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April 10 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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11:00PM BBT Jillian, Emmett, Peter in the HOHR room. Peter tells to Jillian and Emmett that Alec would cut Topaz out earlier in the game if that over Jillian.

11:02PM BBT Peter says if Alec goes against his word he would look stupid. Peter can turn the house against Alec. Jillian tells Peter that Topaz wants her and Emmett out. Peter tells to Jillian, Topaz is really mad that she went against her promises. Jillian says it’s her fault she is up there (there were no other choices she would pick). Peter tells Jillian anyone will go up to her and say anything to find a way to keep themselves here longer.

11:06PM BBT Peter tells Jillian if you want Alec to sit or compete he will do so.

And if Jillian wants Talla and Andrew out Alec can do that too.

11:11PM BBT Talla enters the HOHR room with Emmett, Jillian, and Peter and to eavesdrop starts singing, BB tells her to stop.

11:13PM BBT Jillan and Peter take their conversation to the kitchen still talking about game.

11:14PM BBT Jillian asks Peter if Alec would do whatever she wants to do? Peter tells her yes (which is a lie). Peter tells Jillian he will compete for her since she cannot compete.

11:18PM BBT Peter tells Jillan if Emmett can trust him Peter will side be with them. Jillian tells Peter if there is a two and two vote she will go with Peter on the votes and vote out Topaz.

11:23PM BBT Andrew, Talla and Emmett are in the hot tub. Talla tells the guys that she went the HOHR to eavesdrop on Jillian and Peter’s conversation. Topaz emphasizes that Alex is not safe. Peter joins Andrew, Topaz and Emmett in the hot tub.

11:30PM BBT Andrew, Talla, and Emmett start talking the third season of Survivor and then conversation turn to a topic about different degrees of murder. (Seems that they want to avoid Peter’s game talk)

11:33PM BBT Peter leaves the hot tub, as Talla, Andrew and Emmett continue talk about murder and criminology.

11:35PM BBT Jillian joins the hot tub, Jillian tells Talla that Peter is willing to get rid of Talla next week. Emmett and Andrew continue to talk about criminology. Talla and Jillian about how Talla walked in the HOHR while Peter and her were talking game.

11:44PM BBT Jillian tells the group she thinks BB will hold more physical competitions now since there are less people in the house, whereas earlier in the game there were more mental competitions. Jillian continues to say that BB will give cooler competitions to make BB Canada more memorable.

11:47PM BBT Talla stops the conversation and tells Andrew, Emmett and Jillian they need to think about a potential double eviction this week (which is true).

11:50PM BBT Andrew changes the subject and started talking about what they will do when they get home. Andrew says he will go home, close the doors, shut the blinds and lay naked in is room because there are no cameras. Jillian says she would run naked down her neighborhood.

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00:20am BBT - Alec, Peter and Topaz hanging out in WA while Jillian, Emmett, Andrew and Talla are out by the pool. Just general chit chat. Andrew and Talla come inside. Jillian and Emmet too. Talla says goodnight. She and Andrew head to the BR, Jillian to HoH, Emmett to the KT. Andrew & Talla stop in WA . Emmett joins Jillian in HoH. Andrew now in shower. Peter talking about some of the productions he's worked in and some of the people he's worked with. This is the most I've seen Peter talk all season.

00:30am BBT - Peter and Topaz tell Andrew he's naturally funny, just like AJ. Tom is naturally aggressive. Emmett and Jillian taking a shower duet. The light is dim but since this is Jillian and Emmett, I am sure they are making sure they are clean inside their mouths as well as outside. Talla still preparing for the HT in the WA - She doesn't care if it's raining. But she's not going to put her head in. A girl has to have standards. Peter is swinging on a stool, Alec and Topaz snuggling on the WC couch. Talla flossing.

00:40am BBT - There is shampoo being applied in the HoH shower. Alec talking about suggestive T-shirts he wore as a kid and how they got him in trouble at school. He says he and Peter are going to go to Open Casting for BBCA Season 2. Peter visited the WC but is out now. Alec decides Peter is the funny one and he's the straight man. Peter wonders what they are going to do in the real world when generically labeled products aren't given to them weekly and the refrigerator restocked overnight? Andrew heads to bed.

00:45am - Peter and Topaz head to the KT, talking about re assimilating to the real world. The cleaning has stopped in HoH and the snogging begun. How much hot water do they have up there? Topaz tells Alec he will be in the HT for just 15m. I think Talla went to bed -- had that wrong. Alec says he has so much writing to do, so much work to make up. His professors are not watching, he is sure, but they may get updated from other students. Talla and Andrew in BR, exchange goodnight pleasantries. Giggles ensure.

00:50am BBT - Topaz, Alec and Peter talking about what they told their bosses/teachers and wonder if they will be expected to be back at work/school the day after the show ends. Topaz steps away and Peter whispers to Alec that Jillian told him all he needs to do is convince Emmett, get that one vote, and she'll save Alec and they will have a F4 with Andrew as the 5th wheel. Peter said he used everything he had in that convo with her. Peter is sure they can beat Jillian/Emmett in a F4. But for one week, they have to show solidarity first. And if she screws him over, there will be hell in vengeance. He says Jillian said she trusts Peter more than Alec.

Peter reports that Andrew only has an informal deal with them. They will go through with the plan to get rid of Talla first, not Andrew. Topaz returns and game talk stops. Topaz is heading to the HT and Alec joins her. Peter retires to the BR. In HoH, Emmett is digging through Jillian's underwear at Jillian's request. Topaz doesn't want Alec to get wet. You can hear the wind and the deck looks wet. They decide not to HT and return to the BY. She is determined to get wet since she put the bikini on at 6pm.

00:55pm BBT - Jillian gets dressed with the clothes Emmett gave her. Topaz now in the pool, Alec lounging by the side. They enjoyed not talking game for a while. Can't hear Topaz because she's in the pool without a mic. Alec goes over and dangles his feet in the water, says lets' not stay up too late. He says if Canada voted, he would stay in the house because she naps all the time. Alec says you are a really good looking girl and I'm a somewhat good looking guy so Canada would vote for you.

01:00am BBT - Alec says you did stick up for me that one time to Tom & Liza when I was a baby. Emmett & Jillian come down from HoH to the KT. [sIDE NOTE: How in the world did Easter slip by and BB didn't make Peter dress up like a rabbit?] Emmett eating an orange from the inside out (with a spoon). Alec says nobody knows the real Aneal from the house. Jillian in the SR. Alec says most people would be on his side on the iPod thing. She agrees. Jillian in the KT. Alec says their romance story will be like a Greek tragedy. They talk about whose side Canada will take as to how the showmance failed.

1:05am Alec says no relationship is perfect, just because you're on a TV show you still have problems. Emmett says you never drink your tea. Jillian says it's too hot. Topaz has moved away from Alec in the water so can't hear her anymore. Emmett tells BB they need more milk. The orange is just a shell of its former self. Emmett is eating some yogurt. Jillian wants fresh blueberries. Alec and Topaz having a quiet convo in the pool. Emmett & Jillian clean after themselves and sit at the KT table. Alec and Topaz come in and Alec jokes that she never got in the HT. They head to the WA to prepare for bed.

1:10am BBT - Alec brushing his teeth. Jillian and Emmett having casual talk. Topaz gets in the shower and says oh no, I need Q-Tips. Alec finishes up in WA and heads back to KT. He asks if Jillian & Emmett are sleeping downstairs? They say no. Alec says to Emmett that Peter told him what he told Jillian and Alec confirms his role in Peter's promise. He says if you decide to keep me, I will not betray his trust or yours. Emmett says yep. Alec says let me reiterate - I never lied to you. If you can think of one, tell me.

1:15am BBT - Alec heads off to the WC Jillian is in the WA brushing her teeth. Emmett heads to the BY then returns inside and runs up the steps to HoH. Alec laying on the WC couch as Topaz showers and Jillian gargles. Jillian is going to check the time on the microwave to see how much sleep they get tonight. Emmett back down to the KT with a towel that I think he put in the freezer. Jillian now flossing. She says GN and joins Emmett in the LR. He jokes I've been kissing you for 40+ days and all I taste of you is that horrible Vaseline (she puts on her lips as moisturizer). He thinks she should call herself the Vaseline Queen.

1:20am BBT - Emmett now telling Jillian about Alec's comments. Jillian says maybe we should tell him (I think Andrew) so he'll be in the loop. I think Emmett was freezing the towel to help cool down HoH. Jillian grabs her tea and they head up to HoH. Jillian recaps her convo to Peter, how she trusts him but not Alec. She knows Emmett trusts him but not Alec. We know just because Alec lies doesn't mean you (Peter) do. Emmett tells her to not give them (Peter/Alec) bullets to shoot him with. Emmett says he was never associated with them, only with you.

1:30am BBT - Emmett says she talks too much, she should listen and not volunteer info because if she tells him something about Topaz and Topaz comes back and repeats what was said... Topaz is out of the shower and checking for zits. Alec is out of the WA. Emmett is on top of Jillian. Emmett jokes that Jillian didn't know after 7 weeks if the HN comp comes before or after the PoV comp. He says she's much better in trivia and stuff. Let the snogging begin! They have laid the cold towel on top of the bedspread to cool it down. He sprinkles water on the bed too so the room fan will cool the sheets.

1:35am BBT - Jillian wonders if she can wear no shorts under her shirt. Don't bend over, Emmett says. Interesting considering Emmett admitted that last night (or the night before) he slept in the nude. Alec is down for the count in the BR. Jillian is waiting for Emmett. Topaz is now down in the main BR. The HoH room fan is on and Emmett crawls into bed next to the missus, I mean the HoH, I mean Jillian. He tells BB to turn the lights off. Emmett says you can trust Peter and Alec, just don't trust them together.

1:40am BBT - Emmett now rehearsing what he'll say to Peter in saying the house won't support keeping Alec, they don't want to stir things up with Talla and Andrew, that Alec was throwing Peter under the bus. Since everyone plays for Veto, if you don't get someone out, they're coming after you next week. So it sounded like they were considering again keeping Alec but now in the spate of 5m, they have reversed course again and think Alec won't honor his promise. They hope Topaz and Talla go up next week. Emmett wonders if it will be trivia or physical (the HoH comp). Jillian is talking so softly even Emmett can't hear her.

1:45am BBT - Thought Topaz was in bed but still in WA. Emmett going downstairs. Jillian asks him to get her shorts, a pair of his boxers. She decides to get her shorts herself. Topaz in the SR medicine cabinet. Jillian returns to HoH and asks if he wants to go downstairs? It's still hot up there, and noisy with the fan. Topaz back in the WA. If they're gonna do it, Jillian says, let's do it. BB tells Jillian and Emmett to put on their mic's. Jillian whines the AC is broken. She's half asleep and slurring her words. But she has her mic on. Alec to the WC, doesn't wash but does use the towel. Topaz & Alec in the BR in their bed together.

1:50am BBT - Emmett tells Jillian she can tell Peter she doesn't know how far she can take him in the game. Emmett says the only comp Peter has up on him is mental, he beat Peter in both physical comps. It's dark in the HoH but thanks to BB having them put their mic's back on, the snogging comes through loud and clear. Emmett says he would rather get a better night's sleep with her in the HoH but she wants to head downstairs if there's a bed open. Everyone in the BR is asleep. Jillian wonders what their families are thinking.

1:55am BBT Jillian is muffled as she's sleep talking. She's 90% sure Topaz won't put her up. I think she's dreaming. Emmett is mostly only grunting acknowledgment at this point. Emmett wants to make a decision - stay or go. No audible answer from Jillian. OK, he says to himself. 7 weeks and three left, Jillian says. She is using a pillow as a bed sheet as the covers are off the bed. 60 seconds no sound from either Emmett or Jillian. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. I hereby declare the HG asleep.

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9am All HG asleep.

9:13am HG R up & doing ADL's

9:20am Talla on battery duty can't get into HOH. Alec, Peter & Andrew R in KT. Topaz sitting in WA. Andrew called to DR. Talla now in HOH talking to Jillian. Says OMG it's Wednesday girl.

9:27am Talla in the WA telling Topaz what Alec told her about her being safe if they keep him.

9:35 Talla, Topaz & Jillian still doing ADL's. Andrew heads to the backyard to eat. Andrew joins him. Alec & Peter still sitting on KT couch. Very laid back morning.

9:38am. All the guys in BY. Andrew asks what's in store for us today. Anything? Topaz joins them.

9:40am Andrew making fun of what celebrities name their kids. Evry1 saying what weird name a friend contemplated to name their child.

9:43am Talk about how mean kids R today. Andrew says that's the great things about twins. No one messes with twins because you mess with 1 you get the other. Andrew tells the story of the school bus driver who was bullied by the students, how much $ she got & how the kids don't get much punishment. They all agree what happened to her was horrible.

9:50am SotH for several min. Feeds return to Topaz telling a story about stopping a runaway stroller. Andrew telling a story about a suspension bridge in Vancouver where a baby recently fell off but survived. We get SotH again.

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9:55am Feeds return. Emmett saying how each day here is like 3 or 4 days in the real world. Evry1 agrees. Andrew says yes because they don't have much to break up their weeks other then comps here & there. Too much of the same. The most boring conversations you've ever had in your life with a bunch of people you can't stand. No offense. Topaz says, & not many people to talk to.

9:57am Topaz misses going to the movies & TV. Andrew says when he gets out he's going to be a naked shut in for 48hrs with tv & internet. Peter turned off his phone paying $12 a month to keep the #. He told them he was going to Europe. He kept his cable so he could PVR shows. Andrew says he thinks they'll be given a copy of the show.

10am Talla joins the BY . She asks if something is different in the BY. Andrew says no it's like Groundhog day in here & they're a bunch of BIll Murrey's. That it's an awesome movie. Talla asks him to tell her about it & he does.

10:04am Her reaction to his telling is funny. She's shocked & impressed & asks if it's a true story. Andrew & Peter say it's a documentary. She says she wants to see it. They suggest she go to the DR & ask to see Groundhog day the documentary. Andrew says if they let them watch it, they'd make them watch it evryday. Then they tell her who's in it.

10:14am Topaz asks if she can nap in the HT. The guys advise against it. Peter does talk show voice 'Talking with Talla brought you by Pepsi'. She says her show is on hold. He says she could be on the opposite of Monday night football. She says, what' He says Sunday is the opposite of Monday. She's confused & asking others to clarify but they're not answering.

10:17am Andrew says she should be on primetime. She says no like 1pm. He says it should be later like Oprah. She says no, she wants it evryday. Peter & her start talking about Big Bang Theory. Peter says it was funny but they've stopped caring & is no longer funny. Talla loves it. He stopped caring about the characters because he says there's no progression. Stopped being about quirky guys & started being about quirky guys with all these girls. She still disagrees. Alec brings up Heroes. Said he liked it but it changed & he could no longer keep up. He liked a couple of characters but hated several. Then brings up LOST. He loves it.

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10:20am Talla asking what happened to the actors of LOST. Alec says Hurley was on Alcatraz & he met him with Sam Neil. That it was really cool.

10:25am. Jillian & Andrew whispering in the KT. She says it isn't like there isn't enough drama in here. Then, I'm freaking out Andrew. He says, he's heading to the HT. She asks Emmett for a kiss & he asks if she isn't grumpy with him anymore. She isn't. Emmett joins Andrew in the HT. Andrew tells him, there may be a twist this week so they should tell Alec that they're keeping him. Then if there's a twist then they can. They hate twists. Andrew says thinking of last year the only twists were at the beginning when there were coaches & then later Pandora's box. Emmett says that Alec already has 2nd place money. Andrew says he wants him gone big time.

10:27am Andrew knows Jillian is freaking out but all you can do is what you have to. (I think they're talking about the twist) that they can put him up instead of Talla & they'll have the 2 votes. Emmett says it's 3 votes.

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12:48 PM BBT - Topaz and Alec in BY, she's telling Alec that 7th place isn't bad. He says its horrible. He knows the rest are inside lying and scheming, he feels sorry for them cause they're pretending to like each other and he's having good conversations with a good friend. They go quiet and Alec just paces around.

12: 53 PM - Jillian and Andrew at KT table eating left overs from supper, making small talk about food. Talla making a smoothie, talking to herself. Talla says she's excited. Andrew tells her she has something stuck to her butt, a stain or something. Jillian tells her to turn around, thinks it's tallas underwear. Talla says they are working out at 1:15. Jillian asks why they have to workout. Says Peter hates eating. Peter agrees. Jillian loves eating, going out for a glass of wine.

1:00 PM - Jillian trys Tallas smoothie, thinks its disgusting. Andrew asks Talla When she's working out, cause he's busy then. Emmitt does some dishes, says he's going to lay down for bit. Going to see how cool main bedroom is. Talla asks Andrew if he wants to play with her, he replies that he is not interested. It's the worst idea he's ever heard. Thinks he's going to lie down. Talla says "don't leave me!" . Andrew says he was going to invite her to go lay with him. Says he doesn't find Talla attractive, she burps. He says thats exactly it. They go to BR.

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1:05 PM - BB gives 15 minute warning. House will be off limits. House guests are told to move to back yard.

They wonder if there's a comp or maintanence. Talla asks Andrew to tell her a story. He says a story that makes fun of Talla. She laughs. Talla tells them if she organizes the room, she expects them to keep it like that. Andrew tells her to shut up. She says the beds have to be done everyday, what a mess the room is. Emmitt complains that it is F*%$ HOT, tells Talla to lay down with Andrew and just...be quiet for ten minutes, then she can run and jump around outside.Talla says she doesn't want to lay down.

1: 11 PM - Alec and Peter in BY. Peter laying in hammock, Alec working out. Alec says Emmitts best move was working with them. Says worst move was putting them on the block together. They would have gotten rid of Talla, then Andrew would have gone after Topaz. They would have made it to final five, then went after Emmitt. Says maybe he did make a good move. Says he shouldn't have gotten rid of AJ over Andrew. Was thinking the move was going to cost him 100K, but he just liked Andrew. Told him in the HT he wouldn't vote him out. Now he's screwed.

and is on the block.

1:15 PM - BB gives the HG's 3 minute warning to move to BY.

Talla going to use HOH WA, Alec following. She asks why he's coming up there.Says he wants to grab his swimming trunks. She tells him to hurry up. Jillian and Andrew are getting ready in WA. Talla and Alec talking in HOHR. Alec says he just told the house he was going after Talla, but really wasn't. Says he'd have gone after Emmitt and Jillian. Talla says she didn't know that. He says she wasn't supposed to. He wanted house to believe he was going after Talla. Emmitt and Jillian are smart people and would know he was after them. He says only hope is the house going after Em and Jillian. Need to get Andrew onside. Talla says, you think so? I don't even know where I stand. Alec says they had an agreement but they broke it.

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11:36 BBT alec is in the BY working out Topaz and talla are in the KT with andrew and emmit who is ironing

11:40 BBT andrew, emmit are playing some kind of game on the kitchen table they are sliding rings back and forth talla is sitting there and peter walks over to them and sits down talla is keeping score

11:50 BBt not much going on in the house to report the hg jillan andrew topaz talla and peter are playing the game alec is by himself in the BY working out

12:02 BBT the HG are still playing putball alec walked in to get some water thats all thats going on

12:12 BBT jillan and andrew are now in the hoh room jillan is saying that she is scared that there is going to be some kind of twist this week, andrew is now telling her it will go one of two ways , either this will be a regular week and alec will go home or it will be a twist, Now they are talking about who should go up if its a twist.

12:20 BBT emmit is now in the HOhH andrew is now talking about alec and when he was pitching a final three deal with them, It sounds like if its a twist this week they may go after peter or topaz they think the peter and alec are full of shit

12:30 BBT now andrew is talking about how peter is here just to be on tv and alec is trying to be the funny guy in the house and he just goes on and on

12:30 BBT peter and emmitt are in the sr peter is getting some bacon out to cook jillan and andrew are just talking talla is in the KT and she was just called into the DR emmit is shaping a knife topaz walks in it sounds like they want to cook stake tonight topaz is now in the BY with alec

12:36 BBT peter is now talking to emmit trying to save alec trying to get him to vote out topaz, emmitt is cooking stake pieces

12:41 BBT jillan and andrew are now down from the HOH and talla is out of the DR

12:50 BBT not much to report it looks like its lunch time talla is preparing her stake peter is done eating his sandwitch andrew and jillan are eating at the table and topaz and alec are still in the BY working out

1:00 BBT the Hg are finishing up their lunch and talla is talking about how and when she will workout with Jillan about 1:15

1:05 in the BR is andrew, talla jillan and emmitt they are just laying about topaz and alec are stil in the BY working out will alec is topaz is just laying there

1:05 BBT HG this is a 15 minute warning house will be off limits please go to the BY

1:39 BBT the HG are now in the BY for a ODLD

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1:45 PM BBT - HG's are on ODL. Emmitt and Jillian on couch, she's drawing on his back, he has to guess what she's writting. Talla and Andrew laying on lounge chairs, he tells her to go to sleep. She asks if he's getting annoyed with her. Says theyre doing puppet show later, he says it sounds like a nightmare.

1:50 PM - Emmitt is now writing on Jillians back. Andrew and Talla are silent. No cameras on Topaz, Alec or Peter.

Andrew wonders whats happening in the house. Says they haven't been given them many things yet. Either Peter or Alec (it's hard to hear from where they are off screen) ask if they have much to cook, Andrew talking about what food they have to cook. Emmitt is still rubbing Jillians back.

2:00 PM - Em kissing her neck, whispers - let's see if we can gross Andrew out. They giggle. They switch spots so she can rub Emmitts back. Alec is now sitting on lounge chair beside Talla, who is silently resting for once.

The gate is lifted off the house doors. Jillian asks when they had their girlie drink party. Andrew gets up and goes inside to WC, grabs food and heads to KT. Emmitt goes to KT, too. They talk about making spaghetti, Em will be Andrews lacky. Emmitt heads up to HOHR.

2:10 PM - everyone is lounging quietly except Emmitt and Andrew who head to the HT. Andrew says all they can do is wait and see. thats what sucks about all the time, just thinking about everything. Emmitt says he thinks Peter knows but is just hoping. Andrew says whatever will be will be, he was freaking out last week. Dont let there be some twist. Em says Canada could have voted for last weeks challenge. Maybe they said Make Emmitt drink all this milk!

Andrew thinks first week is a wash, not much happens, BB just wants to make sure people are watching. He goes over the weeks, things that they have done and received so far.

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2:18 PM - Emmitt and Andrew contemplate if there will be a switch, one HG leaves and another comes back in. WOnder if Canada will get to vote out this weeks guess. They think Peters only thing is his DR, and acts like he knows everything about the game. Andrew thinks it's stupid, you should just be yourself. Peters all - hey, im a personality on the internet. Like, who cares?! Andrew wishes the show would hold up on its own without having to do this stuff. He doesn't know why Canada wanted to keep Su in the game, but they did. Wonders if they want to keep Alec, too. Does Canada think Andrew, Em and Jill are most boring? He doesn't think so. He tells Emmitt they just need to keep each others tounges out of each others mouth.

Emmitt gets out of HT , thinks someone is eavesdropping. Andrew thinks it's ridiculous to eavesdrop. Then he mentions tomorrow will be 50 days. They talk about things most people haven't or couldnt do for 50 days, like seeing family, having phones, etc.

Andrew starts talking about scenarios for next week. Thinks things will be easier after this week. If Andrew wins, he'll put up peter and topaz send Topaz home. The following week, it would be peter and talla on the block and what might happen. They talk about pawns and having to vote out alliance members, they'll crossing those bridges when they get there.

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2:50pm BBT - The guys get into the HT where it is pouring down rain but BB makes them get out. Perhaps some lightening too?

4:00pm BBT - Alec is planning a puppet show to convince Andrew and Talla to give him their vote. He's going to say he's going after Jillian and Emmett. Alec tells Jillian in advance that it's all a fake-out so he and Peter can be F4 with her and Emmett. Alec says Topaz doesn't know about the play. Jillian says she's going to tell Emmett and Andrew and Alec says maybe he shouldn't do this, it might help Topaz get Talla on her side.

4:15pm BBT - Andrew and Emmett working out. Peter tries explaining Inception to Talla (the girl who thought Groundhog Day was a documentary earlier today). Peter, Talla, Topaz and Alec are lounging on the patio.

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4:40pm BBT - OLD is over. Talla up in HoH. Emmett joins her. She's freaking out about Alec's puppet show. Jillian up in HoH too but not in on convo. Feeds very choppy this afternoon, hard to follow Talla's rapid fire. Emmett is just listening but not defending Alec. Andrew in shower, Alec in WC. Emmett tells Talla Alec's pitch is that Alec will go after Talla and Andrew if they save him. Jillian on the couch next to Emmett, putting Vaseline on her lips. Jillian says Alec knows it's his last resort. Talla says Alec is trying to be Dan Gheesling.

4:50pm BBT - Jillian and Talla are trashing Alec, Jillian says she's been HoH twice and made no enemies, Alec was HoH once and didn't get anything done but evict the weakest guy. Jillian says she can't even look the guy in the face, disgusted he works out all day, disgusted he knows nothing about health, he lied to my face, he's just disgusting. Why wait another 24 hours? She is worried there will be a twist and she will have gone through it all for nothing. Talla says this is what BB wants, all this drama. Jillian wants to have everyone up to HoH and have it all out. Andrew comes into HoH and it all starts over again.

5:00pm BBT - Topaz in BR sleeping. Emmett heads downstairs. Alec in the KT. Andrew doesn't want to have to make spaghetti with the guy. Jillian heads downstairs, leaving Talla and Andrew to continue their hate fest. Andrew switches to coming up with names for their F4 alliance. Emmett & Jillian in the KT and hug. Talla and Andrew come downstairs, join Jillian & Emmett in the KT. Looks like the guys are cooking, the girls are just going to chill. Alec enters the KT to help Andrew and Andrew jokes that spaghetti is a pasta. They look for peppers in the SR fridge for the sauce. Andrew wants to add stuff like bacon. He grabs a tangerine and Alec grabs an onion.

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5:15pm BBT - Alec has been cutting up onions under Talla's direction. She and Jillian sit down for some KT table ring sliding. Alec and Emmett continue in the KT. Talla yells at Andrew to wash his hands. He tells her to pi$$ off. Something is beeping in the KT and Andrew calls Jillian who says whatever she cooked is way overdone. Talla questions using salsa for meat sauce since they have no tomato paste. Jillian calls Andrew over to judge the slider location. He says they are getting on his nerves.

5:30pm BBT - Andrew walking Alec through how to cut up the tangerine for the spaghetti salsa sauce. Peter is up and joins the guys in the KT. Jillian reveals to Emmett in HoH Peter's plan that Alec is going to fake go after Jillian & Emmett. She doesn't understand. Emmett wonders if it's to find out if she is being fake with her F4 promises. Jillian thinks Peter is just positioning himself for after Alec is gone. She thinks Peter will team up with Andrew and Talla against them. Peter comes up and says the play is canceled because Alec is afraid they won't think it's an act. Peter asks if they want to bring the fan downstairs.

Peter explains the skit Alec was planning that Peter talked him out of, kind of an Alec's last supper. Peter says Alec was wondering how to convince Talla and Andrew to keep him when they would be the targets next week. Peter says he talked Alec out of it but Alec doesn't know that he told Jillian. Peter said it would also tick Topaz off and Emmett says she would just go on and on and that's one person you don't want after you. Jillian says Alec is trying to burn bridges. Peter says no, he's trying to create them by burning them.

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5:40pm BBT Peter makes the pitch that Andrew is going to have to go out 5th if they don't want his smarts and physical competition in the end. Alec is better able to take Andrew out in a Veto comp than Topaz. Peter says he will try one more time to convince Talla & Andrew he is going after Emmett & Jillian because he has no other options. Emmett says you do what you gotta do, Topaz is like a sleeping dragon down there. Peter says the one thing he doesn't want to see next week fro them is Topaz winning HoH. Emmett says we just have to win everything.

5:45pm BBT - Peter leaves and Jillian says why would he do that? Emmett says because he doesn't trust that he has my vote. Peter, Talla, Alec and Andrew in the KT where Alec and Andrew are cooking. Jillian whines how hot it is in HoH and BB says stop that. Emmett lays down on top of her on the HoH couch and the late afternoon snogging begins. Peter asks how far away they are from eating? Not long, Andrew says. Emmett says they should tell Peter, he's not Alec, needs to start thinking for himself and stop trying to save Alec. Jillian says it's like when you had to decide that Tom was hurting your game more than he helped him.

5:55pm BBT - Alec & Andrew now talking on BY patio. Emmett & Jillian still hashing our strategy in HoH. Andrew laying it out that Alec has been in multiple alliances and not with him. Alec says he will throw the final 3 HoH's but Peter won't. He isn't playing for the money, he's just playing to win. Alec says he thinks Peter has thrown some comps. Alec says you can trust me to throw a big comp. Andrew says I can't understand anyone throwing a comp. Andrew says he doesn't trust anyone who is afraid of getting blood on his hands. What blood does Emmett have, Alec asks?

6:00pm BBT - Peter and Talla now playing puck hockey on the KT table. Alec tells Andrew that if he is saved and does anything sketchy, he can throw him on the block immediately. Alec says he has never said put up Andrew. They put him up against his best friend after he's done nothing. If they go to F4, then Alec will let the other 3 decide who goes to F3. Alec says he's given up on Emmett's vote. Talk to Talla, Alec says, see what you can do if you want to. Andrew just wants it over, tired of talking about it. Andrew says he is trying to play hard on his own. Alec says one thing you believe is that whatever happens, we'll be friends after it's over.

6:05pm BBT - It's true, if I could lose the prize money and win the title, I would do it. Been a fan since I was a teenager. Emmett and Topaz napping in BR. Takes 3 feeds to show us that. Alec says to Andrew that he could beat anyone in the F2 and Andrew asks him if that's what he said. Andrew says you got your game, I got mine. Alec said he made one stupid emotional decision (during his HoH) and he can do it again. They head inside to check on the pasta.

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6:10pm BBT - Emmett and Topaz are up and Andrew takes Emmett into the tunnel to the HT and fills him in on Alec's latest pitch. Emmett tells Andrew about Peter's convo with Jillian and him. Alec watching Peter and Talla playing puck hockey. Emmett calls Alec ridiculous. Andrew says Alec has said all this stuff already. Andrew repeats Alec's statement he could win F2. Andrew says Alec said he thought Peter would be better at this stuff and Andrew says has thinking just shut up. Emmett says Alec didn't throw anything, he lost.

6:15pm BBT - Alec now playing Talla as Peter watches. Andrew wants to just tell Alec to shut up, he's voting him out. Back in the KT, Andrew predicts it's 6:34pm. He's off by about 20m. Andrew checks his sauce then runs up to HoH to tell Jillian on what Alec said and what Emmett said. If you wonder what either said, just read the past updates because despite their constantly rehashing conversations, none of it bears repeating.

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6:30pm BBT - Emmett is kicking a ball against the BY wall. Alec gives way to Topaz playing Talla in puck hockey. Peter watching Andrew in the KT. Emmett squeezing ice cubes out of the tray in the freezer, then refilling the tray. Andrew says we need a couple bottles of red wine tonight. Emmett & Andrew now watching Topaz and Talla. Now Alec out in BY dribbling the soccer ball. He comes inside to get one of Jillian's banana muffin. Andrew playing Emmett in puck hockey.

6:45pm BBT - Andrew now dishing on Alec to Talla while Alec and Emmett are playing puck hockey. Andrew describes how he will go off on Alec if he approaches him one more time and Talla starts laughing. Andrew is telling Talla everything. It's been 2 and a half days since Talla had a cig. Andrew says it's amazing. Talla says she doesn't even know where her gum is. They return to the KT where Andrew stirs the sauce. [side note: It always amazes me when a HG thinks a nominee should just roll over and give up just because it's more convenient to them]. Alec called to DR and Andrew promises to keep an eye out on the food prep.

6:55pm BBT - Jillian making garlic bread. Casual talk as dinner comes together. Emmett/Andrew playing puck hockey. Alec out of DR, joins Peter on KT couch.

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9:00 PM: The Girls and Peter and sitting at the dinning room talking about weddings. Topaz is saying she wants a personalized one, she dosen't care as much if it's in Toronto but she thinks destination weddings can be too unpersonal.

Meanwhile Andrew, Alec and Emmett are talking about cars and tickets in the HT.

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BBCA: Previously on BB Canada, the HG's had to deal with the most difficult HOH challenge so far as they hung on in the icy cold for over 3 hours. When it was down to Topaz and Jillian, Jillian made a deal to keep Topaz and Alec safe for the week. But, once they warmed up, Jillian and the East Coast alliance cooled to the deal. Then, when BB called, each HG had to answer "Yes" to what was asked to ensure they were all Have's for the week. In the end, it was one big Yes as they all completed their challenge.

BBCA: With nominations looming, Topaz re-confirmed her deal with Jillian while Alec & Peter tried to save The Shield. Alec's aggressive approached pushed Jillian to the edge, and at the nomination ceremony The Shield was put on the block, angering Topaz. Tonight, a house divided goes to war; it's the most important POV competition of the season and we'll meet an evil moose. It's all happening now, on Big Brother Canada!

BBCA: From the DR, Topaz is shocked that Jillian broke her promise and now she's worried. Jillian tells us from the DR that her target is Alec this week. She doesn't like Alec lying to her face. Peter reminds us that he & Alec are crafty individuals. Emmett wants us to know that there is a line drawn in the sand and the house is now at war. It's him, Jillian, Andrew & Talla vs Peter, Alec and Topaz. Take Alec out of the equation, they will scatter. In the DR, Alec says that Emmett was with them since day 3, and now that he's on Jillian's side, they've drawn first blood. If he survives this week, he's going hard after Jillian and Emmett.

BBCA: After the nominations, Topaz & Alec go into the BR to assess the situation. From the DR, Topaz scoffs about how Jillian's word means nothing. Alec tells us in his DR that Jillian is showing her bad side, breaking a deal with Aneal and now Topaz. Topaz tells us that it's nice having her showmance re-kindled and to have someone to comfort her; she doesn't want to lose Alec and wants to remove him from the block by winning the POV.

BBCA: Jillian confirms with Peter that he is not the target after the nominations ceremony. In the DR, Peter says he wants to stay close to Jillian and Emmett in case Alec goes this week. Jillian tells us that she sees Peter as someone she could work with in the future. Peter tells us that he's considering taking Jillian to final 2 if Alec goes, because she's lied enough he feels he can beat her. Jillian meets with Topaz to explain things. She tells Topaz that Alec came to talk to her and was aggressive with her. Keeping him would have been the worst decision she could have made. In the DR, Topaz laments that everytime she fixes things for Alec, he has to go ruin it. Jillian tells us she's feels bad breaking her promise but she never would have stepped off the iceburg if the roles were reversed; this is a game- don't trust anyone.

BBCA: Topaz tells us that Jillian had better keep her safe or she'll be gunning for her next week. It's time to pick players for the POV competition! Jillian goes first and picks Talla. Alec gets houseguests choice and picks Topaz. Peter picks Andrew, and Emmett is angry. He really wanted to play and make sure Alec doesn't win and remove himself from the block. Emmett is now the host for the veto. In the DR, Emmett tells us that not playing makes him feel useless. Peter tells us that "The Incredible Milk" has lost his mind, and is stomping around like a rhinoceros.

BBCA: Outside, the "Bridge to Veto" competition is set up. Emmett is dressed as a troll, and there is a bridge. In order to win, each HG must build a bridge using pieces provided. The planks must be placed in the correct order of events that happened, from earliest to the most recent. Once all planks are in the correct order, HG crosses the bridge and hits the buzzer. Green light means right, red means wrong. HG to complete fastest is the winner.

BBCA: Andrew goes first. He tells us that he really wants to win this for Jillian and keep their East Coast Alliance intact. He struggles in the middle, and the frustration is that you don't know what piece is off. It could be one, or more than one. He completes it in 17:32. Talla is next. She tells us that if Alec or Peter win the POV, someone else goes up as a replacement and she doesn't want it to be her. Talla tries putting the planks down in no particular order, just to get them down. She realizes quickly this was not a good strategy and tells us it looks a lot like her "1-9-1-9" situation and does not want a repeat performance . She doesn't complete the task and is stopped once her time exceeds Andrew's, having gotten 4 out of 14 correct.

BBCA: Next up is Peter. Peter tells us that he feels this is his best shot of all the POV's to win. If it was physical, he'd probably be beaten by Talla. But it's mental, so he's confident. He beats Andrew's time, completing the bridge in 13:52! It's Jillian's turn. She tells us she really wants to win this so she doesn't have to go back on her word to Topaz. Jillian does not beat Peter's time and is stopped, having gotten 7 out of 14 correct. Topaz is up, and she tells the DR that she wants to take Alec off the block. Peter tells us Topaz doesn't move with any urgency and he thinks Alec is going to be insulted because he was counting on her to do well. Topaz also is stopped before completing, with 8 out of 14 correct.

BBCA: Last up is Alec. Peter tells us that he's concerned about Alec and that he'll be as quick if not quicker than Peter. Alec tells us as long as you know who HOH was, you can figure out what happened each week. Alec decides last second to throw the POV and quits. Peter tells us he's disappointed in him, he didn't think that was in his character. In the DR, Topaz is angry and cursing. Peter wins the POV! He tells us he didn't really think he needed to win the POV this week, but it feels good to win. Alec tells us he thought it was better to let Peter take himself off the block so he can make his moves than the other way around. Alec will look back on this day as either a great move or a terrible move.

BBCA: Topaz goes to see Jillian to confirm Jillian will stick to her word when Peter takes himself off the black. Jillian says she kept her word, but -- and Topaz stuck a finger up and reminds her she made a promise. Jillian tells her that she needs Topaz up so Topaz can't vote for him. Topaz says she'd vote to keep Talla instead of Alec if it avoids Topaz being put on the block. Jillian tells us she doesn't believe Topaz would keep her word for a second. If Talla goes up, it gives Topaz and Alec a fighting chance and there is no chance of changing her mind. Topaz tells us she thinks Jillian's word is worthless and that she is going up. Jillian tells Topaz she'll talk to Talla and then call them both up to talk.

BBCA: Later, Jillian, Andrew, Emmett and Talla are in the HOH room while Topaz is in the kitchen. They are talking so loudly that Topaz can hear everything they are saying. Topaz tells us she gets the gist that she is the replacement nominee. She reminds that Jillian was ready to come down, shaking during the endurance comp but saw Topaz was firm in staying up that she had to make a deal. Jillian acts like she's a sweetheart, but she's playing a dirty game and if she gets put up beside Alec, Jillian will not like it.

BBCA: Andrew calls everyone to the hot tub area and points out a new moose head to Emmett and Peter. He comments how creepy it looks and reminds them about a similar one in the hallway to the diary room. Peter tells us he's the only one to know about Marsha, the white moose, so he stays behind once the other two leave. The new moose speaks up; asks Peter for a smoke and a whiskey. Her name is Marge, and she says they are stingy with the booze. She tells Peter he has a mission; to mess with the HG's. He has to make them think that Tom is coming back into the house. If he succeeds, there will be a reward for the house. And remember, don't tell anyone Marge exists or he's roadkill.

BBCA: In the DR, Peter tells us that he replaced the black and white picture on the memory wall with a colour one, add an extra chair to the table and bring his stuffed animal to Jillian's HOH room. All the tools were provided so "helpfully" by Marge. He days if he gets caught with the chair, or Jillian sees him on her spy cam, he was going to have a hard time explaining why he was carrying the dining room chair around. Later, as Peter is leaving the diary room, he is stopped by Marsha. She quizzes him on who he's been talking to, and sounds sad as he asks him if there is another moose in his life. He assures her he wouldn't do that and she can trust him. Once he leaves, she comments that he's cheating on her.

BBCA: Peter tells us that the hardest task was getting Tom's stuffed animal to the HOH room so he created a "cleaning" mission for towels and blankets to take the laundry bin to her room and stuff the monkey between her pillows. Things lit up when Topaz and Talla saw Tom's picture not black and white anymore. The run screaming to the washroom area to tell Alec and Andrew, who are in the shower. Then they run upstairs to HOH to tell Jillian and Emmett. Topaz thinks he must have been given immunity for the past 2 weeks. Peter tells us the house is in complete disarray, Andrew is about to self-evict, it's hilarious.

BBCA: In the DR, Jillian tells us that the cameras are being directed in weird ways. She finds the money behind her pillows based on the direction the camera is pointing. She thinks it's a game to find the most of his stuff and begins looking for more stuff of Tom's. Emmett notices the extra chair, and they continue to say "Yep, he's coming back." Peter tells us it was extremely hard not to burst out laughing as it went on. The HG's get called to the living room, and Topaz tells us she thinks this is where they are told Tom is coming back. Instead, Peter confesses to his mission and that the house earned a reward. Emmett tells us he was angry when Peter admitted it was only a mission. The reward was a luxury list of 5 food items to be brought into the house. The HG's chose lobster, beef tenderloin, sushi, ribs and a bottle of vodka.

BBCA: Peter tells us that The Shield needs to convince Jillian and Emmett to get rid of Topaz and keep Alec. Alec tells us it's a matter of getting back into Emmett and Jillian's good books and it's a matter of if they trust him more than Topaz. Alec goes to the HOH room to talk to Emmett. He tells Emmett that Topaz dislikes Jillian. If Topaz leaves, Jillian and Emmett will be safe with the Shield. Emmett says he'll talk to Jillian. Emmett tells us he hasn't made up his mind; he'll have to see how the next few days play out. Emmett tells Jillian that Alec is a stronger player than Topaz. Alec is one of Emmett's biggest threats; Jillian suggests to Emmett that Topaz is one of her biggest threats. She groans aloud that she doesn't know what to do.

BBCA: It's time for the veto ceremony! Peter asks Alec why he should use the POV on him. Alec tells Peter the POV necklace is cursed so he should use it on him; he'll bear the curse, Peter will be safe. Peter says he knows there is no curse and is using the POV on himself. Jillian must now choose a replacement nominee. To no one's surprise, she chooses Topaz. In the DR, Topaz angrily says Jillian should admit her word means nothing. Jillian tells us to put anyone else up would not have made sense. Alec tells us don't count the Shield out. Who will be voted out of the Big Brother House - Alec or Topaz? Who will follow them in another double eviction? Find out tomorrow night!

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10:13PM BBT Boys have moved from the hot tub to the pool and have every noodle in with them and they need all these noodles to play football. Girls in the HOH talking about what will happen when the game is over.

10:15PM BBT The guys minus Peter continue being guys and the girls continue being girls like every dinner party living room-kitchen gender divide.

10:20PM BBT Girls now heading downstairs. Boys using the noodles as straws to spit water through and then as spears. the ladies disappear from the feeds and we have four cams on testosterone soup.

10:21PM BBT Guys slowing down a bit before resuming noodle wars. Peter sitting on a lounge chair out of range, watching. Emmett and Andrew the major combatants. Alec now alongside Andrew. [Foreshadowing or wishful thinking? - DRG]

10:25PM BBT Andrew has tied some of the noodles into "balloon animals" yet they continue to spar with them. Andrew pacing around aimlessly then starts collecting towels to pile by the washer. Guys now toweling off and heading indoors.

10:28PM BBT Peter pacing and talking to himself about how he really really needs to win HOH tomorrow. Andrew and Alec hitting the showers. Peter now wearing a towel like a shawl and fooling around with the dryer, but shows no signs of actually doing any of the laundry piles that surround the machines.

10:31PM BBT Sounds like Peter may have actually figure out how to work one of the machines but then it shuts off. He is now taking towels out of the washer and putting them in the dryer followed by scooping towels off the ground to throw in the washer. Can't really tell if either of the machines is running when he walks away.

10:34PM BBT Ladies finally reappear in the kitchen. Andrew in HOH listening to music. Gals still really hyper and giggly. Talla says she needs a smoke. they are marching to the bedroom looking for the guys and find only Alec in there. They say they have come from going crazy in the DR. Now screeching and running back to kitchen. Emmett with Andrew in HOH on the couches.

10:38PM BBT Peter and Alec now talking strategy and counting jury votes as if Alec is in jury and Peter is in F2. Peter again says he made a mistake by voting out AJ over Andrew. They do not trust Emmett and Jillian and would put them up next week if Peter wins HOH. His plan is to make an alliance with Topaz and Andrew and not to try and work with Emmett and Jillian. They speculate about who other HGs would put up if they won HOH. They think Peter might work with Andrew because Andrew thinks he can beat Peter in the end. Girls in the kitchen eating and possible still drinking some alcohol.

10:43PM BBT Alec thinks Talla is more easily swayed than one might think and could be pulled away from Andrew. They think Andrew and Jillian have a strong connection. Alec assumes Emmett and Jillian will be on the block next week and he might keep Emmett in the game since Jillian could possibly sway Talls while Emmett would not try. Peter says he has to be at the end with a girl, he would not win against Emmett or Andrew given the composition of the jury. Andrew and Emmett talking in HOH but audio is of the girls in the kitchen. [Wake up skippy!] Talla definitely drinking wine still and holding bowl to her mouth to slurp spaghetti.

10:48PM BBT Alec telling Peter to not let Andrew or Emmett get too far. [Does he not realize his best thinking is sending him home tomorrow? DRG] He advises Peter to align with Jillian but not Emmett. Girls in kitchen now bashing Alec albeit with alcohol thick tongues.

10:53PM BBT Peter saying his game is all about subtle manipulation and the people in the house are not bright enough to realize this. Alec again telling Peter to go to the end in an alliance with the girls. They are talking all over one another and so rapidly it is almost impossible to keep up with their conversation. Emmett and Andrew still talking in HOH but the audio on that feed is still the girls in the kitchen.

10:56PM BBT Alec saying Jillian has played a better game than Talla but she does not have the jury votes. They think the season will be boring from this point on. Peter thinks he needs to take a girl as his Memphis, and Alec suggest Jillian again. They don't think anyone will be targeting Peter in the next two evictions. Emmet and Andrew descend from the HOH and drunk Talla says something unintelligible to them. andrew mocks her and keeps on moving.

11:00PM BBT Guys meet up in the bedroom and game talk stops. they remark about the lights not being dim and think that BB got them up at like 7AM. They think it must be really late but don't know for sure as the clock on the stove has been changed several times today. They are talking about how the girls all seem to be half in the bag especially Talla and Topaz.

11:02PM BBT Jillian now drinking water while continuing to listen to Talla's drunken rant about someone back home. Topaz chiming in. Andrew leaves but the other three guys lying on the beds talking about how much booze they are getting these days.

11:06PM BBT Topaz appeared to pour some more wine from a bottle into her glass. She says she still has more beer to drink. Emmett now in kitchen next to Jillian. Emmett takes the last muffin and Topaz and Talla try to climb his body to get it out of his raised hand. Emmett heading off to bed and Jillian getting ready to leave too. Talla kisses Jillian goodnight and she goes upstairs to join Emmett.

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11:12PM BBT Emmett and Andrew in HOH and we now have audio from them. They are bashing Peter and Alec saying that the only tactic they have not tried is to talk to the two of them at the same time. Jillian wants to know what is happening and sits in the middle of the couch between them. Alec and Peter talking about how they will be the first two HGs for all stars. Jillian now regaling the boys with tales of the girls conversations from earlier. Jillian says the three girls were in the DR for about an hour tonight. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Alec and Peter running alternative scenarios about what might have been.

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11:20PM BBT Peter now lamenting his conversation with Jillian. He says he should have gone up with Peter and stayed calm. He thinks Andrew now has a ton of power. Jillian talking about how Talla is closer to Topaz than she is to Jillian. Andrew is definitely "half in the bag" as he would say too. He says that the comps they have had no one could have really prepared for. An obvious excuse for not doing any Jedi training. Peter still convincing himself that he is pulling all the strings and can still pull out a victory.Alec talking about his strategy is to make deals that are mutually beneficial and wonders why no one is responding to him. [Really????? - DRG]

11:27PM BBT Jillian now relating all the things Topaz has told her since the beginning of the game about her "cuddlemance." Peter thinks that he has played "on expert" until we were put up. They think Peter is under the radar again now that he has won one comp. They think they are so much better than the others in the house and are galled by the fact that "the Jillian player" is the one that put them up. [What is that old saying, Pride goeth before an eviction?? - DRG]

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