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April 21 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT: Gary is in the Hoh looking at everything and dancing to music. Emmett and Dan is in the pool Jillian and Andrew is looking on. Andrew just told Jillian that her a** look good in that pants.

12:09AM BBT: Dan keep on saying Newfoundlind but Andrew corrected him that it is Newfoundland. Jillian said to picture it a little dot on the East coast. Andrew said we are like the New yorkers. They are now explaining to Dan about all other Hgs and where they are from.

12:11AM BBT: Dan just ask Jillian how much times she lied in the game she then repeat how much you think Dan said 5 times, Jillian then said she have to confess something. Conversation switch to BBAD( Big Brother After Dark) Andrew explain the time and BB said please stop talking about production.

12:15AM BBT: Gary is now outside by the pool he explain that when they told him he was coming back into the game no one wanted to hug him, and he was wearing a black underwear. Jillian is now dress to go into the pool.

12:18AM BBT: Gary is talking very loud that he came into the house very young, Dan told Gary that he does not look his age he looks older. They are very loud compare to Dan voice. Dan asked who called Jillian Jillbot she said the two evil people Tom and Liza.

12:25AM BBT: GAry is talking very fast he said he would walk out the door if he had to cut his hair. Lots of laughing they are fully awake tonight. Jillian ask Dan if he was forward in his game. Dan said he played the game where he does not have to win a challenge, but he said a mental game is the best. Jillian was called to the DR. Dan was asked how late can he stay up he replied as late as he can.

12:30AM BBT: Talla is now out of the DR. Dan is talking about movies, Dan is called to the DR, Dan is out of the pool now. Talla is screaming see you soon Dan. Emmett is in the KT making something to eat.

12:35AM BBT: Andrew is now in the KT talking to Emmett Andrew said he felt so comfortable when Emmett won the HoH but now Gary won so he have to be on the block with Talla. Emmett said it is so weird that BB brought Gary so late. Andrew said it is ridiculous bringing back Gary at this time. Andrew said that the task that Dan give was so easy for Talla jump in the pool and he had to kiss Jillian.

12:41AM BBT: Andrew said that Gary won PoV and he is not staying up with him tonight. Dan and Emmett in the WA Dan said are you ready for your bandana, Dan asks Emmett to imitate Gary voice ten times. Dan told Emmett I know you have been playing everyone in the game so far.

12:45AM BBT: They are all by the pool Emmett is inside trying to talk like Gary, Emmett is asking BB what he have to do again. Emmett is now outside Emmett is so silly he is telling Talla she drinks so much mother fu**** ( He does not sound like Gary) Emmett said Gary is buls** Dan said Emmett I will give you A for effort here is your bandana.

12:52AM BBT: Dan is talking to Emmett about what task to give Jillian Emmett said to make her kiss Talla because use to kiss the girls before. ( Topaz) Emmett said to get Jillian to fight because she never fight in the house before. Andrew came in and said Talla told him one of them is going home. Dan said they do have lots of food on his season they did not have much food.

12:57AM BBT: Dan told Gary he have a good one for him make desert for everyone. Dan said it is so much fun with nothing to lose. Andrew said Talla got both prizes in PoV.

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1:01AM BBT: Talla and Dan is now talking in BY ( Talla is actually than she was playing) She told Dan she never shake anyone hands but Dan. Talla said she told Jillian they have to start playing the game, Dan told her to talk to Emmett to tie the game and asks what can Tall do to get his vote. Talla said Emmett told her he would tell her what he is going to do.

1:07AM BBT: Talla said her mother brought her to Canada for a reason to be better, Talla said she is busy right now. She is a twin she is the bad one of the twin. Talla is now telling a storey about a ticket she got in Detroit ( Talla is now tipsy Talla) TAlla is now happy and she is very loud. Dan is now showing Talla how to throw the football.

1:13AM BBT: Talla said she is very happy to be here playing football with Dan. Jillian is now out of the DR all dressed up. Jillian is asking Dan for her headband.

1:20AM BBT: One of the rewards was 1000 no one know who won. The party is now in the Kt ,Dan,Talla,Andrew and Jillian all drinking< Gary cannot drink but making fun of Andrew for drinking his beer a long time ago.

1:35AM BBT: Dan is now changing his batteries Jillian is now in the SR with Dan. Jillian challenge is dancing she have to pour juice while dancing, Dan did asks Jillian if she love to dance Jillian replied No. Dan leaves the SR and Jillian said she hate her life right now. (Jillian look like the pro she is )starts dancing while doing her task and Dan run to her and give her the red bandana.

1:46AM BBT: Talla told Dan she doesn't care if the other HG think she's "dumb & ditsy". Dan asks if it's all an act? Talla says no, she's dumb and ditsy. Dan told Jillian that she does not look like a teacher,

1:54AM BBT: Dan is now explaining the funeral to the Hgs. Dan quote the Ian and Frank fight last season. Talla and Jillian asking Dan to stay. Emmett is now in the KT, Lots of talking going on. Dan really liked Jillian dance. Gary is complaining that he cannot eat a mint.

1:59AM BBT: Gary said he have to stay up all night, Lots of general chit chat tonight.

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2:04AM BBT: Dan told Jillian what if Emmett was 21, Jillian replied her friends would never like Emmett if he was 21. Dan called Jillian a cougar. Jillian said she would go to marriage counseling after the game. Talla is looking tipsy already

2:15AM BBT: Jillian said Canadians don't really care about reality tv just about friends. Dan ask if in teh DR if they ever went off on anyone, BB repeat please stop talking about production. Jillian is repeating what she told Peter before he was evicted. Jillian just told Gary when he go back to the jury can she have his vote. Gary said bitch I am not going anywhere.

2:19AM BBT: We now have the talking with Talla segment with guest star Dan. They are all making fun of Talla. Emmett is very quiet. Jillian just told a story about her mom washing her mouth out for swearing.

2:27AM BBT: Gary said he would not use the name Gary Glitter he would use Glitter Gary. Jillian went to BB for more liquor. Dan ask them what they think when they got the letter that someone was coming in the house, Andrew said he was upset because Gary already came back in the game.

2:37AM BBT: Let the shots begin. Andrew is trying to get Gary drunk so he will lose his Pov. Everyone but Gary is having a shot. Talla spilt her drink on the stove she slurp up all and said she is not wasting it.

2:47AM BBT: Emmett and Andrew is now throwing the football. Talla and Gary is talking in the LR. Jillian and Dan is now talking in Hoh Jillian is telling Dan everything. Jillian said she is not the girl who is letting the guy do all the work she is winning competitions also. Jillian said she and Emmett rode along all game with few HoH. Audio was off in Jillian and Dan conversations.

2:58AM BBT: Gary and Talla in KT Gary said he went from zero to nothing and he would take 20k over 100k. Talla said she is also playing the game. Gary said there is something about Andrew game that he may win against anyone, because he played a social game. Emmett looked very tipsy. Gary joking that he is going and sleep or can he lay in his bed.

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3:08AM BBT: Emmett and Andrew in HT Andrew is still talking about what he should of done. Andrew think the game was rigged for Gary to win Pov because he buzzed in everything Gary got. Andrew said he is going to come up with a nice speech for Gary to use the PoV on him. Andrew really hates the twist.

3:14AM BBT: Audio is back Jillian said she have a big student loan and she wants to win, Dan asks her if she wants second place she said she wants to win. Dan told her it looks like she is playing for second place. Jillian said she does not like to think far ahead she goes week by week.

3:20AM BBT: Jillian said she is so fake, Dan asks Jillian who would you vote out Jillian started saying she have to talk to Emmett Dan said who would you vote out, Jillian said if she vote Talla out she don't have to worry about endurance. But she and Talla have a final 2 deal. Jillian said she would vote for Talla to stay Gary would vote for Andrew to go. So it would be tie Emmett would send Andrew out. Emmett and Andrew just interrupt Dan and Jillian game talk.

3:26AM BBT: Jillian said when she see herself on tv she would vomit. Gary is now up and walking around in the house with his cover. Talla is now sleeping on the couch.

3:36AM BBT: Gary and Dan is up to something Dan give Gary his task to wet Talla with cold water on the couch, Talla is running Dan all over the house with water. Task complete Gary get his bandana. Talla is going up to the HoH with water to get Dan she is very tipsy. Andrew,Emmett,Dan and Jillian in the room laughing at her. They are looking at the spy screen.

3:39AM BBT: Dan said that this cannot be real life Talla drunk at the HoH door. Dan and Gary talking Gary said he wants to be final three with Jillian and Emmett. Gary said he wants to throw the HoH next week and win veto, Dan told him he need to win both. Talla asked why is she soaked Talla have no idea who soaked her Gary told her it was Dan.

3:49AM BBT: Emmett told Jillian she just have to fake the game for couple more days. Andrew is now telling Dan all about Topaz HoH where AJ was voted out. Emmett,Andrew,Gary Talla and Dan now in the LR.

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4:06AM BBT: Emmett said he is very tired, Dan looks sleepy. Everyone is going to bed but Gary. Jillian and Emmett heads up to HoH. Dan,Talla and Andrew is now in the WA brushing their teeth with no audio.

4:12AM BBT: Jillian is now repeating everything Dan told her to Emmett, but Emmett did not tell Jillian what he and Dan talked about. Dan and Gary talking in the LR but no audio.

4:20AM BBT: Dan asked Gary what he is going to do when he gets out of BB. Gary said fashion and music. Gary said he wants the random compliment from people on the streets. Gary is asking if Dan does allot of BB stuff Dan replied he does not do much.

4:26AM BBT: Gary is going over the votes with Dan Gary still thinks he can win against Emmett and Jillian in final 3. But Jillian and Talla he wouldn't. Dan asks Gary what the jury thinks of Jillian, Gary said they think Jillian is a backstabbing bitch. Dan said the good news is Gary you have another week to think about it.

4:33AM BBT: Gary is walking in the BY then back to the KT back and forth talking to himself trying to stay awake. (Punishment for coming back in the game) Dan is now in bed in main BR.

4:37AM BBT: Gary is now on the Hammock talking to himself he said Dan give him good advice to get Emmett out the game but he want to play with Emmett some more. BB told Gary to change his battery pack.

4:43AM BBT: Gary is now in the KT blowing his nose. Looks like Gary ball chain is broken. Gary is now eating slop and walking. Gary is restless he is now sitting in the LR.

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5:17AM BBT: Gary eyes shutting down and we got soth.

5:21AM BBT: Feeds is back and Gary is wide awake.

5:24AM BBT: Gary is really sleeping and nodding. He is really trying to stay awake. Gary jumps up and started to walk around. he is now in the WA

5:30AM BBT: Gary slowly drops and close his eyes, Gary is now leaning on the wall, A bell rings Gary jumps up drink water and starts to walk again.

5:39AM BBT: Gary is now cleaning up dishes to stay awake.

5:52AM BBT: Gary went into the SR look around then back out to LR. Gary is now smiling. He is awake again. Gary is now lying down on the couch dozing off again he jumps and smiles. Another alarm went off again and Gary jumps.

5:58AM BBT: Third alarm Gary sleeping he jumps and say this is going to be hard. He is now walking again to the WA looks like he is cutting his toe nails. Gary is doing everything to stay awake.

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6:07AM BBT: Gary is still trying to be awake. He is now doing his nails.

6:31AM BBT: Gary is awake still doing his nails. Gary starting to nod and close his eyes. Fourth alarm goes off and he jumps.

6:35AM BBT: Gary is getting comfortable again and he nods Fifth alarm goes off again twice Gary said I am awake.

6:40AM BBT: Gary is really tired, Six alarm went off again and it keep on ringing. Gary is now up and walking around in the LR.

6:45AM BBT: Gary is relaxing again and snoring a bit but no alarm, Gary starts sleeping again 7th alarm went off again he jumps and said Jesus.

6:51AM BBT:Gary got caught sleeping the alarm went off again 8th time he said it is not him sleeping. So the alarm went off again 9th time he jumps. ( Give it up Gary)

6:58AM BBT: Gary is getting comfortable again. nodding ever so often 10th time alarm went off and keep on ringing. Gary think they are trying to wake up Dan.

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7:02AM BBT: Gary is really tired he cannot stay awake. 11th alarm ( I hope there is no number to revoke the pov)

7:09AM BBT: Gary nods off again this time the alarm went off for the 12th time. He move from one chair to another chair.

7:14AM BBT: Gary is sleeping and the alarm goes off again for the 13th time and Gary still sleeping. He is now walking out in the BY he is now on the hammock.

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7:23AM BBT: Gary is now sleeping on the hammock the alarm went off for the 14th time. Gary went right back to sleep and the alarm went off again 15th time. ( I guess I am also sleeping)

7:28AM BBT: Gary is caught sleeping 16th time and Gary said he is awake bit** Gary is now swinging and sleeping another alarm 17th time and he is sound asleep it is non stop alarming.

7:35AM BBT: Andrew is now up, Gary is now in the WA falling asleep again 18th alarm goes off ( I think I am going to lost counts)

7:40AM BBT: Gary is now in the HN Gary is trying to find places where he can hide. Gary said it is funny he can stay awake in this room. BB turn on the lights in the HN. Gary is sleeping again this time snoring and the alarm goes off again 19th time. and he dozes off again another alarm 20 times. ( I am done counting) Another alarm.

7:45AM BBT: Gary is just sleeping and the alarm keeps going off. He is snoring now with no alarm in the last 3 minutes. There goes another alarm. We have another alarm and a long one too. Gary went right back on the bed snoring again. And another alarm.

7:55AM BBT: Gary is really getting the alarms ( He needs to get up and walk) Gary is sleeping again and snoring. Gary is now up and in the SR.

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10:35AM BBT: Dan, Emmett and Andrew are in the pool. Talla and Jillian are on the loungers. Emmett (mostly) is teaching Dan what all the things on the mural are or represent.

10:38AM BBT: Dan asks if there is a Canadian flag hidden in the mural. They say they don't think so. Jillian says "At the beginning our challenges we're very Canadian. Feeds cut to SotH.

11:00AM BBT: We still have SotH.

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11:07AM BBT: Feeds return. Jillian is in a outfit with some sort of red vest. Everyone else is in the KT. We get SotH again.

11:13AM BBT: Feeds return again. Jillian seems to be the washroom attendant.

11:16AM BBT: Dan asks them if they have ever microwaved an apple. Talla decides to try it but is now worried it will blow up. Dan says "I'm such a kid." Jillian tells Andrew "Tell the HG's the washroom is open." Emmett goes to see her. She says she is in there for 8 hours. Emmett asks her what she has to do. She has to turn on and off the faucets and before we hear more Big Sister asks her to clean all the mirrors in the bathroom. She asks if she can go get the cleaner and we get SotH.

Also right before SotH Dan has a camera is was taking pictures.

11:23AM BBT: Feeds return. Jillian is asking Emmett if you can tell if she has no underwear on. She says her other underwear you could see it. Emmett leaves her. The camera shows a tray of things for Jillian. There is hand sanitizer, Baby powder, tooth picks, mouth wash, after shave, floss and a tip jar.

11:26AM BBT: Dan was talking through things with Andrew and Talla in the KT. Explaining that it may not be over for either of them yet. Maybe they should both talk to Emmett. Emmett comes out and interrupts their chat. Dan and Emmett go to the BY to toss the football. Andrew kind of question Talla if she tried in the veto comp. Jillian is cleaning the WA. [it is going to be spotless in there after her 8 hours.]

11:31AM BBT: Andrew tells Talla "Obviously Dan says we should go to Emmett but I'm not going to do that to Emmett." Talla agrees and says "Maybe Dan thinks this (season) isn't spicy enough."

11:34AM BBT: Talla and Andrew having a little pity party on the KT sofa. Andrew says "I have made his bed and now will lie in it. If that means I'm going home then I'm going home." Talla saying the block isn't going to stop her from having fun. Dan is called to the DR. Emmett joins the KT with them. Talla asks Andrew to take a picture of her and the milkman. She asks again and this time says pleases , Andrew says "I was waiting for the please."

11:45AM BBT: Andrew goes to the WA and tells Jillian everything Talla said (during their pity party). Jillian says she is worried that Gary might be allowed to pick the replacement nominee.

11:51AM BBT: Talla goes tot he WA and tells Jillian "I've come to deliver you a present." Andrew complains to Emmett bout Talla. Nothing different then the usual "She annoys me, I can't stand to listen to her." He thinks that Talla didn't go for everything (punishment) in the veto comp). Andrew says "Can you imagine if it's Lala and Gary in the final 2?" he laughs and continues "The producers would be happy." Emmett says "Everyone will be pissed."

11:56AM BBT: Andrew says "If it was those to up there (final 2) I would have to ask a math questions and say who ever gets closest wins." [He is being very arrogant right now] Talla returns from the WA. Emmett goes in the WA and lays on the sofa. Gary is still asleep in the have not room. Jillian sits with Emmett and wonders if she is allowed to. Emmett says "well I'm in here so tend to me."

12:02AM BBT: The alarm goes off on Gary. He sits right up but it continues until he gets out of the bed. He stands for a minute and the lays right back down and the alarm sounds instantly. Emmett and Jillian discuss what they think Gary's plans are in the game. Andrew walks in the WA and "says do you hear this?" (The alarm coming from the have not room) complaining about Gary.

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12:00 BBT emmett and andrew are talking sitting on the sofa emmett says Gary wont win says there is ten more days talla come in jillan is still in the WR now with emmett

12:02 Gary is in the hoave not room sleeping the alarm is going off jil and em are in the WR talking jil wants a 15 minute break shes starving

12:05 BBT em is telling jil how if Garys makes it to the final no one will vote for him but he thinks he will win andrew walks in and now jil is talking about cleaning,

12:10 BBT talla and gary are now in the have not room gary is just waking up no hes going back to sleep jil and em are in the WR with andrew the alarm goes off again gary is igoring it or trying to he finally gets up

12:11 jill is the bathroom attendant tells gary is cant do anything for himself she has to do it for him do you have to pee? she asked talla is in the kitchen looking for something to eat

12:12 BBT Andrew has a camera and is taking pictures in the WR with Gary and jill and em

12:15 BBT jill is now washing garys hand gary cant have a mint because he is on slop jil is now drying garys hands and gives him sorm cream gives em a mint and SOth

12:31 BBT feeds are back with gary washing his face talla is in the kitchen, andrew is in the WR with jillan and gary em is in the kitchen with talla who is telling em that he is the milk man now

1240BBT talla is screaming do you love it love it love it love it she wants another house party so she can drink tells em that he is too quite em says hes just thinking tal asked em if he has a final two the andrew em says no

he asked tal if she has a final two with anyone she says no

12:42 BBT talla is talking about who she will want with her in a final two and who she has a chance with andrew, em is now talking about jury house and does peter like him now? and what about aj and topaz I sent them home are they now mad a me I dont know

12:42 BBT SOTH

12:52 BBT soth

1:03 BBT feeds are back with jil still in the WR tal and andrew are sitting over by the pool dont know where gary andrew is saying how hes just being himself and not throwing comps and stuff like that

1:09 jillan and dan are talking in the WR dan asked jil if she can beat gary in the final jil yeah I think I have the votes with the jury against gary dan asked jil if gary would lie to her about the jury house jul says yeah who in the house do you know hands down you can beat in the final two asked dan jillan talla jillan if we were in the final three together shell take me to the final two

1:16 BBT jillan is now telling dan the talla maybe throwing comps she doesnt know for sure but she is wondering if talla is throwing comps that maybe why she isnt winning anything

1:20 BBT jillan is saying how emmett doesnt think tha talla deserves to be in the final two and doesnt want her in the final two he would rather be there with like gary or andrew because he thinks gary wont win it if hes in the final two and he will be able to beat gary andrew walks in and asked why he always gets stuck with tallla and its the SOTH

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1:55BBT : Jillian and Emmett in bathroom, Jillian shaved her lip and hurt it some how, they were kissing, and talking about how Jillian used to have to shave brows and arms, she than put polismorin on it. She said she was bored as chips when Emmett went to leave, and she asks him to get Talla who got called to DR previously.

Andrew and Dan are outside by the pool chairs, talking previous house guests and game. Emmett sat down for a while and Andrew says “Emmett and I are very much alike,” but was sacrastic. Gary is throwing F bombs, and Andrew says he's probably throwing F bombs because he dropped make up or something.

2:01 Jillian and Emmett in the bathroom talking about game ( they are really quiet hard to hear)

2:04 Dan and Andrew are done talking, and Andrew is thanking Dan for the talk. Dan is saying that he's there not to mess with people he just is there. Andrew is saying he can tell the advice but he's his own person and he'll do what he wants. He got this far on his own he'll continue to do that .

2:05 Anderw has to go to the washroom says he wants to go upstairs because Jillian isn't gonna wanna see what he wants to do

2:06 Dan and Gary are now in the main bedroom, chatting, he asks Gary if its okay he's eating and Gary says he doesn't care. Gary is on the home streach of his make up and Dan is hesitant about going into the room because he doesn't want to eat the Pizza infront of Gary, and Gary retells him that he really doesn't f*** ing care.

Emmett and Dan are talking about game, and Gary tells Dan he has told Jillian about Jury house but no one else. He told Jillian people respect her for her big moves, she has told Talla that people like her. He's now telling Dan he feels that if Talla wins, she should put up Emmett and Jillian like she said she would. Dan is going through senerio. Nominations don't matter Dan says, the veto is the only thing that matters. Gary doesn't understand what Dan is trying to say, so Gary asks him to break it down. Dan says Gary wins HOH, puts Talla and Jillian Emmett wins POV and evicts Talla, The POV ultimitly deicdes to go home. (when there is four left)

2:11 Gary admits that Dan has lead him to see things. Gary says he's happy he's gotten this far, and now it gets serious. (Gary really does seem to enjoy Dan's advice)

2:13 Jillian screaming “anyone need to use the washroom” (twice) . (guessing she is bored and wants company)

2:13 Dan thinks he's leaving in an hour. Gary really wants a DR session with Dan

2:14 Gary is back to finishing is make up. Gary screams Jillian Q tip – and Jillians says htat's not in my job discription and Gary says this is not about your job.

2:15 Talla comes outta DR and screams WHOOO.. and starts saying where is everyone.. where is everyone. No one says anything and she says.. Fine i'l do dishes.. Whooo that's the calling now Talls is called back into the Diary Room. & Dan is called into the DR with her and she's totally excited.

2:17: Emmetti s in Hot tub by himself.

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2:21 Talla Jillian and Andew and WA and talking about Talla being in DR and Dan still being there to expect a surprise, but she was messing with her. Jillian is hungry and Talla is too and is going to make something.

2:23 now they are speculating when Dan is leaving, Andrew asks if they have any idea when Dan came into thse house yesterday. Dan has now joined them in the WA area, and Jillian asks him to come here, and asks if he could file his nails, Dan doesn't want to have his nail filled. Dan says he's loosing his man hood, and says he wants Emmett he has to be on board. She is doing is now, and Dan says its the weird, felling like sand paper.

2:25 Now they are talking about Andrew and Jillian and kissing. Dan asked if there is any tinglies, when they kiss and she says No. It's funny.

2:26: Andrew is called to DR. Dan asks who JM is and she says Jillian McGlauilgin asks if there is relation to Sara ands he says no there's different spelling.

2:27 Now Dan and Jillian are came talking, she saying she wants to play whatever hands she's dealt. (she's whispering again so hard to hear her) Jillian says that things go wrong with her but things also have worked out in her favor.

2:30 Jillian asks if Dan is away from his wife a lot but he says his wife usually comes with her. He goes on one Big Trip a year. They just came back from Mexico. Jillian asks if was all exlusive, and they stayed on a boat, and at a condo. Jillian has never been married or never been close she tells Dan.

She is telling Dan that she is not much of a dater.

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1:30pm BBT - Jillian tells Talla she thinks Dan has actually watched the BB Canada season and is hiding the fact.

1:45pm BBT - Talla tells Gary that Emmett can win everything by winning comps.

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2:33 BBT Dan asks if Jillian and Emmett will date after and she says ya maybe “we'll see what happens” Dan asks if he's Husband material and she giggles.

2:34 BBT : Dan says it's hard to take her serious with the bow tie. Tells Jillian Emmett seems like a nice guy.

Dan asks if Jillian has ever dated an 18 year old before. “21 year old is in a different spot than I am “

2:36 BBT Dan tells Jillian she seems more mature than 27, she says she's lying about her age she's 33. Dan says she's 29, and feels she seems real mature. Jillian is telling Dan about the time her bikini wasn't secured and it came off, when she made the bed. Dan says there is a history for her in bathroom attending. Than they are taking about that she lies in the game for the game.

She hopes the kids she teaches aren't watching.

2:38BBT: Dan comments that's a cool bathroom, and Jillian explains its a train station in Toronto. Dan is going to go see what Emmett is up to. Dan asks her what she will do and she says maybe try and sleep she doesnt' wanna talk to anyone because she'll be on camrera with her lip thing (she hurt it earlier when she waxed it or something)

2:40BBT Emmett comes back into the bathroom to kiss Jillian, and Emmett leaves again. Jillian: “ Bonjour” (like in a frenchy type accent)

she is now just walking around the washroom.

2:41BBT Gary walks into the WA, and Jillian says he pulls of his walk real well. He is saying that he will enjoy his shower when he can have it again. Jillian says no one is gonna wanna go near him.

Now Gary is asking Jillian what's best for her in the game. Gary “ Keeping her” .

Gary tells Jillian what's best for him his her and Emmett

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4:32 PM BBT - The Ghees has flown north for spring. Dan just said his goodbyes and walked out the door. Talla notes the time and event like a diary entry. She says she is going to hot tub because Dan was in it. Talla claims she is not being creepy but...

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3:00pm BBT - What you missed earlier today... Jillian completed her job as WA attendant. Dan having a heart to heart with Emmett, tells him he comes across as stone cold but the other HG aren't afraid of him. Emmett says he's been able to adapt well to the fast changing scene in the BB house. He says he doesn't want people scared of him to the point they won't come talk to him. Dan says no one is getting any special advantage through him. Emmett said the Veto comp was pointless to him, he didn't care who won or if it was used.

4:20pm BBT - Dan is packing up to leave the BB Canada house. He tells Jillian, Emmett and Andrew that he has one last PoV to give away. Andrew asks for it. Sorry, Andrew, the veto disappeared into the Dan Mist.

4:30pm BBT - Dan is saying goodbye to the HG. Don't lose yourself to the game, he says. To Gary he says be yourself, you're a likeable guy, stay positive. To Emmett he says maybe one day they'll finish that chess game. He tells everyone he's rooting for them and to make at least one big game move. After he's gone, Talla confesses to hiding one of his shoes.

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4:37 PM BBT - Talla, Jill and Andrew in HT. Talla tells them how she hid Dans shoes, thinking he couldn't leave without them.

Gary is in Have Not with Em, he is complaining to Emmitt about his stomach growling. Emmitt tells him that's just how bad Gary wants the POV. Gary is worried that Andrew wins HOH, and he doesn't give a F$&^ about Andrew and Talla. He doesn't want Andrew here because he feels has proved himself, it's the principle. Emmitt tells Gary not to worry. That Gary should be the happiest person in the world because he is back in the house.

Gary thinks Jillian is going to win the whole thing. Tells Emmitt all that matters is that they have each others votes if they are on the block. Em jokes he will put Jillian on the block. Jill walks in, Emmitt asks her if she wants to go to the hot tub.

4:47 PM BBT - Emmitt, Jillian and Andrew in the KT. Em notes that it's funny how perceptions of someone can change. Andrew says that Dan has played two times before and Emmitt adds that Dan knows what's going on. Andrew says a mock scenario of "what if" Dan was in the house. Says that Em and Jill are like Shane and Danielle and Andrew is Ian. He contemplates what Dan would do in the finals. Emmitt says Dan had the balls to try things. Gives him credit for finding a will where there is a way.

They walk to WA. Jillian says she thinks Dan came in simply for entertainment . Can hear the rooster in the background. and it goes to SotH

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4:56 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Talla, Emmitt and Andrew in the HT. Jillian and Gary in the KT. Jillain complains that she was in the WA all day then comes out to a mess. Gary says he can't even call Talla out on it or he is seen as a.....

4:58 PM BBT - Soth

5:22 PM BBT - Feeds come back. Jillian, Andrew and Talla are in the HT. Something must have happened as they wonder if it had to with Garys' ball and chain. Then Gary shows up with ball and chain on, Andrew leaves. Talla asks Gary if he wants to play puckball. Gary replies he is saving his energy for "chest". Gary wonders if the others are hating them right now because they got to see Dan. Gary says he knew Dan wasn't going to stay because he is married and played twice already - why would he coming to f&^$^% Canada to play for a third time? They then wonder if Dan has a kid or not.

5:30 PM BBT - Andrew is swimming in the pool alone. Talla in HT still going on and on about Dan and his funeral, etc. She says she really believes Dan was trying to help Danielle progress in the game. Jillian leaves and joind Andrew in the BY. Tells him Talla is going on and on about Dan. Andrew says something, BB tells Andrew to put his mic on. Andrew grumbles, of course - they are talking game.

Andrew tells Jillian what she should say to Gary, not to use the Veto so they can try get Gary out. If it doesn't work, they will go after Talla.

5:34 PM - Feeds go to SotH for a moment, when it comes back, Andrew and Jillian are talking about what they think Garys' plays are Andrew says Gary could do a Dan move, but won't. Jillian says she just wants it to be the four of them, but now it's not going to be. Andrew tells her he thinks it can still happen, it WILL happen. Jillian says she is going to bed. They both go inside, she tells Andrew she is going to tell Emmitt the plan.

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5:00pm BBT - Here's what you've missed. Talla wonders what Dan meant about making one big move. Andrew tells Jillian he's going to go off on Talla before it's over.

6:00pm BBT - It's been a slow afternoon now that Dan is out of the house. Talla campaigns to Gary, saying Andrew is more physically fit, and she's WAY weaker in comps. She reminds him they shook hands on a deal before PoV. Gary says he hasn't talked game with anyone besides Talla. In HoH, Emmett tells Jillian he would rather compete against Talla than Andrew but Jillian wants Andrew to stay.

7:00pm BBT - Jillian rants about how messy the kitchen became while she was a WA attendant. BB tells her to stop. Emmett promises they will clean up. Andrew is is still whining about Gary returning to the house. He wants Emmett to help him convince Gary to not use the Veto. Emmett encourages the fantasy, saying he thinks Gary enjoys being on the block.

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10:04PM BBT Andrew and Jillian playing chess in HOH and Emmett leaves because bear to watch how they are playing. He runs into Talla in the hammock where they are talking about Andrew likely taking Jillian over him to finals. Talla is hard enough to transcribe when she is talking full volume, but is a real challenge when she is whispering. Gary and Emmett now making their way to the hot tub where they comment on the fresh air. Chess game over with Andrew having quit. Talla swinging all alone in hammock.

10:07PM BBT Andrew and Emmett cross paths and Andrew now chatting with Talla about the chess game. It is only his seventh game in his life. Gary on the couch in the kitchen talking to Emmett who is coming back down stairs from the HOH. Andrew says the clock says 10 and asks Talla if she has been outside. She says it is dark so it will be bedtime soon. She then screams out for 30 seconds or more for no apparent reason. Jillian and Andrew now talking about her having a poo and how he can always tell by how she smells afterwards due to body lotion folks get your minds out of the sewers.

10:10PM BBT Gary now with the other three in the kitchen and asks Emmett if he can eat some of his peanut butter shit (protein shake?) Emmett and Gary are threatening to play chess but emmett is eating watermelon and Gary is mixing up some concoction at the sink. They are now talking about Dan being in the house for the day and commenting how no one will believe them [do they not remember they are on TV 24/7? - DRG]

10:14PM BBT Jillian and Emmett now wrapped up in each other as per usual. Talla talking to herself about nothing in hammock. Emmet and Jillian now retreat to the HOH room where he resumes criticizing her chass play against Andrew and starts showing her what she should have done. He tells her to never put her King in the corner. She is reviewing how she lost her Queen by not paying attention, but she survived with strategy. She took out his Queen because he is an idiot and starts laughing about how dumb his move was. Andrew made more dumb funny moves than her and she could not believe it was not a joke.

10:17PM BBT Gary still working away at the counter. Gary being condescending to Jillian about her chess play. He tells her she has to first look at his move and what is now threatened. She starts laughing and dives on him to change the mood. He keeps on telling her to watch him because in chess he is not there to be her friend. Andrew enters and Jillian asks if he wants to play Emmett since he gets so upset at her moves. Andrew declines and but sits down next to Jillian who has returned to her side of the board. Andrew carrying on about his stupid moves Jillian laughing too much to concentrate on the game.

10:21PM BBT Jillian says Andrew is so mean and he says we are playing this game for money. Jillian lost a piece and says she should not have done that. Andrew now ranting about the Bridge to Veto comp and still wants BB to tell him his time. Jillian now examining the board before making a move. Andrew asks Emmett if he can hang out because otherwise he will have to talk to those two. Emmett still being condescending and not especially instructing in trying to teach Jillian how to play chess.

10:25PM BBT Andrew comments that Emmett is all high on watermelon, then calls his instructions to Jillian "the old sweet talk." Gary appears frozen in the kitchen and Talla is not on camera.

10:28PM BBT When asked by Andrew Emmett says that Gary was OK for a while but then he got destraced and lost some of his big pieces. Emmett says if things are close he will start talking to the other person. Jillian says that is like cheating and Andrew says this guy does not mind doing that. Talla now has joined Gary in the kitchen and wants to know who made such a mess with the watermelon? She goes up to the HOH and asks who made the mess downstairs? She brought watermelon pieces up with her to eat. Gary now at the kitchen counter eating something he made from slop that looks completely disgusting.

10:31PM BBT Andrew talking about Gary being back in the house and it sucks but at least they can get along with him. Talla laughs at the face he was making but we don't have an angle that shows it. Gary now into the fridge then drags his ball and chain into the SR to root around for a bit. Now Talla proclaiming that she wants a cigarette and what does she have to do around this place to get one. Then she is saying that she loves what she is wearing on her head right now. Its the head band from Dan. Jill starts laughing because apparently she just tried to take out her own piece.

10:35PM BBT Andrew points out that he still has the option to put Jillian on the block and Emmett replies he is thinking about it. Talla wants to know where Jillian's cuticle oil is and Jillian does not know. Andrew asks Talla if she will sleep in Dan's bed tonight to smell the sheets. She says that is creepy and she will sleep in her own bed. She wonders if she has made a friend. Andrew says she should just contact him once they get out because they share a unique experience. Going around the feeds we have a close up of the chess board, a two shot of Jillian and Emmett a long shot of all four in the HOH and a close up on Talla.

10:39PM BBT Now we see Gary back in the SR [There will not be any McDonalds burgers lying around dude. DRG] Chess game ongoing with silence in the HOH room as Talla has gone somewhere off camera. Gary now back in the kitchen and clearly is not a happy camper.

10:43PM BBT Now Gary throws himself down on the couch and is eating something from a bowl. The chess players stare at the board. Andrew is listening to the headphones on the HOH bed. Talla is silent and frankly as long as she reamains that way I do not want to know where she is.

10:44{M BBT Gary now calls upstairs to Emmett Do you want to play in a breaking voice. He picks up his ball and starts to trudge up the stairs in slow motion. He enters the HOH and asks if Emmett wants to play and Jillinan says no, Emmett wants to punch me in the face. Andrew says to Gary that he must be looking forward to the old sleepy time and says that he thinks we all are my friend. Gary is in the brown chair with his ball and chain in his lap.

10"47PM BBT Jillian says that she is so tired that she keeps forgetting what color she is, then goes on to analyze her options. Emmitt telling her that she had him in real trouble a minute ago, but now things are different and he is out for blood now. Gary appears to be trying to sleep sitting up with his head propped on his arm. Andrw has moved next to Jillian on the couch. [Does he want to see the game board or does he want to make another move on Jillian? - DRG]

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10:50PM BBT Emmit and Jillian talk chess again and he tells her she is looking at things all wrong. The rooster crows as Gary must have made it to sleep and now the alarms start to cycle. The HOH crew wonders if Talla has gone to sleep somewhere and Gary said they did that to him before. Andrew heads downstairs on a scouting mission and kicks the refrigerator door closed while commenting Oh my God who are these people, born on a raft? He enters the bedroom and says high but then makes his way to the stall to pee which we hear quite clearly. Gary now vertical in HOH before flopping down on the bed. Andrew flushes and yes folks he washes his hands upon exiting the stall and even splashes water on his face. Back into the bedroom he goes and looks around before exiting again. Gary remarks to Jillian that, "Bitch you gonna be stuck in that corner." He then gets up and leaves the HOH.

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9:00pm BBT - In the last hour, Talla asks the camera, Canada, don't you want to see me win this? [Don't ask questions you don' want to know the answer to if you don't already know the answer]. Gary is woken up again in with his ball and chain and in his prisoner uniform by the rooster alarm. He walks into the KT looking like death warmed over. Andrew still wearing his red Dan bandana around his Mohawk.

9:30pm BBT - Emmett & Jillian playing chess in HoH. Talla alone in HT. Andrew sitting alone on the KT couch. Andrew joins Emmett & Jillian in HoH and Gary takes his place on the KT couch. He closes his eyes and the rooster crows. In terms of game talk, the same 'ol same-o. Andrew and Jillian playing chess while Emmett watches in his hoodie and sunglasses. Finally after on hour in the HT, Talla gets out, covers up the HT and returns the house. Gary opens his eyes as she passes but doesn't move. Talla goes directly to the WA shower, takes off her bathing suit and changes into her clothes, then hits the WC. Gary's not even even asleep and the rooster crows. He sits up and shoots daggers at BB with his eyes. Siting up, he begins nodding off again.

10:00pm BBT - The rooster crows again, even when Gary's eyes are open. In HoH, Andrew says take away his Veto. Yet Gary is awake as the alarm keeps sounding Andrew thinks he's beaten Jillian in Chess but Emmett confirms he made an illegal move and you can't put yourself in check. Andrew doesn't want to play anymore. Emmett starts giving Jillian advice then gives up and leaves HoH.

10:10pm BBT - Emmett heads outside and joins Gary who is stretching his legs. Gary goes out by the HT with his ball and chain to get some fresh air. Talla is on the hammock and begins whispering to Emmett but I can't hear her. Emmett joins Gary by the HT who says fresh air is in the woods - this is stale city air. They look at some cameras and wonder if they're new. They return to the BY where Andrew is downstairs. He lost, complains Jillian is dancing in victory upstairs. Andrew tells Talla there are so many rules in Chess it's frustrating. Says Jillian and Emmett are a match made in hell because like to win. Emmett goes to check on Jillian then comes back downstairs. Gary back on the KT couch.

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