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Wednesday, April 16 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:07 AM BBT Heather, Allison, Jon and Neda just shook hands on a final 4. Now they are trying to come up with a plan why they’ve been in here so long.

12:18 AM BBT In the HOH Jon asks Allison if she happens to have another veto hiding somewhere. They laugh. Jon opens the door and lets the gremlins in. Sabrina asks what final 4 deals does Jon have? Himself, Neda, Allsion and Adel, he says. Allison says, wait what? I’m not in a final 4 with Adel. The gremlins ask why Heather crying. Neda says it’s because we kept telling her 2 seconds when she wanted in. Sabrina tells them that Heather wants to keep Arlie. The final 4 they know about is the remnants of the sloppy seconds. Sabrina and Rachelle think they are in a final 5 with Jon, Neda and Allison. Sabrina and Heather are going to talk, everyone sleeps on it and then the 5 come back tomorrow with a new blank slate and talk.

12:31 AM BBT In the pool area, Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle. Sabrina wants to know what was going on in the HOH for so long. Allison says for the last half hour they were waiting for them to come in. They don’t want to keep Arlie. Allison says she also squashed the final 4 with Heather wanting to go after Jon.. Allisons asks can we trust Arlie. Sabrina asks can we trust Jon who lied.

12:40 AM BBT In the HOH Heather, Neda and Jon are talking. What are we going to do with Adel. They ignored the question twice. Neda says in the end it will probably be us 4 and Adel. Heather is okay with that. Heather is saying that when down to final 4. Heather says she’s playing it in her head. Heather says Arlie was talking to her in the WA. He said the one who votes to keep him he’ll keep this week. Neda is sorry for what she said. The gremlins were so pissed running everywhere, talking to Arlie.

12:55 AM BBT by the pool, Sabrina says all she wants is this final 3. In the HOH Jon, Heather and Neda are talking. The gremlins asked Heather they want to keep Arlie and what did you think. Sabrina told her that she is smarter than she looks and probably has a speech for the end of the game. Jon goes down for food. Neda hates the way they twist words and puts words in their mouth.

1:09 AM BBT Allison says to Rachelle she wouldn’t have used the veto on Sabrina if she wasn’t with them. Feeds cut to the KT with on and Sabrina. Sabrina asks again why Heather was crying – she was just upset about not getting in. Sabrina leaves to the pool area, with no sound. Jon finishes cooking.

In the pool area no sound with Sabrina, Allison and Arlie. (BB do something about that!) So lets go back to the HOH where we have sound with Heather and Neda. Anywhere Arlie goes a group of people should follow him. Project Arlie. Now the sound has flipped to the KY and it’s back in the HOH. (Issues!) By the pool area still has no sound.

1:21 AM BBT In the KT is Jon and Adel with no sound. Adel looks like he’s going to make something with a tortilla. Over in the pool area Rachelle, Sabrina, Allison and Jon are laughing. The feed flips back to Adel talking in the SR to what looks like us! Adel! We can’t hear you!!!!!

1:31 AM BBT Feed 3 switched to the KY and it has….wait for it…..sound J Jon and Adel are making food. Adel walks out with a tortilla sandwich and you hear the screams from the pool. I really can’t tell what it is that Adel is making. I think it was a toasted jam sandwich. Neda comes down to do something at the sink. In the SR Jon is just standing there and after a bit he goes to the KT. Back in the SR Jon and Neda wonder if they just pulled this off. They hug. Neda says don’t leave Arlie alone.

1:38 AM BBT Arlie joins Neda and Jon in the KT. Neda asks if he’s excited to start calling they out tomorrow. Arlie says he’s already started. He thinks he needs to make it blatantly obvious. Arlie thinks it would take a miracle in the end for Arlie or Jon to win. Adel turns to Jon and says….we’ll never be friends with you after this game. Everyone laughs.

1:56 AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle come into the KT with lots of noise. Then they try to get into the DR but it doesn’t open. In the WA Rachelle is going in circles looking for something. – no sound. In the KT Jon and Adel has joined Neda and Arlie. Allison just walked in. Heather has joined them also. Neda jokes it’s the Arlie show and if he’s saved it’ll be the arlie show part 2. Rachelle says she didn’t know penicillin was made from mold. Rachelle is allergic to penicillin and she eats blue cheese and it doesn’t bother her.

2:06 AM BBT In the KT Allison, Jon, Neda and Heather are just talking general chit chat. Sabrina and Rachelle are in the BR with no sound. The HGs are talking about going to be soon so I’ll take this opportunity to sign off. I wonder how many times the game will change tormorrow???

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8:55AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping most likely tired from no one knowing what's going on in the house right now. [i know I am!]

9:24AM BBT HG's are waking up. No audio yet.

9:30AM BBT Arlie and Alli in the LR talking about how awful of a night it was last night. Everyone else in the WA doing ADL's.

9:34AM BBT Jon has joined Alli and Arlie. They agree they think the hammock it gone forever. 9:37AM BBT: Wow Jon, Arlie, and Alli look rough! They are discussing how awesome the Top Chef challenge will look on TV.

9:46AM BBT Almost no one in the house is even speaking except to say they don't fell well or how exhausted they are. They all look like zombies.

9:52AM BBT Adel asks WA group, Sab, Neda, Ro, and Heather is they want to do a whole house clean today. They agree. Heather asks BB for some cleaning supplies. Adel leaves to vacuum the BR.

9:59AM BBT Jon to Arlie your are good guy. Arlie I am sure I won't mind you after this. Jon: I bet you like me better is I come in the jury house right after you. Arlie: Yeah!

10:00AM BBT Jon up in the BR to Adel: Don't let Arlie pull something out of his ass today. Adel: Oh for sure. I don't think Alli will do it. If the gremlins do it they are gone well they are gone anyway.

10:06AMBBT Jon, Neda, Sab, and Alli, talking about how much they are gonna party after the show.

10:11AM BBT Arlie is in the LR by himself for a while laying down on the couch on of the camera's is going crazy spin around all over the place.

10:14AM BBT Jon and Alli talking about why they waited 2 weeks to put her in the game. Alli I know why wouldn't it just be like 1 week. Jon it like they couldn't decide if they wanted to put you in and just said f*** it and decided to.

10:17AM BBT RO and Sab in the BR. RO: You think ALli would work with us. Sab: I would think so using the veto was stupid. Ro: If we keep Adel is't Jon, Adel and Neda coming after us. Or is Arlie me,you and Alli and Arlie isn't coming after us. Arlie puts up Jon. Sab: But then we have to work with Arlie which is hard, and the more time his is in this game the more time he has to manipulate people. Ro: But keeping Arlie gets us another with, we could be going home next week. Sab: We could be falling into a very big trap. Allison said she would put up Jon but I don't know. They agree they don't trust anyone but they do trust Alli the most but Sab believes Jon has a big pull over her. Sab: I think we get rid of Arlie because he is a big player and I don't think we may get the chance again. Neda walks in and talk stops.

10:31AM BBT Jon, Alli, Sab, and Ro in the BR. Sab is telling Jon Adel is too openly that he wants to take you out. Ali agrees. Jon: Just right now. Alli: No, like last night. Sab; The thing is I don't want you to think I want to keep Arlie to get rid of you cause I could keep Adel for that. I don't want you and Neda gone I want it to be a final 5. (Sab, Ro, Alli, Neda, Jon) Sab: I want to get rid of Heather and Adel. Jon: That's where my head is at. Feeds cut for a sec. come back w/Jon saying we don't put him up we backdoor him. Not sure if he meant Adel or Arlie.[Thanks BB] Sab: Throw the fact that Adel and Heather are so close. Jon: if Heather win HOH she is going to take out big players. Sab: Ro and I think you (Jon) Adel, Neda, and Heather are final 4 and you guys told her to cry last night to throw us off. Jon: What no, but it was a final 4 that was made. Do you really think I would trust a guy who wants me out. My allegiance to Deli is zero. Sab: So the next week you can play yo get Deli out. Jon: OH Hundo and if you guy's get it next week get him out. They agree. Adel walks in and talk to turns to food.

10:50AM BBT Jon, Sab, Ro are cleaning the KT. Adel is upstairs laying down by himself. Alli and Heather are cleaning the WA.

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A few of my regular updaters are off today. I'm asking for help from 11AM to 1PM , from 2-3:00PM, from 4-5:00PM and late night from 12:30 on. Unless you pitch in and post updates I won't have content for these hours.

If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you'll be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.


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11:55AM BBT Allison and Heather are in the WA While downstairs in the Livingroom Sabs Neda and Arlie are laying on the couch talking about only 1 day left on slop

11:57 AM BBT Hush Hush, we get HOTH

11"59AM BBT We come back to the feeds and Jon and Racheele are also in the livingroom on the couches. Neda is called to the DR

12:00 N BBT Sab tells Jon that Ro pees with the door open (Thanks for sharing) Allison has joined the LR crew, not much being talked about just general chat

12:05 PM BBT Heather is by herself cleaning the WA

12:05 PM BBT Jon and Sabs are in the BY, she is worried about their "alliance" because of Adel saying he would put her up.. They are interupted by Adel and Sabs and Adel go to the HT. Adel forgets his towel and goes to get one but only after Sabs says "You will be surprised by how much I DO know" in reference to him and his final 4, final 3 alliances. Ro comes out and Sabs says she wants to get rid of Arlie and Ro is on board. Sabs questions why. (hello she is doing what you want) Adel rejoins the HT Area. Sabs says it is so less dangerous to keep Adel, Arlie is a plotter

12:10 PM BBT LR Arlie, Neda, Allison and Jon are on the couches talking about how Everything that happens in the beginning of the game is forgotten, that the rest of the houseguest would have to do nothing for him to be remembered.

12:15PM BBT Arlie gets up to go make slop cookies. the LR HG's joke he better stay where they can see him (want to stop him from plotting I guess) Heather comes to grab something (gloves maybe) to clean the bathroom. Neda informs her that there are more in the SR so no big. Jon offers to help and Heather asks him to sweep and mop the floor. Arlie is sitting back on the couch.

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12:20 PM The Fan Meter is at 14.3 Million, it is at a total crawl at this point, Canada might not make it!

In the WA Jon is trying to tease Ro with self tanner saying he would rub it on her, Arlie brushes his teeth, Sabs is in the shower and Heather is still cleaning (Molly Maid might wanna hire her after the show) Meda asks Jon to crack her back.

12:25 PM BBT Jon cracks Ro's back. she says to be careful because her nails are wet

Jon says Hundoo again (Holy frig another one to buy a dictionary for)

12:28 PM BBT WA Arlie says to Sabs he helped to save her game, He didn't mean to! but he did. Arlie, Jon and Sabs all joke about up coming HOH, POV and Noms . Jon can't believe Arlie told the Gremlins about the Goof Troop

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12:30 WA Arlie points out to Jon that here soon he will be on the block every week. Jon agrees and that he will have to fight hard for the Veto. Arlie is upset because he didn't eat enough before the POV comp and he was weak, plus he didn't know he had to fight for it, he thought he was safe. Now he is bragging about his endurance and telling Sabs and Ro right in from on Jon that they should keep him so he can get Jon out and be the target for their side, that way they aren't the targets.

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12:37 PM BBT HOHR Neda and Heather are in the bed talking about who goes home when Arlie tomorrow, Sabs next then Ro. And that there will be a double or instant eviction. Now talk about the Fan meter and that they are disappointed that the 6 million only got a secret veto (ONLY? They say that because they didn't get it) More conspricy on Allison being given tasks by Canada. Heather was told to adjust her mic by BB. Heather is irritated by everyone today, Arlie because he is still there and Adel because he vacummed the bathroom while they were in there. Neda says it is okay and it is understandable.The smallest things will get on your nerves.

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12:45 PM WA Adel, Arlie and Jon are getting ready to go to the HT, Whispers about how Arlie is "Good at what he does" Adel takes Allison into the BR and whisper about going after Jon, he wants to allign with Allison and the Gremlins and take Jon out next week, saying he is going to win HoH next week. Ro comes in and Adel goes to leave and opens the door and she screams says he is so scary. All 3 of the girls are weighing their options between keeping Arlie or Adel

12:48 PM BBT Arlie comes into the BR and tells the girls to keep him, that he will break Jon's neck and that he never threw in the towel before it is just an act.. In the middle of his pitch Jon barges in and calls him a "f*&*r" and then Adel comes in and they ask him what he was doing. Arlie and Adel go out to the HT Jon stays to talk with the girls to make sure they will keep Adel

12:55 PM BBT Arlie and adel are in the HT, Arlie is talking about his online poker games and what he has won and how

12:56 PM BBT Allison, Jon and Ro talking about Hot Yoga and how sweating helps to get rid of a hangover. (Sabs was called to the DR b4)Jon says he is going double denim tomorrow and ask Ally if she will too.... He gets up and announces he is going to the HT to keep an eye on Arlie because he is campaigning to everyone!! Ro points out that he touches his junk a lot less and Allison says it is because he got rid of his Yeast infection.. more talk about that. Neda joins the BR and theytalk more about the YI and now Ghosts and Aliens. BB tells them to stop talking about production.

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12:46PM BBT Arlie and Jon in WA with Sabrina in the shower. Jon says to Arlie - this is the only opportunity to back door you. He seems to be saying this for Sabrina's benefit more than anything else.

12:55PM BBT Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle in bedroom - Arlie comes in and starts pleading his case right away - Jon's not too far behind him. He basically says that he caught Arlie trying to campaign again and it didn't take long being out of Jon's company for him to start doing it. Arlie leaves - Jon stays and keeps talking to the three. They appear to be wanting to vote Arlie out now - but the wind could change at any moment.

1:01PM BBT Adel and Arlie at hot tub. General chit chat about playing poker. Jon Rachelle, Allison in the BR. Talking about Heather - her profession - graphic designer. Jon talking about what he is going to wear tomorrow. Jon says he's leaving to go to the hot tub to keep an eye on Arlie. They are talking about who Arlie has campaigned to (everyone!). Jon still talking though and Neda came. They are talking about ghosts in the BB house. BB tells them to stop talking about production (?)

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1:01 PM BBT Arlie and Adel are now talking game in the HT, Jon joins them finally. He tells te boys he has a confession... he doesn't touch himself as much outside of the house as he does here. it is because he had a Yeaster (Yeast infection)

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1:11PM BBT Arlie, Adel and Jon in the HT. Arlie says he can't turn his brain off thinking about the game. Arlie says his mistake was not being confident enough to go with Jon to the end. Adel says to Jon - you could win all the POVs from here on in. Arlie agrees and says that Jon is a strong player. Jon said he had no idea or intention of ever being in this game and was in shock when he first came into the house. Adel says he knew when he submitted his audition tape that he would get in. Sabrina, Allison Neda and Rachelle in BR - just talking about tanning. No game talk at the moment.

1:22PM BBT Rachelle, Neda, Sabrina and Allison in BR - Neda thinks something big will happen tomorrow. Maybe a double eviction. Sabrina thinks instant eviction. They are trying to figure out the meter. They comment that the numbers are still going up so it has not reached whatever number it should get to. They are talking about how many episodes in a show and what episode they would be on as of Thursday night. Now talking about it being Allison's birthday on Friday. She doesn't think they will give her booze because of the way she acted the other night. Neda found her on the bathroom floor. Allison says she doesn't mind if anyone sees it on the show as long as its shown as funny and she doesn't look like an idiot.

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1:30 PM BBT Neda Rachelle Sabrina Allison still in BR. Talking about the order in which the HG left last year. Now they are worried about a HG coming back in the house. Neda says she doesn't think so. So much has already happened this year and she thinks they are trying to do as much as possible different from last year. Talking about ghosts again. (There are people behind the walls 24/7)

1:40 PM BBT In HT - Adel Jon Arlie - talking about past BB USA series. Jon said he never had a huge interest in BB but now that he has been in the house he wants to look into it more. He's interested in strategies, how people's minds work et cetera. One of the boys (Arlie or Adel) said that they would not be surprised if the girls ganged up on the boys. Adel says that is why he needs to win HOH next week. Adel leaves to shower. Arlie telling Jon how smart he is, what a good game player he is, complimenting him like crazy. Then the sound feeds cut out temporarily. Arlie saying how he would play the game differently given the chance to do it over again. Arlie and Jon both saying that everyone will take Sabrina to the final two. Now Arlie saying he doesn't want Heather and Neda to be final two. Now throwing Heather under the bus. Says that the Neda Heather scenario wouldn't happen if he gets to stay. (Saw that one coming a mile off!)

1:45 PM BBT Arlie asks Jon not to saying anything to Neda or Heather about what he told him about them. Arlie says he's going in - Jon said he's going with him to make sure he doesn't start campaigning again. The plan is for someone to stick with Arlie at all times so he can't campaign. Arlie saying that he's done all the talking he is going to do. He really doesn't feel confident right now. Jon and Arlie going upstairs - Jon yells out a reminder that someone has to stick with Arlie. Sabrina and Jon talking in the hall way - Sabrina whispering hard to hear what she's saying.

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1:55 PM BBT Arlie in HOHR by himself. Most HG in the kitchen preparing food or trying to help. Now Jon and Neda in bedroom. Neda saying whatever she does is on a week to week basis. Neda upset possibly with Sabrina. Something about dishes. Neda said she's a have not she's not going to do dishes. Rachelle is a have not and no one expects her to do dishes. Now Rachelle comes into the room. She asks about Arlie's conversation with him in the HT. Jon says Arlie said he thinks Sabrina and Rachelle will be final two. Rachelle says "Really?" Jon says he just wants Arlie gone. Rachelle said its going to happen. Rachelle and Jon are talking about the group of 5 and the sound on the feed cuts out again. Again talking about "the 5" Laughing saying that in the past they just wanted to make it to jury. Now everyone doesn't want to go to jury. Jon asks if Allison is totally on board with voting out Arlie. Rachelle says yes.

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2:15 PM BBT Heather, Allison and Neda in the WA doing their nails

2:17 PM BBT Adel and Sabrina are prepping a meal while Ro watches. Adel is down playing himself, saying he is bad at school and spelling... Drama, he doesn't even know how to spell Drama (I do Sabrina) Ro says she is book smart.. Now talk about what happened on what day in the house (prepping for a potenial comp)

2:20 PM BBT Jon has joined the girls in the WA a little bit of gem chit chat and he leaves. They are hard at doing their nails talking about Arlie's predictions for the game, who will betray who and what not (Missed that part)

2:30 PM BBT Sabrina is making Hamburgers. Rachelle wonders if the HoH will pick the HNs this week Adel says they will be competing for the rest of the season as he leaves the KT area. Sabrina tells Ro that they will be the final 2 before Adel comes back and sits down Now they are talking about the other players but whispering so it is hard to catch but they are for sure talking about Jon and how he needs to leave

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2:40 PM Chow time in the KT, Sabs and Adel are dressing their burgers. Neda, Allison and Heather are discussing their nails and television while still doing their nails.Back in the KT Sabrina is making burgers for the have nots to have tomorrow (Very thoughful)

2:45 PM BBT abs is bashing Arlie saying Adel is an idiot if he thinks Arlie didn't talk about him behind his back. Adel is munching on his burger while Sabs is cooking the extra patties on the Cuisinart grill (I have the same one, works awesome!))

2:46 PM BBT Sabs and Adel get warned by BB to stop talking about production because they we saying that Jon drank a energy shake while he was on slop but BB didn't catch him. Rachelle eats a lil jube jube and.. insert bb warning here. Sabrina and Adel call for Jon to come eat. LUNCH TIME!!

2:50 PM BBT in the WA Neda is laying down on one of the benches while Heather and Allison finsh up their nails Feed switch to follow Jon who is in the HoHR muttering "desperate desperate man" He goes back over to the WA to ask if they have seen his shoes. Oh he spotted them....

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4:45PM BBT: The feeds are back and there doesn't seem to be much going on. There's a big old steamer trunk in the living room with some gray packing paper sticking out of the top.

There were clothes in the trunk, I'm not sure if they were clothes for the HGs, or maybe even clothes from evicted HGs, but Jon and I think the HoH competition tomorrow will include questions about the items in the trunk.

5:00PM BBT: Gosh it's quiet, Sabrina must be in the DR. Neda, Allison, Jon and Arlie are resting in the bedroom, Jon's not so much resting as he's laying in one bed keeping an eye on Arlie in the other. I see Heather is there too, doing her nails.

5:35PM BBT: The feeds had gone to FotH and are now back. The HGs are coming out of the DR and are all very happy. Allison says she going to frame something that she thought was so cool. [i don't know what it was.] The HGs are saying how much fun it was, and that it was the best thing they did so far.

They are all talking about how glad they are to know that Canada likes them and that they have fans.

They all make their way back up stairs to the bedroom where they resume their previous positions in bed. They're all still very excited.

5:40PM BBT: Jon is called to the DR.

UPDATE: I am now without coverage until 7PM if any can jump in and post some updates.

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6:10 PM BBT: Jon, Adel and Arlie talking in the indoor lockdown area. Arlie says he just wants it to be over, he's tired of dieing a slow Big Brother death. All the HGs now taking pictures of themselves with a digital camera they were given.

6:15 PM BBT:

Heather, Neda, Jon, Arlie and Adel talking. Heather asks Arlie if he is sad. Arlie responds by saying he is sad and knows he is going home. He says he can't act like he is happy anymore like he has done throughout this season.

6:16 PM BBT HGs were in indoor lockdown area. Doors open up to the house and Jon yells out "Pandora's Box!" They all come into the kitchen to find yet another mug with a picture of a superfan. Jon is trying to figure out if he recognizes the person on the mug, he says he is unsure but thinks he may be friends with her.

6:25 PM BBT HGs continue taking pictures and just general chat around the pool. They also were given bunny ears to take pictures with. Now only two feeds are up and both show a pouting Arlie alone outside by the hot-tub.

6:34 PM BBT rlie heads back inside and now is talking with Adel in the bathroom. Arlie says today has been so real, and that he now knows he is going to be evicted for sure. He says he has tried everything in the last 24 hours and now has no hope. Adel is showering, difficult to hear what he is saying back to Arlie.

6:40 PM BBT Arlie says he was not going to turn on Jon before getting to the final five. He says that Jon has little chance to get to the end and there will be more "female" endurance challenges in the near future because there have been so many more "guy" challenges to this point.

6:45 PM BBT Jon joins Adel and Arlie in the bathroom. Jon asks what they are talking about. Arlie jokes they are figuring out a way for both of them to stay this week and get Jon out next week.

6:46 PM BBT Jon asks Arlie if he is in a bad position. Arlie says 95% Jon is in trouble. He explains it by saying that in past seasons people in a similar spot to Jon never make it to the end. Arlie says once he is gone, that makes Jon the next big target to take down. Arlie complements Jon game's and calls it an epic story. Jon says he needs to win the vetos to avoid getting backdoored, he says he is still learning alot about this game.

6:50 PM BBT Arlie tells Jon you just have to win (Challenges) to win the game. He says his alliances are probably as solid as possible in the game at this point, unless he is unaware of some secret relationship. He jokes that Jon may be Rachelle's cousin. Jon just laughs.

6:53 PM BBT Jon said it would be epic if Arlie found a way to stay in the house. Arlie says if he stays then Canada would be in a real treat for an epic battle between themselves in the coming weeks.
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7:13pm BBT - Neda, Heather and Adel are talking in the kitchen. Kind of hard to hear because they are whispering.

7:15pm BBT - Jon, Allison, and Sabrina are talking in the hot tub area. Rachelle is filling up the hot tub not saying anything. Talking about Dr Will from BBusa.

7:16pm BBT - talking about how many competitions each of them has won in the house.

7:17pm BBT - Sabrina saying that they'll have a lot more tv time when Arlie leaves because he steals their thunder. Now talking about Kenny. Jon likes him as a person but Sabrina says she doesn't like his personality. Neda and Heather come in. Heather quickly leaves because she is cold. Rachelle asks Jon if he watched BBcan last year. Jon says he's never watched a full season of any Big Brother season.

7:19pm BBT - Talking about Ian from BB14 in the Hot Tub area. Talk switches to Evel Dick and how his life is Big Brother now. Jon says that will be Arlie once the show is done. Allison says that she thinks that everyone is entertaining and wonderful in their own ways. Everyone saying that they think that Arlie will be the most memorable contestant this season because of the game he played.

7:22pm BBT - Sabrina says that out of the people that left so far that Andrew is the most memorable. Rachelle is leaning into the hot tub in the background.

7:23pm BBT - Adel and Arlie in the bathroom. Arlie is shaving and Adel just sitting. Adel asks Arlie if he was acting or if it was for real. Arlie says he is pretty out there so it was real. Arlie puts on pants and goes to look in the mirror.

7:35pm BBT - Arlie says his dad is going to cry. Arlie saying he hopes he doesn't get booed. they both say that Jon is a loveable guy but can't believe he did that to them (putting them on the block). Arlie and Adel walking out of bathroom. Talking about the flowers. They head into the bedroom. Arlie asks Adel if he is going to stalk him all night. Adel says he's not stalking him.

7:28pm BBT - Sabrina says she hopes Jon and Neda don't screw them over. Sabrina saying that they are not keeping Arlie. Jon says he would lose his mind if there is a twist and it ends up that Arlie stays. They say that if Arlie ends up staying that Big Brother is only keeping him for the ratings. Rachelle says that they can keep the ratings up, not just Arlie. Rachelle asks what her vote is for, Arlie to stay or Arlie to go. They all say "to go".

7:30pm BBT - talk goes to about Canada's Player and Sabrina has a theory that Canada's player gets money everytime they do missions. (they think Arlie is Canada's Player because he joined and split up alliances).

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6:58 PM BBT Arlie starts going through past season of BBUS and talking to Jon about the best runs to the finals, ie. Dick and Danielle in Season 8 and Rachel in Season 13.

7:00 PM BBT Today's fun fact: There has never been an all girl Final Five in 15 Seasons of BBUS. After Thursday's eviction, there will be 5 girls and 2 guys left out of the 7 remaining HGs.

7:05 PM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina are readying to go in the hot-tub. Sab says she is over Arlie trying to make a moment in history. Ro says me as well. Both complain about how cold it is.

7:07 PM BBT Ro says she heard Arlie saying he would work with Jon if he stayed. Sab says really, she heard that Arlie didn't say that. Sab says "goodbye to that piece of s--t".

7:10 PM BBT Jon is now talking with Sab and Ro out by the hot-tub. He tells them everything Arlie said about how there will be a girls alliance that will go against Jon if Adel stays. Sab says that he is probably just running out of options and needs to go. Sab says her loyalty is with Ro and shes putting that into Jon as well now.

7:12 PM BBT Jon says that Arlie thought yesterday that Ro and Sab were voting to keep him. Sab and Ro agree they never came out directly and said that. All three agree that Arlie now knows that Sab/Ro are not keeping him. Jon says he knows that Arlie will go after him if he stays.

7:15 PM BBT Conversation b/t Jon, Sab and Ro about how they are tired that Arlie thinks this is his season. Sab says Arlie stole her thunder. They go on to pretty much say they've had enough of him and how he is trying to be Dr. Will.

7:18 PM BBT Sab says that once Arlie is gone then she will get more TV time and gain back some of thunder that Arlie stole to this point in the season.

7:20 PM BBT Allison has joined Ro, Sab and Jon in the hot-tub area. Jon says he has never watched a full season of Big Brother, but he has seen the majority of Canada's first season and BB14US.

7:25 PM BBT Neda, Jon, Allison, Ro and Sab talking in the hot-tub area. The Arlie bashing continues. Discussion turns to who will be remembered from the people evicted to this point. Sab says Andrew will probably be the only one remembered. Jon says that Kenny will also be due to the way he came out and how he played the game.

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7:55PM BBT: All of the girls are in the WA doing their makeup. They plan on dressing like goths to get in the hot tub. Jon walks in to say hello and then leaves.

The boys are in the BR sitting/lying around the beds talking. Not much being said about how they felt after competitions. Conversation turns to how chubby Andrew got towards the end. Laughing about it all.

8:01PM BBT: The boys in the BR are talking about Emmett and how he was made for the game. Then general chit chat about understanding the game. Arlie talks about being ready to leave.

The girls all in the WA are pretty quiet while getting ready, not game talk.

8:06PM BBT: The boys talking about this week being a double. Arlie looks at them and says "see one of you buds in an hour." Arlie asks who Adel would put up if he won, he responds with "I don't know, I just want to win HOH". The boys are pretty giggly this evening.

General chit chat amongst the girls in the WA - Mister Rogers and complimenting Sabrina's makeup skills are two of the most recent conversations. (The makeup is a little outrageous on Sabrina and Rachelle - black eyes and lips).

8:11PM BBT: Adel joins the girls in the WA to get a neck "tattoo" (with makeup). He wants a heart with AC written in it. He wants it in colour so there is a lot of discussion on how to do it, Neda ends up doing it.

Arlie and Jon are in the BR talking about the past moves and Arlie trying to tell Jon how real he was with him anytime they talked about game together. We loose sound and hear Sabrina freaking out about getting her leg caught. Sabrina walks into the bedroom giggling about her makeup.

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8:17PM BBT: Rachelle, Sabrina, Allison, Jon and Arlie are all in the BR. General chat and Arlie continues to mope about leaving tomorrow. The girls are getting ready to head out to the hot tub. (Sabrina is wearing a hat)

In the WA Neda, Heather and Adel are sitting around. Neda is doing Adel's tattoo still. Adel gets called to the DR.

8:22PM BBT: Jon, Arlie and Allison talking about Arlie's press day. Jon wants Arlie to say "next question" anytime his name is mentioned. Jon and Allison tell Arlie that he is the man, that they will be getting questions about him. Rachelle runs into the bedroom to get a bathing suit and she is very hyper. More general chit chat around the house.

8:27PM BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle are standing outside the DR waiting to go in. They don't get in and Sabrina walks away. Sabrina and Jon have a scream from the main floor to the bedroom making plans to cook after they get out of the HT. Sabrina heads to the pantry to get food while waiting for RAchelle who doesn't give up on the DR.

8:31PM BBT: Nothing is working for Sabrina and Rachelle tonight - now they are locked out of the HT area. They stand outside the door waiting for it to unlock.

Bedroom group is pretty quiet, to the point where Jon ends up reading the packaging on Arlie's contact lenses.

8:35PM BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle are in the HT. Rachelle is talking like "Precious". They agree to go over the days and start listing them.

Bedroom Group (Neda, Allison, Jon, Adel and Arlie) are talking about Arlie's plan and steps through the game. Also what he would do differently. (He says he would wait a few weeks later to make big moves - he thinks winning 5th place is big). Otherwise pretty quiet.

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8:44PM BBT: Heather joins the BR, Heather asks Neda to help her find an outfit to wear a scarf with. (Her friend gave her the scarf and she wants to wear it). Neda talks about Sarah taking one of her shirts, Arlie mentioned Sarah taking his divergent headband out of his bag. he says he asked about her taking it and because his bag was sitting on the floor (not in a personal drawer) she didn't steal it. He says, "that is the rules". Neda goes on to ask questions about where it was.

Sabrina and Rachelle are in the HT, no conversation and the feeds cut off on those cams.

8:52PM BBT: Feeds 1/2 are still off. Adel goes to use the WA and we can hear yelling in the house. Adel yells what and Neda repeats BB saying "Cover the HT cover". Allison gets called to the DR. Jon and Neda are getting their laundry ready and Sabrina walks into the room complaining that they need to get out of the goth clothing because they need to talk to BB. Sabrina quickly tells Jon how to boil pasta because he complains about being hungry.

8:58PM BBT: Sabrina and Adel are showing while Rachelle takes off her eye makeup. They are talking about how sad Arlie is and Adel says he doesn't think he is as sad as he is acting. They agree that they are over it.

Jon and Arlie are talking about the Goof Troop and how they were planning on getting shirts made. Arlie says he would never wear it. Arlie talks about needing to pack but will pack tomorrow.

9:04PM BBT: All feeds FotH.

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10:00PM BBT: Feeds back after broadcast with all HGs sitting at the dining table talking about everyone's resume so far in the show. Sabrina is trying to encourage Arlie to feel proud of himself. They are tired but think they have to wait at least another hour before trying to go to bed. They feel that they have gotten up at the rooster crack of dawn the last few days. Arlies starts pulling shoes out from under the green couch by the counter. Allison says that she is not going to win and Day questions. Seems they must be Jedi training en mass. Loud cheers go up whenever anyone gets a question right.

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