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Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates


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  • 2 weeks later...

12:53AM Amanda is scraping a pan in the KT. Spencer, Aaryn, GM, Helen, Andy, and McRae are in HOH chatting.

12:54AM GM and Aaryn leave.

12:56AM McRae says he has a pretty good gaydar, and he doesn't feel Nick is gay. There were some oddities, but he doesn't think he was gay. Andy says he's not sure. He said there's a thing called gay, but it could be that Nick was just weird.

GM and Aaryn are in the cockpit. GM is upset.

12:57AM Andy asks "Can we all agree that GM is insane?"

Amanda comes into HOH

12:59AM HOH debate about what set GM off [besides her period hormones]. They decide in the HOH room that it's memories of Nick that were brought up in the OTEV comp.

01:00AM Andy talking about OTEV comp. "I brought you the right F'n letter, cunt." Then goes on about the gay stereotypes in the speech of OTEV or the beaver [it isn't clear].

01:03AM Amanda is eating HN hor d'oeuvres (olives) and listening.

01:05AM Helen wants to tell America that Head Cheese is not food. Also, CBS wasted money buying the habeneros that no one is eating. They're blaming the HN food this week on hamsterwatch voting. It was the site McRae frequented and he's blaming the HN food voting this week on the webmaster/mod there. Helen is asking about the site and McRae is talking about how the site works and that he likes the updates the webmaster does.

01:07AM GM is still sniffling and whispering sad period feelings to an impressively attentive Aaryn in the cockpit.

01:09AM Helen is called to the DR.

01:11AM GM premature period pity party in cockpit is over. Elissa is putting on hunting gear Amanda was wearing in the HOH room.

Helen in WR, everyone else in HOH now.

01:13AM Debating who of the HG are the most favorite with fans. Elissa is asking McRae if he thinks she's popular with the fans while she checks herself out in the outdoor gear and says the outfit is cute.

01:15AM McRae thinks the fans may not like Elissa's copious cursing. Elissa defends them as appropriate on the right occasions. McRae says "Fuck yeah, Dingo!" McRae says he misses checking in on the fan websites like hamsterwatch and wants to see what it's saying about this season. He is now explaining about how the webmaster is making money by giving her BB opinions.

01:19AM Andy eating oreos. Elissa says she doesn't like the filling. Amanda says Oreos and milk are the best. She says she would "fucking murder a puppy right now for an Oreo." She recants after saying "sorry America."

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01:21AM HOH discussion with everyine except Helen about what fights the HG have had in the house and with whom. McRae says he tends to "announciate" when he gets mad. Amanda questions his GM-like word choice.

01:23AM Amanda deciding that she's had eight fights or heated arguments while in the house. Andy says that Aaryn was the beneficiary of the grasshopper alliance blowing out, even though she wasn't in it. FotH for some reason.

01:25AM Elissa is deciding on strategies for staying warm in the HNR. Wearing hunting outfit. Spencer offers his black sweatpants. Elissa demurs and changes to saying she should make out with non-HN HG when they are eating so she can get the flavor of what food they're having. Andy asks what she wants him to eat tomorrow.

01:29AM HG debating ebonics words for credibility. Andy says Spencer looks so tired.

01:30AM General Jessie bashing.

01:31AM Aaryn recounting last week when Jessie said "I'm just listening to the cunts. GM, Helen, and Elissa are cunts." And explaining that Jessie was saying the meanest things that she could think of because she was so stressed out.

01:34AM Amanda summarizes that Honesty is the best policy. Aaryn jokes that it's what Big Brother is about. Amanda says "well, sometimes you can't be honest." Andy slips a bit and confesses having a final two with Jessie right up to when she left, and Amanda calls him on it and he minimizes. A bit more Jessie bashing, GM yawns in closeup, and FotH.

01:39AM Amanda confesses never having been to a Red Lobster. Someone chimes in that the biscuits are great. Andy starts to explain about Chicago and its suburbs[as it related to RL] and we get FotH again.

01:41AM Cut in to Andy mid-sentence saying "...Chilis is a little below...but still fucking perfect." Most HG in room like Chilis, but they're dogging on TGIF. Amanda loves Cheesecake Factory. Andy loves the California Pizza Kitchen Pear + Gorgonzola pizza. It's his "jam." Amanda loves Panda Express, especially orange chicken. Andy loves it, too. He did a post "The 9 stages of regret" and it was his most popular ever. Andy continues that Panda Express is good when you're eating it, but an hour later you can feel it coagulating in your stomach and you regret it. The HG get off on Chipotle Grill and we get FotH.

01:46AM Elissa announces she's going to bed., then FotH again briefly with Andy saying "that room becomes -30 degrees at night."

01:47AM Andy wondering if Zingbot will come this season. McRae heard saying "I hope not" off screen.

01:48AM Aaryn's theory is that when the HG catch on to what's coming up, production says "fuck you" and changes things up. Andy is still waiting for the damned Marguerita Party.

01:50AM Aaryn demonstrates how Jessie would annoy her by jumping in between Judd and Aaryn when they were together. McRae describes his personal space as a bubble.

01:51AM HG dogging on Elissa's lack of "spacial awareness" [i think they mean situational awareness] and how she can't pick up on social cues in a room. This started because they couldn't believe that she was snuggling up to Spencer earlier [probably for heat].

01:52AM Aaryn says OTEV wasn't fun because she didn't win. Amanda says sarcastically that she feels really bad for Aaryn. Aaryn says she should be thinking about Aaryn's needs.

Elissa in WR doing ADL. McRae in the room, too.

01:55AM Aaryn asks Amanda "the heart of McRae or 500k?" and Amanda says "500k" without hesitation. She then recants and says McRae...and 500k.

01:56AM HG debating proper name for dick cheese. They settle on "schmegma". Andy corrects to "smegma." Amandy ponders if there's a proper word for vagina cheese. Aaryn talks about googling that. Amanda asks incredulously if she went home and googled "pussy cheese." Aaryn says no, mock offended, and then proceeds to say it looks like cottege cheese.

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01:58AM Amanda announces she wants to get drunk. Andy says they should pool their daily alcohol allocation so a couple people could get completely drunk at a time and rotate. The HG decide that's dumb.

02:00AM McRae says he played Rock Paper Scissors with Jessie to see who would blow whom. Amanda is not charmed.

02:01AM Spencer says Marilyn puts him to bed every night going down on him. Amanda says if a guy takes forever she won't do it. Andy says he's a giver and will give a lot of BJ's if he's really into the person. Amanda says she and Spencer are takers. GM is asked what she is. She doesn't commit to either.

02:03AM Amanda saying if she wins something, she wants an HOH. She says she wants "Pictures, Food, and Power." Aaryn dares her to put her up.

02:05AM Spencer says he will eat some head cheese if someone will fry it up. But Amanda says it smells so bad they can only try it when the backyard is open. They go to check and see if the backyard is open. It's not yet. Elissa calls up that it's 2am, then goes back to putting on the hunting gear again to sleep in the HNR.

02:06AM the HG are wondering if everyone will be called to the DR and we get FotH.

02:09AM Aaryn is getting sucked into the black and white fish thing and segregation again. Amanda is insisting that segregation is racist. Aaryn is saying that "scientifically" the dark fish stay at the bottom because they hide in the dark and the light fish stay in the light to blend in. Amanda says she's having a blonde moment, and McRae says they're both having a "fucking nutso moment." Aaryn says if America thinks she's racist, she doesn't give a fuck. Amanda asks why Aaryn is sitting in the white chair, then laughs.

02:12AM Aaryn says as of the midpoint of the game she's over caring what people think. Amanda is says "hence, that's the reason we both got that question at week 3 or 4" and we get immediate FotH.

02:14AM Aaryn says that Amanda and Kaitlyn are both seductresses, but Amanda is overt and Kaitlyn is more coy. Andy offers that Spencer is the house seductress. GM pipes up that Jeremy had sex with Kaityn and messed up the bed. Spencer says he pretty much told him that he had sex with her.

02:15 Aaryn talking about her weird dreams is putting Andy to sleep, then he jumps up and head to the bathroom.

[i'm out for the night]

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11:02 AM BBT Helen is up and changing clothes under the cover of a blanket. Elissa is contemplating taking a cold shower and goes into the KT to make coffee.

11:05 AM BBT BB: "Hello houseguests. It's going to be hot out there today. Don't forget your sunscreen." Helen decides to get some laundry started.

11:10 AM BBT BB: "Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae have you changed your batteries?" Elissa is still in the KT cleaning up a water spill on the counter.

11:12 AM BBT Amanda gets up and heads to the BR. BB: "Houseguests, please clean the bathroom today including the mirror over the sink." "Aaron, please change your batteries."

11:15 AM BBT Aaryn has gotten up to change her batteries. Helen is in her jogging clothes lowering the awnings in the BY. Elissa is cleaning the mirror over the bathroom sink.

11:18 AM BBT Helen has begun jogging her figure 8 in the BY. Elissa brings out a big pile of towels from the WA. Elissa points out a new camera in the BY and asks Helen if something is going to take place out there today.

11:22 AM BBT Aaryn's waffles pop up in the toaster and no sooner does she get them on her plate she is called to the DR.

11:25 PM BBT Elissa is making all the mirrors/windows in the WA squeaky clean (no pun intended) and Helen is still soldiering on in the BY.

11:29 AM BBT Aaryn is out of the DR and takes her breakfast upstairs, turns on the spy screen and begins her ADLs.

11:30 AM BBT Aaryn begins the process of straightening up the HoHR but stops shortly thereafter opting for breakfast in bed while watching the spy screen.

11:35 AM BBT Helen takes her first break from running for a drink of water. She cools down b but rubbing an ice cube around face and neck....and she's off again.

11:42 AM BBT Helen stops for another water break. Elissa brings out more dirty towels. Aaryn, as well as most everyone else, is back in bed. Helen gets on the elliptical.

11:45 AM BBT No sooner does Helen get on the elliptical that she gets right off of it. She says she is too sore. She decides on hand weights and stretches instead.

11:53 AM BBT Helen has had enough for now and heads back inside. She goes to the WA and finds that Elissa has done a great job cleaning the bathroom. Helen tells her it looks awesome and goes to get the sweeper.

11:56 AM BBT Elissa is venting to Helen that these HGs are the messiest she has ever seen. "It's the grossest thing ever." Helen says that the two of them and Gina Marie are the only ones that have cleaned it up to now. Elissa "Gina Marie is the messiest of them all so at least she has cleaned it." Elissa says she wouldn't mind cleaning if everyone would just pick up after themselves.

12:00 PM BBT Elissa and Helen mention that they are on a TV set so they should want to keep it clean. Elissa "America is going to see a bunch of slobs."

12:03 PM BBT Elissa "EWWWWW nasty blonde hairs EVERYWHERE. Gross."

12:06 PM BBT In the KT Helen finds that the slop muffins were left open and will have to be tossed. Elissa still cleaning "these razors look like an infestation of bacteria and tetanus." Helen and Elissa are whispering something about overhearing Gina Marie last night but Elissa is not wearing her microphone and her scrubbing is very loud. BB "Elissa, please put on your microphone." Helen tells Elissa that she needs to threaten them to expose alliances if they plan to vote against her.

12:10 PM BBT Elissa "Don't tell them anything. It will be a fight and I can't stand their trashy behavior. Please don't say anything."

12:12 PM BBT While still scrubbing (making it really hard to hear) Elissa tells Helen that Spencer feels he is really safe and that is weird. Elissa "Obviously they want to break up our votes."

12:18 PM Elissa asks Helen if Aaryn and Amanda have ever approached Helen with a final three deal. Helen says no. The only time the three of them worked together was on Judd. Helen says she talked to McCrae and it doesn't make sense. Elissa thinks McCrae wants to keep someone there to get rid of Amanda for him. Helen "If you are alone here you can go any way you want. That's dangerous. It will drive them crazy." BB asks Helen to change her microphone for one in the SR.

12:27 PM BBT Helen is talking to herself in the BY while working on the laundry. She says she can't trust Gina Marie's vote "Stupid move Gina Marie, stupid move."

12:32 PM BBT Elissa has decided to stop cleaning for a while and to go back to bed. BB tells Helen to go into the SR for yet another new microphone. Helen returns and is straightening up the KT again.

12:43 PM BBT Everyone is back in bed except Helen who is still working on the KT and laundry.

12:56 PM BBT Nothing new to report. Helen is still cleaning the kitchen and everyone else is still sleeping.

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1:12pm BBT: Helen took a shower and is now walking to the bedroom to put her dirty clothes away and then goes back to the bathroom to do her hair. All other Hg still sleeping.

1:29pm BBT: Helen out in BY folding clothes. everyone else still sleeping.

1:50pm BBt: Helen in KT making slop Muffins and Bb calls her to the DR. Aaryn is up in the HOH bathroom getting ready for the day.

1:57pm BBT:Aaryn cleaning the HOh rm.Andy is out of bathroom washing his hands.

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2:00pm BBt: Andy in STR looking at the food. he now goes to the color rm and Elissa says it is exauhsting being a have not. andy says i hear ya and goes back to bed.

2:07pm BBT: Elissa is changing her clothes . Aaryn still cleaning the hoh bedroom and bathroom.

2:19pm BBT: Aaryn still cleaning the HOh rm. Elissa in BY starting more laundry washing.helen still in Dr and everyone else still sleeping.

2:25pm BBT: Elissa is now in the shower. aaryn has brought all the dirty dishes down fromher rm and is now in the Wa blowing her nose. Helen is out of Dr and ask Aaryn if they can talk so they head to HOh rm.

2:26pm BBt: helen says so one thing i want to make sure betwen you and me is i know i am on the block and i know it is a huge week if i go out and if i go out i dont want it to be a bad week and i will campaign. Helen says i need to tell you thhat i had a coversation with Ginamarie and i need to talk to her cuz i need her vote this week. And i think between you and Ginamarie and me and Elissa there are people in between us that are making us all go after each other and i think they munipulated both of us.

2:29pm BBt: helen says i am just gonna put this out there but i think Amanda is munipulating us and and she is going to win this game and it makes me sick. helen says you need to see that and if i leave this house you need to know this. And i need Elissa to come after her.Helen says to go after Mccrae and Amanda is going to be really hard. They have to win an hoh but to go against them will be hard cuz everyone loves them.

2:31pm BBT: helen says the only way we can do this is to work together . You ginamarie and elissa and i need to come together and get everyone else out cuz Amanda and Mccrae are going to be hard to get out of this game and i know you are closer to Amanda but i need you to see this. Aaryn says i am sad that it is said i am working with spencer and i aint and dont like it portayed that way.

2:33pm BBt: helen saying that Spencer needs to go out but i understand if you dont want to do that. Helen says i thought i could trust Amanda and now she wont even look at me at all. helen says i thought Amanda you and i was together but now she wont look at me. Aaryn says who wont look at you Elissa? helen says no amanda but she is working Elissa too and when i leave she will have control of Elissa.

2:39pm BBT: helen runs down stairs and turns the oven off on her muffins then goes back upstairs and says ok back to your point on going to the end i did think we had an aggreement and work together. aaryn says yeah. helen says i cant take Elissa out of the game and you cant take Ginamarie out of the game and Aaryn agrees. helen says i cant put you on the block cuz i think i need you and you need me to get others out like andy who is going to get Andy out. Aaryn says if ginamarie goes then i have no one to help me get people out and i know people want her out but i cant do it.

2:42pm BBt: Helen says lets work together keep me in the game and we can work together and be strong together and no one has to know about it.

2:43pm BBt: Aaryn says but next week there will be 2 votes and you wont ever vote elissa out and i cant work with her i tried but i am done trying to work with her. helen says i will make a deal with you Aaryn if Elissa puts you on the block next week i will tell Elissa that i will not vote for you i will tell her i will take out amanda not you. Aaryn says ok and we get foth.

2:49pm BBt: helen still telling Aaryn that she will keep her safe and Andy walks in and Helen ask him if she can have a few more minutes with Aaryn and Andy says sure. helen says if you keep me then together we will take out the others and stay together and work together. helen says i can get Elissa to take out Amanda and i can get Elissa to focus on amanda . Even if she puts you up i will keep you safe . aaryn says if she puts me up with Amanda then i will go home and Helen says no i will make sure amanda goes.

2:54pm BBt: aaryn says well this sounds great but i am afraid it is fake. Helen says we can all 4 get together and talk this out and make a deal. helen says Ginamarie is being munipulated by Amanda right now.aaryn says i know that spencer will put Ginamarie and Elissa up and if they come off then I go up and i think he wants Elissa , ginamarie Me and Amanda out he wants to go to finals with andy and Mccrae.

2:56pm BBt: aaryn says there is something up with Mccrae he has said he has my back but he scares me and i dont know where he gets information at but everyone in this house wants to keep Mccfrae and i dont understand that.

2;58pm BBt: Aaryn says well if you talk to Andy and Ginamarie and i will too and tell them i am on board then we will see what we cAN DO.

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3:02pm BBt: Aaryn and Helen still talking and Aaryn says i dont trust Andy either he goes and tells everything to Mccrae , Amanda and Spencer. helen says in that comp i noticed that they wasnt cheering for me or elissa and if they was on our side they would have cheered for us and i was the only one to hug elissa when she won yesterday.

3:10pm BBT: helen says you know i could have taken amanda out for 2 weeks but i didnt. and i know they are lying to me.And when i ask Spencer if he will keep me he says yeah yeah let me see what is going on and helen says that tells me that he has to go talk to Amanda about it. Aaryn says yeah i hear you and i know they are making sure that they keep their people safe and we all go after each other then they are safe thats rediculous. helen says yeah thats what they are doing.

3:13pm BBt: aaryn says i was going to put up Elissa and Spencer and Amanda and Mcfrae told me that if i did that and Helen won Pov and took Elissa off then i would have to put up ginamarie and i wont put Ginamarie up. Helen says lets see where andys loyalty lies and she leaves to go get andy.

3:15BBt: Helen says Aaryn and i want to talk to you and they head to HOH rm.Helen says so Aaryn and i have been talking and her target is spencer and her votes to keep me is Elissa Ginamarie and you . do i have your vote and andy says yeah. helen says dont go anywhere with this, amanda and Mccrae wont keep me and Andy says why you say that? Helen says Amanda is pretty muchly ignoring me. but i will ask amanda for her vote but i cant count on her or Mccrae.

3:18pm BBT: helen says i am talking to aaryn and she is ok with me lobbying to get Spencer out so will you keep me and Andy says of course why would you think i wouldnt. aaryn says i am suprised that Amanda isnt talking to you and Andy says really thats a shock.

3:19pm BBT: helen says i trust you Andy to keep this to yourself i mean the votes are 5 days away. She says spencer is dangerous in this game. andy says you know i told you in the beggining of this game that i didnt like spencer. helen leaves to go get elissa. aaryn says omg. Andy tells aaryn that they need to keep their cards with Amanda and Mccrae and i think they will be loyal to us till final 4.

3:24pm BBt: Elissa and Helen back in HOh rm . they are waiting for Andy to get out of the bathroom.

3:27pm BBT: Helen says i know eviction is five days away so i am going to lay low.Andy is now out and ask where elissa went? helen says to the bathroom she will be right back. Hele says to Andy i think if you tell them that Spencer is dangerous and needs to go they will listen to you. helen says if i leave elissa can do anything she wants i just want you to know . andy says i know. Helen says i can control her to a point.

3:31pm BBT: Helen says elissa i think i have you Ginamarie and Andy to keep me and if you all keep me then i think Amanda and Mccrae will keep me and we all know that spencer has no loyalty anwhere. aaryn says i am putting him up today and i am 100% on board for him to go home this week.Elissa says did you ever say i was your target? aaryn says i told Spencer that but i always always planned to put him up. aaaryn says you all know how much i hate him and i didnt put him up so he wouldnt fight for veto.

3:38pm BBT:Ginamrie is now in Hoh rm and elissa says Ginamarie i think that is my bandanna and ginamarie says no this one is mine jUdd gave it to me and elissa says mine was in the KT and now it isnt and ginamarie says no i have alot of them and it still has my purfume on it. helen says yesterday i told you that if you and Aaryn are on the block together well i need to not be locked into that cuz i never know where the game will be at. ginamrie says yeah yeah i never thought you would and i never told aaryn that.

3:42pm BBt: Helen saying she thinks Spencer is dangerous and needs to go and Aaryn says i think he will put me and Elissa up and backdoor Ginamarie. Andy is just staring and not saying anything.aaryn is agreeing and Elissa says they are playing us against each other.

3:45pm BBt: Aaryn and ginamarie goes down to the bathroom and Ginamarie says i never told you about what she said in the cockpit but now she says she doesnt want locked in so she wont save me. Ginamarie then says i am going to do my hair in case we get photobooth like i think we will today and i dont take people bandannas this is mine i have had it since Judd.

3:48pm BBT: Mccrae is nw up and Spencer is up .Mccrae and Ginamarie in BY Ginamarie is telling Mccrae everything helen told them in HOh rm.Ginamsrie tells him to enjoy his coffe and she will talk to him later.ginamarie goes back to HOh rm and says aaryn went to Dr her eye is swollen bad.

3:52pm BBT: Elissa says amanda told her that she didnt have to hang out with Ginamarie and Ginamarie says what did i do just like to work out and Elissa says did she try to get you mad at me and Ginamarie says no she didnt say anything to me about it.

3:54pm BBT: Spencer is now outside in BY talking to Mccrae about the laundry.spencer says aaryn went to the Dr her eye lid is messed up and mccrae says yeah i saw that.Spencer says is amanda up yet? Mccrae says no. spencer says he is going to HOh rm to shoot the bull.In the Hoh rm talk is about the pov comp and helen says i cant believe you won that comp. Elissa says the beaver with buck teeth was cute.

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3:56 PM BBT Spencer has joined Andy, Elissa, Gina Marie, and Helen in the HoH. He tells everyone good morning. They ask him the time and can't believe it's almost 4pm already. Amanda and McCrae are in the KT. Amanda is complaining she can't get in the DR to get her meds.

4:01 PM BBT The ants have taken over the KT. Helen wants to lay out but she doesn't want to get any darker. She is as dark as she wants to be. Amanda asks Elissa if she will make the oatmeal raisin cookies again. Elissa agrees to it after she lays out for a while. Helen talks about giving 10 inches of her hair to Locks For Love just over a year ago.

4:07 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae head out the BY. McCrae is telling Amanda about his conversation with Spencer earlier. Spencer basically told him that he would be great person to take to final 2 since he hasn't won anything and has no alliances to vote for him. Amanda bashes Spencer saying he was a bully to her for the first month of the game, him and Howard.

4:11 PM BBT In the BY Amanda and McCrae are debating what would happen if one of them took Aaryn to the finals. McCrae says she would win hands down. Amanda disagrees saying Aaryn doesn't have a social game and downplays her game play. They start talking about the HoH at final 5. McCrae says he doesn't want to win HoH until final 4.[Talk about putting your cart in front of your horse--Goldylucks]

4:16 PM BBT Aaryn comes into the BY to give Amanda and McCrae a head's up. "Helen is campaigning hard core to stay." Aaryn rehashes the conversation and leaves. McCrae says that Helen is digging her own grave.

4:18 PM BBT Andy is laying down in the WA. Elissa is laying out in the sun. McCrae and Amanda are still sitting on the BY lounge. Helen calls out to Elissa to ask if the towels are clean or dirty. Helen "Sadly, I smell them and can't tell." McCrae starts singing "It's your birthday today" FOTH.

4:21 PM BBT Andy and Aaryn go into the cockpit to talk. Andy tells Aaryn that the need to watch McCrae and Amanda. They know that Amanda and McCrae would never consider taking one of them to the final two with them. Andy tells her that he wants everyone to stay as loyal as long as they can but they needs to solidify themselves with Gina Marie. They will have to work together to take out Amanda or McCrae at some point. Andy jokes that the jury is going to freak out if it ends up Andy and Aaryn in the final two.

4:25 PM BBT Aaryn is the HOH bathroom. She has some kind of eye infection and the pain is starting to get to her. BB has given her some washrags and peroxide. Aaryn is screaming out "Ow, I hate this." Amanda is called to the DR. Spencer and Gina Marie are about to combine their clothes for a load in the washer.

4:29 PM BBT Feeds one and two are on Aaryn who has a wet wash cloth on her eye. Feeds three and four are on Elissa who is reading the bible in the hammock. Andy gets fussed at by BB for moving the hammock so he can run around it in the BY.

4:32 PM BBT Andy and Helen both compliment McCrae on his shorts. It's the first time he's worn them. McCrae and Andy join Aaryn in the HoH. Aaryn tells them that her fears are coming true and that Helen is catching on to them. Andy "When is Amanda going to learn that you cannot talk game to Elissa?" Aaryn "I don't want her catching on. She has no idea that I am working with all of you."

4:37 PM BBT Aaryn, Andy, and McCrae are talking in the HoH. They all say that 3AM alliance is their number one priority. Andy says that this week proves his loyalty because he knows Helen would absolutely take him to the end with her. Aaryn says her stye is causing her the most pain she has been in the whole time she has been in the house.

4:40 PM BBT Amanda has joined Aaryn, Andy, and McCrae in the HoHR. They are trying to figure out who would be nominated if Elissa were to win HoH next week. Andy says that next week, once Helen is gone, Elissa will only talk to Amanda and him. They plan to use scare tactics to keep her from putting two people from the 3AM alliance on the block together.

4:43 PM BBT Aaryn is worried that their alliance will be exposed too soon. Amanda says as long as the voting is anonymous it won't be. Aaryn is called to the DR. She jokes that she hopes they are giving her Vicodin then says she is kidding, she wouldn't do that.

4:47 PM BBT In the HoH they are now talking about Spencer. They say he is out of options. Spencer knows he can't work with Elissa or Gina Marie because they are wild cards. He has no choice but to work with them. McCrae says that Aaryn wants Gina Marie to stay for a really long time but they won't be able to do that. Elissa needs to go next week followed by Spencer and Gina Marie.

4:52 PM BBT In the HoH Aaryn is laying in the bed treating her stye with a hot compress. Andy, Spencer, McCrae, and Amanda are in there with her trying to determine who Elissa would nominate if she won HoH next week. Helen is making slop balls in the KT and Gina Marie is sitting at the bar with her. Helen tells Gina Marie that McCrae and Amanda are going to sit in the middle and letting everyone do their dirty work. Helen says that she and Gina Marie need to let Aaryn know that Amanda and McCrae are using her like they used Helen and Elissa this whole time. Gina Marie says she tried to talk about getting Amanda out when she was on the block but no one would hear it.

4:59 PM BBT While making slop balls in the KT Helen tells Gina Marie that they need to be smarter than them.

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5:02pm BBt: Bb comes on and says " hey everybody its photobooth time"

5:10pm BBT: Helen in Kt making slop balls as all other Hg in cockpit taking pictures in the photobooth.

5:21pm BBT: Helen, Amanda and Aaryn in Kt cooking as all other hg are in the cockpit taking photos in the photobooth with the props that Bb gave them to use. the props are a pipe, sideburns, Beard , mustach and golden wigs.

5:30pm BBT: Helen says you have to cook slop balls with love and care. aaryn is making mac and cheese and amanda is making picante sauce in a pan cuz she doesnt like the slop balls that helen makes anymore.Elissa is in the BY doing her yoga as spencer sits on the BY couch smoking and watching Elissa.

5:38pm BBT: ginamarie and helen and Andy and arryn in kt talking about how they are goinhg to get all their stuff home in their small suitcases.In the By Amanda is eating her slop and mccrae and Spencer sitting there talking to her about not being able to eat. Elissa is still doing her yoga.

5:58pm BBT: andy asking if he can take a shower in the hoh bathroom and Aaryn says yeah. Spencer mccrae and Amanda and Aaryn in By just general talk going on . Helen and Ginamarie in KT talking about who will be in Ginamaries wedding party. elissa still doing her yoga in BY.

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6:05pm BBT: andy talking to Spencer and Mccrae and Amanda asking what time they will get them up for pov meeting tomorrow? Spencer says early and andy says yeah i aint napping today so i can go to bed early tonight.

6:09pm BBT: Aaryn and helen and ginamarie in KT talking about working and how much things cost.Elissa has now come inside to get water. In BY Spencer and amanda are bashing Candice about slamming doors and being loud.and walking with a shuffle.

6:20pm BBT: elissa and helen in kt talking about flipping the votes and helen says we will talk later but this makes me mad then Elissa tells Helen she has glitter all over her face from the silver hat she used in the photobooth.helen tells Elissa that Aaryn cant play in HOh next week then they can get her out.Andy comes in and talk stops.In the BY amanda and Mccrae are just sitting on By couch with Spencer and Andy comes out and says it is now 6:20pm So amaerica knows what they got for food. Amanda starts singing and gets in trouble with BB.

6:24pm BBT: Ginamarie and Aaryn in Hoh rm talking about thowing out the headcheese cuz Aaryn doesnt want anyone to cook it on the grill next to any of her food. she says i dont want that cooked on there at all it is gross. headcheese is a pigs head like pig eyes, pig nose, pig brains and i dont want it on the grill it will ruin it. Ginamarie says i will talk to Spencer about it.

6:28pm BBT: helen and Elissa in cockpit and Helen is telling Aaryn everything she said to aaryn earlier.She says next week one of us needs to win HOH and then we have the votes and we put up amanda and mccrae and if one wins pov we put up Andy.Elissa says for my game i know Amanda needs to go but for my game Aaryn is after me and i need her gone. helen says not if we allighn with Aaryn then you are good and amanda is gone.

6:38pm BBT: In the BY there is just general talk with Ginamarie and Andy, Mccrae, Amanda and Spencer. Helen and Elissa still in cockpit repeating what all was said earlier and trying to figure out if they can get spencer out this week. Aaryn in HOH bed laying down resting her eye that has a stye in it.

6:47pm BBT: helen and Elissa in cockpit talking about how easy they got Nick and jeremy out Helen said it was so easy like bam bam.in the BY there is talk about love letters and laughing about it.

6:50pm BBT: Aaryn and Ginamarie in HOH rm goijng to do bath salts.They go to the HOh bathroom and clownie is in the bathtub with a hair dryer and they start laughing. Ginamarie says that spencer said that Andy is doing the clownie things.Aaryn laughs and says i figured.

6:54pm BBT: Helen tells Elissa that ginamarie might be her ticket to staying in this house . helen says which is crazy but that might be the ticket.

6:58pm BBT: Aaryn and Ginamarie in HOh bathtub soacking their feet and whispering but cant hear them over the water running.BB tells Ginamarie to put her mic on she says it is on just not up high i guess.

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7:05PM BBT Amanda and aaryn are talking in the HoHbathroom. Aaryn tells her that the plan was to turn against Amanda and McCrae. Amanda is ranting about how stupid they are. GinaMarie chimes in and goes off about how they think they can just tell her what to do. Amanda is now outside telling Spencer and Andy Helen's plan according to Aaryn.

7:12PM BBT Amanda wants to go to Helen and say "McCrae was going to vote to keep you but not now that you are trying to flip the house!" McCrae says not to saying anything "Or I will be really pissed off!" Spencer and Andy agree! Amanda is spewing a rant again about how she is pissed. Andy says "If I do get pissed it would just freak people out." (It is probably hilarious!) He says he came close when Jessie and Judd were talking about keeping Howard.

7:16PM BBT Helen has entered the BY. Instant silence! Spencer and Helen discuss whether or not the Hottub is on. It's not. She says that sucks because she wanted to go in. Helen sits down and asks Amanda how she is doing, Amanda complains about the showers being cold. Spencer is going to BBQ some headcheese and see what it is like. Andy is inside with Elissa. They are gonna run in a few minutes. Andy wants to do 100 laps today.

7:20PM BBT Andy walks into the HoH room to use the WC. GinaMarie "Andy, how many seconds are in 15 minutes?" Andy "There are 900 seconds in 15 minutes!"
Helen and Amanda are heating up in the BY!

7:21PM BBT Helen asks Amanda for her vote to stay. Amanda says "Well Spencer WAS the target but I don't know now." Helen starts to explain and Amanda says "Look, I heard everything when the Jessie thing happened. I know what was said so, why would you think I don't hear things that you said" Helen is now negotiating her place in the game. She wants Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and herself in the final 5. Helen says "Stick to the plan to the final 5 then go after each other, or do it now and have some chaos."

7:25PM BBT Helen is digging deep to tell Amanda how loyal she is. Amanda says that every time the Jessie thing came up, Helen's name was right there and the only reason she told her was because she didn't have the numbers. Helen disagrees. Andy joins them and convo does not change. Helen asks Andy if she was campaigning against Amanda. Andy says "No." Nonchalantly and stays quiet, Helen says GM said she would support her. "But, she could be lying to me" McCrae and Elissa are now on the couches outside with them as well.

7:28PM BBT Elissa pipes up and makes the case for GM and Spencer not winning much and staying in the game. She thinks it would suck if any of them went out before GM or Spencer. Amanda says she will see what the house wants to do (the walls are talking again?) Helen says "Let's just do it and stay loyal to each other til the final 5!" Amanda asks Helen who she would be going after. Helen says "Who ever we agree as a group to go after!" Spencer is grilling the headcheese and is privy to much of this conversation.

7:32PM BBT Spencer is having gas issues (with the BBQ), McCrae has gone over to help him out. Helen moves next to Amanda "I think people are trying to pin us against each other." Amanda says "I think YOU are trying to pin us against each other." Amanda says that Spencer was the target and she knows Helen went to Aaryn to say she was going after Amanda and McCrae. Helen says Aaryn said Amanda convinced her to put up Helen and Elissa. It is alot of he said/she said/people are saying/I heards.

7:36PM BBT Helen to Amanda, "I was wrong I am sorry." She is laying it on thick with "I thought you had turned on me so I turned on you and I was wrong" Helen continues "When I told you I love you, I do. I f**king love you! I need you more. You and I together are going to be so much stronger than Jessie and I together." Amanda is not saying much, "Ya, ok right, ya" Helen is repeating, "Aaryn said you wanted her to throw HoH to you to put me up." Amanda says "You have had that paranoia a couple of times." Helen says "More this week than any other time." Amanda says she won't blindside Helen but will discuss with the house.

7:41PM BBT Amanda "Well you yourself said that we need to turn on each other and for my game this is that time. I think there is truth to every lie and there was some truth to what Jessie was saying." Helen "OMG you will see the tapes and you will know!" Amanda says that Helen can try to get the votes to stay, she will have Andy, she will have McCrae and of course Elissa but she would have to work on GinaMarie. Helen is breaking out the "I have helped saved you all those times on the block" Helen now calls Spencer over to defend her.

7:44PM BBT Helen asks Spencer if she ever said "Amanda is on the block we should vote to get her out." Spencer says "No not while she was on the block but, other times, ya you have said it." And he explains about her and Elissa have been in the HoH room saying Amanda had to go. Amanda is mad because "it is too early in the game". Amanda says "So you go to 2 emotional girls and you are 2 emotional moms! Like," Helen cuts her off and explains who and whats and why she wanted her to stay to after jury.

7:47PM BBT The headcheese fell apart on the BBQ but, Spencer says it tastes like ham. Amanda sniffs it and says "I can't stomach that right now." Helen starts gagging at the smell. He leaves and Amanda lets into Helen about why she wants to keep Spencer in the game right now.
Spencer goes up to the HoH room to tell the girls that the headcheese was grilled. GM freaks and says she isn't going to eat it. Spencer "I have never had SPAM but, I am sure it tastes like it!" (No it is worse)

7:50PM BBT Amanda to Helen "I wasn't coming after you but now I am coming after you!" Helen "It is what it is." Amanda "It's nothing personal! Elissa was Aaryn's target. She won the veto." Helen says "I know I know" Amanda "I think that if you have the power next week, McCrae and I on the block" Amanda says Helen went to Jessie to talk game Helen yells "I can't believe that! I WOULD NEVER talk to JESSIE about game!!!!" Amanda says "Well you go to her or she goes to you, it was all said" Someone's mic sounds really stat-icky! Amanda says she can trust Elissa more without Helen there. She keeps saying it is not personal.

7:55PM BBT BB tells Helen to "please relocate your transmitter." The discussion between Helen and Amanda continues. Helen admits to saying "Ya I gotta strike Amanda first! Hiding the fact that we were working together has really hurt me." Amanda says that she respects Helen as a game player and as a person but from a game point of view, personally, she would like to see Elissa there alone with out Helen. She thinks it is better for her game. Helen is silent for a few seconds, she then repeats "I thought you were coming after me. I panicked."

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8:02PM BBT Elissa has started explaining the rumors they have heard about McCrae and Amanda to Aaryn. Elissa says she would never want to work with GM and Aaryn. Amanda says "If you are doing it by yourself and not with Elissa? If you are including her in there, do we have to worry about next week?" Elissa reassures her that she would NOT want to work with Aaryn or GinaMarie. Helen tells Amanda that she will be talking to McCrae about getting his vote. She says if things were reversed, she would want the same, to come talk and see where the heads are at. Amanda "If McCrae wants you to stay here, I will obviously do what he wanted me to do. I just does not make sense to keep you here. In any scenario, it just does not make sense!" Helen says she does not want Spencer in the game at all.

8:06PM BBT The talk in the HOHR has turned crude. (it is after 8PM) GinaMarie says the scariest thing she has seen in the house was during the political PoV comp, Elissa's creepy smile during it, then she compares it to Candice's crotch (I will not go into deeper details, it is disgusting). Aaryn defends Candice in a way by saying that Candice is light skinned. McCrae and Spencer are in there with them. They are all laughing.
The BY talk continues, it is the same thing over and over, Amanda "As a person I respect you, I think you are amazing but..." Amanda goes inside. Helen talks to Andy, lights a cigarette. Elissa says "Bad choice Helen"

8:12PM BBT Helen says to Elissa "I didn't sell Aaryn out the way I could have." Elissa "Why not? Just sell her out!" Andy says Helen has his vote to stay. Elissa says "I can not believe you are smoking." in a disgusting tone.
The HoHR talk has turned to penises, breaking them and Dennis Rodman. GinaMarie is cackling again after everything Spencer says. Amanda is now in the HoHR telling her side of the story.

8:16PM BBT Amanda repeats everything Helen said. She tells them also what Elissa said about not working with GM or Aaryn (but with a snotty tone). GM says "Then why are they coming to me asking me to help them? and when I was HoH why was Elissa all like we should work together." Amanda says that Helen admitted to everything, but doesn't explain what everything is so, it is now blame Helen? Aaryn groans and rolls her eyes. Amanda says she never faltered with what she was saying but, "Helen did" Spencer says "It is now going to be a serious campaign week."

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8:22PM BBT Amanda now thinks Elissa was not MVP the whole time. Spencer says "The anti-Brenchels, put her up the first time America was MVP, then the Brenchel Army made sure she did not go up!" HoH talk is about Elissa and what she apparently confessed to Aaryn about getting McCrae out. Aaryn thinks Elissa was trying to get them all to fight before the HoH comp.
Elissa is walking through the house to the bedrooms. Helen has followed her. Aaryn is now with them checking out her project of the "condom banana" that is now covered in fruit flies. Aaryn says it is the most disgusting thing she has ever seen. It was in a container on the dresser in the hallway.

[i swear like a sailor on leave and I can not keep up with the F shots flying around the HoH room right now. I can't even translate it to PG 13, it is that bad. -Indigo]

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8:30PM BBT In the HOHR, GM went on one of her MF, C-word rants. After a few moments of quiet (no one really knew what to say) she says her HoH week was the best. "No one was a havenot, we had a BBQ, Candice left, I got hair dye. It rocked!" Amanda is the only one left in the HoH now, she is drying her hair (or using the hair dryer). GinaMarie, McCrae and Aaryn are in the KT. Andy is working out again, he then asks Helen if Amanda was pissed at her. She explains the convo, Andy confirms that the info Aaryn had came from McCrae, as he walks outside. Helen says "Hey McCrae, let's talk!" He sits down.

8:34PM BBT Helen says to McCrae, she was never going after him, it was Amanda. She tells him what she really said to Aaryn. He thinks that Elissa was going after him. Helen says "I can control Elissa. If I leave, Elissa will do whatever she wants." McCrae says "I want to keep YOU for sure, I just don't wanna deal with Elissa" Helen says "If you can vote to keep me, I can deal with her." McCrae says Elissa is a loose cannon! Helen "No one knows about us 3 and let's keep it that way! Amanda won't go after you but, someone is going to have to go after her!"

8:38PM BBT Spencer walks outside, Helen apologizes for singling him out when she was talking with Amanda. Spencer says "Hey that's cool, it's all good. Ummm it is 8:30 I am going to throw that chicken on the grill." Andy says he ran 114 laps today. Helen says "NO WAY!" They are now talking about running and playing sports.

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8:42PM BBT Aaryn goes back up to the HoHR. Amanda is up there still. A few minutes of silence then Amanda says loudly "I hate it when people lie to my face!" She complains about Helen, she then says "Why does McCrae care if she stays or not?" She rants some more. Aaryn asks "In week one, when did he know that Elissa was staying?" Amanda says "When she put up David as MVP." Aaryn is now asking more about how that happened week one. Amanda says that Mccrae voted him out, Aaryn corrects her "No he was HoH! He didn't vote him out" McCrae enters the HoHR and is telling about his convo with Helen. Amanda "You are cute. I am very sexually attracted to you right now." Aaryn is called to the DR.

8:48PM BBT Aaryn leaves the HoHR and Amanda has McCrae laying on the couch and she is straddling him. She tells him he is dirty, hasn't showered in days. They kiss more. Amanda asks him about the convo with Helen again. He repeats that Helen says she can control Elissa, Amanda says "Ya ya ya..."
In the BY, Helen is sitting alone with her feet in the hot tub.

8:50PM BBT Aaryn prevented a friend from committing suicide. She announced it in the KT. Andy, Elissa and Spencer praise her service. Spencer starts telling the story of his ex and how she was stalked, we get FotH. Feeds come back for a second. The convo continues and we get another FotH.
Andy is up in the HoHR with McManda and Aaryn. Aaryn asks if they won veto next week, if they would keep the noms the same so she isn't back doored. Aaryn says then she only needs 3 votes to stay. They all say "2" at the same time, Aaryn says "This IS gonna work!"

8:57PM BBT Helen and Spencer are in the lounge having a heart to heart. Helen says she is just trying to save herself but doesn't yet know who she is up against.
the HoHR talk is again on Helen leaving then what they have to do about Elissa. Andy is going to try and get Elissa to vote Helen out this week. (WOW) McCrae is thinking of "pulling in" Elissa to them this week.

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9:11 pm BBT Amanda says "I wish someone woulda said there's no way I'm going out" ... It woulda been so nice ...

Spencer wants to talk to Andy at the Shower door and embarrasse him

Aayrn had an Air Force Boyfriend who would Kiss here everytime .... even if she was in the bathtub and she thought it was so sweet

9:14 BBT we have WBRB

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9:20 BBT Aaryn just counted the fish food and said " Only 15 more Days till I turn 23 on Sept 3rd" (Yipppeee)

GM and Aaryn are making fun of Andy on the TV but I won't repeat the ass and clown and red-headed jokes they spewed out

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