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Friday, July 12 Live Feed Updates


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[sorry I'm Late. These houseguests have made me angry this evening]

12:37 BBT Aaryn and Amanda talikng.

Mccrae, Jer, Kaitlyn and GM also in the room.

Aaryn is telling Amanda she is conescendingtells her to look up the word because she is using it incorrectly [LOL]. and Amanda . The convo started good but took a turn for the worst. [Amanda has won many cool points this evening.]

The convo began with Amanda apologizing to Aaryn for airing out her and her hit squad in the bedroom. Aaryn sort of accepted. The convo turn to Aaryn saying Jeremy is a douche and Amanda saying Aaryn chose the wrong side. Aaryn crying about not being racist. Apologies and confessions about the Nick and David evictions. Aaryn is telling Amanda that Amanda always talks shit about Jessie. Amanda disagrees and says but I say it to her face. Amanda telling Aaryn that she is victimizing herself and then Aaryn starts throwing around condescending.

Amanda telling Aaryn that convos like this are the reason why you are in the position you are in and look at the position you are in and look at the position I am in.

12:40 BBT

Amanda tells Aaryn the reason why Nick and David are home is because of your actions. And becasue you decided to try to get the house against Elissa is the reason they are home.

12:41 Jeremy (?) makes a comment about it being fair and Amanda sas fair or not fair, everyone had the opportunity to use the twist to their advantage.

Elissa comes in and calls for Amanda to come out of the room

Amanda and Elissa talking now. Amanda relaying the haranguing of Aaryn.

Amanda goes back into the room and we see Aaryn still defending her reasons for hating Elissa

!2:44 Amanda telling Aaryn that is was stupid for her to create a bigger target on her back by flipping CAndace's bed. Says she should have been like Jeremy and laid low

Aaryn says but, but, but.... me and Candace will never get along.

Mccrae inrjects and says that's where your gameplay sucks! I don't fucking care who you don't like, you have to suck it up and take one on the chin.

Aaryn can't handle the truth and storms from the room.

!2:45 Jeremy says to Amanda, your convo isn't my business but basically the only thing you said wrong (to Aaryn)is that it's her fault that Nick and David went home.

Amanda: (smirks) you said the same thing anyway

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12:00 AM BBT Candice is crying again saying it's not fair. Jessie says fighting for beds is apparently part of the game as well. Helen consoles Candice telling her not to cry and let them get to her like this. Down in the colorful room Jeremy is talking to Aaryn, trying to calm her down. Jeremy says the stunt tonight did not help her cause. Aaryn says Candice now has the house thinking the worse thing about her. Jeremy says Howard is the blackest man and he doesn't think that of her. He says America will know that she planted it. Aaryn says she's not said one derogatory thing in the house. She begins crying. (Yeah...about that... - NiteSlacker)

12:05 AM BBT Gina comes into the room, crying herself. Jeremy tells her she has a little snot on her shirt. She thanks him and cleans it up. Aaryn wipes her tears and gets up and heads for the WA. Up in the HoH the talk has turned to Nick and that he was getting close to Gina because she was close to Jeremy. Candice says she's going to back downstairs to try and find a bed. Elissa suggests that she and Jessie come down with her and they try to figure this out. Helen slept for two weeks in the HNR she deserves her own HoH bed.

12:09 AM BBT Candice checks the HNR and finds Howard sleeping. He tells her that she should sleep with Spencer and Elissa can sleep with the girls since she is married. Howard tells Candice that the girls are just trying to lure her into hitting them first so they can justify doing it back or getting her out. Howard says he's bound to protect her and he doesn't want her to get thrown out over something. Candice says they shouldn't have given up the bed. Howard says he feels bad for Jessie and Judd because they were "deep'oed" out of the bed. Candice comes out and says she's not going to sleep in that room with those girls because Aaryn flipped her mattress. She will do the Christian thing and she's going cancel the plans for the Evel Dick pots and pans and she will win the war in the end.

12:15 AM BBT My feeds have started freezing up (overloaded servers?). Back in the colorful room Gina is talking to Aaryn and Jeremy. She says you can't come in making threats over a bed because they don't own the beds. "I can invite you to lay on the bed that is 'mine' (airquotes) but ultimately they don't belong to me" (Tell your friends that...) Aaryn says they've been getting played the entire time. She stands up and puts her shoes on. Jeremy doesn't know why she doesn't trust him. She's not sure...she's just done. Gina blows her nose. Jessie comes and says they're getting ready for bed so he's got a 15 minute warning. He says it's no problem. Elissa comes in and asks Aaryn if she'll move her shoes out of one of the drawers because she needs somewhere to put her clothes. Aaryn says it's no problem. Amanda apologizes to Aaryn for blowing up but she doesn't take kindly to people getting picked on by larger groups.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @TurkKoslowitz: @mortystv Those red shorts are making me sick. They have to be snot soaked. - I shudder to think about it!

12:23 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy is talking to Helen about Spencer being Shady. General rehashing of the game so far and how they don't trust him. Downstairs Aaryn and Amanda are continuing to talk with McCrae simply listening nearby. Amanda suggests that she try and do what Jeremy is doing by laying low for a while and biting your tongue. Aaryn says he looks like a giant douche though. Amanda says that may be the case but it goes further in the game than the alternative. Amanda says keeping Nick wouldn't have benefited her game at all. Aaryn understands but wishes that they could have talked it out first. In the background Elissa is unpacking her stuff. Aaryn says she knows people think she is the villain here but she's not.

12:27 AM BBT Aaryn says there are things in this house that she will not say or do to cross the line (How about flipping other people's beds...was that a planned game move? - NiteSlacker). Aaryn says people are swearing on their family members which she would never do. Amanda clarifies that back when they discussed whether or not she knew David was going up as MVP nom she swore on her niece's life that she had no idea he was going up and that is what she said. Aaryn says she swore on her niece's life that she didn't vote for David. Amanda corrects her and says no she didn't say that and the tapes will prove. Aaryn says that's fine and she'll see it.

12:31 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy is muching on Helen's snacks. Candice is changing and she starts laughing saying she forgot where she was for a moment and dropped her pants for TV and flashed her vajayjay. Andy points out that technically she showed the internet (no feeds were in the HoH bathroom in the time). Andy starts listening to her music. Downstairs Aaryn and Amanda are still talking. Aaryn says that Amanda defending Jessie gives her an extra ally for her and she made her look like she's an idiot and that's a dirty way to play.

***Twitter Rely*** RT @BattleBorn1982: @mortystv These 4 people are the most miserable bastards. They're in for a shock when they see what America thinks of them. #Sorelosers - Let's hope before it's Jury because they'll have time to come up with an apology for sorts or a life lesson learned for the finale!

12:39 AM BBT The discussion between Amanda and Aaryn is getting a bit more tense with Jeremy, Kaitlin and GM joining the room. Amanda says now that there is an audience the discussion is getting a bit more heated. Amanda says Aaryn is acting like a victim and it's not right. Aaryn says Amanda joined the conversation with Jessie when it wasn't hers to join. Amanda says she joined the conversation because she felt Jessie was getting ganged up on. Andy walks in and starts throwing his two cents in. Amanda blames David and Nick going home on Aaryn because she targeted Elissa week 1. Conversation comes up about the way they're using the MVP nomination to pick people off. McCrae chimes in and says we're using it the way we are because we can. Aaryn says it's not fair.

12:45 AM BBT Amanda points out that the reason Aaryn is in the position she's in tonight because she flipped Candice's bed. Elissa briefly pulled Amanda into the darkened colorful room to try and calm her down. She comes back out and they have more discussion. Elissa asks for help when McCrae chimes into the conversation again and tells Aaryn her game sucks because she won't try to make amends with Candice. You have to try and be social and sometimes you have to know when you're in a lesser position. Amanda says you can't bully people and expect them to become allies with you. Andy points out that any time he tried to have a discussion with Elissa that he was called out by the other side constantly. Amanda agrees. Jeremy says it wasn't him saying it. Andy agrees. FoTH.

***RT @Thomson33: What up live feeds! Thanks @mortystv finally got em - Welcome and we hope you enjoy the ride!***

12:53 AM BBT Howard and Spencer are in the cockpit room. Spencer points out that he's glad they made the move they did today because otherwise they'd be sweating. Spencer says he prayed for the both of them and their families last night. Howard agrees. Howard says all of that <points over his shoulder towards the bedrooms> only helps us as well even though it's not even game related. Howard says he wants to bring Helen into the five and then backdoor at a later time. Judd comes in and game talk stops.

12:55 AM BBT Up in the HoH Candice and Helen are discussing the vote today. Candice questions why Spencer keeps splitting the vote. Helen explains that he did it because he wants to pin the missing vote on Jessie. (So close...so so close!) Candice points out that Howard is blind to Spencer. Candice suspects that Spencer was awkward in the HoH today because he knows he's not on their side. Candice and Helen both trust Howard.

12:59 AM BBT Gina, Jeremy, McCrae, and Amanda are still chatting in the chair room. Amanda points out that MVP may not last the entire season. Gina agrees. Andy comes in and asks Jeremy and Kaitlin where they are going to sleep. Apparently Candice is going to sleep in the HNR with Howard. Andy suggests they sleep in the colorful room with Gina and Aaryn. Gina heads into bed. Talk turns to how Jeremy went out on the first question tonight.

01:04 AM BBT Up in the HoH Candice and Helen are talking about how all Nick had to do was agree to throw the comp or he would get back doored and it cost him his game. Candice wishes the racist stuff would stop. Feeds switch to Aaryn crying somewhere...the lights are on so it's not in her room. Audio remained on Candice and Helen in the HoH and Helen was saying how awesome her basket is. Talk turns to Howard and how much of a gentleman he is. Helen asks if they are hooking up, Candice says no although when he prayed with her it was a bit of a turn on. Helen didn't know prayer could turn someone on. Feeds switch down to McCrae whispering apologies to Aaryn on the lounger in the WA. Aaryn nods and when he walks off she begins crying. She gets up and heads into the WC and blows her nose.

01:10 AM BBT Feeds switch to the HoH and Helen is putting things away. Spencer knocks on the door and Helen invites him in. Spencer asks what she's up to. She's unsure. Judd comes in as well and they take a seat to chat. Helen asks how Howard is doing. Spencer says Howard is gonna be alright but the race thing has to stop. Helen agrees. Jeremy comes in and says Gina began crying again and he had to get out because he feels bad that there's nothing that can be done. Talk turns to Helen's kids. Switching feeds Howard is holding Gina stroking her back telling her it's alright and just to let it all out. (I saw this coming when it looked like Elissa and Co were going to pull this off...but her sobs are absolutely painful...you can't help but feel for the girl.) Gina walks off (I believe she was called to DR but you can hear the sobs elsewhere when the feeds switch to Candice and Howard talking outside the WA).

01:18 AM BBT Candice wants to sleep in the HNR with Howard. Howard wants her to sleep with Spencer for one night and she is reluctant. He says he needs a night to recharge. Candice reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile you can hear Gina's sobs echoing loudly throughout the house (...again...these are absolutely painful...I don't care who you are, you can't deny the girl is broken now that he's gone... We'll discuss whether or not he feels the same way another time...). Feeds switch to the LR where Gina curled up in the fetal position on one of the couches with Candice sitting on the floor rubbing her back and stroking her hair and Kaitlin nuzzled up against her legs. Upstairs in the HoH idle chit chat about life outside the house and how Jeremy missed the first question tonight.

01:32 AM BBT Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Aaryn comes in and washes her hands. Amanda asks McCrae if he wants to go hang out in the cockpit. Meanwhile you can still hear Gina's sobs in the background. McCrae starts whispering to Amanda and asks if he can tell her a secret without getting mad. She doesn't agree, she wants to hear about it first. McCrae tells her there was a boy's alliance called The Moving Company. Amanda says she knew it because there were times where she would say something and they wouldn't acknowledge that it made sense. McCrae says they bullied him and wanted no part of her being in the alliance. McCrae says Nick was a good player and he hates to see him go. McCrae worries that Amanda won't trust him. Amanda does. McCrae wonders who to tell. Amanda says no one. McCrae says they were the worst alliance in the history of BB and that's why he was so on board to flip the house. Andy comes in and they tell him.

01:33 AM BBT McCrae calls The Moving Company a Brigade knockoff. "We were like The Brigade .5". Andy can't wait to talk about it DR. McCrae tells Andy that David was their doing. Andy questions if Jeremy was ok with it and McCrae starts to tell him about the votes when we get FoTH. Feeds back. McCrae says he never trusted them since the start of the alliance. More FoTH.

01:35 AM BBT Seeking out the source of the FoTH we switch feeds to the HoH where the discussion is between Judd, Howard, Spencer and Helen. Helen says if she said those things her mom would have wondered where they went wrong. Story switches to growing up. Back down in the cockpit room McCrae continues to tell Andy and Amanda about TMC and we get more FoTH.

01:44 AM BBT McCrae says he feels horrible about Gina crying because he knows that Nick was not interested in her at all. McCrae apologizes once more for keeping the secret. Kaitlin sticks her head in the cockpit room and asks to talk to Andy. McCrae tells him to come back when he's done and not to tell Kaitlin about TMC. Andy does a little jig and slips out. They head into the WA on the lounger and Kaitlin apologizes for what she said to him earlier. Andy says it's a game and he did what he had to do. She knows but he has to understand that she trusts people too much and she's done nothing to deserve what is being done to her. Kaitlin says she went off on Jessie and Judd. Judd accepted her apology but Jessie wouldn't but that's her own problem. Andy tells Kaitlin that up until a few days ago he was all for working with Kaitlin and her group but in the end he realized that he did not work his tail off to get into the house only to get picked off by strong players week 3.

01:45 AM BBT Andy says working with Elissa he knew that he had a safety net with the MVP nom. Gina can be heard sobbing in the background. Kaitlin understands and she respects it. Andy says he felt trust from Elissa and company. Kaitlin says she trusted him and had his back but Andy says he Jeremy and Nick did not give him that sense of security. Kaitlin says she was so close to winning HoH. Andy tells Kaitlin that she's not going home this week. Back in the LR Aaryn is talking to Gina telling her how she learned to handle David leaving. Gina has stopped sobbing for the moment.

01:49 AM BBT Back in the WA Kaitlin whispers super faintly that looking at it now Aaryn was the source...spsspspspspspppsss. Andy says he saw that too. Kaitlin says "Thanks for telling me jerk!" (not those words). Andy says he'll talk to Helen for her. Kaitlin says she'll talk to her as well. Andy says Helen knows Kaitlin is a good person and they've had long discussions about it. Kaitlin says she normally doesn't yell at people and she yelled and argued so much with people today. Kaitlin says she felt exceptionally betrayed by Jessie today because she always defended her. Andy says she has to understand that the only reason he's lied to her was because she was allied with the enemy Jeremy and Aaryn. Andy tells her she was guilty by association. Andy tells her that he single-handedly kept her off the block and got Nick put on the block as a replacement nom instead. Kaitlin tells him he has to tell her the truth to her face from here forward. She thinks he's a great person. She doesn't want to cry (she's having to hold it back).

01:55 AM BBT Switch feeds to the cockpit where McCrae is talking to Judd and Amanda. McCrae says it's a great season with all of the surprise votes and things. Judd and McCrae head out to try and find something to eat. Back in the WA Kaitlin apologizes to Andy once more. Andy says it's ok. Andy likes Kaitlin a lot and he wants to laugh and joke with her. They continue to praise each other. Their party breaks up and Andy comes back into the cockpit where Amanda and McCrae are. Andy says it was a good chat and explains his conversation with her. McCrae called to DR. McCrae asks if they want to tell Judd about TMC. Amanda says not yet. McCrae feels bad for keeping that secret from them.

02:02 AM BBT Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin are in the kitchen eating. Amanda and Judd are in the cockpit with idle chit chat. Up in the HoH we have Howard, Helen and Spencer still chatting. Rehashing previous events/votes.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @TAZZIT24: @mortystv Well I am sorry for having no feelings for that girl,but I don't.She should be crying for all of those she hurt by her slander - I can certainly understand that and honestly prior to hearing her sobs I thought the same thing. But, knowing how Nick felt about her...it just tears that much more at your heart strings knowing that if she is acting like this now...how will she act when she sees the show? But that certainly doesn't lessen the things she's said.

02:08 AM BBT Up in the HoH the conversation has turned to Helen and her family and then Howard moves on to say he's glad it's just the three of them in the room for the moment. He goes on to tell her they're all three good people and they have can certainly play the game together. Helen agrees. Down in the cockpit Andy and Amanda are whispering about TMC and Andy says "Nick you jerk The Moving Company?! How'd that work out for you. Pack your bags and go!" Judd comes in and Andy tells the other two that he wants Howard and Spencer out. Amanda starts running scenarios.

02:12 AM BBT Howard is telling Helen that if the house was ok with getting Nick out of the house then they were all onboard with that. Howard goes on to point out that only guys seem to be leaving and there's a rumor around the house that Elissa wants to get all the guys out. Helen points out that there's only 2 guys that have left. Spencer says he feels like Helen can trust him now and he doesn't want to talk game all night it's only her first night as HoH. Helen says this week isn't going to be like Aaryn's HoH. She doesn't want the drama. She wants everyone to have fun.

02:15 AM BBT Down in the cockpick McCrae is out of DR and is stretching and looking overall pleased. Amanda says someone had a good DR session and we get FoTH. Feeds are back and Judd is saying they were mad at him for yelling and such (DR). FoTH. Feeds back and Amanda says that if you have to spend a while in rehab after the show is over for saying you smoke weed then...don't talk about it because rehab is embarrassing. FoTH again.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @gigglechick: @MattD34 @vic2rea @TVGrapevine @mortystv yes. my thoughts are with them all at this time :) it's a thankless job that they rock at! #BB15 -Thanks for the words of encouragement! We do it because we're fans just like you!

02:20 AM BBT Feeds back and McCrae is talking to Judd about TMC (The Moving Company). Judd says he wasn't stupid and that he knew something was up the way conversations happened all around him. McCrae says they were bullying him and he was just biding time until he could get the troops rallied. McCrae says Judd was vital in getting that Jessie vote. They hug it out. Spencer says this group is way better and they can play with way cooler heads.

02:25 AM BBT Switching feeds to the HoH and Helen is telling Howard and Spencer how Nick was given the chance to make a deal with Elissa and he passed and now look where he's at. Helen says don't worry we're not picking off all the guys...we're just picking them off so that the guys on our side can win. Helen doesn't want to be Brigaded. Down in the cockpit someone asks McCrae how often they met and McCrae says never just here and there in bits and pieces. McCrae says it was the worse alliance ever. Amanda looks at a camera and calls Nick a jerk (not those words). The HoH party has broke up and they wander downstairs. Helen comments on the condition of the sink. Feeds switch to the chair room and Aaryn and Jeremy are whispering frustrating softly. Howard walks through. He's going to bed. He apologizes to Aaryn and says it's not personal. She respects him more than he can imagine. She doesn't know why he's sleeping in there though (...maybe because he's been displaced from his bed that you flipped and took over...I don't know...just a wild guess...)

02:32 AM BBT Aaryn and Jeremy are Candice bashing saying her attitude if disgusting and awful. Jeremy heard about people like her and he knows why they brought her in but wow. Aaryn says she believes that everything you say or do will come back to get you eventually.

02:34 AM BBT McCrae continues to talk to the cockpit group about what was said by who in TMC and how they felt Amanda was a threat because she was smart. Back in the chair room Spencer is getting ready for bed. Jeremy tells Aaryn that the bed thing shouldn't have happened. Aaryn disagrees. Jeremy agrees saying that it was great TV and he loved the show himself. Back in the cockpit room the TMC talk stops. Amanda is tired and she's going to bed. Spencer starts talking about Marilyn and we get FoTH.

02:39 AM BBT Feeds are back and Amanda and McCrae are in the KT talking. Amanda says she feels stupid for not picking up on that the way she did. Feeds are Aaryn and Jeremy whispering in the chair room on one of the beds. Talk has turned to Spencer bashing. Back in the WA Amanda and McCrae are doing nightly ADLs.

02:45 AM BBT Amanda continues to probe McCrae about different things/conversations that TMC did. McCrae says he doesn't care if they don't trust him any more. Amanda laughs saying "I told you I was falling for you and you didn't tell me". McCrae said he wanted to. Back in the chair room Aaryn suspects Amanda is going to home next because she's stirring up so much stuff. (Uh....well...ok...yeah...)

02:53 AM BBT Helen called to DR. Amanda and McCrae runs upstairs and asks Helen if they can use her HoH while she's in DR. Helen says sure. Helen asks how to feed the fish. McCrae is showing her where the fish food is and comments on the fact that they were saving the daily fish food bags to store candy in so they could use them to run numbers or scenarios. McCrae wants to ask her where they went. Down in the chair room Judd asked about beds apparently and Aaryn comments that she doesn't care if he sleeps in the garbage disposal that they don't have. Candice heads into the HNR to sleep. Howard asks why she's being hard headed. Candice says because Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin are all in the room chatting and she can't sleep in that type of environment. Andy comes in and tries to get her to take his spot in Judd's bed. She refuses. Andy insists. She refuses. Andy insists. She sits up and refuses and begins crying saying she's tired and she just wants to go to bed. She knows he's being a gentleman but she's tired. He finally leaves her alone. You can hear her sniffling.

02:58 AM BBT Howard sits up and puts his mic on and moves over to Candice's chair and kneels down beside her and whispers into her ear. He says it'll be better in the morning. He knows she doesn't normally go for that (backing down from a tense situation?). Candice says something but she doesn't have a mic on so it's difficult to hear. Howard says he'll help her win the $500,000. Howard tells Candice to be herself tomorrow and to not walk around belligerent. He wants her to be herself. More whispering but it's hard to hear what she's saying. Up in the HoH McCrae and Amanda are sharing a moment in the bed talking about much they care for each other.

03:05 AM BBT Howard moves back to his chair and Candice is questioning Howard about his ex and why she supposedly has a say in if he could get into a bed with a girl while in the house. Howard dodges the question repeatedly. Up in the HoH Amanda continues to grill McCrae about TMC.

03:10 AM BBT Amanda says she knew something was up because there is no way someone like Jeremy isn't intimidated by someone like Howard. Helen comes back up to the HoH and Amanda and McCrae says they're heading to bed. They pause at the memory wall for a moment to look at pictures and point out various scenarios as to how they're going to get people out. They pause a moment and kiss before heading into the chair room. Aaryn is still sitting in Kaitlin and Jeremy's bed while they cuddle together. Amanda whispers something and Aaryn says she's about to go take her contacts out. FoTH. Feeds are back and Amanda turns off the lights in the chair room.

03:18 AM BBT Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn head into the WA and they're rehashing the fact that Aaryn is an innocent princess that doesn't bully anyone. Jeremy says everyone thinks he bullies because of his size. Aaryn says "they're trying to make our side of the house look bad so we can't win MVP and that's their strategery...and yes that's a George W Bush word and I use it." Spencer and Judd can be heard talking in the cockpit room (that's where they were last time I saw them). Aaryn heads to bed. Jeremy wants to know what Kaitlin wants to talk about. Kaitlin starts off telling him that he's not going to like this but to let her finish first.

03:29 AM BBT Feeds are back after a few minutes of being down and Candice is finding her microphone and taking out her contacts. Howard mentions getting some socks. She says she can't get them from the room. Something about she was told in DR not to go somewhere and we get brief FoTH. Meanwhile back in the WA Kaitlin continues to push Jeremy to try and back down and lay low and apologize to Helen so he can have safety for another week. Aaryn is their target. Jeremy knows and he will try. He says Helen told him already that she wants to to talk with him in the morning. Kaitlin says that's good. Back in the darkened HNR Howard and Candice continue to chat. FoTH.

03:35 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to kiss and cuddle. Judd walks in to brush his teeth and Kaitlin starts to sing the Shady song. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that she apologized to Judd for yelling at him earlier and Judd says he apologized for calling her trash. Kaitlin says she almost never acts like that. Judd also says he apologized to Gina as well. The three of them agree that they're going to be living together for a while and that this kind of stuff is bound to happened.

03:43 AM BBT Back in the HNR Howard tries to find a comfortable position. Candice asks what's wrong Howard says he needs to lose weight or shrink some. It finally occurred to Candice that they're not actual Have-Nots so they should be able to take the cushions off the seats and lie them on the floor. FoTH. Feeds back and Judd is in the room and Candice says "Don't get mad at me I can do this because I'm not a have-not!" They hear a whirring of a camera and Candice asks is that a yes or a no? They look to the camera and Candice says yes? Howard asks is that mean yes? She says yes. Judd offers his position in his bed and Candice says he's sweet.

03:45 AM BBT Candice and Howard peel the cushions off the seats and lie them on the floor to make a pallet for the night...well...day at this point. Back in the WA Jeremy and Kaitlin run scenarios and are sad because Jeremy went out first during HoH and Kaitlin almost won it.

03:49 AM BBT Candice slips out of the HNR to use the bathroom and Howard looks in frustration down at the make shift bed and says "Lord have Mercy. Please don't let us be have nots tomorrow. Whatever is best for my game. Candice comes back and Howard asks if she's comfortable and if they can finally go to sleep. Howard is happy she solved their problem. Howard says she's bothersome and just wants to go to bed. They laugh. Back in the WA Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to lie on the lounger grumbling about how the week is going to suck. Jeremy is ready for bed (...and we're ready for you to go to bed!).

03:54 AM BBT They begin kissing and I have to turn the feeds because it's getting tiresome. Back in the HNR Candice and Howard continue to chat. Candice is asking what kind of places are popular to eat at near where he's from. Talk turns to the fact that Candice isn't used to making beds while Howard says it's the norm for people to make their bed. Candice says she's a messy person in the sense that she has clothes everywhere around her house. Her house is clean in the sense that there's not flies and dirty dishes piled up.

03:57 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HNR while Jeremy and Kaitlin appear to be getting up out of the WA to head to bed. Jeremy now brushing teeth.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @MD122895: @mortystv Jeremy needs to get over himself. If I was intimidated by someone's size, it would be Howard not him. - That's the truth!

04:01 AM BBT Candice asks Howard if his closet is organized. Yes. She asks if his DVDs are organized. They're neat though. Jeremy into WC. Back in the HNR Candice and Howard continue to talk. Howard asks if we're in showmance now. Candice says no they're just friends. "Good." Candice says she's untameable.

04:08 AM BBT Candice and Howard continue to whisper and talk about their lives outside the house. Other feeds show sleeping HGs in darkened rooms...correction...Jeremy and Kaitlin are whispering in the bed but they're not wearing their mics so actually hearing the conversation is difficult.

04:14 AM BBT It was quiet in the HNR briefly before Candice starts talking again asking Howard what he thinks about Amanda and McCrae. Candice says Amanda is going to hurt him. Meanwhile next door Jeremy and Kailtin continue to whisper and giggle.

04:22 AM BBT Candice appears to have finally fallen asleep along with poor poor Howard. Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to make out and whisper softly to each other but without mics it's difficult to hear what is being said.

04:30 AM BBT Howard and Candice can't seem to get get comfortable on their makeshift bed on the floor of the HNR. Meanwhile next door Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to whisper and giggle and kiss.

04:34 AM BBT Yes, we're still here...because Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to laugh, giggle and whisper. Talk is reminiscing of their first few weeks together in the house. Conversation is still hard to follow due to the lack of mics. Kaitlin says goodnight but they continue whispering and giggling.

04:41 AM BBT They're still going. I've heard Jessie's name whispered numerous times as well as the phrase "Roll the tape!". The whispering and giggling is broken up with the sound of kissing.

04:49 AM BBT The Jeremy/Kaitlin bed on Camera 1 has been word free for about 10 minutes now. Camera 2 is a wide angle of the chair room with someone breathing heavy. Cameras 3 and 4 are of Howard and Candice sleeping. Have a great day everyone!

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1:30 AM BBT Mc says to Amanda in the cockpit room I have a secret to tell you but you have to pinkie swear you won't get mad.....Amanda says I won't.......Mc says there was a all male alliance called Moving Co....they came to me and bulllied me into it, I didn't have any say in it......Now you are mad at me and don't trust me....Amanda says no I do ....now Andy comes in and they tell him and says Nic was the ringleader......

1:36 AM BBT Mc telling Andy and Amanda what went down with Howard and Spencer....how he thought they were throwing him under the bus about Nic/Elissa vote and FOTH....

1:38 AM BBT Helen holding court in HOH room.....with Spencer Howard Judd Jeremy ....general talk about her life

1:40 AM BBT Amanda Mc and Andy saying how can we use this to our advantage....Kait knocks on door and says can I talk to you Andy.....Kait/Andy on couch in WA ....Kait apologizing to Andy ....kissing up and Andy explaining his actions.....Aaron and GM on couch in LR ....she is still crying over Nic and talking about all his cute traits and how smart he was...Aaron giving her comfort....

1:45 AM BBT Kait telling Andy that her lashing out earlier was not her at all and Andy says I don't hold it against her , I understand why you acted out. Andy explaining why he went after Nic...Kait saying I was so close to getting HOH....sooooo close. Andy telling Kait she is safe, he will talk to Helen, she is my girl, not that I want to take Helen to F2 {thats not what he told Helen in HOH-Saucy} but I am tight with Helen. Andy tells her you have to get your head in the game, I want you to stay.

1:50 AM BBT Aaron and GM still on couch.....Aaron telling her how she managed iin the house without David and now planning the day, we can lay out and get something to eat....etc

1:52 AM BBT Judd/Amanda/MC in gold room discussing scenarios....mvp, pov....

1:53 AM BBT Andy reassuring Kait she is not his enemy, Kait wants the truth from him from now on no matter how bad it is....Andy says why is Kait with these people, I could work with you, I told them not to put you up and to put up Nic instead.....Kait: thank you......

well I am out gotta go to work....sorry guys....Niteslacker did much better job.....its not really easy

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7:30am bbt Everyone is still sleeping... waiting for the wake up call today..

it's almost 9am and all is quiet from the still sleeping HGs... no early risers in the BB house this year....

9:10am bbt We have FISH, so may be time to wake all the HGs... stay tuned...

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Guest 6Borders

9:22am BB Time

The HG's are up and about their ADL's!

Judd's brushing his teeth and Helen is putting things in her HOH fridge and tidying up the HOH room.

Someone actually cleaned the Color Rom (sort of). There are no longer piles of clothes all over the floor..

Looks like GM and Aaryn are sharing a bed so I guess the bed situation got sorted out.

Elissa, Judd and Jessie are in the bathroom discussing that it's hard to fall asleep in the BB House.

Elisa says it's weird to think that there are people behind all the walls. Jessie says she thinks everything is computer operated behind the walls and Elissa says no the is pretty sure there are people. Jessie says that's creepy and we get FOTH.

9:27am BB Time

Feeds are back. Elissa is saying "I feel so much better now" {She should, she is safe for another week at least}

Helen is feeding the fish and Elissa comes in and hugs her.

Jessie is starting coffee in the kitchen.

HOH room: Elissa is saying she feels bad for Judd because he didn't have a place to sleep and says Helen deserved to have her own bed.

Helen gives a shout out saying she is feeding the fish in the HOH room...says she fed all the fish...the white fish, the black fish and all the fish in the sea.

Helen and Elissa say they have the votes now. They hug and Helen says your sister (Rachel) must be so proud.

Helen says here they were studying in the Have Not Room like losers and then they just come in and take it (HOH)

They are reshashing the HOH comp.

9:31am am BB Time

Kitchen: Andy and Jessie are discussing the food comp. Andy says he thinks everyone gets to take hot showers but he might take advantage of the hot shower right now just in case {smart man...no go do it!}

Andy says he slept really well. They are laughing about the sleeping arrangements...who was literally on the edge of the bed {sorry, didn't get who}

Andy whispers he is so happy Helen got HOH...something about Day 1 trying to get "them" out of here {probably the Brat Bashers, Aaryn, Jeremy and Kait}

They talk about how cold it is {I can confirm the California heat wave has passed for now}

HOH Room: Helen and Elissa going over the vote. Helen says the vote should have been 8-3. She thinks Spencer flipped and Helen is going to get it out of him. Helen says they have bigger fish to fry (than Spencer) but they have to keep him in line and think they trust him and then backdoor him.

Helen says Spencer told her there were moments in the game he was torn between sides {gee, he was??? really}

She says she smells a rat. She also says Howard may be more dangerous than they think he is.

Helen says we need to act like we trust them (Howard and Spencer) to the 9th...10th degree!

Helen says it will depend on if she finds out Spencer lied to her! She says she has to figure it out. She says the key before they get Aaryn and Jeremy out is to get as much information as possible from them and who broke deals {good girl Helen..someone is finally thinking game -6Borders}

Elissa thinks it's Howard and Spencer.

Helen says they have to watch McCrae and they need him there...he is good in challenges and knows the game.

Helen says Amanda loves them right now and she's loyal. Says if she starts to stray McCrae will reel her back in.

Helen cautions Elissa that they can't let anyone know they are on to Spencer and Howard and they need to keep it between them...says Andy is ok to tell because he's figured it out.

Helen is going to talk to Spencer and either he's loyal and faithful or else he goes up as MVP {sounds like Helen is positive Elissa is going to get MVP again}. Helen says she would like to get Andy farther in the game and she would like to keep him around longer and longer. They discuss that Andy is good in challenge and they almost had it in the BBQ challenge.

Elissa says this is so exciting. Helen tells Elissa there is cheese and all (apparently telling her to help herself)

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9:22am bbt The feeds are back, the HGs are up and getting ready to start their day... Helen, Judd, Jessie are seen, then back to FISH, and back to morning grooming again... F3 Helen cleaning/organizing her HOH room, F1/2 Judd watching Jessie brush her hair, Elissa made her bed and is up.

9:25am bbt F1/2 Elissa joins Jessie/Judd in WA, talk about time they went to bed, hearing BB behind walls. F3 Helen feeds the HOH ish, F4 GM/Aaryn's heads can be seen, rest of their bodies are still asleep under a blanket.

Alissa joins Helen, who jumps up/down and announces to everyone that she "loves feeding the fish, all of them, the white and black ones"

9:30am bbt Helen goes over the votes with Elissa, who to nominate, Helen's plan: not nom Jeremy, backdoor him, if his chip is drawn/wins POV, Aaryn gets evicted.

9:35am bbt Helen tells Elissa they need to find out today from Spencer/Howard who was the stray vote. But they need to act like they are dumb and totally trusting of Howard/Spencer. May tell Spencer he will have to be a pawn. Helen wants to find out from Jeremy what deals were brokered last week. If anyone was targeting them, then those are the ones they need to go after.. after they get out Jeremy/Aaarn/Kaitlin.

Helen says Amanda loves them right now, and the more they trust her, the more she will trust them. If she starts to fray, McCrae will reel her back in. The key is to be careful of Howard/Spencer.

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Guest 6Borders

9:42am BB Time

Andy is showering, Jessie is making breakfast. Helen and Elissa come downstairs and wish Jessie good morning.

General "how did you sleep" and discussing how cold it is

Helen says "whoever cleaned the kitchen thank you" and Jessie says "I think Kaitlin cleaned it"

Helen replies "nice"

Howard is in the storeroom changing batteries {I thought someone was in there with him but don't see them now}

Andy is making good on a nice long hot shower. Helen tells him how good it was to see (pictures of) her kids.

Just general ADL's and "good mornings" {the tension seems to be a lot less this morning}

Elissa comes into the bathroom and tells Andy they cannot be have-nots and he says "you are singing to the choir"

Elissa tells Howard "we will sneak food into the bathroom and put a towel over your head" (if he is a have not)

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Guest 6Borders

9:47 am BB Time

HOH room: Helen is wasting no time, telling Jessie that Spencer and Howard are trying to frame her.

Howard comes in and Helen switches the conversation to "where did you sleep?".

The bed discussion ensues. Helen tells Jessie if she needs to sleep in the HOH room she should.

Helen asks how is GM..did she finally go to sleep.

Jessie says she feels bad for GM...Jessie says she feels it's almost "tough love" and now GM will be able to focus more on the game.

Helen says we believe you and we are not trying to frame you.

Jessie says Spencer is acting so weird.

Helen relates that Andy came to her and said everyone wants to vote Elissa out...Helen says the MVP (Elissa) has been putting up big people from the other side and why would you throw that (power) away.

9:51am BB Time Elissa is called to DR (twice now)

Helen is related why the MVP noms were the way they were and she (Helen) told Elissa who to put up. Helen explains that Nick went on the block because he didn't broker any deals with Elissa.

Helen says she went around to everyone to see what they thought about Nick. Says Spencer said Amanda (to put up) and Helen asked him why vote Amanda, she is on their side. Helen says when people on their side are trying to thrown people on their side under the bus is a huge red flag.

Says Amanda came to Helen and said she was being told she was discussed as the replacement nom.

Helen says Spencer offered her a F2 deal right before the vote...Helen says that did happen.

She says Andy was kind of in the middle but now he's more on their side (Helen's team).

Helen is relating her conv's with Spencer and how he told Helen he was so glad Nick was out of the house. Helen says she told Spencer the vote was supposed to be 8-3 {pretty sure Spencer's game is going to be on the chopping block when Helen gets hold of him today}

Helen tells Jessie that they (the other side) will be spreading rumors about their side. Says she wants to make sure Spencer and Howard don't know she is on to them and tells Jessie to keep it secret {Helen just told Elissa it had to stay between the two of them, then said it was ok to tell Andy and now she's telling Jessie to keep it quiet...that's 3 people who now know the secret that needs to stay secret!!!{

Helen has said Spencer and Howard are not on her radar right now..she has bigger fish to fry

Helen is rehashing her conv with Specer (again) about the final 2 deal right before the vote.

Helen says Jeremy is a source of info for her right now so Jessie should not freak out if she seems Helen talking to him.

Jessie says she was in the HOH when they (other side) were discussing the noms and Helen & Elissa's names were thrown out.

Helen says GM said she stuck up for her and asks if that is true..Jessie says she does not think that's true.

10:01a, BB Time

Enter Andy to the HOH. Jessie says "maybe Andy knows". Helen asks if GM really did try to stick up for her. Says she is just trying to get information. Andy does not respond because Jessie breaks in and says she knew Helen was a pawn.

Andy says the minute he knew she was up he said "I was not voting for you"

Andy says GM told him they (he and Helen) were both good in her book and if GM got HOH she would not be gunning for Helen.

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Guest 6Borders

10:04am BB Time

Andy says he doesn't think GM should be on the radar this week.

Helen says she might have to go up as a pawn just because of the numbers and because there are not that many of them.

Andy says he would never say to GM (that it was good for Nick to be gone) because this will be better for her game...says Nick was not recriprocile to GM.

Helen says 'life goes on"

BB says "Aaryn...."

Helen says Julie Chen probably asked Nick if he thought there was a future with GM

They discuss if Nick was suprised and Andy says totally. They discuss Nick hugged GM but nobody else....Helen says that's because he didn't know who betrayed him. Discussion about Nick's last minute campaigning.

Helen says when Nick was trying to secure safety for next week she realized he was going to be so blindsided.

Andy says he felt insulted by the way Nick thought he was stupid..they discuss how Nick didn't talk game with anyone, just went in DR and talked about how smart he was {how do they know what he said in DR?}

Andy relates how Nick told him he was 28 and he just can't get into discussions bout farts and stuff and if that alienated him...Andy says did he think I was stupid.

Elissa is saying you can't go into DR or BB and act like you are totally safe. Andy says Nick came to Andy to help him quiz because Nick realized Andy knew the stuff and Nick said it was just not his kind of comp.

Jessie said she asked for Nick's vote when she was on the block and he told her it was too early to start playing the game and she was in disbelief. Discussion about how to play the game..too early, etc.

Helen said Nick was hiding behind GM's social game. Andy said he thinks that was totally strategic.

10:13am BB Time

HOH general discussion that Nick was the one (who needed) to go...it is what it is and now she needs to think about the next week.

Jessie is relating the BB House to her friends in HS...nerd friends vs theater friends {the old "why are you hanging out with them" stuff that usually happens in about 3rd grade}

Jessie is working Elissa...says when I looked in your eyes I saw a friend (awwww from Elissa).

Andy tells Jessie "someone tried to frame you" and they all say they know that.

Helen says "we can't let them know we know that...bigger fish to fry"

Helen tells them to hang out in the HOH if they want...she is going to go do Insanity (workout).

Elissa says she probably looks like a dork in her DR sessions.

Andy says treating ppl with kindness is going to pay off {never has in 14 seasons of BB to my knowledge -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

10:18a, BB Time

The HOH crowd has gravitated to the kitchen.

Elissa asks Howard "do you mind if I get coffee real quick"

Howard is in the cockpit lounge lying down and looking up at the ceiling {he looks in that pose like the guy on Law & Order..Jesse someone..}

10:20am BB Time

Helen and Andy in the HOH rehashing "the downfall of Nick".

Helen says we need to put her on the block but make sure she's same (GM I guess). They the only way she is staying is to make it look like she is the house's target.

Says they need to get to Kaitlin and make sure Jeremy won't come after them.

Andy says he thinks Spencer/Howard have something going with Jeremy and she says they definitely do. Andy says that is why they are so dangerous.

Helen is going over the Spencer conv of last night (Spencer protecting them...etc. etc)

Says she told Spencer he had 24 hours to tell her the truth and she won't hold the truth against him.

Helen says she didn't want to put him on the spot but "lets see what he comes up with today"

Andy says they are undermining his ability to see people for what they are.

Helen says he will tell her the truth {don't count on it} she will forgive him and then he will forget about all this stuff and be loyal {I would not count on that either}

Helen says if they come after her we have to vote to keep me in.

Helen says (again) we have a bigger target..bigger fish to fry.

Helen says put up Aaryn, Kait and GM, tell them all they are safe and backdoor Jeremy.

Helen says Aaryn needs to lay low. Andy says if they took either Spencer or Howard out the other one would be freaking.

Helen says Spencer first because he is so fricking all over the place.

Andy is saying people don't think he's alligned with anyone and he likes that...that he played up he was alone and had to vote with the house.

Helen says they can talk about keeping Kaitlin

Helen says "makes you feel good doesn't it?" Andy asks if he can listen to her CD

Andy says he could not have more trust in McMandy, Judd Elissa and Helen.

Helen goes downstairs and Andy puts on the headphones

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Guest 6Borders

10:29am BB Time

Howard talking with Helen and Elissa...says he has been honest and cool with them and it was not him that voted (against Elissa).

Howard says the vote didn't matter and Helen says "but there is a lie..someone voted the opposite way"

{sorry missed part of that...someone came in and was talking to me}

Howard is saying it was a big move both weeks, getting out two guys. He says he's being honest.

Helen says she trusts him and loves him but when the votes don't come out the way they are supposed to there is a mole..says she's not revengeful of the mole but she wants the mole exposed and then they can fix themselves {I honestly can't understand this logic in the BB house but maybe Helen can make it work!}

Helen and Elissa leave...Elissa says something about thanking him for being honest and something I missed and he says something that sounded like "if that's what you think..."

10:35am BB Time

Andy is listening to the CD in the HOH, Helen, Elissa and Jessie in the bathroom.

Helen is running laps in the house.

Elissa says she really does not want to be a have not {apparently it's a comp this time and not HOH choice}

Jessie says it would be terrible.

Helen tells Elissa she can shower in the HOH room and she says maybe I will..thanks Helen for sharing her HOH room.

Helen is still jogging around the house.

There is no sign of Judd, Spencer or the Brat Bashers (Jeremy, Kait and Aaryn)

10:39am BB Time BB calls Howard to the DR

Elissa is still getting thing out of her suitcase

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Guest 6Borders

10:44am BB Time

Judd and Jessie in bed whispering {I can't hear a thing they are saying}

BB tells Judd and Jessie to put on their mics {thank you BB but I still can't hear a thing they are saying}

10:45am BB Time Candace rehashing the bed situation of last night with Andy.

BB tells Candace to put on her mic.

It's the back and forth of who slept on the floor, whose the bigger person...blah blah blah

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Guest 6Borders

10:47am BB Time

Judd is trying to sleep and Jessie is reading the bible

HOH: Candace doing make up, Elissa eating snacks from the HOH basket and Andy wandering.

Candace is recapping the raciest conv's from Aaryn, her bed getting tipped over, etc.

Discussion about Evel Dick...that he never did racial stuff just dumb stuff.

Candace is talking about Jeremy last night..says he kept walking around saying "so this is what looser feel like"

Andy says at least Jeremy was taking defeat better than the girls...Candace disagrees and relates Jeremy says losing sucked, out on the first round.

Candace says she is going to calm down and tonite...says maybe there will be a luxury comp. She says she is sleeping in a bed tonite and the other ppl can sleep in the have not room {this should prove to be an interesting evening}

Andy is munching Helen's cheetos.

Candace says Kait started out as such a sweet girl and then (something I didn't hear about Aaryn)

Andy says in her defense, not that he is defending her, she did come and tell Andy she felt bad about it.

Helen is working out in place in the bathroom!

Just more of the same old same old conversation about Aaryn, Jeremy screaming at all the Have Nots, those people are not happy with themselves, rehashing how Candace and Jessie were treated last night...nothng new

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10:02am BBT: jessie helen and andy in hoh talking jessie says she always knew helen was the pawn last week.
10:06am BBT: elissa has now joined the hoh rm. they are talking about nick and if julie asked him if there is a future with ginamarie. helen says i would love to see that she says nick didnt say bye to anyone but ginamarie cuz he didnt know who to trust.
10:07am BBT: helen says nick and ginamrie called her into a room yesterday and told her if he stayed then they would keep her safe for 2 weeks.
10:10am BBT: howard is in the have not rm praying. while helen,andy, jessie and elissa are in hoh talking about nick repeating themselves. andy says he tried going over all this with nick but nick was an idiot.
10:25am BBT: helen is talking to andy saying she is putting up arryn kaitlyn and ginamarie and tell kaitlyn and ginamarie that they are safe and backdoor jeremy.
10:28am BBT: howard and elissa are in the lounge rm talking howard is asking why he keeps getting questioned. about lastnight he asked if helen can come in elissa says yeah fine. howard says so far this week i am on board with everything i am cool with them guys going home.howard is saying he wants them to know that it wasnt him lastnight and he is cool with them.
10:32am BBT: helen says someone is lying and there is a mole and i dont want to talk to anyone if there is a mole. howard says i understand. helen leaves the rm and elissa thanks howard for talking and leaves the rm.
10:40am BBT: helen is running in the kt and dinning area as they are on indoor lockdown.
10:44am BBT: judd and jessie is laying in bed. andy and candice is in the hoh ntalking going over what happened lastnight with ginamarie and arryn and kaitlyn. and how they was fighting over the beds lastnight and the hurtful things that were said.candice says jeremy has never had to sleep in the have not rm so just go in there and sleep howard and i have done it several times.
10:50am BBT: candice is still in the hoh rm going on about lastnights arguments. andy says they will be have nots and sleep in there now. candice says yeah they will sleep in there tonight and be have nots( meaning.. arryn, kaitlyn, ginamarie and jeremy)
10:53am BBT: helen is still running through the house. andy and candice still in hoh talking about doing the right thing . candice says jeremy is a neandrathal .

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Guest 6Borders

10:57am Candace is recapping the black fish/white fish situation

{BB needs to change out the fish out for nice bright colorful fish, which also makes me wonder (just because I am bored with this bed discussion/fish discussion) why BB put only black and white fish in the tank in the first place...-6Borders}

10:59am BB Time: Andy/Candace recapping Candace allegedly sitting on Aaryns hat.

Candace says Aaryn has been picking on her from Day One and it's mostly been racial (black, gay, Asian)

She says Aaryn want to be a host and she needs to get a new strategy if she wants to be a host.

Candace is discussing Elizabeth Hasselbeck (I think). Elissa says Survivor is more serious and no BB player has ever been on Survivor. Andy says he is there to win 500,00 dollars.

Andy says "one of them will go this week...end of story...there is no way any of them are going to win MVP"

Candace says in 2013 with an African American president making speeches nationwide there is no way someone can tell her they were "sheltered"...Candace says she didn't accept her apology.

Elissa says "she is what she is...no class"

Andy says he wishes Jeremy had been ejected from the game for wiping his butt with Elissa's hat.

Candace thinks there should be penalties like you can't play in the next HOH or you go on slop {excellent idea actually and I agree}

11:06am BB Time

Andy, Elissa and Candace in the HOH: now it's Jeremy bashing (nothing new..more of same)

Discussion about how Aaryn made 3 have-not's have-nots again and who does that (from Elissa)

Candace says the game is crazy and she just wants to call a house meeting. Andy says he will call it and they need to get it out about sleeping arrangements, etc.

Candace says the needs to be a discussion about beds, respecting someone's race, etc. {I really hope that happens!}

Elissa says she wants to talk about cleaning up after yourself {totally agree with that}

11:13am BB Time FOTH

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11:01am BBT:elissa , andy and candice still in hoh andy says i am going to play the game for the money i dont have my daddys trust fund to make me a celebrity.he says if someone like arryn wins this game i will be heartbroken.helen is still running in the house for her morning workout.

11:08am BBT: andy , elissa and candice still in hoh rm talking about other hg, repeating themselves about the bed getting flipped lastnight. andy says today is a food comp. and i will call a house meeting after to decide who is sleeping in have nots if its a house comp. they have been in my bed the last 2 nights i gave it up. candice says we need to disscuse sexual things and race with them it needs to stop. andy and elissa agree.candice says they needd to understand that all people come from different walks of life.

11:16am BBT: howard is in the kt making breakfast , elissa, andy and candice talking about first dates. helen comes running out of the hoh bathroom screaming wearing her hoh robe.

11:19am BBT: elissa is now doing yoga in the hoh rm. howard cutting alot of veggies for his breakfast of eggs and rice.

11:21am BBT: andy says i feel like lastnight was a treasure trove. elissa says everynight is. andy says i feel .like lastnight it all came down to a head and just like exploded. andy says he cant believe he was so bad at the hoh comp lastnight but i am glad helen won if i couldnt. candice said i was doing bad and i wouldnt have won anyways cuz i am so bad at seconds.

11:28am BBT: candice says to elissa i do feel bad for ginamarie cuz of one of you had left i would have cried like that too. and she did appoligize and i forgive her.

11:35am BBT: elissa and candice talking about taking trips to see the other hg after they get out of the house. andy takes his headphones off and says you have to come see me too elissa says of course.

11:36am BBT: andy goes down stairs to see what everyone is doing. howard is making breakfast potatoes and eggs and rice. and we get foth.then we go to trivia.

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1:30pm bbt Still Trivia, HGs are still playing the HNot comp.

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2pm bbt The feeds are back, HaveNot food is Guac/Grapefruit, waiting to see who HNots are, screen says nominations today.

2:08pm bbt Helen is livid about Sp/How(McCrae told her about the MC alliance), wants to scare them with the noms, Candice wants Aaryn to feel what she did being on the block.

2:10pm bbt Helen says she wants to tell Sp he is going to be nominated as a pawn. Elissa/Candice ask why, they think Howard tried to throw the HNot comp.

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2:15pm bbt Time for HOH meetings with Helen, First up Jeremy says he feels he deserves to be here more than 'a lot of people'. Offers to keep her here as long as he if he stays, will never put her up.

Helen: America, do you hear that? Jeremy's mom, are you listening? You have been awful to me, you owe me this. There are people on my side that have not been honest with me, and I hate disloyalty. I know you have been going after Elissa. There is a play there.

Jeremy: I know there is a game here, it makes sense so I understand.

Helen: I'd rather make a deal with the devil and let someone else go after you. There have been people who are disloyal.

Jeremy: I've alligned with someone who is putting a bigger target on my game.

Helen: your social game is great, your physical game is greater

Jeremy: I feel like I've been a piece of meat at some point and it affected me. I'm here to play and I'd love for you to give me

Helen: If you can be loyal to me, I can be loyal to you. If you push me out this door, America will hate you. So, if I put up Kaitlin, how will you feel?
Jeremy: I'm 23, she's my cuddle buddy, but this is a game, I've got to work this for me, not to make a wife, as harsh as that can sound.

Helen: this stays between us, I don't want you coming after me if I do. We'll still play like we aren't friends, that's the best play, but she's probably going to be the pawn most likely

Jeremy: Aaryn has screwed me, and I feel it's unnecessary.

Helen: She's reeking havic. I hate to break my word, but I may have to. She's negative energy. I may have to put up Kaitlin, but know she's the pawn. I'm very upset with people on my side of the house.

Jeremy: There was a guy alliance, but it is no more. The turned on me, I can't control them and I can't control my side of the house, so all I can do is bury my face in a pillow and prepare for the worse.

Helen: If I keep you, I want you to protect Candice and Elissa as well.

Jeremy: I said we can't get Elissa out, I won't keep going after her. It just makes me look stupid, It doesn't scare me to say, I don't like floaters, people like Judd, Amanda.

Helen: I think you can restart your game. Every week is a new opportunity. Candice, you hear that? (Candice was in HOH bathroom showering)

2:25pm bbt Jeremy leaves HOH

Helen to Candice: I wanted to hear if Jeremy would admit to the boys alliance. He did, now I want to see if Howard and Spencer will. If not, then who is better to trust at this point?

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2:30pm bbt Helen McCrae meet in HOH, Helen says she trusts McC, glad he exposed MC before Jeremy told Helen about it.

They go over the votes, McCrae shares that Spencer/Howard worked together to split their votes this week.

McC: I'm thinking nominate Aaryn, Howard, and Spencer, and backdoor Jeremy.

Helen: What if I put up Aaryn and Spencer, or Aaryn and Howard? And the third one is the other one?

McC: That would be great, they think I'm the dumbest kid?

Helen: Who would be better, less likely to come after us if we backdoor Jeremy?

McC: It kind of doesn't matter.

Helen: You know the first week, a huge alliance some will fall by the wayside. I knew if we got rid of Elissa, we wouldn't still have the numbers, because people would turn.

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2:35pm bbt Kaitlin/Helen in HOH

Kait asks to say her peace first: I am starting to realize that Aaryn is the root of the issues, bringing out my bad side, I'm not catty.

Helen: I remember you made a gesture when Jeremy came after me.

Kait: I'm guilty by association

Helen: You can play this game by yourself. I would love you to work with me. I know you are working with Jeremy, We have mad respect for each other's game play. I told him I'm thinking of putting you up as a pawn. If you come over to the light, I saw how close you were to winning HOH, I was happy to see that, playing for yourself to win, I felt bad for you, you had to study, I respect that. So I told Jeremy, I won't lie, it's an option. I talked to Andy, he loves you, if I don't put you up, you can thank Andy. I won't back door you, and I would like the same from you. I wanted to protect Aaryn also, but after last night... it was a strange vote, people were lied to.. think about it, 2 strong players have left, it leaves the game open for people like you me and Andy. I'll give Jeremy credit, he came up and told me things, he's trying to make up for the past. But I need to know if I protect you, you'll protect me.

Kait: 100%... it would almost be better for me to go up as a pawn, I hate to say that..

Helen: after last night, everyone is saying put her up.

Kait: I've been loyal to her since day 2, I'm a loyal person(starts to cry)

Helen: Jessie saw the light, you can too... you can trust Andy

Kait: I get everybody's perspective in this house, that's why I'm mad at this catty highschool...

Helen: and you see it, God bless Kaitlin. Aaryn's antics, over the racial slurs and the bed, the whole house is like, please, she's upsetting everyone

Kait: she's upsetting me too

Helen: You were going to be the pawn, never the target, but you aren't going home

Kait: it would almost be better for me to be the pawn, so I don't have to vote, and I could play for pov.

Helen: I want to see how loyal Jeremy can be to me.

Kait: She exaggerates so much, I only hear one side of the story, I have too big of a heart, it's starting to get difficult.

Helen: I appreciate that. If you want to go up as a pawn so you don't have to vote her out..

Kait: Obviously I don't want to go up... I feel bad because Elissa came to me wanting to work with me, and I didn't know the house was going that way. I think it's rediculous that the house talks so much, I admit I've fallen into the black hole also

Helen: But you can change that. Last night wasn't the night for her to cause so much commotion. It broke my heart.

(Candice has been called to DR, comes in to get clothes, then leaves)

Helen: I will tell you, you will NOT be the one going home. I have 4 people in the game before... and Andy loves you, if you want to come over to my and Andy, you can still be friends with...

Kait: I told him last night, he should make a proposition to work with Andy... and I haven't gotten to know you yet.

Helen: there are people here I am loyal to... if I put you up and you win pov/come down... just know you are Pawn with a capital P..

Kait: I trust you

They hug and Kait leaves.

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2:48pm bbt Amanda/McCrae with Helen in HOH

They agree Aaryn/Howard are 2 good nominees

Amanda: we need it to be someone that is strong, and that will use it if they win

McC: only thing is if we put up Howard, will it upset Candice?

Amanda: I talked to Candice yesterday, asked if Howard is in boys alliance, and she flipped on me.

Helen: She was in shower when Jeremy shared with me, so Candice heard, she had a feeling it was Sp/Jerm/How/Nick.

More talk about Howard vs Spencer going up, because Helen is so upset that Spencer was trying to get Amanda nominated last week.

Helen: Who is the right 3rd person?
Amanda: Kaitlin, Spencer? because they are traitors?
McC: they are scared

Amanda: if Jeremy won and didn't play the veto?
Helen: we get rid of Aaryn, and make Howard loyal

Amanda: nom Aaryn and Howard... we want to take one off the block and put up Jeremy... Aaryn, Howard, and Spencer, or put up Kaitlin?

McC: if she said to go up as a pawn?

Helen: Aaryn, Howard and Kaitlin as MVP vote? She would use it on herself if she won POV

Amanda: We should tell Aaryn that Jeremy voted to evict David.

Helen: I'm not going to tell Howard anything but I need you to play POV because you are strong.

Amanda: So tell him Aaryn and Kaitlin, surprise him with the key, tell him the reason is you want him to win veto. Don't tell him so he doesn't freak out. MVP puts up Kaitlin, since she agreed to be a pawn.

Helen: I can't believe how deceitful How/Sp were. Do you know how much in DR I've said I trust them? I'm going to let Aaryn come up and tell her she's the pawn. I want this to be shocking, no one tell Howard. I just learned every secret. Yesterday Jeremy said there is stuff going on that you don't know, but he literally spilled the beans.

Amanda: The night he was screaming at you, we can't forget that

Helen: oh I know, I want him to think he is safe.

Amanda: Howard has said he is throwing comps, so he will have to play hard. Worse case is Aaryn or Jeremy goes home.

Helen: If Jeremy won POV and took Aaryn off the block, Spencer goes home
Amanda: no, Howard, he's too strong. He's the one that pitted the two alliances against each other

McC: thank goodness for Judd, I kept telling him, I was so worried

Helen: McCrae, it's ok, you voted the right way

McC: we all came to play the game

Amanda: Candice is dangerous, you can't let her know anything, because he is manipulating her too

McC: Howard did not vote with us, we know that he is lying

Helen: there is no annimosity between us. Howard is the one, McCrae you have always voted right.

Amanda: How/Sp sat down and strategically decided to vote

Helen: I knew immediately, I knew Jess was solid, she studied with me all night long, she never flinched. They were so shady, to think they were lying to me all along.

Amanda: I wouldn't be surprised if Howard came in and said you two are different, asian and black, he swore on his bible....

Helen: are you guys going to share this with Elissa? I think we should wait? She's going to ask why Howard?

Amanda: When everyone made you a target, I came to you and told you...we are solid, I trust you guys, Andy and Judd, they are solid, we can get to final 5.

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