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Tuesday, April 29 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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I'm looking for updaters for today from the time the hamsters get up to Noon, then from 3PM to 8PM. With any luck they'll just HUSH it all until something interesting happens. :closedeyes:

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1:01AM BBT Adel said he know he is going home but if he stay he is the happiest fool alive. Adel said to all the live feeders please shake this house up.

1:35AM BBT Adel still in the water nothing much going on.

1:48AM BBT Adel is now out of the pool and into the HT.

2:01AM BBT Adel alone is up he cannot sleep because of his punishment he has to be awake for 36 hours. Adel is now out of the HT.

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2:20AM BBT Adel is now making a snack in the KT.

2:37AM BBT Adel is now cleaning the floors. Adel has his baseball cap over the cowboy hat.

2:58AM BBT Adel told BB that he need a pill for his right eye which is swollen and we get HotH.

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3:08AM BBT We are back to Adel still cleaning.

3:32AM BBT Adel is now sitting by the pool he is very sleepy rubbing his eyes.

3:41AM BBT Looks like Adel have a problem with his eyes so he is trying to get BB attention so he told them do you think eyes grow on trees.

3:48AM BBT Adel is really trying to get in Dr but no one is answering, Adel is really getting mad.

3:54AM BBT Adel is begging BB to give him med for his eye. And we get HotH.

4:17AM BBT Adel is still trying to stay awake. He is up and down the stairs.

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5:30am BBT: Adel has spent more than the last hour going over and over his speech to Neda "Neda, You are like a sister to me. Both our families know what it's like coming to Canada to better our lives. Arlie is bitter in the Jury house, please keep your word to me and don't send me to jury bitter as well. If Sabrina goes, she will tell everyone how I have been bad mouthing them. we can do this. I will put up Jon and Heather if I win, as long as Heather does not win POV, you and Jon have a 90% chance of beating me. Adel has said this in so many different ways to try and convince Neda tomorrow to keep him (he needs 2 votes or Jon will have to break the tie)

5:52am BBT: Adel has decided to take a shower to try and stay awake. He is putting his face directly in the stream of water and then spitting water out like a whale through a blow hole. BB has called Adel's name several times during the shower. he is waving to the camera above the shower door and BB tells him to stop that, so he does. Again BB tells him to stop that and Adel replies, stop what, showering? Lots of yawning going on during this shower (does he not realize every time he yawns, I do too?!) he is lowering his head and peeking through the top of the glass between the towels, no reprimand this time.

6:00 am BBT: Adel still showering. They have a beautiful very large square shower head in the showers that throw a nice big stream of water. Again Adel is playing games and peeking through the towels over the frosted part of the door at the cameras. The water is turned off and shower is done. Adel grabs his red underwear from the top of the door and puts them on, then comes out with a towel drying his chest. He whistles and BB tells him to stop that. He puts on some jean shorts, a shirt and his ball cap and leaves the washroom.

6:00 am BBT: He has gone downstairs and is squatting against the wall with the whites stripes that opened for Allison. Several times tonight Adel has ducked into corners that had no camera coverage and was warned by BB to stop that. He seems to have figured out a few of the blind spots and is playing games making the cameras find him. He goes into the kitchen and comments that it's six o'clock. he is now by the pool saying: who else is going to be awake at this time of the morning....except my BB family, who loves me. He checks out the pool area and cameras, and then comments that they have the pool are covered.

6:13 am BBT: Adel is just making round around the backyard kicking a ball. He says Neda, and then he stops and says that she will know he has been awake all night planning. So, he should wait to talk to her until they are in the HT or sun tanning. He points out his picture in the back yard and says that's me, then he points to Neda's and says you're going to save me. he says in the real world my 2.2 million dollars would do me, that's right 2.2 million dollars, why do you think I'm so fucked up. He thanks Insight productions and says they are geniuses, BB tells him to stop that. He asks how many laps is that? He then comments on his Tongue to teeth product and says I wonder what's going on with you - how big can you get? (sounds like his business is doing well - ttree) Now he is doing laps making baby sounds.

6:20 am BBT: Sorry, it's a doll head he is kicking around. he was saying wah!! give me my body back. Adel says he needs a battery change, go into the store room to get one and BB tells him to stop that 2 times very fast. Now he is out by the couches sweeping again. He comments 62 days of reality TV, wow, what the hell an I doing in this place? he gets the dust pan and sweeps up whatever he managed to get with the broom. Adel is putting the grill back together and starts to sin "Stop in the Name of Love" BB tells him to stop that, so he mimics them with a stop that right back several times. Now he is unloading the dishwasher (I hope the other HG appreciate all the house cleaning he has done tonight) as he puts away each piece of cutlery he names them, spoon, little spoon, big knife. He then says, fellow HG please wake up.

6:30 am BBT: Adel says you have to have tough skin to be in this line of work or you will be eaten alive, he says 62 days, tough skin. Do you have what it takes or do you roll over and die. do you fight, do you argue, do you put you foot down for what is right. These are 1st world problems, what do you know about the real world, what do you know. Now Adel goes out into the back yard, he says to his picture, I thought it over all night and you are going to be alright buddy, you are going to get under everyone's skin. He looks at all the pictures and comments that 16 sisters and brothers came with you, what do you want to do. He goes to the HT room and comments that it's getting a little brighter. Adel is by the couches using the broom as a microphone, saying good morning BB world and explains he has been up 36 hours sweeping and had an eye infection. And he is back to mopping.

6:40 am BBT: Adel is in the backyard walking around snoring with his arms out, he asked himself if he knows what he's doing and replies I don't think so. He goes into the store room and is cutting watermelon. He is saying stop that to himself over and over again. He goes to the kitchen with his watermelon and says that this is my canvas, some artwork boy. He is now at the table carving watermelon again.

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6:50 am BBT: Adel is just cutting out chunks with a knife and sticking them in his mouth. He is still eating watermelon with a knife (don't try this at home kids - ttree) Adel shakes his head when he is done and burps then says excuse me, he even washes his plate and puts it away when he is done. Adel goes up the stairs, very slowly, drops some clothes outside the bedroom door and sits with his feet up at the and of the hall.

7:00 am BBT: Adel is in the washroom stall and BB has turned off his mic. Adel comes out and washes his hands. He goes downstairs and puts away the broom and the mop and heads outside to do a quick check in the HT room to check the weather and see how light it has gotten. he decides he needs pants and heads upstairs. He goes into the main bedroom and start going through close in the dark. The door makes a loud click and Adel mutters F*ck. back in the bathroom, pants now on instead of shorts. He is sitting at a mirror picking at his face with tweezers.

7:12 am BBT: Adel is still tweezing, he is bored and you can see he is going into another sleepy phase. He is taking this opportunity to pop zits or get rid of blackheads on his nose, it must be tickling him, because he keeps stopping to sniff and rub his nose. he is gently feeling the eyelid on his sore eye, so it must still be bothering him. he is slowly strolling down the stairs with his hands in his pockets and lets out a big sigh.

7:18 am BBT: Adel goes into the HT room and yells Good Morning Toronto, I took some medication for my eye and it's making me sleepy. Wake up Toronto, if you aint up, your late for work, if you didn't make your lunch yet, you don't get lunch today. He says holy heck, I can see my breath. He goes into the backyard and says 36 bottles of beer on the wall, Good Morning Toronto. He is walking around in laps now kicking the baby head as he goes.

7:25 am BBT: as he strolls by the door to the house he says, wow that floor looks beautiful. Then he starts calculating and says he has been up 23 hours and then he took a drowsy pill and now I'm f*cked, it may be shower time again. He is saying the drowsy has hit, you can fight it Deli, keep kicking the babies head. he keeps repeating, you got it Deli, fight for 36. he is strolling a little slower doing the laps and he is telling himself just 12 more hours. (he is really fighting to stay awake - ttree) with each step he kicks the doll head saying kick, kick, telling himself to wake up. ( I think the medication is really effecting him strongly - ttree) he keep saying you can do this, you got it. Deli says "that F*cking drama queen, she doesn't even know the meaning of what she said to you" He tells himself that if you got on the show you can stay up, that backyard is full of asbestos, don't get it near your eyes or they will swell up

7:36 am BBT: He is walking like he is drunk, talking to Anik as he passes her picture and then Allison. Cams 3

7:53 am BBT: feeds are back up, but we still have no sound on the cams with Deli.

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10:00am BBT: Neda in the shower, Heather doing her makeup. They're talking about getting together after the show ends. Sabrina is in the kitchen making coffee in her onsie and talking to Adel. Adel looks soooo tired. His eye is still really bothering him. Sabrina complaining that her hands are itchy, she has some sort of rash. Adel is blaming his friend who came for his eye problem and having to stay up so long. He's so tired, he sounds like he's been drinking all night, slurring his words and laughing at everything he or Sabrina says, whether it's funny or not.

Makes some sort of remark about Evel Dick, and Sabrina tells him to stop, that Dick will hunt him down. Adel says he's not scared, he's not a threat to anyone, he has a bum eye!

Adel: "You're so happy my eye is bad." Sabrina: "Yeah, I love karma." Adel: "I hope all your teeth fall out." They both laugh like it's the funniest thing ever said.

Jumped over to the bathroom feed for a minute, Neda and Heather doing their morning routine, barely talking, speculating if Jon was Canada's player. You can hear Sabrina and Adel laughing hysterically in the background, so I'm switching back, they're way more entertaining right now.

Sabrina telling Adel that he made Rachelle really cry with his nomination speech last week. He asks why, she replies he was really mean, and he going into another fit of giggles.

Sabrina checking something in the kitchen, Adel lays down on the couch. BB says "Adel" twice. Adel yells at BB "What?! I'm not sleeping! Look at my eyes! My right eye is closed because it's messed up, but my left eye is open! You have like 60 eyes and you're only looking at my right eye?! Look at my left eye!!!"

Sabrina asks why are you yelling, did BB talk to you? He says yeah, she says then open your eyes! He yells at her, my left eye is open, look!!! Sabrina says "Don't listen to him BB, he's sleeping over here!" and laughs.

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#BBCAN2 6:50 am BBT: It looks like Adel is chopping veggie's and fruit and bagging it. (sound would be great BB - ttree)

8:03 am BBT: SORRY, that last time should have read 7:50

8:37 am BBT: Still no sound on the cams with Adel. He is roaming through the backyard.

8:45 am BBT: All the HG still sleeping, except for Adel who seems to be almost staggering around rather than walking, his eyes are sometimes closed as he walks and sometimes just opened a little. He is really feeling the effects of the medication they gave him for his swollen eye.

8:45 am BBT: I have sound back. Adel slowly walked up the stairs, goes into the washroom and is stripping down. It looks like he may be preparing for another shower. Adel gets down to his red unders and gets into the shower.

9:04 am BBT: Adel is in the shower trying to stay awake. Heather just snuggled up to her blankets a little more, no sign of movement from the other HG.

9:10 am BBT: The lights are on in the bedrooms, BB wishes the HG a good morning and tells them it's time to get up. Adel is going around with the box of batteries. he yelled to Jon telling him what the weather was like. Adel is now in the main bedroom, he's telling Sabrina that he just got his second wind right now. He tells the girls that if they go into one of the showers they will see something and just to leave it there, it's for him. He's now outside of the HOH door asking Jon if he can come out and play, Adel tells him he has no one to play with. Jon is not answering (he is sitting in the couch) so Adel leaves and goes downstairs.

9:21 am BBT: Adel puts the battery box back in the storeroom, then has a drink and sits on a green couch and sighs. All the cams are on Hush.

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#BBCAN2 10:00AM BBT: Heather and Neda are in the WR doing their ADLs. Adel is talking to Sabrina on the couch. Adel is looking ragged after staying up all night.

#BBCAN2 10:05AM BBT: Neda tells Heather she cant wait to talk to her family and get their opinions. "They know us. They know our mannerisms and behaviors so they can tell what we were thinking during the show."

#BBCAN2 10:13AM BBT: Down on the couch, Sabrina is talking to the camera saying,"BB, please understand that Adel is a compulsive liar and never take responsibilities for his actions. He always pushes blame on to others and he is trying to scam the system with one of his eyes closed." Adel responds with, "Are you talking about yourself right now?" A little later Adel starts chanting, " FREE JON, FREE JON, FREE JON!!!!"

#BBCAN2 10:20AM BBT: Adel, in an effort to stay awake is taking another shower. Heather and Neda still doing their ADLs, while Sabrina is on the couch. Feeds haven't switched over to show what Jon is doing in the HOHr for awhile now.

#BBCAN2 10:24AM BBT: Heather tells Neda, "Watch Adel and Sabrina get out of this house and become best friends." Neda thinks it will happen.

#BBCAN2 10:30AM BBT Not much going on. Adel now down constantly checking his puffy eye in the mirror. Heads over to the DR room and goes in. Heather and Neda still in the WR while Sabs is still on the couch.

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#BBCAN2 10:35AM BBT: Adel is cutting a watermelon and almost cuts himself. Comes out and tells Sabrina that he "Literally almost cut off my finger. I have one eye and almost cut off my finger. I'm not doing anything else. No one believes me."

#BBCAN2 10:40AM BBT: Adel and Sab bickering back and forth on the couch. Adel tells her to "quit trying to black mail me every chance you get." Sabrina says." You are going to be so sorry when you see the truth, I almost killed myself for you." Adel laughs deliriously. Sabrina calls Adel and evil evil person.

#BBCAN2 10:44AM BBT: Sabrina thinks Adel would be friends with her in the outside. "You have been a d@!k this entire season for your stupid TV.”

#BBCAN2 10:47AM BBT: Adel is complaining how his eye is killing him and that he needs Advil or Tylenol. Something.

#BBCAN2 10:50AM BBT: Neda thinks she can use a used match stick for eye liner, and smartees for lip gloss. She goes downstairs and asks if there is any matches. Sabrina and Adel don't know, and asks why. Neda tells them, and Sabrina responds, "Oh yea. That is a great idea. They do that in Egypt." Adel rolls his head and cracks up laughing. "YOU ARE SOOOOO WORLDLY!!!" sarcastically.

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#BBCAN2 11:01AM BBT: Woah....Something just went down. Adel comes out screaming that they give the same medication for everything and the feeds go "Hush"

#BBCAN2 11:06AM BBT: Feeds come back and we have Adel with a wash cloth on his eyes.( I think Adel just snapped do to the lack of sleep and not getting the medication for his eyes. Wish they would have left the feeds on.)

#BBCAN2 11:45AM BBT: Adel is on the couch really making a pitch to stay with Neda. Says that he doesn't have the votes in the jury, and he would vote for her if she made it to the finally. He thinks Jon would just party the money away, while Neda would be more constructive with the money. He wants to see the winnings to go to something good.

#BBCAN2 11:48AM BBT: Jon is looking so bored in the HOHR.

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#BBCAN2 12:30PM BBT: Checking in. Adel, Heather, Sabrina and Neda are locked in the bedroom. Jon is still in the HOHR. Adel keeps almost falling over because he is almost passing out from lack of sleep.

#BBCAN2 12:32PM BBT: Sabrina is super excited because she has lost enough weight to make her shirt sit flat on her.

#BBCAN2 12:36PM BBT: Neda is really curious on what the puppet task was really about. She felt it was to try and pit yourself against each other. Sabrina feels it was more about how the other person perceived each other.

#BBCAN2 12:40PM BBT: BR is open and Adel and Sabrina go to the WR. Neda and Heather begin to talk on who would be better to keep in the game. Heather wants to keep Adel over Sabrina, but is scared on who has the better chance at winning HOH or Veto. Neda runs down reasons Sabrina may win because of her lasting longer than her alliance when everyone wanted her gone.

#BBCAN2 12:47PM BBT: Feeds back. Jon is out of solitary confinement.

#BBCAN2 12:48PM BBT: Neda is down int he kitchen filling in Jon on what Adel has been up to. "He has been arguing with BB all day" He mopped the entire floor. Cleaned up the cupboards. He did flip out on BB about the medication he was given and said that he needed a doctor. BB said," Adel, its just your eye. Your not going to die."

#BBCAN2 12:51PM BBT: Jon walks out to the hot tub and raises his arm rejoicing. "FREE"

#BBCAN2 1:00PM BBT: Adel is making burgers. Jon comes down and they go into the storage room. Adel tells Jon that he talked with Neda about how she was going to vote. If Neda votes against him, he will be a bitter jury member. He doesn't care which way Heather votes, because Jon will have the final say. Jon says that Neda informed him that Adel was saying Jon will beat everyone in the final 2. "I didn't say that. I really don't think I have said that."

#BBCAN2 1:06PM BBT: Coming back to the bedroom. Heather says she had loyalty to Adel until he pulled that s#@t yesterday.

#BBCAN2 1:09PM BBT: Neda is really going on about how it would be better to get out Adel because they have a better chance of beating Sabs in comps.

#BBCAN2 1:13PM BBT: Heather counters with that she would much rather have Sabrina over Adel in the final 2. Heather and Neda continue to run through scenarios on who would win. Both come to a consensus that if Jon gets to the final 2, he wins hands down.

#BBCAN2 1:17PM BBT: Neda explains what the final HOH competitions were from last year. Comments on the roller blading one and how that looked difficult how they had to jump over obstacles

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#BBCAN2 1:20PM BBT: Neda comments on how the rules changed with her punishment. It went from she cant use her personal belongings, to not using anyone's in the house.

#BBCAN2 1:20PM BBT: Jon comments on how Heathers was hardly a punishment. Big deal. I'm so mad that all her punishment was that she couldn't go in the HOH room. Heather says that was her place to hide, and it is really hard on her. Jon says to just go in the stall if you want to hide.

#BBCAN2 1:29PM BBT: Jon is still going on about Heathers punishment. He cannot believe that the most important thing to Heather is access to the HOHR. Heather says its not just the HOHR, its also the music and privacy. She asks Jon to not be mad at her. Jon says he thinks BB is being unfair and asks if she would do the other punishments. Heather would have no problem doing them all.

#BBCAN2 1:37PM BBT: Talk down on the couch is about how Sabrina forgot she didn't have a bra on and was going to get in the HOH shower and totally bared all to the feeds.

#BBCAN2 1:54PM BBT: Adel explains to Jon what he did last night. Says he did what he was supposed to do, but then decided to find every position that the cameras couldnt find him. BB kept saying "STOP THAT" When his eye started to swell up, he kept asking for medicine a lot because he was bored.

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#BBCAN2 1:59PM BBT: Jon tells Neda about his fort he built. It was awesome. Neda and Jon start talking about their options. Neda says she doesnt trust Sabrina, she just thinks she can beat her. Jon says he is f#@$ed if its Sabrina. He want's Adel to stay because he feels they have a better shot.

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2:10 heather and Neda in the bedroom trying to figure out if Jon is mad at them or not . Jon told Neda in the HOH a few minutes before that he wants to keep Adel because if Sabrina stays he is f%$# . Now Neda is trying to figure out with Heather if Jon his mad at them or if he heard them talking while he was locked in his HOH. They don't think he did.

2:15 Jon comes into the bedroom and starts talking to Heather and Neda about who they should keep. The girls tell him they didn't tell Sabrina she was safe that they haven't decided yet. That they kept their space from her because she is trying to make final twos with everyone. Jon says if she tries to do it with him he is going to call Sabrina out on it. The girls say don't tell her we told you she tried to make deals with us. Heather says she is not going to say anything to Sabrina because she doesn't want her to be mad when she goes to jury. (they all are talking in circles saying they don't know who they are going to keep)

2:25 Jon and Neda in HOH. Jon tells her he wants Adel to stay. Neda says she will think about it and she doesn't want Jon to be pissed that she doesn't do what he wants but she doesn't trust Adel. Jon just keeps saying he had 24 hrs to think about this and he wants Adel to stay. He wants final three to be Neda Adel and himself. That Jon and Neda can beat Adel and go to the final 2 but it would be harder to beat Heather. He says make your decision it is whatever it is. Neda says if Adel goes he wouldn't be mad at you he would be mad at Heather and Neda.

Jon gets up to leave (not looking very happy)

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2:30 Neda stayed by herself in the HOH for a couple of minutes then followed Jon to the kitchen where everyone is sitting around. Heather is cutting up carrots for lunch and Sabrina is talking about country music. Sabrina heads up to HOH to listen to music. Neda getting the battery changes for everyone. Adel putting drops in his eyes.

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2:44 Adel and Jon getting a minute alone in kitchen. Jon whispers to Adel that he thinks Heather might vote for Adel to go out. Adel says than Neda would vote for me to stay and you would keep me. Jon says ya ya but don't blow it up on Heather. Just keep it good we will see. Heather and Neda come out of the pantry so conversation stops. Adel says he is going to go see Sabrina up in HOH.

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2:55 Jon tries to convince Adel to go into the Hot tub because it is raining so it will keep him awake. Adel goes outside comes back in and says so way I retreat. He lays on the green couch next to Jon and says you guys have no idea what I am going thru I am so tired.

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2:05 BBT Jon and Neda in HOHR. Jon says if Sabrina goes to the end she has a good chance of winning. Neda says she agrees and has been trying to beat that into Heather's head. Jon says do what you want to do and leaves the HOHR. Jon is in a foul mood after having just finished his 24 hours in isolation.

2:13 PM BBT Neda and Heather in BR They agree they are not going to win against Jon or Sabrina. Heather doesn't understand why Jon is treating her differently. They are speculating whether Jon might have seen something. Neda says she is now back to 50/50 as to who to keep. Neda says he has to have seen something. They say that they can play off being with Sabrina. However, they can't play it off if Jon actually heard something. Jon is now in the BR with them. They are talking jury votes. Neda and Heather making the case to Jon for keeping Adel, despite the fact that they seem to be planning to keep Sabrina. As always, things change on a dime in the BB house. Heather telling Jon not to talk to Sabrina about who is being evicted. Trying to cover their tracks.

2:30 PM BBT Jon and Neda in HOHR Now Neda saying she hasn't decided who to evict. Jon said it is what it is. I put Adel up and therefore gave you the option of who to send home. He says he might have made a mistake. Neda says what - you should have put me up. Jon says maybe. You wouldn't have gone home. But now it is out of my hands. Jon says he'll be upset if it happens (Adel is eviceted) but there is nothing he can do at this point. Jon says again - do what you have to do. I will adapt as I have through the rest of the game. He says he'll just have to play for veto and figure out what to do at the end. Jon said he was in isolation for 24 hours and when he first came into the room he wanted Adel gone. Sometime during the 24 hours he changed his mind. Neda is trying to pump him for information to see if he actually saw or heard something. Jon says - play for yourself. Do whatever you want to do.

2:43 PM BBT Jon Adel Sabrina in Kitchen area - Sabrina continues to offer her worldly advice - telling Adel what to do for his eye infection despite the fact that he just came from seeing the doctor. They are making fun of her for it. Heather comes into the kitchen and either Heather told Jon she wanted to talk to him or vice versa. In any case, they agree to talk but can't do it in the HOHR as Heather cannot go in there. They start to talk but Neda comes in the kitchen and they stop. Neda leaves to go get something from the pantry and Jon whispers to Heather - asking her if everything is okay. Jon whispers to Adel that he thinks Heather is going to vote to evict him, but that Neda and he will vote to keep him. He tells Adel not make a big deal of it. Adel says he's going to the HOHR to bug Sabrina.

2:54 Adel gets changed and heads out to the hot tub and promptly turns around. Says he can't go out there - there are big drops of rain and they are cold. He's complaining about having put on weight. Neda says = so that's who the baby shower was for. Neda and Heather in the kitchen cooking pasta/sauce. Jon and Adel now in the area. There will be no game talk while all four of them are together. Sabrina is in HOHR by herself listening to music.

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4:30PM BT Just turned on the feeds briefly while preparing dinner and thought this was worth reporting (Scarletkate) Adel takes Neda aside in the backyard and says that if Neda will keep him this week, if he goes to jury next week he will campaign for her to win with the other jury members.

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4:15 BBT: Jon, Neda, Heather and Sabrina are in the dining area. Jon yells out for BB to turn the heat down and the girls yell no, they say it's already colder than they've had it before. I can't see where Adel is (sleeping?) Sabrina is thinking Canada may be the next HOH. Neda is saying that they would not know who is going to be evicted, so we would have to pick from who was there. They are saying maybe Canada will make Adel or Sabrina to be HOH, depending who is not evicted. Heather seems worried, and says would they do that and let them vote for the winner. That is a lot of power to let them have.

4:22 BBT: Sabrina asks the HG if they can try to pay a little more attention to her because she is lonely and her best friend is gone. Jon tells her "you'll be with her soon enough" Sabrina looks at Jon and doesn't say anything. Sabrina has gone to the main bedroom and is laying down, she says that her hands are burning, she is alone in the room. Neda and Adel are talking outside, Adel asks if he is leaving and Neda says why? Adel says you and Heather are always together whispering. Neda tells him that they just talk and he is not leaving. Adel says good and when he does go after that he can secure Arlie's vote for her

4:30 pm BBT: Adel Heather and Neda are on the green couches talking about who will make it to final 3 depends on who wins HOH.

4:45 pm BBT: They are trying to figure out if Canada will get to pick who gets the next POV, then they decide that it is to important of a POV to give to Canada. Neda is sitting there as Heather and Adel try to figure out what Canada will be doing with the 20 million thing. Adel asked Heather if she had a mission and she said no. Neda said me, you and Sabs didn't have one. Then she changes her mind and says technically we did, we had the one to mess with Adel.

4:50 pm BBT: BB calls out Adel's name, Then they call it again, Adel asks what? BB says Adel please wake up. Adel looks at Heather and Neda and asks :am I sleeping?" The girls say not right now (Adel cracks me up) Neda gets called to the diary room, leaving Adel and Heather on the couches, He tells Heather he has another 7 hours to go. Heather tells him he did a good job mopping. Adel tells her that he took her advice and mapped walking backwards. Adel asks if Sabrina is in with Jon and Heather says probably, last ditch effort. Adel says but only you and Neda vote so there's no point. Heather tells him that you never know.

5:00 pm BBT: Jon is in the HOH with Sabrina. He tells her he thinks she has a good chance of staying. Jon saying he teases her but doesn't try to be mean to her. she says sometimes it feels that way. She says he makes fun of the first 5. Sabrina saying she has a final 2 with heather, but if she stays that she is putting Heather up. she promises Jon that she is not lying. She says that when she tells Neda she is telling the truth. Sabrina is telling Jon 100% that if him or Neda are up against her in the final 2 that they would win and not her.

5:05 pm BBT: Sabrina is really trying to work Jon into keeping her. She tells him if he takes Neda to the end that Neda would win, and Neda would still be his friend after the game if he took her out.

5:20 pm BBT: Neda, Jon and Heather are by the hammock. Heather tells them they have been in the house 62 days. The 3 are now Jedi training (I won't go through all the training with you) Adel is having a bath in the HOH room and listening to music, he looks very tired. Sabrina is switching laundry around at the washer and dryer, there is no sound on that cam.

5:20 pm BBT: Jon told Heather he thinks they have a better chance with Sabrina here and Heather agreed. They are back to Jedi training again.

5:38 pm BBT: In the main bedroom Sabrina is Jedi training by herself. She is having a lot of trouble figuring out the dates. Adel is getting dressed in the HOH bathroom after finishing his bath. Adel went to put something in the main bedroom, he asks Sabrina why she is there, she tells him that they are studying outside and told her to leave. Adel tells Sabrina to come with him downstairs. she says ok, but she can't go outside. They sit on the couches and Sabrina tells him how tired he looks.

5:52 pm BBT: Sabrina gets a drink of water, while Adel talks to Heather, Jon and Neda outside. Adel goes out and calls Sabrina to go out with him. Adel is walking laps around the pool. Sabrina has been allowed to join the hammock crew. Sabrina thinks all 3 final comps and the finale will all be in 1 day because it is a 2 hour episode. Now Adel is walking laps around the hammock, singing "Don't Cry for me Argentina. Jon is laughing at him. Adel says he is going to tea bag every camera out there, but he would need a ladder, Jon said he wouldn't need a ladder. Now Adel is singing I'm a little tea pot, lol. Aded is making them Jedi train on the names of the tea set from Beauty and the Beast. Now he has moved on to the Lion King. BB just warned them not to talk about brand names. They are mad that movies are brand names. Adels says "The Price is Wrong Bitch"

6:00 pm BBT: Jon asks what the bad persons name in the little mermaid is, they tell him Ursula, he then looks at Sabrina and says I have a new name for you, everyone bursts out laughing.

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8:03PM BBT jon, Adel, Sabrina, Neda and Heather in the LR Jon is looking very happy today. Looks like Adel made his famous BB slurpee and they are having it as a snack.

8:23PM BBT They are all playing spin Mississippi, Jon and Neda are in the middle spinning. Neda win that round.

8:28PM BBT Adel, Neda and Jon is getting pizza. Heather does not want Piza and Sabrina is on slop she cannot have pizza.

8:34PM BBT Jon is in HoH brushing his teeth. Sabrina and Neda in BR.

8:52PM BBT The HG are now in the BR talking about food. nothing much going on. Looks like they want to cook pasta tomorrow.

9:00PM BBT They are discussing the wrap party, Neda wants to know when the wrap party would be. Jon said when he wins if he has to do an interview. They are also thinking if they are going to be sequester.

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9:03PM BBT Sabrina is upset today is Rachelle birthday and she did nothing. They are thinking today is the 30th. They are also mixing up the final day.

9:12PM BBT The hg still trying to find out when the show is ending. Jon asks Heather and Neda if they gonna to tell Adel something then we get HotH.

9:18PM BBT Looks like the girls change their mind again to let Adel stay. Jon and Adel alone in the BR Jon said he is trying to get the girls to change and send Sabrina home.

9:23PM BBT We have HotH

9:33PM BBT We have the hush screen i wonder what went wrong. We are here with you.

9:37PM BBT We are back to Heather in WA washing her face.

9:40PM BBT Neda and Jon talking in HoH Jon is trying to save Adel. Jon said sending Sabrina home is best for his game. It is better to keep Adel and if Adel go home he would not be happy. Jon said Heather could in the final three. Neda is really trying to twist Jon head to send Adel home.

9:44PM BBT Neda is still trying to get Jon to send Adel home, she said he does not trust him. Jon voice is really loud on trying to save Adel. Neda said if Heather win the HoH they are screwed. Neda is repeating herself all over. Jon said if Neda win the veto it would be a win win situation.

9:48PM BBT Neda is going crazy covering her face with the pillow, she is really upset she cannot get her way with Jon. Looks like Heather was trying to sleep and BB woke her up. And we have HotH.

9:55PM BBT We are back, Heather and Jon in the WA Jon is trying to sway Heather to vote Sabrina out. Neda,Heather and Jon going over the past competition

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9:50PM BBT: Heather and Adel are horizontal in the bedroom and Heather is also on her bed. Meanwhile Jon and Neda are in the HOH where Jon is again hammering on her that keeping Adel is what is best for BOTH of them, but she should do what is best for her game. He is convinced that he is fucked if Sabrina stays and Heather wins any of the final comps. Neda keeps telling him that she does not trust Adel and feels sure that he would send her home over Heather and that he would take Heather to the final two over either one of them. They have been going around and around about this ever since Jon came out of solitary confinement this afternoon whenever they get a private moment. He is really laying the guilt trip on her in spades. She points out that he trusted Arlie and Kenny but she did not and who was right. Heather comes and knocks on the door saying she is not alllowed to enter, but she wants Neda to come down and stay with her as BB told her she was not allowed to go to bed yet. Jon says he was going to bed and Neda is frustrated beyond words and looks as if her head is going to explode. (She has come to the point where she has to decide whether to play to win for herself and maybe lose Jon going forward or do what is better for Jon this week. Clearly Jon has figured out that it is not in his best interests to be the last guy in the house. DRG) They ask Heather for a moment then the conversation goes back to whether they can go to bed and we get FoTH even though BB told them to stop talking about production after Heather let slip that she can't go to bed yet because some of the HGs are medicated. When the FoTH lifts Heather, Jon and Neda are in the bathroom trying half-heartedly to do some Jedi training. It does not take long before they go back to discussing the pros and cons of who should stay and who should go.

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