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Thursday, August 15 Live Feed Updates


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12:08 AM BBT Everyone continues to eat in the KT. Aaryn says "They got alcohol for their wedding and we don't get it for being released from HN restrictions? Boo!" Amanda questions why she'd undermine their wedding like that. They question if they may have a physical comp tomorrow because of the lack of alcohol. Someone points out that normally HNs are released Thursday nights and this week they're being released a day early.

12:15 AM BBT Aaryn apparently replaced Amanda's pillow with a sack of mung beans. Amanda calls her out on it and they laugh. McCrae tells Andy they need to talk stay up late tonight and talk some to secure some things. Amanda comes back into the colorful room. Amanda tells Andy he needs to get with Helen soon to try to figure out where her head is at. Andy agrees. She suggests he goes right now. Andy points out the entire house is in the KT. Amanda understands.

12:19 AM BBT Amanda says "she" understands that the three of them cannot go up as pawns this week (Feeds freezing/background mic noise makes this difficult to hear for sure who). Amanda and McCrae are currently making beds while the rest of the house continues to chat in the KT while the HNs enjoy their eating privileges.

12:24 AM BBT McCrae comes back into the colorful room and Amanda doesn't think they should tell her that the plan is only to backdoor Aaryn but instead make it a possibility. Amanda suggests telling her to make sure it's not set in stone. McCrae says the only person he spoke with was Elissa. McCrae walks back out. McCrae, Andy and Spencer now hanging out in the LR.

12:29 AM BBT Amanda and Jessie in the colorful room now chatting. Amanda says she was never ever coming after her. Jessie says that didn't matter because she was closer to Helen and Elissa and that everyone else was in the same boat as she was. Amanda questions for who so? Jessie points out that Amanda seems to speak for McCrae and Helen seems to speak for Elissa and Andy. Amanda questions why she wouldn't get on board then. Elissa walks in and awkward silence ensues. Elissa asks if she can make her bed she's getting tired. Jessie asks Amanda if they can go in HNR to chat. Elissa wants to listen. Jessie says it's a private conversation and she says she doesn't care any more.

12:32 AM BBT In the HNR Jessie says it seems like there is a final 5 deal with Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa and Andy. Amanda says she shows loyalty to people that are loyal to her. Jessie says that's an alliance. Amanda says no that's loyalty. Jessie says as a viewer that would certainly seem like an alliance. Amanda says her only loyalty is ultimately only to McCrae. Jessie says Amanda's position in this house is similar to Helen's position and she's not trying to downplay this as all because that's great game play. That's very lucky. Jessie says she would expect to see three of the final 5 of them in the final 3. Meanwhile back in the KT Elissa is talking to Helen, Aaryn, and GinaMarie about what just happened. Aaryn says she's trying to get Amanda and McCrae to keep her so she can go after Helen, Elissa and Aaryn like they're in an alliance.

12:37 AM BBT Back in the HNR Amanda and Jessie continue to talk. Amanda says Judd's mistake was he tried to sprint to the end and it was his downfall. Jessie says she didn't come into the game as an expert. Jessie says she tries to make the best judgement that she can but she's never had anyone she could trust. Amanda is thankful for McCrae but ultimately she knows showmances have never made it to the final 2. Jessie says she thinks they can pull it off. Amanda isn't so sure. Jessie says 2 weeks ago she would have called BS. But she was on the block for 2 weeks in a row and survived. Jessie says any move she makes becomes house knowledge. Amanda points out that's also part of the problem. Meanwhile out in the KT Helen, Aaryn and GinaMarie continue to rehash different things Jessie has said mixed in with standard Jessie bashing.

12:42 AM BBT Back in the HNR Amanda says the Judd move...while it wasn't her idea...she knew it had to be done on a double eviction and it had to be done quick and it had to be a unanimous house decision. Jessie and Amanda continues to go back and forth. The feeds in the KT switches to McCrae, Spencer and Andy chatting about comic books. GinaMarie runs through a few times and can eventually be seen putting something in Spencer's bag. GinaMarie is giggling non-stop. Aaryn calls McCrae into the SR and tells him to try and lift Spencer's bag. She says it was empty (maybe she put the mung beans in there?)

12:49 AM BBT Feeds switch to Helen and Andy in HoH. They agree they need to talk to McCrae and worth with him. Andy feels this is the safest bet this week. They question what Spencer would do. They're not sure and it makes them nervous. McCrae now up in the HoH and the three agree that they should work together another week. Helen feels Aaryn is beginning to trust her. She doesn't know that Helen and Andy are together. Andy says good good good let's keep it like that. McCrae says the thing that scares him is the more people that get knocked out the better chances she has of winning things. McCrae really wants HoH this week because he wants blood on his hands. Helen says if it comes down to the two of them she'll throw it to him. Andy says he doesn't have any blood on his hands. Someone can be seen on spy screen and they scatter across the room. Spencer comes in.

12:58 AM BBT GinaMarie comes in. Spencer discovered she filled his back with mung beans. He says it's war. He's going to toss mung beans at her. Talk turns to where Amanda is. McCrae thinks she's talking to Jessie somewhere. Helen says Jessie came up to the HNHH (Have-not happy hour) and said "I'm just trying to take it all in." Helen and GinaMarie says they were trying to celebrate and she came up and tried to rain on their parade (BooHoo?) Down in the HNR Amanda and Jessie continue to chat. Amanda is explaining how they had planned out the knock out competition and Spencer went against what he was supposed to do and can't explain it. Aaryn peeks her head in looking to see if she left anything behind. Elissa comes in shortly after and takes a seat behind Amanda. (Someone's transmitter starts emitting static making it hard to hear).

01:04 AM BBT Feeds freeze up and Jessie is leaving the room. Amanda is telling Elissa what the conversation was about. Elissa wants to make sure she knows she didn't say any of 'that'. Amanda questions if Helen said any of it. Elissa doesn't know. Amanda trusts Elissa and Helen. Elissa says it's scary to make any game decisions because everything has worked so far. Amanda tells Elissa that she's not going anytime soon. Amanda isn't sure she'd take take McCrae to the final 2 because she's not sure she could beat him. BB tells Jessie to exchange her mic. Meanwhile up in the HoH general chit chat and occasional Jessie bashing while Andy is gathering his things.

01:08 AM BBT Someone lets out a loud fart. McCrae blames Aaryn. GinaMarie is sorry. Her belly doesn't feel well right now. Back down in the HNR Elissa says she'd rather of sent Spencer home this week because he's equally unpredictable but Jessie has to go home this week. Amanda says she'd be ok with Aaryn going home next week just as long as it's just us five (Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Elissa). Elissa questions who would be better. Elissa says Aaryn would be a bigger threat. Amanda says it's a toss up between Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer. Andy comes in and questions what's going on. He said Aaryn came up and told him that Amanda was downstairs talking to Jessie about the veto. He worried that he was being thrown under the bus. Amanda says no. She says she told her originally she was the pawn this week.

01:13 AM BBT Amanda says she was telling her that she cannot trust her ultimately. Amanda says she never brought up his name. Andy says that's good. Aaryn told him that she heard them talking about the plan and he was like *freaked out face*. Amanda says nope he's good. He figured but still he was like *freaked out face*. Elissa is going to bed. Lights are out in the chair room. Helen is in the KT doing dishes. Amanda and Andy heading upstairs.

01:16 AM BBT Elissa comes out and gives Helen the status of the beds. Helen pulls Elissa into the cockpit and asks what the conversation was about. Elissa tells her that Jessie was telling Amanda that the three of them were working/planning to get her and McCrae out and Elissa and Helen had almost masterminded the plan. Amanda questioned her about it and of course she shot it down quickly saying it's not true. Just as quickly as the convo starts it's over. Elissa points out that Jessie told her the conversation was private and that's why they left the room. Helen says "Oh my god. Done." Helen goes back to doing dishes in the KT. Meanwhile in the HoH McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, GinaMarie and (I think Spencer) are Jessie bashing.

01:21 AM BBT McCrae jumps up and says he's going to go change his goodbye message. He heads downstairs and Helen pulls him into the cockpit and tells him what Elissa just said. Helen says Jessie is beginning to get to Amanda. McCrae doesn't think so but Jessie is trying to do everything she can to stay. McCrae says Amanda is obviously probably worried about Helen coming after her. Helen laughs and says eventually. McCrae understands. McCrae tells Helen that Amanda apparently told Jessie about the PoV play/hold plan. Helen says it was all of their plans. McCrae understands and is equally upset. Helen questions why. McCrae says to get a vote he doesn't know. He came downstairs to see if he can change his goodbye message because it'll make him look shady. McCrae says he's fine with having his wifey but she can't screw up his game like this.

01:27 AM BBT Helen and McCrae wonder who should talk to her about this. McCrae is upset. Helen says she could have easily voted Amanda out but she knew she'd have a far larger threat coming after her and she wants to work with them. McCrae understands and says Amanda trusts them (Helen and Elissa). He says he'll talk to her tonight. Helen says talking to Jessie is not good for her. McCrae wants to figure out why Andy was pissed off originally when he went downstairs to talk to Amanda but then came back like it was no problem. Helen says they still have a month left in the house. Idle chit chat in the HoH and we get a couple "You are not allowed to talk about production" before Aaryn says "Big Brother you need to get laid!" (Is it just me or do we need BB from Australia to come into this house and lay down some law? - NiteSlacker)

01:32 AM BBT The HoH party breaks up. Amanda comes into the cockpit to talk to Amanda and McCrae. Amanda wanted to tell her what the conversation with Jessie was about. Amanda tells her that she basically told her she is probably going home tomorrow. Helen says Jessie was trying to rain on the HNHH (have-not happy hour) earlier and it was just bad. Amanda says she told Jessie that yesterday she was acting like Evel Dick and then today she's playing chess and acting chummy and clearly she can't be trusted.

01:35 AM BBT Amanda steps out briefly to get a Biore strip. Helen warns McCrae that he's really going to have to think about cutting Amanda off because who knows if she'd take him to the end. What if she took Aaryn instead? McCrae knows. Helen says Aaryn will probably get at least one more HoH. McCrae understands. McCrae says Amanda trust Helen and Elissa. Helen again points out that she could have voted her out those weeks but she wanted to work with her. Amanda heads up to HoH. McCrae says everyone wants to take Elissa to the final 2 because they'll win. Helen agrees but says she had a giant target on her back and she's got no blood on her hands letting Helen do all the fighting for her.

RT @oh4foksake: @mortystv While I acknowledge ur desire to get the info out to the #bb15 public quickly, could u please figure out the paragraph system? ty -- I do try to keep my updates short and concise but on fast paced nights they sometimes get a bit long because of who is chatting where. I certainly do appreciate the feedback though! I'll try to shorten them a bit more tonight.

01:44 AM BBT The HoH party has broken up. Aaryn and GinaMarie down in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Feeds switch to Amanda and Spencer in the HoH bathroom while they both use the Biore strips on their nose.

01:45 AM BBT Down in the cockpit Andy has joined McCrae and Helen. Helen is now telling Andy that Amanda questioned Elissa whether they helped mastermind the plans to get her (Amanda) out. McCrae doesn't think she believes Jessie. McCrae gets up to go see about changing his goodbye message.

01:48 AM BBT Amanda and Spencer now at the memory wall talking about the various pictures. Spencer tells Amanda that some days Jessie's picture is to the right and some days it's to the left. Amanda laughs. Back in the cockpit Andy and Helen continue to chat. Andy reassures Helen that working Amanda and McCrae is really smart. Helen agrees.

01:50 AM BBT Andy suggests leaving the cockpit now (they've begun to rehash things). Helen agrees. Feeds switch to a sleeping body in the chair room (Sleeping must be difficult because whoever it is seems to be rolling back and forth and GinaMarie's voice can be heard with loud slams and thumps from elsewhere in the house). Cue GinaMarie screaming. Jessie is the body that was in the bed because she gets up and turns the light on in the chair room.

01:53 AM BBT Jessie looks in a mirror briefly and then crawls back into bed after the flipping the light off. She sounds like she's sniffling. Amanda gets called out to "Stop that!" by BB. She heads up to the HoH and complains that it smells like farts. Down in the KT Spencer and Helen are chatting while Helen does the dishes.

RT @oh4foksake: @mortystv You missed my point. Very few enjoy a rambling paragraph. Composition 101. Of course, perhaps I'm just an english composition snob -- Your point is acknowledged, sometimes there's a bit too much information in a single update! Once again, thanks for the feedback! I really do appreciate it!

01:58 AM BBT Amanda and Andy now in the HoH whispering. Andy questioning what they were talking about earlier. McCrae comes in shaking his head. He tells her that whatever she said to Elissa now has Helen freaked out. Spencer can be seen on the spy screen coming upstairs and McCrae flips over onto his belly and Spencer walks in laughing. He was afraid Amanda was on the other side of him and he was just about to spin around and leave when he saw her sitting on the couch there. He didn't want to interrupt anything.

02:04 AM BBT Andy, Helen, Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae are chatting in the HoH about how crazy it is with fewer people in the house. They wonder if they're going to get the smaller table this week. Amanda tells the group how Elissa came up to her and Jessie when they were talking in the colorful room originally and Jessie then dragged her into the HNR to talk for what felt like hours. McCrae points out he had to do that for Helen and Elissa earlier. Helen says Jessie cornered her out by the pool as well. Jessie was telling her that she is reliving the start of her week in DR and she feels horrible now.

02:10 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are showing horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. It appears one may be Elissa and the other is Jessie or Aaryn. Meanwhile up in the HoH feeds 1 and 2 is more general rehashing of Jessie conversations from today and how she is a flip flopper, etc...

02:18 AM BBT General Jessie conversation rehashing continues in the HoH. Helen says originally when Jessie came in she said she never had a good experience with friends in High School and College and Helen couldn't understand why...but now...now she has a better idea. Spencer laughs and says she made a final 2 deal with him today. Amanda gasps and says "What?" She then realizes it's a joke (because they're both on the block...one of them has to go home) and says it took her a moment. McCrae thinks Judd will be happy to see her leaving the house next. Helen agrees saying that Jessie helped ruin his game.

02:23 AM BBT Helen is going to bed. Andy is going to take a shower. Amanda and McCrae are going to bed soon as well. Amanda and McCrae are going to play chess (that's not an obvious way to get away from Spencer!). Spencer laughs saying "Ya'll want to play three player chess?" Amanda and McCrae go to the chess board. Spencer asks Andy if everything's ok. We seem to lose Spencer and Andy's mic for a moment and we get FoTH.

02:26 AM BBT Spencer lying on HoH bed listening to music. Feeds switch to the WA. No mics for a moment between Helen and GinaMarie. Idle chit chat. Feeds switch back to Andy and Spencer whispering. Spencer wants to work with her and to be in her plans. Just let her know the two of them talked tonight. Andy agrees and goes back to the HoH bathroom. Amanda and McCrae continues to play chess, McCrae puts her in check. Back down in the WA Helen and GinaMarie are whispering. Helen telling her how much fun she is. Amanda's voice can be heard crying out "Fffffffuuuuuuudge!" (For once...that's the real word used!)

02:35 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda now stealth whispering. Production eventually gives their mics a boost and McCrae brings up that Helen is worried about how Amanda questioned Elissa about what Jessie said earlier. Amanda begins to rehash the conversation. The WA feeds switch to Andy and Spencer in the HoH and we join them mid-conversation. Spencer suspects Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae might have something going on. Spencer feels that McCrae is getting "Juddy" (shady). Spencer suspects McCrae has a second final 3 deal but they suspect they can still work with him. Spencer says Aaryn is "onto him" based on the conversations that are getting back to him.

02:42 AM BBT Spencer leaves the HoH and stops at the chess board with Amanda and McCrae and pulls out the bag of mung beans he has (GinaMarie filled his bag with them earlier). He wants to get her back so bad. McCrae points out she's still up. Spencer listens a moment and says he wants to drop them on her when she leaves the WA. He takes a seat near McCrae. Meanwhile down in the WA Helen and GinaMarie are Jessie bashing/rehashing.

02:48 AM BBT Spencer gets tired of waiting and decides to try and lure her out of the WA by calling her name. She apparently never hears him. He stands on the balcony over the WA hallway entrance waiting for her. He almost throws the bag down on Helen as she comes out to get TP from the SR. He calls out "GM!" a few more times. She turns on the blow dryer and he gives up. He heads down to the WA and begins brushing his teeth. Idle chit chat between GinaMarie and Spencer. Spencer will probably be going to bed soon.

02:51 AM BBT Helen comes out of the WC and questions Spencer about the mung beans. GinaMarie laughs wondering when he found them. Spencer says about two hours ago. GinaMarie says she was bored. Spencer says he'll get her back. Meanwhile up at the chessboard Amanda wonders if Andy is sleeping. Feeds switch to Andy's spy screen watching McCrae slowly pushing open the HoH door. McCrae whispers that he'll hurry their game along.

02:55 AM BBT Back down in the WA Spencer and GinaMarie are whispering about the votes this week. GinaMarie assures him he's safe and Spencer leaves towards the bedrooms. Soon after Spencer can be seen starting a strip tease in a darkened chair room. Meanwhile up in the HoH Amanda and McCrae join Andy. They begin rehashing the numerous conversations that have happened tonight. Amanda says it's imperative that Helen goes home in the next two weeks. Andy says Spencer has been talking more game to him recently and that he'd go after Helen.

03:02 AM BBT Talk continues about how Andy needs to keep close to Helen and Elissa and not end up with a break in communication. Andy says Spencer doesn't see Andy and Aaryn together at all. McCrae says people are beginning to see how upset that Amanda and McCrae get at each other and are likely to not put them up together and instead just put up Amanda which is good. The conversation turns to the veto plan and why Amanda told Jessie. Amanda says she never brought up Andy's name it was only her own. Amanda says by ruining his game she'd ruin her own. Amanda says it'd be great if Spencer got HoH and got Helen out this week.

03:07 AM BBT They begin to run scenarios as to who Elissa or GinaMarie would put up. Amanda says GinaMarie has a final 2 with Aaryn. Amanda says she doesn't want them to spread themselves too thin with alliances. She wants to make sure she and McCrae get separated and she doesn't want to be associated with Aaryn either. Talk turns to Helen saying two days ago that Helen says she wants GinaMarie out. Amanda isn't sure that Elissa would her or McCrae up but she's not sure. Helen may have her do her dirty work. It's too much of a risk this week if Elissa wins HoH.

03:14 AM BBT The party breaks up. Amanda is going to ask for her meds. McCrae goes into the WA and GinaMarie is giggling about Spencer and the mung beans. Helen comes in and Amanda is behind her shortly. McCrae brushes his teeth. GinaMarie asks if Andy is sleeping. McCrae says yes. She questions if they're going to play chess. McCrae thinks Amanda is done. Helen in and out of the WC. Brief FoTH.

03:23 AM BBT Note to self...don't say brief FoTH until the feeds switch to FoTH and then come back. Feeds have remained FoTH since my last update.

03:24 AM BBT Feeds back and Amanda and McCrae are whispering in the cockpit about what HoH could be this week. Conversation turns to how Helen was questioning McCrae about what she questioned Elissa about earlier (In summary: Jessie told Amanda that Helen and Elissa led the charge to get out Amanda and McCrae. Amanda questioned Elissa about this. Elissa then went to Helen and told her. Helen then went to McCrae and told him and this is the conversation that has been running around for the past 2.5 hours).

03:33 AM BBT McCrae tells Amanda to go take her meds. Brief FoTH. Feeds back. McCrae says when you question people's loyalty like that you make them nervous. Amanda doesn't get it. McCrae continues on before she finally gets it. Now she says he's just worrying too much. She feels they have all the bases covered. McCrae hopes so. Amanda says she's not afraid any more. She obviously wants to make it to the end but she's made it to jury so she's alright. She wants the two of them to make it to the end together.

03:36 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to whisper in the cockpit. Amanda tells McCrae that she only told Elissa what was said...in question form apparently. McCrae tells her not to say anything to her. Amanda won't because she feels like it's not a problem. Meanwhile Spencer can be seen in the chair room laying in his bed in the awful spot with the house lights shining in. Clearly he's awake.

03:39 AM BBT McCrae wants to keep Spencer over Elissa. Amanda disagrees. Amanda says you can't trust Spencer. McCrae feels like he can trust him more. Amanda insists but then back pedals a bit saying she's not sure. Amanda yawns. McCrae yawns. Amanda says McCrae doesn't love her any more. McCrae says they're down to the wire where every little thing matters. Amanda understands but says he worries too much. McCrae says Aaryn would keep Amanda over him.

03:43 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue back and forth. Amanda insists that McCrae is going to get her sent packing. McCrae says he fears Helen might put the two of them on the block together. Amanda doesn't think so. Amanda says he worries too much and he says he has to. They finally agree to go bed, clearly a bit heated still. Spencer gets up and heads to the WC after dumping something out of his shoe "I'm gonna kill this crazy *****".

03:47 AM BBT Spencer is out of the WC and eyeing things in the WA closely. He heads into the KT (without washing his hands) and pulls out a handful of sandwich bags. He takes the pizza left out and puts them in the baggies and puts them back in the fridge before heading back into bed.

03:52 AM BBT We currently have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds.

03:58 AM BBT That's it for the night. All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk or Down Under with our BBAU page: http://mortystv.com/bbau . Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

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8:10am bbt The HGs are still asleep, with visions of a live show tonight dancing in their heads...

8:30am bbt No surprise... the HGs are still sleeping...

9:00am bbt Still sleeping HGs...

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It's 9:00 am BBT do you know where the HG are? I do.!! snoozin in their beds.

9:20 am BBT HG still sleeping. Expect lots of FOTH/TRIVIA today as they get ready for the Live Eviction show tonight.

9:36 am BBT Aaryn uses WC and we have FOTH.

9:46 am BBT HG are awake. Andy feeding fish, Mc laying in bed with eyes open. Spencer in bed with sunglasses on. Jessie in WA. GM walking around.

9:53 am BBT 2 cams on Amanda and Mc in bed, 2 cams on Andy walking around HOH brushing his teeth then going back to bed to listen to music.

9:59 am BBT Jessie making coffee, Helen gets called to DR. Aaryns says her hands smell like onions, GinaMarie tells her to wash with lemon juice. (vinegar works too).

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Guest 6Borders

9:46am BB Time:

The HG's are up and att'em, except the newlyweds. McCrae is awake {and frankly that camera angle looks pretty scary. I seriously thought it was a trailer for a horror film}.

Andy is feeding the fish and the rest seem to be thinking about moving themselves into an upright position.

GM is using the dust mop and Spencer is supervising (which basically means lying around watching others work).

9:50am BB Time: BB reminds everyone that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

McCrae is commenting his eyeballs hurt and Amanda wants to know what hurts about them. McCrae doesn't know!

Amanda drops the discussion (she's learning) and they get comfortable again.

9:53am BB Time: Andy is doing ADL's and (I assume) packing up his HOH room, then apparently decides he will enjoy his last hours relaxing in bed and watching the spyscreen to music.

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Guest 6Borders

9:58am BB Time: Lots of clattering and banging but none of it on camera right now.

9:59am BB Time: Helen is called to the DR. Jessie is in the kitchen making coffee {and lots of noise}

10am BB Time: Aarryn and GM are in bed discussing meds, feeling nauseous. Elissa says every morning vitamins make her sick but she still takes them {why??}

The girls are discussing clothes, apparently what to wear tonite. Elissa is talking about a dress that disappeared and Aaryn says it's probably in Candace's bag. GM chimes right in on the Candace-bashing! {my guess is Candace was not only responsible for every article of missing clothing but just about everything in general}

Aaryn says she knows every article of clothing of hers and where it is and when something is gone she knows it's gone.

She says Candace always wore Amanda's stuff all the time.

Elissa had a dream that she was leading an entire yoga class. She relates the dream and Aaryn remarks "that's hilarious"

{I must have missed something in the translation}.

Elissa hopes it (the comp) is athletic today. Aaryn thinks it's going to be knock-out.

Discussion turns to Elissa asking if they can (or do) sleep on their stomachs. Aaryn replies "yeah" and that seems to be the end of it for now.

10:09am BB Time: Jessie is in the shower still. No other signs of life to report at this time.

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Guest 6Borders

10:16am BB Time: Jessie is out of the shower (finally) and doing ADL's. The rest all still seem to be sleeping or trying to.

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Guest 6Borders

10:19am BB Time: BB calls Aaryn to the DR. She gets up and Helen is in the room. They are talking about making so much noise around their mics I can't get it.

GM is complaining about her stomach (no kidding) and says she is either going to get up or go up (to the HOH) about 12.

She says she thinks it's one of those days where it won't take that long (? I think).

Elissa says she feels so much better sleeping in here (color room).

Elissa asks "did they say anything about recording a message" and get get brief FOTH.

Aaryn says she can't wait to wash her hair.

Elissa is up and remarks these rooms are just so crazy and Aaryn says they are like kids rooms. GM is still attempting sleep, burrowed under Nick's blue hat.

10:23am BB Time: BB calls Andy to the DR (twice).

Aaryn sits back on the bed next to GM, who is complaining that she can't breath. Aaryn says she is going to go eat.

Aaryn tells GM they need to study later (for the comp). They are going to walk around the house later and go over the timeline. They discuss their pains and where in their stomach they are.

Aaryn lies down and attempts to show GM how her stomach throbs but it's not doing it right now {same as your dog will do incredible tricks but not when you are attempting to show company -6Borders}

Aaryn says she took vitamins and it freaking hurts in her chest when they are trying to go down. Aaryn says not one pair or her panties are anywhere except in her drawer {I didn't understand that either} and GM lets out a HUGE belch and says "that's a little better".

10:27am BB Time: Aaryn is grabbing a bite to eat in the kitchen and Helen is jogging round the house.

Elissa is now up getting food and drink {the kitchen is remarkably clean this morning}

Aaryn asks if all the nail stuff is in HOH...says it probably is.

Elissa is using about 20 gallons of water to wash one coffee mug.

10:30am BB Time: Andy joins Elissa, wishes her a good morning and asks what she is doing. She teases "just getting coffee to spill on you".

Andy heads but up to the HOH to find Aaryn has been collecting her panties and nail polish. Andy climbs back into bed and Aaryn heads back to the kitchen.

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Guest 6Borders

10:39am BB Time: Elissa is in the shower and Aaryn is doing make up/nails. Aaryn tells Elissa when she is in there (DR) to ask for the shampoo/conditioner she wants (for her HOH basket). Aaryn says the one she got was like $30. Elissa says she doesn't think they (BB) buy it, but their families send it and we get FOTH.

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Guest 6Borders

10:46am BB Time: Jessie and Aaryn in the cockpit lounge. Jessie is saying get out Helen, she is too smart.

Aaryn says she knows she is getting back-doored next week and she did a lot for them. Jessie repeats that they need to get Helen out. She says she is the easy one to get out, and also GM...and you know who is leaving in the next few weeks.

Jessie said the Moving Company and the first few weeks f'ed everything up. Aaryn replies "umm humm".

Jessie said allegences were made before we (Jessie and those not in alliance) came into the pictures. She says it sucks that the game was determined week 2.

Jessie's pity party continues, that she does not have to go this week. Aaryn says did anyone tell you how hard I have been trying...?

Aaryn is telling Jessie that in the past few days they have become closer friends. Jessie says she wants Aaryn to win and Aaryn has her vote. Aaryn says the only way that would happen is if she and GM kept winning HOH.

Aaryn is telling Jessie why they (the others) don't want her to get HOH or get drawn to play POV and if she doesn't get drawn she's going home.

Jessie says this game is so unfair.

Jessie is telling Aaryn that Judd was telling "them" everything she said and she won't even talk to the guy. Aaryn says once you get to jury just be a sweetheart and ask Judd to talk just between them and ask Judd to tell his side. She says let him tell his story, Jessie might not even have to ask him.

Jessie continues to whine that she knows it's a game but it just sucks and she's been on the block 4 times so she's not going down without a fight {which gives her about 6 hrs}

Aaryn is relating all the shit about Helen trying to get Amanda out. Jessie says she was told Spencer will be loyal to McCrae and nobody wants to go up against her (Amanda). Jessie says if you hadn't won all those comps you would not be here and Aaryn says "exactly".

10:56am BB Time FOTH

10:58am BB Time: Jessie and Aaryn are discussing all the shopping trips they had to go on to get ready for BB.

BB calls Aaryn to the storage room...she says "what the F could be in there...oh medicine" She debates it might be Sudafed then says they probably would not give her that. Aaryn gets her meds and says "thank you".

Helen has finished her work out. She and Elissa are in the bathroom looking at something inside the bathroom door.

Elissa says it's weird that girls would write in the bathroom stall, that's it's "chemically inappropriate {I gotta remember that one -6Borders} and every kind of gross".

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10:08am BBT: Jessie is in the shower. ginamarie and Aaryn and Elissa still sleeping.

10:24am BBT: Elissa, Ginamarie and Aaryn are now awake and Elissa has made her bed. Ginamarie says her stomach hurts and Aaryn tells Ginamarie they need to study later for the hoh comp tonight. Ginamarie says ok you got it. Jessie in Wa blow drying her hair.

10:32am BBT: Helen is now running in the house for her morning workout. elissa gets coffee and goes to wa to get ready for the day.Aaryn doing makeup. Jessie in KT getting coffee

10:46am BBTAaryn tells jessie that she is getting backdoored next week > jessie says you got to convince them to backdoor helen and not you. Amanda wants helen out of ehre and Aaryn says yeah.aaryn says you know who is coming to the jury house in the next three weeks. jessie says yeah it sucks.:

10:51am BBT:Aaryn and jessie in cockpit talking about being backdoored and how this game is so unfair and how they did this whole MVP crap.

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Guest 6Borders

11:01am BB Time: Aaryn is taking her meds (we learn they gave hr Nyquil) and Helen and Elissa are doing ADL's.

Elissa says she is embarrassed for these young girls and they need to go to a Manners with Mommy class.

Andy joins the girls and says "whose that" and Elissa teases "everyone but you". Elissa continues how weird it is that girls write in the bathroom, maybe when you are in 5th grade, but these are grown women.

Aaryn is asking if they get dresses for finale or do they have to wear something they bought. Helen thinks something they bought.

11:04am BB Time: Aaryn and Jessie are in the cockpit lounge discussing clothes and hair.

Jessie says she is going to do her hair and make up exactly the way they picked me (for BB)

Aaryn says when Jessie gets home she wants Jessie to dye her hair blond...Jessie says no, she's too dark.

Andy joins and Aaryn is relating her nails polishes again and how Kaitlin ruined one.

BB tells Andy to put on his mic. He rolls his eyes with a big sigh and Aaryn tells him he does this every morning.

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Guest 6Borders

11:07am BB Time: Aaryn is apparently giving Jessie exit speech advice, how this was her dream, they are her family, etc. {any bets Jessie says something different}

Aaryn says it's about being nice to people who can't do anything for you. Jessie says (I think) that is about what she was going to say, says she is going to ask them to fight with her but she also will not say anything stupid or negative.

Aaryn says Jessie not only made Jury but she was not the 1st or 2nd..Jessie says even if it was a 7 person jury she still would have made it. Jessie says she is excited to watch them all and Aaryn says you will only be able to see the comps.

Jessie says she can probably assume from who wins she will be able to tell what happens {yeah, no kidding, me too}.

Aaryn is asking Jessie to please make sure Candace does not continue to slander her (in the jury house).

Andy joins the girls and they are discussing all their ages. Aaryn says she will probably have her birthday in Jury and they better have cake and stuff. Her B'day is Sept 3rd. Jessie says if GM comes to Jury Friday morning they will have to make her breakfast in bed. Andy relates that Kaysar got evicted on his birthday two years in a row...Season 6 and All Stars.

Aaryn wants to know how Kaysar made All Stars and Andy says because people really liked him. Aaryn asks why and Andy starts to say "I think it was a time when Muslins...." and we go immediately to FOTH.

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Guest 6Borders

11:16am BB Time: Feeds are back and Aaryn, Jessie and Andy are talking about when the jury house is shown to the viewers and which of their friends will be shown on the live show.

Andy is saying 8 people sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Aaryn says there better be some drama this week and Andy says he doubts it will come from him.

Jessie says "wait until somebody sabotages your whole game and your dream is over".

Andy says they all made it to a respectable place. Jessie says she is happy with her place in the game, learned some valuable life lessons and made some great friends even tho she didn't get HOH. She hopes she still gets her letters.

They are discussing who writes the letter for the HG's.

Jessie is now saying she is excited about talking to Julie and the live show tomorrow morning {I think it's actually taped tonite after the show}. She says they will all be back in the real world soon.

Jessie is going to make a bagel before they go upstairs (HOH lockdown).

Andy wants to know the difference between acetone and non-acetone nail polish. The girls say their nails are still stained from the blue polish.

Jessie leaves and Andy whispers that it still breaks his heart that Jessie is leaving, it was her dream, etc. and he is responsible. Aaryn says everyone has to leave sometime. Aaryn starts to say "Amanda..." and I can't hear over BB's announcements.

Andy is going to continue but GM comes in. Aaryn decides she needs to brush her teeth.

Andy hopes they play the 80's music tomorrow!

11:24am BB Time:

In the Have Not Room Helen is giving Elissa Jedi-training and quizzing her on order of comps and things, what were the comp orders, who were the winners of vetos in order, etc. Helen is telling Elissa how to use the letters of names in order to remember better.

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Guest 6Borders

11:29am BB Time: Andy and Jessie are talking. Jessie is excited and says the two people she is most upset with are Helen and Judd. Jessie tells Andy he has his vote. Andy says he's going to try to get there.

Jessie tells Andy she was still the target even before all this happens. She says it suck but she's over it and it's obvious to her now. She says she appreciates not being blindsided and now she can prepare herself and get excited. She gets to meet Julie Chen tonite. Andy says it's cool being HOH but it sucks having to be responsible for that (sending someone home). Jessie tells him she doesn't want him to cry. They have a big hug fest and Jessie tells Andy she is super proud of him.

Andy says they are at the point of having to turn on each other and he doesn't really have anyone to turn on {really?}.

Andy says he's worked his butt off to get in this position and Jessie says he's in a super great position.

She says she is going to miss him and he says he will miss her too and the last couple evictions have been hard, even starting with Candace. Jessie says she is going to try not to cry tonite.

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Guest 6Borders

11:36am BB Time: Jessie/Andy continue to talk (well Jessie does). She said she's never had any power and her family will see that she tried so hard and came so close. Andy says you never know what might happen because of the things Julie hinted at.

Jessie is now back on why is she the walrus. Andy reiterates that they are kind of sleepy, but not dumb. Jessie conceeds that it's actually kind of fitting.

Andy returns to the game and says it's going to be interesting to watch people turn on each other now.

They say if anyone tries to go after Amanda she will freak out. Andy says it's the point where everyone can't be loyal to each other to the very end. Jessie says who knows, it might end up being GM and Spencer...Andy says "what" and then covers himself {I'm sure that shocked him back into paying attention}

Jessie asks about Spencer and Andy is saying he doesn't know what to think about Spencer and he had him fooled the first couple of weeks...in walks Spencer and the conversation shifts. Jessie is hoping she will have her own room with an ocean view (in Jury) and being served margueritas...Andy says "I'm sure that's what you will have" {he actually sounds convincing}

11:42am BB Time: FOTH

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11:05am BBT: jessie telling Aaryn she is going to wear a pink dress tonight for her eviction. Aaryn says you should wear your hair in a soft bun that it would look cute. aaryn says when you get home i want you to color your hair blond please. jessie says i am to dark for that and Aaryn says you will look just like jessica Simpson.

11:07am BBT: Elissa just got out of the shower and helen is shaving her arm pits at the bathroom sink. Jessie and Aaryn still in cockpit talking Aaryn says you all are my second family and will always be. She says at this point character does notthing for you in here.

11:13am BBT: Aaryn tells Jessie and Andy that she will probably have her Birthday in jury. Jessie says when is your Birthday and Aaryn says September 3rd.andy tells Aaryn and Jessie that kaysar got evicted 2 years in a row on his birthday.

11:18am BBT: Helen telling Ginamrie that jessie was telling Aaryn that i need to be the next one to go to jury. She says i understand that jessie is mad but she doesnt have to take me down with her so when does it end? when does it end? helen says she is going around trying to ruin my name and i dont get it. why does she put me down i am not the one who put her up this week. do you understand? Ginamarie says yeah she has no class.

11:22am BBT: helen is now telling Elissa that Jessie is telling her it is smarter to keep her and let go of spencer. helen says Is she crazy? helen and Elissa now are going over the past comps thay have played to be prepared for the hoh comp tonight. helen says they have to win hoh this week.

11:30am BBT: Jessie is now in Hoh rm with Andy . Andy asking her if she is ok and jessie says i am excited. she says the person i am most upset with is Helen. Andy says this week has shifterd and this is not what i wanted when i started my HOh reign. Jessie says i know.

11:35am BBT: Jessie says things didnt go right me for in here and you have to have things go right for you to go far in this game. She tells Andy you won this hoh at the half way point so you are revived and ready and in a good position.

11:38am BBt: Helen telling elissa if it is an endurance comp you have to stay on and win this . we dont have Andy he cant play and Mccrae is scared to put her up (Amanda). Elissa says yeah i know.

11:41am BBT: Helen and Elissa counting things in the have not rm. Spencer and Aaryn now in the hoh rm and Aaryn asked if she could get a shower up there. andy says sure and we get foth.

11:43am BBt: Elissa and Helen now in Kt getting coffee.mccrae is now up and walks into KT and helen says morning Mccrae.Helen is now heading upstairs with her food and coffee. and we are now on trivia as the hg are going up for an HOH LD.

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1:03pm BBT: we are still on trivia as the hg went on hoh LD for preperations for tonights show.

1:09pm BBT: Feedds are back with Helen asking what andy did . He said he stepped on a nail. helen telling Amanda that jessie told Aaryn to get her out next and Amanda says what and laughs. Andy tells Mccrae that jessie told him this morning to watch out for Aaryn she will take my place and vote me out and Jessie told him to take Helen out. mccrae says really? and laughs.

1:11pm BBT: Helen asking Aaryn if they can talk . Aaryn is in shower and Helen goes to KT.Ginamarie is vaccuming the house as Amanda is now in bed. Helen and Mccrae is in cockput and Helen says so Jessie is going around telling Aaryn to campaign for me to be voted out next. Mccrae says Jessie doesnt understand what is happening.Helen says yeah. In the chair rm ginamarie is vaccuming and Amanda says get them mung beans girl. Jessie is now back in bed.

1:14pm BBT:Elissa and Spencer and Andy are in the Kt talking about life cereal and how good it is and Spencer says i have never had life cereal.

1:19pm BBT: helen still talking to Mccrae about wanting Amanda out eventually but she never said she wanted her out now like Jessie is saying. Mccrae keeps aggreeing with her. Andy has now joined them in cockpit after leaving DR, helen says does Jessie realize she isnt hurting me she is actually helping me cuz now people will take me to the final 2 and not jury cuz they will think they can win.

1:21pm BBT: Helen says i get it Judd wont vote for me in the end but i do want him to respect my game. Andy says i think he will he was just mad when he left. Mccrae says Judd will get over it. Helen says i hope so.

1:23pm BBT:helen says you know what makes me mad Andy is when she appoligized to me and then started this.She is trying to get you Mccrae mad at me for starting all of this. Andy leaves the cockpit and helen says i am beyond flabbergasted about this all. Ginamarie comes in vaccuming and says sorry for unterupting and they say no thank you for do that for us.

1:27pm BBT:Andy in STR repeating everything that helen and jessie has been saying he tells Spencer that Jessie is out for blood. Andy says but Jessie is telling the truth. now we see what a liar Helen is.

1:35pm BBT: Amanda and Spencer laying in beds whispering softly as Helen and Ginamarie try to close the fridge but it wont close as there is a bag of snack mix up top keeping it open but they are looking at the bottom then we get foth.

1:40pm BBT: Aaryn and helen are making food . aaryn says she is making ground turkey and eggs and will take spencer some in bed. Spencer says you are amazing.In the cockpit is Mccrae Elissa and Andy talking about kids bop music. Andy says someone is getting rich making Kids bop.

1:52pm BBT: Jessie in cockpit telling Andy and Mccrae that if people dont like her she has no time for them as she is eating. Helen and Elissa in Kt eating with Aaryn. Aaryn took spencer his food in bed.

1:57pm BBT: Most hg are eating and just general talk going on.

1:58pm BBT: Amanda in cockpit trying to rap then we get foth.

2:07pm BBT: Amanda was still rapping and making it rhyme and now they are all arguing about making things rhyme.Amanda saying does cat and owel rhyme and mccrae says no.Elissa says when did Mccrae become a sex symble? Amanda starts rapping about Mccrae not being gay and for andy to get on his knees and pray.

2:12pm BBT:Ginamarie and helen and Aaryn in Wa doing makeup and nails for tonights show.

2:18pm BBT: helen and Elissa in have not rm telling Aaryn that jessie is playing them against each other and she isnt going to let her. Elissa says she is doing the same to me. helen says Jessie doesnt p[lay this game smart and she is now trying to suck up to Amanda and you . Helen says she is not smart enought to knopw that crap doesnt work.

2:26pm BBT: Spencer is saying he wants chocolate milk but the have nots drank all of it. Amanda and jessie is going to the chess board to talk. Andy and mccrae in the wa talking with ginamarie and spencer walks in and they arte talking about movies. helen still repeating herself in the have not rm with Elissa and Aaryn.

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2:33pm BBT: Spencer says he doesnt know what to say tonight on the live show for his speech . HE says he used all his material already. Andy says give me your speech and i will say it for you then laughs.

2:35pm BBT: Mccrae is getting in the shower while Spencer says tonight he is going to thank all the good people of Arkansas. He says he gave all his good birthday shout outs last week.

2:37pm BBT:In have not rm Aaryn and Elissa and Helen whispering about Jessie turning people in the jury house when they get there after that veto comp last week.

2:48pm BBT: Spencer and Mccrae still talking about movies and books in Wa as Mccrae is still in shower and Ginamarie and Aaryn are doing hair and makeup. helen is walking through the house. Andy in kt telling Helen what time it is in the BB house.

2:53pm BBT:Helen is now laying down for a nap as Aaryn is getting dressed. In the WA spencer still talking about movies and movie stars as Andy and mccrae listen and Ginamarie still doing hair

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.3:00pm BBT: Amanda is picking clothes out for Mccrae to wear on the live show tonight and he says they havent even told us what to wear yet. amanda says ok and throws the shirt she had for him on the bed.

3:05pm BBT: Amanda and Aaryn in WA whispering.Aaryn says i know next week i am going up and will go to jury. Amanda says helen does not want you to go up she does not. Aaryn says really? Amanda says i talked to Elissa about Helen yesterday and all elissa said was i had nothing to do with any of this i wanted Spencer out.amanda says but Spencer confides in me and Mccrae and Andy so helen has to go first before Spencer.

3:08pm BBT: Amanda says once Helen is gone then things will be easier.Amanda says we need Spencer cuz he is going to put up Elissa. Aaryn says then he needs to stop talking. am,amanda says yeah but helen needs to go first then he will put up Elissa. Amanda says something smells like it is on and looks and the curling iron is on . She says i am going to take my shower. Elissa comes in Wa and washes her hands and all talk stops as Am,amanda gets in the shower.

3:14pm BBT: feeds have now gone back to trivia

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7:12PMBBT Aaryn and GinaMarie are in the color room. GinaMarie is getting fired up about a comment made before the HoH comp. Helen is now in there pumping Aaryn up again. Again Helen is saying Aaryn is a Janelle. "You should be so proud of yourself. If I was watching at home I would love you! Turn that frown upside down!" Aaryn is getting her stuff ready to go upstairs.

7:15PMBBT Elissa did something stupid before the HoH comp. Helen left the color room and Amanda is now in there saying Helen's attitude "sucks balls" McCrae has joined them and Aaryn is saying they need to do something about this and they have to change this!

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7:20PMBBT Amanda is crying (and stopping just as fast) now because she can't win anything and hasn't gotten a picture of her family. She keeps yelling she is annoyed that she went up against McCrae, he pretty much gave it to her and she couldn't do it, she storms out of the color room and McCrae goes running after her. Andy says "She really did suck" GinaMarie says Amanda is such a sore loser.
Elissa and Helen are talking with Spencer, Elissa is whining she is missing her family. Helen is reassuring her. Helen is going to change and go make some food.
Amanda is whining to McCrae in the havenot room.

7:25PMBBT Amanda is whispering to McCrae, she believes she is the target. The whispering is muffled by McCrae's mic rubbing on the jumpsuit.
Elissa in the cockpit, believes she is the target.
In the color room, Andy, Helen, GinaMarie and Spencer are talking. They all agree Amanda is a sore loser, they all want pics from home, GM says she won HoH for the hair dye and pic of Nick, then says "Sorry Ma!" They all laugh. GM tells Helen how great she looked in that dress tonight.

7:30PMBBT Andy was just called to DR. GinaMarie is being loud and trying to be funny, she is excited that Aaryn won. McCrae has now pulled Aaryn into the cockpit to whisper about Amanda and who her target is. Aaryn is saying Helen is the target but she is thinking about putting up Helen and Elissa and then telling Helen it is because she would vote to keep Elissa.

7:33PMBBT Aaryn says that Elissa thinks she is above others in the house and she was saying things about others who she didn't think deserved the money. Aaryn says that next week they will put up Spencer and Elissa as the plan is to get Helen out this week. Amanda came in and Aaryn is now explaining it to her. Amanda says they have to make sure Helen does not win the veto.

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7:41PMBBT We have a brief FotH, GinaMarie and Spencer are talking in the KT. He says she is a positive, uplifting person, she says "Thank you! I try to be!" She is now explaining her plastic surgery when she was younger.
Aaryn and Amanda are in the cockpit, Aaryn says that this is the best move for her game. Andy joins them, Amanda is still throwing attitude, it sounds like she expected Aaryn to throw the HoH comp to her.
The plan is to put up Helen and Elissa. They are talking about Vetos. Aaryn thinks it is the punishments veto with the fish bath and there is no guest hosts so that is when it is usually done(so they have watched an episode or two!)

7:47PMBBT Andy is worried that if next weeks HoH competition is the wall, Elissa would win it. Amanda says "No she drops out of shit like that!" Aaryn is wondering why she kept Elissa safe if she is going to talk the way she has been to people. Amanda, Andy and Aaryn (ohhh its the A team!) are whispering, giggling like school girls. They are worried about where Spencer stands but they think they have this. It is the best move to make and we get another FotH.

7:52PMBBT GinaMarie, the BB motivational speaker is in the cockpit with Amanda. "You are a competitor! When it is your time to win, you will win! It happens, don't let anyone tell you that you aren't worth it." GinaMarie leaves and Andy is whispering to Amanda, he says "Helen is not that good." Andy says if there is money in the veto, he is gonna take it!

7:57PMBBT Helen said today that everyone likes Andy and Amanda says "Ya that scares me too, so if you hear that I said it." They agree that the best move they made was keeping Aaryn. They are going to tell Spencer enough but not everything, just in case he is working with the other side. Andy says he better not be knocked out by the GinaMarie/Spencer Alliance. Amanda says she will kill herself. They agree that "their big move" was Judd.

8:00PMBBT Andy tells Amanda that Jessie was telling the truth all week about Helen! Amanda's jaw drops and we get FotH! Stay tuned for the fall out!

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