBT: Devin tells Brittany and Zach that he came downstairs almost immediately because he doesn't want to be a kiss ass and when he was HoH he wanted everyone out of his room so he could be alone. Zach said when he was up in the room he started crying. Zach says he got really close to Derrick and he felt so good knowing that Derrick got his pictures and letter.
10:33-10:50PM BBT: General chit-chat still going on in the HoH room, people are reluctant to leave. Brittany and Amber hang out in kitchen. Frankie and Zach go into storage room and make up. Frankie says he wants to stay off the block. Zach tells him they are fine. Christine, Hayden, and Cody are in Nicole's HoH bed. They are waiting for Victoria to leave so that they can talk game, but she isn't taking the hint.
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11:05 PM BBT Derrick, Caleb and Hayden are in the LR speculating when double evictions and twists will be. In the HOH room Nicole, Christine, and Victoria talking about Amber and how she is rude because she takes things without asking. Derrick comes in and asks to talk to Nicole to figure out who they are nominating.

11:15 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole agree that no matter who wins HOH this week they are both safe. In the rock room Amber, Cody, and Christine are talking about who is spreading lies about Christine and Cody turning on Amber. Back in HOH Derrick is going over the fake story about how he was brought onto the bomb squad. He claims he had no idea who the other members were to give rationale to why he didn't tell her.

11:25 PM BBT Derrick says his absolute main target this week is Devin. He continues to play dumb about details regarding the bomb squad for a second and then moves on to say as far as initial nominations go it sucks because they have to nominate people that are not Devin. They talk about absolutes that they are not putting up. Nicole says Cody, Christine, and possibly Donny. Derrick says he thought that Donny might have tried to flip the house and wanted Pao to stay. Nicole shoots that down. They agree that they are nervous to talk game together because they never have before and think they are working with other people.

11:35 PM BBT In the rock room Christine, Cody, and Amber are talking about Pao. They say she knew she was leaving and she apparently leave gracefully. Nicole keeps saying she did not want this HOH and does not want any blood on her hands. Derrick says that he would like to work with Nicole and her only. He doesn't want anyone else in on it. Nicole says that they can keep each other safe because they hang out with separate people and can protect their names. Nicole starts talking about nominating Amber but being scared of Caleb being mad. Derrick says he talks with Caleb but has no plans on taking him anywhere. He might be able to talk to him about nominating Amber.

11:45 PM BBT The talk in the rock room is about what Nicole is going to do. Amber has left and Frank has replaced her in the room. Christine says she has no idea what Nicole is going to do and they all agree Devin is the target. They laugh a little about Nicole not wanting to be up there at all and being stressed out. They all start to focus on their trackers because they think they are broken. (It is quite funny to watch three adults tap a tiny bracelet over and over). Back in HOH, they are going over conversations they have had with Devin since they won. They go back to noms and they basically list the whole house as people they do not want up. Nicole wants to put up Amber and Derrick says he will put up Caleb to split them up and make sure they cannot work for each other.

11:55 PM BBT Nicole says Derrick can put up Jocasta and he says he definitely could because they do not talk game ever. They cancel out Brit after some chit chat about trust. Nicole is having serious issues with who to put up as her second. She brings up putting up Devin and Derrick is trying so hard to get her to listen to the back door plan. Nicole says she just can't put up Donny she just can't even though they are not close. Downstairs in the fire room Devin and Jocasta are talking about their kids.

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