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The incredible egos of Power Couples


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I dislike Andy with a passion, but he had a valid point. Why help McCranda make it to the Final 2 while he comes in 3rd? This makes no sense, yet Amanda was upset that Andy betrayed her. She expected him to help keep them in power until the end.

I do not understand the mindset of these "power couples". They actually expect unceasing loyalty from others while clearly everyone knows that they will take each other to the Final 2. They expect everyone else to be okay with them winning the game.

Such was the case with Jeff and Jordan. They were really upset that Shelly chose to vote Jeff out when everyone knew that Jeff and Jordan would take each other to the Final 2.

Yes, the couples were lied to, but that was the only way their alliance members could hope to progress in the game. To feel betrayed when you know that you will have no problem evicting someone when they have outserved their purpose, is the epitome of selfishness.

What pissed me off was during the infamous Shelly and Jordan fight was that Jordan somehow thought that she and Jeff controlled the game and everyone in their alliance had to dance to their tune because she and Jeff were "protecting" them. We know in actuality, the others were protecting Jeff and Jordan, or at the very least they were protecting each other.

This is the same tune Amanda was singing when she told Elissa that McCranda had protected her the entire game. It was as if Amanda thought that since McCranda was running this game, how could Elissa or GinaMarie have the audacity to put them up?

Breaking up "power couples" makes sense, but this fact is somehow lost on "power couples" who seem to think that everyone else in the game is incredibly stupid or incredibly naive.

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:party_smilie: THE BEST EVER!!!!

That would be Danielle and Jason BB3!!!!

Yes, I thought Danielle gameplay was excellent and she deserved the win.

She got robbed, IMHO!!

Wasn't the jury able to watch her diary tapes before they voted?

I seem to remember a lot of controversy after that that caused BB to change its policy.

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