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Tuesday, August 13 Live Feed Updates


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4:18 pm BBT Spencer and Aaryn in HOH, she says no one is in the mood to fight. Jessie is watching Amanda and Mc play pool ball in the swimming pool.

4:38 pm BBT Spencer and Andy talk in HOH, they feel comfortable in the game. Jessie talks to Mc, He says its not clear cut. She thinks he is in a good position now. He feels he will go next week.

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4:42 PM BBT Aaryn, Spencer and Andy are talking in the HoH about Jessie. They both agree that Jessie can say whatever she wants to. Jessie doesn't have anything on them and is only losing credibility with everyone in the house. Aaryn says Jessie will regret it later when she sees it on the show afterwards.

4:46 PM BBT Elissa gets into the shower and lets out a scream. "Oh my gosh, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold." Jessie comes into the HoH and requests to speak with Andy. Jessie calmly confronts Andy about squealing to Helen and Elissa. Andy says he did it because he wanted them to stop being mean to her, not to break that trust.

4:50 PM BBT Jessie to Andy: "If your intention was to smooth things over then it did the exact opposite. Helen went to Amanda and McCrae and threw me to the wolves." She tells him that she isn't mad at him but is just really confused. Andy said he wasn't around for most of it. Andy denies knowing about everyone planning to vote her out. He tells her he doesn't understand why everyone is flipping. Jessie "I'm not going to sit there and let people throw me under the bus like that."

4:54 PM BBT Jessie tells Andy that she didn't fabricate any stories. She was simply stating what she knew to be true. She said she was giving him an opportunity but it backfired on her while she was already in a crappy position. Two people she trusted threw her under the bus while she was already on the block. Andy once again denies knowing anything. Jessie says she will not be good with Elissa or Helen until they come clean about their involvement last week. Jessie "it's like me being in dark about a million trillion billion things."

4:58 PM BBT Jessie says she hasn't lied to anyone. She has masterminded anything. She has no one. She isn't going to let people push her out of the house without saying something. She won't be swept under the rug. Andy continues to tell Jessie that he went to Helen and Elissa to defend Jessie not to spread gossip. Jessie says she still wants to stay and if there is a way she can benefit his game to let her know. Andy reminds her that he doesn't have a vote. Andy tells her to work on the people that she thinks might be willing to keep her there but that she already knows what he will do if it comes to a tie.

5:07 PM BBT After Jessie leaves HoH Andy goes straight downstairs and meets with Spencer, McCrae and Amanda in the BR. He retells everything he and Jessie just discussed. Andy admits that he covered his own fanny and denied knowing the house was targeting her all along. Spencer suggests it might be best to let Jessie think she still has a chance to be safe this week. Amanda says she doesn't care. Amanda tells Andy that Jessie is trying to make it look he is working with Helen and Elissa so he better make sure he proves otherwise if he gets any power. Amanda admits that she has been entertained by Jessie and wants to encourage her to step it up.

5:16 PM BBT In the BY Helen and Gina Marie are on the hammock. Helen says she has already forgiven Jessie though it is likely Jessie will never forgive her. Gina Marie says she doesn't understand why Jessie is all up in Elissa's and Helen's grill but is buddy buddy with Amanda and McCrae. Helen says Jessie is hoping they can save her. Amanda is called to the DR. Helen "The name calling is to childish." Gina Marie "I don't like that. Once you start name calling you take it to another level. It's disgusting."

5:20 PM Gina Marie tells Helen that Jessie is trying to go out with a bang. She's making herself look like a psychopath. Helen "She needs to go out with a bang in a good way, not go out with a bang in a bad way." Helen says BB needs to cast mature adults for the show.

5:25 PM BBT Gina Marie is telling Helen that she sees something special or unique in every HGs except Jessie. She lists off each HG and says how they contributed to the show and what about their personality got them there. She and Helen neither one can come up with a single reason that BB cast Jessie.

5:37 PM BBT All four feeds on Gina Marie and Helen still on the hammock. They think that this next HoH will be very rough. Helen expects someone new will win this time around. She is happy Aaryn has had it three times but she hopes everyone gets the chance to experience it.

5:39 PM BBT Gina Marie asks Helen who the target is for next week. Helen assures that is Spencer. Meanwhile there is just some general chit chat in the KT between McCrae, Andy, and Elissa as Elissa scrubs down the fridge. Jessie is sitting alone by the pool eating chips.

5:43 PM BBT Andy says that he plans to come clean with Jessie tomorrow. He is tired of her coming to talk strategy with him and him having to lie to her the whole time. He said that it doesn't matter at this point.

5:45 PM BBT Jessie is alone by the pool. Gina Marie is now alone at the hammock. They are talking to each other across the yard. Jessie "I'm having a pretty tough time right now GM." Jessie says she is bored and then fighting with people on top of it is really depressing. Gina Marie says maybe they'll play Hot Potato later or something.

5:50 PM BBT Helen can't NOT talk about her fight with Jessie so she has joined Amanda in the WA to talk about it some more. Helen tells her that she hopes something good can come out of it. Amanda is straightening her hair and there is still general chit chat going on in the KT.

6:02 PM BBT Amanda has gone to the BR to lie down. McCrae joins her in the BR. He asks Amanda if she has received any new information. She said she hasn't and that all she has heard is that Spencer is definitely the target next week. Amanda tells McCrae that they have a 2 week window to get rid of Helen or they are screwed.

6:08 PM BBT Amanda is pleading with McCrae for cuddles and a kiss. McCrae isn't in the mood. He keeps turning her down. Meanwhile Elissa is still scrubbing the fridge.

6:29 PM BBT In the BY Helen is setting up for the BB wedding. Helen has made an orange runway with towels and has them help in place with the rubber ducks. Elissa is called to the DR.

6:34 PM BBT Amanda announces to the house that the wedding will begin at 10:15 if they have had an alcohol delivery by then. She says she will need a drink first. Helen has informed Spencer that a bird has pooped on the pool table.

6:37PM BBT McCrae and Andy are talking in the SR. It appears that if Helen gets HoH next week they are going to try to get Spencer and GM nominated with the intent to back door Aaryn. In actuality what they are hoping for is that Helen doesn't win it so they can backdoor her instead. They plan to share this info with Aaryn in advance so she doesn't hear about it and freak out. Meanwhile Amanda is trying to figure out how to turn the bed sheet into a wedding gown.

6:44 PM BBT BB is having trouble with a camera. It is making a terrible grinding noise as they try to follow Amanda dressing up in her gown. Helen and Elissa both think what she has done with the sheet is amazing.

6:46 PM BBT Amanda has taken her bra off from underneath her bed sheet "wedding gown" that is wrapped like a toga. While attempting to readjust her dress she reveals several shots of her chest including an almost complete frontal shot.

6:58 PM BBT Amanda is still getting dressed for her BB wedding and BB tells her that she needs to put on her microphone. Meanwhile in the BY Spencer and Andy are talking about the fact that Spencer has never tweeted before and will need to be told how if he had to. Amanda is called into the DR.

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#BB15 7:07PM BBT Amanda is now taking her wedding dress off in the color room, she compliments Aaryn on how clean her underwear drawer is. In the BY, McCrae and Andy are talking game, they are coming up with a plan to take out Helen. Spencer comes out and lists off what everyone is doing in the house.

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7:15PM BBT In the BY, they are talking about how to break it to Jessie that she is leaving. McCrae thinks it is going to make him and Amanda look bad, Spencer says Andy could blame it on him. Andy is debating. They continue talking about the days events then Spencer says "I am not gonna lie, I would still love to see her naked but, at least it keeps me out of hot water with Marilyn." Aaryn comes into the BY with Andy's outfit for the wedding.

7:20PM BBT Aaryn in the BY says "Isn't that nice? Jessie's eggs from this morning!" She oints at the table. Spencer says "Go throw them in her bed!" Aaryn says it is gross. Spencer says "We should take ketchup, smear it on her sheets and then yell it's disgusting, she is on her period!" And he laughs.

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7:25PM BBT Aaryn measures McCrae for a wedding ring, she says Amanda has to make the ring to make it special. Amanda and Helen are in the KT cooking and talking small talk. Aaryn is trying to get all the details finished for the ceremony, she brings Andy "glass" (its not real glass) for McCrae to break, she asks Amanda if she wants to do a unity sand jar Amanda says "What is THAT?" Aaryn explains, they are doing it with mung beans.

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7:55PMBBT The girls in the KT are talking about Jessie again and what happened. (Have not seen Jessie in a while) Amanda took zucchini slices wrapped in foil out to the BBQ. Jessie apparently told Elissa she wanted to go out like Rachel. Aaryn says "Really? She said that?" Helen has now joined the KT girls.

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8:00PMBBT Dinner is done cooking... the haves are about to eat some BBQ Cheese Burgers. GinaMarie is awake. Amanda pounces her right away about getting her bridal make up done. There is not much happening. More movie and tv talk. We keep getting sporadic FotH as HG sing or quote shows.

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8:08PMBBT We have a visual on Jessie, she is in the chair room laying in bed with a blindfold on to keep the light out.
And the whispers have started, Helen whispers to Aaryn in the WA, all I could hear clearly was Helen saying "No we are fine, we are fine." Aaryn left, went to the KT where she is whispering to Amanda and again very hard to hear.

8:14PMBBT Andy and Spencer are complaining in the BY about how pissed they will be if Elissa wins America's favorite player. Aaryn doesn't think she would win it. They are now talking about who has won it before.

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8:20PMBBT Helen and Aaryn are in the BY on the chaise talking about how things have panned out in the game. Helen explains how her brain compartmentalizes things and Aaryn is talking about Kaitlin and Jeremy. In the KT talk goes from Jessie to food to the wedding, it is all over the place but really not much going on. But, what do ya know? Jessie is up! Amanda informs her of tonight's wedding plans. Jessie looks moody.

8:27PMBBT Jessie asks McCrae in the WA "Are you nervous?" He says "ya" he is wearing the time warp jumpsuit and that black hat is on backwards. In the KT Amanda is no where close to getting ready. McCrae walks out to the BY, Helen yells "OH you look nice McCrae!" She continues talking to Aaryn about her first impressions of other HG. She thought McCrae looks like someone who would work for Facebook, not a pizza boy.

8:32PMBBT Amanda is yelling at the guys on the couch in the BY about food. It is cooked but no one is allowed to eat til after the wedding. The girls are going to go get ready soon. They are hoping for an alcohol delivery tonight. BB has not confirmed that they are delivering any. Spencer and McCrae are debating going to get a burger. They don't know why Amanda didn't wait to cook them.

8:38PMBBT Helen doesn't want any more bad camera time. She is hoping Jessie doesn't cause chaos at the wedding. Helen thinks if she can't behave she should not be at the wedding.
Spencer and McCrae are eating burgers. They want to eat before and not after the wedding. McCrae says "I need brain food." (I hope it makes him come to his senses)

8:42PMBBT Amanda has called the girls in to get ready. She has now gone to the DR to ask about booze again. Aaryn asks her to ask them if they can be "Unhavenots for tonight" She and Helen are craving burgers. Everyone who walks past the fruit tray compliments it. Jessie is primping and doing ADL's in the WA.

8:45PMBBT Spencer asks McCrae if they have Aaryn. McCrae says "Ya." Spencer says "It seems like Helen's MO is to get someone in that Havenot room and get in to their brain for a week." He calls Aaryn a Safety Whore and says she will do anything to stay safe. GinaMarie is in the WA, turning her hair dryer on and off, on and off, she tells them she is feeling crazy right now. She is not drying her hair, she just keeps turning it on and off.

8:50PMBBT Andy is shaving, getting ready and the girls have taken over the HoH bathroom. Lots of hair straightening going on! Andy says he is in love with the shower, "It's like a whole new world!" and Elissa and Helen start singing it, we get a brief FotH. Amanda and GinaMarie are not up there yet.

8:53PMBBT Aaryn and Helen are trying to figure out when the HN's are done. Helen says it is 7 calender days so it should be done tomorrow at midnight, Andy says no it is Thursday. GinaMarie feels like she has a fever, Helen felt her head.

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#BB159:00pm BBT up in the hohr is Helen, Aayrn, Elissa and GM they are getting ready for the wedding just sitting around talking, GM is sick
has a fever, Amaanda brings up some water. all four cams are on the hoh. Aayrn wants to make coffee now in the by which is setup for the wedding, Andy and Spencer and Mccrea are talking.
Jessie is in the hoh. They do a wedding toast real quick.

#BB15 9:05pm BBT Andy says the girls are going to destory his bathroom. Spencer is talking about Helen using his bed sheet that he never washes has a togoa. Aayrn is downstairs making coffee, Mccrea says I think anything I pull out of the bible, Elissa is going to be pissed.
now he is onto Elissa bashing. And the bible. GM is doing Amandas makeup. the girls are in the hoh and the guys are in the BY its too funny.
the girls are doing makeup and the guys are bashing Elissa. asking are you taking any pills. oh Elissa asking if Jessie is taking pills. Mccrea is really going off on it. he saying how he was really offended by Elissa saying that.

#BB15 9:10pm BBT the girls are doing Amandas hair and makeup now in the hoh, and the guys are still talking now about GM and Candice. its kind of funny girls doing makeup guys bashing the gals.

#BB159 9:15pm BBT Helen comes out and asked to use Mccreas finger for a twistie tie, Andy asked how long to the wedding Helen about an hour. Mccrea I hope there is no drama durning the wedding, Helen yea lets have a good time tonight.

#BB15 9:20pm BBT Aayrn comes in the hoh coffee is ready who wants some. Spencer is saying something like if you vote for me to win Ill slice the money with you. Helen you cant do that. They are now talking about what all you can and cant do after the show is over. Helen is making Mccreas wedding ring.
Andy is talking about the mom squad again.

#BB15 9:25 BBt nothing has changed just getting ready for the wedding and chit chatting.

#BB15 9:30pm BBT more hair doing is going on in the hoh oh and Amanda wants wine now. the guys Mccrea and Spencer now walk into the house. Amanda gets her coffee. Spencer goes to pee. Exciding isnt it.

#BB15 9:35pm BBT Elissa is telling everyone what to do in the wedding who is to stand where and how to walk and so on. who will be the mother of the bride Helen. Andy they only gave us one bottle of wine and no beer. Aayrn is now talking about how the wedding will go and what Amanda should say. and so on. Mccrea
is drinking Coffee. Spencer is in the KT with him.

#BB15 9:45pm BBt they are upset that they only got one bottle of wine, Andy and Mccrea are joking around saying that they want it to be ruined so badly. Amanda is now making a sheet togoa for a wedding dress, Mccrea is beating spoons on bottles. they are now looking at the memory wall
and talking about how Candice would have ruined the wedding. Now talking about Jeremy. Elissa is getting a blue sheet togoa dress. Jessie comes in. Amanda asked her if they are getting more alcohol Jessie yea they are working on it. Jessie gets her a togoa sheet dress. they actually dont look to bad.

#BB15 9:50pm BBT in the KT the guys are going over hoh winners and veto winners. up in the hoh they are getting ready for the wedding.

#BB15 9:55pm BBt the guys are in the chair room talking about the BB greats. Andy has his suit out for the wedding is getting dressed, Aayrn yells Andy did they say they were giving us more alcohol. Spencer, unless Amanda asked for it f*** no.

#BB15 10:00pm BBT Andy is the only guy wearing a suit, Mccrea isnt wearing a suit Spencer isnt wearing one, Mccrea is wearing grey jumpsuit. Spencer is in red shirt and short. and blue ball cap.

#BB15 10:05pm BBT Jessie is talking to Amanda about her game, Spencer says the have nots can not eat or drink anything.

#BB15 10:10pm BBT Mccrea is going to wear sun glasses Amanda is telling Andy what she said to Jessie, saying that she took things too personally.

#BB15 10:15pm BBt wedding time. Amanda is yelling at the top of the stairs Helen is called to the Dr Jessie is saying shes sorry to Aayrn.

#BB15 10:20pm BBT Amanda is going nuts waiting to get her wedding started everyone is taking their time. Spencer is changing Jessie is now saying shes sorry to Helen, for taking things personal.now it Elissa turn for her to say shes sorry to Elissa. fine time for her to say Im sorry. (good timing Jessie)

#BB15 10;25pm BBT Amanda asked BB for more Alocol but they still dont know. Amanda is yelling I need more alcohol can we start this thing I need more alcohol. ok now wedding time. oh and they are going to throw the mudd beans.

#BB15 10:30pm BBT Wedding on da da da
Helen and Mccrea walking, now Aayrn flower girl, GM is next, Jessie, and now Elissa now Amanda walks down and they start da da da and Andy starts to read from the bible

#BB15 10:35pm BBT Andy gives a speech about the bb house, after reading from the bible, now for the rings, dearly beloved and so on now the voes Amanda I voe to lay next to you though have and have not and so on Mccrea who knew crazy pizza boy and jewis girl would get together and love each other. and more shout outs.
now Andy rings Amanda do you take Mccrea as your husband if you dont the house will be coming after you. I do. Mccrea do you take Amanda as your wife Mccrea yes. and now they are married now the smashing of the glass.

#BB15 10:40pm BBT now for the wedding toasts, and the banquet,

#BB15 10:45pm BBT it now time to eat, the have nots are eating slop balls and slop muffins, everyone else is eating bugars.

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11:00 PM BBT (Rewind) In the KT Aaryn is telling Helen and Elissa about Jeremy and the wine bottle incident early in the season. Aaryn says he pushed the bottle to her and said no one would no. Elissa points out that nobody except the 90 cameras in the house. Out in the BY Andy is talking about the gym that he goes to. Conversation turns to what Amanda prefers sexually and the size of McCrae. Amanda says it's huge. McCrae says it's small.

11:12 PM BBT (Rewind) Talk in the KT continues about life outside the house. Meanwhile out in the BY they continue talking about sex and self pleasuring. Andy while laughing says he's still looking for places to try and self pleasure in the house. He doesn't think it would take him that long because it's been so long. This conversation more or less continues up until 11:20 PM BBT.

11:20 PM BBT Talk in the BY is Amanda disusing different types of sex with orgasms. Andy has never experienced that. Jessie says he's still just beginning and it will take time. Amanda agrees. Andy bets Aaryn, Helen, GinaMarie and Aaryn are having the same conversation inside.

11:24 PM BBT Andy and Aaryn speak quietly in the colorful room. They make a final 2 with each other. Andy says he really wants to work with her. They realize that Amanda and McCrae has each other even though they act like it's no decision. He likes that he can talk to her (Aaryn) every five days or so and still feel solid. Aaryn agrees and just as quickly as the conversation begins it ends.

11:27 PM BBT In the KT Helen is telling GinaMarie and Elissa in 24 hours they will be able to eat real food and it will be great. They agree. GinaMarie's stomach doesn't feel well and she heads off to the WA asking if she can change out of her toga bridesmaid's dress. Helen and Elissa stay behind. Elissa says she tries to make the connection with her (GinaMarie) but it just hasn't happened yet. Normally when she meets people and makes the friendship connection it happens for life.

11:31 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the KT about loosing memories in the KT, while out in the BY Spencer is telling Andy when he gets out to track down his guy and hook up. Jessie asks for a conversation change. It's been too long for her.

11:39 PM BBT Out in the BY we're about to do the garter and bouquet toss. McCrae pulls off the garter with his teeth. Amanda yells at the camera in the middle of the yard to pay attention to her. Spencer points out that 2 other cameras are already on her. The bouquet is tossed and Aaryn catches it.

11:41 PM BBT Aaryn suggests that they jump into the pool with their clothes on. They pass on the offer. Aaryn asks if they waited until their wedding night. Amanda says yes. Andy and Helen head up to HoH. Helen is sorry for leaving things behind up there. Helen asks how the week has been for him. Andy says people come in and chat often and it's been nice. Out in the BY Amanda and McCrae are sitting on the couch making out some. Amanda says she told Jessie that trust wasn't broken with Jessie the human being but with Jessie the Big Brother player. Amanda says they have her vote now.

11:48 PM BBT Talk in the KT with Andy, and Aaryn about what the HoH could be. Aaryn thinks they are do a knock out round. Andy hopes so and sings "Alliances are over and colors are shown!" (Or something along those lines). Aaryn starts singing that she is ready for bed. Out in the BY Amanda, and McCrae are cuddling while talking to Spencer. Idle chit chat.

11:51 PM BBT GinaMarie just realized in the KT that if there was a real bull in a China shop that it wouldn't be good because he would run over everything. Andy says she may be onto something there. Andy and Aaryn agree that if they owned China shops they wouldn't want bulls in them. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she's a bull in a China shop.

11:55 PM BBT Idle chit chat/rehashing in the KT and the BY. (Also, a correction from earlier Elissa caught the bouquet not Aaryn).

11:58 PM BBT Out in the BY Andy says Elissa just made him and Aaryn think they were crazy when they discussed having to talk with the psychologist last week when everyone did. Elissa was like "I didn't have to talk to one". Conversation continues for a few minutes and then Spencer is called out for talking about production. Talk turns to what Jessie's alter ego should be named.

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