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Monday, July 22 Live Feed Updates


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11:00PM BBT Andy and Elissa in KT talking while all the Hg in BY talking about different states.

11:11PM BBT Elissa and Judd still talking while Andy looking on. Judd asks Elissa where have you been Elissa reply hiding. Judd said anything happen while I was locked up Elissa replied just Amanda. Elissa asks Judd if he think that she nominate herself, Judd replied yes but maybe it have to do with a twist that she cannot talk about.

11:17PM BBT Judd said to Elissa Aaryn is a easy vote to go home, Judd said he heard that Kaitlin said Helen need to go home next. Elissa then asks if Helen would be nominated. Judd said maybe Kaitlin was just saying that. Elissa said Aaryn still needs to go home and she was just being nice to her. Elissa said she did not talk to Aaryn for weeks until last night. Talk stop because Andy walk in.

11:23PM BBT Judd told Elissa that Kaitlin have a personality that is dangerous. Judd asks Elissa to talk more tomorrow. Elissa does not feel to do Dr tonight.

11:27PM BBT Judd and Aaryn in WC talking Judd said he is trying to protect her. Judd also told Aaryn to be nice to Elissa because she is voting. Judd told Aaryn to have a fake conversation with Elissa and tell her she is different now. Judd actually told Aaryn to kiss Elissa butt.

11:36PM BBT Aaryn is talking allot tonight she just admitted that she lost her virginity at an early age. Aaryn also said she has lymph nodes on the back of her neck. Her doctor told her she may have cancer, they also told her do not worry too much unless it got bigger.

11:45PM BBT Elissa told Howard to go inside because he have to go to Dr she just wanted to talk to howard.

11:47PM BBT Elissa and howard continue talking in SR Elissa said to Howard it should be an easy week to get the mean girls out. Elissa think it may be Nick orr Jeremy who put her up. Howard said they would know at the veto ceremony based on the replacement nominee. They both agreed that they would not put up each other.

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12:08AM BBT Ginamarie alone in the WC doing her hair. Elissa run to the WC and said it is the twist Nick is back Judd dressed up as Nick with a blue hat and a blue towel and hugged Ginamarie she is now crying with joy.

12:16AM BBT Andy, Amanda,Spencer and Howard in the By general chit chat.

12:25AM BBT Judd and Ginamarie on hammock. BB announce Spencer shut it down. BB seems very upset tonight.

12:28AM BBT Ginamarie is really upset that Mccrae and Amanda got engaged on tv. Ginamarie said she likes Helen only wish she was not friends with Elissa.

12:37AM BBT Candice screamed I'm the Mvp Andy said right that would never happen. Ginamarie heard Candice said she is Mvp Ginamarie said to BB to drop a house on Candice and kill her. She also said to take the voice box out of Candice throat and run it in solitary confinement.

12:48AM BBT Judd and Ginamarie continue talking on the hammock, Ginamarie said Elissa was very excited to win the Pov. Ginamarie said looks like she knew she was gonna win. Judd said he think so also.

12:50AM BBT There is a plane flying and Spencer is drunk and said F**k you to the plane.

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1:00AM BBT Spencer and Amanda joking Spencer said if Amanda was on the block and he had power not evenoskar schindler could save her.

1:10AM BBT Spencer is really drunk tonight, he said if is half chocolate milk and half skim milk should we call it Candice. Amanda said to Aaryn I dare you to say something semi racist.

1:15AM BBT Spencer is repeating the same thing about Helen again that she is Kim Jong.

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Guest 6Borders

4:15am BB Time

The Live Feed Clock seems to be off...right now it's showing 2:03am BB Time so I hope I am reporting live:

Much of the house seems to be sleeping.

In the HOH Room Spencer, GM, Kaitlin and Judd are chatting. Aaryn has gone downstairs to the bathroom.

Conversation turned to game just a few minutes ago...talking about who is throwing whom under the bus.

GM is saying Jessie is weird and switches every day. Kait says Jessie told her if she heard anything about her (Kait) she would tell her. GM says put up a pawn "like an Andy". Kait says she would never put Andy up and GM says "I'm just saying"

Judd says nobody would ever put Andy up and whoever when up would need to know/volunteer to be a pawn.

Kait says it makes her nervous if one of them gets HOH because the Elissa people have the numbers. Kait says if we were to put someone up we'd have to tell both of them they were pawns. Kait says she heard Howard is one of their (Amanda/Elissa Camp) next targets {where has she been??} and she does not want to lose Howard. Kait says next week they will only need 4 votes..Judd says he hates that he can't vote.

Kait says we need to seriously stick together. GM says they need to find out who the next HOH will be. She says she would put up Amanda and _____ (doesn't say). Kait says Amanda would freak on her if she put her up.

Judd says there is not a lot of time once you get HOH to noms..you get your room and nobody is talking game and Spencer says everyone is nervous because the power shifted.

Judd says you need to talk game the minute you get HOH. They are nervous/speculating about Howard...that he will come out like a beast given the right comp (this from Spencer). GM says Howard sucked at throwing milk {GM, get real, my dog knew Howard was throwing that comp!} and that he sucked at other comps.

They are speculating about what the comps are. Kait is worried about how Elissa will do. GM says Elissa is not that great.

They decide Elissa threw the popsicle challenge. Kait says Elissa is more prissy than Rachel at challenges.

Judd relates conv with Elissa about how different she and Rachel are...Rachel went out on her own and Elissa stayed home until she got married, etc.

4:28am Brief FOTH {they must have said something wrong I missed} and now another one {or else Production would also like to go to bed -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

4:32am BB Time

Feeds are back but acting weird.

Judd is saying he wishes he had more time to do nominations.

Kait says she HAS to win this HOH.

Judd is relating why he "did the cockpit" thing to talk to everyone

Kait says who is our goal..Spencer says lets worry about getting you off the block

Kait says she feels like she is about to be the "house designated pawn" {HDP...put that on your back burner folks}

Kait says if she gets HOH she hopes Elissa will work with her on MVP. The others says she didn't work with Judd

BB calls Judd to the DR {this time it's a real voice, not a push button recording}. Judd says "yeah, yeah yeah"

Discussion is about Andy, that he feels left out and GM says she is not sure Andy would really be on their side.

Kait says Elissa does not really want to be in this comp and thinks {again} Elissa is just being paid a certain amt of money to be there. Spencer says he doesn't care because it's not like they can split the money.

GM says Elissa shouldn't be there because they (the rest of the HG's) are there for the money.

Kait is reflecting that she should not have used her POV...they tell her she would have gone home in place of Jeremy because she would have gone home just for crossing the other side.

Spencer wants to know what deals Jeremy made against Spencer...Kait and GM deny that Spencer's name was never under the bus. She says they expected Jeremy to be put up with the MVP.

GM is saying this is a game, "that's what we are here to compete against" {Gina-ism}

Spencer says it was better they were divided up (in the comp) rather than being on the same team.

Kait says someone said to her she should throw the comp, that Kait was on the block anyway (must be talking about Amanda because GM mentioned McCrae's B'day week). GM is fired up...says she did not come here to (throw stuff).

Kait says she thinks if she got back-to-back vetos she would get MVP {wrong, but nice theory}

4:43am BB Time

All of a sudden we have all 4 cameras on the HG's sleeping

4:45am BB Time

I am not getting any live cameras so we must have technical difficulties, I am not on real time in the house, or else BB pumped sleeping gas in there.

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Guest 6Borders

4:53am BB Time (the real BB Time)

All the feeds are on HG's sleeping but just noting there is no HOH room camera showing.

Nothing more to see here right now!

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Guest 6Borders

4:56am BB Real Time

Feeds are back but there is no sound

I'm trying to lip read Kaitlin & GM but Kait keeps putting her head down so right now we have body language.

4:59am BB Time

Sound is back. Judd is talking about someone who sued someone because she got food poisoning. They are talking lawsuits. Spencer says sometimes it's necessary..they discuss most of the time it's the economy and ppl are lawsuit happy.

Judd is talking about how scary it is

GM says it's Karma and ppl will get theirs.

Discussion is Elissa could sue someone over the fight.

Spencer says he is ready to go to bed. GM says she wants to go to bed happy. Judd tells everyone to just agree with everyone no matter what they say. Kait says they need to stay loyal to each other and be honest with each other.

Spencer says Kait is not going home, she does not need any deals (with the other side) and it's all BS.

Judd says everyone will make a deal with you (if Kait wins HOH). GM says you need to "f'ing listen and not talk" and that's what she does {really GM??? sorry, at 5am I just could not resist that one -6Borders}

Judd says Howard is in the game by himself. Kait says they (Candace and Howard?) are the same as her and Jeremy but they didn't kiss in public. GM says Candace is a little rat. Spencer says that is good for everyone here because that could make Elissa mad at Amanda. They say "what (go over that again)" {I didn't get it either}

More Elissa discussion...Spencer says it's a done deal. Judd says he doesn't know about the replacement. GM says do you think the replacement is already set and they think it is...then maybe not.

Kait says she is so mad...says Aaryn might have already found out about it. Paranoia decides Elissa might have talked to Amanda {honestly, I would rather herd sheep without my dog than try to figure out what these ppl have on their minds -6Borders}

They (finally) all fist bump and leave Judd to his HOH privacy.

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Guest 6Borders

5:11am BB Time

Judd has relieved himself {in more ways than one I'm sure} in the HOH bathroom.

Spencer, Kait and GM are in the downstairs bathroom doing WHDL (that's wee hour daily activities).

GM and Kait are still discussing game.

They discussion something I didn't get and Kait says "Elissa would be so shocked". GM says she wishes she was "f'ing MVP"

Spencer comes out of the bathroom and talks about tucking himself up in the Have Not Room.

He says to GM and Kait "ya'll go to bed first"

GM is emulating (or doing) farts. Kait is gathering a carryon bag and belongings. Someone whispers this is ridiculous and GM can be heard laughing (even when not on camera)

In the HOH Judd is preparing for bed

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Guest 6Borders

5:17am BB Time

Spencer is still up in the kitchen. He stops and studies the memory wall for a few minutes, adjusts his mic {my poor ears and production's too} and goes into the Have Not Room to sleep.

Spencer is being kind of loud and looks like it woke Andy up. Spencer settles down to sleep.

5:21am in the BB House on BB Time

Looks like they are settled down for whatever time zone you are in until whatever time zone they get up.

{Good night HG's and feed watchers until BB gets them up in a few hours...until that time I am out running agility with my dogs -6Borders}

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9:05AM BBT: Most of the housemates are awake. Candice and Howard are in the washroom area. Elissa, Jessie and Aaryn are in the kitchen cleaning and making brekkie.

9:14AM BBT: Howard and Helen begin their morning run in the BY. BB reminds the housemates that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. A Big Brother producer tells Spencer that he's not allowed to sleep outside. Spencer says he knows. The producer also says that the POV meeting will take place in about an hour.

9:20AM BBT: Candice is in the kitchen and says it was really cold last night. She was in her sweatpants, and Howard's sweatpants last night. Elissa is eating brekkie. Jessie tells Helen that they're not allowed to have sheets in the HN room now. Jessie says they're totally screwed now. Candice says that at least they gave them good music this morning.

9:28AM BBT: Helen and Howard are still running. Elissa and Aaryn are in the kitchen. Jessie and Candice are on the lounger in the BY chatting about Amanda and McCrae. They think that McCrae would've been a powerful player, but is too in love with Amanda. Helen calls out to her 2 boys, saying she misses them and how it makes her sad. She gets called to the DR. Helen, Jessie, and Candice talk about what they left behind. Jessie is wondering about a friend she left behind who's in a bad situation. Helen continues working out by the lounger. BB calls her to the DR again.

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9:34AM BBT: Jessie and Candice talk about how they have to be careful if they try to backdoor 'her' (I think they're talking about Amanda). They talk about how the's coming after Howard, and that she's spearheading it. Helen gets called to the DR (3rd time). Candice says she's never drinking chocolate milk again. Her stomach is cramping up. Jessie and Candice talk about hiding Andy's clothes. They call across the backyard to Andy, who is resting on the BY couch, and Candice asks if she can wear his Meow Meow shirt today. Candice reminds Andy that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Andy says he's just playing 'murder victim' with a blindfold around his eyes.

9:40AM BBT: Andy says that since BB told them the POV ceremony will be in an hour, it'll happen at 2PM. Andy, Candice, and Jessie chat about the food comp, and how they should have mixed up the bandana's before throwing them, or throw them up in the air. They joke about them being the HoHs. If you do this, you're on the block. If you do that, you're on the block. Kaitlyn and Aaryn are in the washroom doing their hair. Andy says he can't believe they can't sleep with sheets now. Candice says they're in a slop delirium.

9:45AM BBT: Howard, Andy, Candice and Jessie are in the BY chatting. Andy says that whenever he heard 'Double Eviction' while watching the show he was so excited, but if he's in the house he'll be freaking out. Howard says maybe this week's twist will be very Plain Jane. Candice and Jessie head inside to get dressed. Andy lays down on the lounger. Howard is lifting weights.

9:52AM BBT: Kaitlyn, Aaryn, Judd, Candice and Jessie are in the washroom. Judd and Aaryn chat about Judd's nomination speech for Aaryn. Helen gets out of the shower. They all ask Helen if she heard certain things last night; Nick returning to the house skit, the fake POV ceremony, alcohol. Helen said when she heard that Nick came back into the house, her heart dropped into her stomach for 5 seconds before she realized it wasn't true.

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#BB15 10:07 AM BBT Elissa, Judd and Andy joking about Andy being the villain of the season. Talking about fans. In the WA, the girls put on make up and prep for the day.

#BB15 10:14 AM BBT Elissa is called to the DR. In the BR Andy joking if he goes up then he is going on a rampage. Says he will toss all the clothes, flip mattresses, etc. Jessie jokes that it will be entertaining to watch.

#BB15 10:24 AM BBT Andy and Helen in the BY chatting. They are discussing that Howard needs to go. They agree that Kaitlin and Howard need to go before Aaryn. They are trying to decide who should go if Howard goes up. Helen tells Andy that she was told that Candice is now working with Aaryn (per Aaryn). Jessie comes out and says that they should respect Judd's wants as HOH and send Kaitlin home. Andy and Helen says that's fine.

#BB15 10:31 AM BBT The veto meeting is close to starting and Amanda and McCrae are still in bed. They are starting to move as Elissa is called back to the DR after Judd just got out of the DR. BB just called an outside LD. We now have FOTH.

#BB15 10:40 AM BBT We have trivia. The veto meeting should be under way.

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#BB15 11:26 AM BBT Gina is nominated. Gina is upset because she doesn't get to play veto to get herself off of the block. Gina says she can not wait to get her interview from Julie and blow "stuff" [insert Gina's favorite word here] up. They still feel Elissa nominated herself.

#BB15 11:30 AM BBT Gina saying that it's ok. She is a threat and they can't handle playing with the best. She keeps repeating herself. She says that people are shady and don't have their own minds.

#BB15 11:34 AM BBT HG eating in the KT. Aaryn moving stuff around in the bedroom Gina lying on the bed in sunglasses.

#BB15 11:40 AM BBT Judd comes in to talk to Gina. Gina upset but says she is fine. Judd tells her not to ruffle any feathers and she will be fine this week. Gina says she was put up by Elissa because Elissa doesn't like her. Says she is going to take a nap and think about Nick.

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#BB15 11:52 AM BBT Helen says she doesn't feel America made the decision anymore. She feels it was someone in the house. She has no idea who got MVP.

#BB15 11:57 PM BBT Judd is roaming the house trying to find where he put his bear shirt.

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#12:02 pm BBT Judd and Katlin in HOH room eating icecream. Katlin is saying GM will loose it. Judd didn't put GM up as a pawn because he knew she would loose her cool and go home. Katlin said Helen thinks the MVP is someone that is playing both sides.

#12:15 pm BBT Howard and Spencer in Have not room wispering about if Amanda would have been the third MVP nom she would have been voted out. Spencer thinks that it is possible Elissa has some kind of power and they have to be real careful with their moves.

#12:19 pm BBT Spencer telling Howard they have the numbers and if they fire the first shot too soon it could come back to them. Howard worries about it either way.

#12:22 pm BBT Candice and Andy yelling for Howard and when they find him they tell him they were worried because they could not find him.

#12:26 pm BBT McCrae telling GM that she has his and Amanda's vote. GM don't want to waste her breath because she don't point fingers at people to make her look better. It sucks to be up there, but she likes to be strong. They are counting the votes and think GM is cool. McCrae tells GM to lay low. GM said if she has to say something she will say it to their face. McCrea will give GM all his $5 K if she goes home.

#:12:27 pm BBT GM is walking around and complaining because she can't take a nap because everyone keeps walking in. She headed up to the HOH room and Judd tells her to take a nap in the HOH because he is just going to listen to some music.

#12:31 pm BBT Helen, Aaryn and Katlin in the BY talking about past BB seasons and winners. Helen said you think it is awesome to be HOH, but it is extremly stressful. Katlin wonders how America votes. Aaryn and Helen explain it to her.

#12:36 pm BBT Candice in the BY with McManda and Jessie talking about being a have not. Candice said Howard has OCD because everything has to be perfect.

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#12:43 pm BBT Helen and Candice in BY talking about previous BB season houseguests. Helen said she would like to be a model and exercise gets her going so that is why she does it in the morning.

#12:49 pm BBT Howard and Candice in pool hugging and wispering (could not hear what they were saying). McCrae enters pool and wispering stops and they talk about McCrae's engagement on his birthday.

#12:53 pm BBT Katlin, Jessie, Amanda, Aaryn and Andy in Kitchen cooking and general talk about food.

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1:32pm BBT: Amanda in the kt cooking. Judd and GinaMarie in hoh sleeping. Most hg in by sitting in pool or laying in the sun. just general talk going on about tanning oil.
1:41pm BBT: Most hg in by talking about American Idol and Xfactor. elissa is getting ready to go out and join the other hg in the by. Judd and GinaMarie are still sleeping in the hoh rm. Spencer is sleeping in the have not rm.
1:46pm BBT: Amanda is talking about her dog, they go to the dog park and if some kid is kicking a ball her dog will get it and pop the ball. Amanda says i warn kids if you kick a ball in the dog park my dog will pop it and run around with it.
1:55pm BBT: Hg in by talking about movies and just general chat going on.

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2:06pm BBT: Andy in the pool spraying Elissa with the water hose. ,kaitlin,helen.Elissa, Arryn and Jessie laying out to get a tan. Amanda andf MCcrae sitting on pool steps in water.Howard and Candice sitting in hammock .

2:12pm BBT: Howard goes in to get dressed and Spencer is awake. Howard says Andy got in the pool with Candice and I for the first time today. Spencer says ok i will take over your shift and howard laighs and says ok they are all out there.Spencer says here i go as he heads out to the by.

2:22pm BBT: Andy is peeking his eyes over the edge of the pool and looking around and Amanda is laughing at him. Elissa is in the kt getting a drink. All other hg either sleeping or laying in by not talking.

2:29pm BBT:Helen and Elissa in hoh bathroom talking as GinaMarie and Judd are sleeping in hoh bed.Helen Has turned on the water in the bathtub so Judd and GinaMarie cant hear them talking. and then they whisper where you can't make out what is being said.

2:36pm BBT: Elissa and Helen saying that kaitlin might be the one to take out she will win hoh and come after us since jeremy left. Helen says Howard and Spencer has made a final deal with Judd and they have made a final deal with MCcrae and Amanda. Elissa says lets go talk to Arryn in the by and Helen says lets wait till Candice goes to take a nap.

2:40pm BBT: Helen says you know like when Rachel left her season then everyone was rooting for Brendon its like that with Kaitlin since Jeremy left.Helen says we have to take Kaitlin out and Howard out. they are dangerous and next week you only need 4 votes and that scares me. Helen and Elissa come out of the bathroom and Judd is up and they say sorry we had to use your bathroom.

2:49pm BBT: Most hg are now in the kt making food and drinks. some are saying they need to go take a nap.Kaitlin is still at the pool yawning.Helen joins her at the pool.Spenceer is still laying in a lounger by the pool as Kaitlin moves accross the yard with Helen and Elissa.

2:58pm BBT: Elissa and Helen are whispering to kaitlin with their mics covered some it is hard to hear the whispering, but some is they howard is more dangerous than howard but spencer isnt as good at comps as Howard is.Howard and Candice are on the by couch talking about keeping Aaryn and getting Aaryn to work with them. Howard says Aaryn scares me if she gets into a position of power though.

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Guest 6Borders

3pm BB Time (the real time in the house)

Major confad on the chaise lounge betweem Helen, Kait and Elissa.

I just came in on it but it sounds like Helen and Elissa are assuring Kaitlin that she is not going home.

Kait is saying the only reason anyone will keep Aaryn is for a target. Kait says "she" makes each situation more dramatic than it is. Helen says "don't tell her we talked".

Helen is saying "she is coming after me"...Kait said (I think) don't even believe her.

Helen says they need to talk to Andy and some other folks...Kait says she is nervous because Candace will vote for Howard to stay.

Andy joins the ladies and the conversation turns to "getting our tan on". They tell him they are talking about life, boys and showmances. Andy says "un huh" {he's not buying it}

Andy is reassuring Kait that she had no other option than to use the POV. Discussion that Jeremy went out with class.

Kait is asked if she misses him, she says a little bit but she's not heartbroken like GM. Kait says they live so far apart (it would not work anyway).

3:08pm BB Time

Kait says it's the first time she's been single. She relates the relationship she had and the guy was also her boss.

Camera switches to the kitchen where McManda are cooking and cleaning.

Jessie, Candance and Howard are on the BY couch.

Candace and Jessie are discussing visiting each other and if Candace took Jessie to Washington she would have a boyfriend in 5 minutes. Howard tells Candace that's not what they are there for.

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Guest 6Borders

3:15pm BB Time

In the kitchen Andy says he wishes he were a better actor...McCrae asks why and Andy says so he could eat something and pretend he didn't (I think).

Kait comes in and Amanda tells her she is really sunburned. Amanda is slaving over a steaming pot of something.

Helen and Elissa are still on the chaise. Helen is telling Elissa that everyone wanted Elissa to go home because she was Rachel's sister and now everyone loves her so she doesn't need "it" (the MVP I would guess)

Candance joins Helen and Elissa on the chaise. She says "it doesn't make sense"...they are discussing why putting GM up as the 3rd nom since Aaryn is going home anyway. {This is just more and more (and more) of same who is the MVP and when did they lose their mind and make this stupid nomination basically -6Borders}

BB tells Candace to center her mic.

Candace is relating how a lot of people are aggravated with stuff GM is doing.

They still discuss how "that move" just does not make sense.

Helen asks what Howie thinks...Candace says he doesn't know, he thinks it's weird too.

They continue to discuss who it could have been, should have been, would have been!

On the BY couch Andy, Howard and Spencer are talking. Andy is saying probably better to leave her alone because she's no the verge of a freak out. Andy says "she" sort of did freak out last night and discussion is about using comforters, towels, etc (in the have not room I guess).

They comment that there is a nice breeze and Spencer says a tree looks like a tree by his house.

Discussion goes back to GM, why she is not happy and she is not going anywhere/going home (so it's basically silly to freak out). Spencer asks Andy if he is holding pretty well and Andy says "yes, I was nervous today..."

GM joins and says something like "everyone f'ing hates me anyway"

3:25pm BB Time

Camera keeps switching.

On the chaise Helen, Elissa and Candace continue to discuss the noms and POV and they (McManda) were trying to get Judd or Helen not to use the POV if they got it. Candace says their (McManda's) original plan was Howie {have they not finally figured this out for heavens sake???}

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Guest 6Borders

3:30pm BB Time

The talk on the chaise lounge is now why America would put up whom {I don't really think they believe it WAS America}

Helen tells Elissa she probably got more camera time than anyone.

Candace says if McManda doesn't have any power why would they try to change the game...Howie is a quote/unquote physical threat.

Candace tells Elissa that the house consenses is that Elissa is working with McManda and put herself on the block.

Elissa thinks that is awesome and she hopes she can go into the DR and talk about it.

Helen is discussing why they would want to keep (Aaryn or Kait? not sure which) safe.

Helen is talking who she would want to hang out with in the jury house (planes going over so hard to hear)

She says she is too old for this and she does not want to be portrayed as a drama queen because that's not who she is.

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Guest 6Borders

3:35pm BB Time

BY couch: McCray, Spencer, Judd and GM...and the camera switches to the bathroom conv with Kait and Aaryn.

Kait is telling Aaryn about a situation where Candace came in and was asked to leave.

Kait says basically they told me Candace would vote with Howard and Howard is a threat.

Aaryn says who do you think is going home. Kait says she has no idea but not GM. Aaryn asks why not.

Aaryn says so basically they told you I am going home. Kait says no, but Helen and Elissa said Aaryn was throwing Kait under the bus. Aaryn says (naturally) "that's no true"

Kait says maybe that is their way of saying she is a target and Aaryn says no.

Aaryn says something (that was hard to get because the shower was running)...Aaryn says "keeping you safe doesn't mean you aren't going on the block" {someone is going to have to explain that to me later}

Aaryn says she has not talked game with anyone. She was waiting to find out who the 3rd person was, let that die down a little bit...Kait says no matter what the next 2-3 weeks are going to be us, boom-boom-boom and "I guarantee it"

Aaryns says no!

Aaryn says "I would appreciate it if you would tell me" Kait says "I have always told you"

Aaryn leaves Kait to her shower

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