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Sunday July 6 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Guest 6Borders

3:22-3:37am BBT: Looks like the hamsters have been up on the wheel most of the night.

In the BY hammock, Cody has been going on for a while about Caleb being an arrogant, cocky

prick...he's relating Caleb's bragging about being chosen for every reality show and how he picked,

Amber notices and the whole house knows he (Caleb) is bragging.

They've been reshasing that Caleb thinks he will win HOH every other week but someone

else has to win it with him. They agree that they are going after Devin and Zach says if he goes

home than he goes home. Derrick says no way you are going home. They don't mind breaking

up the alliance to go after Devin and Caleb.

Cody is relating Devins final 4 deals and final 5 deals. Cody says do not hesitate to but him (Devin)

on blast with the Bomb Squad. Derrick thinks that Brit made a deal with Devin and she is coming

off the block. Derrick says Devin is setting up his chess pieces outside the Bomb Squad.

He says Devin will tell Pao she's safe before he takes Brit off. Derrick says they will have to tell

Devin he better pray Caleb wins it.

Derrick says Caleb talks shit about Cody when he's not there. Talk turns to Frankie and he

is talking shit about everyone (laying like Andy). Zach says he doesn't think so but he will believe

you guys. Derrick says you know where Frankie is...he's up in the HOH room. Derrick says

how many times has Frankie hugged Caleb. Derrick says you can't tell Frankie anything about

Devin or Caleb because if the house flips Frankie will tell them.

Derrick says Caleb has a deal with Pao, that a couple days ago Caleb said they were going to

vote out Pao but he and Devin would vote for her so she would walk out with a couple of votes.

Apparently he told Cody & Zach the same thing. Derrick says we're going to be in battle with

these guys and it's going to be a war and we're going to have some casualities.

He says they will take some of us out and we'll take some of them out...then the floaters

will win. Derrick says Nicole will win and say "oh gee I won, I'm such a super fan"

Talk turns to Pao and how she is such an f'ing idiot and they hate her. Derrick says he doesn't have anything

personal but Pao tried to send home a mother of 3 w/out giving her a chance to defend herself

{I know it's early but that sounds personal to me -6Borders}. Cody says it's disgusting.

3:37-3:43am BBT: Discussion is about Brit and Victoria and the reason for keeping Brit is she

can win comps. Talk turns to the HOH comp and Derrick says he was taking his frisbees and just throwing

them in the air. Derrick says Victoria asked him if Zach likes him and Derrick told her he did. Tells

Zach Victgoria actually likes him and he has Victoria's vote 100%.

Derrick says the blessing and the curse of winning HOH is that you have to show your cards.

Derrick runs the senario: take Brit off they have to keep Victoria because Pao is a vote for Devin.

They agree they have to send Pao home. They need to get Caleb on board that Pao has to go.

Cody says he needs to tell (?) that you can't make deals outside the alliance. Derrick says

they are battling and whatever happens happens. Discussion about the comp tonite and Derrick

put two wrong planets and all the had to switch. Cody said Devin hit the button so hard he broke


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Guest 6Borders

3:43am BBT: Derrick, Zach and Cody are still discussing the comp (I guess it was POV).

Cody is talking about the alliance and then it turns to Caleb. Cody wants to know what Caleb

has really done in his life (all the stuff he brags about) other than that he was in the military.

Cody says (if Caleb did everything he said) why is he not a millionaire...that his dad is loaded, etc.

3:45am BBT: Brit joins the boys on the hammock and says she's been in the DR.

Derrick says they were talking about the comp. Brit says she can't sleep and they said

she has a lot on her plate. Brit says she's trying to stay but one person sold his soul

to the devil and you can't trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

They guys tell here we'll see what happens and we'll know tomorrow.

Brit says no one likes him (Devin). They rehash how Devin is always saying he wants to

play an honest game. Brit says that's why he wants me out because I've called him out

every time and that no one likes him in the house.

Cody says Devin might want to make amends. Brit says it puts a huge target on her back.

Derrick says whatever you need to do to keep yourself safe that's what you have to do.

Brit says I have no ties with him...she told him she knows it's his game and he's prob.

a good person outside the house.

Zach says Devin talks shit about Brit all the time then put Brit on blast at the nom ceremony

and then calls her up to talk to him. Cody says Devin doesn't think that is how he is and

he actually things he's admirable. Cody tried to tell Devin that he scared her and Devin

replied that he wasn't going to change the way he talks.

Brit said she called him out about what he said at the challenge and he lied and denied he

said anything. The other confirm they heard what Devin said. Brit recaps that she told Devin

well it must have just been someone who sounded like him.

Zach says if Devin does not use the veto Pao is going home. They tell Brit even tho Pao

is her friend this week she is her enemy and she needs to campaign against her. Zach says Pao

is like a 7 year old and Brit is so nice, making her hot choc. doing the dishes etc.

Brit says she is not Pao's friend and they ask why she is always being so nice to her.l

Brit says it's just to kill down time.

Talk turns to showers a day (Brit does 4 just because it's down time). Cody says he

does one shower a day {no clue what this has to do with anything}. They say Pao is

going hom and just give her a hug on the way out.

Derrick says today was purely a mental thing. They say the 3 of them, Christine and Nicole

are votes for Brit and they need two more. They say Victoria for sure. Brit says Donny

is close to Pao. They almost forget about Jocasta and they like Jocasta because she's real.

They say they have to get to Hayden and Jocasta (to vote for Brit to stay).

Zach is talking about putting Devin on blast. They all repeat that Pao has to go home,

that they are so tired of her, she is such a liar and they have never seen anyone there

who was just there to screw up other people's game. Cody is relating the comp

and that Pao was off before Julie Chen even finished saying the comp was under way.

Brit is talking about Devin and she made him promise not to put any of them (Zach, Derrick,

Cody) on the block if he used the Veto on Pao. The guys keep saying Pao is going, that

they can't stand to have her there another week. Derrick says stragedy changes every

week and Brit says she doesn't trust Devin and he's not someone she would want to work with.

Zach says it could work out better if Devin does not use the POV. Talk is back to how

America will see Devin and how he's not playing the game the way he says and

cried to get compassion.

4:01am BBT: WBRB and Fish

4:02am BBT: Feeds are back and Derrick is talking about "he lied" and

Derrick says he saved him twice and how did he break his rope. Brit says

it just kept twisting. They say it's in the past.

Zach says he is so over Devin and his shit, and he's so over Caleb.

Derrick asks Brit if she is going to stay up...she says she does not know.

They decide they will go to bed since they are all in the same room.

Zach (loudly) says he's going to be so f'ing pissed if he (Devin) does (something

I missed because Brit shusshes him.

Derrick stops to shoot a few pool balls and they all head in side.

4:05am BBT: Brit is layering up clothes and her bed in the ice room.

Derrick comes in and says something but they are moving the mats around

and I don't get most of it...something about how cold it is in there and this is

horrible. Brit asks if they can use towels and Derrick say no, nothing.

4:07am BBT: Fish & WBRB

4:08am BBT: Feeds are back. Brit is settling down and Derrick says good night.

Looks like they might be settled in until wake up call (but you never know).

4:09am BBT: Brit gets back up and heads to the kitchen.

Looks like she might be making coffee.

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Guest 6Borders

4:13am BBT: Brit is cleaning up the kitchen while whatever she is making is cooking.

4:19-4:23am BBT: Brit is still cleaning. She picks up something and says "oh my God".

(I can't see what it is because the camera was on autopilot and far away).

Brit heads to the WC, washes up and leaves. She tiptoes back to the bedroom to

get a robe or blanket, whispers "I'm just going to have some coffee" and heads back

through the kitchen to the bathroom for something, then back to the kitchen.

Zachj is up in the kichen and Brit says 'you scared me".

Something has spilled or overclowed and Brit remarks "oh shit" and gets

papertowels to clean it up. She tells Zach she just can't sleep and

she's going outside. He asks if she wants her sweather and they had

back to the hammock.

Brit says this game is crazy. Zach is relating his conversation with

him (Caleb) and says he's not getting bullied anymore. Brit says it sucks and

she told him the first day she got there (in the BB house) that she didn't

trust him and she didn't know why. She said when she first got there

she did like Devin, that he was like a big teddy bear.

Conv. is rehashing about throwing your best friend under the bus

(Caleb and Devin). Brit goes over again how she was talked to like shit

and it's hard to know who to talk to in the house. She said she told

him it was very nice what he did and then finished with saying he stuck

a knife in Caleb's back, forced Caleb to make the noms he did and

how Caleb lied.

Brit says she called Caleb out and he went and told Devin (something

to do with Joey). Zach recaps that Cody was this close to winning the HOH.

Zach says he is praying Devin does not win the HOH and they get rid of Pao.

Brit says she just doesn't want to go home yet and Zach assures her she is

not going home this week. Brit says she feels like she's not but you never

know. Zach says everyone has your back except Caleb and Brit says Caleb

hates her.

Brit says sometimes Caleb is alway staring at her. Zach says of course

because once he knows he doesn't have a shot with Amber he's going after you.

They say Pao thinks she is safe, and going over something that freaked Pao

out. Zach says he was waiting for her in the storage room because he heard

BB tell Brit to change her batteries, and he wanted to talk to Brit but then Pao

walked in.

Brit is going over Pao flitting back and forth at being best friends and worse

enemies with Amber. Zach says he wants to say something but maybe he shouldn't

and Brit says dont', that she knows some things. Zach says do you know what I

am going to say and Brit relates Pao giving her wrong answers. Brit says she flat

asked Pao if she was going to scrub comps, Pao says "what"

and no and Brit believes her.and Zach says she is such an idiot.

Zach says then you know what I was going to say...say Pao threw that comp and

Brit says I know. Zach says that is what he was going to say. Zach repeats (again)

that Pao is such an idiot.

They discuss that there are 14 other people in the house and can't Pao not

see what is going on.

4:36am BBT: WBRB and Fish

4:37am BBT: Cody is back up and joins Brit and Zach. They say the game

is making them lose their minds. Cody says someone was laying down in

the rock room and he didn't know who it was.

Discussion turns to the ice room and how cold it is. Zach repeats "f'ing PaoPao"

for about the 10th time. Brit is relating a conv. with Pao that she told Brit she

didn't deserve to be here and Brit does cos she has kids...Brit says between

Joey and Pao most of the loyalty prob. comes from Pao.

Zach says Pao drives him insane. Now they are dissing the way Pao eats

with her mouth open and where did she learn to eat..and all she talks about is

pooping and farthing {apologies to those of you who are having breakfast and

catching updates -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

4:41-4:52am BBT: Cody asks Brit where her head is at. Brit says she has a number of

people who want to keep her and she can't trust anything Devin thinks.

Cdy says he told him that he didn't want to put Brit up. Brit says she was told

she was a huge threat. Cody says if he had said "you are a huge threat that's game play"

but what he did (talking crap) was not.

Cody tells Brit he doesn't say anything to Caleb because he knows Caleb does not

have his back. Cody relates how Devin went after Victoria, being nasty to her about why

he put her on slop and she started crying, then POV was called.

Cody says he told Devin the way he went after Victoria was mean, intimidating and Devin

didn't understand, that he didn't feel he did that.

Brit relates how she told Devin she didn't want him to talk to her the way he did at the comp.

She goes over trying to talk to Devin for 45 min about stabbing his best friend in the back,

she knows why Devin put her up, he intimidates a lot of the girls and Devin says "well I

don't see any of this". Cody says he understand the voice thing, that Devin is loud and

comes across intimidating. Cody says he was tying to tell Devin how people felt.

Brit says Devin told her she is always paranoid. Brit says she doesn't think she always

has her game face on. Cody says it's really hard to deal with someone like that, especially

when they are in power. Brit says there is literally no way to get rid of Devin.

Brit says she told Amber to pick her and someone strong for the comp. Cody says

I can tell you Amber doesn't want you to go home but be careful what she (Brit) says

because Amber was completely manipulated in her HOH. Brit relates that Amber told

her she was bothered by Devin and uncomfortable. Cody says the only reason everything

got squashed is because both Devin & Amber were HOH, that if Cody had gotten HOH

everything would have fallen into place.

Cody says he tells Brit everything and Brit says she tells Derrick and Cody everything.

Cody says he's really close to Zach but he is careful what he says to him.

Brit says Jocasta is there to win and doesn't let anything get in the way and Brit

says sometimes we let it get personal.

Brit gets up to get more coffee.

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Guest 6Borders

4:52-5:03am BBT: Cody and Zach are playing pool.

Cody is saying Jocasta is playing the smartest game because she's not getting

personal. Zach says he's going home and he'll be with his little brother and he's

going to get something started in NY. They are saying as long as they don't go

out being pawns it's golden.

Zach is saying he wants Caleb out more than Devin.

Brit is talking with Derrick at the hammock and he's saying be careful what you say.

They are talking about Pao again and how she is so obvious. Brit is going over again

hwo she had to tell Pao 4 times to get her glasses (for the comp) and Brit knew

something was up. Derrick is saying you just don't know who you can trust and he

doesn't know about those two (Zach and Cody). Brit says she trusts Cody but not

sure about Zach. Derrick says Zach talks to Amber a lot.

Brit whispers when she walked out Caleb told her she signed a contract with the devil,.

and Derrick says wow. He says just be careful.

Brit says what if Devin wants to use the POV and Brit declines it. Derrick is not

sure you can do that. Brit wants to make sure if she does that Devin can't use it again

(on someone else). Derrick says she would be the first person in BB history to do that

{ I think Marcellas did that and went home in BB3}.

Brit says she would say she's not taking it to prove her loyalty to the house.

Derrick says if she does that she needs to talk about Devin making Pao throw the comp.

Derrick says if she did take the POV she would be safe for a week but the next week

she's be back on the block. Derrick says she needs to make sure she can do that.

Derrick says it would be epic...says Cody is cool and Zach is cool but he doesn't know

abut Nicole because he's watched enough BB. Derrick says that would be amazing.

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Guest 6Borders

5:04-5:10am BBT: Derrick is telling Brit he reads people well and he says Caleb and Amber...

and don't be shocked if Hayden knew about the plan.

Brit says they are scared of one person vs the whole house. Derrick says if you

accept this deal (the POV) then 14 people are coming after her.

Brit says she told him (Devin) what he wanted to hear and he just wants to make

jury {why do they always do that?}. Derrick says you have to pick your poison and they

go over Brit's speech about why she is not accepting it and what Devin is doing and

they have to get Pao out this week.

Derrick says he just doesn't know if she should do that tho..let him think about it.

He says he doesn't think anyone's ever done that. Says let him think about it tonite but

he thinks she should take it and give her a week to campaign

Says this is what she should do is accept the POW but then make the speech about

what Devin is doing...to expose Devin and Pao.

Derrick says Brit needs to say that she needs to say something before Devin makes his

next nom because Devin is going to put up Victoria and if she exposes him the minute

he hands it to her Pao is screwed.

Derrick says you need to do what is in your heart and he will never tell her what she wants

to hear.

5:11am BBT: Derrick is saying to Brit they have to keep her.

Derrick says everyone is a target and people have even told him things (he doesn't

want to say names).

He says let him give you the Veto and then decide what she wants to do with it.

They are just going over the same conversation and Brit's speech over and over.

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Guest 6Borders

5:13-5:22am BBT: Cody and Zach are playing pool and discussing what Frankie

would do...don't mention it to Frankie.

Talk is back and forth shouting to Brit/Derrick. Brit doesn't believe in farts

and they say "that's because you are a woman"

Cody says he slept from 9:30 to about one in the morning and he's going to go

lie down pretty soon.

Cody can't wait to go have this conversation with Caleb and "put him on blast"

Discussion is about Caleb chosing Devin as a friend over all of them, and that

he's obsessed with Amber who doesn't like him at all.

Cody does something that hurts.

Zach says it took him 2 hrs to realize Caleb but him on blast to Devin. They say

Caleb took their clothes without asking...talk is interrupted briefly with "Amber's coming"

then back to what clothes they wore for (something) and Frankie told them they had the

same shirt on and they can't wear the same.

Cody says Caleb has no respect for other people's thinks. Zach says he can't wait

for week 17 and Cody says "day 17, not week 17".

Cody says Caleb is just the alpha male.

Talk turns to weekend work and training to be a host which means being the alpha male and how

you have to have the posture etc.

Cody and Zach discuss it might be better to get Caleb out first. Talk is back to Caleb borrowing

their clothes and how it pissed them off.

5:23-5:28am BBT: Talk between Cody and Zack is about staying up this late, never should

have napped and the game is messing with their internal clocks.

Cody says he could care less if he goes home and they are going down swinging

and leaving with their integrity.

They speculate "can you imagine if one of them (Devin & Caleb) won" and neither

would get their vote if they were onjury. Talk is back to f'ing Caleb and Amber

riding Caleb to the end and never speaking to him again...and Amber saying "I love all

of y'all"

Talk is back to Caleb being so obsessed with Amber and how disgusting it is, then back

to sleeping on that block ice, then back to they can't believe Caleb put them on blast like

that. It's pissing them off how loyal Caleb is to a monster.

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Guest 6Borders

5:29am BBT: In the hammock Derrick and Brit seem to be going over the same

conversation again about what Brit should do with the veto and Derrick says again

just be careful what you say because you don't know who is running deals.

Brit says the two people who talk abut loyalty the most are the ones who are not

doing it. Derrick says Pao is going home because nobody in their right mind wants to

be put on the block with Pao...Pao trying to send Brit home like that (throwing the comp)

and says "an eye for a eye".

Brit says Pao kept giving Brit answers that were wrong.

Brit says he (Devin?) could be lying just to get Pao on Brit's bad side, Derrick disagrees.

Brit says again Pao did not want her glasses so she could have an excuse that she

so sorry that she could not see.

Talk is back to the POV and giving up safety vs making a big move. Brit says Caleb

will turn around and put her up next week. Derrick says he'll put you up either way.

They are going back over the same senarios again and again.

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Guest 6Borders

5:37-5:48am BBT: Derrick pretty much has Brit's speech worked out for accepting the POV

(if she does). Brit feels like Devin wants her to take it so he can put someone else up..Derrick

says Devin will put up Victoria and that's why he put her on slop to not piss off the house and

he knows Victoria will go home over Pao and he gets less blood on his hands.

Derrick says it's a huge decision or she just takes the POV and whatever decision she makes

she has to honor it. Says nobody can anticipate what Devin will say and there will be 2-3 days for

him to speak and try to clear it up.

Now Brit is going over another senario, taking the veto and explaining why she took it.

Derrick says he doesn't want to play Devil's Advocate. Say is it works Brit is a f'ing genius.

They discuss that a Brit has the votes and a lot of people don't like Pao. Derrick says it's an epic

move if she decides to go with it. Derrick says there are too many variables.

Brit feels if she goes home she would rather go home like that, being herself. Derrick says

it would be memorable and for her to take some time and get her thoughts together and do

what is in her heart.

Derrick and Brit say Devin is going to backstab her anyway. Derrick says if he puts her up

and she has the votes to stay Brit will be gunning for him and he will do what the majority of

people say. Brit is worried that giving her speech she wants to know if they make you repeat it

because she does not want to repeat it 4 times. Derrick says prob not unless you stutter a

bunch. He says tell them and every camera will be on you.

Zach & Cody comesover and asks when they are going to sleep. He's going to lie in a chaise with

sunglasses on. Brit tells Zach she likes him better when he is awake. Victoria is up and joins the BY crew.

Talk turns to the ice bedroom, then they decide 100%,no 110% that the POV ceremony will

be today.

Talk turns to beds and where they are sleeping and how the slept.

Zach has a headache and they tell him he needs to drink more water.

5:49-5:52am: Talk with the By crew is about it would be nice to sleep on the grass, like

camping out. Zach says the grass is softer than the ice bed.

Someone comments there s a hummingbird.

Cody gets up and says he's going to bed. Zach also gets up and leaves.

Derrick asks Brit if she does this (stays up late) at home. She says she works different

events. Derrick says he has to get up in the morning and Brit says she does too...because

of the kids.

Brit asks Victoria if she has her vote.

Derricks says "lets do this" (go back to sleep). Victoria says "nooooo" and

Derrick tells her she has to. Derrick says he's going to sleep and Brit says she will

go in in a little bit. Derrick says it was so dumb to volunteer to be a have-not.

Derrick kisses the ladies good night and Brit gets in the hammock with Victoria.

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Guest 6Borders

6:03am BBT: Brit is in the hammock by herself so there is no conversation going on right now.

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Guest 6Borders

6:13am BBT: Brit is still alone in the hammock (no doubt going over every detailk

of the upcoming POV ceremony and what she is going to do).

The rest of the house is sleeping. If you just tuned in, Derrick, Zack, Cody and

Brit have been up most all night and have just retired until wake up call.

6:16am BBT: Loud bird noises can be heard in the BY {makes me think BB is up to something

because they don't sound like real birds to me -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

6:30am BBT: Nothing going on in the house except the bird noises, which are

more frequent. Brit is in the hammock and does not appear to be bothered by

them or think anything is strange.

{Maybe there are birds around but I don't

recall hearing them in the BY any other morning so I still think this has to do

with the theme and maybe it's a clue. I had tokeep muting to make sure

they were not coming from my backyard-6Borders}

Brit stirs in the hammock and lets out a very long sigh!!

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Guest 6Borders

6:36-641am BBT: Brit gets out of the hammock and head into the house,

put her cup in the kitchen goes to the WC, back to the kitchen to put

on her layers of clothes and heads to the ice room. She looks around

and leaves.

Apparently Brit has decided that sleep is not an optin and gets more coffee.

She's back out to the BY on one of the chaise lounges.

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Guest 6Borders

6:49am BBT: Brit is still lying on the lounge deep in thought.

A very loud plane goes over and she watches it for a minute.

(the bird noises are back).

6:50-6:57am BBT: Zack (I think) is back up and heads into the yard

and joins Brit on the hammock. Zach says this is terrible and Brit tells

him take it from the professiona slopper, your stomach is going to be

growling and you'll go to the bathroom 12 times a day.

Brit says this is why she stays up,m that she can't sleep and stays up.

Zach says she's going to be an insomiac. Brit is discussing how cold

and hard the beds are. Zach wonders how long BB gives them if he

closes his eyes and falls asleep {not long Zach,since you just announced

your intentions -6Borders}.

Zach says he dosn't even care about the money anymore, he'd just go home.

Brit says they could all have so much fun here (but having people like

Devin makes it hard)..says 2 weeks feels like 2 months.

Zach wonders if anyone in the house is his friend and who could be friends

with this guy. They say he has serious issues and agree he is bi-polar (not

sure if they are taking about Devin or Caleb). Brit says she hopes when he

gets out and watches the tapes maybe it will help. She says he definitely

thinks he is liked and can do no wrong.

Zach is saying if he goes home great because the money is not worth it

anymore. Brit says but then he wins. She said it would be nice if Devin

were not here and she wishes he could get out sooner than later and then

they could all enjoy this game.

Zack says Devin is worse than a snake and he is a bully and everyone is

afraid of him. Brit says that is why he wants to get rid of her because she

called him out.

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7:00 AM BBT Zach and Brittany are sitting in the BY. They are talking about how much nicer it would be if Devin was gone. Zach says if Devin uses the POV then Victoria goes home. I don't see anyone else up and awake.

7:08 AM BBT Zach and Brittany are talking about how useless Pao-Pao is, how she is throwing competitions, she brings nothing to the table but lies, and how slop just bloats their stomach up.

7:11 AM BBT Zach is telling Brittany that when he came in the game he planned to lie to everyone. However, after meeting people like Caleb and Devin, who he says suck, he decided he wants to play the game differently. He calls Caleb the cockiest person he has met in his entire life. One thing Zach hates is hypocrites.

7:16 AM BBT Brittany says she wants the nominations to stay the same so that Paola goes home. She doesn't want anyone else in jeopardy. She says Paola doesn't deserve to be there. She threw that competition and went out there without her glasses so she could use that as an excuse.

7:20 AM BBT Zach told Brittany that Paola swore on her mother's grave that she didn't throw the veto. Brittany tells him that Paola's mother is very much alive. It's her father who passed away and why she has such a liking for Donny.

7:26 AM BBT Brittany just hopes Devin doesn't make it to jury. She doesn't know how he can when the majority want him out of the house. Zach "Not the majority, everyone."

7:34 AM BBT Zach and Brittany head inside for some breakfast, cold slop. Zach adds some condiments to his and Brittany says it looks like Fancy Feast or Pedigree. She is grossed out by what he is adding to his slop.

7:44 AM BBT Zach and Brittany are still in the KT. They are pretty disgusted by America's Choice for the Have-Nots. They just want to eat their slop and go to sleep.

7:53 AM BBT Brittany fries up some slop that Zach says is actually pretty good. Zach goes to the SR to get some olives because he can eat those all day.

7:58 AM BBT Brittany and Zach are eating slop in the KT talking about yesterday's POV. They had a hard time getting the balls up there. One would fall and they would all fall, especially when it was spinning.

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Guest 6Borders

7-7:05amam BBT: Zach says he told Devinhe was honest with him and said everyone wants you

out of this house and he went wigging out.

Brit says right now she is trying to get herself to stay but will not sell her soul to the devil

just to get him off her back. Brit says Devin was trying to talk to her about their issues...Zach

says he's totally bipolar. Brit says he was being nice up there (HOH room) sand Zach says

of course.

Brit is now reshasing Pao and how paranoid she is. Zach wonders why Devin put Pao up

and Brit says he was just using her as a pawn because she was not even bummed out about it.

Zach says Devin definitely said to Pao to make sure she was going to throw the comp.

Brit says she knew Pao was not going to try in the comp. Brit says Pao and Devin talk about'

being loyal and they are both the most unloyal people (more of same from earlier this morning).

Brit says she will never believe anything out of Pao's mouth now, that people like that are'just floating

by and getting lucky and she brings nothing to the table. Zach says she doesn't even have a chair at the

table {good one Zach}.

Brit says the only ppl who would vote for Pao are like Donny and Caleb.

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Guest 6Borders

7:06-7:20am BBT: Brit wonders what city they are in. Zach replies Hollywood...Studio city,

and is that even a real city. Brit says maybe North Hollywood. Zach says all he knows

is he is 3000 miles from home.

Talk turns to slop and how hungry they are. Brit says she could eat some slop with

BBQ sauce and mustard. Zach says you can eat slop with that/.

Zach says he f'ing hates Devin. He feels like he genuine but then he calls a house meeting

and does something like that and what a huge asshole he was to Brit. He can't figure

what Devin's motive is. Brit says "it's crazy".

Brit says who do you think the next person will be who will drive everyone insane after Devin..

besides the obvious Pao and Victoria. Zach says maybe not changing but Caleb. He rehashes

Caleb's obsession with Amber and how cocky and conceited Caleb is. Zach says "does he

look in the mirror?". Brit says they are going to look back and learn so much about themselves.

Zach says the first week he didn't say much but he got to know people and kept thinking "this

person sucks" (repeats it a couple of times) and now 17 days later...!

Zach says he will get a job and make money the right way and he doesn't know how he is

going to live with these people that long {I got your back there buddy -6Borders}.

Zach is talking about Caleb being conceited and Caleb says people who say that just don't

know him, that Caleb is the most conceited person and he's such a hypocrite and everyone

knows it but nobody says anything. Brit says everyone is so scared. Zach says something is

going to change because Cody is so pissed, even more than Zach.

Brit says all it takes is one person to stand but but everyone is scared. She says Devin's mind

is also working and thinking he's screwed. Brit says she feels it's not her time to go home yet.

Zach says not but you never know. Brit says is she does go home she is going to cause a

fuss before she goes out the door.

Zach says there is nobody he could put up that would get more votes than Brit. She says

she doesn't want someone else to go up. Talks is about to Pao and she does not even

deserve to be there and she's just floating by.

Back to Pao didn't get her glasses for the comp was an excuse for them losing. Zach says

when he called her out on it Pao said she swore on her mom's grave she didn't (throw the comp)

Brit says Pao told her that her dad died and her mom is still alive and that's whyshe likes Donny

cos he remind of her dad.

Zach and Brit say it's like HS. Brit says "he is mentally insane" (Devin I guess) and Zach says

how low people play. Brit wants to see Pao and Victoria to go home, nothing personal but they

don't deserve to be here and everyone else is fighting to stay.

Zach says he wants to call her (Pao) out and say "is your mom even dead" but he doesn't want to hurt

anyone's feelings. Talk is back to how Pao is disgusting with her eating and farting and she's like a 7 year old.

Zach says Pao is literally one of the stupidest people he's ever met, that she interupts every person. Brit says she has no manners

7:21am BBT: Zach is saying he is so over it and he would love to go home today.

Brit says don't say that and you have to get your mind out of there.

Zach says all this game stuff you have to think about drives you crazy, like who

you can trust, can't trust. Brit says you get paranoid and you have no privacy.

Zach says he thought sleeping so much would be to his advantage but then he gets

up and has to hear all this stuff and he can't handle it and now he's a have -not.

Brit says if it makes him feel better she's been in 4 challenges, lost 3, been a have-not

2 weeks and has a huge target on her back. Zach says do you tho?

Brit does not understand why so many ppl are scared of Devin and letting him have

that control. Zach says he was scared of him but now he doesn't care and he could

just go home {DR will talk him out of it I'm sure}

7:25am BBT: Zach is saying one of the guys during Press Day asked

if he would rather go home pre of post jury and Zach says pre-Jury.

He says it would be horrible being in the jury house with Devin.

They say every single person, except aleb, wants Devin out.

7:27am BBT: Brit says Victoria is about to get that blanket snatched.

Zach asks if she is going to sleep and she says she will eat first. Zach

says he will just say he is tanning out here.

Brit asks what time Donny wakes up and Zacks says no idea, maybe when

the music goes off or maybe earlier, he's always sleeping. Brit asks if he

slept at all and he says no.

7:29-7:33am BBT: Zach and Brit both feel they are going to lose it this week.

Zach says no food and no sleep, you need those to live.

Brit wants a tortilla so bad.

Zach says what if he caught Devin on a really bad day and cursed him out..

Brit says he's definitely going to explode. Zach says maybe he will do something to

cause Devin to want to kill him. Brit says just make sure you are next to the

emergency button.

Brit is talking about being up all the time and the live feeders are saying "catch Brit at

4am, she'll be up {yep Brit, we do}

Zach is taking have-not and says he can't believe Brit did it. Brit says it gets worse

and the first day is not bad. They decide that they need to eat and head to the kitchen

7:34-7:am BBT: Brit and Zach are making food. She asks if he's ever had liverwurst

before. Brit says she does not eat beef or pork. They smell the liverwurst and it's awful.

Zach says it smells like dog food and Brit says it's Pedigree for humans.

They look at the different types of liverwurst and Zach decides he will stick to slop.

Zach (new to slop) asks what sauces she puts in and she says every sauce they have.

Brit is going to make for both of them and Zach asks if she needs anything from the

storage room. She says they are good and he says BRB.

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Guest 6Borders

7:40-7:44am BBT: Brit is making the slop and they have protein shakes.

Zack asks what the hell is slop anyway and Brit does her best to explain.

Zack says he's so tired and he has to get some sleep after they eat. They

both think Bok Choy is pretty good.

Zach is asking if slop is only for 5 days and Brit says yes they (BB) want

them to be able to eat the day of comp. Brit says time goes by so slow and

Zach just can't wait until he can fall asleep somewhere.

7:45-7:48am BBT: Brit is adding slop to bok choy and she says the consistency

is hard to make into a patty so sometimes it turns into a scramble. She says they

will have to have Derrick make them those granola bars and they were so good.

Talk about creative ways to cook slop.

Brit asks if there are ppl back home Zach wishes he said good bye to and he says

not really, that he said good by to his family. Brit asks how old his grandma is and

he says young, like 63. Brit says she didn't really say goodbye to a lot of people

but she didn't know if they could. She thought they would get their phones for a few

days but didn't.

Brit is frying the slop and Zach is about half asleep at the kitch table.

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Guest 6Borders

7:48am BBT: Brit asks if Frankie is upstairs or in a room. Zach

mumbles a reply I didn't get (sorry) and Zach asks about something he can have,

Brit says nope, water or milk.

7:51-7:53am BBT: We learn that BBQ sauce is a saver for being on slop.

The slop creation is done and Brit serves it up. Zach says it smells good and Brit

replies "we'll see". The settle at the table to eat and Zach declares Brit's meal

really good. Zach goes to get black olives in the storage...says he could eat those

all day.

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Guest 6Borders

8:02am BBT; Zach is eating his slop creation and pickles {.I took a quick break so

I guess he couldn't find the olives}.

8:03-09am BBT: Brit is finished eating and says he's going to try to get to sleep. Says she will

steal a blanket from Victoria who better not act like princess about it.

Brit is bundling up in the ice bedroom to try and catch a nap {any bets on how long this one lasts?}

8:09-8:33am BBT: Zack is on the hammock playing "Catch the Control Room" (to see how

long it takes for BB to holler about sleeping other than in the bedrooms), alternately putting

a blanket over his head. {the planes are louder than Devin's snoring and going over pretty often

so BB is prob not too worried just yet}.

8:14-8:25am BBT: Frankie is up in the bathroom moisturizing or cleaning his face. He looks like

he's had a rough night. Frankie joins Zach in the hammock and Zach says he's so pissed.

They remark there is glitter everywhere.

Frankie asks what's going on and Zach teases that he had a make-out session with Victoria

last night and they joke. Frankie says stop freaking out and Zach says he's not, that he

was but he just doesn't care anymore.

Zach asks who do you think is going home. Frankie hedges around the question and

says "Pao, Victoria or Brit". Zach says he doesn't think Brit.

Zach is telling about his conv. with Caleb and Caleb immeditely goes to Devin and says

Zach was talking shit about him. Frankie says not you specifically.

They both agree Devin is an idiot. Zach rehases the conv where Devin said he didn't trust

Zach at all. Frankie yawns and says leave it be and they will fight another battle next week.

Zach says again Devin is an f'ing idiot. Frankie says Devin is always talking about loyalty, integrity, murder...

all the things he wants to teach his daughter 9sarcasm). Zach says he's going to say something to

Devin and Frankie gives an emphatic NO. Frankie says let it play out.

He says whoeverhe leaves on the block is going home. Frankie thinks Devin made a deal with

Brit and Zach says no way Brit is going to honor deal with Devin.

Zach is back on the Pao bashing and rehashing the conv. with Brit and Pao (the comp where

Pao would not get her glasses so she had an excuse to lose conversation).

Zach relates the conv. where Pao said she hates Victoria and he asked Pao why Devin would

use the veto on her and Pao says because she hates Victoria and Zach told her that made

no sense and what did she do for him and she said "nothing", then she swore on her mom's

grave and her mom is not even dead

8:25am BBT: Zach says he is going to grill Pao and Frankie says wait until after the meeting.

Zach says Devin would be stupid to send him home and Frankie says that doesn't mean he won't do it

and just wait until after the meeting.

Zach says Cody was this close to calling Caleb out at the Nato meeting. Zach is praying

Devin doesn't use the POV and Frankie says then she goes home. Zack says he would be stupid

not to use the veto on Pao and she will be sitting next to Devin next week (on the block)

They say they have to win HO next week. Frankie says he's freezing and he needs to go inside and goes

to a chaise in the sun. Conv. says again that Caleb went right to Devin and said Zach was talking shit.

Frankie says that is what you would do if you were in an alliance with someone.

Zach repeats again how pissed he is (for about th 40th time since 3:30 this morning).

Zach says he kind of has this elaborate plan to expose the Bomb Squad (minus Frankie, Derrick...).

He is so over it (at least 30 times he's said that this morning). He says he is just going to blow up

Pao's stop and say something to Devin that makes Devin punch him in the face. Frankie says

"perfect". Zach goes over ideas and Frankie says "just say he's a bad father and that will do it".

According to Frankie that is Victoria's plan also and it's the new stragedy to get someone to hit you.

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Guest 6Borders

8:33am BBT: Zach and Frankie are going over (again) Devin being a bully.

Zach will wait until the meeting and then have Frankie

say "Zach do you have something to say". Frankie says he is not opening his mouth.

Zach says he just can't keep his mouth shut anymore.

{of course none of this will happen because the DR folks are already scrambling to

prepare damage control -6Borders}

8:36-8:41am BBT: The loop is back to Pao is the dumbest person in the house and what

she can't do and is there anything she can do. Zach says again (I've lost count) how he

f'ing hates here. Zach says his main goal is to not blow up anyone's (Frankie, Derrick, Cody.,

Christine) spot. Zach says he can't imagine spending another 70 something days in there

and tells Frankie just make sure you win the 500K.

Zack asks where Frankie slept and he said in the fire room, and he's up early cos he

went to bed at 11 and slept and he really needed it.

Frankie is going inside to eat cereal and Zach is going to watch him eat cereal {Zach's been

a have-not for about 12 hrs and he's already losing it}.

8:41-8:43am BBT: Zach says the veto meeting is today for sure right?

Frankie says does it say that on the screen and Zach says it doesn't. Frankie is

going outside. Zach says what scares him is that someone like Nicole or Hayden

will end up winning this game. Zach says he just wants to go out swinging and asks

I'm losing my mind right. Frankie says yes.

Frankie and Zach settle at the hot tub. Zach remarks that he is so miserable right now

but he feels better becasue he is over it, sucking up to Devin & Caleb anymore.

8:43am BBT Fish and WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

8:46am BBT: Feeds are back and Zach and Frankie are putting up the awnings.

Zach is asking what do you think Devinis going to do. I missed the reply but he says

do you really think that and the reply is yes.

Zach says he wants to tell Devin off, Frankie says do what you want but he doesn't

think it's going to be conclusive and it would blow up someone else's game.

Zach says it's public knowledge abd Frankie says it won't matter because nobody wants

to believe they are the most hated person on the planet.

Zach says "I'm doing it dude" Frankie says leave him out of it and asks what he is going to say.

Zach says he'lll think about it but hes definitely going to call him a terrible father. Zach says he

should prob go to the DR and warn them (like they don't already know)

Frankie tells him what to say and Zach tells Frankie he loves him and Frankie says same and he's

just trying to salvage this. Frankie says don't freak out to anyone else.

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Guest 6Borders

8:538:58am BBT: Frankie and Zach are talking about who will vote out Pao and Zach says

everyone except Caleb. Frankie says Caleb will prob not vote for Pao. Zach relates the

conversation with Caleb that Caleb promised to keep her safe. Frankie is generally

shocked that this happened.

Frankie says the only thing you can do is carve out stupidity with intelligence (a Frankie-ism)

and Zach says "that's amazing Frankie". Zach remarks that it's very entertaining and Frankie

says it is. Zach says you can even ask Amber and Frankie says don't even go over it (he does

not want to hear it again).

Frankie tells Zach what you are planning to do is fine and with the two-HOH thing it all comes down to who wins POV,

Frankie is trying to explain how if you are HOH you put up two people not capable of winning.

Frankie says it's uneven so they can't do guys/girls this week. The think this week is going to be hanging

on the wall and he's not coming down. Zach says Caleb could stay up there for 22 weeks.

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