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September 11th Live Feed Updates

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Guest ranster627

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9:50pm BBT

Janelle and April in Hot tub together (can't hear them right now on quad, will switch to them in a second)

Ivette and Maggie in Cot room. They are laying there talking about Maggie's family. Ivette loves talking about Maggies family. Maggie says her Grandma is loud and hilarious - the most caring person etc. Maggie yawns and seems tired.

Janelle and April in Hot tub. April talking about the veto and how she wished Janelle got it. Janelle can't believe she lost. April says she's happy that she's in the final four though. Then she says "do you think my husbands going to be upset at me that I didn't make it to the end?" "do you think people are going to say that people are going to say you didn't play the game and went with your heart?" Janelle says "ya" - I think you definately got pushed around a little bit on what to do.

April says I want this week to pass, it sucks. Janelle says it sucks for me too. (because she can't vote, Ivette calls the shots with that veto)

April says "fight Janelle" you better fight. Janelle says I will but I feel like i'm fighting for a lost cause. April says no your not - you've got to continue to fight.

April says all you have to do is win the next HOH to make it to the final two.

Janelle asks April if she thinks that Ivette even likes her any more?

April says "yaaaa... she's been nice to you lately... I mean she's got a big heart, she's just very vocal and it's a lose/lose when you're talking to her. Then she goes in to her blah blah blah about the conversation she had with Ivette today about Ivette rubbing the veto in her face - wah wah wah.

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Mag and Ive are in the bed room talking about each others families (all in a good way) April and Jan are out at the hot tub talking about the former house guests and what the deals were in the past. Jan asked if April thought Cappy was bossy, she said that was the way he was due to his job, he is a take charge kind of guy. Now Jan and April are trash talking Ive. April is spilling her guts about Ive and is really playing for Jan not to take Ive to the final two, but the way she is doing it is pretty much giving Jan the idea if she wants to win, take Ive. April is going to give everyone in the sequester house the updates of how evil Ive acted. Now Jan is telling how James would come and tell Jan that the Friendship hated her because they are jealous of her and she plays with her hair. April says they are all petty and Ive has a good heart and if very giving, but she doesn't hang around petty people and she is just as guilty because she did sit there and listen to them about Jan. April says to Jan that Jan talked nasty about her and Jan says she took it out on April and Jen when she should of taken it out on Beau and Ive. April says she knew that all along. She told Ive that her and Jen were being blamed for what Ive did and Ive says that is part of being HOH. Now more trash talking about Ive. (April needs to keep her mouth shut, she is telling so much that is twisted and only how she sees things) April is pretty much in amazement and it is her own fault, she can't say it is one person's fault. April doesn't know what to believe and she needs to get out of here to clear her f*cking head, she doesn't know what she has done. She ask Jan if she thinks she can make it, Jan says she doesn't know. Now talk about veto comp, April thought Jan would make it. Jan is explaining what she did wrong. It appears it was about memory and former house guests. Jan messed up with something about Michael and Eric. Now they are talking about seeing Matt and Michael. April is going to the wrap party for about 10 minutes and then she is out. Jan can't get over the f*cking comp today. April asked what Jan thought when she saw it, Jan says she knew she had it when she first saw it. April says you can never go with odds, she should of won HOH, that would of been a clearance for her, Jan giggled. April is proud that they all made it to the final four, now she is worried her husband isn't going to be proud of her. She wonders if people will question her for playing with her heart and not her head. jan says that April should of stood up for herself more, played for herself more and not been pushed around by Ive. (Jan is doing great at laying the trap and April is falling for it.) Jan says Ive is evil as can be on certain days, April says Ive has a giving heart. Earlier Jan says James told her that Ive said Jan was evil, Jan says she doesn't understand, she NEVER did anything bad to Ive. Now both are complaining about being bored and wants BB to entertain them. April tells Jan to fight, she had better fight. Jan says she is fighting for a lost cause, April says no Jan your not that type of person, you will fight. Jan says ahhhhhhhh April says to jan so you only have to win one of the first two, then you go down to the third one, HOH room will be locked off after Thursday, maybe even the gold room, so you will all be down stairs. Jan said that Ive hasn't been very nice to her lately, some days she is really nice and other days not. April says Ive is a very caring person, has a huge heart and is very vocal and it is a lose lose when talking to her. April is telling Jan about the fight Ive had with April, she says Ive we both interpret things a different way, we hear what we hear, lets just agree we both heard different things, Ive says nope, nope, so with things like that it is a lose lose, but with her jello, she had one left and she gave it to me, so she is very giving, but she has to be right, it is a lose lose, I don't understand her. Jan is talking about a song they use to sing about Ive. Jan keeps saying it was so funny. April says poor Kay, the time he came out to see what was going on, Ive jumped on him, it looked like he jumped her but she was the one who jumped on him, that is why I am worried to get out of here to see what people say about me since I hung around them. it is my fault. Now April left the hot tub and is talking to Mag. Mag is getting ready to go to bed. Mag is sleeping in the big room and April is sleeping in the gold room. Mag would like for all of them to be in the same room, April says she has been on her own and she has thought about alot of things and she looked back and April feels she hasn't stood up for herself in this game and when she is leaving she wants.............April is repeating herself alot and stopping because she thinks Ive is right around the corner.

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mag is telling April that she wants April to do what she wants, but she doesn't want April to give Jan a chance to use Aprils emotions against her. April says she can tell when Jan is lying and tonight Jan is really being herself and isn't lying. April is now giving Mag the same speech Jan gave her about standing up for herself. April is not liking that she was "influenced" by the group and said things she wouldn't say normally. She is saying she pointed out Jan's mistakes to her, and April admitted that she said things about Jan in the DR room that she is ashamed of and Jan won't enjoy. April is telling mag about how Jan says it is her own hair, but Ive says it was extensions and she is ashamed that she went with Ive's theory and said bad things about Jan in the DR. (basically blaming her bad behavior over the last weeks on Ive) April wants a peaceful few days, doing what she wants to do. April says there are two sides of Ive and she had to be part of that group, but she isn't part of that group any more, she is out so she doesn't have to be around Ive. Mag says she enjoys Aprils company, but April doesn't want to be around Ive (basically telling Mag if she wants to be with Ive, she has to do it without April) Mag says that she is being selfish because she enjoys Aprils company, but April butt in and said she doesn't want to be around Ive. April is defending Jan to Mag, she is telling Mag that Jan heard horrible things about mag but Jan never went to the DR and said anything bad about Mag. April says she let Ive manipulate her and she is ashamed. In the end you think back at every step you made and she realizes how much Ive influenced her to do the bad stuff.

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Maggie comes outside to check on April and see why she's talking to Janelle. April immediately gets out of the hot tub and goes inside, leaving Janelle outside. Janelle looks sad.

Maggie said I want us all to sleep together

April says: you know what... I feel like I haven't stood up for myself alot in this game.....

Maggie says - come all the way inside

april goes inside to talk to maggie on the bench near the weight room. April proceeds to tell maggie that she hasn't stood up for herself and Janelle walked inside. April changes the subject to her feet being swollen. Maggie says it's salt.

Janelle leaves.

April says that "she" (janelle) is still playing the game and knows that she's not winning the 500,000. I'm trying to tell Janelle that in the final two - that you (maggie) deserve the money

Maggie says thank you. I just don't want Janelle to take advantage of your emotions April. I worry about someone like that who lies, and lies and lies and tries to play on your emotions. (great manipulator maggie)

April says - Janelle is not doing that. She knows she has lied - but that Janelle is being nice right now. She said that she even told Janelle that she bitched about her in the diary room and in the house and for her to not be mad at her.

Maggie listens and listens and listens and tells April "well good idea" and nods, and nods.

April says that Ivette was the one talking about Janelle's extentions and that she doesn't like how she's been in the house - it's like she's been someone she's not.

April says there are two sides to Ivette and feels "out" of the group.

Maggie says "well for us to see you spening time with someone like her......"

April says - it's just us - i mean I'm talking to her now. She comes to me. I'm not going to ignore her. We're talking about the game. I mean Maggie. She IS A PERSON. I'm not going to treat her like shit anymore - I don't have to do that.

April says she feels like she let Ivette manipulate her into doing and saying things she wouldn't normally do.

Maggie: Nods. Nods. Nods. Nods. Nods. Nods. "I have to go pee".

April: Then Go pee

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Jan came in and said something to April, but April said she is going to hang with Mag for a second and then would be with Jan. Mag wanted a beer but she didn't get one. April and Mag goes outside. April says that after Ive pulled that stunt today she started thinking about the game, how people came in here and when her opinions changed about people and what she heard and she pieced it together and she really liked Jan but when James and Ive started talking about jan she started talking smack about Jan in the DR. April use to talk to Ive before Mag and Ive were good friends and Ive would question her when she came back and she keeps repeating it isn't anyones fault, it is her fault. When April and Jan were talking, Jan sees it, Ive doesn't like her so Ive put bad thoughts in April's head, James talked smack about Maggie all the time, Jan let him talk smack about her because that was James thoughts, but Jan never talked smack about mag. Mag says that Jan thinks about herself more than anyone else. April agrees and says that Jan has lied, and she told Jan that she did things that April didn't like, but again Jan didn't have to do that even if it was part of the game. April says trust me she is probably........there is a reason America likes her, she says she doesn't go in the DR and trash people, but April did and that is why America didn't like her. April says when your around people that bang things in your head over and over you become that kind of person. In the real world April would never make fun of someone with extensions, but since it was brought up so many times..........she keeps saying "do you see what I am saying?" mag says yeah. April says she has four or five days to redeem herself to America and she isn't going to hang around the negative (Ive) any more. Mag says fine but she and April talk about normal life not the game. Jan has told April things that James said that Jan would of never known if Ive hadn't told James. Jan is so upset that Cappy left because James caused trouble, Jan wanted Ive out all along. Jan told April that they were going to pull Eric off and put up Ive and james told them they could get them two votes to get rid of Eric if they would save Ive. James convinced them that if they don't get rid of Eric James was in trouble, so they made a deal even though they wanted Ive out. April repeats, that most of the choices she made was because Ive told her to do it, she didn't stand up and do what she wanted to do. April says she was a grown woman and it was her fault but if you look back the people they got out was the ones Ive wanted out. April says she lost Jen because of Ive, Kay would of never went up if Ive hadn't brought it up. Jen would tell you that she never thought of Kay if Ive hadn't brought it up, it made no sense to her and Jen. Mag says she thought it was because of the jury, April says James is a wild card. Mag says that is how Jen told it to me, April says, she secured the jury becasue she got HOH. Mag says Jen says the jury was secured because Kay left before sequester. April is trying to explain, (I can't type it all she is repeating over and over). April says "you know I don't get along with Ive for a long time, I have had to try because I am a part of that, I understand she felt like the house is against her, but seeing how she handled herself today, it makes me see her differently, I am sorry, but I see how I have treated people and it is my fault. Out side of this, I would never talk total smack about someone's hair........I would never do that............but hearing it over and over all day, I would go to the DR and talk smack, do you understand?" I know you think I am blaming others......... mag says No I understand, I can see what your saying. April whispered that Jan says get Ive out because she is a liar (I think it was hard to hear), Mag says is that part of the game. April says Jan doens't care about the money, she would be happy with the 50 but she loves the show and she wants to be in the final three. April says that Jan told her if it is a rock comp or something and BB said if you let go you could win the other safe Jan would let go. April is telling Mag more about what James has said to Jan........April says that James told Jan "why the f*ck was that bitch all excited that I was there because I was about to put her and Maggie up." She says Jan told her that James plans on how to win the money and April feels manipulated.

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Mag is asking again if they really said "get rid of Ive because she is a liar?"

April says she feels horrible for saying so many bad things about Jan, and who does Ive hate the most? Ive

Mag says she liked Jan alot to at first.

April is pointing out how many lies Ive told about Jan and April started believing Ive and she didn't base her opinions on her own feelings, but others observations.

Mag says you kept telling us that Jan lies

Aprils says she does lie, about her and Mike not kissing and stuff, but Ive can't stand Jan the most, she is nice to her one day and shit talking about her the next, jan even notices that, Jan doesn't understand where Ive is coming from.

April says, take jan out of the game, she knows she isn't winning the game, she knows she's not winning it, she hasn't even remotely talked about the 500 dollars, her goal is not letting Ive make it to the final two. Jan told her she has nothing to lose, Rachel told Jan to get that bitch out of her, or that liar out, but when April goes to sequester tell Rachel she tried. There is a reason people think April is a nice person, Jan and Howie were confused, April was so nice to them, they were wondering if she was for real, April was saying nice things to them. April says she talks nice to everyone, the DR f*cks with you, but this isn't her, she is 30 some years old, and she knows Ive is a nice person but she is sure America doesn't like Ive and she got screwed on that because she hung around Ive.

April swears she didn't talk game with Jan, if she wanted to she would but she hasn't talked game with jan. Jan reassured her that it wasn't Jen and April that got Kay out, she said Kay was a non vocal person, James would find out from Ive whow the friendship wanted out and then go to the Sov group and tell them. April is telling Mag about how Kay wanted Beau and Ive out but James wanted Eric out and now back to how Jen didn't want Kay out Ive did. Ive says she doesn't play the game but April tells Mag Ive has been playing. April says she plays with her heart, mag says that is what she is counting on. April tells Mag that Mag needs to keep going on like she has, don't talk about needing the money and stuff. Mag says she has been honest with her answers and wants to know why she has to change now. Jan wants Mag to win the money not Ive, Jan isn't going to change her feelings because Mag changes the answers because she is afraid of what Jan will think. April is backing down now. April wants to know what Ive was saying about her, Mag says they were talking about their families the entire time. April keeps telling Mag Ive is caring and giving but April has been played. She doesn't think Mag has been played but Ive didn't like Mag till........... she can't explain. April says the only decision she made on her own was back dooring James. Ive said that April was doing Sov dirty work, Mag says she understands what April did and how it saved her and she will be forever thankful. April says Ive started throwing her family stuff on them for the last two weeks and April says when she started that, she felt like she needed to bring her family...............Ive doesn't make April a good person. (can this woman repeat herself any more? ) April says Ive grabbed her and said that she was the kind of person that Ive could hang around. Mag says she felt like Ive pulled April away from her, but April says Ive is a strong person. Now she is telling Mag how Ive said Mag was a shaddy person and wanted April to do tricks on Mag to prove her point. Then she is telling Mag how Ive wanted her to say things to Jan and Mag says, I told you what I thought about that. April feels she has to redeem herself and she doesn't want to be around Ive because she doesn't want to be around trash talking any more. The type of person April is out side the house would not of taken the trash talk and ran with it. Mag says she respects that and won't talk the game any more but she misses the good talk with April. April says she doesn't want to be around the family talk any more. She wants to know what mag thinks about how Ive acted and Mag says she already talked to Ive about that and what she thought, and Ive didn't mean for it to come across that way. April says see no matter what Ive is right, she is always wrong. April says she even asked to make sure she wasn't lying that Ive went to the DR and said "yeah I won let me in I want to talk". Mag says what April is saying mortifies her. April says the only good thing is Mag has only been hanging around this shit since week 7.

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April says Ive hasn't taken blame for one f*cking eviction,

Mag says she knows that

April says she has been used and abused

Mag says she knows she has had things blamed on her, Ive blames mag for Sarah's eviction. This is why they hate this game, she hasn't changed her thoughts on that.

April repeats what james did about blaming Jen for Kays eviction so Ive would be safe. This is playing with my heart about caring for people.

Mag says she knows that, America knows that.

April says she is going to have to tell Matt she didn't realize what Ive was doing

Mag says we are all going to have to look at this and say what the f*ck.

April is now repeating all the bad stuff Ive said about Mag for not giving up information and how Mag needs to be evicted. April is telling Mag about the bad stuff she said about mag in the DR. April is looking at the root of all the things she had done and Ive planted the root, and April is disappointed in herself. None of this made sense to her till week freaking 9 when Ive wasn't going to get what she wanted. It's crazy, April would do this again if it was only a month, and play stradegy.

Mag says she wouldn't

April says the only two that played with their hearts was mag and her, she would be pissed if she knew what she knew now and she would be pissed. She is banking on Mag

Mag I could still be evicted.

April says if it was up between Jan and Ive I would pick Jan.

Mag says Ive knows that.

April says she would get the votes secured not because she is a bad person but her goal is to have the winner be someone that will do good with the money and has a kind heart. She is going to be honest with Beau, Beau would agree

Mag says she is mortified to see what is going to happen, Dave will probably say Mag don't watch the DVD

April says Ive told her Ive makes fun of April in the DR.

Mag says that is shitty. Lets not talk about that.

April says there is a reason America keeps picking Jan, there is a reason why she didn't get a phone call from her husband, there is a reason why Mag didn't get a phone call.

Mag says she can't see where she really betrayed herself in teh DR badly.

April says Jan asked her if she wished she would of voted Ive off that week, but April says she didn't, but she is sure Jen will have a whole new light on that week now that she is out. Rachel told April she can't believe what they did because April and Jen were safe for weeks. Kay told Eric that they were a pair and Ive and Beau were who they wanted out. Ive said that her and Beau weren't working together but April wants to see the tapes. Ive told April that her and Beau would of went far. She thinks Ive and Beau didn't know each other very well. Now she is making excuses for why she voted out Beau.

Mag says she did it because she thought it was respectable, she did it for Jen and Rachel.

April says she doesn't think Mag did this for this reason but it could be seen as Mag wanted to keep Ive because Ive had a connection with Eric and Mag would see that keeping Ive to the end would of helped her out, what would of been a safe move but some what stradegy. April would of kept Beau because any of them could of won over Ive. She thinks Beau would of taken April to the end more than Ive

Mag says it had nothing to do with Eric,

April says but you knew that keeping Ive would of kept you safer, you had to think some stradegy in this

Mag says that was what was so bad, I had two people I loved but Beau was seen more as the friend, Ive said he was the friend, and they didn't act very close. I loved Beau, and I made a promise to you

April says you made a promise to Ive, what was that?

mag says I didn't make a promise to Ive

April says ya you did, you said you made a promise to both of us, nothign major I am sure

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Mag says she knows the promise she made to April, the promise she broke about Kay and the promise she made to the group

April can't wait to talk about this game with Jen

Mag says she remembers Beau confronting Kay about putting him up but she didn't put two and two together.

April feels bad that Jen left before her

Mag says it wasn't in our hands

April says it was in their hands before they knew what was going on. Ive was banging it, she was banging it, I am sorry but she was banging it. Each week she would bring up a person and she would make it make sense.

Mag says I told Jen either one was fine, she didn't care

April says she told Jen the same thing but every week Ive fought to keep James, it was all of their faults that this was the reason Jen left and Ive didn't take shit for it. Jan wanted to know Beau and Ive.....absolutely. I am done taking shit for Ive. Ive told them that it was Jen and April

Mag says and it was blamed on me

April says my partner left because of Ive bottom freaking line, I am leaving because of Ive, I am to take the blame for her

Mag says it makes me feel like I am to blame to, I said either one was fine to leave

April says it wasn't your idea to get rid of Kay, I am linking things together and your not a link

Mag says she feels guilty because she let her in her heart and she played with her heart so she let things go on

April says your gonna need to do what you gonna need to do. She talks about the money and her family

April says it is her freaking fault.

Mag doesn't want to get out of here and think she did something wrong, to think she was going something right and get out and see she was doing something wrong.

April says America doesn't want us to win the money, they want Jan to win

Mag says that makes her very sad

April says Ive thinks April is jealous

Mag says Ive isn't thinking April isn't jealous, she is upset that April is upset, Ive thinks April and Jan are talking about the game but Mag keeps telling Ive that April needs a break right now.

April says Ive thinks everything is about April, and April says that everyone deserves to have things about them but Ive makes her feel like she is a shitty person, that is why she doesn't want to hang around Ive (she is crying)

mag says she wants April not to feel that way and she wants April to do what she needs to do to make herself happy.

April says she doesn't want to hear Ive say how sorry she is that she is saving herself, April has been an idiot and she deserves to be run out. April said that ive came to her and wanted to know if April was going to vote her out a few weeks ago and even though she wanted Ive out she voted to keep Ive for Mag

Mag says that makes her feel guilty about that. April should of followed her heart on that.

April says you told me to vote the way I wanted to vote, you never pressured me. She just felt like she owed Mag the respect to do what she wanted to do.

Mag wants out of this game. (mag needs a certificate for dealing with preschoolers after dealing with Ive and April today)

Okay I am out of here, night all.

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12:30am to approx 1:45am BB-time

After Maggie and Ivette go to bed for the night, Janelle and April spend over 90 minutes chatting out in the kitchen about the game and what happened in the beginning weeks and how the partner twist ruined the game for them.

They really seem to be bonding here, the entire time its friendly and at ease.....

Janelle is excited that her time here on BB will bring her more business at the club she works at, because people request which server they want and now she will be more well known.

April says she is at peace with being sent home now and she just wants her eviction to hurry up and come so she can get out of there.

April expresses regret at how she played the game and is afraid when she walks out the door that "Everyone in America will want to shoot her".

She says the proof America Hates her is that they did not give her the phone call even after what Howie did to her those two days.

April apologizes to Janelle and says she is sorry for anything she "may have put her through"

Janelle responds, "Its ok, Don't worry about it... Ivette and Beau had the problem with me."

Janie says she likes Beau; "If Beau was here without Ivette, we would have gotten along well"

They laugh and go back over the "Janelle/Beau Drunk Blowup". Janie repeats everything that she said to Beau during the fight to April.

April is curious to know if the sequester house will get to see that Janelle won another America's Choice.

Janie says the Michael/Cappy fight was the funniest fight in the game. She says Michael called Cappy a midget. April defends Cappy, saying he is a nice guy and says she can't laugh at him, but continues to listen. April said she knew Kaysar and Michael were partners in the game when Kaysar pulls Michael away from Cappy.

April says she jokes around in the D/R about Janie winning all the A/C things... "Why even bother gathering us in the living room? Janelle will win again!". She is laughing the whole time she is saying this.

April can't wait for finale day.. but thinks it will be stressful. She looks forward to seeing her husband soon. "She better get to call him the second she is outta this mofo!!!"

Now April defends Maggie, saying "its rare to ever hear Maggie say anything bad about anyone.. she is the most genuine one in this game.. she cares about people and their feelings and is as fair as possible" according to April

They talk awhile about the partner twist, what they knew, when they knew it in the beginning weeks. They agree the groups were more divided due to the partners.. April thinks her and Janelle would have gotten along better if the early alliances werent drawn. April says that she didnt want to "play the game and took the money out of her thinking early on to stay the person she is"

April says the game is done for her since she will be evicted soon. She can talk to Janelle if she wants to, she doesnt have to answer to Maggie/Ivette. She feels free finally. Aprl says Howie hated no one in the house. Janie says he didnt like Ivette.

Then they talk about Michael and the sexual harrassment fiasco. April tells Janie that she didnt think Michael was a sexual predator, but April thought he was very weird, grabbing the girls and "licking and biting on them". April says Michael wanted her to go in the D/R with him and "clear his name" but she wouldnt do it. She admits to putting his packed bag by the door on his eviction day.

April vows to come visit Janelle in Florida when this is all over. April questions whether she made the right move sticking with the friendsheep from early on. She says she guesses it worked, she made the final 4.

They both agree Ivette should have been tossed in week 2 when they had the chance. They both want to have Beau back now instead of Ivette.

Both claim to be extremely bored and "cant take it anymore in there." One of the BB producers (Ryan) comes on and asks them a riddle:

"Its greater than God, the poor have it, the rich dont want it, and if you eat it, you would die"

Neither one of them can figure it out and try for over 5 minutes.. then they start bitching to the producer to give them the answer... he never does even after they beg and beg for the answer and they get pissed off at him. They both keep saying the house is "sooo depressing". April appreciates that maggie didnt celebrate when Ivette won veto.. apparently Ivette did something rude after winning veto that "surprised" both April and Janelle... guess we will have to wait and see that on the show.

They give up on the answer to the riddle and head off to bed.. they have a long hug and apologize to each other for "anything they might have done to make life hard for the other" and each accepts the apology and heads off to bed.....

Janie puts on her techno music and everyone goes to sleep for the night....

I will post the video of this later today...

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April telling Mag she will be surprised at the things that come out.

(She's blaming it all on IV)

A I'm looking back at things I said I would never say some of the things I said in

the outside world.

M tells A whatever happens she wouldn't be able to take Jan because of the

things the friendship have agreed on

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M just told I April knows shes going home so she's trying to make amends to


I says if I wasn't set in stone what I want to do. M says I don't want to talk about it.

M said whatever A wants to do is fine with her even if it's hang out with Jan

A outside now

BB says good morning HG the veto ceremony will be in 90 min.

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