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Tuesday, August 13 Live Feed Updates


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12:05AM BBT Amanda told Helen that she believes her over Jessie. Amanda wonders who started the rumor about final 4 Helen thinks that it was Candice.

12:15AM BBT Spencer joking with Andy he said not to let Jessie kiss him. Helen said she did not had a fight with Jessie. Helen said she left her work and family for this game.

12:20AM Amanda told Helen that it is not worth getting upset over this because they believe Helen over Jessie.

12:24AM BBT McCrae said he would make out with Jessie for her cigarette, Amanda asks him if he is for real. Helen is worried how she'll look on tv because she does not want to upset her husband.

12:28AM BBT Helen join Elissa in Hn Elissa was reading her bible. Helen told Elissa that Jessie attack her by the pool table. Helen said Jessie is so dangerous and she is crazy.

12:32AM BBT Amanda said she is eating so much Aaryn said maybe she is pregnant, Amanda said do not joke like that in front of McCrae. Amanda said she would throw herself down the stairs then she said just kidding America.

12:40AM BBT Jessie and Elissa talking in By Jessie told Elissa what she told her about being on drugs is the worst thing anyone told her for the season.

12:45AM BBT Elissa told Jessie that she never wanted Amanda out it was Spencer, Elissa said she is trying to talk to Jessie but she is pushing her away. Elissa left jessie alone in the By.

12:50AM BBT Amanda and McCrae thinks that Jessie was telling the truth about Judd trying to get Amanda out last week.

12:55AM BBT Helen and Jess is at it again Helen told Jessie she is staying this week.

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Having a rotten time, wish I was there...

I'm not going to be here today (and believe me, I'd rather be here). I have an appointment that will keep me away from home for a good chunk of the day, but I'll be back as soon as possible and will paste up a report for the update page.

This means it's very important that everyone pitch in and keep our updates, up-to-date



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1:12am bbt In rainbow room, Helen tells Amanda/Elissa/McCrae/Aaryn that although she denied everything to Jessie, it was Andy who told her. Aaryn says she thinks Jessie knows everyone is voting her out this week. McCrae says maybe he can get her cigs before she goes. Helen wonders if she can go talk to Andy, is Jessie outside? NO, actually Jessie is STANDING OUTSIDE THE DOOR LISTENING TO THIS CONVERSATION! Jessie SPRINTS to the HOH, where Andy/Spencer/GM are, and out of breath, asks Andy...

Jessie: So, did you tell Helen, that I told you, that I wasn't sure if I could trust Helen and Elissa, and that I was switching to Amanda and McCrae?

Andy: I didn't tell them that, but I told them you were aware of them, and you should be careful about it. I didn't tell them you were coming after them, I just ask why they weren't being nice to Jessie?

1:14am bbt Jessie leaves HOH, Andy/Spencer/GM laugh it off. Andy thinks Jessie came to HOH expecting to get in a fight with him. They notice Jessie was out of breath and must have sprinted up the stairs.

Andy: Maybe I should get in a fight with Jessie, she's leaving in 2 days, it will get me some screen time.

1:18am bbt Helen joins Andy alone in the HOH room, they rehash everything, agree Jessie is leaving in 2 days, and hug it out on the way back downstairs.

1:23am bbt Jessie moves a few of the HGs items around in the chair room, before hopping in to bed to read. Spencer reminds Helen that since it's after midnight, it's her dad's birthday(TJ?)

1:27am bbt Amanda has decided to turn McCrae's unibrow into 2 eye brows. McCrae is opposed to this idea. Andy joins them, shares with them about Jessie running up to HOH to ask him about what he said. Andy says by his standards, he calls it a fight. He continues to discredit Jessie's story to Amanda/McCrae. Meanwhile, in the HaveNot room, Helen/Elissa/Aaryn are rehashing the night.

1:30am bbt Andy joins Jessie alone in the chair room. Jessie says she knows everything now, she was listening to them thru the door, they need to be more careful.

Andy(trying to act surprised): What? What did you hear?

Jessie(knowing he knows): What do you think I heard Andy? (Andy makes a "I don't know face and shrugs his shoulders) Take a guess... I hope nobody gets my vote.

Andy walks from the chair room, into the HaveNot room to join Helen, Aaryn, Elissa, and tells them "Jessie knows everything. She was listening at the door."

Helen: I'm sorry Andy.

Andy: It makes me look like the worlds biggest a$$h*!#.

1:31am bbt Meanwhile, Amanda/McCrae are alone in the WA... talk goes from grooming McCrae's eyebrow to... why Helen was talking so loud if she was the innocent party in the fights tonight with Jessie...

McCrae: She wouldn't have been talking so loud if she knew it wasn't true. That's why she was talking so loud, to try and drown it out.

McCrae starts sharing with Amanda what Jessie told him earlier in the night(at 11:05pm bbt), regarding other HGs plans to turn on Amanda.

1:33am bbt Amada shares with McCrae about going up to HOH(at 11:22pm bbt) to tell Helen/Elissa that Jessie was talking about them on the patio, and that Elissa didn't want to go down to confront Jessie.

McCrae: Because it was true?

Amanda: I think so... I think Helen was for it(turning on Amanda), and she thought she could get Elissa... whatever, it doesn't change anything.

McCrae: well now it is super vital that we attack them, before they attack us!

1:35am bbt Andy leaves the HNot room, joins Amanda/McCrae, tells them Jessie heard the convo in the rainbow room(from 1:12am bbt). Andy assures them that Spencer is not working with Helen/Elissa. McCrae feels they can work with Spencer still. Andy is "slightly irritated" because all of this is happening during his HOH.

Amanda: The weird thing is... Elissa was harping on this drug thing?(at 11:38pm bbt, Elissa asked Jessie if she was taking any drugs daily, saying maybe that would explain why Jessie was over analyzing everything tonight)

McCrae: I'm telling you, she did that to get our attention off of them two(Elissa/Helen)

Meanwhile, Jessie/Spencer/GM are on patio... discussing the fact that Helen/Elissa/Andy/Aaryn appear to have a final 4 deal

Jessie: Everyone who is so rock solid, it's going to be so interesting to see them go after each other... basically, my plan of action, is a very lady like manner, is going to be to blow everyone's s#!^ out of the water this week... and do my best to turn people against each other, and leave this house with a smile on my face, and basically make everybody hate each other. So y'all just sit back and watch the show.(Why she is admitting this in front of Spencer, the other person on the block this week, I do not know).

Jessie: I'm just glad I finally got to the bottom of this. It's been killing me, I knew Helen wasn't being truthful to me.. she's been acting like a big sister to me, and then in the same breath turn around and stab me in the back... I would rather know, than go on believing... for people to not have enough respect for me...

GM: If they get to the end, I don't know who Judd is going to vote for...

Jessie: Oh Judd and I are going to have a really fun time talking about all this.

1:59am bbt Helen joins Andy/Amanda/McCrae in WA... Helen tells Andy she doesn't know how this all happened? Andy asks what all was said when Jessie was listening at the rainbow room door?

Helen: Basically I was telling them that she was upset that I went to tell Amanda/McCrae about our argument outside, why would I throw her under the bus?

Andy: But she's mad at me... what was said about me?

Helen: Aaryn said she has figured out that she is the target for this week.

2:01am bbt GM leaves Jessie/Spencer on the patio, joins Andy/Amanda/McCrae/Helen in the WA, tells them Jessie thinks she is leaving, says Jessie isn't talking bad about anybody. Helen asks what Spencer said, GM says nothing he just sat there. Andy says he's going to go take a shower, lock the HOH door and go to bed. GM tells Amanda that Jessie said Aaryn talks bad about GM some times. GM says she blew it off, whatever, she's heard that before.

Outside on patio, Jessie tells Spencer, "it's a liar's den... it's a hard game, because you need people to trust, but none of them are trustworthy. It's possible you knew about this, but..." Spencer says he was also fed the same story. He's been kept in the dark.

Jessie: After what I overheard, let me just tell you... Aaryn, she's a rat. Elissa/Helen/Amanda/McCrae, they are all in cahoots together. Andy, he's closest to Helen/Elissa, but I still believe at this point he's telling all 4 of them everything... everything. Who am I missing... that's it, right? GM is your best bet.. but you know she's gonna go with.. you've got.. you... I'll be rooting for you.

Spencer: well don't tell them you'd vote for me at the end, cause then they won't keep me! I'm gonna fight like h$##

2:04am bbt GM joins Jessie/Spencer on patio again, Amanda/McCrae head to kitchen for food.

GM: They are all still up.... in the next 2 weeks, it's all gonna go banannas..

Jessie: And if they send a jury member back...

GM: oh, it has to be a jury member? (GM looks off to the side at a BB camera) Can you send Nick, cause he's smart. (GM looks down at her lapel mic) Jessie too, but can you send NIck?

2:06am bbt Amanda/McCrae head to bedroom, Helen comes in to apologize(again!) to Amanda. Helen says Jessie is going to spend the next 48 hours making this a crazy place. Amanda says not to worry about it. Helen leaves, Amanda/McCrae kiss...

2:08am bbt F1/2 show the HNot room, lights off, no talking.

F3/4 are Jessie/Spencer/GM still on patio.

GM: Everybody makes things go crazy and paranoid. Whatever happens to me, happens to me, it's in God's hands. If I win money, if I don't win money, if I go home, if I marry Nick, only God knows, and if it's my time to go, it's my time to go, win second place, I'll fight for it... I always play with my heart.

2:10am bbt F1/2 McCrae/Amanda in color room, McCrae says he is worried(Not sure if he's referring to the game or Amanda being pregnant, because she mentions her period). While snacking(loudly!) on Triscuits, Amanda states she is "quick to shut things down, and I shouldn't do that."

2:12am bbt Patio talk...

GM: Did Helen really want to go after Amanda?

Jessie: yea! She is lying out her a$$ right now.. Helen and Elissa... She said Elissa is on board, I asked who's next, she said Judd/Andy. The next day she realized Judd wasn't on board.

GM: So do you think Helen was MVP, trying to get Amanda out? Because I honestly don't think it was Judd.

Spencer listens in, as Jessie explains to GM that during GM's HOH, they were all fine with GM using her HOH to get Candice out, instead of making big move and going after Helen/Elissa.

Jessie: I would put money on it, that Helen and McCrae make it to the final two, because they both have a fall person.. Amanda is McCrae's fall guy, and everyone would take out Elissa before Helen. If you really want to do some damage, I would put up McCrae and Helen.

2:18am bbt McCrae wants to go outside to smoke...

Amanda: nooo... I don't like that she confides in you more than she does me... and you like it! That's why you do it, you enjoy it! You like that she has a crush on you.. why are you smiling! Actually, you can do whatever you want to do.. go... I get it, you want everyone to like you the most.. if I'm not in the final 4, no one is going to want to take you to the final 2.

2:19am bbt Aaryn joins Amanda/McCrae. The 3 are paranoid about Jessie having overheard the conversation.

Aaryn: I can't believe she heard that entire conversation!

Amanda: Did I say anything? I don't remember that conversation at all! Did she say anything to you yet?

Aaryn: We were talking about.. I came in here, I said the way she argues is she puts words in your mouth, I said she had this big plan that she presented to Andy and it didn't work out.... I said when you try to make a big move and it doesn't work, it puts a target on you...

Amanda: She's too back and forth

2:22am bbt McCrae heads outside to smoke, joining Jessie/Spencer/GM, Aaryn/Amanda stay in rainbow room

Aaryn: I know.. part of me wants her to get it.. I basically threw her under the bus.. so now that she knows she's leaving, she's going to throw us under the bus

Amanda: McCrae was so annoying, he went in the cockpit with the door closed, talking to her.. it's so annoying

2:24am bbt Aaryn asks Amanda if she thinks there is any truth to what Jessie has been saying?

Amanda: I think that Helen was... 100% on board, and I think Jessie, once Andy shut it down, then it got shut down, Andy's told me that, but I didn't want her(Helen?) to know that. But yea... what worries me, is that now that she knows I may know, she may work to get me out(Ok yes she's referring to Helen)

2:28am bbt GM heads inside, meets up with Aaryn, and they join Amanda. GM says patio talk has been about challenges and stuff.

Aaryn: What did Jessie say about me?

GM: Nothing, just that you talk s#%% about everybody, that's about it.

(GM is laughing about it, but Aaryn seems a little more concerned)

Aaryn: Did she give examples?

GM: no, I said not like I haven't heard that before, like with Kaitlin, s#$% like that

Amanda: We all talk about each other

GM: nothing I haven't heard before, no big deal, I don't believe until I hear

Aaryn: but did she give examples? Who did she say that in front of?

GM: nope, just me and Spencer.. no reason to fight, no reason to confront her, it's no big deal

Aaryn: If I want to f$&%^ing confront her I will (Aaryn stands up, starts to leave the room) whatever, I'll confront her if I want GM, I'm sick of being told what to do (Aaryn leaves and the door begins to close)

GM: I'm not telling you what to do. (GM makes a shoveling motion to Amanda)

Amanda: Big sister, little sister...

(GM leaves to continue her hunt for nail clippers, meets up with Aaryn in the hall)

GM: I'm just saying don't saying anything now because I'm talking to her, don't want her to think I told you, will make me look bad.

Aaryn: Why do you care?
GM: because I don't want her to think that I'm like.. wait til tomorrow...

2:31am bbt F1/2 McCrae has joined Andy in HOH, sharing all Jessie has said on patio about wanting to stir things up. F3/4 Jessie/Spencer have gone back into the house. Spencer heads up to HOH "I left my glass up there". In the Kitchen, GM gives Jessie a heads up that Aaryn is still up.

2:32am bbt McCrae leaves, Spencer joins Andy in HOH. Spencer tells Andy that Jessie overheard the conversation. They speculate that Judd was not MVP, because he never campaigned to get Amanda out the two weeks she was nominated by MVP. Andy decides he's going to tell Jessie the house wanted her gone this week. He lied to her and was having everyone tell her she is safe, because he wanted her to have a good week.

Spencer: I told her, all anyone has told me, is they are going to vote the way the house wants to go.

Andy: Helen p!$$ed me off tonight, I told her, "could you please smooth things over with Jessie, you know she's going home. Can't you be nice to her?" Even if Helen thinks she's lying, can't you suck it up and go through with what I asked you to do?

Spencer:Well, we both know that Jessie is not lying.

Andy: oh, yea... that's the thing, Helen did come to me a couple of times and want to do it. I really think they are both half telling the truth, half lying. Like I was telling the truth when I said Helen was not plotting with me to get rid of Amanda.

Spencer: Helen never plotted with me, but she would come to me and say, I'm gonna need some help, but that was weeks ago. She's said enough, that we both know, Jessie is telling the truth.

Andy: Helen will insinuate it, but then say, "It's not time yet"

Spencer: I'm going to need your help next week. If Helen/Elissa win HOH, I'm gonna need you to keep me safe. I can't win physical comps, and my lack of allies....

In the hallway downstairs, GM is trying to tell Aaryn that "It is all good, she didn't bring up any points about you". Aaryn says "It's not all good", and heads to the hot tub. GM follows Aaryn.

GM:You're all good bunny.

Aaryn: No I'm not. She has 2 days to talk about me. Listen, if you were the one she was talking about, you'd feel differently.

GM: Am I mad at you? She never gave examples.

Aaryn: I want to know, what was the context, why was it even brought up?

GM: She was just talking about things with Helen, things with you, things she heard in the room. She heard everyone talking in the room that she was going home. You can ask her cause I'm telling the truth.

Aaryn is upset because Amanda also told her that Jessie said this about Aaryn.

2:43am bbt Aaryn/GM by hottub...

Aaryn: I'll tell you how this all started... I'm shaving my legs, not saying anything, and Jessie says, "I hate Helen and Elissa." I'm just shaving my legs. She says she came up with this big master plan with Andy, but he didn't take it. I'd rather have her than Spencer, so I said maybe you need to be on their good side, maybe you should go talk to them. So instead of doing it like a normal human being, this is what she does.

2:49am bbt Aaryn joins Spencer/Andy in HOH

Aaryn: I can't sleep now, because Jessie said I'm talking s#$%

Spencer: Just ignore her, everyone thinks she's a lunatic, she's just trying to stir s#$%

Aaryn: I want to know what she heard though

2:51am bbt F3/4 Amanda is asleep, McCrae is reading the Bible

F1/2 GM joins Aaryn/Spencer/Andy in HOH, more talk about Jessie overhearing everyone.

F3/4 flips to Jessie/Elissa, mid conversation, in chair room, Jessie in bed, Elissa with hand on HNot door about to leave the room

Jessie: ... defended you, said it was not true. Now I believe them 110%.

(Elissa opens the HNot room door)

Jessie: I also want to let you know, that you are a sitting duck, basically protecting Helen...

(Elissa closes the HNot room door, staying in chair room with Jessie)

Jessie: but when it comes down to you and Helen, you're going to be the first to go, and your name gets thrown out all the time. So I just thought I'd let you know those 2 things, and everyone talks about you behind your back when you leave the room, because you are so ditzy and things you say don't make sense. And I really hope your family is proud of the way you lie and talk about people behind their back. Good night.

2:52am bbt Elissa gives a blank smile thanks Jessie, and enters the HNot room, where Helen is now sitting up awake in the dark.

Helen: was she mean?
Elissa: yea, it was pretty mean. I think it's funny.. hello, I'm on BB, I'm not going to talk about private stuff on national tv, so sorry girl if I haven't given you what you want. I'm not paid to spill my intelligence, I'm sorry if I might come across as ditzy.

Helen: She said you are ditzy?!?!

Meanwhile... in the HOH room... Aaryn is still bothered that Jessie said Aaryn talks about others...

Aaryn: just drop it, I don't know why we are still talking about it! I've heard it 10 times already.

Andy: whatever, we'll be fine, she'll be gone in 2 days

GM: everythings cool, just don't start a fight with me, I didn't do nothing

Aaryn: just don't tell me not to be upset when someone brings my name up. When someone brings your name up, you aren't ok with it

GM: I'm not saying nothing, I'm just sitting here drinking my ice. If you want to bring it up with her, and start a fight with her, then go right ahead...

Aaryn: I don't know why you are still talking (Aaryn gets up to leave the room)
GM: what's the problem with you?

Aaryn: You are annoying...

GM: I'm annoying? You better check yourself, because if you want to yell at me, yell at me right now!

(Aaryn opens the HOH door and starts to leave)
GM: come on Aaryn!

(GM gets out of her chair and heads towards Aaryn, who is exiting the HOH room)

Andy: no, come on, both of you stop!

(GM has followed Aaryn out of the HOH room and they are on the upstairs hallway)
GM: What do you want to say to me? You want to be a big girl? Come be a big girl and talk to my face, because you want to get loud!

(Aaryn heads down the spiral staircase)

GM: You want to get loud, cause I'll follow you down the stairs. Wanna go to Jessie's room?

(Aaryn stops on the stairs, midway down)
Aaryn: f*$% off!

GM: Why are you being so nasty right now?

Aaryn: Because I'm annoyed! I'm annoyed!

GM: You want to go talk to Jessie? We'll go talk to Jessie...

(Aaryn takes another step down the stairs, GM follows... Aaryn turns to head back up the stairs, GM follows...)

GM: JESS! I'll bring her up here.

(The are back on the upstairs hallway now)
Aaryn: WHY?

GM: If you want to know what she said, I'll bring her up and you can...

Aaryn: I don't want to, you're the one who keeps bringing this up!

GM: You're the one who keeps talking crazy Aaryn.

(Aaryn goes back to HOH, followed by GM)

Aaryn: Get the F$%^ away from me!

GM: You see what I'm talking about?

Aaryn: Get away from me!

(They are back in the HOH, Spencer is standing, suddenly looking like a bouncer on Jerry Springer)

GM: Why? You want to talk, let's talk?

Aaryn: I don't want to talk, I want you to leave me alone!

GM: well you're the one talking like a psychopath again.

Aaryn: again? ok, so can you leave me alone so I can walk out the door?

2:55am (and we get FISH)

(I'm going to continue with latenight FLASHBACK, but in a new posting, so it will be farther down in this thread)

8:00am bbt HGs are still asleep..

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9:05 am BBT 4 cams on sleeping HG

9:30 am BBT There is a little moving around but they are still sleeping.

10:00 am BBT you guessed it....still sleeping.

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10:02AM BBT: FotH. Possibly a wake-up call!

10:25AM BBT: Feeds are back, and some housemates are awake! Feeds show Amanda and McCrae are sleeping. Gina Marie, Elissa and Helen are still sleeping in the HN room. Aaryn is the only housemate shown moving around.

10:44AM BBT: Elissa has gotten up, but is now back in the HN room laying down. Looks like Aaryn has made her way back to bed as well. The other feeds show Andy sleeping with a bandana over his eyes.

10:59AM BBT: Aaryn is out of bed again. She went to the storage room to change her battery pack and heads to the washroom to brush her teeth.

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11:00am BBT:Aaryn in WA putting contacts in . Everyone else still in bed sleeping.

11:26am BBT: Aaryn in WA putting her makeup on and andy in HOH rm sleeping. Everyone else is still in bed sleeping somewhere in the house.

11:45am BBt: helen is now awake getting clothes and heading to the bathrrom to change. aaryn is fixing her hair in the Wa as Helen comes through and they say Good Morning to each other.

11:54am BBt: Aaaryn is on the eliptical and Helen comes out to put her showes on and go for her run. Aaryn says it is hot today. aaryn says i am not going to give my energy to Giamarie today it isnt worth it you know? helen says yeah i know and BB tells Helen to put her mic on.

11:56am BB: helen says this is not real life in here and maybe when she (ginamarie) wakes up maybe she will be quiet and maybe when she gets out of this house she will see this wasnt real life and we can all move on. Helen says just ignore it and move it today. helen says i wanted to talk to you and i think you and i need to get out some common people here so i think we can work together to do that.

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Helen still running, Aayrn goes into house, Andy wakes up, rubs his eyes, and picks up the headphones,

Cam4 keeps following Aaryn as she gets clothes, hat etc, going back and forth from the door to the dresser.

Helen continues her run in BY, Aaryn now in bathing suit in WA No one else on camera

Andy is up, put on his glasses, fed the fish and looking for something to eat in HOH rm.

Aaryn went outside to lay in the sun by the pool, Helen still running.

Indoor lockdown called! Helen and Aaryn must go in. Aaryn gets up to go in, Helen finishes her run.

Helen goes inside, tells Aaryn that sucks, right as she (aaryn) got situated. Aaryn says "I know". Aaryn goes in WA to change out of her bathing suit.

Aaryn on CAM 1&2 painting her toenails (she just did this late last night) and Cam 3&4 on Andy in HOH with headphones on.

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Helen goes in WA tells Aaryn she thinks they are working on the pool table. There was a pocket loose yesterday, maybe they are fixing it. Helen thinks they will get to go back out. Elissa comes into WA, they tell her the same thing.

Elissa says they only have one more day. She is looking forward to sleeping in a real bed. Aaryn agrees. Elissa wants to know if Aaryn opened the mouthwash. She said she thinks so. She uses the cap, when Elissa asks if anyone has put their mouth on it. Elissa says slop makes a film on her teeth, Aaryn said her too.

Helen and Elissa talking in KT about Jessie. Helen sais she is just going to cause more drama, best to just walk away, go to HOH room or something until she is gone.

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Helen making slop muffins in KT. Aaryn said she must have low blood sugar, she keeps about blacking out every time she stands up. Elissa pouring mouthwash into another container so she doesn't have to share behind other people.

Helen says her goal is to get the kitchen looking as good as the day they walked in. She said that will be an all day thing (the kitchen is HORRIBLE right now!)

Aaryn and Helen talking about how cooped up she feels. Their emotions and lives are controlled to make them aggravated at each other. Helen explaining how to cope. Going over the Jeremy incident. Aaryn explains that Jeremy felt really bad about what happened. Helen was surprised at his remorse. Aaryn said he apologized to her husband on camera. Helen said she was scared for about a week, she was not sure when he would go off again. She said the best way to deal with it was to hide out. She said she had to do that so she would not scream back at him, or be the person she didn't want o be in front of millions of people..Aaryn whispering about GinaMarie. She said she is geting scary, follows her, etc. They are not sure where her allegiance is...she is all over the place.

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12:04pm BBT: helen telling Aaryn that she didnt think Elissa would make it this far already after the way she started the game .helen says i think with Spencer he needs to go next week. Aaryn says yeah but i think there are others that win by chance and after my win i knew that. helen Talling about the wins that Aaryn has had and how the last one they got Judd out.

12:07pm BBT: helen says i can see why you are worried about winning but in the next hoh if it is between you and me then throw it to me i will take it cuz we both want the same ones out. helen says i understand you dont want to look that strong i get it . Aaryn says i do understand that you have to win things when you need to though.

12:09pm BBt: Hellen says thanks for the talk and starts running in the BY as Aaryn is on the eliptical.

12:22pm BBT: Aaryn goes to color rm to get clothes after her workout on the eliptical . she lets the door slam shut as she leaves the rm. Helen is still running her laps in the BY.

12:29pm BBt: Andy is now up in HOH rm feeding the fish. Helen still running in BY.

12:44pm BBt: helen goes to WA where Aaryn is just sitting and thinking and says we should be able to go back out. helen says one of the pockets on the pool table is messed up so my guess is they are fixing it.Elissa is now up in the Wa and Aaryn says i was just fixen to tan and they called the ld.Andy still in HOh rm laying in bed listening to music.

12:52pm BBT: Aaryn says my blood sugar is so low i feel so weak. Helen says i am making slop muffins now i know that doesnt sound to good but it helps. helen says her goal today is to make the KT look like it did the day they moved in. Aaryn says i will help you.Aaryn says i dont know how we do this being here with all these cameras and mics 24/7 Helen says it is a game and you have to just get through it and think like how do you approach it head on.

12:57pm BBT: Aaryn tells Helen that Jeremy really felt bad about things he said to her and that he even appoligized to helens husmand on the cameras. Helen says that means alot to me after i hid in the have not rm for a week avoiding him.Elissa is in the Wa using mouth wash and flossing teeth.

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Helen and Aaryn are still in kitchen, talking about what is going on outside the hoouse. Aaryn didn't want her apartment shown on TV, Helen said she watches what she does in the house so nothing happens after the show. Talking about stalkers, crazy people. Elissa comes in from WA after flossing, said someone called her dad's office to cuss him out about how he raised his daughter after Rachel ws on the first time.

Andy called to DR.

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2:56am bbt (Back from FISH) (quick recap of the night... Jessie figured out the house was voting her out, when she asked Helen a question and Helen jumped all over Jessie. Jessie listened at the door while everyone was talking, confirming her fears about the vote. Jessie told GM/Spencer that Aaryn has talked about HGs, which GM shared with Aaryn. Aaryn is annoyed, partly because she was talked about, but more so because GM keep talking about it.)
GM: EVERYBODY WAKE UP! EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE WAKE UP! So everyone knows... everyone wake up...

Aaryn/Spencer/Andy are still in HOH

Jessie comes out with a smile on her face "I'm awake... present!"

Aaryn: Why is she doing this? Why can't I just walk away? It's crazy.


(GM wakes Amanda/McCrae, Helen, Elissa)

Amanda decides to stay in bed, GM convinces McCrae to come upstairs. Andy tells Spencer/Aaryn he is uncomfortable with them all coming up.

2:59am bbt HOH: Andy, Spencer, Aaryn, GM, McCrae, Jessie, and Amanda joins them. McCrae curls up in a ball on the HOH couch. Aaryn doesn't understand why GM is doing this.

GM: I don't want people to find out we fought tomorrow. I'm just sitting here, and you jump down my face.

(Elissa is on F3 still in dark HNot room, Helen is on F4 putting makeup on in WA)

GM: Andy and Spencer saw, we are just sitting here chill, and you started yelling at me for no f$%^ing reason

Aaryn: you're right, I just started yelling for no reason....

GM: See? now you are yelling again!

Aaryn: Because this is stupid s%&^

GM: Then why are you yelling at me? I would love to know?

Aaryn: well you followed me out the door, and got up in my face... you brought up 19 times that Jessie brought up s$%^ and I'm tired of talking about it!

GM: I didn't want you going down to Jessie... I'm not defending her...

Aaryn: I was going down to bed!

3:00am bbt (While GM/Aaryn continue to debate this, F4 has Helen/Elissa talking)

Elissa: I'm sitting here with these 23-24 yr old girls fresh out of college, I don't think it's fair...

Helen: What just happened here?
Elissa: Well, Jessie was being nasty to me for no reason...

(Elissa continues to share how she is basically above this game and will not share her personal life on a reality show)

Aaryn: Why are we still talking about this? Drop it!

GM: But then you are still going to rank on this tomorrow, I just want you to ...

Aaryn: How do you know what I'm going to do? You don't know s#$% about me!

GM: I guess I don't know anything about you... I'm your friend, I don't know anything...I'm trying to be cool and you are snapping like a chihuahua... now that is everyone is here, do you want to say anything about me or forever hold your peace?
Aaryn: well I've said everything to your face...

Amanda... you guys are talking in circles...

GM: alright, so we are cool?

GM: Then why are you still yellin?

Aaryn: Because I just want it to stop! Why did you even call everyone up here?

GM: Because I don't want it to get twisted around, that I was bullying you or something... I'm just sitting here relaxing, she's the one yelling and carrying on.... I don't do stuff like that

Aaryn: You don't do stuff like that? You just followed me, and chest bumped me, like a psycho!

GM: I didn't chest bump you

Aaryn: Yes you did! It will show it, it will come up

GM: First of all if I chest pumped you and got in your face, they would call me in the DR and say that was threatening, I didn't do that

Aaryn: Well they probably will.. anyway, Jessie I don't care that you brought my name up, I don't

Jessie: Great, I don't care that you don't care about it right now

Aaryn: So... then why are we here?

Jessie: I was just giving Gina Marie the floor, out of respect for Gina Marie...

GM: I just didn't want a fight... everyone is cool here, everyone played a good game...I congratulate everyone who gets to the top...I'm happy for everybody... \

3:05am bbt (GM starts talking about why she fought with Candice, Jessie excuses herself, Amanda explains to GM that this is exactly what Jessie wants)

Amanda: GM, the only reason this is happening.. did you see Jessie standing there, smiling the entire time? She wants you to fight with Aaryn, it deflects the attention off of her, she was smirking the entire time, did you notice that? We aren't dumb, it's Monday, you are giving her what she wants. Now I'm going to bed!

GM: I didn't want to fight with you Aaryn, I apologize

Aaryn: That was definitely not the way to not fight with me...

GM: I like you as a friend, I didn't want to

(Amanda/McCrae leave HOH)

Aaryn: Oh my god, I'm not dealing with this...

GM: see, I'm trying to apologize and you're still...

GM goes off about volunteering to be a Have not so she could be with her friend Aaryn.

Aaryn: So it's all on me..

GM: Because I like you that much! I would suffer because of you! Good night... (GM leaves the HOH, only Aaryn/Spencer/Andy left)

3:08am bbt GM joins McCrae/Amanda in rainbow room, feels good how things ended with Aaryn, will talk to Aaryn tomorrow if she wants to(uhhh no?)

GM makes her way to dark HNot room, apologizes to 90% asleep Helen/Elissa, finally finds her way to her bed.

3:10am bbt only Spencer/Andy/Aaryn up now, Aaryn now voicing her frustration with GM not dropping the topic.

Aaryn: And she was being so creepy out there, did you see her? I've never gotten physical with a girl... I was going to bed, and she literally got up on me and was like "come on Aaryn, do you wanna go?" So I come in here, and she calls the entire house. Jessie may be getting what she wants, but that's GM. And now there's 3 people in the jury that hate me, so if by some miracle I make it to final 2..." (ahhh, toss in a little 'keep me to the end' logic)

3:15am bbt F3/4 back to Amanda sleeping, McCrae reading the Bible, F1/2 Andy/Spencer/Aaryn appear to be winding down...

3:16am bbt not so fast! F3/4 lights on in the HaveNot room! Helen/Elissa/GM are back up! GM explaining to them why Aaryn was upset with her... conversation returns to Helen telling Elissa she isn't ditzy...

3:17am bbt Spencer says good night to Andy/Aaryn. Aaryn tells Andy she is done with GM, that scared her. Aaryn leaves, Andy throws his hands up in the air to no one in a 'what has happened tonight?' gesture (lol)

3:19am bbt Aaryn is downstairs, finds Jessie listening at the HaveNot door to Helen/Elissa/GM talking. Aaryn appears to be trying to defend herself to Jessie, explaining to Jessie what she said earlier in the night when Jessie overheard the conversation.

Aaryn: I was trying to help you, me talking in there was game play... they were going to send you home.. I was saying what good is it to send her out?

Jessie: well it's definitely not going to get you a vote.

Aaryn: I was trying to help you

Jessie: I don't believe that for one second... you and I had a conversation, and you went and relayed that to them word for word, there's no way you are going to convince me otherwise, I'm sorry...I don't trust you anymore....

3:20am bbt Aaryn joins the HaveNots, Spencer joins Jessie... Jessie is sure when she gets done, they are going to all hate each other... except Spencer, she's going to spare him... that's her game plan (sorry Jessie, usually this strategy backfires and everyone bands together, figures your comments are meaningless, and ensures you go out with a unanimous vote)

3:30am bbt Aaryn joins McCrae/Amanda to vent about GM being crazy and tell about GM following her out of the HOH.

3:38am bbt Aaryn returns to HaveNot room, where small talk insues. McCrae goes to join Spencer. Amanda joins them and they tell her Jessie keeps listening in on the HaveNot room.

3:41am bbt Amanda lets the HNots know to be careful when they talk. Aaryn has a headache, so Aaryn/Helen go to the SR for aspirin. Aaryn tells Helen how GM came at her on the stairs.

Aaryn: After that, I'm ready to leave, I will self evict myself after that. And then when she walked in the room, she was all cheery-eyed... that's scary... scary!

Helen: In my brain... I know this sounds crazy, but after Judd left, my worry was, what if he comes and finds me in Chicago, and tries to shoot me? I know that sounds crazy, but... the way he pleaded, I was like, oh my gosh that was scary to me, like he could go home depressed, and go ape crap.. anybody that gets evicted, and then tonight, I'm like what if she comes and finds me because I got her out of Big Brother

3:46am bbt Helen/Aaryn, still in the SR, continue to talk about GM and her cockroach speech, fight with Candice, and then tonight. Aaryn speculates that half the people in the house are mentally unstable. They go down the list trying to figure out who is/isn't...

3:51am bbt Aaryn/Helen FINALLY head back to HNot room... and now Amanda/McCrae are back awake, kissing, listening at the doors/walls for sounds, and random middle of the night sillyness.

4:00am bbt Lights are off, and by 4:05am there is silence in the BB house! whew! What a night!

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Jessie comes into KT. Helen finishes talk with Aaryn, starts pouring her slop muffins into pan. Elissa near sink, Jessie looking for pan to make something. No talking until Jessie mentions something is going to be "so delicous" in from of Have-Not Helen.

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Helen taking dold shower, whispered to Aaryn before she got in but could not hear. Elissa comes in, keeps looking over her shoulder. Tells Aaryn she is scared of what Jessie might do to her stuff. Feels she needs to hide everything.

Aaryn goes in to talk to Spencer. He said Jessie has totally lost it. Wants to know what time it is. Aaryn said it will be a funny show. Spencer said they need to just sit back and watch her.

Aaryn now talking to McManda who are still in bed. Said she took Aaryn's cup that has her name on it and is using it, then she dumped out all of the chocolate milk that was 3/4 full. McCrea wants to know where his water bottle is, he thinks Jessie stole it. Amanda says no. Aaryn jokes that she (Jess) makes out with it every 10 minutes. Then says she was instructed by Amanda not to say things like that anymore. McCrae says she can still tell him.

Talking about wake up song. McCare hates Katy Perry. Says it sounds like she has something jammed down her throat.

Aaryn goes into HN room tells GinaMarie what happened. Aaryn says they are going to have a lot of fun the next 2 days, and completely ignore Jessie and not include her. Aaryn said to be "the happiest lillt lark" that you can. Told about her cup. GM wants to know why she would do that? Aaryn says because she (Jess) is a "crazy, F**ing bitch.

Aaryn making to rounds to have everyone happy and exclude Jessie on everyting.

BY is open again, LD is over

Jessis is outside on the couch by herself, Aaryn went out to lay by the pool. Spencer goes into WA, GM and Helen in there talking about their stomachs have gone down while on the slop diet.

Amanda and Helen in WA, putting on makeup etc. Elissa came in. Helen and Elissa confirmed they are not talking to Jess. Helen said that is the best way to handle it, just stay detached.

Helen says Elissa was just smiling the whole time, Helen was like OMG

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Aaryn and Jessie arguing in BY. BB tells Aaryn to put on her mic. Jess said Aaryn is selling her out to others. Aaryn said she took Jess down when she used the Veto. Jess hasn't done anything for Aaryn. Aaryn said she could have taken either one of them down. Jessie said she should have taken Spencer off instead. Jess said Aaryn is a lying, backstabbing horrilbe person, and she doesn't even want to talk to her. Aaryn said if this is her way of going out classy, then wait until she watches this. Aaryn wants to know why she is talking to her. Jess said this is her house, and she can talk all day if she wants to. Aaryn tells her she is bat-shit crazy. Jess said she is going to be like Rachel, and get on everyone. Aaryn tells her she is NOT Rachel, and she won't be loved for the way she plays the game. Jess said she cannot wait until Aaryn goes into the jury house. Aaryn said it will be later than her.

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Amanda and McCare come out to the couches. Jess asks her if she realizes Elissa talks about Amanda and what a slut she is. Amanda says sure, I know. More back and forth with Aaryn, then Jess starts in on Amanda. Amanda said I have never done anything against you, why ar you picking on me? Jess said you are right, you haen't, except lie to my face about being safe this week. Jess wants people to stop lying to her. Jess saying how she is such a good player, that is why people are afraid of her. She said again she can't wait until Aaryn goes into the Jury house in the next few weeks. Aaryn said at least it is after her, that Jess is not a good player, not smart, not a good social game. Jess never even won Veto, Judd won it and gave it to her. She has won nothing in this game.

Now Jess is telling everything she has talked to Spencer about, how Helen, Elissa are trying to get Amanda out, and that her mission for the rest of this week is to let everyone know what has been going on, and all the backstabbing going on.

Helen, Elissa and Spencer in KT, talking about Jess and what she is doing. They are staying out of it.

Jess in BY says that Elissa better stay 15 feet away from here today, or she will make her day. Jess now telling about listening at the door last night. Re-hashing last night.

Jess says she doesn't really have anything bad to say about GM.

Jess is going to tell Elissa what a shadow Elissa is of her sister, a withering? shadow of her. Amanda said just to make sure she is around to see it. Jess said everytime she gets into a discussion with Elissa she gets dumber.

Going over Helen talking with Jess at the pool table to clear the air, then Helen just walked away and said she was done with the conversation.

Amanda asks what about Spencer. Jess said nothing really, then decides to add about Spencer laying low and playing dumb, and something about Candice, but nothing really much.

Amanda smoking on couch joking with GM about her armpit hair. Amanda asked if she was donating it to locks of love, that it has to be 10 inches, and she is pretty sure GM had enough. Amanda joked that GinaMarie was tripping over her armpit hair.

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Jess starts talking again, about people in the house and how they are playing the game and lying. Amanda pumping her for info while Spencer and Helen are in SR. Spencer says that Jessie said she isn't going to badmouth anyone and is going out on the live show with class. Helen said then what is she doing out there right now? Spencer laughs.

Helen says she is so insecure for being so young. That she is crazy. Spencer said when they first got into the house, he thought she was cute, but once he got to know her he realized her trouble with guys is becuase of her. He said no guy is going to tell her all the time how cute she is, how smart she is, not go out with the guys because she doesn't want them away from her. Helen has been like a big sister to her, giving her career advice. Helen said she will never make it in the corporate world. No one is going to reassure her all the time

Helen afraid they put mentally unstable people in the house. Talking about Helen not needing the money. Helen said she doesn't know her bank account, and if she doesn't ge the money becuase of that, then that makes it a $450,000 comment. Helen and Spencer agree they are well grounded. Helen has a friend who has a company, and she was going to give her a reference, but now she can't She said she could never in good concous give her a reference for any job. Spencer saying she doesn't know what she wants to do. One day she wants a PR job, then be a show host, then a TV star...she doesn't have a clue.

Helen warns Spencer that Jess will turn on him next. He said she probably already has. Helen said she will try to goad him into a big blow up. Spencer said he will not fall into that. Helen assures him that he is not going home and nothing she does will change that.

Re-hashing Judd going home, and why. Judd turning on everyone, when they compared notes they realized what Judd was doing. Jessie is trying to do the same thing. Keeps saying Helen is the master controller in the game. Helen said she isn't and Jess needs to stop saying that.

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1:02pm BBt: jessie is now up in the Kt getting coffee. elissa is washing a cup and helen is making slop muffins. Aaryn has gone to have not rm and is now heading back to the KT.

1:05pm BBt: Jessie is saying mmm this bacon is going to be so delisious as helen is making slop muffins and Helen and elissa just not talking. jessie says its funny ya'll arent talking and you talked for hours lastnight.helen and Elissa still does not respond to Jessie.

1:12pm BBT:helen and Aaryn in Wa as helen gets ready to take a shower and they are whispering and laughing about Jessie cooking bacon for breakfast and her saying mmmm this bacon is going to be so good.Jessie is still in KT cooking and Elissa just left Kt and went to Wa to talk to Aaryn

1:14pm BBT: Aaryn is telling Amanda and Mccrae that Jessie took her cup with her name on it and is now using it and saying that this bacon is going to be so good. mccrae says i dont know where my water bottle is at and if she hid it. Amanda says she did not take your water bottle. Aaryn says she is probably sniffing it and then says sorry i was instructed not to say that anymore by Amanda and they laugh.

1:17pm BBT:Aaryn talking to Ginamarie about jessie and what she has done this morning and says she is just happy as she can be. ginamarie gets up and heads to Kt .

1:20pm BBt: Aaryn is now heading out to the BY since the LD is now over.Jessie is outside eating her bacon and Eggs.

1:25pm BBt:jessie tells Aaryn that Elissa says shit about everyone and that she has called you and amanda and everyone skanks and she talks crap about everyone and i cant believe yall talk to her.

1:27pm BBt: aaryn says jessie i care about you as a friend i have tried helping you in this game so what you want me to say? jessie says just dont say i used the pov and took you off and then turn around and sell me out.

1:29pm BBt: Helen is now taking Laundrty out to the BY to start washing it. aaryn says i am done talking. amanda comes out to BY and says morning to Jessie and she says nothing to her. Mccrae now comes out and jessie says just so you know to get the morning kicked off you know elissa talks shit about you all the time. amanda says i know.amanda says i dont know what your doing i dont get it. Jessie says i am going out with a bang amanda.

1:33pm BBt: Aaryn tells jessie you are unemplyed after Jessie tells her she has an agent to help her get work. jessie says yeah but i have a degree from texas. amanda says with debt and Jessie says no i have grants cuz i am smart. amanda says this is being smart now?

1:35pm BBT: jessie says it makes no differanxce what i say at least i say it outloud and not whisper it behind peoples backs.Aaryn tells Jessie to shut up.jessie says what did Ginamarie call you a yappy chauhahau? and all goes quiet in the by.

1:38pm BBt: Ginamarie is now going out to lay in the sun with Aaryn. jessie tells Amanda that part of her game right now is to piss everyone else off today. Jessie says keep me here i will go on the block every single week. Amanda says yeah i know you would. Jessie says i am calling everyone out on their bull crap today and Elissa better not come within 15 feet of me today.

1:41pm BBt:Jessie tells Amanda that it is going to be a long week . Mccrae says what is today tuesday? Amanda says yeah. jessie says next thing i am telling Elissa is that she is a shadow of her sister just a shadow.

1:43pm BBT: Jessie says i was just talking to helen by the pool table then helen goes and throws me under the buss and then tells Andy that she is done with this conversation. She says Helen is such a liar. amanda says anything with Spencer? Jessie says candice told me when she left that spencer is just playing dumb and laying low.

1:47pm BBT: helen Elissa and Spencer cleaning the KT. Amanda in BY telling Jessie she knew why she was doing all that lastnight. jessie says i know its a game and i know how its played.

1:55pm BBT: Spencer and helen in STR talking about people need to get focused and some are grounded people but i see the ones who are not and i think jessie is a little off.elissa is in the Wa getting dressed Jessie is in the shower and Elissa says hi how are you? jessie says aweful now that you are here. mccrae comes in and goes to the WC.

1:56pm BBt: Jessie is telling Elissa that the hot shower feels so nice and she could just stay in there for hours. elissa is just smiling and not letting it get to her.jessie says so what are you going to do today rachels shadow? Elissa just smiles and then heads to the BY to ,lay out in the sun.

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Elissa, Spencer, McCrae in BY on couches. Elissa saying Jess is crazy. Asks McCrae what all she was talking about. Going over previous conversation. Helen comes out. Spencer said while he was helping Helen take out the trash, and Jess walks by and said aw, what a cute couple. Helen joking with Spencer that she likes him, but she is married. Elissa saisy" you are???" Jokes that it is just a ruse. Helen going over not giving Jess a reference. Spencer apologizes for farting. Jess comes out and says "hello liar". Jess on couch smoking, Helen and Elissa are gone.

Jess yells over to Elissa, "who got big boobs first, you or Rachel, you are older right, like 35? Then she laughs when Elissa doesn't respond. Spencer asks about the breakfast still sitting on the table, collecting flies. Jess said she mainly made the bacon in front of the Have-nots.

Amanda comes out, asks what is going on, Jess said she missed it. Jess then says hi to Rachel's shadow. Has said it about 5 times over the last 3 minutes. Keeps asking questions, tells her to keep talking about Aaryn being a slut, and Amanda, and calling her Rachel's shadow. Elissa laughs and said she doesn't even use that word. Has now called her that about 12 times.

Spencer says he is going in to get some chocolate milk. (not sure I can continue, Jessie is SO annoying! and unoriginal)

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Andy is out of HOH room. He has finsihed his blog, and now has the camera. Spencer and Helen pull him into the cockpit room to fill him in on all that has been going on.

Andy is takling pictures. Took one of the Helen/Spencer alliance, him and Spencer hugging, now in KT taking Amanda and McCrae...lots of picutres. They are not sure about going outside. Amanda said it is so entertaining though!

Andy goes outside and says "I got the camera!" like he doesn't know what is going on. Before he went out, they warned him not to let JEss have the camera...might freak out with pictures (or erase them!)

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#BB15 2:07 pm BBT - Talk outside is still about Jessie and the talking she has been doing. They are still comparing notes.

#BB15 2:10 pm BBT - McRae is still trying to figure out how to get Jessie's cigarettes. They are joking that they can trade her safety for smokes.

#BB15 2:12 pm BBT - Everyone is outside lounging. Andy is in the HOH writing his blog.

#BB15 2:12 pm BBT - Jessie just called Elissa Rachels shadow and asked "who got big boobs first...you or your sister. she also said that you are older right, like 35?" That did not go over well with the house.It seems Jessie is trying to cause some havoc.

#BB15 2:18 pm BBT - Jessie is still at Elissa calling her "Rachels shadow"..it is uncomfortable for them all at the moment. She calls all of them fake.

#BB15 2:22 pm BBT - Now she is at Aaryn telling her her face is a permanent scowl. Aaryns then asks her how does it feel to not make it to the final 8?

#BB15 2:25 pm BBT - Jessie took it one step further by saying "how does it feel not to be half the player that your sister was?"

#BB15 2:25 pm BBT - Andy is now taking his HOH pictures. Jessie still comenting to the other girls who are suntanning. They are not responding to Jessies verbal attacks.

#BB15 2:40 pm BBT - Spencer, Mcrae, and Andy talking about people trying to listen to conversations through doors...specifically Jessie.

#BB15 2:40 pm BBT - The boys are critisizing Jessie's attacks by saying they are weak. They agree that she should go for the jugular if she is going to go this route.

#BB15 2:58 pm BBT - Jessie is now tired out from her verbal attacks and is napping. The others are either making food or lounging.

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3:05 pm BBT Jessie gets out of bed, goes to other bedroom and moves a bottle of something from beside one bed to beside the other bed. She then gets back in bed.

3:08 pm BBT Andy still taking pics. He asks Aaryn if she liked doing her HOH blog. Jessie joins them in the WA then goes outside. GinaMarie talking about roller blading and using a roll of electrical tape as a puck for hockey.

3:12 pm BBT Helen and Andy in HOH: Andy asks who she would put up next week, she says GinaMarie and Spencer then backdoor someone. but that is just between them.

3:22 pm BBT General chat in BY, Helen in KT. Andy was called to DR.

4:01 pm BBT Elissa has been leading GinaMarie in a yoga session. Andy, Spencer Helen and Aaryn talking about HG at the memory wall.

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