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Thursday, July 11 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)

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#BB15 11:00pm BBT: McCrae/Amanda in HOHR talking. All other HGs in Cockpit talking about celebrities

#BB15 11:02pm BBT: McCrae/Amanda counting votes making sure they have enough to keep Elissa

#BB15 11:06pm BBT: McCrae looks pretty happy with the plan to evict Nick. They are talking about how they can run the game. Amanda is gunning for Spencer. Both are a little worried about Jessie

#BB15 11:08pm BBT: Amanda: "There's no way Jessie is gonna flip, she thinks they're racist"

#BB15 11:12pm BBT: Amanda: "We need to make them think that even though we're picking Nick off, that we're still on their side"

#BB15 11:20pm BBT: Andy joins Amanda/McCrae they are talking about Candice's vote. They need to warn her that Howard isn't to be trusted

#BB15 11:22pm BBT: HOH crew are talking about how Gina Marie is going to go crazy

#BB15 11:26pm BBT: Andy: "They're not doing any challenges catering to me... Like standing there and punching a button"

#BB15 11:33pm BBT: Kaitlin goes to HOH to take a shower. Amanda/McCrae leave, Andy stays to listen to music. Most HGs still in cockpit talking about rock, paper, scissors

#BB15 11:41pm BBT: Jessie goes to bed, she's sharing a bed with Elissa. They are whispering about Aaryn/Kaitlin

#BB15 11:44pm BBT: Jessie is worried about people coming down on her for voting to evict Nick. She wants some "in-between" votes so she can claim to be with them... (They don't know Howard/Spencer aren't with them)

#BB15 11:51pm BBT: Andy/Helen in HN room. Andy making sure Helen talks to Candice, and votes to evict Nick

#BB15 11:54pm BBT: Kaitlin/Aaryn in HOH bathtub, talking about Elissa

#BB15 11:55pm BBT: Judd/Amanda/McCrae in WA, McCrae says if he was home now he'd be watching the BB live feeds

#BB15 11:58pm BBT: Jeremy in HOH shower, saying that Elissa is going home and the only question she should have is when she should back her bag. Aaryn: "if she doesn't go home, we'll look like fools", Jeremy: "If she doesn't go home, I'm dropping these people like flies.. We're the only ones in this house who can win anything". Kaitlin: "Even though Howard/Spencer are in an alliance with us now, they're not going to be able to win anything"

#BB15 12:05am BBT: Aaryn/Jeremy/Kaitlin in HOH, still talking about Elissa. Howard/Spencer/Candice in cockpit general chit-chat

#BB15 12:12am BBT: Jeremy to Howard: "What prank should we run tonight?" Howard: "Aaryn says she likes to be scared, so I'll come in at 2:30AM and scare her" Jeremy: "You should rape her, that'll scare her"

#BB15 12:25am BBT: Gina Marie/Jeremy talking about Elissa's photo on the wall- she's an ugly Rachel- GM thinks her picture is brighter than the others, and she got a special light for her picture

#BB15 12:29am BBT: Amanda/McCrae get into bed. Mccrae says he's worried

#BB15 12:33am BBT: Amanda/McCrae wonder if there is a possibility for them to be together after the show. Both of them think it's a possibility. McCrae says after the watches the show. Amanda says from the first day, she made it a point to talk to him

#BB15 12:28am BBT: McCrae doesn't want to go home next week, because he wants to be in the house on his birthday

#BB15 12:48am BBT: Kaitlin/Jeremy playing chess. Amanda/McCrae still talking in bed

#BB15 12:50am BBT: McCrae thinks Aaryn is a compulsive liar. She lies about little details that don't need to be lied about

#BB15 12:59am BBT: Judd/Nick/Gina/Howard/Candice/Spencer in cockpit talking about dreams. Kaitlin/Jeremy playing chess. All other HGs sleeping

#BB15 1:02am BBT: Howard tells a story about his dog, he needed to give him pills, and he would wait until he turned his back, spit out the pill, and put his paw over it

#BB15 1:10am BBT: Kaitlin/Jeremy talking about the possibility of Elissa staying. Jeremy says he'd cry, but he's pretty sure he has the numbers, and would be genuinely surprised

#BB15 1:16am BBT: Howard is telling Judd/Nick/Spencer all about dog fighting

#BB15 1:18am BBT: Feeds went to FOTH and Nick/Howard are no longer in the cockpit. Feeds have Spencer/Judd in cockpit talking about the potential comp and Jeremy/Aaryn/Kait in HOH bed

#BB15 1:20am BBT: Nick/Howard in WA- Howard telling Nick that they have the votes to keep him safe

#BB15 1:23am BBT: HOH talk about Elissa going home. Jeremy is PROMISING them that Elissa is going home.. "If you ever have any doubts about me, after tomorrow you won't. I got these people so wrapped around my finger, it's sick"

#BB15 1:16am BBT: Nick/Judd in WA do a fist bump, and nod their head's "yes", and Nick tells him "I got you"

#BB15 1:23am BBT: All HGs in bed. Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy still awake and talking.. general trash-talking of the other HGs (we're on Jessie now)

#BB15 1:41am BBT: The Triangle of Thrust decide to do a "group thrust" for the live feeders

#BB15 1:46am BBT: Some alarm is going off in the house.. HGs don't know what's happening

#BB15 1:47am BBT: The BY is opening, alarms are still going off, all HGs are up and counting the number of times it goes off

#BB15 1:48am BBT: "HGs the lockdown is now over", they go outside a lot of "OMG what is this", the cameras don't show anything and FOTH

#BB15 1:53am BBT: Feeds cut from FOTH to trivia

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#BB15 2:01am BBT: Feeds back

#BB15 2:02am BBT: HGs meeting in small groups relaying/trying to remember facts

#BB15 2:03am BBT: a section of the BY is portioned off, seems to be some sort of counter.

#BB15 2:04am BBT: HGs on indoor lockdown again

#BB15 2:07am BBT: Helen/Elissa in HN room using objects to help them remember facts

#BB15 2:15am BBT: Andy joins HN room, they're all comparing mental notes

#BB15 2:18am BBT: Judd/Jessie in WA, Judd saying Nick will be really good at this comp, another reason he needs to go

#BB15 2:19am BBT: Sounds like they will have continuous wakeups throughout the night, and have a limited time to view objects

#BB15 2:24am BBT: Spencer tells Howard "once Amanda is knocked out, I don't care who wins"

#BB15 2:31am BBT: HGs seem to be quieting down again. Most are back in bed, for now. Andy/Amanda/McCrae still up in the cockpit, studying

#BB15 2:33am BBT: Trivia

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[i rewound and slowly fast forwarded through the feeds this morning from last night, and compiled a general summary of what happened.]

2:52AM BBT: Feeds come back. Spencer and Andy are in the living room. Andy: "Slop slop fragile cold, quantity 48, fragile, fragile, fragile fragile, t-shirts, red, gold, fragile, fragile, flop." He mentions a coffee cup and a rubber band ball. McCrae and Judd are in the cockpit room. There are pasta noodles on the couch. McCrae leaves, and Amanda sits down. Judd says Andy has it all in his head perfectly. Judd asks what the pasta is, and Amanda said she was trying to use the different colours to represent different things.

3:21AM BBT: Andy, Elissa and Helen are in the HN room talking about the sequence of words they've been repeating. It sounds as though they have to remember puzzles and the placement of them. Amanda is using paper cups and other items to remember the sequence of puzzles. In the HoH Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Jeremy go over the sequence.

4:03AM BBT: A few housemates are out of bed picking each others minds about the sequence. At 3:52AM, feeds cut to Trivia until 3:58AM. When feeds come back, Andy, Jessie and McCrae are in the BY. Helen and Elissa are in the HN room testing each other on the sequence. Gina Marie and Nick are in the storage room going over the sequences.

4:10AM BBT: Amanda is in the kitchen cooking something on the stove. McCrae is wandering around. Helen, Jessie, Andy and Elissa are in the HN room, each taking their turn and going over the sequence.

5:00AM-6:20AM BBT: Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Andy, Jessie, Elissa and Helen are all generally still awake and going over the sequence in different groups. At 6:20AM, all feeds show the housemates in bed. [Looks like they stay that way.]

9:07AM BBT: All housemates are snug in their beds.

9:48AM BBT: The feeds have cut to FotH a few times over the past hour, making me think they'll be waking the housemates up, but every time it comes back, the housemates are still in bed.

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10:00am BBT: spencer is up in the wc all other hg still sleeping.

10:09am BBT: bb started playing music for the hg to wake them up then we get foth.

10:19am BBT:helen and elissa in hnbr talking about the things they seen in the by all night long.andy and amanda in wa brushing their teeth.

10:22am BBT: helen telling andy the order of the items they seen through the night in the by they are whispering really low. elissa is now back in joining them and whispering.amanda is in the wa with ginamarie .

10:29am BBT: alot of low whispering going on this morning nick and howard in the str talking about elissa going home tonight. nick leaves and howard changes his batteries. in the hvnbr helen andy and elissa still going over a series of objects that were in the by through the night andy is putting them in order with tshirts and a tubba and a penguin and seaguls and gloves. he is saying in sequince.

10:38am BBT: jeremy is now in wa with amanda. they are going over the numbers they seen in the by through the night. spencer is in bed with howard kneeled down beside his bed going over numbers and letters also.

10:48am BBT: howard andy and helen in storage rm talking.howard says we have the numbers. but she doesnt talk to me and spencer she hasnt talked game to me in 2 days.he says that amanda and mccrae are trying to cut deals on the side though. andy says we should have the vast majority of the votes today and if we dont then we will know. andy says howard i know but we need to all shut up and not talk game today we have the numbers to get nick out ok. howard says no problem.

10:51am BBT: andy says today we all need to stay calm today we have the votes to get nick out. so stay calm today and lay low i trust her to vote nick out. howard says i just hope spencer votes with us i aint sure.howard says she doesnt trust me. andy says just vote like you said you would and then she will trust you.

10:54am BBT: jeremy walks in on helen andy and howard in the storage rm. helen and andy leaves , howard looks in the fridge then walks out.andy now in the kt getting breakfast. jeremy now in kt making cereal.amanda still in wa doing her makeup.jeremy goes to wa and tells amanda he caught the three in the storage rm then goes back to kt to eat his cereal.

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Guest 6Borders

11:07am BB Time

(Sorry for my delay in updating today)

Looks like last minute panic reigns supreme in the BB House.

Helen has been pitching her candidate to Spencer for quite a while {probably way before I got back...

and of course as soon as I am back on the job we have FOTH on all feeds...really I do not plan this just to get a break!}

11:09am BB Time

Jeremy and Spencer in the storage room. Spencer seems to be relating everything he and Helen just talked about.

Spencer is pitching "we should consider getting Elissa out next week"...there is noise but Spencer says she has this "huge f'ing power" (MVP I assume).

Jessie (I think) came in and interrupted the conv. briefly.

She leaves and Spencer continues to pitch the keep Elissa train and we get FOTH

11:13am BBTime

Jessie (I think) comes through again, or maybe it was Aaryn {it as off camera and these people are moving at warp speed)

Jeremy says he has this figured "no ifs ands or butts"

Candance (I think) comes in and then leaves.

They are discussing the comp...Jeremy says it's 450 {I was away for a while so I have no idea what that means..sorry}

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Guest 6Borders

11:16am BB Time

Aaryn is eating. Kait says she put sugar in the coffee and she never does that. Aaryn questios why...kait says it's made strong {it would take more than a BB butter knife to cut the tension between those two -6Borders}

Jeremy comes in to the kitchen and hugs Kait.

Discussion is tonite's comp...Jeremy says expect the unexpected! He says he hopes it's true-false.

Aaryn says its quiet and Jeremy says "everyone is scared to talk"

11:20am BB Time

Jeremy and Helen in the Have Not Room

Jeremy says he wants Helen there more than Elissa {probably the first truth today}...he is telling her ppl are coming after her...wants her to know he is not her biggest enemy. Helen says she wanted to make him an ally.

Helen is assuring him that she will not come after him and Aaryn

Helen does not want ppl to think she and Jeremy are friends..says she will try to keep Aaryn safe cos she can't play (HOH).

Jeremy leaves and Helen is burning off energy

Andy comes in and Helen relates the conv with Jeremy...Andy says "don't believe a word of it"

Helen says "trust me' and Andy leaves.

Helen is working at like crazy in the Have Not Room {the whole house and probably a share of the studio lot can hear the stomping and jumping}

11:25am BB Time

We have FOTH and are back in less time than it took me to type this!

Bathroom: Judd, Spencer and Jessie are discussing where sheets and a comforter went.

General discussion about lockdown and what they need to bring to HOH...someone says "1 hour"

Dining room table: Jeremy is taking to Howard...lots of whispering but Jeremy says "no if's and's or but's" and then "done-skees" {I have no idea how to spell that so I did it phonetically}

Amanda and McCrae in the bedroom..he says the coffee is just killing me and we have FOTH

11:29am BB Time

McManda are whispering but I can't hear. She gets back in bed with him.

{The house is a mess so whatever is going to happen tonite in front of live cameras will happen with limited view because there is no way they can clean this place before 5pm BBT, especially if they go on HOH lockdown -6Borders}

11:31am BB Time

Have Not Room: Andy, Howard and Candace are quizzing each other as to things and positions of things in the house, how many, what's on top of what, sequence....ending with a tiger and a dog...!!!

{honestly I don't know why they do this before every comp..it rarely works out those are the things they are asked about or what the comp is based on. -6Borders}

Helen is still working out and looks like she has lost weight in the last 25 minutes.

11:36am BB Time FOTH

{Seems like half the house is paranoid and cramming for the BB SAT's (aka HOH) and the other half is not worried about it..

it's going to be an interesting day/evening}

11:41am BB Time...we just went from FOTH to Trivia so we may be on feed lockdown for a while!

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11:09am BBT: mccrae in bed telling amanda about his dream lastnight. jeremy and spencer in the kt spencer says i cant find my cup ever and we get foth.
11:11am BBT: spencer and jeremy in storage rm. spencer says i think it is a good idea to keep elissa this week and we can get her out next week. jessie walks in and they stop talking. jessie leaves and spencer says we arent sure about jessies vote. jeremy says i can campaign . kaitlyn and arryn come in to get batteries and jeremy says i got this all memorized and i got this down pat. arryn leaves the sr and jeremy says i am still convinced that we got the votes to get elissa out she is just no good for the house.
11:22am BBT:jeremy and helen in hnbr talking helen says i will try to keep yoe this week if i win hoh. jeremy says well i appreciate that but i wanted to let you know to be prepaired for elissa to leave this week. jeremy leaves and andy comes in helen tells andy what was said then andy leaves thew hnbr. helen continues her workout.
11:27am BBt: andy and candice in sr andy tells her that no matter what you hear she says ok .
11:32am BBT: candice howard andy and elissa and helen going over the sequins of items that was shown in the by all night. there was alot of different itens in each group of items.
11:40am BBT: feeds have gone to trivia.

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12:31pm BBT we have been on trivia for almost an hour now.
12:57pm BBT: feeedds are back and all hg are leaving the hoh rm arryn is packing her stuff up in hoh to move back downstairs. andy and spencer go to sr andy says people are on board so i am just assuring you. they leave sr and go to kt where most hg are making food and getting drinks.
1:00pm BBT: hele tells spencer that she will talk to him later and to please trust her she says she wouldnt talk to them if she didnt trust them. spencer says ok and walks out of the sr.
1:04pm BBT:candice and elissa in hvnbr going over the hoh comp for tonigh. candice leaves the room elissa is packing for tonight.most hg in kt eating.
1:06pm BBT: andy is now in the hnbr talking to jessie he tells her we have the votes and dont let anyone talk you out of it.in the wa we have nick ginamarie, amanda mccrae and arryn getting ready for tonights show.
1:09pm BBT: andy and jessie still talking going over the sequence things in the by over night.amanda is fixen mccraes hair in the wa as other hg are getting makeup done and taking showers.
1:13pm BBT: helen is now talking to jessie she says spencer is freaking out right now . jessie says he is on their side. she says yeah but this is happening. jessie says i dont want to seem like a flipper.helen says its ok the house split really early. she says elissa wanted to put ginamarie up and i talked her out of it cuz i actually like ginamarie. then helen starts going over the hoh comp sequence with her.
1:19pm BBT: spencer and howard are talling spencer tells howard that he trust him 100% and will do whatever he wants to do he says i bet we can mend things with amanda and mccrae. nick comes in talking to them saying they will have ginamarie on our side too if i stay.howard and spencer says yeah ok.andy walks in and talk stops.
1:23pm BBt: jeremy and kaitlyn talking jeremy says we have the votes she is going home.tlyn says i hope so i have a sick feeling about this. she calls elissa names and says i hope so.
1:27pm BBT:spencer howard and nick talking in lounge rm howard tells nick he doesnt have no worries with them thats for sure. nick says ok i am just worried.andy is walking around the house worried that nick is changing howard and spencers minds.
1:28pm BBT: spencer tells nick to go talk to judd and keep his mind in this. nick leaves and howard and spencer start talking again about what they might do spencer says i want to be here like before with you me and jeremy.he says but all my trouble now in the house is because of jeremys mouth.but i want to be on the same page with you.
1:35pm BBT:spencer telling howard that the last 2 weeks have been hard in here. he says we have 5 more weeks till jury starts and we have to try to protect jeremy and thats hard..judd has now joined spencer and howard. he says whats up. spencer says right now we are on plan judd says what do you mean right now.spencer says have you talked to helen judd says i talked to her a little bit this morning and she is like on the same page.
1:45BBT:spencer and howard were talking about nick leaving. andy comes in and asked why couldnt i be in here then they say we are just talking andy says i was getting worried spencer says no reason to be worried andy says ok just checking. spencer tells howard they need to talk to mccrae. he says they are smart they are studying this stuff.
1:47pm BBT: spencer says helen judd and andy are smart and i think it might be best to stay with them. and it might be easier to flip this now.if we vote elissa out then we will be going up. he says just think about it and talk to mccrae.they get up and leave the lounge room
1:52pm BBT: jessie and judd are in bed arryn comes in and talks to them asking them if they are still on board.jessie says yeah judd just lays there and arryn asked whats up he says i am just sleepyarryn says what are you worried about is there anything that concerns you? judd says i dont want to say anything. he says people are saying things and running all over the house alot is being said.

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2:12PM BBT: Andy and Candace are in the chair bedroom. Andy says that even if Jeremy wins HoH, put both of them up, then Elissa gets MVP and put Aaryn up, Aaryn is going home. They go over the scenarios again. McCrae and Spencer are in the cockpit room chatting about the votes tonight. Jeremy comes in, ruining te conversation. Jeremy enters the room, ruining their conversation. They start quizzing each other on the scenarios.

2:15PM BBT: McCrae says it's going to be the little things that kill him. McCrae gets called into the DR. Jeremy talks about his hair, and how phenomenal his hair looks when it's out of his face. Kaitlyn comes into the cockpit room, and Jeremy says she should start getting ready. Spencer chats about what he's going to wear tonight. Aaryn joins the group. Jeremy tells Aaryn she looks like Barbie, and she says thank you.

2:20PM BBT: Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Aaryn chat about possible sleeping arrangements. Spencer leaves, and Jeremy says the numbers are with them. Kaitlyn is so upset right now. Aaryn says stop, she's going to freak people out about it. In the chair bedroom, Andy, Candace, and Elissa are still quizzing eachother on the scenarios. Jeremy jumps on a bed that Judd and Jessie were sleeping in, and wakes them up by squishing in between them. Jeremy turns to Judd and says 'say you promise to my face', and Judd says he promises.

2:31PM BBT: Aaryn comes into the chair bedroom. Andy asks her how well she remembers the sequence. Aaryn says she knows it well enough, but feels she doesn't need to keep going over it. Spencer and Amanda are in the kitchen. Amanda says theres no red flags, and wont distrust Spencer until it's proven. Elissa stands beside Jessie and Judd and goes over the sequences again. Spencer and McCrae are in the cockpit room. McCrae says he thinks he's getting set up by the moving company. Spencer says that's not the case. McCrae says he trusts them, but once that vote comes out, they're solid.

2:35PM BBT: Howard is shaving in the washroom. Kaitlyn is putting lotion on her legs, Candace is curling her hair, and Spencer is hanging out in the washroom. McCrae and Amanda are in the chair bedroom in bed. McCrae tells Amanda his conversation with Spencer that they just had. Jeremy enters the room, and says he needs to wear sexy clothes tonight.

2:44PM BBT: Elissa and Helen are in the HN room. McCrae, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa are now in the chair bedroom. McCrae said it was hard to be up all night. Nick and Andy are quizzing each other in the washroom about the sequence.

2:56PM BBT: Elissa has changed into her dress. McCrae says he doesn't know what he's going to eat. Amanda says he's going to win the competition, but McCrae says he doesn't think he will. McCrae says Jeremy knows his stuff, more than he does. Kaitlyn assures Gina Marie that they have the votes and feeds cut to Helen, Elissa, Andy and Candace in the HN room. They go over the sequence and start counting up numbers that are in the sequence.

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2:04pm bbt F1/2 Spencer/McCrae in the cockpit room(this is confusing-it seems Spencer is backpedaling and plans to vote out Nick, but McCrae is talking about throwing a vote to evict Elissa?!?!?!)

S: I know that I can trust you(they shake hands), like from day 1... if Amanda can get on board with it.

M: If that's what you guys want to do, and you have to vote, to get Nick out, I'll vote to get Elissa out, and I'll be like one, and you guys will be solid.

S: The thing is this, and I don't care how we do it really, this is the thing... if we get that 3rd nominee every week, it doesn't matter who gets HOH. Aaryn can go, Jeremy can go, Kaitlin can go, we're still intact.

M: The only thing is, I don't want you to be throwing me under the bus here

S: I would prefer we all be on the same page, and everybody vote unified.

M: 1 vote, if I vote to keep Nick, no matter what... I suck at lying...

S: See that's the thing, is it the time to just say it's us versus yall, we've got the MVP, you can't get rid of her, we won't allow that, and we make it to the jury. Or, we try to maintain the alliance

*Amanda sticks her head in the door*
M: Can we have a little time?

S: It's all good

*Amanda appears to get worried, Spencer/McCrae appease her and she leaves*

S: See it's stuff like that is hard to explain, but if she's on board

M: If your guys votes come out, then it's gonna be fine.

S: Why are you opposed to us all voting one way, so there is no question?
M: That's where I worry, because I feel like you guys are throwing me under the bus.

S: no no no Howard and I are down, we both trust you more than anyone else. Nick gets weird information, Jeremy you can't trust with any information because he's a loudmouth. This thing will dissolve and I don't want it to when you are on the block. So this is the time, I know it's week 2, but we've got these numbers. If Aaryn or Jeremy go out next week, you, me and Howard are the strongest players... even if we don't win HOH, we still have the 3rd nom and the votes to get that person out. So, I would like us to vote united, it's like, we are solid, and we are going to move forward united. I trust Andy and Judd more than I trust Jeremy

M: If I throw a vote, to get Elissa out, why can't we just lie, and say it was someone else?

S: Even if, we are united, that one vote, we can't lie, Jeremy will know and all bets are off.

*Jeremy comes in going crazy over McCrae's hair being straightened*

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2:13pm bbt Amanda/Gina/Nick in the SR
G: I will never ever put up McCrae, he protected me the first week.... we just want to reassure you..

A: it's freaking me out, like why are all the guys in the cockpit for such a long time? I don't know if they are being shady, if they are it doesn't involve me.

G: this is who I am everyday, people see this, I have a life after this, I don't like to play like that, I like to play truthful

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3:00pm BBT: mccrae is getting dressed. judd is laying in bed.amanda is sitting on the bed just looking at mccrae.andy is in the hn room talking to candice and helen still going over the sequence of things for the hoph comp tonight.

3:04pm BBT: spencer and howard in color rm howard saying he likes to be protected on both sides.spencer says if we get nick out the other side will trust us and there is more of them. howard says if we do this the rest are gonna figure it out.spencer says so are we voting nick out? howard says yeah lets go . spencer says we have judd amanda andy you and me we need candice and we really need mccrae. spencer goes to get mccrae.

3:10pm BBT: nick and mccrae are in the storage rm talking, spencer walks in nick is saying it works in everyones best favor for elissa to go. spencer says yeah.mccrae says he is wearing judds clothes this week. and amanda straightend his hair.nick says this is gonna be tough tonight. mccrae says yeah it is gonna be tough.

3:12pm BBT:mccrae says everyone thinks the hoh comp will be a knock out like did the blue shirts show up before the red shirts. spencer and nick says yeah.could be spencer leaves the room. mccrae asked if it will be 7-5 nick says yeah and goes over the votes. mccrae says yeah it will be 6-5.. judd and kaitlyn in lounge rm talking . judd says i dont know they are setting me up is what i am afraid of. kaitlyn says arryn is scared that you are flippen and been talking to the other side judd says i been asleep. and kaitlyn laughs she says i want you to stay on out side cuz i like you.

3:16pm BBT: kaitlyn now takes andy to the lounge rm and tells him i brought you in here so you arent freaking out and we get foth.

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2:19pm bbt Howard/Spencer in the SR

S: We lost the trust of everybody. We will have trust and MVP. If we win HOH boom one of them gotta go.

H: And even if not(win HOH), they put up 2 from our side, MVP puts up one, even if one of them win the veto, MVP puts up another

S: we have 8

H: McCrae's cool?

S: He's afraid we are going to throw him under the bus. So maybe the 3 of us can talk, and pull Amanda in after we agree what is going on. ok?
*they brofist and leave*

2:22pm bbt F1/2 joins Spencer whispering to Amanda in the K. Amanda says she has no reason to distrust him until... when the numbers come out, but it's off now.

S: To be honest with you, I'm here to play the game, I appreciate you feeling so strongly, but everythings ok.

A: I don't know how it all started, but I'm willing, once the numbers come up the right way, to drop all this anxiety.

S: I've been in the HOH room, but it's been all about information. I'm not a great social game, I've seen you in the HOH room, but I don't question your motives.

2:26pm bbt McCrae is out of DR, joins Spencer in cockpit

S: I think keeping the MVP is smart and huge weapon.

M: If you two vote to keep her, I'll vote to keep Nick, so I know you two aren't

S: We all can vote to keep her. I hate to lose trust to Jeremy, but players like that can't last in the game. What are your concerns? Are you willing to move forward, take the MVP as far as we can?
M: I'm worried the MC is setting me up.

S: Listen, I know your word means nothing, it's actions, but I'm letting you know, that's what we are doing, keep the MVP, I don't want you to run to Jeremy when this is over.

M: Amanda is working everyone to keep Elissa

S: Let's bring Amanda

M: I don't need to be a part of it, right now you guys are toxic to our side until you vote. I'll go talk to Amanda, you tell Howard.

S: I'll tell him you are in 100%, and the MC is dissolved.

M: I may still vote to keep Nick though, so in case you guys are *& me over. Once the vote comes out...

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Guest 6Borders

4:37pm BB Time

The feeds are back and the Jedi Trivia Training is in full force {as of right now my dogs could tell you how many flamingos have yellow bills and I hope the comp tonite is some kind off skee-ball thing just so I can have a good laugh}

McCrae and Amanda in bed whispering and eating. McC says the grass is greener over here.

Camera switches to Elissa and Jessie in the bedroom...more trivia training!

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Guest 6Borders

4:43pm BB Time

Nick, GM, Aaryn and Andy in the cockpit lounge with Kait wandering in and out. It's just more trivia and they have to ask Andy to clarify a few things, which he willingly does {idiot..I would lie to them}

Storeroom: Spence and Howard. Spencer says we are past the point of no return and if we stick with MC (something I could not hear due to noise).

Spencer is going over the votes again and worried about McCrae.

Spence says if McCrae doesn't (?) he needs to tell Amanda why. Spencer sends Howard to talk to McCrae {aka do his dirty work}

4:46p, BB Time

Howard is in the bedroom talking with McManda

They are talking about a game and Amanda says they can use plastic oranges and Saran wrap. Spencer turns to game and says "I'm down but I need about 3 min with you (McC) and is that ok with Amanda {like she's going to say no...McC will tell her everything anyway}

Howard and Mc to the storeroom.

Howard says my word to you as a man, no one is (something) under the bus yet.

Howard says this vote will be more safe if you are with us....says if you don't do it (vote to keep Elissa?) at least tell. Amanda. Howard says he will still be loyal to MC. Howard says you're a man, do what you want to do but he would appreciate it (if McCrae votes out Nick I think)

Howard says Jeremy is tighter with the 3 girls then he would be with them

Howard says he's still going to loyal to MC and look out for them {I still have that bridge for sale -6Borders}

Howard says at least tell Amanda if you vote for Nick..nobody is trying to throw you under the bus.

They are talking about calming "him" down (the noise from the AC and the whispering makes it hard to hear)

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Guest 6Borders

4:53pm BB Time

What do you want to bet McCrae is not relating the whole conversation back to Amanda?? Yep he is.

Amanda says she does not trust anyone in the house but McCrae.

Amanda says she wants a cigarette and he says "don't talk about it so much"

McCrae leaves, treating us to a karate kick move.

Living Room: Judd, Howard and Spencer on the couches. Judd says "booze tonite?" and says he will probably be a have not...Spencer wants to know if he should tuck in or leave his shirt out...they say leave it out.

The remark the house is like a ghost town and say everyone is studying {wonder if BB leaked that it would be Q&A or trivia???}

4:56pm BB Time

GM (I think) put a suitcase in the storeroom

Bedroom: Andy, Jessie still discussing sequences of what happened when

BB calls Helen somewhere

Andy says he's going to go over it one more time and then shut up or his brain will fall out of his head {I hope he makes good on that until the comp -6Borders}

5pm BB Time

Silly talk in the living room about the votes...Helen says "lets see the hanging chads on those votes" (lots of laughter).

Jeremy is pacing the living room floor.

General discussion about the X-Factor season and (Cowboy and Nakomis) finding out they are brother and sister.

Judd whispers something which I can't hear then says he feels nauseous!

Jeremy is still pacing {next outdoor lockdown BB will probably be replacing some worn floor boards}

5:03pm The mood in the house is quiet and nervous. Not much is really going on, except Andy has not made good on his promise to shut up {shocker!}

5:04pm BB Time Spencer is called to the DR

5:04pm BB Tim

Last minute primping in the bathroom. Andy wanders thru and says he wishes it was the live show "NOW"

Camera switches back to McManda {really BB I am capable of switching my own feeds}

Someone announced 45 minutes from the living room (I think it was Judd)

Amanda is whispering but it's hard to hear. She says why don't these people see what is going on?

McCrae yawns loudly right into his mic. {I apologize, I can't hear due to the noise}

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Guest 6Borders

5:09pm BB Time

Howard looks like he is about to fall asleep. Jeremy is still pacing and someone says "45 min countdown"

FOTH but still sound

Kait says Judd told her he has a bad temper. Jessie says her mama always told her still waters run real real deep.

5:11pm BB Time

Judd has joined McManda. They are practicing something with fist bumps...Amanda says "chest bump"

Amanda keeps saying just slap/punch either other in the face {not sure what they are practicing...maybe their victory moves...???}

McC and Judd continue to practice whatever they are doing. Amanda says they are embarrassing!

McCrae whispers something to Amanda and McCrae says "oh shit, I have to have something in my pocket"

Andy comes in with Candace. Andy tells her "don't F up like you did in rehearsal".

Amanda says "just say the right nae" (when she votes to evict)

They are discussing "the thing last night" and say it was "so Big Brotheree"

Andy tells Amanda to practice with Candace. Trivia training continues.

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Guest 6Borders

5:17pm BB Time

Spence is on the living room couch deep in thought.

The rest of the HG's are milling around like teens at their first dance wondering if they will be asked to dance {well that would be teens in my era, about 100 years ago}

Trivia Training continues on all fronts!

{if I hear 450 ducks one more time I'm going out tomorrow, get a lab retriever and go duck hunting!!}

Judd and Aaryn in the bathroom. They go into the lounge and start whispering.

Aaryn says "why would you do that...says you are obviously going with Jess"

Aaryn says when I tell you things I don't (expect you to) make fun of me. He says he wan't.A

Aaryn leaves {looking a little peeved} and Judd joins the group in the kitchen.

Andy is eating right from the fridge {probably getting a few last bites in, just in case he's a Have-Not again}

Judd goes into the storeroom for something...says "thank you"

He takes something to Aaryn and says "this was in the storeroom". She says just set it on my bag ...then why would I want to keep that?

Someone says (I think Kait) "that dress is way to short for a mother" {I think it's one last Elissa bash as she just walked by}

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Guest 6Borders

5:25pm BB Time

BB is now calling people to the Dr.

Jeremy was called and now Judd.

Spencer & Howard continue trivial training

Jessie tells GM she looks pretty..GM says she hates walking around and participating {remember she is a "former pageant coordinator" (only she doesn't know that yet) and she's used to giving orders -6Borders}

5:29 p, BB Time

Last minute primping by Aaryn who says she doesn't want to wear the HOH key {which pretty much means she does}

Andy finishes brushing his teeth and says "why, it's a beautiful necklace?"

5:31 pm BB Time: Have Not Room - Candace and Helen. They are so tired. They are going over trivia.

Candace thinks Encino is in California but asks America not to take her word for that because her brain hurts {we do have Encino here in California, just for the record}!

They are going over flamingos, snake skin suitcases and biohazards.

Judd and GM are in the storeroom...last minute discussion before the show.

GM says don't start drama. She says she knows Judd is on "our side" to get rid of Elissa.

GM says don't let things get in your head..you are a straight up guy.

GM gave Judd a (friendship bracelet I guess), taps it on his wrist and says to wear this.

GM says make sure he hears things from her mouth and not someone else's before it's true...she says then it will be "cool beans" {Nakomis would be proud..I've heard that phrase several times this season}

GM adjusts her boobs, hugs Judd and says thanks for being on our side!

5:38pm BB Time

Jeremy is still pacing back and forth (or else the camera people are boring and just put on a tape)

Kait is talking to Judd..says don't play stupid with me.

Judd mentions "this damn bracelet"

Judd says Aaryn thought he was making fun of her but he was just making a joke {don't know what the remark was}

Spencer says everyone is real tense right now

5:40pm BB Time: BB reminds them they are not allowed to talk about production

Kait is grilling Spencer...says something to the effect that someone says he was switching

Andy joins and Spencer asks if Andy will do it again...Andy starts the sequence again {he promised he would not do that and I can't listen to this again so it's break time for me -6Borders}

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5:00pm BBT Jessie/Andy studying; most of the others are in the LR saying they can't study anymore because it will confuse them
5:01pm BBT Andy sounds like he really knows his stuff in great detail.
5:04pm BBT Spencer called to the DR. Amanda and McCrae talking about how crazy Gina will be after the vote.
5:09pm BBT Amanda says she doesn't trust Candice at all. McCrae says to keep her close.
5:10pm BBT McCrae/Amanda talk about the vote surprising the Kaitlyn/Aaryn/Jeremy crew two weeks in a row. She says she's going to make out with him somewhere tonight.
5:14pm BBT Elissa says this is the most competitive cast ever. Spencer and Candice agree.
5:15pm BBT Howard asks Elissa to quiz him. Most of the HGs are being rowdy in the bedroom. Lots of nervous energy in the house.
5:17pm BBT Spencer says if he wins HOH it will be luck. Elissa tells him to have confidence.
5:20pm BBT Aaryn questioning Judd's loyalty. He says he's tired of explaining himself. Aaryn says he's obviously going to vote with Jess because he told her what Aaryn said.
5:23pm BBT McCrae, Candice, Amanda, Elissa cramming. Aaryn comes in, but they continue.
5:27pm BBT Correction, it's Kaitlyn quizzing Howard, not Elissa. They're wearing the same color.
5:32pm BBT Aaryn telling GinaMarie about her fight with Judd and that he's telling Jessie everything she says. Gina goes and summons Judd into the storage room. Gina tells him that she knows Aaryn told him to take the bracelet off, but he should leave it on. She says Nick and her have his back and they're on his side.
5:35pm BBT Gina tells Judd how much Nick likes him and how she knows he'd never put him up.
5:38pm BBT Howard telling Helen and Candice that after Nick gets voted out he doesn't want them questioning his loyalty ever again.
5:42pm BBT Howard says the other side will know he's not with them once they see the vote and he doesn't want to be mistrusted anymore. Candice says it's because Spencer is viewed as untrustworthy.
5:47pm BBT Jeremy tells Howard that the vote is 5 to 6.
5:49pm BBT Jeremy says they've got the votes unless someone in the MC votes against them. Howard hedges and says he's not sure about McCrae because of Amanda's influence.
5:50pm BBT FotH. Here we go!!!

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Guest 6Borders

7:06pm BB Time

Feeds are back. The HG's are celebrating (well some are, some are pretending and some are just...well, as Morty would say "ya know)

Nick was sent packing and Helen won HOH.

Helen is so excited for her kids!

Camera switches to the storeroom: Spencer and Andy are talking. Andy says when they are ready to talk they will talk..Amanda is taking spaghetti and meat sauce {I assume that's code for something}. Amanda says I can't believe this is working.

Andy says he is shaking so bad.

They are discussing the questions on the comp

Jeremy is packing and taking to Judd..Jeremy says he is not gunning after Judd...Judd says he is not gunning after Jeremy.

Jeremy says if he goes home and watches the tapes...{I think he said he would still be cool but he does not look it}

Amanda is trying to feed everyone

Judd is talking about the true-false questions.

7:14pm BB Time:

Have Not Room: celebration is going on..McCrae is in the mix congratzing the HOH!

Helen is telling everyone it was a shared win! Helen says she is on a high and this is her favorite show.

General buzz about what Helen will get in her HOH basket..she says her husband does not know the show so won't know what to send. Helen is so HOH high {don't blame her}. She told her team they will discuss it in the hoh room

7:17pm BB Time

Kitchen: Amanda is telling Aaryn it's a game (there was a lot in between I missed)

Aaryn says she understand...Amanda says it may not be fair but you guys didn't get along in the beginning but BB is nbot just about challenges.

Aaryn says "it was a pissy move"

GM is sobbing..."why Judd"...{total meltdown}. She is sobbing so hard I can't really understand what she is saying...something about 2 years of her life {not sure how that translates in BB Time).

Judd is trying to reassure her...says everyone deserves to be there.

Jeremy is watching the action and not saying anything {looking like he really wants to sink someone's ship but the cannons are on someone else's boat}

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Aaryn asking Amanda in the kitchen why keep Elissa around. Amanda says that Aaryn and her alliance weren't friends with Elissa but that doesn't mean that other people weren't her friend. Aaryn thinks it's messed up that they voted to keep Elissa in the house.

GM crying in the kitchen asking Judd why, why did he vote Nick out. Judd keeps saying you wouldn't believe me either way and GM keeps asking why. He tries to hug her and she backs away, saying don't touch me.

Helen, Elissa, Candice and Jessie celebrating in the HN room. Helen keeps jumping around in joy. Jeremy comes in and congratulates Helen. Says he's not trying to suck up but he's flabbergasted by her game play and knows he's screwed either way. He leaves and Elissa says that was slightly graceful. Helen says we should all be nice and she's excited to get a letter from her husband. Helen gives the girls a pep talk. Elissa is sitting in Candice's lap and Candice is rocking her.

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7:06 PM BBT Big celebration in the Have Not room. Helen "someone did not vote right. I hate people that lie. But we need to enjoy this. I will figure out where that eigth vote went tomorrow. Meanwhile in the BR Howard is trying to comfort a crying Gina Marie. Jeremy is trying to comfort Kaitlin in the Gold Room.

7:10 PM BBT Jessie is venting about a verbal altercations she had with Aaryn. Everyone tells her to stay calm. Helen thanks everyone for staying up with her last night and helping her study. Meanwhile Aaryn joins Kaitlin in the Gold Room to vent. Jeremy confronts Judd in the kitchen. "I just wished you had said it to my face. If I go home and see you voted right then I will apologize later."

7:14 PM BBT Gina Marie has joined Aaryn and Kaitlin. She is still crying because Nick is going to go home and find someone new. "Why? Why would they do this?" Aaryn "Because they are little b******, they are vaginas." Aaryn and Kaitlin and saying that everyone still hates Elissa and they are only keeping her because she's a big target.

7:16 PM BBT Helen to her alliance "This is a shared win. I want you all to share it with me. It took a lot of sweat to get here." Helen "I'm on such a high. This is my favorite show." Helen is literally dancing in the Have Not room. Meanwhile Amanda is now with Aaryn in the kitchen. Amanda is telling her that it is nothing against her. Aaryn is upset that she "looks like a fool." Amanda "It may not be fair, but it is a game." Gina Marie is still crying.

7:21 PM BBT Gina Marie confronts McCrae in the kitchen. "Why? You broke my heart. Just why? Give me an answer why?" McCrae "You wouldn't believe me anyway."

7:23 PM BBT Helen is politely scolding Jessie. It seems Jessie called Aaryn Shaniqua before the feeds come back. "Don't stoop to their level." Jessie "I know, I'm sorry. Jeremy comes into the Have Not room "I know I'm a target but I have to tell you that I am impressed, I'm flabbergasted by your game play. Phenominal. That's not me sucking up. I really mean it." Helen hugs him and says "Let's play with the best. You wanted to play with the best. Let's play with the best" Jeremy leaves. Helen has been asked for the third time to put on her microphone. She's still praising her alliance and asking them to keep it calm and respectful this week.

7:31 PM BBT Helen is still coaching her team to be a class act this week. She tells everyone that it is still early in the game and they all should be having fun while not making anyone feel miserable. Candice is excited to be able to take a bath in the HoH bathtub. Helen tells them that she has been a Have-Not for so long and it has become like the best hotel room for her forever. She has had so many stressful nights there.

7:35 PM BBT Kaitlin is now crying in the Gold Room with Aaryn. Kaitlin is talking about her heart being too big. She tells Aaryn "Everyone talks about how they hate her (Elissa). Go ahead and put me up. I can't be in this house without you or Jeremy." Aaryn admits to her that she had her doubts about her earlier when Kaitlin was freaking out. She says she feels bad for thinking that. Aaryn encourages Kaitlin to go to "her" and try to mend things because it is too late for Aaryn to do it. Kaitlin "I won't do that, she's trash." Aaryn "I don't want to go out there. I am sick. I am like physically ill. I did not start all these arguments and issues. They've all been started by then. Kaitlin "I've been so nice to her."

7:42 PM BBT Howard and Spencer in the BR. Spencer "next week it's full on trust." Howard "I prayed about it and felt good about it." Meanwhile Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn are in the Gold Room. Aaryn is now encouraging Jeremy to make a deal with Helen. She says "I can't make a deal with her. She'll never make a deal with me." Jeremy "she won't make a deal with me either." Aaryn says he can offer another strong player on her side. Jeremy "She doesn't strong players. She has the numbers." Both Aaryn and Jeremy feel like they have been made to look like fools.

7:5 PM BBT Jeremy "I have had people look me in the eye. There are a lot of actors in here. Aaryn to Jeremy "You can go from on top to the bottom like that (snaps fingers)" Jeremy "That goes for them too." Meanwhile Andy goes to Gina Marie who is still crying in the LR. He is apologizing to her. "You are one of the most amazing persons I have ever met. Nick would want you to get your head into it."

7:50 PM BBT Aaryn to Kaitlin "I'm so jaded. I've been here 21 days and I'm jaded." Kaitlin "These people are disgusting." Aaryn drops the vagina reference again.

7:57 PM BBT It is now Amanda apologizing to Gina Marie in the LR letting her know that it was a strategic decision. Meanwhile the celebration in the Have Not room has stopped. Helen, Candice, Spencer, and Howard are sad for Gina Marie. They feel sorry for her. Meanwhile Jeremy is telling McCrae "If there is anything you can do for me with them I would appreciate it" but he acknowledges that McCrae may not be able to help him.

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Guest 6Borders

7:24pm BB Time

Celebration in the Have Not Room...Helen is telling how hard everyone was and how much they overcame

Helen wants to change the house so people will all have fun {Helen...that's the Brady Bunch, this is Big Brother..just saying -6Borders!}

Jeremy comes in and tells them to enjoy their little victory.

Helen is saying that their goal is jury and they need to get Elissa to jury. Helen wants to play the game smart and wants to know who the mole is {wow..take your pick girlfriend, more power to you}

Elissa is mothering Candace and Jessie is next to them {Girl Alliance just came into power..Moving Company move it on}

Discussion is Final 4..Helen says you can't be mean to people..she can't wait for DR, she has dreamed about this moment

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