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September 11th Live Feed Updates

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MIA outside talking (mostly A and I seems to be slightly arguing)...

A is almost taking up for Jan telling Iv that she was mean to Jan and Jan thinks she was mean.

Iv said she was not mean but from the get-go Jan made a point to be mean and she wasn't going to go kissing her ass.

A says to not get mad at her because I was asking her questions. A says she feels like shit b/c outside of these walls she would not act this way.

I said she feels like giving A the veto because she is tired of it. She told A that she apologized for the way she celebrated and gives A examples of her celebrating for everyone else.

A says that she was mad because looking back at the game yesterday after the POV game she started thinking that almost everything she did was b/c she listened to Iv.

Iv is stunned because she cannot believe A is 'pulling this card.'

A goes on to say that she told Jan yesterday about all the shit she said about her and how she cannot believe that she said the things she said about the Friendship.

Iv gets angry and tells A to take the Veto and shove it up her ass and storms in the house.

A says she was just being honest and why can she not be honest after Iv is honest with her.

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I is irate and is pissed that A is blaming her decisions on her. She told A that she is 31 years old and needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

A told I that she told M that she was a good person. She said that she went to Jan and talked to her and she never would have done that without Iv telling her to do so.

I comes back and says that A sent her to go talk to James and she never would have done that without A.

It is just back and forth between them with Iv yelling.

I asked A if she won the veto would it be her epiphany?

A said for the last several weeks that she has not enjoyed being in the group but it was promise that she made and like you said I am 31 years old and I didn't have to be apart of it but that is why I am hanging out by myself because I do not like the decisions being made. I have told you a long time that you make me feel like shit.

Iv told her that picks out one person.

A says Iv makes her feel like a shitty person.

Iv "after all the shitty things you have done and said and I just let them run off my back and you sit here and tell me that I make you feel like shit.' if you would have won veto I would not sit here and tell you that I hate you and have hated you for so long. If I knew that you hated me then why did you hang around me. I should have hung around Jan and Howie.

A outside I know we are so different.

Iv: I am myself and I have been myself. You want to pretend to be a country girl...

A: I never.

I: goes over the wr convo between she and A yesterday when A told Iv that Jan would take M over her. You don't tell people that. I don't tell you that you are going home. You take the time to make me feel like shit.

A: You make me feel like shit too. You are thinking that I think you are a horrible person.

I: I do think you think I am a horrible person.

A: I am just being honest.

I: Why the fuck are you telling me now after the veto.

A: I have told M this forever now.

I: I wish you would have told me before and I would have played by myself now. You make it a point to make people feel like shit when you aren't feeling good. There isn't a reason for you to go the extra mile to make someone feel like shit by telling them that they won't win the money.

A: If M would have won, she would not have jumped up and down when winning. If I would have won, I wouldn't have jumped b/c I would have to choose between you 2.

I: Why don't you put yourself in my shoes. Look at my track record, I have celebrated for EVERYONE! There were 2 people going against me. I have an easy time putting myself in other people's shoes.

A: I wanted to play it fair and square.

I: I just want you to be human and just take responsibility that you took a part in all the decisions and admit that you don't like me.

A: It's not that I do not like you. I just want to go back and watch the tapes and it will give me my answers.

I: They will be edited so ask me now.

A: brings up the week that K went home and it never would have happened if not for you and b. Everyone except for Ivette and Beau took blame for someone leaving.

I: said she admitted to Jan and K that it was her idea.

A: said it wasn't until James brought it up and you have to remember that James was playing both sides.

I: I never believed James.

A disagrees.

I directs a question to M and M ignores. I said you are not taking part? M shrugged and covered her face.

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A nows says that she is not claiming innocence and blaming Ivette.

Iv: says she would never blame her actions on anyone else.

A tells her to take that as a compliment.

I says she would never steer someone the wrong way and you might want to sit here and think Jan is a wonderful person and America loves her. She gives examples of taking up for Ma and Ap. You want me to take responsibility for your actions.

A I would have done some things differently.

I: What?

A: I am not going to sit here and tell you what I would do differently.

I: I have never met anyone like you. You change your mind more than you change your underwear. You say you aren't going to the wrap party and then you are and back and forth. Then that you don't care about the money and then you do.

A: Denies ever caring about the money. She said to ask M because she is closer to her anyway.

I: Says good for you.

A: tells her to go watch the tapes and you will see how different you are.

I: says this is her in here and you don't like her in here and if you don't like her in here then you wouldn't like her in RL.

A: goes over how Iv treats her differently than how Iv treats M. Says she based alot of her decisions on Iv feedback. She says it isn't bad and it isn't good and she based it on how Iv felt and not how A felt. She said she was sorry that it hurt her feelings but it was how she felt. She told Iv that everyone feels things differently. She said she never would have acted the way that Iv acted yesterday. She says to look at how she acted when she won the HOH and the Veto.

I: interrupted and said that her ass wasn't on the line so she cannot say that. You are so blind.

A: tells her to stop talking (cussing).

I: said that this is how she talks and she isn't from W Texas and isn't all pretty.

M: said that they only one safe is Jan this week.

I: goes over how excited she was EVERY week for EVERYONE. I cannot control the emotions that come over me.

Lost connection.

A: it is my fault because I listened. Says it wasn

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Ivette is saying she is the same inside the house as outside the house. Everything she did was to protect the people she loved in the house. She does not apologize for loving Eric and that a lot she has done is for Eric.

April had said she would have done things differently, would not have made friends.

They talk about the Michael eviction, Ivette says she did things the way she did to protect April and Jen, that she (Ivette) never called him a sexual predator.

April says she withheld information that may have hurt Ivette.

Maggie saying they didn't share information that was not about the game and would hurt someone's feelings.

April saying now the money is not important to me, but she doesn't like people saying she doesn't deserve the money - everyone deserves the money.

A: I'm gonna vote from my heart, money is not going to be the reason about who needs it more.

Maggie says we know that otherwise the friendship ....

Ivette accepts that she will not win the money no matter who she sits next to at the end of the game.

Maggie: Don't you think we all feel that (about ourselves).

Ivette: I am content where I've gotten this far in the game.

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Maggie says if America blames me for what I've done I blame it on the TV show.

She is only concerned about it if it hurts her parents.

Maggie working to get April and Ivette to end the argument, says she loves them both, they are both great people.

April says she is being reflective, says it is different when you know you are leaving.

Maggie says she doesn't see any of them being mean and malicious or playing dirty.

Ivette brings up Janelle blaming Ivette for the petty stuff

Maggie says we have all taken the blame for things in this game, if people want to blame me fine, I know what part I took in things. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks except for the friendship. To April she says, if you're looking back and seeing things you don't like that happened I am fine with that, but it hurts my feelings.

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Noon BBT


April basically says that she is am not blaming anyone for her actions. She says that she would not have done some things without the influence that the friendship had on her. (sounds like she IS baming to me)

M: I want you to know that it does make us feel like shit.

A: I understand

M: Now when I have convos with you both I feel like shit for even being in this house (she says she cries when she goes to the DR now)

A: I think we all agree that if we had this to do over again, we wouldn

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A said that these things are just what she is thinking and she should just keep them inside.

M: said no, even though they hurt my feelings, I want to know.

A: I did not mean to hurt her feelings but it was the way that I feel. I am not going to talk to her anymore about it because she will just yell at me and cuss me out. I feel that my feelings toward other people were influenced by Iv and James.

M: agrees that her opinions toward people were influenced by James.

A: I don't want to blame it just on her but that is where I got most of my info. In the DR. I would say that I know most of the people don't like her but I am going to like her. Even Kaysar...

M: I like K but he still hurt me, he took out my partner and he took out Jennifer.

A: said that Jan told her that K said to not go after Jen but go after Iv. Jan told A that she couldn't let Jen go on after getting rid of her second Partner (K) Ap told M that no matter what you will get Jan's choice because she will not pick Iv.

M: I realize that but it still hurt her feelings.

BB: Ivette to the DR.

A says lets go brush our teeth. I am not going to cry anymore.

M: me either, I did all last night.

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April talking to Maggie, Ivette left and went to BR

April says she likes Kaysar, Maggie likes Kaysar as a person but he hurt her in the game.

April reiterates that Janelle would take Maggie to the final two.

April tells Maggie that Janelle does not hate Maggie, Maggie says that is what Ivette has told her. Maggie says that Janelle is mean to Maggie.

Ivette is called to the DR, A/M go to bathroom.

BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown, please go to the backyard and close the sliding glass doors.

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M: this is a horrible day, in every sense of the word.

A: why?

M: because it is september 11.

A: I totally fogot and I should wear my flag shirt but I packed it.

BB announced the lockdown a long time ago.

M says she cannot believe that BB hasn't said to get out of the house.

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Jan comes in & comments to April that it is cold outside & maybe she should sit in the sun (wow must be nice is 91 deg where I am)

M & A go outside & lay on the hammock. Talking about why America loves Janelle. They say she is loved because she is funny & doesn't care about the game not because she is a nice person.

(I am out/gotta get some yardwork done)

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Back from fish...

Iv laying in bed, M standing next to her.

M: Just play in the comps, let everything just roll off of you. It's gonna suck, you are a strong person. It's gonna suck, this game sucks.

Iv: It hurts my feelings because she wants to blame me.

M: everyone's feelings are hurt, this game is set up this way. I know that you and A are not wanting to hurt each others feelings and I let you both know that when you guys hurt mine. THat is enough, that is everything. No more crying, ok?

I: I love you.

M: I love you, Don't forget that, Ivetta.

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Not sure what happen after the fish left, but Mag was telling Ive that there were/are people in this house that loved her and she is playing with her heart and that is all she can do. As long as she had done all she can do, she has done a great job. Ive says her feelings are hurt, Mag says this game is set up to hurt peoples feelings, her feelings have been hurt and each one of them have hurt others feelings, but what is important is if they didn't mean to hurt someone in this game. Ive tells Mag she loves her and Mag says she loves Ive and Mag goes to the kitchen. her and April are now fixing breakfast and mag is cleaning the refrig. mag is finding all sorts of food that is brown that shouldn't be and the smell is bad. Ive is still laying on her bed alone and no sight of Jan. April doesn't want BB to call her to the DR will she has a chance to change, she has been wearing that for three days now.

Mag hasn't said one word to April about Ive, seems she wants this to die away and not stir up any more trouble. Mag's gagging at some of the dishes because they smell, she is amazed at how sensitive her tummy is now since she has been in the house, the smell of fish gets to her. She wants to go back to blood and guts, there she never got sick. (My first thought would be pregnant if it were me. LOL) April made eggs for her and mag and english muffins.

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M is cleaing out the fridge and then washing the containers of the food that she threw out. A took the trash out.

M comments on how sensitive her stomach is in the house.

A fixing eggs for her and Maggie.

A tells M that she is going to clean the BR today. M said she will help.

A said she is nervous. She is asking M questions on the eggs.

No game talk, just random chit-chat.

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A saying how she is sad that she will only get good-bye messages from her, I and Jan and not Beau, Jenn, etc.

M said they will welcome you with open arms when you get there though.

A I just want out. I shouldn't feel guilty, I don't think she realizes the influence she has on people. Once you get out, you will sit back and think. I told Jan that what you see is what you get with her. That doesn't make her a bad person. A keeps talking about the convo between her and I (specifically the comment that Iv told her to take the veto and shove it up her ass.) M is certainly talking now! A asks M to tell I that these are things that she has been wanting to say for a long time now. It doesn't make it right or wrong. I can say these things now that the game is over for me. Says that Matt is going to be upset with the things she said to Iv.

M talks about how they are portrayed. She says that they are going to portray her as the boring person in the house (right on Maggie)

A wonders how she is being portrayed because she has no grasp on it. I do like Jan but I have talked shit about her, I don't know why.

Iv outside now doing laundry, going to lay out (M asked her earlier before coming out to eat if she wanted to lay out with her and I said no)

Now that Iv is out just random convo between M and A about breakfast.

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Sorry about the double post earlier, computer messed up.

Mag is talking to April about her eatting habits, Ive is in her swimming suit and is outside now. Mag told ive she would be getting her suit on in a minute, April told Mag to go on and do it and Mag says no she doesn't leave the table when someone else is still eatting, April thanked her. Now April is repeating the same crap she has talked about the last 24 hours and not eatting. April is talking about what DR has asked her, religion and stuff, and Mag says she hasn't been asked about religion, BB says House guests, your not allowed to talk about the DR

Mag is going to get her bikini on now, April washing dishes and is going to lay out with Mag and Ive I guess. (April will probably make a point of laying out across the yard from Ive so she can prove her point more.)

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When Mag first went out to Ive, Ive said she guessed she was the cause of all the turmoil in the house, not Jan. Mag says she doesn't feel that way nor does she see how Ive can feel that way. Ive says that is what April is saying. mag just kind of let it go. April came out and laid down by Mag (Mag is between Ive and April) and Ive hasn't said anything since them. April is doing her normal, make idle chat because she can't stand the quiet stuff. Just looking at Mag's face makes me think she really dislikes this tension between Ive and April. April wants to know what Mag wants to eat when she gets out of here, Mag answered and asked April what she wants. April is now giving the menu on what she would eat. Mag asked Ive what she would want, Ive says she doesn't know, April says you wanted a cuban steak, Ive isn't really wanting to talk about things. Mag changes the subject to a nuts and twigs sandwich. Mag is trying to engage Ive into the conversations but ive isn't having any part of it.

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Ive got up without saying anything to anyone and left. Mag is afraid Dave and her parents aren't proud of her. She never worried about what her parents thought about her till she came in the house, now she realizes how important what her parents thinks of her is to her. She said her parents don't believe in lying, her parents taught her not to lie. April says Mag made her a better person being in this house, Mag kept her in check and kept her grounded. April is complaining again about how someone influenced her to go bad. She is proud of herself for standing up to kay, there are sometimes she is so proud of herself for standing up for herself, but you become what you hang around and she isn't proud of that (since when are you forced to become what you hang around with?) Mag was talking about not forcing others to talk and we got fish. Mag says "she" proved in the pressure cooker to her brother what an amazing person she is, she did what she set out to do. (Not sure who the she is). April says Jen never gave herself enough credit for how she played it.

Ive is back, didn't hear her say anything when she came back. April is going to clean the bathroom, she remembers how Howie use to spit in there, brush his teeth in there, she says it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. (gross) Mag is remembering how everyone use to be in the pool everyday in the beginning, April says Jan doesn't remember it going this long into Sep before. Mag forgot to ask about the wrap party, she ask if anyone else has asked, April says she hasn't gone in there yet, and Ive says nothing. Mag is afraid Dave can't get that much time off, April says Eric will be here so Dave will be here, but Mag says he will be there when she gets out but she isn't sure he can stay that long for the party. April assures Mag that they will give Dave that much time off for her, but Mag says he is taking time off for the wedding so she isn't sure he can get that much more time off. April says Vegas is rooting for her, Mag says Vegas would of disowned her if she had screwed up the casino comp. Mag wonders if Eric is watching her, she is sure between him and Dave are talking about it. April is comparing Mag and Jan in their partner leaving early, and Mag is trying to draw Ive and April in a comparison. Ive is still having no part of this talk. Mag hears a siren in the background and is getting homesick again. April is talking about laying on the concrete when she leaves and screaming she is free. She is having anxiety about leaving because she doesn't know what to expect. She compares it to leaving jail, the light hurts your eyes and such. Mag says she is going to be obsessed with looking at other people. April says she better get a bunked handler because she wants to talk and talk and she wants to hear others talk about themselves. Mag says it is going to be weird driving a car and looking out the window. They want to know if their handlers can tell them what is going on in the world.

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April is saying it is weird she can walk out of there without ever being nominated, she was used as replacements. Mag says she can not walk out of there saying the same thing. Ive says she was nominated three times ( I think, it is hard to hear Ive) and April corrects her. Ive says she has been on it three times during eviction night. ( I think, the airplane flew over and April was saying something at the same time and ive is mumbling today) IMO, Ive is either really depressed or something April has said to her has gotten to her and she is trying very hard not to be so loud and over bearing. Either way it is hard to hear what she is saying today. Mag is trying to figure out what movies came out while they were in there, April says she remembered the riddle that the guy said to them and she was like wow is my brain coming back. She says Jan remembered it but she couldn't remember crap while she has been in there. (she keeps throwing Jan up alot during this laying out period but neither Mag or Ive respond to anything about Jan) April tells Mag she is so freaking skinny, it blows her mind. She says Mag is so little, she says she must of lost 10 pounds in the last week, Mag says she felt she has gained weight. April is freaking now because she thinks she has a bug in her pants. Mag has a bruise on her leg, but she doesn't know how she got it. April asked Ive how she fell, but Ive doesn't answer. Now April says she loves scars it makes a person. April is showing her bruise and explains it happen when Jan was chasing her. Mag missed a trip to Hawaii to come to the house. April says she missed her birthday. Mag is talking about all the birthdays she missed, missed Dave's birthday, a charity event that was on 4th of July, the trip, what Dave was going to do with the project, planning for the wedding. Mag has no regrets because she made this choice but she did miss alot of things that was special to her but everyone will understand this was a once in a life time deal. Now April is explaining she did it for Jen and her mom didn't want her to do this. Mag says that the Godparents to the dog offered to help with the dog.

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Mag says she doesn't see herself as a celeb, she is just a normal person who is going back to her job and do her thing. Now she smells fire and it is turning her on. April says Ive has lost weight. Ive didn't respond to her, but she is tying her suit up so I am not sure if she is leaving again or not. Ive is leaving and Mag asked her where she was going, Ive said something but I couldn't understand her. mag says she can't wait to go pee without someone listening, those are the things she can't wait to do. Mag is talking about how many more days left. April says she can't wait to leave on Tuesday. She can't wait to talk to Jen and Beau. Mag says she can't believe james told Jan he made a promise to vote for Ive. April repeats what Jan told her about how far she made it to the end. She tells Mag that if Ive and Mag are at the end it would be a vote of 5 to 2 and it would be a pretty clean sweep for Mag. Ive has pissed off alot of people in this house, Jan told April. Jan knows she isn't going to win the 500 thousands, Jan says she knows but the only way Ive could win the 500 is if she picks Ive. Jan says she understands why the friendship would vote like they do but april says Mag has the 500 thousand but she understands Mag doesn't want to think about that. Mag says something but it is muffled because she is laying on her mike. BB just told her to stop obstructing her mic. Mag says for once her boobies are obstructing her mic, thanks BB. Ive is back so the talk ends between Mag and April. Mag asked Ive if something ( couldn't understand) had been with her mom or Maggie all this time, Ive says Maggie. Mag can't wait to see her puppies.

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