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Wednesday, July 9 Live Feed Updates


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(Time to settle in and watch these hamsters run around their cage)

12:00 BBT Seems like Caleb and Zack just had a conversation and it looks like they might have made up. Zack leaves and Derrick joins Caleb in the Storage room rehashing the conversation and votes in the house. Derrick says that Zack messed up but he wouldn’t have if Devin hadn’t put him up. We get WBRB. Caleb says that Zack promised that he would leave Amber alone and leave Caleb alone and would keep Devin till jury but after that he would take Devin out right away. Derrick and Caleb say that they want Devin out next week and rehash what he has done that isn’t loyal to the Bomb Squad.

Seems like the HG have been on inside LD, which has been lifted.

12:10 BBT Cody and Amber are talking in the fire room talking about Zack, the Bomb Squad alliance, and Devin. They jump from one thought to the next trying to decide who they trust. Paloa walks in and the talk continues, but Amber and Cody aren’t as deep with their comments. Paloa campaigns a bit and Cody tells her she doesn’t have his vote, that he (Cody) is voting to keep Zack as Zack is his friend. After a bit more campaigning from Paloa, Jocasta joins them in the middle of this, Cody changes the subject a bit awkwardly and talk turns to what Jocasta’s name means. Apparently it is the name of a queen.

12:20 BBT In the Kitchen Victoria, Derrick, Christina, and Frankie talk about poop. They turn to what the twists in the house might be. Frankie says it’s supposed to be the most interactive season so far. Frankie makes a face for Joey.

12:29 BBT Zack, Hayden, and Nicole talk in the BY around the pool table. The boys joke with Nicole about all the guys outside of the house that probably want her right now. Nicole says that her mother will probably call BB and tell them they need to take her out because she’s making such a fool of herself. We keep getting short moments of WBRB. Zack says that he is going to have so many people that hate him in America, probably his own parents (jokingly).

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12:05 AM BBT Amber says she wants Devin out. Caleb says that keeping him keeps a number for their side. Amber says that he put Zach up which is a number for their side too so he is not that loyal. Caleb changes his tune and says if they want Devin gone then he has got to go then. Caleb tells her to smile and quit moping around because he hates it. Their talk breaks up and Derrick walks into the SR and Caleb quickly confirms they are voting for Zach to stay.

12:15 AM BBT Camera man on feed one is having fun zooming in and out on random items in the LR. Cody and Amber are talking about all of the conversations with Zach and their distrust for Devin. The same conversation that just happened in the SR repeated. They agree there is no trust in Devin. Small talk going on in the rest of the house. Brit, Victoria, and Derrick are talking about slop in the KT.

12:25 AM BBT Christine enters the KT and asks where everyone is. Derrick says it is scheming night, everyone is scheming and he loves it because he is not on the block. Jocasta and Pao have joined Cody and Amber in the fire room. Pao is campaigning a tad by saying the reason she will go home if she does is because of it helping someone else's game not any of them in the room.

12:35 AM BBT Zach, Hayden, and Nicole are talking about what they think America thinks of them. Idle chit chat is going on until Caleb and Frank go into the Hive room. Those two are repeating the conversation that he had with Zach and how the conversation with Devin is expected to go about Zach staying.

12:45 AM BBT Caleb and Frank continuing to go over the conversation. Caleb rehearses what they are going to tell Devin. They plan to say that Zach is staying. They will tell Devin he can freak out if he wants but it does not change Zach staying. They say that Zach wants to mend fences and that he regrets some of the things he said and that he has no plans to go after Devin. They break it up and feeds switch to the small talk about being have nots in the fire room. Frankie heads to HOH stay tuned for fireworks maybe.

12:53 AM BBT Frank breaks the news to Devin and Devin says he doesn't even care then demands to know who is voting where. He hears Frank out and says he out of the squad and doesn't care anymore. He doesn't trust Caleb and he knows Zach will throw him up. He says and I quote "The house will have to battle a man's love for his daughter to get him out." He says he is only in it for Jayden now. He is done with the squad. Devin says he is picking everyone off one by one by one, he is done. Frank says to leave him for last and leaves the room to most likely grab everyone and relay the info.

1:00 AM BBT Devin has now woken up Donny and is trying to have a conversation about Pao leaving. Devin asks if he would get up or if he'd rather deal with it tomorrow. Donny asks to deal with it tomorrow since he doesn't have a mic on. Devin goes ahead and goes into it and says he just bowed out of an 8 person alliance that has tried to be made a nine person alliance. He starts spilling every. single. detail. of the bomb squad.of an 8 person alliance that has tried to be made a nine person alliance. He starts spilling every. single. detail. of the bomb squad.

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12:34 BBT Zack, Hayden, Nicole, and Derrick are now in the BY around the pool table. Zack is going over his eviction speech. They all seem to agree that it is a good speech. Christine join them and Zack again goes through his eviction speech. Zack then tells them all that he has Caleb’s vote and that Derrick was the one who made Caleb change his mind (Vote to keep Zack). Zack says that Caleb is going to tell Devin that he is going to vote to evict Paloa now.

12:40 BBT Frankie and Caleb have been talking in the Bee Hive room about Caleb talking to Zack and the deal that they made. That Caleb would vote for Zack to stay.

Frankie is immediately up in the HoH room telling Derick about his conversation with Caleb, rehashing it. ( I missed this conversation in the bee hive) Frankie believes that Caleb changed his vote because he thought Zack had majority vote. Devin is having a pitty party, saying that he is out of the Bomb Squad, that this is now a one person game for him, to forget the alliance. Pitty party, as said before. Devin says he is going to “pick every single person off one by one by one”. Frankie says goodnight and turns off the light.

Hayden and Nicole are in the BY on the hammock talking about if Nicole should try for the HoH or not along with other things. Hayden has his arm around Nicole. Nicole says that she graduated with highest/high marks from nursing school. Hayden says that he played hockey in college and is hiding this from the house, he also says that he is hiding that he runs marathons.

12:55 BBT Devin has come down into the Rock Room to talk to Donny about what has happened. He says that something has happened in the house that is really really bad. That a person he really trusts came up and told him everything, that Paloa is going home. Devin says that he trusts Donny and Frankie only now. Devin also says the he is no longer in the alliance. He then goes on to tell Donny about the Bomb Squad and who all is in it before and who is in it now. Devin then returns to the HoH bedroom and unlocks the door and goes in.

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01:00 BBT Hayden and Nicole are still in the BY in the hammock talking. Everyone else who is awake seem to be in the Fire room sitting in a circle praying.

Just general chit chat between Hayden and Nicole.

01:15 BBT Brittney goes up into the HoH room with Devin. It seems like he called her up there. Devin spills the beans about the Bomb Squad, every detail. He says he only trusts Donny, Frankie, and Jocasta. He is trying to add to that trust by talking to Brittney about the Bomb Squad. He continues to spill on the Bomb Squad. Devin explains that he put Zack up on the block because he thought he had something up on the side.

In the BY Frankie is telling Cody, Zack, and Derrick about Devin leaving the alliance by the pool table. Zack is saying that his plan worked. Frankie says that Devin said he is just going to lock himself in his room and not talk to anyone and win competitions. Frankie said it was scary, Devin just laid their real calm and just smiled. This is not the first time I’ve heard this from the HG but Frankie says that Victoria has said she wants to go home.

Frankie has gone over to Caleb in the BY to tell him the same thing he just got done telling the boys at the pool table. Frankie says that he is happy it was him who told Devin about the change to keep Zack. Frankie says that he (Frankie) has also been saying that everyone just needs to leave Devin alone and they just need to backdoor him, make sure he can’t compete and then have someone win the POV and backdoor him. Frankie says he left it on a peaceful note and kept the conversation peaceful on purpose. He said it was an awkward conversation [i can agree, I felt awkward sitting here listing to it-Tess]

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1:20 AM BBT Devin has pulled Brit into HOH and is spilling the beans about the bomb squad. He is effectively blowing up the bomb squad right now. Hayden and Nicole have been on the hammock for the last few minutes discussing the bomb squad as well, Hayden just is not using the bomb squad names. Back in HOH Devin is throwing everyone but Frank under the bus to Brit. Devin says he is done with them. He says he couldn't care less about anyone in that alliance but Frank. Devin says he plans to talk to Jocasta later.

1:33 AM BBT Brit says she is only surprised by Derrick and she feels betrayed by him. Devin says he is a great guy and he was just very loyal. Brit says she noticed small things like the two groups always meeting separately and Franking making rounds to everyone. Frank is in the BY relaying the conversation to the other boys. He and Caleb are having a long conversation now. Caleb says the next game plan is to put up Devin and get someone else to throw the BOTB it is that simple (yes so easy). Frank is quick to point out how dumb that plan is and Frank says we need to just backdoor him. Caleb takes some convincing but agrees to it.

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01:30 BBT Frankie is now over with Christine and Amber in the BY telling them about what Devin has done and the plan to backdoor him. Much of the same conversation. Caleb has come to join and listen to it. How they are not going to talk to Devin at all about anything.

01:37 BBT Caleb is talking now to Amber and Christine and Frankie has gone to join Caleb, Derrick, and Cody at the pool table in the BY. Frankie is telling them everything is reset now and that the eight of them are still good and they are good till jury (Wonder how this will change with they find out about Devin telling everyone about the Bomb Squad). Congrats are going around the pool table group about all of them doing a good job. They tease Nicole and Hayden, who I assume are still on the hammock, to kiss each other.

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01:45 BBT Frankie and Cody talk about how they are glad Paloa are going home and how everything is so much better now. Frankie is so happy that he doesn’t have to go run around to him (Devin) anymore makes him so happy. Frankie says that honestly he thinks Devin is not a crazy person but he is a crazy game person, that he was feeling a little conflicted/tortured by Devin, that this is a huge relief. Cody says that he is a little worried about Caleb. Frankie tries to calm his mind over this by telling Cody that Caleb is a simple, strait forward person and that he doesn’t lie and is an all or nothing person.

01:53 BBT Feeds switch over to Hayden and Nicole, still on the hammock. Apparently Hayden has been bothering her for a hug, and she finally gives one to him. Not sure on the seriousness of the conversation, they talking about kissing each other. Nicole says she doesn’t want to because it will be on TV, they also talk about an alliance name in the same breath.

Nicole gets up and leaves then and is replaced a minute later by Cody. Cody tells Hayden about Devin leaving the alliance. They talk about how they are going to get Devin out and if they can trust Caleb with getting Devin out.

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02:00 BBT Cody and Hayden are in the BY on the hammock. They talk about Caleb, how he is obsessed with Amber, how Amber is a wild card. Christine joins in on the conversation. Hayden brings up that they can turn Caleb on her by keeping up with all the shit that Amber says about him throughout this time.

02:07 BBT Feeds change to Caleb and Derrick in the Bee Hive. Same conversation about Devin being over controlling and compulsive.

02:09 BBT Paloa pulls Nicole into the Storage Room. Paloa tells her that she is weak, how Zack treats woman badly, ext, ext. Nicole says she is unsure on her vote, Paloa asks if she knows where the vote stands and who is voting which way, Nicole gives a vague answer on this and that she doesn’t know and is unsure.

02:18 BBT The house realizes that Jocasta and Brittney are up in HoH with Devin.

02:25 BBT Brittney is still up in the HoH with Devin. Jocasta has joined them as of about fifteen minutes ago. Devin by this time has told both women about the Bomb Squad. They are now talking about things that have happened in the house. Devin is trying to convince them that Derrick is not trustworthy.

[i think even BB is getting bored with Devin talking by this point in time, they have switched feeds over to diffrent houseguests by this time a few times before returning to the HoH bedroom]

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02:30 BBT Victoria and Frankie are in the Have Not room. Frankie is telling her about how the house has turned and is going to keep Zack, leaving out about the Bomb Squad alliance.

02:45 BBT Devin is still talking to Jocasta and Brittney still about things that have happened in the game and what they need to do to do good in the game. He says that they can come to him and ask him about anything about the game.

Amber has been moving around the house cleaning, Caleb at one point helps her for a little bit.

02:50 BBT Frankie goes into the BY and tells Derrick, Caleb, Hayden, and Zack that Brittney made a deal with Devin to get pulled off the block. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, let’s create a lie. It takes a few seconds for Zack to catch onto this. Talk turns to the drama of the night, same old same old.

The camera switches from one group of HG to another.

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03:00 BBT Hayden, Frankie, Derrick, and Zack are in the BY. Hayden goes over again how It would be easy to turn Caleb on Amber.

03:05 BBT The meeting in HoH has finally broken up, Brittney leaves Jocasta and Devin in the HoH. Paloa runs up to the HoH bedroom and asks Devin if Jocasta is there. Devin tells her that she is on the toilet and she (Paloa) leaves. They only talked at the door, Devin never let her in.

03:10 BBT Paloa goes down to the Rock Room immediately and tells this to Caleb. They both comment she has been up there a while. Caleb tells Paloa the lie that Brittney made a deal with Devin to take her off the block. He also says that this is why he has separated himself from Devin. Caleb says he has no idea why Jocasta is up there but that Brittney is up there because them to are together. Cody is in bed next to them, he has turned his head toward the two, eyes still closed.

03:17 BBT Paloa is replaced by Amber. Caleb tells her that she cannot feel the way she does. (About Devin?). She leaves to go to bed, not having talked much herself.

Sometime during this Jocasta has left the HoH.

03:25 BBT Paloa pulls Hayden into the Bee Hive, campaigning again.

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03:40 BBT Most game talk around the house has stopped. Jocasta is out in the BY on the hammock by herself, anyone who asks her if she is ok she just says she is feeling sick. Brittney is in the Kitchen cleaning, various HG joining her but not much is being said. It’s hard to tell if these HG are just too tired or this is awkward silence.

03:45 BBT Frankie is telling Paloa and Jocasta about the Devin drama now in the hammock. Paloa asks how he thinks the votes will go, he says he doesn’t know. Jocasta says that the reason she was in the HoH bedroom was to use the restroom.

Zack rehearses his speech in front of the mirror in the Bathroom.

03:55 BBT Devin comes down to get a snack in the Kitchen and tells Frankie that he is not talking to anyone in the alliance unless it is like this (guessing he means out in the open), and that he will be coming after everyone, including Frankie, when he wins competitions.

We get WBRB

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7:00AM We find Jocasta, Paola, Zach, and Cody are the HGs that pulled all-nighters.

F1/2 Zach, Paola and Jocasta are by the HT, Zach pretty much telling them he has the votes to stay. He goes inside, and Jocasta tells Paola "not to give up, but it's pretty much set now that Paola is going home Thursday.I think you were good until people started making up. I a few days matter in here."

F3/4 Zach goes inside to the K where Cody is making breakfast.

7:20AM F3/4 Cody/Zach start a pool game, discuss who goes home next, Devin, then Victoria/Britt/Jocasta. Zach suggests they make a final 4 deal with Hayden, Cody thinks they already have one with him.

F1/2 Paola wants to go to bed, and wants Jocasta to go to bed also. Jocasta wants to stay up, to "tell Donny to wake me at a certain time, and I want to see everyone's faces."

Paola:"are you a mind reader?"

Jocasta:"When people are cut throat, you have to look at their face, every smile they make."

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7:30AM F1/2 Jocasta/Paola staring at the memory wall. Paola starts pointing at pictures, naming alliances.... Nicole/Hayden, Cody/Zack, Caleb/Frankie.... "Hayden, Cody, and Zach are going to backdoor Caleb.... Amber and Britt will go after each other, Britt doesn't trust Amber.... if Caleb/Devin aren't working together, you don't know what is going to happen"

7:38AM F1/2 Jocasta/Paola discussing how the game will change once Paola leaves(she seems to be coming to the realization she is going) F3/4 Cody/Zach discuss how smitten Caleb is for Amber, and how they can use that in the game. Cody explains to Zach that Devin 1.broke BombSquad rules by nominating Zach, 2.Tried to blame it on Zach, 3. Tried to realign the alliance with Hayden.

7:44AM F1/2 Paola lays down on bench in WA.

F3/4 Cody/Zach agree they didn't back stab anyone that wasn't trying to come after them, Caleb. They hope Britt doesn't hate them for being in the BombSquad behind her back.

8:00AM Jocasta/Paola are laying on the patio now, Zach/Cody playing pool, nothing much being said.

8:10AM Jocasta/Paola in SR changing batteries, suitcases are there ready for Paola/Zach to pack. Paola finds the BB manual and starts flipping thru it.

8:17AM Jocasta/Paola leave the SR and head to bed. Zach/Cody still playing pool and general conversation(right now about what the 'model-look' is for them). They agree Amber is pretty much perfect, but don't feel Victoria is. Cody says he was voted 'class flirt' and 'nicest smile' in high school. He admits he flirts with lots of girls, even ones he isn't interested in, which causes him trouble when he finds out they think he likes them. "I can't help it at all, there's nothing I can do about it."

8:21AM Cody:"You know who doesn't want any part of it? Brittany! She just tunes me out, but it doesn't stop me. I think if I was older..."

8:26AM Cody/Zach head inside, go to the memory wall and start talking about how the women of the house look. Their assessment: Amber is a lioness, Victoria looks good in her picture, Brittany not as good as in person, Joey looks good, Cody doesn't like his picture, they don't like Caleb's pic, Paola looks good, Frankie looks like a gremlin troll.

8:29AM Cody/Zach decide to lay down, putting everyone in the house in bed AT THE SAME TIME for a change!

9:00AM F1/2/3/4 All four cams on sleeping HGs!

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#BB16 9:16AM BBT The house is quiet. All HG are sleeping.

#BB16 9:31AM BBT We have FOTH - may be wake up time.

#BB16 9:45AM BBY Donny and Frankie in the KT- Donny telling him about Devin waking him up in the middle of the night to talk to him. Says Devin crawled in bed with him and mumbled.

#BB16 9:47AM BBT They move to the bee hive. Donny says that Devin starting naming off Bomb Squad members. "Sounded like he named off the whole house" Donny says. Frankie starts to explain that Zach is staying and we get FOTH.

#BB16 9:51Am BBT Donny tells Frankie that he realizes Zach is staying but he really wants to vote for Paola as she is his best friend in the house.

#BB16 10:14AM BBT Derrick in the bee hive talking to Frankie and Donny. Derrick telling them that Devin has dug his own grave.

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#BB16 10:28AM BBT Donny and Derrick talking. Derrick talking about Devin going home Donny says to always keep people that will self destruct.

#BB16 10:31AM BBT Donny tells Derrick that if the numbers are there - he really would like to give her his vote. Donny doesn't want Zach to rant if he doesn't get Donny's vote.

#BB16 10:36AM BBT Derrick and Frankie in the BY. Derrick says he thinks he did okay with Donny. Frankie agrees.

#BB16 10:39AM BBT Derrick talking about Brittany and that she will soon be going home. Christine walks into the BY. Derrick warns her that Devin told everyone everything about the bomb squad. He says that Brittany lied to his face about what Devin talked to her about.

#BB16 10:49AM BBT Derrick heads over to Amber and tells her that Devin spilled everything to everyone about the BS and all of the deals. He then asks Brittany if they can talk. They head over to the hammock.

#BB16 10:54AM BBT Derrick tells Britt that he was hurt that she lied to him. Britt says that she doesn't know who to trust and just didn't want to talk about anything to anyone.

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11:00am Brittany tells Derrick that she feels like she has sacrificed alot and this has changed her life alot. Derrick says it is a game and you cant get to the end by yourself so you have to talk to people that you trust more.

11:04am Derrick says I was just hurt that you didn't come to talk to me lastnight and I understand that you don't trust me. I don't know why but that is your choice.
11:05am Frankie in the KT with Christine and Nicole. Victoria joins them just general chat going on .In the By Brittany and derrick still talking as Derrick keeps repeating himself about Brittany trusting him .Brittany says I don't want to talk game at all he says that is fine and she says this game changes every hour and he agrees.She says I am tired I cant think straight.
11:11am Frankie in bee hive rm talking to Victoria saying that they have to go against Caleb cause he is probably making side deals and turning everyone against me.He says I have no idea what Jacosta is doing .Victoria says that Paola thinks she is staying. Frankie says good let her think that then.
11:17am Donny in the By telling Jacosta about Devin getting in bed with him and waking him up to talk early this morning.
11:20am Brittany and Derrick still in hammock talking repeating themselves about each other. Frankie telling Victoria to sit in that hot tub and it will relax her muscles.
11:27am Brittany says i already knew and Derrick says you knew i made a deal with Devin the first week in here to vote you out cause he wanted you out? she says yeah all I have to go by is what I feel and I feel that there are people that do want me to stay and I know there are people protecting others in this house then I am going to go. Sop I am hoping numbers wise that I am making it to jury. Derrick says I know you made a deal with Devin this week but do I think you are gonna honour that? No I know you wont.
11:31am Frankie ask Nicole if he gets her some breath right strips to keep you from snoring tonight? She says yeah am I snoring again?
11:34am derrick tells Brittany they he dint come to talk game to her he just wanted to settle things between them and she says the only deal I made with him is if I win hoh I wont put him up cause all the rest of the house wants him up.
11:37am Paola and Donny and amber are doing laundry before they go on lock down later today.
11:40am Victoria and Frankie are getting in the hot tub. Cody and Christine are whispering to each other about Devin and Brittany. He says if Brittany doesn't come and talk to me about this I am done with her .Christine says that's the thing she is gonna end up screwing us over. Amber joins them saying she needs to stretch.
11:51am Victoria, Frankie, Donny and Nicole are sitting with their feet in the pool just general chit chat. Devin and Brittany still in the hammock as derrick says if I do win hoh and I don't put you up just remember that.
11:55am Nicole and Donny on a lounger talking now about the majority of the house.Donny says I haven't talked about the game I usually tell silly stories but I guess we need to start. Nicole says I can trust you Donny and he says I can trust you too.
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12:04pm Frankie and Derrick on the hammock now and derrick says one of our people have to win hoh this week. Derrick says I talked to Brittany but she didn't say anything if she knew anything. Frankie says she is an idiot.

12:06pm Victoria comes to the hammock and derrick leaves.Victoria is complaining about the slop and sleeping in the have not beds and how her back is broke. Frankie says I will give you a full body massage tonight.She tells Frankie that he needs to win hoh and he says I know.
12:14pm Most HG are outside in the sun before lock down later.
12:19pm Frankie ask how much longer they have and Nicole says like 45 minutes cause they said we have to go in at 1pm .
12:24pm Derrick telling Caleb that Devin was laying in the bed with Donny telling him everything and he laid there so you wouldn't see him.I told Brittany that the alliance was a week to week thing I denied everything.Caleb says so at the end of the day Brittany Jacosta and Victoria already made a deal with him.
12:44pm Most Hg outside before the lock down in 14 minutes. Frankie talking to Caleb about being done with Devin .all other Hg just general chit chat.
12:52pm After a brief FOTH everyone is heading inside doe a lock down.
12:53pm Devin has Nicole in the hoh telling about the alliance that was formed day 2 in the house. She said I heard about it this morning he says from who cause I only told 3 people last night.He says I feel bad cause after I confided in some people the alliance cause after I pulled myself out of it last night but I put Zach up cause I didn't trust him and because he called Victoria the B word.
12:57pm Nicole says I hear some of the alliance members talking bad about you so I would have never thought there was an alliance. he says well they want to get out the floaters and I don't agree with that.
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1:04pm Devin still telling Nicole what he has told everyone else already about the alliance and why he put up Zach.Jacosta and Frankie talking about Devin in the bee hive RM . Most Hg going to bed for a nap.

1:07pm Nicole says if I win HOH I don't think you are my target. I don't know what I am going to do and I don't know what else to say but I appreciate you telling me this. Devin says I 100% believe I will be put up next week.
1:13pm Caleb is talking to Donny at the table saying that he and Devin are working alone and that we were inseparable.. He says that Amber and I have a close relationship and I will protect her as long as I can. Caleb says but as I am concerned her and Devin are my only true you know what I mean. he says I am keeping Devin here until I have to cut him loose.I am sure no one knows that Devin made a deal with Brittany and Victoria and Paola.
1:18pm Caleb says we have a three person alliance if you want to know . me Devin and amber but I promised Amber that I would keep you safe as much as I can. I know you are close to Amber.
1:23pm Frankie making food as Brittany is washing her dishes and fixen to go to bed. Donny and Hayden are in the LVR just general chit chat
1:32pm Most Hg are napping . Some in WA showering and blow drying hair.
1:40pm Brittany and Nicole in WA talking about if they get HOH tomorrow night that they tell Devin that they are just putting him up as a pawn but don't tell anyone. Brittany says I am not going up there anymore to talk to Devin he is stressing me out I am tired.
1:43pm Brittany has gone to bed. Caleb in KT telling Caleb and Victoria that Devin is calling everyone up to HOh rm one at a time and I warn you don't go up alone go in groups of 3 if you can.
1:50pm general talk in the Kt with Hayden,Christine,Caleb, and Victoria.In the Rock rm Jacosta and Cody talking about Jacosta being 18 and not telling her parents that she needed help.Then at 19 she went to college.
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2:05pm Nicole ask if everyone is asleep , Christine says yeah and then she tells Christine and Hayden that she does not buy brand name stuff that you will never see her carry a coach purse. Christine says I cant wait to see how BB portrays y'all relationship.Caleb comes in to the KT just listening then Donny walks through and says I got to work out to make room for supper cause I just finished lunch.

2:16pm In the KT Hayden and Christine and Nicole talking about breaking bones and Christine having seizers.
2:29pm Caleb and Nicole in KT eating chicken and talking about Hayden and how he has no cares in the world but riding his bike. Caleb says that is why I like him.
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2:40 pm Cody and Amber in Rock rm talking about jury and Amber says can we at least make sure Donny goes to jury and Cody says we can try.

2:42pm Jacosta comes out of DR and talk stops.In the LVR there is talk of deer and turkey hunting with Caleb.

2:52pm :Everyone asking if Paola has been sleeping all day as no one has seen her up yet. Some HG in KT eating

2:54pm Donny is sweeping the floors from all the ants on there. The ants are invading the counter too as Cody says they got my food.

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3:06pm Cody washing dishes and Donny still sweeping the house most Hg sleeping and others just general talk going on

3:10pm Amber is cooking in the Kt and Victoria is helping Cody with the dishes as Christine is sitting at the table watching.

3:14pm Hayden asking Christine id=f she is gluten free she says yeas and soy free and vegetable free. She says I cant eat green veggies they mess me up so Hayden says So basically you wake up in the mornings and put a tube in of mush? they start laughing as she says basically.

3:17pm Nicole walks in the WA and Donny says I am going to shave the beard and she says really as she jumps around.He says yeah.

3:22pm Victoria complaining that BB took some of her stuff yet they want them to look good and we get FOTH.

3:28pm Donny and Nicole go up to play chess as Donny tells her where all the pieces go.Then teaches her the moves on it.

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3:37pm amber and Frankie in the Fire BR going through Frankie stuff he has a body buff and Amber says you have everything . Frankie says I know I brought everything.

3:55pm Donny going to the bee hive rm with Frankie . Frankie ask what's happening he says just eating cleaning and all . They did ask me about Amber but i kept making my sandwich . That's all. Donny says everyone is as good as they can possibly be.

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4:00pm most Hg up from naps and in the Kt eating as Cody cleans the dishes still.Frankie is looking for nail polish.

4:04pm Hayden says this is the first time i shaved myself in here and i did good and it looks good and i did it myself. Frankie is looking at his lip close.

4:10pm Frankie telling Hayden about him going to bed lastnight a little disoriented and feels the bed he thinks is his and takes off his mic and takes off his shirt then shoes and pants and crawls in bed then tells Amber she is on the wrong side of the bed and then discovers he is in bed with Nicole not amber half naked.

4:17pm We get a brief FOTH and come back with all HG sitting on the couches.Victoria is reading a card. Hg in this box each one of you will find an activity monitor to keep track of your activity for the summer in the mornings you must turn it in then it will be returned to you so that your fans can keep track of your activities.

4:21pm Hayden and Frankie are doing jumping jacks yelling activity and we get FOTH.

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