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Thursday, July 11 Live Feed Updates


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#BB15 8:00pm BBT: Howard talking to Jessie/Judd in bedroom saying it's just a game, someone needs to go every week. Jessie says she's scared. Amanda/McCrae in cockpit

#BB15 8:01pm BBT: McCrae: "I'm so pissed off right now. Spencer/Howard are snakes" Howard told Candice that Jessie flipped, and McCrae isn't happy about it

#BB15 8:03pm BBT: Andy joins Amanda/McCrae in cockpit. Amanda "No matter what, Jeremy should remain our target". They don't want to put him up initially because he can win veto. Kaitlin/Aaryn at chess table, they're talking about the upcoming have-not comp. Jeremy sitting alone in KT eating. Gina, still crying, joins Aaryn/Kait saying "I didn't cry this much when I broke up with my fiance"

#BB15 8:07pm BBT: Howard joins Jeremy. Jeremy to Howard "You're sitting pretty" Howard trying to do damage control

#BB15 8:10pm BBT: Andy/Amanda/McCrae talking about how happy they were that Jeremy got out on the first question. Amanda wants to put up Howard/Aaryn. Andy is worried, and wants to keep Howard/Spencer on their side. Amanda: "They're never going to be on our side", they all talk about how Howard is dangerous and he's been throwing comps

#BB15 8:13pm BBT: Aaryn: "Never has any other season got this real, this fast.... These people are garbage"

#BB15 8:15pm BBT: Andy/McCrae/Amanda want them, Judd/Helen to work together and run with it. They shake on it. Andy just needs to rope in Helen, and keep her from saying bone-headed things

#BB15 8:18pm BBT: Aaryn/Kaitlin agree that Jeremy is done with them. He hasn't comforted them and told them to just move on

#BB15 8:20pm BBT: Aaryn/Kaitlin/Gina all say they would be fine going home, and don't care. Aaryn: "I WILL get half million dollars in my lifetime"

#BB15 8:23pm BBT: Andy says it was tortorous to sit up there (HOH) and listen to them constantly bash her (Elissa)

#BB15 8:26pm BBT: McCrae (talking about Jessie): "If she flipped, she's the best player in the game"

#BB15 8:28pm BBT: Candice and Jeremy join Amanda/McC/Andy in cockpit. Howard goes up to chess table to give Aaryn/Kait/Gina some tips- tells them to mingle and go downstairs, even if they have to be fake

#BB15 8:30pm BBT: Aaryn: "I feel physically ill. She is garbage and I feel bad for the people who have to live with her fulltime" (I assume she's talking about Elissa, again)

#BB15 8:32pm BBT: Howard joins Jessie in bedroom. Jessie is a little concerned because Helen keeps saying she'll protect the ones who were with her from day 1, but Jessie just joined them. Howard says not to look at it like that, Helen will protect her

#BB15 8:38pm BBT: Kaitlin (about Jeremy): "He's obviously been playing me"

#BB15 8:42pm BBT: Helen: "Julie Chen said my name!"

#BB15 8:43pm BBT: Elissa says that "they" (production/casting) warned her she wasn't going to be liked. Also, Gina Marie goes up to Nick's picture, and touches it

#BB15 8:45pm BBT: Gina Marie, wearing Nick's hat, pulls up a chair and sits in front of Nick's picture. Just staring at it

#BB15 8:48pm BBT: Aaryn makes Gina Marie get up and brings her to the bedroom

#BB15 8:56pm BBT: Kaitlin/Jeremy playing chess. Kait giving him the cold shoulder, not talking much. Gina Marie crying in the bedroom, Aaryn is with her, Jessie sleeping in another bed

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Big Brother After Dark

10:00 PM BBT Howard leaves the plane room to go clean the kitchen. Judd immediately starts whispering to Andy, Amanda, and McCrae (assuming it has to do with Spencer/Howard trying to plant Howard's vote on Jessie).

Andy: Jeremy never cleans his dishes. Helen was a havenot, cleaned the entire kitchen, and Jeremy just dropped his dish there. They're so entitled and it makes me so angry.

McCrae: It pisses me off so much.

Mostly talking about the other side right now and their encounters with them. Andy said during the first week, he had a five minute convo with Elissa in the bathroom and the other side viewed him aligned with her. Amanda is saying Gina is so emotional which is not a good quality. She says Gina is a follower, not a leader. They are all whispering softly, quickly, and each one quickly changes the subject from one houseguest to another houseguest making it difficult to catch the convos. Judd is mentioning when Jeremy was saying "Y'all gon' learn today!" Andy says he was close to Kaitlin at the beginning then she turned into a bitch.

Feeds switch to Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlyn in Bedroom: 10:10 BBT (I tried to transcribe this as good as possible, Jessie/Kaitlyn/Aaryn convo with Jeremy in room (doesn't say anything) and Judd walks in shortly)

Jessie: I feel like the way I have been treated while being aligned with y'all has not been fair to me.

Kaitlyn: Do you think she has loyalty to you?

J: I'm not talking about loyalty but she has respect

K: (sarcastically) Huh??? that's interesting! Maybe I'll be laughing when she gets you out.

J: She actually is

Aaryn: What has she done that is respectful to you?

J: I don't know, maybe you should get to know her Aaryn. You've been going after her since week 1. Maybe you brought it on yourself?

A: No she brought it on me, You weren't there.

J: You're right, I wasn't there,

A: So don't act like you know

J: but it's not my battle.

J: And y'all are going to bring an alliance back on me? You know that's not true. You know it was Jeremy/David, Jeremy/Kaitlin, Nick/GM and then maybe me down below that. After David got out, you started talking to me again. I was never important to you guys

K: I was always talking to you, comforting you, hugged you all the time

J: Kaitlyn, I did the same thing for you

K: Yea which is why I'm so shocked you lied to my face especially (censored) table I asked you and you still lied to me.

J: I'm going to sit there and get all this again at the table.

K: Her ass is going to vote you out just as quick so good luck

J: We'll see. I'm getting ganged up again. And they're going to take over our bed (as Judd walks in)

K: You lied to my face too, Judd

A: He thinks he's going to get some now. Judd will align with anyone that he can (couldn't catch this part but I think it had to do with Jessie)

K: It's okay, Judd can be your fifth chance of a showmance

J: Are y'all listening to yourselves

A: Did you listen (can't catch it)

J: and you think I'm the one being portrayed that way

Judd: come on Jessie, get out of here

A: Judd, you're last call. You're a crazy slutty bitch.

Aaryn smiling as they walk out and starts laughing.

A: Did you see them holding hands out there?

They start bashing Jessie about trying to go from showmance to showmance. Aaryn and Kaitlyn say they don't want to be here anymore.

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10:16 BBT Jeremy is now in Bathroom with Jessie and Judd. Judd saying those are the most disgusting people he's ever seen in his life like animals to Jeremy. Judd is defending Jessie. Andy and Elissa are comforting Jessie in the Bathroom about the bed situation. (Ed: Spencer/Howard, how is pinning that vote on Jessie working out, now?)

Jeremy is saying Judd is pissed off now to GM, Aaryn, and Kaitlyn. Jeremy says he is flabbergasted and is not defending anyone. Jessie is saying GM said "We're just good people and we can't play a dirt game like these people. I can't lie to people's faces." Jessie tells Andy GM has never been in that situation. Elissa is also trying to calm Judd as Jessie and Andy are talking. (Jessie is handling herself really well. Jeremy is trying to distance himself from the girl's comments). Judd is visibly upset about Jessie being ganged up on and Andy tells Jessie, "There are people that have your back."

In other bedroom, Elissa is relaying what has happened to McCrae and Amanda. Jeremy comes in saying he doesn't know what to do, He doesn't want to get caught in the middle. Amanda would rather a discussion of the sleeping arrangements. Jeremy agrees and says everyone is going to have to share and then it went "cray-cray" (referring to conversation earlier).

Jeremy: I don't care where I sleep, I just want to sleep on a bed.

In other bedroom, Kaitlyn asks what is going on out there?

Jeremy: Idk, but it didn't fly well with them

A: what didn't

K: Of course, why would it?

A: What didn't fly well?

J: That whole situation

A: I don't know what you're talking about.

Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and GM once again say they want to go home. Aaryn mentions that the HOH noms have not gone home the past two weeks. Jeremy is saying he wants to be here regardles of the people that are here. "I need that money"

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#BB15 9:00BBT ginamarie is still crying over nick with aayrn, jeremy and kat are at the chess table,

everyone else is in the KT

#BB15 9:05 andy now talking to helen in the have not room telling her that he now

wants to work with her and the five that they have judd,candice,elissa,andy,and jessie? aayrn is in the

bedroom with ginamarie trying to cheer her up ginamarie saying she doesnt know what to do now

andy and helen now talking aboout the veto comp candice is in there with them

#BB15 9:10BBT spencer now talking to elissa about the votes, telling her that jessie was the fourth

vote for her when it was howards vote, elissa whispers to judd about her talk with spencer, and how it

doesnt make sence that it was jessie that was the fourth vote, judd saying

they are trying to get mccrae on there side now helen now talking to candice about elissa and how

she put a target on her back by being friends with elissa, they hug each other, and on and on Helen now

talking about using jessie has a pawn, now she says that she thinks it was spencer who voted for elissa

"I dont think it was howard I think hes with us" and they just go back and forth with this

#BB159:13BBT now helen is talking about aayrn and shell come up to me howie comes in to do his bible study,

and the talking stops, oh candice and helen deside that she should sleep alone in her hoh, helen thanks

howie for his vote?? she still doesnt know that howard voted for elissa and they hug

#BB15 9:20BBT Ginamarie is still crying, jeremy and kat are now in the room with her

jeremy saying theres nothing we can do about it now it is what it is deal with it hes not dead

and so on and so on elissa is now in the KT

#BB15 9:25 BBt elissa is in the bedroom with everyone saying how happy for Helen she is, eariler amanda was dancing around

with helen and elissa in ginamarie, telling everyone shes sorry now shes going off, and elissa is saying cant you just be happy for helen

and let us be happy, now shes going on about how cool everyone is, and shes just going off, about how heart broken she is over nick

"you voted the way you did it is what it is no hard feelings its find everything I said was from my heart, I said all good things about yall,

I dont hurt peoples feelings and Im so sorry for crying" and so on

#BB15 9:30 BBT Helen now sayings its a game we all have to be voted out at some point its not personal, its not going to get

any easier, we should all support each other when we are down we are playing BB not real world now elissa chimes in bb is about showing

good sportsman ship, its not about being mean to each other, and Jessie is like ginamarie when your ready to come talk to me like an adult come talk to me

#BB15 9:35BBt talk has now turned to what helen wants in her HOH room, she says she asked for games, red wine and food, in the other room they are still trying to

cheer up ginamarie,

#BB159:40BBT HG are waiting for helen to get her hoh room, helen says

her husband looks like mike boogie

BB15 9:45BBT andy judd and amanda are in the cockpit room

andy is saying how spencer and howard are saying that it was jessie

that flipped he doesnt believe that, he thinks it was either, howie or spencer

that flipped.

#BB15 9:50BBt still in the cockpit room andy and amanda and judd and mccrae are just going on and on about how they control the

house now by being in line with helen and elissa and what a great move it was to get in line with elissa the most hated person in the house

and how smart they were and no one knows thats what they did aayrn is now called into the DR ginamarie is now onto ice cream to feel better

#BB15 10:00 BBT same old you know different time lolz

#BB1510:05 jeremy now walking around saying Im not used to this losing shit this sucks in the cockpit/lounge room the group is just going round and round

same old stuff welcome to the bb merry go round

BB151:10:12BBT Helen just got called into the DR aayrn just kicked judd out of the bedroom telling him he cant sleep there its

now their room, jessie is going off because kaitlin and jeremy took her bed, she tried to go in there and they attacked her, jeremy says that was not nessary, elissa

tells jeremy, that he should stop bulling people and they are going off on it, jeremy is like Im not sleeping on the floor, jessie is like that doesnt mean you can take my bed judd is like thats childist

judd its my room too you dont tell me to get out, andy is saying just take my bed, its one night

#BB1510:21BBT Elissa is now talking to mccrae and amanda about judd and the bed thing and saying how she felt like she had to say something,

they did it to us last time amanda this should be talked about not just a take over, to jeremy, who says all he said was that he is not sleeping on the floor and it all went crazy from there,

elissa is saying now going off about it mccrea is saying that he felts like hes entitaled andy is saying hes not being a bitch about it hes being smart about it. and just went in there and took a bed like I dont care

Im bigger so I get a bed mccrae is like they think they should get whatever they want, and I dont care thats not right and it just goes on

BB1510:30BBT Mccrae is saying how hes now going to go to the DR and complain about jeremy and the beds hes mad about it. He saying fuck that shit

you can sleep on the floor, elissa now is scared to go into the room to get her jewely that is really expensive

and andy is saying how upset he is and saying no more no more and elissa is saying how shes never had this stuff before, and now they are saying how happy they are

and now that we have power its going to be different , amanda went into the room with jessie to get her stuff she was too scared to go in there candice now chimes in on them taking over the bedroom

she banging pots and pans all night long

everyone in the internet world would love you if you did that, candice you put me on have not and you think you can take my

bed oh no Im banging pots and pans

#BB15 10:45BBT wait until they go to bed tonight sounds like its

going to be a battle of pots and pans

#BB15 10:46BBT who wants to see helens HOH room and they all start screaming, and aayrn and ginamarie go up there, with jeremy, and open the door more yelling,

pictures of kids husband, drawings from her kids,ginamarie is just standing there with her arms crossed,

got plates her kids made for her, got corks from her husband, letter from her husband, who says he misses her talks about fathers day and church they had pancakes after church talked about

swimming park, talking about what her boys are doing and how much they miss her and come home soon. ginamarie and jeremy and aayrn are out the door, looking in the food basket, she got her wine

they need glasses now, helen showing off the plates her kids made. jessie is already in the hoh bed, Kaitlin is also laying on the bed, showing off a picture of her boys

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10:30 BBT Jessie is getting her stuff out of the bedroom with Amanda in there to protect her. As they leave, Aaryn says, "so now they're friends?" Pity party and bitching continues as feeds switch to the other bedroom with Amanda/Andy/Elissa/McCrae/Jessie laughing and wondering what Helen's room is going to have. Not entirely sure what they are laughing at but Amanda is cracking up as Candice walks into the room saying something.

Candice seems to be getting PO'd but doing it in a joking way because the blondetourage is in her bed. Candice is says she's going to be Evel Dick on those people in her bed using pots and pans to wake them up. All of them are laughing and joking about the situation.

10:41 BBT Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn still in the bedroom.

10:42 BBT Helen just got her HOH and EVERYONE is shouting, running, laughing to her HOH room (except the blondetourage but they make their way up there). Helen thanks everyone for coming up before she opens her HOH room. Helen shows the houseguests pictures and artwork from her sons. Helen then reads her letter as everyone is up there and she starts crying nearly immediately. It's from her husband talking about their kids. Helen is able to make it through the letter then start crying again.

10:48 BBT Houseguests have started to leave HOH such as Kaitlyn, GM, Jessie, and Judd.

Jessie goes immediately to the bedroom where Aaryn, GM, and Kaitlyn have been. Jessie goes and lies down in one of the beds and Kaitlyn comes in. Kaitlyn also lies on the bed and Jessie says she's not going to move. Kaitlyn eventually gets off and goes to GM's bed.

Jeremy comes in and also lays down on her bed. Jessie asks Jeremy to leave. Jeremy says he is respectfully declining. Kaitlyn, GM, and Jeremy start arguing with Jessie. It's a battle between Jessie/Jeremy for the bed. Candice is also in there but can't hear her. Kaitlyn then responds to her saying, "Okay, go ahead Candice, that just shows who you are on TV even more." Candice is also laying in a bed next to Jess. In the Bedroom, GM and Kaitlyn are in a bed. Jessie is visibly upset in a bed with Jeremy. Candice is in the other bed. Candice/Jessie talking. Kaitlyn/GM/Jeremy talking. Idle chit/chat.

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10:57 BBT In Have Not room, Howard is trying to calm Candice down about the bed situation. Candice is visibly upset also and starts crying for a little bit then stops. Candice doesn't want to let go of the bed and Howard says just let them take it. Candice wants Howard to put his pajamas on and lie down on the bed.

Aaryn, GM, Jeremy, and Kaitlyn are back in the other Bedroom just lying around. Jessie is still in there with Jeremy in the bed then Kaitlyn goes and lies down with Jeremy. Jessie still visibly upset.

Feeds switch back to Candice and Howard. Candice says racist remarks were said against them, she was a have-not, and they flipped her bed over. (When Candice and Jessie were in the room earlier, the others flipped Candice's bed over). They are still talking about the bed and the racist remarks. Candice wants to stand up for themselves, but Howard wants to just let it go. Howard doesn't want to be bitter.

GM comes into the Have-not room

GM to Candice: You want to talk like a woman now

C: No I don't want to talk at all

GM: You were disrespectful

C: You know how many disrespectful things have been said to me, racial?

GM: I didn't say anything

C: You didn't. But a lot of racial stuff has been going on in this house but it doesn't have anything to do with you. You were heated because Nick left. I understand your heartbreak as a woman. I feel it. It did hurt my feelings when you called me a cockroach. I like you as a woman

GM: I said cockroach because everyone scattered

C: I know but it's a heated time, but I have no ill feelings

GM: I don't either

C: I actually like you. I'm just upset at things going on right now and it's not even directed towards you and I hope we can squash it. It has nothing to do with you

GM: I understand that. I am heartbroken with Nick. And I never said anything. If I need to say anything to you, I will. Hopefully we can work out this bed thing. I'll let you guys talk.

GM leaves

Feeds switch back to Jessie in room with Kaitlyn/Aaryn/Jeremy/GM (walks in). Aaryn mentioning Julie's comment directed towards Jessie about showmances. Mostly just all of them ganging up on Jessie while she still in the bed. Jessie trying to be respectful, but Kaitlyn and Aaryn still trying to antagonize.

Aaryn is saying she was cool with Jessie and thought they were cool (If Jessie would've heard what Aaryn said a week ago about her).

Jessie is saying that the house doesn't want to hang around a negative person basically (to Aaryn) saying it pushes people away. Aaryn saying Elissa was her first friend in her house and she did everything she could in this house to be friends with her, but Jessie doesn't know what happened. Aaryn saying the deal between E and A on day 1 or 2 not to go after each other went out the window because Elissa mentioned Aaryn's name to McCrae while he was HOH. Jessie is saying she is not in an alliance with anyone and is on the side with people that respect her. Aaryn and Kaitlyn say the other side talks shit about her all the time. Amanda walks in and starts getting heated. Kaitlyn and Aaryn start trying to say that they don't want to hear her right now, but Amanda is not backing down.

Am: The truth of the matter ladies is that you all talk shit about each other and anything I've said behind Jessie's back, I said it to her fucking face. Kaitlyn, you've said shit about Aaryn. Aaryn, you said shit about Kaitlyn.

She's on a roll and the censors are blocking some of it as BBAD goes to commercial :mad1:

11:14 BBT Amanda is still in the Bedroom going off on Aaryn and Kaitlyn, calling them out about shit-talking. It's a constant back and forth. Amanda is saying part of this competition is being nice. Amanda said she came into the room because she thought they were picking on Jessie. It's a constant back and forth between Amanda and Aaryn that I'm not going to transcribe. Amanda is basically schooling Aaryn on what she has been doing in this game that has basically put her in her current position. Amanda leaves.

Jessie stays behind still in the bed.

11:18 BBT Howard is still with Candice in Have-not room. Candice is still visibly upset about how the other side of the house has treated her, and Howard continues to try and comfort her.

Feeds switch back to the Bedroom with Jessie/Aaryn and the rest. They're basically going around in circles about what has happened between them over the past couple weeks. Jessie is saying Aaryn shut her out when David and her were in a showmance.

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Helen read's her HOH Letter(from her husband):

"Dear Helen, I am writing this to you right after you left, and we already miss you terribly. We'll be fine. We'll have a fun summer, but know that we will miss you. On Father's Day, the boys helped me open my gifts."

Helen: We left like the day before.

"I love them, and the letter you wrote. Being able to read your words was great. The boys were so behaved at mass that a woman came over and complimented their behavior."

Helen:They are really bad at church. (everyone laughs) Like, really bad.

"Afterwards, we went and had pancakes, and off to the park, then swimming. They slept for about 3 hours. I had to wake them up for dinner.

Helen:That's a good day, that's like my average Sunday.

"Henry attended his first day of summer school on Monday. He loves it. His class will start using the outdoor pool and park outside the street. It has one of those wet play areas, with fountains and water slides. He's been talking to people about how you received a big key, but I pretend like I don't know what he's talking about. Working full time and playing single dad is tricky. Each day they do a lot of playing, learning, and eating. Then they fall asleep exhausted, and then? Then I rinse and repeat. Each night the boys continue to pray for everyone, but now, they are also praying for mommy to come home safely. Although they miss you mommy, don't worry about them. They are busy as they can be. I will keep all of their new artwork for you when you come home. Everyone here in DC are doing well and wishing you the best. We miss you terribly, but we are so proud. I love you. Michael"

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11:25 BBT Jeremy has made his way up to HOH talking about bed situation. Jessie is in there too with Judd/Helen/Andy/Spencer/Elissa. (Because of the commercial, I don't know how they ended up in the HOH) GM comes in asking for a cola then leaves. Helen is saying her stuff is the people's food. Anyone can have it. Helen said her room is everyone's room and she doesn't want to be in there by herself. Jeremy is now making small talk with Helen about her kids being artists and feeds switch to Howard in the have not room by himself. Sounds like he is praying and maybe crying a little. Howard is called to DR. GM, Aaryn, and Kaitlyn in Bedroom. Kaitlyn thinks Candice and Howard had a serious fight and maybe that's why they're so worked up. Feeds switch: Howard is visibly upset and doesn't respond to the request to go to the Diary Room.

11:31 BBT, Candice in HOH with Andy/Elissa/Helen/Jessie. She is crying and saying what is going on. Candice is saying that she was a have-not, then they stole her bed and what made her feel better was sharing a bed with someone who understood where she was coming from (with the racial remarks). She tells them that Aaryn flipped her bed over with all her clothes on the floor. She is saying it's disrespectful. Candice said she told them if they knock over the bed again, it will be Evel Dick all night long. She is mentioning the racial remarks "Shaniqua" again. She then moves on to Howard carrying her out of the room and Howard saying to let them have the bed. (It's hard to see Candice like this right now. The racial remarks are really getting to her.) She is also mentioning the GM encounter with her from earlier. Candice says she makes fun of the Shaniqua comment to cope with it even though it hurts. (goes to commercial)

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11:01 PM BBT Howard is trying to calm Candice down regarding Aaryn and the way she is acting. Candice doesn't want to lay down any more. Howard understands but he knows that if he stays in the room and hears something he'll end up doing what he wants to do and leave the house happy. Candice wants to know where he is going to sleep.

11:05 PM BBT Gina comes in asking if Candice is calmed down and wants to talk woman to woman. Candice says no. She's done. She's tired and fed up. Racial things have been said this week and she's sick of it. They go back and forth before Gina says she knows the bed situation is mixed up and maybe they talk about it. Candice breaks down and starts crying saying that when she goes to bed at night with him she feels better. Candice doesn't want to give up her bed. Howard understands but he fears that if she sleeps in there with them (Gina, Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin that things will be said. Candice begins crying saying she doesn't want to give up the bed.

11:08 PM BBT Meanwhile next door in the colorful room Aaryn is telling Jessie about a deal that Elissa made with her. Aaryn says she is confused. Jessie laughs saying "of course I'm the one that's confused." Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to lay in Jessie/Judd's bed with Kaitlin laughing and stoking the fire. Amanda comes in and starts talking and Kaitlin says this conversation isn't about her. Amanda says let's clear the air. Amanda has a wine glass in her hand (quarter full with red wine?). Amanda says everyone talks bad about each other. Amanda tells Aaryn that they're portraying her on the show as very racist and says that everyone is being questioned about it in the DR and we get FoTH briefly. Aaryn asks how this is helping her. Talk turns back to DR questions and the house gets a reminder that talking about DR is not allowed. More FoTH.

11:15 PM BBT Amanda is still going on about the DR questions. Aaryn doesn't believe that they (CBS) would portray her that way. Amanda says that's fine then if you haven't said anything then there shouldn't be a problem. Aaryn says Amanda is just trying to stir stuff up. Amanda calls out Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy and talking about each other behind their back. Amanda brings up ruining the conversation.

11:18 PM BBT Meanwhile next door Howard is still trying to calm Candice down about the bed. Next door in the colorful room Amanda has left and Kaitlin tells Jessie that she's hurt by something that she said. Kaitlin says when she and Jessie were going after Jeremy that she told her to go for him. Jessie is glad that Kaitlin won him.

11:28 PM BBT Feeds are up in the HoH. Spencer, Andy, Jessie, Elissa, Helen and possibly more celebrating Helen's room. Gina comes in and asks for a bottle of soda and Helen says sure. Down in the HNR Howard appears to be crying and praying. He's called to DR. He stays kneeling on the floor trying to compose himself.

11:31 PM BBT Down in the colorful room Gina tells Kaitlin and Aaryn that Jeremy is upstairs. One of them says of course he did. He stirs the pot with the girls and goes to hang out with the crowd. Kaitlin says they are all upstairs making fun of them. Gina says no they were just chatting. Feeds switch to the HoH bathroom. Candice is upstairs and relaying the information that happened downstairs and how awful they are. Candice says it's horrible that Aaryn flipped her bed. Candice calls out Aaryn's parents saying they did a horrible job raising their daughter. Helen offers Candice and Jessie the opportunity to share her bed.

11:38 PM BBT Downstairs Howard and Spencer are talking. Spencer says Jeremy is upstairs doing damage control. Spencer asks how Candice is. Howard tells Spencer how he's been trying to calm her down especially after Gina got in her face. Spencer offers his bed and says he'll sleep in the HNR he doesn't mind. Howard needs a moment. Spencer understands.

11:40 PM BBT Down in the cockpit Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Spencer and Jeremy are sitting. What happened to Candice's bed is brought up. Jeremy says she heard the group next door making fun of her (I believe Candice was bringing up the fish statement at that time).

11:43 PM BBT Feeds switch back to the colorful room where Aaryn is sitting in Gina's bed. Elissa walks in to retrieve something and nobody acknowledges each other with Aaryn and Gina continuing with the conversation. Back in the cockpit room part of the party breaks up leaving Andy and Spencer whispering. Spencer says Howard is shaking he's so mad.

11:51 PM BBT Feeds bouncing around here and there. Elissa is getting all of Candice's stuff. Candice thanks her while Helen continues to try and console her. Elissa heads back down to try and get the rest of her dirty clothes. Aaryn sits on Gina's bed fiddling with her nails silently.

11:55 PM BBT Feeds drop down to the chair room and Gina is talking to Amanda, Andy, and McCrae about why they voted Nick out. Jeremy is trying to get a pair of shorts that apparently fell behind his dresser. He asks Andy for his "little frazzled fingers" and Andy laughs. Andy is unable to get them either. They (Jeremy and McCrae) go looking for something to try and reach them with. Up in the HoH Candice, Elissa and Helen are talking. Jessie is in the room as well. Candice says she's annoyed and wants to go sleep in her bed.

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11:41 BBT Jeremy/Spencer/Amanda/McCrae/Judd in Plane room. Jeremy is saying Candice made a threat referring to Candice saying if anyone flipped her bed on her again. He's just rehashing that event.

Feeds swtich to GM/Aaryn discussing Elissa and the other house using her MVP power and as they talk, Elissa comes walking in to get some clothes, and Gina changes the conversation to something, she's kinda blabbing.

Spencer/Andy in plane room discussing the night's events. Judd/Helen/Jessie in HOH talking about earlier events and what Aaryn/Kaitlyn said to Jessie.

With Jeremy/GM/Aaryn in Bedroom, Kaitlyn comes in telling Jeremy: "I really enjoyed that conversation you throwing me underneath the bus." Elissa is in the room again looking for clothes as Kaitlyn was saying that. Jeremy told the other side of the house that they got carried away with their emotions. Kaitlyn is pissed at Jeremy about what he said. Howard is now in there going through clothes.

Aaryn is telling Jeremy that she is not faulting him for anything, but Aaryn said there is not a price tag for people saying and doing things to her and that she knows to walk away a bigger person. However, she feels the least in this situation she could do is stand up for herself. She is referring to Amanda saying, "What she came in her and did was the worst thing she could've done." Jeremy was kinda speechless followed by commercial.

11:54 BBT Candice is rehashing in HOH what happened earlier about the cockroach comment. In another bedroom, Amanda, Andy, and GM are talking. GM is crying. Amanda is saying Jeremy was the target and Nick wasn't. The only reason Nick is gone is to dwindle her alliance, nothing more. GM starts sobbing again as Andy starts talking about what happened. Amanda doesn't seem to be trying to comfort her as she is eating popcorn and talking at the same time.

Howard is now up in the HOH with Candice, Elissa, Helen, Jessie. He is upset and sniffling a lot, then leaves saying he needs to chill.

Feeds switch back to GM sobbing as Amanda and Andy continue to talk to her about what happened. Amanda is very nonchalant when talking to her. McCrae has been sitting next to Amanda but not saying anything. GM keeps crying saying "it feels like I lost a whole half of me."

BBAD ends with Jeremy/Kaitlyn/Aaryn in the other bedroom trying to comfort Kaitlyn.

Just my personal observation from tonight, Jeremy is the only one of the four of Kaitlyn/Aaryn/GM/Jeremy who has his head screwed on and is continuing to play the game while the rest are either complaining or sobbing. And just the way Candice and Howard have gotten heated and upset from the racial remarks in the house along with the bed situation, I wouldn't be surprised if another blowup comes soon as a result of it.

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Wow! This day had a little of everything! A surprise (to me) vote, crying, yelling, accusations of bad behavior, calling people "garbage," if there was a turkey on the table it would be Thanksgiving with the folks.

Let's hope the drama continues:

Friday, July 12 Live Feed Updates

Thanks everyone!

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