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April 9 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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12:41 BBT

Offering a quick update - sorry if it doesn't follow the rules - no one else seems to be reporting right now

Emmet (looking hot) in the HT with Alec. Alec says he's looking forward to the end. Alec says the dumbest thing he did was to vote out AJ and Keep Andrew. It was an emotional decision. Says he likes Andrew...but (Alec trying to save himself).

Emmet says making out is just for the show - not a real relationship - just friends making out.

Alec says that his and Topaz's breakup was legit and that it is weird that they are on the block together.

Emmet asks if Topaz is mad - Alec says yes - at Jillian.

Alec (again trying to save himself) says that Topaz has the ability to win the whole thing.

In the meantime, on another camera, Topaz and Talla are dancing???

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1:04 BBT

Talla, Jillian, topaz in the kit hen talking about BbUSA - how Dan made it to the end despite everyone knowing his game.

Back to the hot tub - Emmet telling Alec about how Andrew said Alec should go and brought up the 10 grand. Alec says it shouldn't matter - it's all in the past. Alec tells Emmet that he trusts him. He says that he and Peter should have talked to him more, but leaving Topaz in the game would be a mistake. A little hard to hear with the hot tub noise. Alec again suggests getting rid of Topaz. Asks Emmet what makes him think that Talla would go after Topaz (if she wins HOH). Alec says Talla would put him up because she has been trying to get rid of him from the beginning. He says that Peter and Topaz will come after Emmet (like its unlikely to happen if its Peter and Alec).

Emmet says its only Monday - lots can happen between now and then. Then Emmet says let's go in.

1:20 BBT and I am out. Hope this helped a bit.

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1:11AM BBT: Alec and Emmett is now out of the HT. Alec is now showering. Emmett is in Hoh shower. Andrew and Peter is in bed. Jillian,Topaz and Talla is the KT having girls chat.

1:23AM BBT: Emmett basically told Alec that Talla and Andrew would not give him the vote. Emmett said they don't want to get Andrew mad by keeping Alec. Alec said if you send him home Topaz and Peter would come after them. Emmett said because Alec have the 10 thousand dollars people see him as a threat.

1:29AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian is in bed, he is explaining all that Alec told him in the HT. Emmett was warned by BB to put on his microphone. Jillian said she feels bad when she talks to either one of them.

1:36AM BBT: Jillian asks Emmett if he thinks Peter would put up the two girls Topaz or Talla. Topaz and Talla outside Talla having a smoke she told Topaz she needs to go to Jillian push that the girls need to stick together to ensure her vote to stay.

1:43AM BBT: Topaz and Alec is now outside Talla went inside. Alec said he wish there is a double eviction and they both get voted out.

1:48AM AM BBT: Topaz said that they are officially not a couple Thursday. Talla and Topaz is getting ready for bed.

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9am All HG asleep.

9:10am Alec, Emmett & Jillian R up. Alarm rings.

9:15am Alarm starts again for Talla who sits up until it turns off. Jillian & Emmet go back to bed in HOH.

9:20am Emmett tellilng Jillian she needs to talk to Topaz about the game. Jiillian wants to tell her that she feels like she has a better chance of making a deal with Alec then with her because they don't have that trust. She kept her word & didn't put her up originally & she had the chance to vin POV. It's nothing against her but it's the only logical decision.

9:25am Emmett says to tell her that she & Emmett R really close. Says to have a really hard core talk. She'll tell her that she's strictly a pawn but that if they can't work with her it's more beneficial to Emmett's game keep Alec around but more beneficial to keep Topaz around if they can work together.

9:27am Emmett & Jillian cuddling now. He tells her to keep her eyes open. Cam on Talla in bed talking but no sound. Alec & Andrew in KT making breakfast & cleaning.

9:30am Emmett & Jillian now talking about Dr. Suess books. Talla shows up in KT but can't hear her. Her mic must not B working.

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9:37am Alec & Andrew in the KT. Alec says it's a weird week because it feels like he & Topaz R enemies in the day but sleep together at night. He says that as he gets closer to Thurs he gets further from Topaz & from the other HG's as well

9:39am Alec says it's cool though because it lets you get perspective. Andrew agrees & says not many people could say they know what he means. Alec says it's an extreme environment. Like the space station but they get internet & movies & they're usually similar personalities while evry1 here is very different.

9:43am Jillilan & Emmett in HOH. She asks if she should tell Topaz that Alec is throwing her under the bus. He says she should say that they both do well in quizes & endurance comps. She say she doesn't think it matters what she says because Topaz will just say that Alec is worse. Emmett says if she stays & gets HOH she'll put up him & Andrew.

9:45am Jillian talking about next HOH & who they put up if it isn't Emmett. If at least 1 of them is off the block they'll at least have 1 vote & only 3 vote. If Topaz or Peter win HOH worse case scenario.

9:48am Emmett says that if he was on the block & close to winning POV but she was a close 2nd, he would give it to her so that she could take him off & she'd be safe. She goes to wash her face. He's listening to music. In the KT, Topaz lying quietly on couch while Andrew & Alec clean up.

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10:02am Peter by HT eating quietly. Andrew joins him. Andrew talking about Topaz being up & how she put him up. Peter says he doesn't think anything is personal. Andrew agrees. Alec comes out for a min asks if the moose is talking yet. Andrew says no but it looks like they're praying to it. Andrew says he was pissed when Alec handed him that first HOH. He didn't want it like that. He says he didn't have a real aliance but Peter was lucky to have a good one from the start. Peter says that he & Alec have never been directly aligned but they always had each others backs. Andrew says he believed Peter but that they've been the victims of lies

10:05am Andrew talking about jury & about the next weeks. Andrew say someone saying to you that you're safe this week only means this week & that they might F you the next.

10:08am Peter says that Alec told him that the deal is, if Emmett & Jillian save him then he has to basically sit down for the HOH comp. Andrew says, what's the sense in that? If you're working with someone then you work with them. Peter says you can never B 100% sure.

10:15am Jillian & Emmett in HOH still listening to music. Talla, Peter & Alec in Kt. Topaz in BY. Game talk is done for now.

10:25am In the KT Talla & Andrew discussing what makes a city east cost as apposed to west coast or even maritime s. Peter listens in. Emmett joins

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10:33am Jill in the HoH doing her ADL. Em, Andrew, Peter, Talla in the KT still talking. Talla is confused by the question "Can you enter into people's dreams and change them?"

10:40am The KT talk continues, Talla and Andrew would love to read a newspaper. Peter says he wouldn't really care but would check the hockey standings.

10:48am Hotly debating hockey. Em "Orr isn't Canadian is he?" Andrew "Ya, straight up he is!" They have discussed the difference between KHL (Russia) and NHL, who makes the best players, who has made the playoffs and when.

10:50am Talla was naming names of hockey players and what they were like when drunk and we get SotH

10:52am Feeds come back, Em "It will be like here when we get out, people will be bugging us and all you want to do is just go out." In reference to drinking at the bar. BB "Big Brother Canada is watching, please watch your language" and it goes back to SotH. Feeds return.

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10:55am HG are talking about going to a Seahawks game. Talla says "Let me know when you go 'cause I am like so close to Seattle! How many hours?" (13hrs, 36min) She wants to go shopping and tailgating, Andrew says "I just wanna watch football. Tailgating is tailgating. I am there for football."

11:00am The topic has gone from sports to Talla's cursing. Em "You curse more than anyone!" Talla "Really? No." They all groan. Talla is shouting out to BBUSA players. "Hi Janelle, Howie!" She thinks Dr Will and Boogie should come on BBCA because they promote the show so much. Jill "When do you think ZingBot is coming?"

11:04am Talla leaves to go to the WC Andrew says "OK Have a good dump!" he sighs and says "Big brother says Andrew please stop talking about bowel movements." (he does it a lot) and the conversation is back to hockey players. They wonder the validity of Talla's hockey player stories.

11:10am Andrew compliments Jill. He says he looks like crap. Jill says "I look like a skank 9/10ths of the time." Em and Andrew pounce "Stop using skank. It is not what you want to say!" Jill is called to the DR.

11:14am Andrew asks "What time does it say on that thing over there?" meaning the microwave Talla "10:58" (It's only 16-17 minutes off) Peter is explaining the NHL board game.

11:18am Talla is going on and on about how she was just telling a story and she didn't do anything wrong. Em says "But don't tell it if you didn't see it! It's hearsay!" Talla is still justifying it. Andrew changes the subject to weather (thank you Andrew)

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11:20am Andrew "AJ lost 30 pounds, kudos to him" Someone asks what he did, Andrew says "Umm he cut off one of his legs, he now has a zombie leg." Everyone laughs.

11:24am BB "Emmett, STOP THAT!" He was playing with his mic. Jill comes running out of the DR "OK GUYS THIS WILL BE FUN!" It is camera time!! A Where's Waldo theme!

11:26am They have an hour to do this. It is a where's waldo theme the "Waldo" has to where a good ol' red and white toque! Everyone has to be the "waldo" at least once. Jill is barking orders like a real photog.

11:29am this is gonna take forever as everytime they take a pic, everyone wants to see it. Andrew is running to get his red shirt, glasses for his "waldo" pic!

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11:30am Em is now taking a pic of the girls with Andrew playing Waldo.

11:34am Rehashing the Andrew pic. Andrew to Em "You look good but that's about it." It is Topaz's turn to play Waldo.

11:36am Topaz is going in the dryer for her pic.

11:40am Poor Topaz was in the dryer for 7 minutes. Em is now putting on the hat and glasses and going into the pool.

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11:44am 3 pics in and Jill and Andrew head to the BR to get something for the next pic but now they are sitting on the beds, talking game. Andrew is pushing his agenda.

11:46am Everyone was supposed to follow them into the BR and instead they are hanging out in the BY. Jill's inner teacher is rallying the HG. Peter is the first one into the BR, Alec and Talla are following.

11:49am Em is still in the BY. Peter was just Waldo in the BR. Alec is now Waldo on the stairs? They are debating the "best shot"

11:53am BB has called Andrew to the DR as the HG are planning the next waldo shot.

11:56am AJ is getting to be waldo. (They put the hat on his pic)

11:59am Talla is attempting to stand on Em's shoulders for her 2 nd Waldo pic.

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12:30 - 1PM BBT: Alec and Andrew are in the hot-tub and Alec is trying to make an alliance with him. The offer is to throw the HoH competition in the final three if he's in it. Alec is pitching a final three of him, Peter and Andrew. Andrew let's him know he doesn't believe that he would throw it. Alec says that Topaz has been throwing competitions, and if she wins she won't take Andrew. Alec says he'll put up Emmett and Jillian and he will be 100% truthful to Andrew. Alec says that Andrew can ask him to throw any competition and he'll do it. Andrew says that he hates the idea of people throwing competitions, because he wants to win by competing. Andrew says that because Alec threw the HoH contest, he missed out on a chance to win $10k. Alec keeps saying that he'll do anything Andrew wants, Andrew says to him sarcastically, "Like what, rub my feet?" Alec says he will go after whoever he wants. Alec repeats that Topaz has been throwing competitions, and that she might win next week and put him up.

It's a very long conversation, where Andrew challenged Alec on every point. Andrew has no trust in Alec.

1:00PM BBT: Lunch time! Everyone gathers at the table for leftover sushi.

1:30PM BBT: Andrew goes up to the HoH room and tells Jillian everything that Alec proposed. The conversation is interrupted.

2:20PM BBT: Alec and Peter are in the storage room and Alec fills Peter in on his conversation with Andrew. "It's a very complicated plan, I was surprised Andrew understood it." He didn't say it as a slam against Andrew, just that Alec thinks he's come up with a very intricate scheme. Alec tells Peter that, "With Emmett and Jillian it's a much simpler plan, it's just the four of us. of course that's a lie, I'd want to get them out."


I'm having trouble receiving the feeds and none of our regular updaters will be on-line until after 7:00PM, please help, please post updates.


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3:45PM BBT In the kitchen with Jillian Alec was basically telling her that she should think about who she would be safer with in the house next week, and of course he thinks she would be safer with him. She acknowledges that Topaz would be coming after her, but says there is a lot to think about. Then he goes on to his Rube Goldberg like plan that involves telling Andrew that he would throw the HOH to him, but really he would be trying in the HOH. This means that Andrew would then have even more reason to go after Alec, like this is supposed to make Jillian want to keep him more? Its amazing she can listen to all his machinations and keep a straight face.

3:50PM BBT Meanwhile outside Andrew and Emmett are working out and sharing the stories that Alec has told them and the conflicting promises and deals he has offered them.

4:06PM BBT Topaz and Jillian out cold in the hot house. Andrew, Emmett and Peter working out talking about their youth. Talla makes a raft out of the pool noodles and floats around on it.

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4:08PM BBT - Andrew, Peter and Emmett working out in BY. Alec watching from hammock.

4:10PM BBT- Talla in the pool on the pool noodles.

4:10PM BBT- Topaz and Jill in/on beds in BR - no talking

4:11 PM BBT - Talla IS asleep

4:12 PM BBT - BY discussion is about high school, armpit hair, acne and a lot of groaning during weight exercises.

4:13PM BBT - Emmett to Talla - we don't want you to drown, make sure if yuo go underwater you yell for help.

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4:15PM BBT Emmet and Tom head out the the hot tub area to find it is raining. They discuss how hot the house is and how they would engineer improvements. Talla having trouble staying on the noodles, ironic she is having trouble floating. Now she is engaging in a standing water ballet.

4:18PM BBT the boys return to the BY and report it is pouring outside. They now discuss it is the 9th of April. [so there is the 4PM news and weather report.]

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4:22 PM BBT - Exercise, floating and sleeping continues with little interesting discussion.

4:23 PM BBT - Emmett explains a 30 AMP outlet in the wall to Andrew and says, "whatever they do out here they need lots o fpower".

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4:25PM BBT Talla climbs out of the pool and when complimented that she looks good, she says that she has gained what she lost. She has a hard time taking compliments, but says that she loves that she talks. She plays with two noodles in front of her and says that she is a seal. Andrew says "You're something." She goes in the kitchen and Emmett remarks, "She's crazy."

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4:28PM BBT Talla makes her way to the bathroom and goes into the shower to change out of her bikini. Andrew and Emmett talking about comps in the past and possibility of a luxury comp. Andrew telling emmett it is funny that now Peter is trying to work you. They joke about whether Alec is going this week or not. Talk turns to Andrew's blue sneakers.

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