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April 8 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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12:05AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett are in the BY doing laundry. Talla and Andrew are in the bathroom, presumably getting ready for bed. Andrew thinks it might just be a twist where he's only in for the night. They both come out to the kitchen, and Andrew asks if he's stopped by yet. Alec and Peter joke around and said he stopped by for a minute and delivered mail.

12:09AM BBT: Andrew points out that Talla keeps looking at the door, waiting for Tom. Talla says "maybe he's just not coming in". Topaz thinks he'll come in the middle of the night or morning when they're sleeping.

12:11AM BBT: Talla says that not knowing is scary. You don't know if that door will open. Jillian says, "Imagine if somebody else's picture suddenly lights up?". Talla says goodnight to Emmett, punches him in the arm, and RUNS and hides behind Andrew and screams "protect me!".

12:18AM BBT: Andrew and Talla head into the bedroom to go to bed. Andrew says he was kind of creeped out when the Irish band came in, because it was people he didn't know. Andrew has a feeling that it wont be tonight, that it could be tomorrow after the veto, but it could also be in a couple of days.

12:22AM BBT: Topaz enters the bedroom. They chat about the fitted sheets on the beds. Andrew farts, and that chases Talla out of the room. Andrew says it's just like a boomerang, keeps coming back. Talla tells Andrew from the door to air it out. Andrew asks Talla if she thinks he's a catch, and she replies with "not with that ass!".

12:28AM BBT: Emmett, Alec, Peter and Jillian are in the kitchen. Alec thinks that if Talla wins HoH next week, then she wouldn't put Topaz up on the block because they're buddy buddy. Alec asks why he should trust them when they put him on the block. Alec doesn't understand the Peter-Alec move, he took that as a f*** you.

12:32AM BBT: Alec says the move threw him off completely. Alec says he'd rather have Talla and Andrew on the block. Jillian says she could care less about Talla, she's just a random. Alec says that next time something 'sketchy' happens again, then to pull him aside.

12:36AM BBT: Emmett says that when someone gets sketchy, it weirds him out. Alec says that Emmett is getting sketchy right now. Peter says it was unfair to Jillian that they were all aligned for weeks and didn't tell her. Alec says that if one f us went home, then the other would be coming after you two. Alec says he would sooner blow his brains out than talk game with Talla.

12:40AM BBT: Alec says that at this point, he's worried that Topaz is coming after him. Jillian disagrees, and says that Alec's the only person she has. Alec asks Emmett for one lie he's told to him. He doesn't respond. Alec says he's just trying to repair this relationship.

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12:44AM BBT: Peter says the relationship worked because they were all on the same page, and they could control the vote. Peter says they should have included Jillian much sooner. Jillian says she'd rather have Topaz after her rather than Alec.

12:47AM BBT: Alec says that if Emmett or Peter wins HoH next week, put him up as a pawn. If they want to go after Talla next week, he's ok with that. Alec understands that Emmett and Jillian have a relationship with Talla and Andrew, and that doesn't have to change. Peter says that if anyone other than Talla wins HoH next week, then Alec will go up as a pawn, and it'd be an easy week to get Talla out.

12:51AM BBT: Peter says that it'd be stupid to throw out 6 weeks of trust over an assumption. Topaz comes out to the kitchen, and game talk stops. Emmett says he's going to bed. Jillian tells him she's gonna take off her polish, and she'll be right up.

12:56AM BBT: Alec and Topaz leave to go to bed. Peter says that Jillian putting him on the block was perfectly rational. If he wasn't on the block and won POV he would've taken Alec off. Peter says he takes full responsibility for not including Jillian in their alliance, and sincerely apologizes. Jillian says she'll talk with Emmett about the options. Jillian says that if Topaz stays, wins HoH which is a possibility, then they're definitely going up on the block.

12:59AM BBT: Peter tells Jillian that there are two people in the house that shouldn't be in a position of power, and she has an opportunity to get one out of the house this week, and that person would come after her next week with a vendetta.

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1:08am BBT: Jillian is now in HoH with Emmett, they are talking about the DR BB said please stop talking about the DR. Emmett asks Jillian what Peter said, Jillian did not answer. Jillian is now going over all the things with Tom's name on it, the monkey and the chairs. Jillian thinks there is a Pov somewhere in the house.

1:10AM BBT: Emmett and jillian is now searching for clues to where Tom's items is hidden. Jillian is searching outside teh HoH and BB said stop that. Jillian told Emmett that the camera is following him and he must go back outside. Jillian is asking the spy camera to follow Emmett as he walk, Jillian is now asking BB tell her if they want her to stop telling Emmett anything. Jillian is asking spy camera to move closer to Emmett.

1:20AM BBT: Jillian is asking BB to show her where to go. They both walking around looking from KT to LR they are now in the BY looking. Jillian is now by the pool side looking. Jillian and Emmett is searching the entire laundry area Jillian said are we stupid and embarrassing ourselves. They are back in HoH.

1:28AM BBT: Jillian said she was in her room all day, Emmett said you have to look at what they have a monkey, a bag, and a extra chair. Jillian is asking if they should stay up please move the camera if they should stay up. ( Nothing move)

1:35AM BBT: Jillian asked what Tom is doing, Emmett said if Tom come back Alec would align with him. Jillian said she asks Peter question to make him think she is stupid. Emmett said it would be a good idea to send Topaz home because they would not have any enemies and it would make Talla hard to jump around. Jillian and Emmett . Jillian said dumb and dumber going to bed now.

1:43AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett is still looking for clues, Jillian is now looking in the washing machine.

1:49AM BBT: Emmett is in bed and Jillian just came back in HoH. Jillian is getting ready for bed, Emmett asks BB to shut the lights off. They are now in bed.

1:55AM BBT: Jill/Emmett is now making out in HoH. Jillian and Emmett repeating same thing over and over again about the monkey and the chairs. Mean while Tom picture is on the screen.

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9am HG still asleep.

9:05am Cam 1&3 focuses on new moose outside by HT. Emmett's up.

9:15am Emmett wandering around looking lost. He went into BY but nothing happened (my feeds cut for a min but he talked to Jillian & said nothing. He's the only one we can see. Looking under sofa cushions in BY

9:20am cam still on moose in BY. Emmett eating berries out of SR fridge. Evry1 else still in bed. Jillian just getting up now. Emmett eating grapfruit in KT

9:23 am Alec, Peter, Talla , Topaz & Andrew ADL's in WA .

9:25am Talla asks to use HOH WA & JIllian tells her should could not sleep because of Tom. Talla says, well he's not here. Jillian asks if his pic is black & white. Cam 1 still on moose.

9:29am Emmett goes to HOH & Jillian asking if it says POV cermony today on monitor. Emmett says no. Talla, Alec & Andrew in KT eating & talking about if birds R clean or not.

9:34am Talla, Andrew & Alec speculating about Tom's possible return. That he'll come out of HT area. Emmett lying with Jillian in HOH asking her how she could be so tired. Cam switches to watch bird walking in BY on deck.

9:39am Jillian in SR going through what looks like a basket of costume pieces. Andrew going to check weather OS. Wishes HB to his dad who would have benn 70today. Looks at moose & goes back inside.

9:45am Emmett asks if they were told to keep the door closed because of the bird. Someone says that it's crapping evrywhere. Andrew says it's good luck if a bird craps on you. Peter goes into HT area for a pail. to hold door open. Bird is at pool.

9:50am Emmett & Jillian lying down in HOH. Talla, Andrew, Alec & Peter in KT talking about food & cooking.

9:57am Talla freaking out in KT because she's spotted a 2nd bird. Says it's huge (it isn't). She thinks it's a pigeon & looks mean. She's named one Linus. She wants to know if she can feed it bread. The guys won't let her.

10am Talla swears she spots a 2nd (names amber). She walks up to door & screams at them a bit. Sits back down & we get SotH

10:03am Feeds return to Alec & Andrew singing something. Talla wants to do laundry but is afraid of the birds she just wanted to feed. She has the broom & dustpan to protect her. Andrew tells her to use the dustpan as a shield. Peter locks her out & says don't F with her.

10:05am a bird flies over Talla & she screams & runs inside screaming let me in. The bird told her that she's the emperess & that they R coming for her people. She's asking someone to go out with her.

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10:08am Talla & Peter talking about the Kevin Clash controversy. She says he was acquitted of charges but that elmo was pulled from the show.

10:10am Talla loves Elmo. Talking about who were original muppets on Sesame St. Talla telling why Kaity Perry's Elmo's appearance was not aired. More bird watching.

10:15am Talla & Andrew go to BY asking why the sofa cushions R messed up. Talla says there is bird poop evrywhere. They may have been heading to HT area. We get SotH for a couple of min. Returns to Alec & Topaz talking about how they slept.

10:18am Andrew & Peter in beds in BR. Topaz, Emmett, Jillian & Alec in KT. We get SotH again.

10:23am Feeds return. Peter complaining he didn't want someone at his school taking his thumbprint. Alec doing a dance for Andrew & Peter. Talla tells him he has no rhythm. He can't dance.

10:25am Alec & Topaz lying down together. Talla in bed as well. Emmett in the shower & Jillian using WA mirror.

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10:30am Talla is in one bed, Andrew in another, Alec and Topaz snuggling, Em is in the shower still and Jill is walking around in a purple towel in the WA. Alarm just went off. Talla is yelling at Alec to dance.

10:46am Jill has had a shower, got out then went back in. Andrew, Em and Peter are talking in the BR about what happens when you leave antifreeze on the ground (animals die after eating it) Em is now in the shower stall with Jill, looks like he is getting her dressed? Her arms are above her head.

10:53am Em and Andrew are razzing Talla about falling asleep, she swears she wasn't sleeping. They are now going through the weeks possible schedule. Apparently there is an eviction tonight or tomorrow? Andrew says this doesn't make sense as it is only Monday. "There's only 23 days left supposedly"

10:57am They are talking about social media and how people were picked. Andrew didn't look online before the show. Em and Peter did. Lots of "Pick me!" posts, Andrew feels like he has been in the house forever. "47 days, it's f##king nuts."

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11:00am Andrew is asking what the hidden talents of everyone is. He says, "I have a phonographic memory but, I am out of film." in a sarcastic way, Em laughs. He says Em's secret talent is Milk Drinker. Asks Peter what he wrote down, "Nothing, talking to the internet, that is my talent."

11:03am We are back to the military alphabet.. The boys are trying to remember the whole thing (Andrew had it earlier). Talla nd Topaz are asleep (surprise) and Jill is not in the BR.

11:08am Andrew "I am not a smart man but, I know what love is." Some small talk and Andrew says "Where is Jillian? Is she taking a massive dump?" We get a brief FotH. Andrew "I wonder what AJ is having for breakfast, made by Gary?"

11:10am Em has found Jill. "Oh you look nice." as she is brushing her teeth. "This house is too hot." she says. Em wanders back to the BR. "She says she is hot and sweaty." As he flops down.

11:13am Andrew has gone into the WC. Jill is still brushing her teeth. Andrew is mumbling (we can't really hear him) Jill "If I have done all that HoH work for nothing?" Andrew comes out, "Well the game's not fair." He starts discussing what happens if a former hg comes back in. They really think Tom is coming back in.

11:18am Andrew and Jill rehashing the game and what could/what has happened. Andrew is telling Jill about the pirate ship challenge on BBUS last season, mentions Frank and Joe and the coaches and how the iceberg was like that one.... and We get FotH.

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11:21am Jill and Andrew are now in the KT, Andrew checks and Tom's pic is still in colour. Andrew is joking around with Peter on the KT couch. Other HG are joining them.

11:23am It is now Jill, Peter, Alec alone in the KT. Jill whispers, "We have been discussing your proposal" and mentions how heated Em and Alec were getting in the discussion. Peter is whispering, all I could make out was a mention of Talla. Jill just says loudly, "Wooo Tommy boy is coming back for a visit today!" Andrew says "It won't be today, today is my father's birthday! He would have been 76! He was a superhero!" His initials were MM.

11:28am Andrew, Peter and Alec are heading to the HT. Peter "Going to the tubba bubb ya here we go!" Andrew "Give the man a veto and he turns into a rapper!"

11:30am "Do you think they killed Gary and put his spirit into that moose?" Andrew is now overthinking the game and what could happen with Alec and Peter.

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12:15pm BBT - Topaz confronts Jillian about going back on her word and putting her on the block. Jillian says it's the only logical thing she can do to ensure Alec is voted out. She says Topaz could have won Veto and saved both herself and Alec. Topaz says Andrew will vote to keep Alec and send her home. Jillian says that won't happen, that Alec threatened that whomever of him, Peter or Topaz isn't evicted will be coming after her (one could argue that Alec was talking about jury votes but either way it was a threat). Topaz says not true, she wasn't coming after Jillian.

12:45pm BBT - BB orders all the HG to the LR immediately and then SotH.

1:45pm BBT - Feeds returned a few minutes ago. Emmett tells Jillian he supports her if she chooses to nominate Topaz and vote her out instead of Alec. Peter and Alec talking in the KT about promising Jillian & Emmett F5. Andrew comes in and they are talking about a sushi dinner tonight. The PoV meeting has not taken place yet - they expect the dinner afterward. Andrew says he thought Alec had a task when he saw Alec cleaning everywhere. He did have a task to sporadically clean up. Not sure if this had anything to do with Tom but Andrew is hinting at it, or just his suspicion of it.

2:00pm BBT - Talking with Talla - She interviews Mr. Jones, talking to the Curious George monkey that was Tom's. Jillian and Emmett in HoH talking game in between snogs. Talla tells Mr. Jones "he's coming tonight". Topaz is pacing quietly in the KT. Peter sitting at the KT counter and doing his quiet observation thing. Alec was called into the DR. Topaz lays down on the KT couch - expect the buzzer any time now, unless Talla's incessant talking to herself keeps her awake. Peter gets up and walks away. Talla says he can't leave, he's the audience. He says he bought his ticket, he can do what he wants.

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2:06pm BBT - Peter is brushing his teeth in the WA, Andrew in the shower. They can't escape as Talla brings Mr. Jones in. Emmett and Jillian wondering why anyone would want them in a F4 with them. Finally an intelligent question from them. Emmett says they can beat anyone in an endurance comp or mental comp. Talla talks about the party tonight, presumably won by Alec's secret task. Talla threatens to have another Talking with Talla show tonight. Peter escaped the WA but Andrew trapped in the shower. Talla says Mr. Jones is having too much fun. So are we, Mr. Jones, so are we.

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2:13pm BBT - Jillian says that he (presumably Peter and Alec) have agreed to throw HoH to Emmett. Talla invades HoH, says Jones wants to know who they would like to see gone, Alec or Topaz? Talla says Topaz is OK with the trivia stuff but not at the physical. Jillian went to the SR. Talla suggests letting Alec thinks he's going. Topaz could turn around and win HoH. Talla can't believe she's saying that. She says Andrew and Emmett could both take out Alec in a physical comp. Peter talking food with Jillian. Emmett says Topaz is going up, they can figure out the rest later.

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2:21pm BBT - Andrew moving towels from the washer to the dryer. There's a huge pile on the AstroTurf. Talla and Jones now in the LR where Peter is laying on the couch, suffering Talla's monologue. Andrew drops something out by the HT. He's putting cushions out. Now he's laying down in the one sliver of sun. Peter is in a zone, hopefully he's found his happy place. Even BB isn't forcing him to wake up.

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2:30pm BBT - Talla still talking. Emmett & Jillian still in HoH. Andrew still sunning by the HT. Alec still in DR. Alec out of DR. A new target for Mr. Jones. Alec talks about getting a workout in. Talla asks where is everyone? If Mr. Jones could talk, he would say, hiding! Emmett and Jillian talking, there are 3 more HoHs. Talla is teaching Mr. Jones how to do situps. I have never been more grateful for SotH as Talla hasn't stopped talking for 30+ minutes.

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2:40pm BBT - Talla crashes HoH looking for shoe polish as they are snogging in bed. Talla has dropped off Mr. Jones along with the extra chair and the color photo of Tom in the SR. Talla says goodbye and please increase the limit to the credit card. Brief SotH. Talla outside to tell Andrew and Topaz. Jillian in the HoH WA while Emmett remains in bed listening to the iPod. Alec moving around some of the exercise equipment. Alec says Mr. Jones likes him more than Talla and they get into a faux shouting match. Alec throws the exercise ball at Talla. Alec is in from the HT sunbathing.

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2:50pm BBT - Talla has trapped Topaz in the KT. Andrew up in HoH talking to Emmett about scenarios and Tom. If they vote out Alec, what happens if Topaz wins HoH? BB tells Topaz to fix her mic. Emmett holding off Andrew who is being Emmett's best friend and painting Alec as the bigger threat. Remember, Alec's coming after her as well. Emmett says Alec is working hard to convince Jillian what she heard about him was a mistake. Andrew repeats the accusations against Alec, says Alec is all about self-preservation but is fake. Alec came up to him last night and said hey, I really like you. That's great, I really like cheese.

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3:00pm BBT - Andrew continues to push voting out Alec. Peter heads to HT area fully clothed, pursued by Talla. Alec working out alone in BY. Emmett agreeing with Andrew, perhaps just to shut him up. Talla returns to the BY because Peter just laid down. Talla is tired of everyone just laying around. Talla now sweeping the KT. Topaz still laying on the KT couch. Andrew tells Emmett he did his part - he got Gary out, implying that Jillian has to do her part in getting Alec out. He throws out a reminder of Alec's $10k.

3:06pm BBT - SotH

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6:45PM BBT: The feeds are back and the gang is in the kitchen talking about food.

6:55PM BBT: Alec, Andrew and Jillian are in the storage room checking out what BB has given them. Alec earned them a food reward for completely some kind of cleaning task earlier today. They got beef tenderloin, 20 lobsters, ribs, pork chops, caviar, three huge trays of sushi and sashimi. They are trying to decide how to eat it, as a giant binge, or over a period of nights. They decide to start on the sushi first, as it stays fresh for such a short time.

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7:40pm BBT - It appears Peter removed himself from the chopping block (not a surprise), so even if he can't/won't eat, he should be in a party mood. Not so much Topaz who is facing eviction Thursday as the replacement nom. Talla, on the other hand, and Andrew are happy their kissing up to Jillian kept them safe. The dinner has overflowed into a BY party and we have SotH again. When they come back, how drunk do you think Talla will be?

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