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Sunday, June 29 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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10:20 AM BBT From the HoH balcony Frankie asks Devin to come upstairs. He said he would in a middle after he flips his breakfast in the pan. Devin "Getting a big head up there buddy."

10:27 AM BBT Frankie is in the HoH room with Caleb. He says that it might be a good idea to go ahead and backdoor Brittany because she is such a loose cannon. He can say she created such a commotion last night the house wants her out now. The girls are still primping downstairs.

10:35 AM BBT Caleb asks Donny to join him outside to talk. Caleb says he is out of time and wants to know what Donny thinks. Donny says he is going to save himself and he has no preference...anybody besides himself. He doesn't have close ties and he doesn't care who it put up. He tells him to put up who he wants and he will then decide for himself who he will vote out.

10:43 AM BBT In the KT Amber tells Devin that last night Victoria said she couldn't sleep because she couldn't find Amber's butt. Devin "Victoria, you couldn't find Amber's butt?" Victoria from the hallway in the WA "I couldn't at first but then I could."

10:49 Caleb finally goes into the Have-Not room to wake up Cody. He tells him the POV will be soon and that they have tried to get him up 5 times. Frankie pulls Paolo aside because it is clear she is not prepared for her speech. Frankie urges her to acknowledge that Donny won't be using on her today and there will be no hard feelings.

10:55 AM BBT In the BY Frankie and Devin are in the BY. Frankie is worried they will be exposed. He wants Devin to relax. He has his back. BB gives another wake up announcement. Zach is still sleeping, and possibly Derrick.

11:00 AM BBT In the BY is Caleb, Devin, Frankie, and Cody. Devin puts the camo hat on the plant and says they are going to put the bushy hat on the block as a pawn. Caleb says he may do the veto meeting shirtless to give the viewers something to look at. They joke saying he should put on Frankie's tight green shorts and boots and nothing else.

11:05 AM BBT in the BY we have Devin, Caleb, Hayden, Nicole, and Amber. They are joking around waiting for the ODLD. They joke about farts and Frankie says he has possum arse. Devin says he will name his next three kids control, alt, and delete so when the screw up he can hit them all once. 11:13 AM WBRB.

11:30 AM BBT We have been on WBRB for the past 15 minutes. It must be the POV meeting.

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Guest 6Borders

10:19am BBT: The girls are doing makeup in the bathroom and just general chit-chat

about face wash and make up, how they slept and what time they went to bed.

10:21am BBT: Devin is alone in the kitchen fixing food still. All cams are on the

bathroom and kitchen so not much going on right now.

10:21am BBT: Christine is doing laundry and Donny is walking in the backyard.

BB tells PaoPao (I think) to put on her mic.

Devin is taking to himself asking "what are you thinking Frankie...what's going thru

your head?". Devin heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frankie but Frankie is taking

a shower so he heads back to the kitchen.

10:24-10:29am BBT: Devin offers Donny pancakes and Donny declines and says he had some

Frosted Lucky Charms. Calen goes to the HOH and he and Frankie say "it's going down soon".

Caleb asks Frankie to go around and ask people to see if Calbe's name comes up and Frankie

says he will. Frankie says Devin needs to know he can't get defensive "about us" (their alliance).

Caleb says ppl see him and Devin together all day and know he would not say anything.

Frankie says it would be good tobackdoor Brit this week. Caleb says if he does what he's thinking

about doing (not worrying about what the house thinks) Brit will be the only one upset.

Frankie says the whole house wants Joey out because she is such a loose cannon and no matter

how you slice it it's still house vote. Caleb says his speech is going to be about how the house wants

her (Joey) out and that she's a loose cannon but then what if Brit is HOH next week and puts him up

for doing that. Frankie tells Caleb to say it's what is best for the house.

10:30am BBT: Frankie says nobody is going to want Devin out, except Brit. Caleb continues to wishy-washy

what he is going to say in his replacement nom speech. Caleb says he will say "nothing personal" to Joey

and Frankie says "she dug this grave herself" (it''s pretty much the same loop). Caleb says he gives

good speeches and Frankie agrees.

Caleb remarks "my old lady (Amber) is looking good this morning" and Frankie says "she's looking beautiful"

The discuss what they will wear for the Veto meeting.

10:32am BBT: BB calls Devin to the DR

Frankie and Caleb continue to talk about what to wear for the POV and you have to look good cos it's "Tv time"

Frankie wants Caleb to wear his skinny jeans...Caleb says no shirt?

10:34-10:36am BBT: Devin says something about his pancakes and Caleb says "it's inside"

(not sure what it was)

Donny is talking to Caleb about the POV. Donny says he's going to save himself but

he has no preference as to who Caleb puts up. Donny says he does not really have advice

and whoever Caleb puts up he (Donny) will just decide which one to vote out.

10:36asm BBT: Caleb and Devin talking in the kitchen. Devin says something about the zDR

(missed it cos he's mumbling again) and Caleb says "no they didn't call me"

Caleb is whispering about Brit. PaoPao is called to the DR.

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10:33am BBT Caleb asks to speak to Donny and the go to the BY. Caleb wants to know where Donny's head is at, and asks him who he wants to see go up. Donny says he will be saving himself, and he doesn't really care who goes up. He has friends in the house but no real close bonds like in seasons past. Devin says ":it's all good man, just wanted to know where your head is at. The shake hands and go back inside.

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Guest 6Borders

10:37-10:40am BBT: Amber comes in and Caleb comments she is looking good. She says "I've got my

eyebrows on". Discussion turns to pancakes.

Amber says she is so glad she went to bed early and Donny says me too, I slept great.

Caleb says they stayed up and played games last night about favorite colors, movies, craziest

things they have ever done, pets, basically everything..then it got too silly and the questions

started getting too ridiculous.

10:41am BBT: In the bathroom Victoria and Christine are talking about working out with Nicole.

and it's more fun to work out with a friend. General work out chit-chat.

10:42am BBT: Devin and Caleb are teasing Amber & Christine about sleeping arrangements.

10:43am BBT: Fish and WBRB

10:44am BBT: Back

Silly chit-chat in the kitchen between Devin, Caleb, Donny and Amber.

(feeds are freezing so I have to reload..back in a sec)

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Guest 6Borders

10:52-10:55am BBT: Devin is in the BY talking to Frankie...sound like more of same discussion.

Frankie says he can't jump to defense or stir the pot in those situtions.

Devin says at the end of the day they have to play their individual games even if they

are in an alliance and protecting each other. Frankie says he meditated on Devin

just now upstairs. Frankie tells Devin he definitely has his back and that she (Brit) is an idiot.

10:55am BBT: BB says "Good Morning Houseguests, it's time to get up for the day".

Devin and Frankie decide Zack is the only one still sleeping.

Frankie says what kind of game are they playing to make full grown girls cry.

Devin says he's teared up about his daughter and Frankie says that's private.

10:57am BBT: Devin says after the veto he is going to distance himself and get his "chest board"

(mental pic) together and he has to win HOH. Frankie agrees and that Devin can't put himself

in a position where Brit wins HOH.

Cody is out on the lounge (fully dressed) complaining it's hot.

Devin is teasing Cody that they are going to put him up as a pawn...then silly talk about

nominating the bush in the backyard.

10:59amBBT: Caleb joins Devin, Frankie and Cody. Says he's going to do the POV shirtless.

Frankie is taking a sun-bath.

11-11:03am BBT: Caleb says (again) that he's probably doing it (POV) shirtless. Frankie says maybe

he should take off his pants too and just wear the boots. Frankie says "today is Sunday".

Caleb says everytime he wears his cowboy hat BB tells him to tilt it back.

Discussion turns to how hot is is. Devin tells about guys putting tinfoil in their shoes to

reflect the heat and the others think that would make your feet hotter.

Cody says he's shaving today after (the POV) I guess. Hayden joins the backyard group,

followed by Amber who brings a bowl of grapes.

11:03-11:06am: Someone (Donny?) is called to the DR and Frankie gets all excited saying "this is it".

Frankie says he has been dropping some (gas bombs) today and apologizes to Amber.

Devin is relating how when he was a kid and his stomach rumbled his mom would ask "is someone

in there trying to get out". The comment again on how hot is is and general chit chat.

11:07-11:10am BBT: Everyone is just milling around the backyard making general

conversation. Derrick and Joey are in the bathroom. Devin says he's not looking

forward to 50 and having a colonoscopy. Frankie is talking about cancer in his family.

General talk about cancer and aids research.

11:10am BBT: BB reminds the HG's not to quote dialogue from movies. Devin says

"was that me?"

11:10am BBT: Fish and WBRB

11:15am BBT: We still have Fish and WBRB so could be the POV ceremony

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11:43 AM BBT Still doing the POV meeting. It has been thirty minutes.

12:05 PM BBT Feeds return. Everyone is hugging Joey and she says "It's part of the game." She tells Caleb that she thinks it was a mistake. Caleb says he asked everybody he had to ask and he heard her name more than Devin's. Joey "No hard feelings...no hard feelings. You did what you had to do." Joey is the replacement nominee.

12:10 PM BBT Paola is venting to Brittany in the beehive. I don't think she likes the fact that Joey will be up for eviction beside her. Joey is in the Have-Not room with Hayden. To the ceiling she states "F*ck you, you got me again, you got my tears BB, you got me again."

12:14 PM BBT Brittany and Paola are upset that Devin was not the replacement nominee. Brittany tells her that she has got to stop talking to Amber. Brittany doesn't tell Paola things because she knows she will tell Amber. Paola denies it. Brittany tells her not to talk to anybody. Just campaign stating that Joey stirs up a lot but the less you say actually speaks volumes. Caleb is called into the DR.

12:20 PM BBT Devin has gone to more HGs to rehash the Brittany vs. Devin argument. If that wasn't enough Frankie is aware his name was brought into is because he witnessed the lotion incident. Now he is telling everyone that he would never be dumb enough to tell someone to their face if he is ever offended by them. Frankie mentions Devin's paranoia and said he needs to start distancing himself from him. Rehash Rehash Rehash. That's all that's going on.

12:29 PM BBT Devin goes into the Have-Not room to talk to Joey. He tells her that the only way he gets her vote is if she agrees to be allies. Joey asks him after what was said, why would he want that? He mentions her popularity and popularity is key. He tells her she has until Thursday to clear things up with the house. He says she is the reason he has a target on his back because of her actions last night. Going forward, he has to know that he can trust her.

12:37 PM BBT Devin and Joey in the Have-Not room: he says he would rather they work together instead of against each other. He doesn't want an alliance but he wants to be allies. Joey says she needs votes right now and if she has his, she will have his back.

12:40 PM BBT In an attempt to secure Devin's vote, Joey offers to talk to Brittany for him. Brittany is her best friend in the house. She will get Brittany to be kind to him. He just wants them to get back to they way they were before. Meanwhile Paola is in the beehive room with Caleb. She vows that though Joey has said some crazy stuff, she won't use that against her. Paola tells him that she was lead to believe an all guys alliance had put Donny up as a pawn. She doesn't know what to believe.

12:50 PM BBT Paola and Caleb are still in the hive room. Caleb says Joey's nomination wasn't personal to begin with but now it is. She can't accept that the house may have actually preferred her as the nominee because no one has gone to her face to tell her that. He quotes Joey as saying "You made the biggest mistake, no one wants me out of the house." Caleb responded "Who is going to go to your face to tell you that? That's your type of move and look where it got you."

12:53 PM BBT Paola is making her pitch to Caleb. She tells him she is not going to ask him to campaign on her behalf. Just remember, she is loyal and hasn't started any drama at all. Caleb tells her to just continue laying low and be cool.

12:55PM BBT Caleb tells Paola that Joey is on the block and at risk of going home because she is a firecracker. She is a wrecking ball. All Paola has done is been quiet and lost competitions. You don't get rid of someone for those reasons. He believes Joey has done a lot of damage and Joey will be the one going home.

1:03 PM BBT Before the meeting in the hive room between Caleb and Paola ends, Paola reminds him of the obvious. She only weighs 96 lbs. She is weak and has failed the triple "S". She can't stand, swing, or spell. She clearly is not a threat to him.

1:06 PM BBT Nicole, Donny, and Amber are chatting in the BY. Caleb and Zach are in the HoH trying to fix the bathroom door. A screw had been coming out and it finally snapped. Derrick comes up and tells Caleb that his job is essentially done and he is sitting pretty. There is nothing more Caleb can do.

1:10 PM BBT Since most of the HGs were distracted with primping for the POV meeting, most of them haven't eaten. The KT is quite busy with pizza, something frying on the stove top, and dishes of slop.

1:12 PM BBT in the wash area Derrick asks Paola how she is. She says she is scared but all she can do is stay positive. Derrick tells her he has her back. She jokes "you are probably saying that to everybody."

1:19 PM BBT in the BY Caleb jokes with Nicole about her in the banana hammock and a lap dance while wearing his cowboy hat. She tells him he would be probably be good at is since he used to be a chip and dale dancer. Caleb and Zach crack up. He was a chip and dale for Halloween, not in real life. Nicole had no idea.

1:23 PM BBT Amber decides to go the fire BR to take a nap. Paola goes with her. Amber tells her that she will try to make sure Paola doesn't go home. Paola says that when outside she got chewed out by Joey. She was nervous and was tapping her foot. Joey yelled at her to stop that because it was annoying to her. Amber tells her to just lay low and let Joey self destruct.

1:29 PM BBT In the Fire BR Paola tells Amber that she isn't going to campaign. She is just going to lay low. If she goes home she was Pao-Pao here and she will be Pao-Pao back at home.

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Guest 6Borders

12:33-12:36pm BBT: Derrick and Christine talking in the patio. They are happy that Donny isn't

going home and that's good because he is a vote for them. Derrick says he and Christin

should be safe for 3-4 weeks, that they are fans of the show and now what to do.

Nicole joins the conversation and it switches to general talk and how they made the first week.

Derrick says no they just get comfortable and play the game.

12:36pm BBT: Derrick is saying that they (he Christine and Nicole) are not the cool kids in the

house (the in crowd basiclly). He says he is married, 2nd oldest guy in the house...Nicole tells him

he is cool, like her friends. Derrick feels Joey definitely knows she is going home and PaoPao is

not much a competitor. Discussion continues as to who they would put up if they were HOH.

Derrick says just enjoy because they are the nerds of the game. {It's actually nice to hear some

rational stragedy -6Borders}

12:40pm BBT: Cam switches automatically to the BVeehive room {hate it when that happens in the

middle of a conversation}. Caleb, PaoPao are talking and Caleb is saying "you lay low and let her look stupid"

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1:32pm Paola say's Joey can't say anything about me cause I haven't done anything yet. Then she leaves the room and tells Devin she needs to talk to him.He tells her to lay low and be carefull and he can't tell her where his vote is going yet cause he doesn't know yet.

1:40pm Caleb is going to the HOH RM. Zack tells Caleb that he shouldn't worry he has 7 soldiers behind him. Caleb says the vote should be 13-1 i think.
1:43pm Hayden, Victoria, Paola and Jocasta are in the KT eating and talking general chat. In the BY Cody and Derrick are on the couches talking . Victoria is now in the HOH RM asking to use the bathroom.
1:52pm Cody and Derrick talking about school and people they like . Joey,Nicole and Brittany laying out by the pool talking about how many votes Joey will need to stay in the house this week. Nicole says she needs 7 and Joey says there is no tie and Nicole says no.
1:57pm Caleb telling Zack that Paola came to him and he told her to lay low this week that everyone forgot you was on the block till you was sitting there so just lay low and talk to people and don't do what Joey did and just lay low and you will be fine cause joey has the biggest target on her back right now.
2:01pm Brittany telling Nicole that she was asked about who to put up and Nicole says she was asked but she said I don't know. Brittany says I knew Caleb was going to do that and after this eviction there is going to be a line drawn in the sand can tell you that.Brittany says I can't believe it got like this so fast and if Devin gets HOH then life is going to be hell.
2:09pm Britany and Joey saying that Devin and Caleb have a deal going and Brittany says Devin is going to end up putting Caleb up. I don't think it will happen soon but it will happen.
2:12pm Paola comes to the pool and ask Joey how she is feeling and Joey says like crap. Donny gets in the pool and says it is kinda cool in there.Victoria has now come out to the pool talking about the have not and Joey ask does the have not RM ever change and Victoria says I don't know and Brittany says I don't think so.
2:23pm Devin talking to Brittany in the Bee Hive saying he talked to Joey and Joey told him that it is best for her game to vote you out and he said I told her that i wouldn't vote her out.He says i don't do alliances and I told Joey that she has my vote.
2:29pm Derrick and Donny in the pool as Paola sits and listens as they talk about the live feeds and going to the DR.In the Bee Hive Brittany and Devin are still talking about how people will always get upset with each other and Brittany says yeah.Devin starts crying talking about his daughter and how he loves her so much and how he went to his sister and started getting his spirit back as his girlfriend was not spiritual and he flew her to San Antonio and he realized that he was losing his spirit again.
2:43pm Brittany says caleb is hard to read but he is a sweetheart if you listen to him and i think we have to instead of getting upset we have to remember how you felt before and how i felt before.And remember there is always going to be someone who goes and at the end when we all watch it at the end we are all going to be sad.
2:47pm :Devin telling Brittany about his talk with Paola earlier when he was reading his bible.In the BY Cody is rubbing Joey's shoulders and talking to Derrick just general chat and we get Foth.
2:53pm Hayden and caleb are sitting at the chess game playing and talking. Jocasta and Paola are laying on the loungers in the BY and Jocasta tells her to lay low and Paola says yeah.
2:58pm Jocasta gets up and dances over to the barbells and grabs 2 of them then goes and sits back down with Paola. Caleb and Hayden still playing chess but no talking.
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3:06pm Devin walking to bedroom telling christine that his hands are so dry they hurt. Victoria is cooking as Nicole watches. Brittany is in the pool as Jocasta is working out with dumbells on the lounger and Paola just listening to generaL chat from jacosta.

3:15pm Joey and Cody are laying down in the Ice Rm taking a nap. Voctoria , Nicole and Christine are in the KT eating and doing dishes. just general chat.
3:16pm Paola and Brittany in the pool saying how cold the water is.
3:24pm Amber goes outside and says it is to hot out there then says she has slept so much that she doesn't know what is wrong with her. Christine is getting ready to go out to the pool. Donny and Derrick are on the BY couches talking about there being a majority in the house. Donny says lordy that pool is going to be full as all the girls are going in the pool or laying out.
3:37pm most of the girls are laying around the pool talking about food. Devin and Caleb in the KT whispering as Devin cooks eggs. Caleb goes to the BY to play pool.
3:43pm Brittany and Amber talking about getting tattoos. Amber says Donny thinks he is invisable with them shades on and then tell him he was so cute up there giving hos veto speech.
3:45pm Caleb and Devin go to the STR. Devin tells caleb that he told Joey that she has his vote but she has to go around and clean up the mess she made but she will leave anyways but she cleans my name up in here you know what i mean? Caleb says we don't need her getting the votes and Devin says no she won't and they leave the STR to go to the KT.
3:55pm Caleb telling Devin he painted his nail while he was talking and doesn't know what he was thinking when he did it.Caleb tells brittany she can go to the HOH and get a shower and she says i wish i could and caleb says oh i forgot i am sorry. She says thats ok and he says but i am so glad you volunteered to go on slop i was hoping people would. Devin offers Amber some of his eggs and she says no thank you.
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4:04pm Most HG eating and general chat going on about traveling and what they do on weekends.

4:12pm Caleb, Devin and Amber talking about cars and trucks in the KT. In the BY Paola and Victoria are lying on the loungers by the pool. Just general chat.
4:18pm Hayden tells Voctoria if they were locked alone in this house that she would never talk to him and she says oh yeah? He says yeah i am like one of them people that the girls don't give the time a day to so you have to be more sociable Victoria
4:23pm hayden is teaching Victoria to lift weights and she is saying i can't do this as she makes all kinds of noises.
4:30pm Most HG in the BY laying and sitting around with general chit chat.
4:40pm Caleb telling Frankie about Amber and how she is with all the other Hg and he doesn't want to go over there and her think he is invading her space and he wants to tell her that he likes her and wants to get to know her better and when they get out of here he wants to take her out and Frankie says yes i like that its perfect.
4:48pm Frankie asking if Donny is ever going to tan and Donny says i did tan i was in the pool earlier. He says i am gonna tan then shave and have white cheeks. Brittany says Frankie wants you to go tan with him donny so Donny says let me go tan with Frankie and then ask if he has to take his shirt off and frankie says yeah it would be best.
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5:07 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the BY. Nicole is asked by BB to put on her microphone. She doesn't know where it is and has to go hunt it down.

5:13 PM BBT Donny, Amber, and Nicole are sitting out in the grass stretching before they run. Donny is doing his best but clear has flexibility limitations. The girls want to challenge some of the guys to a pool game. If the girls win the boys have to cook and do the dishes afterwards. Caleb is game and wants a guy teammate who isn't on slop.

5:16 PM BBT Zach has a nail polish message painted on his chest. "Happy Birthday Mommy." He says BB said they may even air it on the show for him

5:30 PM BBT Paola is now in the fire BR with Jocasta who is organizing her bow ties. She, who said she was not going to campaign against Joey, is talking about how she is not like Joey. She is going to stay positive and not act crazy. Jocasta tells her it is too early to predict what will happen with the votes. She gives BB examples on how the one you expect to go often times doesn't and the safe ones end up leaving.

5:40 PM BBT Paola says she can't go outside anymore because she can't handle Cody's hot bod. Jocasta says he is a cutie pie, for a kid. Meanwhile Amber and Nicole are playing pool, practicing for the matchup against the boys later.

5:53 PM BBT Christine has a paranormal activity moment. She is standing by the stairs looking out into the patio. She is just standing there and staring into space. The HGs in the KT notice her and after awhile they call her name and she snaps out of it. I [i wouldn't be surprised to see footprints in the flour tonight-Goldylucks]

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6:00 PM BBT Cody is teaching Christine some weight lifting techniques for her arms. Frankie, who is watching Caleb run, walks over. Frankie tells Cody that Caleb is so handsome when he gets all hot and sweaty. Caleb laughs and says, his legs look so good he wants to bite one of them.

6:07 PM BBT Most of the guys are running laps in the BY. Donny makes note of it and says he could run with them, for about three laps. He doesn't want to have to go and put his tennis shoes on for just three laps.

6:09 PM BBT Joey "is there really a bunch of hot guys outside running right now? It's just another day." Brittany "In paradise."

6:16 PM BBT In the BY Caleb and Derrick go to play pool. It's a practice round for their showdown vs. Amber and Nicole later. Meanwhile Joey, Jocasta, and Hayden are in the KT talking about books. Hayden asks them what Fifty Shades of Gray is about. Without missing a beat Joey and Jocasta say at the same time "Sex."

6:22 PM BBT It's Sign Language 101 in the hammock for Victoria, Christine, and Amber. Christine has taught them a few key words as well as how to sign their own names. Devin is falling asleep on the BY couch and BB reminds them sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms.

6:30 PM BBT Lots of Sign Language 101 in the BY and WBRBs while many of the HGs give shout outs to family and friends.

6:36 In the BY Donny is educating Jocasta on the differences between britches and under-britches. Britches are pants and under-britches are underwear. Hayden joins Victoria and Christine at the hammock for Sign Language lessons.

6:41 PM BBT It's time for the winner winner chicken dinner pool game. It's Amber and Nicole vs. Derrick and Caleb. The losing team cooks dinner and does dishes. Amber breaks without a ball going in and Derrick follows that up with a scratch.

6:45 PM The pool players decide to make the game best two out of three. Lots of misses and scratches. This could take a while.

6:50 PM BBT The girls are leading in the pool tournament. Cody was making an effort to do some serious weightlifting. Frankie comes over and starts imitating him. It turns into Cody and Frankie doing chorus line dances with weights.

6:52 PM BBT Joey to Cody who is weight lifting "Cody, you do have a butt." Frankie "I didn't notice."

6:55 PM BBT The boys lose the first match to the girls by scratching on the eight ball. It's time for the second match. Meanwhile Joey and Christine are at the hammock talking about all the food that they can't eat.

6:59 PM BBT Derrick has a good run to start out round two. He jokes that if they end up losing they are cooking Ramen noodles.

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7:05PMBBT: Christine and Joey are chatting by the hammock, just small talk, stories from home. Frankie, Zach and Cody have gone from the pool to the HT. Frankie says he did something to his foot as he put it in the HT. None of the feeds are on the pool game.

7:13PMBBT: Donny is now at the HT soaking his feet in too. Joey is in the hive room, looks like she is doing her nails. Victoria and Frankie are in the WA, she is writing "PRIDE" on his chest (It is World Pride Week in Toronto, Canada)

7:15PMBBT: Frankie makes his rounds. He shows Joey in the hive room, shout outs to New York Pride parade! He is yelling "Happy Pride!" He kisses Joey then leaves and starts shouting "Happy Pride Day!" in the BY, HG are high fiving him. "What have you done today that makes you feel proud?" Is Frankie's question. He says he was cool, calm and collected today. They take turns saying what they have done, most are staying calm "in certain situations"

7:22PMBBT: Frankie is called the the DR. Nicole and Brittany are in the SR, looks like they are making dinner. They walked out with some meat and veggies. Frankie is marching out of the DR. They told him he had to remove the "PRIDE" from his chest. He is ticked!

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7:28PMBBT: Frankie is cleaning the lipstick written "PRIDE" from his chest in the HOH bathroom. Devin is in there, they are talking. Devin says his only allegiance in the game is to Derrick (why he is telling Frankie is beyond me!) and then goes into why he will not have a showmance because he doesn't want his daughter to see it in the future.

7:32PMBBT: Devin and Frankie talk. BB tells Frankie to fix his mic. Devin is worried about how he will be perceived outside of the house because "you are at the mercy of the edit" (yet we see this on the live feeds). Devin mentions more than once that he is at peace with where he is at in the house. He brings up that conversing out of sheer boredom and asking questions and interacting, he did not realize that having the conversation with Joey would end up being so dramatic. Frankie says he likes Joey but has had problems with her too.

7:39PMBBT: Amber is prepping to cook, Zach is doing dishes. Caleb is sitting next to Amber. Zach compliments Amber on how well she cleaned the kitchen earlier. Nicole is rubbing her eyes, says it is an issue with her contact lens.
Devin and Frankie continue to talk in the HOH bathroom. Devin mentions Brittany coming after him for making girls cry. He doesn't understand why they are coming after him for it. He starts talking about his daughter and gets emotional. He says she is more important than any amount of money. He says he is a good guy with a big heart. He is holding back tears as he talks. He just wants people to be proud of him.

7:43PMBBT: Devin opens up to Frankie. He explains about his past relationship and he lost his faith in God and... we hear someone is at the HoH door. Frankie shoos them away and Devin continues how he got his spirit back and was restoring his faith after the end of the relationship and how he overcame that.

7:47PMBBT: Frankie is nodding in agreement with Devin but, he looks nervous, like he isn't sure what to say (Devin is pretty deep right now). In the KT, Derrick is running from Victoria. There was an impromptu game of tag.

7:52PMBBT: Frankie has chimed in, trying to support Devin. He mentions that he has missed his little sister's birthday (Ariana Grande turned 21 on the 26th) but no names mentioned. Frankie adds that he should have come to Devin's defense with Brittany yesterday but he didn't because it might not have worked with the game. Devin says he understands.

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7:58PMBBT: Dr.Frankie has gotten to the root of Devin's problem, guilt. Devin is having a hard time lying in the house to benefit his game. Frankie is compassionate about it. He says to Devin "I know it sucks that we have to lie and cheat and steal but, that is the game." Frankie has dialed the diva down to talk to Devin and he is really coaching Devin. "We are gonna get to that F'in jury! They will all go one by one... ba ba ba ba and we will get through." Someone is knocking on the door again, Frankie makes sure it is locked. Devin says what ever happens happens and there is nothing he can do about it. Devin has been holding his bible this whole time.

8:05PMBBT: Derrick is dreading when they have the added foods to slop, "Like lentils and lima beans". Caleb says Amber is a keeper, she can clean and cook "But I can't play pool!" He reassures her that she will and by the time she gets out of there she will be awesome at it. Zach is still doing dishes. Nicole and Victoria are watching Amber cook.

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8:15PMBBT: Devin has read his bible for a few minutes, he is now exfoliating in the HoH bathroom. Frankie is with other HG in the kitchen, he tells a story about Donny "I asked what he was doing and he says Eating my lunch and just watching big brother! and I laughed because we are all on big brother!" Everyone laughed and there were some "Awwww". Christine is in the BY doing laundry. Frankie has made his way to the SR looking for food with Victoria.

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8:20PMBBT: Frankie was going to sear tuna for dinner but, once he unwrapped it and realized it was a solid ice block, it is now for tomorrow's dinner. He makes his way to the bathroom to wash hands. Hayden and Frankie harmonize for a moment at the sinks. Now it sounds like they are making sex sounds. Victoria and Derrick are on the couch in the living room. Christine went to laydown with Derrick and was called to the DR, Victoria also get up to leave "Geez! I had 2 girls now nothing!" Victoria is making pasta and cheese because there is no tuna tonight. She hates butter, it is so fattening and that is why she is using cheese. Derrick is suggesting trying something new, she is just shooting him down.

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8:28PMBBT: Joey and PaoPao are awake from their naps. Brittany is still laying down in the HN room. PaoPao is telling them about a dream she had. They were all there in a different house but they were all in her Mom's jacuzzi. Joey says they stayed up all night and BB made it colder in the HN room and it's bugging them. Donny asks where Jacosta is. (haven't seen her tonight, must be napping)

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8:39PMBBT: Hayden, Frankie and Cody sound like they are drunk. Listening to them reminds me of a frat party. We get a few WBRB FotH screens. Donny, PaoPao and Joey are in the LR, small talk about life outside the house.

8:47PMBBT: Caleb, Zach, Amber and Nicole are eating at the table. Derrick is sitting with them but just talking. Devin has joined the frat boy party in the BY and we get another FotH.

8:52PMBBT: Frat boy pool continues in the BY but now with accents that are supposed to sound British or Australian. Zach has joined them. Donny, Joey and PaoPao continue general chit chat in the LR.

8:56PMBBT: Well, it is a sad attempt at British accents in the BY. Christine is now out there watching Frankie and Hayden. Frankie is trying to be funny (and it is to a degree, a little crude). PaoPao, Joey and Amber are chatting in the LR. Donny is now outside with the frat boys.

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9:02pm Christine and Victoria are in the KT eating while Joey is making her some tea and Paola is making food. In the BY Amber , Caleb and Devin are on the couches eating and talking about scalp massages.Devin saying that Frankie is the funniest person he has ever met in his life.

9:05pm Frankie says in 10 minutes they are going to play stick your balls in this hole (they are playing pool) and Devin and amber are laughing at him.
9:10pm Devin says I wish they would call me to the DR so I can ask them for my copenhegan. Caleb says you brought it and Devin says yeah its in my box. Caleb says its weird they let Donny have his but not you.
9:26pm the pool game is still going on in the BY as some of the girls are watching the game now. Hayden and caleb are talking on By couch with Devin as Amber is reading the Bible.
9:33pm Caleb and Joey in the Bee Hive talking and Joey is crying. Caleb says everyone wanted you up cause i asked everyone who they wanted up and thats what i went with but everyone is going to tell you something different than they tell me. I dont know what will be said in the DR cause people say what they want in the Dr but remember this has nothing to do against you it is just a game. Joey says i dont know this game and i dont want to go home but if i do i do. Caleb says we will see each other at finale if you do leave and joey says yeah.
9:40pm Caleb telling Joey he is a big target now and he knows devin is a target also but when we walked in here we were all targets.
9:43pm Frankie and paola in the KT and paola tells frankie at least he can play for hoh again next week and he says true i can. He says i am just trying to keep everyone here but i cant.In the BY is general chit chat.
9:50pm Caleb telling joey that he hasnt had a girl friend in a long time cause she has to be the right person and religious if i ask her to go to church she has got to want to go i cant be with someone who doesnt believe. and she has to be an angel to take her home to momma.
9:56pm Amber and Devin go to HOH RM and Frankie is in the bathroom saying he is trying to crap and get things flowing and Devin and Amber are laughing.
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10:01pm Frankie is now out of the bathroom feeding the fish and telling Devin and Amber what the fishes names are.Frankie is now talking to the fish saying hello hello hello as the other laugh at him.in the LVR Derrick and Joey are sitting on couches as Caleb walks through to the STR.In the BY Paola and Donny are talking about his beard and how he might get attached to it and never shave it off.

10:11pm Joey is in the WA shaving as Devin and Joey and derrick are in the LVR talking about eating food and about what the have nots can eat. In the BY they are putting the awnings up for BB.

10:15pm Joey ask Devin what he will do after three months of being in the house and he says I don't care what's going on I either want my daughter here or else I am going straight to see my daughter.

10:25pmDonny and derrick are setting the dumbbells up as a bowling lane they are using water bottles as the pins and they have a ball they are rolling down the lane. In the HOH RM Zach and Frankie are talking about Caleb talking about Caleb . Frankie says uh oh is there a house meeting? and they run out of the room to see what is going on.

10:35pm Paola is getting in the shower Joey is cooking food while Christine is washing dishes and Hayden is rubbing ice on his forehead and screaming cause it is so cold and Caleb laughing at him. Victoria and Brittany say they are ready for bed. all the other HG are in the BY playing pool or bowling with general chit chat going on.

10:52pm In the BY the guys are playing pool as some of the girls and Donny are at the hammock talking general talk.

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11:04pm The pool game and the bowling game are still going on in the BY. Nicole and Donny are at the hammock talking about the whole world watching you in the house and it is something you don't think about. Joey and Christrine are in the WA talking about finding the motrin. Paola is brushing her hair.

11:14pm Frankie and Devin sitting by the pool talking about Devin wanting his dip. he says he told everyone else they wouldn't let him have his dip because he is black and he starts laughing then Frankie laughs.Caleb asked the DR for beer and wine to have tonight for Nicole's birthday. Frankie says I didn't even tell you happy birthday and he yells I ain't telling you happy birthday till midnight cause I don't say happy Birthday till its your Birthday.

11:21pm Frankie is entertaining the Hg in the Back yard telling them that he is going to Badazzel Julie Chen's clothes and shoes. Donny is in the KT sweeping the floors and cleaning the KT.

11:30pm Frankie says I want to be on slop but I don't want to be in that room. He says I won't take a cold shower I will rinse my hair and take a French bath but that's it and I won't go to sleep and sleep in that room I can stay up.

11:38pm Nicole and Hayden in the hammock talking being in an alliance and Hayden says Caleb has his group. Nicole says if you ever want to protect me then just do it. Hayden says well Caleb has already said that he has his boys.He says if we can protect each other we can have my friends and your friends or alliance whatever you want to call it but we can back up each others group is that OK with you? Nicole says yeah great.

11:42pm Hayden says he is not worried about Caleb or Devin in this game he is worried about Derrick cause he is the Enzo and he thinks he is Enzo. he says this isn't to protect my group it is to protect both groups.

11:44pm Hayden says we shouldn't hang out as much and Nicole says we hardly hang out, like this is the first time I have talked to you all day.He says I know.

11:47pm Brittany and Joey and Amber are in the STR getting cookies together for Nicole's Birthday in 12 minutes and Amber says she doesn't know how Brittany is doing this with not being able to eat any of them and she says it is like when I lost 35 pounds before so it doesn't bother me.

11:52pm Joey and Derrick are asking Nicole if she likes Hayden and she says I like him but wouldn't date him cause they are different and she wouldn't change and she wouldn't want him to change and i am not looking for a relationship but if the right guy came along then maybe. Joey says well he will have 8 brothers to go through first right here.

11:57pm Frankie and Hayden are in the HOH RM getting ready to dance for Nicole for her Birthday and Caleb is watching them.

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