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Sunday, June 29 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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We are in need of updaters from the early AM until 11:30AM, I hope 6borders can provide her usual excellent coverage.

Also, the "WriteBoard" feature is not working, please feel free to comment on your availability at the end of your post.

Thanks Everyone!


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12:05 AM BBT Zach and Devin have moved to HOH and are talking about how dominant they are. They are not speaking in forms of what ifs, but whens. When Devin wins HoH next week, When Zach wins week three. When all 8 of their alliance makes the Jury house. They are talking about all the power they have and will have all summer. They decide that they get to decide who gets the money in the end. Devin brings up the Joey situation and he is angrier now because she came up to him on his daughter's birthday. He says she should be scared and so should Brit. In the KT Caleb speaks Spanish to Derrick because he speaks it fluently (anything he doesn't do?)

12:15 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie, Brit, and Derrick are around in the KT talking about how crazy the game has been in just the past couple of days. They think that there are set teams that BB has made because of the separation in the memory board. Brit says she feels like she was too honest with Devin. Caleb says there are inside words and outside words. He continues by saying if you let out the inside words, you can't ever get them back. Derrick says there is going to be a huge twist so we don't know what is happening. He said he got the feeds before he left and knows that America has a big say from week to week as a part of the twist.

12:25 AM BBT Caleb and Brit head upstairs together to try and make things right with Devin, they make small talk for a bit before getting serious. Derrick and Zach are in the SR are talking about how easy it is to lay low. Zach thinks they will be exposed by jury but they are okay with having that happen because Devin and Caleb are bigger targets then they are. They agree that when the time comes they need to backdoor the two of them.

12:35 AM BBT In the HoH Devin and Brit are going over their conversation they had earlier. Devin starts going over the night he had no sheets for his bed and the night he was complaining about messes. Brit says that she is sorry for the way the conversation went before. He starts saying that he is upset that he was painted in a less than admirable light because he has lent out his sweaters to the girls and has made sure Victoria is in a room with all women. He says he has a daughter and doesn't appreciate her making him look like a bad guy. When she tries to defend her self he starts to laugh telling her that she read the conversation wrong. She says she feels as though he has rubbed her the wrong way when she has been cleaning and doing things for others as well.

12:40 AM BBT Every time Brit speaks he rolls his eyes and laughs in response. She says the issues she has aren't about any lotion or cleaning but the way he approaches things but he doesn't let her finish before telling her she is wrong. She says he is impossible to talk to and he tells her good do him a favor and do not speak to him anymore. She leaves the room upset and crying.

12:45 AM BBT Brit is now in the hammock with Paola going over how the argument with Devin went. She tries to play it off at first that she was just upset about her family but Paola gets her to talk about the argument more in depth. Paola tells Brit to stay positive and not worry about Devin. Brit is worried about next week. Paola says someone else can freak out between now and then making everyone forget about their issues. She continues by saying that she should just lay low. Brit vents a little more about everything. Paola asks if Devin said anything about her. Paola hopes Devin goes up. Brit says he won’t.

12:55 AM BBT Caleb and Hayden are playing pool. Cody, Derrick, and Frank are talkin bout the twists. Back in the hammock, Brit and Paola are still talking about the fight. They stop when Nicole comes up to check on Brit as she is visibly upset. They go back to the story of her missing her family and kids. Derrick comes up and asks how the talk went. Brit repeats that she misses her family. Derrick asks if she's sure that's it. Brit says yes so he starts giving her family advice and tells her to hang in there.

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1:00 AM BBT: BB never misses an opportunity and calls Brit to the DR. Derrick asks Caleb if Devin exploded. Caleb says that she probably genuinely feels bad for how it went because Devin is a big player cool with other big players. He continues to say she probably thinking about her own kids and the way that she treated Devin. Caleb reverts to talking about Amber.

1:10 AM BBT: Frank, Christine, and Cody are talking on the hammock. Frank says that Devin is imploding and is killing his own game. He says Caleb only cares about Amber and that will be his downfall. He wants to keep Caleb around for as long as possible because he will always be the bigger target. Cody says he cannot trust Devin and Amber at all. Frank says he trusts Christine and Cody more then everyone else. Cody wants to be the one to get Devin out eventually. They hate the way he is treating Brit. Cody calls him a bully. Frank agrees. They also think Caleb is a bully because he told Devin to just not talk to Brit anymore like it's high school. They want to keep the three of them quiet for as long as possible. Christine thinks people will think she is with Nicole for a long time.

1:20 AM BBT: Cody says they should make sure Caleb goes before Amber otherwise he will freak. Frank thinks that will take care of itself because Amber doesn't want Caleb like that and that he will find out and send her packing. Frank says they wont have to get their hands dirty with it. The three of them are very excited to have a quiet alliance no one knows about.

1:30 AM BBT Frank is going over all of the things that Devin has said to shoot himself in the foot.They agree that they need to just go along to get along and not challenge him. Cody hates him because of his ego. Christine says that she has never met a man like him in her life. He tries to make her feel so small and she says she sees the person he is and Frank says he will self-destruct. Frank likes Derrick and he says that when Derrick is around he doesn't have to be as "on" as he usually is because Derrick can handle the guys and their egos.

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5:05 AM BBT Joey and Brittany are wide awake in the KT. Brittany tells us it has absolutely nothing to do with all the sugar and coffee. Brittany is wondering if they can drink chocolate milk since milk is allowed.

5:13 AM BBT Brittany and Joey take their coffee into the BY. Brittany says she prefers instagram over FB because she likes the pictures instead of reading about people who are going to the gas station. Joey likes instagram too but loves pinterest.

5:15 AM BBT If Brittany wins the money she wants to buy her dad a truck and take her daughter somewhere, just the two of them. Joey and her mom never had that best friend relationship that many mom and daughters have. Her mom is always the mom. Brittany wants to be close to her kid but not as a friend. As a mom.

5:25 AM BBT Brittany is telling Joey about her conversation with Devin. He wanted to know who she thought would be going up. She admitted he had a chance of being nominated since he has gotten into it with people. She said he completely turned it around on her. She thinks he may end up being put up but predicts Pao-Pao will go home this week.

5:34 AM BBT Joey and Brittany are still sitting on the BY couches with their coffee. Joey said she if she would have been in the house when she was 21 she would have never been able to look past all the 6 pack abs walking around. Now, it doesn't really phase her. Brittany still can't get over the weird feeling about being single and getting to go out on dates.

5:48 PM BBT I assume Brittany and Joey are still in the BY talking. We kept getting WBRB while they talked about people outside of the house so now we get all 4 feeds from snoring HGs in the HoH nest bed.

6:07 AM BBT Brittany and Joey are still chilling out in the BY watching the sun come up. They are talking about Donny. He has been growing his beard since October. They think his beard makes him look older than 42. When he wet his beard down earlier he was really an attractive man.

6:14 AM BBT Joey is telling Brittany that she thinks Devin knows he will likely be nominated by house vote. She says he pulled her aside last night to see if there is anything that he can do. Brittany says that Joey revealing the house vote option to the rest of the house was a genius move. This way, if Joey gets put up, the rest of the house will know that Caleb was not doing a house decision. It would be a Caleb decision. Devin wakes up and goes to the WC. The girls joke about wearing using nail polish to make a I Hate Devin T-shirt for eviction night.

6:20 AM BBT The girls are imagining what would happen if Devin won HoH and nominated Caleb. They imagine Caleb saying "Devin, can I have my balls back?" Brittany says she just wants to win enough to take her kids somewhere. Joey "That's why I'm liberal. Spread the wealth man."

6:22 AM BBT Brittany and Joey are still in the BY. Just general chit chat about the other HGs. Some would make awful roommates. For some, they would only be able to take Pao-Pao in small doses. Joey enlightens us about the state of her poop again and needs some Imodium.

6:26 AM BBT Joey is talking to one of the camera men outside on one of the walls. "You look so cute with your rain jacket on. Do you want to go for a walk? Do you want to follow me around? You and your friends. So cute." The girls head back inside.

6:39 AM BBT The insomniac girls have gone to bed. Feeds 1 and 2 on sleeping HGs in the Rock BR and Feeds 3 and 4 on HGs trying to go to sleep in the Have-Not room.

7:10 AM BBT Everyone is still tucked in bed. We should get a wake up call in about an hour and a half.

7:40 AM BBT Cody heads to the bathroom. When the door to the Have-Not room closes shut it startles Devin who jumps in bed. Cody returns to bed (without washing his hands) and all is quiet again in the BB house.

7:50 AM BBT Joey is restless and gives up on trying to sleep. She heads to the KT where she gets a cup of slop and adds some milk to it.

7:57 AM BBT Having finished her snack, Joey goes back to bed. Brittany is awake. Joey tells her that her butt hurts really freaking bad.

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Guest 6Borders

6am BT: Good morning LF's (live feeders) and Friends

(I will plan to cover 6am to Noon today)

6:am BBT: Brit and Joey are still up talking. Brit says "this is just nuts" and they hope they are still there for the 4th of July

6:03am BBT: Brief FOtH. Back and Brit is saying she doesn't care about her appearance any more.

They are talking about staying up late and having to get up at 5 in the morning. Joey says she

feels like she has been kidnapped and she knows he (BF I guess) is watching.

Joey is telling a story about someone named Trevor and then interupts herself tasting the air...

she says it tastes like "a smoker" and asks Brit if she's ever smoked. Joey says she's chewed

a couple of times.

6:05am BBT: Talk turns to Donny's beard and they asked him to wet it down and he's not a bad

looking guy. Joey says the beard ages him. They do some imitations of Donny.

Brit says they should go in and say "we have a prediction..." and pretend to be ghosts and scare

Nicole. {they have been up all night and are a little punch drunk so they are not making much sense}

6:08am BBT: Joey and Brit are talking about how long they have been in the house, say "9 days"

and then decide it's actually 10. Joey says "3 months to go..". They are laughing hysterically

about this conversation. Joey is imitating somone. Then they decide they can hear the crew and

that it's shift change. Brit says "we should just go in there (DR I guess) for some footage"

Brit says she and Amber went in there and had a laughing attack!

6:11am BBT: Talk turns to what they are wearing for the live eviction. Joey says she's wearing an

"I hate Devin and Caleb T-Shirt". Brit says she has nail polish so she will make one.

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Guest 6Borders

6:12am BBT: Joey is saying it would be crazy if he (no idea who) chose Devin over the

house. Joey said she made a big move (?). Joey says Devin took her into the beehive room

and asked if there was anything he could do to fix it...Joey says "he knew...".

Joey says Devin knew what he was going to do and that this way Caleb doesn't get any blood

on his hands.

6:14am BBT: Brit says she thinks he is a mastermind manipulator and Joey dismisses that idea

and says no he's not. Brit is saying that when they know it's going to be a house vote and even

the guys are leaning toward Devin. Joey says Caleb was making it a house vote so he doesn't

get blood on his hands. Joey says she told him if she was on the block it's not a personal decision

and she won't be going home.

6:17am BBT: Joey says Devin took her aside and asked if there was anything he could do to reverse

this and says nobody can really offer anything right now. Joey says at least what she did "exposed it"

(house vote) and it would have been cool to save PaoPao for a week. They decide it would be so smart

on Caleb's part (to put Devin up I guess) because Devin is going to screw him later.

6:19am BBT: Joey says it would be great if (missed who) got HOH and put Caleb up on the block.

Brit says she hopes somebody with a kid won because it's about the kids. Joey said she would not

mind if Brit,Derrick won or even Jocasta because she's in a financial bind {here we go again that BB

should be about who needs the money most -6Borders}.

6:21am BBT: Talk turns to Caleb and his f'ing cowboy boots and acting like he's the leader of the house.

Joey says there are times she's had decent conversation with Caleb. She says Caleb is funny and a talented

guy but there are a lot of things he says she doesn't agree with.

6:22-6:24am BBT:Talk turns to Frankie always wanting to keep the peace and Joey says she feels like she signed up for a

roommate situation and there are always a few roommates who don't work out. Brit equates it to the TV

show Three's Company. Joey jumps the conversation back to "I'm so glad I am back with Andrew"

Suddenly the conversation shifts to something that looks like a robot and Joey is trying to remember a show

where the robot helps the kid {not a TV person so no clue}.

6:25am BBT: Brit is talking about her stomach feeling bubbly and Joey says they should request some Imodium,

explains to Brit what it does to help. They say they should probably go to bed but make no move to do so.

Their conversation is now jumping all over the place.

6:26-6:30am BBT: Brit and Joey get up to (finally) go into the house. Brit says she's never drunk this much coffee.

They drop their dishes in the sink and head to the bathroom. Brit says Good Morning America. They are playing

to the cameras (us) with "The Brittany & Joey Show" and tell themselves to please stop singing.

Brit asks Joey is she is going to wash her face and they say she probably should. Brit remarks that they are

all out of q-tips and then asks again "it's Day 10 right" and "3 months to go". Joey uses the WC and comes out

and says "Day 42", then Brit takes her turn. Joey is brushing her teeth.

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Guest 6Borders

6:30am BBT: Brit says something from the WC about her period and Joey laughs (didn't get it over the water

and teeth brushing but it prob was not impt). Brit is out of the WC. They are laughing about "after dark" I think.

(hard to hear,mics are blocked and h2o running).

6:32am BBT: Brit and Joey are imitating Donny "ah'm getting a zit, haven't had those since ah was a teenager".

Brit wonders how people can not get sick in here.

6:33am BBT: Brit remarks the music is going to start in 2 hours.

6:34am BBT: Brit & Joey head to the Ice Bedroom, start bunding up and preparing their beds. Joey is trying to

tip-toe around and be quiet.

6:37am BBT: Brit & Joey cover themselves with everything they can to stay warm, say "night night"

and settle down for a short morning's nap until wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

6:51am BBT: All quiet in the BB House, other than some snoring

and machine noises. I expect we won't see much activity until wake-up call

because they all went to bed in the wee hours!

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Guest 6Borders

7:40am BBT: Something just happend that caused Devin to start out of bed.

Looks like maybve Cody is up and in the WC so that may have been what woke Devin.

7:42-7:44am: Pretty sure it was Cody. The living room lights were not on when he was

up. Whomever it was went back to bed and everyone is snoozing. Some restlessness

from Devin and I think Zach.

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Guest 6Borders

7:50-am BBT: Someone is up and in the kitchen but it's dark and I can't see who

{memo to BB-get those lights on please -6Borders}.

Looks like it's Joey getting something to drink! She gets up for more milk

and her mic is pulled off the table behind her. Looks like she is looking around,

maybe also trying to figure why the lights are not on!

7:55-7:57am BBT: Joey finishes her milk and heads back to the ice bedroom.

Brit remarks to Joey that her fricking butt hurts so bad and Joey says I know.

They say something else but I can't hear it.

7:57am BBT: Joey and Brit are settled back down and the house is sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

8:06-8:12am BBT: Joey and Brit whisper about something...sounded like "...getting closer...."

and someone said "no you're fine"

Lots of stirring and shifting from Joey, still trying to find a comfortable position.

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Guest 6Borders

8:31am BBT: Joey is really having a hard time getting comfortable.

She keeps adjusting and readjusting covers {I'm surprised Brit can sleep}.

The rest of the house seems to be doing pretty well in the slumber department.

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9:10 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. No wake up call yet.

9:13 AM BBT WBRB wake up call.

9:28 AM BBT The feeds are back and the HGs are doing ADLs. Devin is in the KT talking to Frankie about his argument with Brittany last night. He is still pretty fired up about it.

9:32 AM BBT Nicole, Christine, and Amber are in the WA primping. Devin's conversation with Frankie (about Brittany) has moved to the BY. Devin starts running laps. Frankie tells him "That will be another one we don't have to worry about in about a week."

9:35 AM BBT WBRB Feeds return at 9:42 AM and Frankie, Devin, and Christine start to setting the awnings. BB tells the HG that the lights must stay on during the day. Frankie "I see the lights going off a lot in the Have-Not room. They don't sleep good in there. The faster that they will all start to go crazy."

9:46 AM BBT Frankie is walking around the house making fun of BB. It seems that BB was rather abrupt with them today and had to ask not so nicely more than one time for the HGs to get up. Frankie "I said get up you lazy F*cks."

9:49 AM BBT Devin and Christine are working out. Donny asks her if she plans on running today. He is sore from running yesterday. Christine says she doesn't know if she will run or not because it's already so hot outside. General chit in the WA by Victoria, Amber, Nicole, and Frankie. Several have commented on Amber's baby pink colored onesie she is wearing denim shorts.

9:51 AM BBT Frankie starts making fart noise strawberries in the WA. Donny is on the elliptical. He says he likes it because he can read it. He starts reading all the different settings and says "I feel guilty, I am actually reading something." He says this could be his best day yet. He slept really really good. Donny gets called to the DR.'

9:55 AM BBT Frankie steps outside and tells Christine that Brittany must be one of the most stupid freaking people ever. He tells her about Devin's and Brittany's argument. Frankie is upset she brought him into it. He had to convince Devin he wasn't mad at him over something that Brittany threw out of proportion. He says Brittany is now public enemy #2.

9:59 AM BBT Frankie and Christine say that Joey and Christine must not know what show they are. They must think they are on jeopardy and just scream things out to Alex. This is the show about honesty and trust. It appears the POV meeting will be today. Frankie and Christine are anticipating being on ODLD so Donny can go stare at the wall.

10:03 AM BBT BB: "Houseguests, please clean the bathroom today including the mirror over the sink." Christine "Gosh BB, kind of feisty today."

10:15 AM BBT Not much going on. The girls are primping for the upcoming POV meeting. Amber is doing Nicole's makeup. Devin has again told Frankie about Devin vs. Brittany rehash 17.0

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Guest 6Borders

9:11am BBT: Devin and Zach are starting to get restless so maybe we'll have

some action soon.

9:12am Fish and WBRB so I think it's wake up call

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Guest 6Borders

9:28-9:30am BBT: We are back and the HG's are talking game.

Devin and Frankie are in the kitchen. Devin is saying "I know what you are doing and

what you have to do to work both sides..but" Frankie says "I still don't even understand"

{Devin needs to stop mumbling and readjust his mic}

Devin is saying she (Brit?) is impossible to deal with. Seems to be a rehash about the

lotion discussion. Frankie says he still doesn't understand what the lotion thing is all

about {I'm glad I'm not the only one -6Borders}.

Donny joins the kitchen crew and is wished a good morning. He says "at least I can see you now"

9:31am BBT: Devin and Frankie are outside and the lotion discussion continues.

Frankie comments "she is going to say what she is going to say"

Devin is saying "everything she (Brit) says is her feelings.

Frankie is saying we won't have to worry about it in a week and asks Devin if he wants coffee.

9:33am BBT: Frankie is back in the kitchen and he and Donny are talking Lucky Charms.

Donny said he slept awesome even tho it was cold in the room.

Frankie comments that there is just so much craziness going on and smart seems to

constantly be surprising...that people are implicit about destroying themselves.

Donny says there have been some big moves in the past and any little thing can mess your brain up.

Frankie says he's constantly trying to help and eventually he has to stop or he will just be in trouble.

9:35am BBT FOTH and WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

9:41-9:43am BBT: Back. The hg's have been told to lower the outside awnings and Frankie and Christine are

taking care of that with Devin helping.

BB reminds everyone that the bedroom lights need to remain on during the day.

Brit, Victgoria and Nicole are doing hair and make up in the bathroom.

9:43am BBT: Frankie says he needs gloves or oven mitts to get the blinds up. Devin is able to

do the blinds by himself and Frankie and Christine are working as a team.

Christine says now she is too hot and Frankie says it's a beautiful day tho

9:44am BBT: Fish and WBRB for a minute

9:45am BBT: Devin starts jogging in the yard. Frankie tells Donny "I gujess you're on soon"

They are mimicking BB saying "I said it's time to get up for the day"

Christine is on the eliptical and Devin has just completed his morning jog and is stretching.

9:46-9:50am BBT: Frankie is in the bathroom talking to the girls. Victoria is talking about her contsacts

burning for the first couple days when she changed them. Frankie regales us with the fact that he

is super gassy this morning.

Frankie is imitsating BB again with "It's time to get up for the day" and discussing make up with

the girls. He says "make up is our war paint". They are wondering when their families are watching, and

Brit says her mom works at night and sometimes does not get off until 8-9am.

9:50am BBT: Brit is worried that her mom works to much and Frankie says his mom pretty much

works 24 hrs a day. BB calls Victoria to the DR.

9:51am BBT: Frankie says he is going to get some sun today until he is golden.

Devin is shaving and the girls are still doing make up.

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Guest 6Borders

9:52am BBT: Donny is on the eliptical and says he likes it because it has words on it.

Christine is doing floor exercises. Donny says he slept amazing and this could be the best day

he's felt yet.

9:53am BBT: Donny is called to the DR. He says let me ride this thing (elitical) all the way to

the Diary Room. Christine takes a quick break and then continues to do pushups.

9:55-9:59am BBT: Frankie joins Christine and says Brit is the stupidist person and the lotion discussion

is rehashed again!! Frankie says why would he throw himself under the bus for a stupid discussion.

Christine says "what a mess". Frankie says Brit is now Public Enemy #2.

Frankie says they have no idea what is going on (Brit and Devin I guess). Christine tells Frankie she

is so sorry (all this is happening). Frankie says he still can't believe they are in this house playing with

such idiots and they are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. They say it's going to be awesome and

scary when those time bombs go off

Frankie and Christine comment that these people have never seen this show and think they are on

Jeopardy or something.

10am BBT: Frankie and Christine continue to discuss how she (Brit?)

keeps saying the exact same things with the exact same accent over and over.

Frankie is getting over dramatic now and says "guess who's not saying anything...me".

They discuss that they will be on outdoor LD. Christine says it should not be too long

because all Donny has to do is look at the wall. Frankie does an imitation of Donny,

making fun of his accent. Frankie explains to Christine now the veto meeting works.

10:02am BBT: BB reminds the HG's to clean the bathroom mirrors today. Frankie comments

"all kinds of fun stuff going on today" and goes to clean the mirrors.

Frankie and Devin are talking about the songs this morning (for wake up) were the 3 worst.

10:04am BBT: Devin is trying to recall a song, figures it's "Latch" and sings a few bars.

BB says "please stop singing". Discussion continues about "Latch". Nobody can recall

if its the song or the name of the group {and does not seem like anyone really cares}.

Frankie comments he is super dehydrated and Christine says she is too.

Devin is commenting on a smell that smells like "bad water".

10:06-10:09am BBT: Devin is making pancakes and offering them. Caleb comes in and is tsalking

to Devin. Caleb is explaining what happened with the argument last night..."LotionGate" continues!

Devin is talking about what a great thing he did making sure Victoria had an all girls room, how he

had everyone's back and nobody was receptive and Britt stormed out. Devin says he didn't have

time for all that and Caleb says "she said what she needed to say"

10:09am BBT: Fish and WBRB

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10:11am BBT we are back from FOTH. On feeds 1 and 2 is Devin, Caleb and Frankie in the kitchen. Devin is telling Frankie to talk to Brittany and tell her "That Devin really is a big teddy bear." Devin keeps rehashing his conversation with Brittany last night. Frankie said "he will smile, nod and keep his distance" Frankie then says soon she (Brittany) will be all alone.

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Guest 6Borders

10:10am BBT: We are back. BB is telling reminding them not to talk about production,

and Devin is still yapping about the lotion/bedsheets things.

Caleb finally shifts the discussion to the pan being old and it's going to burn everything...not for

long Devin... is right back on the lotion thing. Now Devin is relating it (again) to Frankie (it's more

of same so not worth going over again).

10:12am BBT: Fish and WBRB again

10:13-10:15am: Devin is still going on about the lotion. Caleb and Frankie are pretending to be interested.

Devin is saying Brit said it was "a bigger picture" but could not say what it was. Frankie says she

was out there (yard) smiling and laughing last night and they had no clue anything had gone down.

Frankie says just smile and keep your distance and it will be repaired...he's not worried.

He says now she is completely alone and that makes her more dangerous because she trusts no one.

He saye he can't be that person and can't be everywhere..

10:16-10:18am: Christine comes in and they are teasing about going to the beach later, etc. Devin asks Amber if she wants pancakes and she enthusiastically says "yes". Frankie wants a shower and they tease that he is no longer HOH so can't use the HOH shower. BB reminds Amer to center her mic.

10:18am BBT: Devin is cooking and alternately staring into space. Most of the girls are in the bathroom


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